Arrowhead Mobile Banking

3.1 (84)
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Arrowhead Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Arrowhead Mobile Banking

3.12 out of 5
84 Ratings
3 months ago, Saselas
Lack of history for payees.
Why can’t I see the payment history for my payees? Before I could select a payee and enter a timeframe and see all payments with the amount paid. Is that gone?
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2 months ago, cali muchacha
Too many issues
So I like the new app look. But I and some family have had issues. Last week my account balance was negative when it shouldn’t have been. I contacted arrowhead and was told that at night the balance will be wrong because the app hadn’t caught up to my transfer. However the transfer was in Green showing a deposit but the actual balance did not reflect it. Also at night I was not able to do a mobile deposit. In addition I was locked out due to incorrect password. The password was correct, but I had to reset it to get in to my account. Then I tried to use the same “wrong” ( per the app) and was told I couldn’t use previous passwords. So frustrating. So the roll out has not been smooth. It’s has caused me distress seeing my account negative by mistake. I hope these things are worked out so that the app is correct. I really don’t wanna leave aacu because the app is troubling.
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3 months ago, gayest name ever
Finally a update
This update was much needed I was seriously considering switching bank because of how awful this apps interface was its very good to see that arrowhead listens to the people, still don’t understand why it took so long to update but oh well Adleast this app is updated a friendly user interface
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3 months ago, Lyssa213
Not loving the new APP
Just logged into the new app and it looks like all my payments will now be made through Apple Pay. So much extra. The old app worked great, this took days to update! Was not ready when it was promised, all the extra steps so not cool. Not user friendly at all… I’m NOT looking forward to the phone calls from grams because she can’t use this one… so upset! 😪 My mom is even struggling and she’s pretty tech savvy… Arrowhead, please figure this out, who approved this garbage!?
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2 months ago, CASSIE555
Long time customer
I’ve been banking here for 34 years and never had any problems with my account. Everyone that works there is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help you.
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2 months ago, iusethesealot
Great but!
I just wanna thank the devs who got this UI to look MUCH more modern than before, but I must say that the new express view does not immediately refresh when you pull down to refresh. And also the transaction history is gone :( But nonetheless thanks devs! That UI haD been OUTDATED, but was effective 🤔
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3 months ago, SoCalJeepKing
Arrowheads new updated app! Love the new design
Me and my wife absolutely love the new app design. Easy to use with lots of new features and very user-friendly. Thank you Arrowhead credit union for this wonderful update! 5 stars!⭐️
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3 months ago, Most recent nightmare
New update
I like the new update, with the exception of the snapshot view. I hate that I can only see the account balance and now have to log in to see the transactions, whereas I didn’t need to do that on the old version.
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3 months ago, Senait M.
Why does it now take a couple days to transfer from my savings to my checking. My funds are there and visible. I pay all my bills from my checking. So now I have to wait 2 + days to transfer within my own account? Why does it say that there is no payment history for my bills/payee? Will that be transferred over or updated?
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3 months ago, dtonyp
Upgrades are great!
Finally, the app matches the great in person services. Never really had an issue with the old app but it wasn’t as up to date as my other banking one. This update is.
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3 months ago, Vicious Vinyl
Clean and modern app
So far so good, the new update to the credit union app looks nice, clean, and modern. Keep up the good work and please don’t let it fall behind again.
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3 months ago, D-l-s
Way better
New app immensely better way easier to use and get things done 10x faster
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3 months ago, AutumElla
Love the new update!
I am able to take care of all my needs and customize it to my preference.
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4 weeks ago, AliciaNicolexo
Names of transfers
Back YET AGAIN…. Why are the names of transfers being renamed to match the comment/note written by the person who transferred me money?? I know for a fact Drake didn’t transfer me money (don’t I wish) but my cousin who transferred me money for her Drake concert tix did. You’re making things more confusing when they don’t have to be!
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3 months ago, Powerful Spiritual Tool!!
Only One Number for Verification!
My wife and I both access our account. It would be helpful to allow multiple numbers for SMS verification.
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3 months ago, Libby Rocks
Not impressed
Since your not gonna let me add my other arrowhead accounts to the snap shot view you can at least allow me to log out so I can check the other accounts. The app currently won’t let me log into other accounts other then the first one I logged into.
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3 months ago, Vero59S
Not up to par
Bill payment section is not good, it doesn’t show how much is scheduled for payments and total. Lousy app.
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3 months ago, nick barry jones
Best Banking App
Ever since the update the app has been amazing it changed my life
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3 months ago, Gris G.
Crappy update
Since the new update I cannot log in even after following the instructions not include the 0s on both my accounts..,ugh have to call my local branch now. Their app has always sucked
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2 months ago, Jesel S
With the new update it takes way longer to see new transactions and balances. I’ve counted up to 7 minutes. This is so inconvenient.
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3 months ago, martinfamily0920
Zelle not working!
Keeps saying error during initial setup
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3 months ago, Salkfjfugec
It was about time ACU upgraded the app. It was worth the wait, the app is great.
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3 months ago, Take292456
Can’t log in.
Why can’t they just shut this new update down. Can’t get in using the app or desktop. Horrible.
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3 months ago, Voila13
Needs lots of work
This app needs to be modified and updated, it logs me out constantly and it’s way too many unnecessary steps to just login.
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4 weeks ago, Pepe$!$
Doesn’t work. It always says mobile app not working, try later.
It says to try later
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4 years ago, Hdkdineksllqpsbvh
Convenient and annoying
This app is really convenient for checking balances and deposits but my number one issue with this app is EVERY TIME it “updates” every month or so all my login info is erased and I’m forced to accept terms and conditions again for the app to look exactly the same. If they could fix this glitch to keep login info saved after updates this would be 5 stars. It’s very annoying when you just want a “quick view” option and then login info has disappeared AGAIN. Lastly, when trying to do same bank transfers to another member you need their share number which customer service will not help with which is very frustrating since you’re just simply giving money from one account to another.
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3 months ago, Rick Rotante
Auto fill
I don’t like that there is an auto fill feature on the website that Automatically inputs my Account # AND MY PASSWORD. PLEASE REMOVE THIS FEATURE.
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3 months ago, Nxght_reapxr
Cannot find Zelle as easily anymore. If you have arrowhead, I suggest you switch bank accounts asap.
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3 months ago, RAZEM909
New Digital Banking
Wrote down my user name/password ahead of app update & it won’t let me log in??
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3 months ago, bobby23!
Zelle don’t work for me
I just got the bank and zelle giving me issues please fix
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3 months ago, Lp783
New bank app
This app is so bad that ACU is giving class training to learn how to navigate a terrible update. Unheard of in the banking industry.
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3 months ago, Mc_lov
New app is great!
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7 days ago, PensivePoet97
Utter trash
This app is complete and utter crap
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6 years ago, CandorReview
Great CU, Terrible App.
I am a huge fan of Arrowhead Credit Union and all they provide to members as far as banking services. That being said, my first experiences with this CU was all in branch, I opened both checking, saving, and credit accounts with them—and I love all of those. I got my permanent debit and credit cards instantly made within the branch, access to the accounts as soon as I walked out the door. Hey are definitely a five star credit union as far as service within their branches and banking functionality. They are horrible at creating a useful app. This app has not had a functionality update for years and is long overdue. There is no TouchID support, nonfunctional buttons covered by their own ads, the list goes on. This app allows you to see your account balances, and transfer funds/make mobile deposits in the most basic form. As compared to other banking apps, it requires more effort on Arrowhead CU to get to your account balances than any other. With the new updated look (a great new look), they had he perfect opportunity to update app functionality, at least adding basic features that are available standard now in other apps (TouchID). It really is not hard to add support and refresh the mechanics within an app, it just depends on the effort by the credit union, effort which has and probably still will fall short. To summarize, the app does only the basic functions of mobile banking, and it does it very, very slowly.
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10 years ago, Piggie Sue Killer
I love ACU and this App Rocks!!!
I almost left ACU when they shut down the Stater Brothers off Summit. Since the new administration my credit union has taken off!!! I use the Highland Branch and "C" is my personal banker. When I need anything I call and she always helps me and meets my needs. Now, the app. You can't go wrong. This is so easy and fast that it further makes me happy that I have stayed with "my" credit union. They continue to upgrade all of their services and its nice to walk into the bank and they all know my name. The branch manager is awesome and makes sure all my banking needs are met. So, if you are reading this you probably already have Arrowhead as your Credit Union but I would say about the App is just that it makes the experience so much better. And if for some strange reason you are so bored you are reading this and don't have ACU leave your house, get some sunlight, and come join the family. Kudos on everything from customer service, to management this simple but effective app. Have a great day, Greg.
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5 years ago, krb1024
App does not ask for camera access
I recently upgraded to an iphoneX and went to make a mobile deposit like I have always done in the past. However when I went to take a pic of the check, the app stated camera access had been disabled and I needed to give access. I hadn’t disabled access, but I went into settings-privacy-camera to enable and the app wasn’t listed there. So then I went back to settings and went to the app and the only choices were cellular data and Siri. I spoke with Apple and they said the app needs to ask for access to the camera just like other apps do. So I then deleted the app and downloaded it again in the hopes it would ask for access to the camera but it never did. I need this fixed please asap so I can make mobile deposits again. Apple just sent out a new iOS update so I don’t know if the app needs to be updated to function with this new update. Thank you for your help!:)
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4 years ago, mnlh07
Cannot make transfers to/from other institutions. Whenever I click on it the screen says error. Edit: I’ve realized now that every time I try to make a transfer to/from other institutions not only does it still say error but the next time I try to use the app it says my credentials are invalid using Face ID and when I try to log in manually it says my password is incorrect and that I’ve made too many attempts to log in (my password is not incorrect and didn’t know one time was too many) to use forgot password or call the number. This glitch has become so inconvenient. Anytime I try to check if you’ve fixed the transfer issue I have to reset my password which is such a waste of my time. The whole point of an app is to save time. It would be faster for me to just log on through my laptop. If you’re not going to fix the issue the least you could do is remove the option to try and make transfers to/from other institutions on the app until you can get it to work properly.
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2 years ago, Awesomenezz2014
The app and website are down at least 2 times a week if not more. The app tends to crash or fully reset often especially after going down and coming back online. No matter what I try, the app seems to reset all my preferences, such as Face ID, express view, and even save user ID. I am constantly having to re-login and set all my preferences again and what’s worse is that if the app is down then the website is also down which means I can’t even check my account balances whatsoever. Also the app itself is not very user friendly. It seems clunky and shoddily put together. It doesn’t seem to work well with other apps or even itself for that matter. Even if the app is working more than half the time it’s extremely slow and also lags. There’s not even a dark mode, everything is bright white. I’m not an expert in coding, but I’m pretty sure most of these issues don’t take a professional app developer to fix.
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4 years ago, bestthingiateallday
This app COULD BE amazing.
First off, let me say that this app is very convenient (when working correctly). It lets you use fingerprint ID to log in and you can see your account balances on express view without even logging in. The mobile deposit is convenient as well and I have yet to have a problem with it. The problem I am having with this app, however, is that it’s constantly making you re-login and choose express view, fingerprint ID, and all your other settings. I’m not sure why it resets over and over but it gets very annoying. When I’m trying to quickly view a balance, I don’t want to re-do all these things just to see it. If arrowhead could please fix that problem I would really appreciate it.
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4 years ago, Cesarn067
If you want to be the best credit union
Genuinely I like credit unions..something stood out about arrowhead that I went to go get me a checkin and savings account with them. But I have to say when it comes to their mobile app it’s horrible no form for Customization The whole interface is dull and boring. It’s like if you were to hire a maid to do a deep cleaning in your house and make it smell and look good. But instead you get someone that just wipes off the counters and sweeps and organize some stuff around just to make it appear that it was clean. That’s what this interface feels like to me someone just put some random stuff together. Bring your A game out Arrowhead sauce up your app. I do have to say though the only thing good about this app is that it has face recognition that’s the only thing it has going for it.
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5 years ago, Kingpibbs
Can’t see my payment due dates
When I view my accounts it shows my balances and the word “notes,” but not my next payment due date. When I view my auto loan I can only see my payment history, nothing more. It wasn’t like this before the newest update. Now I have to open my browser, go to the website, answer a security question, click on the tiny red cog next to the account summary and scroll down to find it. Very inconvenient. I love the update but I need easy access to my next billing date. It’s an easy fix so I’d like to see this implemented asap please.
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2 years ago, #onegan
Today it’s an update, tomorrow it can’t find my account
Honestly ur developers should be fired!!! This is a day and age where online everything in EVERYTHING and this app is like an old broke watch. Today it updated and I have to re-enter my credentials, tomorrow it won’t be updating my transactions for at least 24 hours. Then the next day after the update it can’t find my account and if I input that “I lost my password (which I did not lose or forget) then it says that account does not exist!!! What is really going on??? Do u guys really have “Developers” working on anything!!! All the reviews say the “Same Thing”!!! This is bad business and it’s sad bcuz the people in the bank do such a great Job. Also please don’t respond asking me if I called and gave u a chance to fix it bcuz I called twice!!! New Developers and App please!!!
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5 months ago, TChicaul
I’m happy with it
Arrowhead credit Union has come along way with her app development. I’ve been a customer since about 2017 in there at one from this ancient mobile version of their website to a modernized app and I think they deserve some credit. Handles all my basic needs, and I like that the smaller credit unions are much more helpful when dealing with customer concerns versus the larger banks in my experience. Plus the integration of Zelle directly into the app is a game changer and I’m so happy with that! Keep up the good work.!
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4 years ago, sheppdogg03
Love the app and service
Love the app. Simple to use and I can find all of my past information dating back quite a while. As for arrowhead bank couldn’t be happier with their service. They’re way better then any other bank I have had. They’re fraud department is very fast and customer service is amazing. Was able to get below a 3% interest on the vehicle I wanted and made payments on it easy and affordable. Got a new card the 1st of the month that it was going to expire without having to contact them.
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2 years ago, Rockbella2007
Continues to kick me off and I have to keep logging
It’s nice to have on line access to our account at any time. I like to monitor our account to make sure there is no fraud happening, I’ve been able to catch two things quickly because of this! However, this app continues to log me off and it is frustrating because I have to wait until I get home to log back on. I’m not sure why it keeps doing this but I wish it would stop. I understand if it happened once in a great while but it happens all the time. I would rate this app higher if this was improved. This app has been horrible for years without no improvement. Who is actually reading these comments! I feel as if there is no action being taken to improve.
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7 months ago, Shdivbksivb
Zelle and mobile deposit
Every time I deposited a check (5 times a month) the front photo has no problem. The back photo glitches out and only half of the “viewfinder” is visible. I have to take 7 photos to get the back image to line up just to be told the amount entered does not match the amount on the check. This has been going on for 5 months now. I figured it would iron itself out with an update but it hasn’t. And no with this Zelle transfer option it won’t let me go past the terms of Service agreement. I check the agreement box and then “continue” it loads and then resets the check box not letting me progress. I’ve been a member for over 20 years and I’m about to leave this credit union for good.
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2 years ago, f!%¡ Fairway
Update the App
I want arrowhead to stop acting like their app AND website doesn’t go down all the time. do something about it. I haven’t been able to log in my account or get into the app all day because it says error. This happens all the time. At least send out an email letting your customers know that you are working on this issue. But there’s no warning or update or nothing. And we also shouldn’t have to waste our time to sit in a 45 min to 1 hour phone call just to know the balance in our account or anything else that has to do with our account that we could do easily and fast ourselves.. This has gone on for too long. Make some permanent changes and MAYBE your ratings will FINALLY go up.
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3 years ago, amani_j_aaaaaaaasaaaaaa
This app is practically broken
In general, every few months the app will update its user agreement and in doing so, totally wipe out your log in information, including biometric methods of logging in. This is extremely annoying in and of itself, but lately it has taken to doing so multiple times a day for the last few days. I have had my information wiped out 3 times today alone. I keep getting the user agreement notice even though I've agreed to it already days ago. While the credit union is fine, this app is utter garbage. I want my metrics remembered. There is no user on the planet who wants their log in information deleted every three months. And now it seems to be totally glitching out, which is even more frustrating. This is something else no user wants - a glitchy, user unfriendly product that can't even do its job. I need to access my banking information in a pinch, and I'm prevented from doing that. I hope the union hires a different developer and changes this app for the better because as it stands it is horrendous. Easily one of the absolute worst banking/financial apps I have ever used.
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2 years ago, pissed@AHCU
I was charged a fee for no service
So I’ve had this bank for many years and I have been satisfied most of the time. But now that I live in another state I’m starting to see that they are not as good since I have no access to a branch. I deposited a money order my wife gave me. They accepted the $50 money order at first. Then the day after took the $50 back saying something about return to original whatever. Not accepting my money order is one thing, but they charged me $10 for NOT being able to accept my money order. How do you charge me a $10 fee for not being able to cash my money order? I truly feel ripped off and I’m definitely thinking about closing my account with them.
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2 years ago, M0N-STAR
Never has worked
I’ve been with this bank for years and this app is by far the worst app ever for a financial institution. When you need to move money around or check balances forget it. Always logs you out. Always erases the “saved” account details and is constantly having “maintenance” done so won’t log you on. Online is exactly the same. It’s like they’re stopping us from using or moving our money every single weekend. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to do what every other financial institution on the planet is capable of doing…….produce an app that works. I’m so close to ditching this bank and transferring all of my funds to at this point ANY OTHER bank. The constant issues with this app leave zero confidence that my money and passwords are secure. How does technology keep getting the best of this bank and why can’t Arrowhead Credit Union seem to hire people qualified to fix it? If this isn’t fixed immediately and stay fixed for at least 6 months without any issues I’m out. I’ll take my “pile of money” elsewhere.
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