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User Reviews for AroundMe

4.62 out of 5
24.3K Ratings
5 years ago, DrMauiCat
Best way to find anything
I’ve used Around Me going back to the days I had a PalmPre-way before my first iPhone. To me it’s much better than yelp which constantly tries to get you to check in or review a business. Around Me helps you find whatever you’re looking for. It has literally saved me a few times when traveling. I was able to find a tire place when I had a flat tire while visiting relatives in another state. I’ve used it to find restaurants, hotels, nail salons, a dentist. Sometimes you just need to know who is closest to your location rather than who gets the best reviews, most of which I don’t believe.
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4 years ago, Jeffsters
Updated: Handy App But Turn Location...
Old review below but this app is sneaky in that it activates to supposedly to “provide you the weather” but is really activating to get your current location and get around Apple’s new location rules. Read their privacy policy make your own decision. Regrettably, after many years, I’ve deleted it. ———— Handy App But Turn Location when not in use or you will be bombarded with random notifications and it will send your location periodically in the background. It would be nice if it only sent my location home when actually searching but unfortunately that’s not the case. What’s really weird is if you force quit the app, and set location to Never, it silences it. However, set to Ask and within a few minutes you will get a request for your location within minutes. Not sure how this can be if the app isn’t open. Did this three times to verify the behavior. This alone worries me that if set to When Using it would be grabbing my location randomly. It’s unfortunate. I’m giving it 4 stars for utility and minus a star for this and forcing me to turn on and off location to use.
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10 months ago, hoodrat91910
Was Great; Latest Versions Are Way Too Buggy
UPDATE 2023: Just reinstalled this app onto my iPhone to see if it was still a good one. Unfortunately, the listings have gotten extremely inaccurate and out of date. As others have mentioned in their recent reviews, the app is no longer accurate. Definitely use with caution! I hope the developer sees this and brings the app up-to-date with current, correct information. It was really a great app to use back in the day. This app worked perfectly when it came out a year or two ago. Since then, the various updates have added more and more features which have caused the app to be extremely buggy. Often the app won't load at all. Or the app responds very slowly to user interface. I think this app is a good example of an app becoming bogged down with too many bells and whistles with each successive update. It's a shame because it worked great in the past.
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3 months ago, Desy Dude
Movies and movie theaters no longer showing up!
I’ve used the AroundMe app for a few years now and have always loved it. But the last couple of weeks when I go to check the Movie Theaters, or Movies, (which is still in the list of options) it says the server is not responding and will not give me any information on either of those two choices. Since it’s gone on for sometime, I have to figure that for some reason they are no longer providing this information. It would’ve been nice if they would’ve given a heads up through the app!
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5 years ago, Kim's Iphone13 Pro Max
Find Yourself Anywhere
This is a wonderful app I’ve been using it for several years. It’s wonderful because you can be in any country any town any sub city and the state and find the nearest and greatest things. Whether you’re looking for a nearest gas station or thing to do our place to eat you’ll find it around me will be all around you. I’m a regional leasing manager and I tell all of the new residents that move in about this app it’s wonderful and it’s free it’s everywhere you want to be
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5 years ago, Pixurman
Very disappointing.
I have had this app for several years and have used it with better than marginal service. However a recent trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota USA proved that this app still has a long ways to go. I suggest that if you are traveling anywhere but the top ten heavily traveled areas in any country you would be better off pulling up the local Chamber of Commerce information on your browser. I can’t tell you how disappointed we were in the lack of information we were looking for. Certainly the developers can do better. I canceled my paid subscription and I’m seriously just might delete the app altogether to make space on my phone unless there are some serious upgrades.
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6 years ago, AkaDeano
Must have if you travel (even a little.)
I travel from time to time for work, and going to new places with my wife. And this app saves all the Googling! Name of app says it all, ever want to know whats around you...just click the app, convenient and easy to use. Nor sure what else i can say, even though I don’t use it often, it’s nice to have when i do need it!
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6 months ago, natashaspy55
Tremendously out of date
This used to be a favorite app of mine since it first began. But it gets more and more out of date each year and there does not appear to be any effort to keep it current anymore. So many restaurants or coffee shops have been closed for a long time and are still listed. Some of my favorite restaurants are coffee shops, which have been around for quite a few years, aren’t listed at all. I did a search for supermarkets and it just kept spinning as if it couldn’t find any. I have four major supermarkets within 2 miles of my house. Not worth it anymore. Don’t waste your time. It’s a shame they let it go.
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5 years ago, Szar101
Not all the stuff listed is Accurate
I looked for the town I live in and one pub has closed, and another changed its name. The bar was listed as open when it was closed. The other one had its old name. If that is happening with info from where I live how do I know the info will be right when I travel this summer out of the state where I live in? Do not trust the info. Call the business first before you stop. I am deleting the app. Only downloaded because the USA Today app said it was one of five top apps to use if you are traveling.
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6 years ago, Kyl1010
I’m done.
My review started at 3 stars but dwindled down to 1 after I saw all of the 5 star ratings from fake accounts. Despicable. Fix your app, don’t manipulate the ratings. This app was great when you’re in a pinch. However, on more than one occasion, it has omitted relevant items from lists. When I was in California I searched for food. “In and Out burger” wasn’t listed at all - what?Not a big deal in itself, just makes me wonder what else I am missing out on. Lately, I have been getting daily weather updates for California. I don’t live there and I have not given permission for this setting. I have limited the app’s location services to when I’m using the app. Obviously I don’t have the app running constantly in the background. It doesn’t seem to be respecting my settings. I’m pretty sure this is a big no no for iOS apps. The battery life on these things is bad enough, I don’t need your app overriding my settings and unnecessarily using resources. I’m done. Bye bye.
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6 years ago, Runner1983
Not accurate
I was using the app to try to find some new restaurants in my area. What I found was a bunch of listings for restaurants that have been out of business for over 2 years. Then I tried a few other categories and found the same issue. For example, a bank was listed at a location that has been closed for almost 3 years. It is now a realtor. Office Depot was listed under supermarkets. The incorrect information is never ending. Bottom line, if I’m in an area I don’t know, this app is pretty much useless unless I call every location to see if they’re still in business. Need to find a new app.
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3 years ago, possumwirjs
Tire repair
I love this app! I had a flat tire on two separate occasions while traveling and I search ‘tire repair’ and found someone both times with no difficulty. I have found that some of the numbers or addresses I was searching were obsolete. I wish there was a way this app could update changed telephone numbers and address
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3 years ago, Debo B
Update data
I’ve had this app since the day I got my first iPhone and loved it, but haven’t used it for a few years. Just installed to my iPad and found listings for six restaurants that no longer exist. If it wasn’t my neighborhood that would make it basically useless. Is there a method for getting this info to you? Is so, would you be able to make the changes? I’d hate to be in a strange city using inaccurate information.
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5 years ago, The Lash-i
Great app!
Around Me’s great! It tells me the weather when I’m in town, but also when I’m out of town! That can help especially if I’m out of the states, and I don’t know how to read C. It also helps me know the hottest place around and can help me know what to eat, and know exactly where they are on a map! Amazing app! So reliable! Recommended heavily for people who don’t already have it!
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5 years ago, Wubg8r
I use this app when I’m home and it’s helpful in locating things near me that I don’t know the address to but when I travel? That’s when this app really proves its worth. It will find things you need and are looking for with no trouble. It always gives you the closest store or whatever you’re looking for. It’s an awesome app!! I love it!!
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7 years ago, Kendalldp
New contact info demand
I really liked this app until recently. Now I can’t use the app unless/until I agree to give them all my contacts info, which is supposedly necessary for their new daily Weather info. I don’t have the Around Me app for the weather. I also don’t have it to share my contact info. All I wanted it for and have been using it for (for years) is to find places “Around Me.” So now, I have to find another app. Bummer.
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5 years ago, AGrandad
I have been using this app since 2011. I have never looked for another app to do what this does! It gives me everything I need! Movies, Theaters, Restaurants, Hospitals, Gas Stations, etc. etc. etc. It does this no matter where I am. I have used this in at least ten different states and it has never failed me. Thank you
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3 years ago, iamtwonice007
Out of date
Shows several restaurants that have been closed for over a year. Does not list several close by restaurants that have been in business for many years. Does not list several gas stations that are only half a mile from my location, but lists a closed gas station that is about 5 miles away. If you are not going to put effort into this app to list current and new places around me. You might as well just DEELETE this app From the App Store. It is obvious you take no pride in this app.
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3 years ago, HELLHUND
Gross ads
Was trying to search for restaurants while on vacation, got a decent list, but while I was hungrily searching restaurants, my stomach turned and I lost my appetite due to frequent ear wax ads. I even exited and restarted the app, hoping for different ads, but the same ear wax app kept appearing. So incredibly off-putting, I switched to different search sites and won’t be going back to AroundMe. Common sense, please….no one wants to see funky chunks of ear wax while looking for anything
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2 years ago, LtBlu190_CityIslandNY
Update App
This was my absolute GoTo app for finding whatever I needed. But I think the developer needs to update the app:-(. Whenever I put in a specific company to locate their nearest address, it always shows “no results”, but then has an ad for the company pop up in the headline? I poked around a little and noticed the last update was a year ago. Developer, PLEASE update this app, or I’ll have to abandon ship🥺
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5 years ago, Chcltprncss
I travel a lot. I frequently use it find the closest drugstore or grocery store. A lot of times the hotel front desk has no clue. Works overseas and gives you walking/driving directions if you’d so choose. Doesn’t have a bunch of crappy ads. It’s simple and basic and extremely useful.
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6 years ago, Noway999
Just uninstalled
Will not work without advertising even though I bought it. Shows an option to restore purchase of ad-free version I originally purchased but it doesn’t work. The ads never leave. All I wanted it for was to find places nearby, nothing more. So....#1. you fail to deliver the app I bought as ad free. #2. You added features I don’t want but must accept in order to use it the way I need. #3. You ripped me off and now I have to purchase something else. This is a sure fire method to loosing market share. It was good app why did you wreck it?
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5 years ago, Kathy in salem
Information seems dated
I just downloaded the app and am checking the information on the town I live in. The music venue information seems up to date, but the restaurant information has places that have been closed for years, or moved to a different locations, in some cases, years ago! I am not seeing any way to tell the app a place has closed, but in an unfamiliar town one could easily be misled.
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5 years ago, Spaigemorgan
Love this app!
I found this app years ago & I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used it! When traveling and we are passing thru towns we aren’t familiar with when someone gets hungry or needs to use the restroom this app is perfect at letting you know what’s close by. I gave it 5 stars because it’s never failed us!
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4 years ago, 0r3
One of those “go to” Apps
Whenever I’m in need of searching what’s around me because I’m traveling or exploring a part of town I don’t know, this app helps me search for what I want, even if I don’t know exactly what that is. AroundMe has been in my home for years and it’s utility will prevent me from ever deleting it. One of the best.
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6 years ago, It is the the worst app ever
Best App ever
I had no problems with this App at all. I know some people complain about restaurants show that have beef out of business for two years. Will be glad you were not there to eat. There is a reason they are out of bus. When I am traveling it helps locate place close by.
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5 years ago, Zxsfsf
I’ve been using this app for years and I just realized that I take it for granted- so just making sure others know how seamlessly easy this app is! It is my auto go to...i love how every morning at 6am (per my settings) it sends me push information about the weather no matter where I am in the world!
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2 years ago, Larry Shrwd
Report a Problem - does it work?
I use your app a lot & like it, BUT: Wells Fargo bank at 600 Southwest Broad in Southern Pines, NC has been closed a long time . Used AroundMe to walk to the bank (last December) - building not there. I reported the problem right away. Today I’m back in Southern Pines and your app still shows it there. Reported problem again
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5 years ago, h12657
Amazing app
I have used AroundMe for several years. It is amazing when I travel. I have been to many U.S. cities and cities around the world. It has helped me to find restaurants, shops, pharmacies, churches and much more. This is one of my frequently used and most valuable apps. I highly recommend it.
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6 months ago, Jdrla
Useful. To a degree.
I’ve used this app on occasion for several years and like it enough to have recommended it to others. My problem is that there’s no vetting of locations included in a category. I just looked up hospitals near me and the first choice is a marijuana dispensary near me! Most of the other choices that come up are unrelated to hospital services including a real estate agent.
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4 years ago, Irish Nurse
An App That Has Stood the Test of Time
Around Me was one of the first apps I ever downloaded and it is still the first one I go to when I travel! Easy to find the type of business you are looking for without having to deal with Google or Maps. A solid workhorse of an app!
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12 months ago, silver chicken
Ok but not great.
Quicker than using Google Maps but not as accurate. Many businesses closed or wrong name/category. In some cases shows three gas stations at the same address. Under supermarket it will show gas stations and restaurants. You will have to use the feature that sends the address to Google Maps to confirm business. Use with caution.
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6 years ago, OfficerBrooks
It’s not bad...but....
The app isn’t bad but I was using it to search for food(I know, there are better apps to search ‘around me’ for food, however I’d like to use just one app) and while, it showed me what was around, I found it incredibly annoying that there wasn’t a link to the actual restaurants website. Each time I found a place that sounded decent(since there is also no photos) I had to open a browser and google it. I will absolutely not use the app for this purpose any longer. That being said, it is useful for finding local attractions. Needs more website integration though. And a dark mode would be fantastic(no I wouldn’t pay for that)
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5 years ago, bethbee
When traveling away from home I often find this app handy for figuring out options “around me” when in an unfamiliar location, as a favored alternative to using my general map application. I wish it had a few additional categories to select from, but overall, it’s a solid app. Thanks, Around Me!
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5 years ago, CH** me
Great wherever you are
I travel a lot, and this app is wonderful for when you’re in a strange place. You can always find places to eat, businesses you need, gas stations and emergency services. Even in remote out of the way areas, Around Me will find you what you need.
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4 years ago, TexArdvark
Useful Application
I’ve not completely tested out the application but believe it’s not up to date. At not least with respect to my location. I’m looking for a dependable application, such as this one, that’s available 100% of the time as I travel. Since my iPad is WiFi reliant I may not have that capability. Time will tell. Lots of promise though.
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7 years ago, Big Rawb
This APP is cool!!!
I recently took a vacation without knowing too much about the surrounding areas, and what to do. This app had a lot of points of interest, and was very helpful in locating shops. This app has brought up points of interest that I probably would have never known of. I recommend it. Rob T.
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6 years ago, SamdWolf
This App is VERY useful on trips, especially if you are not familiar with an area. I was able to find an Albertsons close to my hotel in Albuquerque so that I could eat something healthy; I would not have found the store without this App, because it was hidden.
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5 years ago, cj_borntorun
Around me weather
Love the morning weather notifications. However, if I actually open the app to see the extended forecast, the words “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and the next date are HUGE text and the actual temperature text is so small I can barely read it—even with my reading glasses on. Can you fix please?
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5 years ago, KyGasGuzzler
Great App - not working with iPhone 11 Pro
Love this app and have used it for several years. I have been extremely disappointed since I got my iPhone 11Pro. App opens but is no -responsive and no longer works. Still works fine on my wife’s iPhone 7. Both devices on same iOS and app version. Must be a hardware issue.
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4 years ago, Whidbey Shax
Easy, Helpful, Fast
Aroundme App has probably been on my iPhone longer than any other non-Apple app. When I’m in a new location and need to find coffee, a restaurant, grocery store or gas station, AroundMe is where I look b/c it take just 2-3 touches - and no real typing. (A blessing for my fat fingers)
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5 years ago, Londonaire
Around Me
The best app for travel! My spouse and I have used Around Me for multiple trips to Europe, Australia, Canada and, of course, the U.S. It has never failed to assist us when looking for “the nearest” hotel, restaurant, shopping, pub, etc., option. If we were limited to one travel app, this would be it!
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6 years ago, plant lover zombie killer
Very useful for travel
I use this app almost exclusively when we travel. It is almost always accurate. I don’t use its big competitor as I find Around me does not sort based on their own ad revenue and just provides a reasonably unbiased list of businesses
Show more
5 years ago, NurseandCPA
Best App Available
When you need to find something quick and close by this is the app to use. Searchable or ready to use categories. I use this when I travel on a regular basis. Updates are frequent and the app is very friendly. 5 Stars
Show more
3 years ago, Diamond Dallas one
Does the job!
Are use this app all the time! I love it it shows me the information I need to know the directions a picture of where I’m going reviews the address everything it’s perfect! I highly highly recommend using
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7 years ago, leirbag28
Not what it used to be
I have never ever understood my companies remove stuff from software or hardware....if you are inproving something...go ahead and keeo adding features...but taking away? that is many times not an upgrade but a downgrade. I used to love just to open the map with all the little red pins and see for myself what is AROUND ME and nit have to pick a specific catefory first....Sometimes Indin't know what I want and I just want to see a map of everything around me so I can choose.
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2 years ago, Sistrmae
Use this everywhere!
I use this app everywhere, Around my home when I can’t figure out where I want to eat and on vacation in different states. I wish there were more categories.
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6 years ago, Playerfromnj
Gas information unreliable!
My car takes premium gas. I used the app to search for the station offering the cheapest premium gas around me. I drove almost 10 miles away to the station the app told me was the cheapest only to find the price was wrong by a significant amount even though it said it had been “updated 2 hours ago.” This has happened on many occasion the prices can’t be trusted! 😡
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3 months ago, Central Mass
This is now pointless around me, so outdated information
First seven restaurants they recommended were all out of business. It's completely pointless. I deleted it. They have no pride in checking their information there's no updating. Closed after closed after closed business, coffee shop, restaurant. Like to close for three or four years closed...
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7 years ago, footerman
I will miss this App. Loved it
I travel constantly for work. It is very useful for finding what’s around me- restaurants, etc. I just opened it to find a place to eat in the city I am in today. It now says there is a new weather feature and it needs to have the always access enabled. It only brings up a button to grant access. There is no option to select not to and you can’t use the app without granting access. Seems deceiving and I don’t trust it.
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