Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

3.8 (25)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Allan Armitage
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

3.76 out of 5
25 Ratings
11 years ago, dds1033
Quick, easy reference
Great app when you are shopping the garden center, or on a garden tour & anxious to learn more about a specific plant. I hope it continues to expand & be updated!
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4 years ago, LFairVecchio
Useful information from a trustworthy source
This app is great for anyone from beginner to experienced gardener. As a Master Gardener, I use this app and can confidently recommend it to others seeking answers. The app is easy to use and provides useful information from leaders in the gardening industry. Looking for pollinator plants? The app can help. Looking for deer resistant plants? The app can help. Want information about a particular plant? The app can help. Need to find a garden center near you? The app can help. These are just a few of the many resources provided by this app. Additional links are provided for further information. The information is updated as needed and new information is added periodically, such as the recently added Integrated Pest Management (IPM) section which provides sound guidance and practical advise to reduce the use of chemicals while having the garden of your dreams. I highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, CMarieAloha
Covers many perennials and annuals shrubs, but not Exhaustive
I’m not familiar with Mr. Armitage, so my expectations were off. Someone recommended the app as an helpful guide to individual plants, but there were no trees, nor the usual evergreens like arborvitae or holly. Just two types of roses. From a wealth of experience, the author recommends specific cultivars and solutions to a few specific gardening issues/categories such as drought-tolerant or deer-resistant plants. The app works just fine on my iPhone 11.
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5 years ago, dreamflowerllc
Not compatible with iPhone Xr?
The App Store says this app is compatible with my new iPhone Xr, but when I open the app it just crashes. I used it before on my iPhone 6, and I continue to be able to use it on my iPad – but I am disappointed that I cannot use it on the Xr so that I can reference it while I am in the field. Also, the link to the developer site leads to a website that is not built yet, so I cannot directly contact the developer for a solution.
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7 years ago, s123gar45
This is incredible!
Every time I open the app, new and updated information is at my fingertips. This is not simply generic empty info, as I see on other garden apps, but easily read, in-depth information. The topics on deer resistance and pollinators are great. And Dr A’s humor is also appreciated.
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4 years ago, OwenDell
Just got this. It’s not compatible with dark mode on iPhone 11 (the text isn’t visible). The support link doesn’t work. The developer’s website doesn’t load. I haven’t looked at the app in depth but it looks good and comes from one of the best horticulturists anywhere. So I’m hopeful, but off to a rocky start with no apparent way to get the kinks worked out. Sigh.
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2 years ago, clement4
Great App from a trusted expert!
Dr. Armitage is the foremost expert in herbaceous perennials and makes his vast knowledge available to all through this wonderful app. Great detail on plants for beginners and advanced growers! Well worth every penny.
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6 years ago, Gbbbb22
Great app
This is a really useful app for me! Like the pictures of each of the plants. My only suggestion would be a care section (ie can I cut down in fall, etc).
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6 years ago, lagard1234
Great App
I have used this many times, and never failed to find it useful. I especially found the info on deer and pollinators very good!
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5 years ago, Louis Lettiero
What is going on with this app
Not able to use this app at all every time I open it it crashes. Is there going to be a upgrade of some kind.
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3 months ago, Tesha4
I’d like my money back
I was expecting a comprehensive and interesting tool, and found so little as to be almost funny - and now it will not even open. Please return my purchase price.
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6 years ago, sch956
Big trouble
This app work well in the past, but now when I click on it, it comes up and then disappears immediately. I can’t seem to get any tech-support from the ‘app support’ button in the App Store
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5 years ago, ktw12345
Very informative and helpful!
Had some really good resources!
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4 years ago, Charles_C_Lawn
Unable to use app
I just purchased your app for iPhone XR. Nothing will show up and app crashes.
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4 years ago, PowersBusinessOwner
Change font or background color, please
I can’t see any of the black words on the black background :(
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5 years ago, LexiTfromSD
App not working anymore
All of a sudden the app is no longer showing any plant info in any section. Help!
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11 years ago, Twosavoie
Limited info. Useful for a beginner
This app covers only some herbaceous perennials and annuals, no shrubs, no trees. There isn't information on propagation, planting what with what, drought tolerance... Most of what is included could be found on the plant tag at a decent nursery. If you are shopping at a hardware store, this app would be helpful as they include a lot less info on the tag. It does include the author's personal opinions of the plants, which is interesting. Specific cultivars are described and recommended. The photos are very pretty and clicking on one gives you plant details. You are able to edit the list by shade/sun, zone, flowers/foliage and a few other criteria which is helpful. I don't see myself using it much except for the pretty pictures.
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11 years ago, Weekend-Gardener
This is a great app for anyone interested in gardening whether you have a green thumb or you just like to poke around in the yard! The pictures are stunning for an app and the reference guide is extremely helpful. How great that you can have all of this information handy on your phone when you are at the garden center or even out in your yard?
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11 years ago, Container crazy Cathy T
Cathy Testa Review
It has only taken a couple clicks and scrolls with a few minutes of reading to say I like this app! First, Allen is a very entertaining writer so it's enjoyable. Facts about the plants are to the point, clear n easy. Like how you can swipe the screen to see photos. And the video links rule. Thank you for creating this app. Cathy T. A container garden gardener!
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11 years ago, UGA Hort Student
Excellent app!
This app is so useful and easy for anyone to use. It is great for beginner horticulturalists and master gardeners. The best part about the app is that it has all the information on any perennial you could ever think of, but it also provides locations of botanical gardens where you can find the beautiful perennials.
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11 years ago, Poison Ivy Rep 139
Should listened to the bad reviews
Great Idea...Lousy Execution Unless you NEVER want to look for plants in any other area than where you are at, then this App is not the App for you as you can not select a location by dropping a pin on the map page and have the results filtered by pin location instead of user location. Sure, you could select the zones 3-4 selection, but then that negates the purpose of the map page doesn't it?
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11 years ago, Kizzef
Worth it!
Gorgeous, easy to use and informative. If you are wondering about paying the price, you will easily make it back by resisting plants that aren't going to work for you. Good source for designing your plantings and landscape.
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11 years ago, Colt 07
Excellent App
The pictures alone are worth purchasing this app. It is written and formatted in a manner that allows a casual gardener to use the app easily. The maps really help with information. It is nice to have an expert pass his knowledge along to amateur gargeners.
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11 years ago, DeathAndTaxus
Wah, wah, wah, wah (disappointed trumpet)
If you own the maestro's incomparable reference book already, save your bread. Unlike the Dirr app, this one isn't a digital version of the book. Is it well done, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use? Yup. Does it have much in the way of content (yet)? Nope. So for now, the big heavy fantastic books stay behind the seat in the truck or within army's reach on the shelf. Hope to see more plants added as time permits.
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11 years ago, Erohsss
Absolute rubbish at this stage, for the novice
As a seasoned nursery man and rare plant junky I was shocked at how few plants were in this app. I did not find one new plant and the selection I could have compiled in a few afternoons. Unless you are new to gardening wait to buy until a much more thorough version is released. Sadly extremely extremely disappointed but hopefully it will improve in the future. Buyers beware.
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11 years ago, Review24
What a brilliant companion app for Armitage's online perennial course too!
I love the features presented this app! It's like having access an expert when I'm in my garden or when I'm at the garden nursery (selecting new plants)! Way to go, Armitage! Brilliant.
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9 years ago, Gapam
Love his style!
When I read the plant descriptions I feel like I'm listening to Dr. A instead of reading. Good information when looking at new plants for the garden.
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11 years ago, RobR429
Excellent Resource
I will be recommending this App to my garden center customers, as well using it myself. Very useful gardening information from one of the industries leading experts.
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11 years ago, @dpc
This is the app gardener's and flower/garden lovers have been waiting for. Even though this is the first release - it is an excellent, polished product. Thank you Dr. Armitage.
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10 years ago, Jleibham
Intresting app needs better design!
I really liked the app but it is hard to find your away around and the design is a little rough.
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11 years ago, Mmobyrne
Ga Gardner
I love this app! I would have expected nothing less from Dr. Armitage. I only hope that he continues to add plants! Thanks for developing a really good app for us gardeners in 7a
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11 years ago, Elder Farmer
Outstanding - Great Photos & Useful Information!
Easy to use. Fine selection of plants presented.
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11 years ago, BulbHunter
Like having a book on your phone
It's a great reference and guide when looking for the right perennial or annual for any situation.
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11 years ago, aaron1948
A Disappointment
Given the 5-stars reviews, I was expecting something grand. But the more I look through the App, the more disappointed I am. For example: 1. This App does not come close to presenting the numbers of Perennials and Annuals that are covered in the Audubon and other books, or in many online Websites. 2. The App provides options for reading about flowers in USDA Zones--but forget it if you live in Zones 9-13. I live in California--Zones 10 & 11, absent from this App. 3. The App's Comment and Email Author functions do not work. Don't waste you money on this overpriced App.
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10 years ago, Hilltop hyacinths
Save your money
This is the first I have bought written by Dr. Armitage. I was disappointed. I won't go out of my way looking for his books after seeing this. It does have beautiful pictures. I really wanted more about the plants than that and u tube videos.
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10 years ago, ecobeto
Good quick reference
Just like all Armitage books this is excellent
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11 years ago, Waleskagardner
Plant categories
Love the way he groups plant info into shade and sun tolerant, as well as gives info on deer tolerant plants.
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11 years ago, Horticulture Dreamer
Wonderful App
Great app! Worth every penny! Every horticulturist needs this app! Buy! Buy! Buy!
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11 years ago, lilyandnelson
Terrific App
A wealth of useful and accessible information for both the seasoned gardener and the novice.
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11 years ago, Garden Me!
Worth every cent!
Dr. Armitage's wealth of knowledge and breadth of research can now be in the palm of your hand! Who wouldn't want that?
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8 years ago, Sruprof
No longer functional
Since the most recent iOS update this app has lost all content. Links are available, but information has disappeared.
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11 years ago, JBF56
Thanks for this app. I have enjoyed viewing it. Good work.
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11 years ago, MasterGardner72
Allan Armitage
Impressive! Just what I'm looking for when on the go.
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10 years ago, Quick221
Extension agent
Good app that is updated often!
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7 years ago, Redrover2
Armitage App
Not worth the money. Photos are very poorly done. No photos of different varieties of species. On a positive note the species descriptions are fairly lengthy and helpful. Overall I would rate the app 2 1/2.
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11 years ago, Pvmt 2
Excellent app- very intuitive
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11 years ago, C7shall
Spectacular app. 5 stars!
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11 years ago, Pgh Gardener
Not For Professionals
Like Dr. Michael Dirr, Dr. Armitage is widely respected among professional horticulturists, landscape architects, and serious amateurs. Both may be tired of the constant comparisons, but that's the reality. If you own the Michael Dirr app ($14.99 and worth twice that), do not expect this app to be similar in any way. While the Dirr app is essentially his complete tome on woody ornamentals (with lots of color pictures!) in a handy little searchable database app, this app is like a Ladies Home Journal spring gardening issue. It's great for sparking some ideas with good photography. Period. It contains a very small personal selection of the author's favorites that seems obsessed with deer resistance. Only barebones information is included on the limited species. For those that buy their plants only at Lowes/Home Depot on weekends in May, this would be a great app if it sold for $.99. Professionals and serious amateurs will be sorely disappointed by this app for $4.99 with Dr. Armitage's name on it.
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