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Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Armstrong

3.6 out of 5
15 Ratings
9 years ago, Quinnfamily
Good update that lost important feature
I like the new update. I feel that it gives more information that I need and want. A major removal that they did was to not show you that you paid your bill. This needs to be added back!!
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9 months ago, farleyfarleybdcharlue
Not really
It’d be nice if email could checked from within the app instead of redirecting to browser, requiring login again. I have my email app settings exactly as the instructions show but can’t send anything. Customer support shows options of text, chat, call. If you text or chat they punt and say you need to call, no matter the question.
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4 months ago, Jburnieboy
It’s 2024 and Armstrong is a major ISP. Why do they have an app that doesn’t open and hasn’t been updated in over a year? They only have customers because, in some areas, there’s no other choices.
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1 year ago, Jerry4989
The email takes forever to open on my Iphone13. Why is this happening?
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1 year ago, help me /:;(
App extremely slow
Every time I use it. It takes forever to open
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1 year ago, Idon’tneedanickname
I forgot my password, it wanted me to answer 2 of 3 security questions. When I answered them in every which combinations, it deemed them invalid. Who do I call? It is not on the menu
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4 years ago, Geezer 47
Tried it, didn’t find it useful
If I log on to the Armstrong website, my iPad does autofill on everything. If I use the app I have to manually enter my info every time I use it. Plus it is just access to the website in an app form. Doesn’t expand service or make anything easier to do. I deleted it after about 3 days of non-use.
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4 years ago, Dactylonian
Good for what it needs to do
Seems to be working fine. An improvement over the previous version. But what’s the deal with the newest version, which appeared in early August 2020, saying it’s from like 5 years ago?
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5 years ago, juemry
Armstrong my wire
Would be great to have Touch ID for this app
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3 years ago, butler ohio
Even sitting on my home network and the lowest resolution the app says it can’t stream. Plus it shows all channels even if I don’t subscribe to them. You would think since I have to log in Armstrong would know what channels I get. Tired of waiting 5 minutes for the app to load up only to be told that I don’t get that channel.
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9 years ago, Shades714
Well written
Well written app that simply gives me access to everything I need on my account.
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11 years ago, Colematthew82
Awesome App.
This App is great! Now if forget to set up Call Forwarding when I leave the office I don't have to call Armstong to set it up for me. Quick and easy!
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8 years ago, AppReviewerPA
Just a Wrapper - UI is not good
As others stated in previous reviews, the app is just a wrapper for their web site. The UI is not good either. Little to no benefit / features in the app, and therefore no reason to use it. Rated 2 stars only because the app was stable and did not crash.
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7 years ago, Brad Schake
Great app!
Gives me access to everything I need to manage my account.
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11 years ago, Medic 209
One less website to visit to pay a bill
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4 years ago, Rozebud7256
Easy to navigate
I find it even easier to use than the website.
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9 years ago, Leeexxx
This app never gets updated it won't even show you that you've paid your bill. And doesn't save payment information so you have to manually type it Every month. Just an overall awful app.
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10 years ago, Freddy_ace
The most lack featured app I've seen since the beginning of the App Store
I would at least like to see the billing cycle dates so that I can figure out how many days I have left for my data plan to restart.
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9 years ago, Kevin p.2p3s
Change back to previous update
The previous update was better change back to previous, it used to show that you paid your bill
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7 years ago, ankalime
Useless, just like the mobile site...
...because that's what it is. Why can't I see what the different internet options include? The only option is to put one in my cart!!
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4 years ago, thompsonsm
Slow and statement view issues
This app is so slow. When viewing your statements you are unable to close out of the statement you are viewing. You have to force close the app and open back up.
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11 years ago, RN_mama
No option to set up user account
Why not be able to create an account and retrieve a forgotten password?? I hate playing 50 questions with customer service.
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9 years ago, Mikeew83
Even worse
The updated interface is god awful these people are clueless. The only thing that excites me about this company is the day I'm able to leave them.
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This app is crap
The app continually shuts down my phone. Everything freezes. When I go to sign in it does not work. Avoid this app. Signed, a long time Armstrong customer
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11 years ago, Jonthefear
Horrible app, poor service
All this app can do is remind you how much you have to pay when you go over your monthly download limit.
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11 years ago, sabih
Unnecessary app
Shows you 3 things. View my bill Find my local office Local internet usage. Will not let you see previous bills, or previous usage. Will not let you add or remove services. Won't let you view tv on your iPhone. If I wasn't stuck with Armstrong in my area I would definitely not have them as my ISP.
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9 years ago, DooWhatNeow
How strong is your arm?
Hey, I got a question for ya. HOW STRONG IS YER ARM?! Great app!
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3 years ago, John22001144
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t even work…
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6 years ago, Jay_7962
The app is horribly outdated
Your app is horribly outdated and is in dire need of an update to be compatible with newer devices.
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11 years ago, O35884
Doesn't work
It won't let me log in
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11 years ago, billiejo201
I wanna watch
I wanna watch tv with Armstrong like other providers
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8 years ago, Caseyc585
Just a wrapper
Its just a wrapper of their website. Pretty lame.
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9 years ago, Tman1052
Pretty bad.
Hey, this app is sorta like their internet. It's garbage.
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7 years ago, Mabvlb
Armstrong app
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