Arrowhead Mobile Banking

3.1 (84)
73.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Arrowhead Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Arrowhead Mobile Banking

3.12 out of 5
84 Ratings
3 days ago, Family Bargain
Arrowhead Credit Union
I am enjoying using Arrowhead Credit Union app. It’s user friendly, easy to navigate and move funds from one account to the next. I also called customer service on a Sat morning and the young lady was extremely friendly and helpful. I took a few minutes for the system to download, but once it did I was able to compete my transactions in less than minutes. I highly recommend using the app! It’s worth it!
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7 months ago, cali muchacha
Too many issues
So I like the new app look. But I and some family have had issues. Last week my account balance was negative when it shouldn’t have been. I contacted arrowhead and was told that at night the balance will be wrong because the app hadn’t caught up to my transfer. However the transfer was in Green showing a deposit but the actual balance did not reflect it. Also at night I was not able to do a mobile deposit. In addition I was locked out due to incorrect password. The password was correct, but I had to reset it to get in to my account. Then I tried to use the same “wrong” ( per the app) and was told I couldn’t use previous passwords. So frustrating. So the roll out has not been smooth. It’s has caused me distress seeing my account negative by mistake. I hope these things are worked out so that the app is correct. I really don’t wanna leave aacu because the app is troubling.
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8 months ago, gayest name ever
Finally a update
This update was much needed I was seriously considering switching bank because of how awful this apps interface was its very good to see that arrowhead listens to the people, still don’t understand why it took so long to update but oh well Adleast this app is updated a friendly user interface
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3 months ago, RuffedUpButNotRuined
App Fixed … but
The Arrowhead CU devs listened to our feedback. After we informed them the app no longer allows us to use our iPads in landscape mode, they fixed it. Thank you. However, there is another bug. The app only allows me to receive push notifications [alerts] on my iPad mini, but never on my iPhone. Please, fix this, also. From my end there is nothing more I can do, other than set notifications from within the Arrowhead CU app and the Apple Settings app. Thank you.
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3 weeks ago, R.hern
To a bit to get used to
It took a while to get used to the new app, but I can easily maneuver it now. The only thing I miss is the Calculator option that was available in the old system. Plus, Arrowhead offered several classes to their customers regarding the new app.
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2 months ago, Vv3bosslady
Love Arrowhead Credit Union Bank
I’ve been a member since 2001 & my experience has been amazing. I’ve bought cars and a house because they give me the option to save money by taking it out automatically and depositing into my savings account
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7 months ago, CASSIE555
Long time customer
I’ve been banking here for 34 years and never had any problems with my account. Everyone that works there is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help you.
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2 months ago, Francisco_zx
Great app have a suggestion
Love this app it’s very organized and I’ve definitely seen some bug fix improvements witch I love. Although It would be awesome if it was able to tell you the exact time you bought it like yes it shows the date but it would be amazing if you were able to track when was the transaction was made!!!
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9 months ago, Lyssa213
Not loving the new APP
Just logged into the new app and it looks like all my payments will now be made through Apple Pay. So much extra. The old app worked great, this took days to update! Was not ready when it was promised, all the extra steps so not cool. Not user friendly at all… I’m NOT looking forward to the phone calls from grams because she can’t use this one… so upset! 😪 My mom is even struggling and she’s pretty tech savvy… Arrowhead, please figure this out, who approved this garbage!?
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1 week ago, Nurses. Rock
Wanda Yazell
I have been banking with Arrowhead for nearly 30 years and their services and staff just keep getting better. Most of my family also banks with Arrowhead Credit Union. Thank you for your great service.
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8 months ago, iusethesealot
Great but!
I just wanna thank the devs who got this UI to look MUCH more modern than before, but I must say that the new express view does not immediately refresh when you pull down to refresh. And also the transaction history is gone :( But nonetheless thanks devs! That UI haD been OUTDATED, but was effective 🤔
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3 weeks ago, Chirises
I’ve never had issues with this App. It’s very convenient and user friendly. No more trips to the bank as I can do everything from home, unless I want to withdraw which is rare.
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2 months ago, Wood755
I would like it to be easier to switch between my business and my personal accounts
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4 weeks ago, Arissia!
The new update helped but
I wish there was a way to have all your accounts under one login. I have multiple checking and savings accounts and it would be helpful to have a streamlined login to all accounts.
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9 months ago, SoCalJeepKing
Arrowheads new updated app! Love the new design
Me and my wife absolutely love the new app design. Easy to use with lots of new features and very user-friendly. Thank you Arrowhead credit union for this wonderful update! 5 stars!⭐️
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2 months ago, Dandelions 4ever
East to use and very convenient. I just wish I could use the face recognition instead of entering my password every time.
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9 months ago, Most recent nightmare
New update
I like the new update, with the exception of the snapshot view. I hate that I can only see the account balance and now have to log in to see the transactions, whereas I didn’t need to do that on the old version.
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4 weeks ago, SURV85
Change the coloring again
The app needs to go back to when the new version was first released. It would show green for credits and red for withdrawals. Now everything is all black for both, hard to tell from the two
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8 months ago, Senait M.
Why does it now take a couple days to transfer from my savings to my checking. My funds are there and visible. I pay all my bills from my checking. So now I have to wait 2 + days to transfer within my own account? Why does it say that there is no payment history for my bills/payee? Will that be transferred over or updated?
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2 months ago, Anastasia 1&only
They have updated everything
I love the fact that they have Zelle now! It makes banking so much easier!
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2 weeks ago, Jadope93
Need to download this app !
If your banking with arrowhead, you need this app. So fast and shows everything you need! Later !
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9 months ago, dtonyp
Upgrades are great!
Finally, the app matches the great in person services. Never really had an issue with the old app but it wasn’t as up to date as my other banking one. This update is.
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2 months ago, Migoho
Not great
I tried to unblock my debit card and the app was being glitchy and saying “card has been successfully unblocked” and then once I close the app, go back into it and check, it’s back locked again. Literally couldn’t use my card because of this and it was a total inconvenience.
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9 months ago, Vicious Vinyl
Clean and modern app
So far so good, the new update to the credit union app looks nice, clean, and modern. Keep up the good work and please don’t let it fall behind again.
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9 months ago, D-l-s
Way better
New app immensely better way easier to use and get things done 10x faster
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3 weeks ago, j chappy
Game changer
I am handicapped, with this service I no longer have to come there for every transaction. You people are the best.
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3 weeks ago, Bethany pepiot
Easy and efficient
Easy to use and efficient. Better then older versions.
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9 months ago, AutumElla
Love the new update!
I am able to take care of all my needs and customize it to my preference.
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8 months ago, Vero59S
Not up to par
Bill payment section is not good, it doesn’t show how much is scheduled for payments and total. Lousy app.
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3 weeks ago, deb "b"
Excellent Service
Very easy to navigate and nice smooth service and Thank you for That
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6 months ago, AliciaNicolexo
Names of transfers
Back YET AGAIN…. Why are the names of transfers being renamed to match the comment/note written by the person who transferred me money?? I know for a fact Drake didn’t transfer me money (don’t I wish) but my cousin who transferred me money for her Drake concert tix did. You’re making things more confusing when they don’t have to be!
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3 weeks ago,
Works GREAT except…
The mobile check deposit feature is too finicky. Everything else seems good!
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2 months ago, Linda Needlecraft
Arrowhead customer
I have banked with arrowhead credit Union for many years and always appreciate their customer service.
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3 weeks ago, gaylejean
My review
Always reliable I would never bank elsewhere
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8 months ago, Saselas
Lack of history for payees.
Why can’t I see the payment history for my payees? Before I could select a payee and enter a timeframe and see all payments with the amount paid. Is that gone?
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9 months ago, Libby Rocks
Not impressed
Since your not gonna let me add my other arrowhead accounts to the snap shot view you can at least allow me to log out so I can check the other accounts. The app currently won’t let me log into other accounts other then the first one I logged into.
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3 weeks ago, 83jcd
very good app
Fast and very easy to use to transfer and make payments.
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9 months ago, Powerful Spiritual Tool!!
Only One Number for Verification!
My wife and I both access our account. It would be helpful to allow multiple numbers for SMS verification.
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1 week ago, cucigon
Mobile banking
Fast, and easy.
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9 months ago, nick barry jones
Best Banking App
Ever since the update the app has been amazing it changed my life
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5 months ago, aln iru
update spins screen around on ipad
after update when i open up app on ipad pro screen rotates making hard to use key board. i believe its on iphone version. portrait orientation button is not locked. screen just flips vertical up and down instead of horizontal. ipad is connected to magic keyboard and it still flips around. i guess ill delete the app and just go online.
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3 weeks ago, G-East
On line banking
I’m new to your company and so sat I have had good experiences.
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8 months ago, Jesel S
With the new update it takes way longer to see new transactions and balances. I’ve counted up to 7 minutes. This is so inconvenient.
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9 months ago, Gris G.
Crappy update
Since the new update I cannot log in even after following the instructions not include the 0s on both my accounts..,ugh have to call my local branch now. Their app has always sucked
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3 weeks ago, lookinggoodflygirl
Easy access on a daily basis.
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3 weeks ago, robertseilala
Great App
Convenient, quick and efficient.
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5 months ago, The real MarkM!
Screen in landscape rotation no longer works since update extremely aggravating. Please fix ASAP.
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3 weeks ago, MaggieMaeTL
Love it!
This app is easy to use and I think it’s design great!
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2 weeks ago, Ladybug9119
It shuts off
I don’t like that it keep logging off, I have to keep logging on. It wasn’t like that before.
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2 weeks ago, 24/7 Always!
Always available 24/7!
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