Artifact Uprising

Photo & Video
4.6 (4.9K)
177.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Artifact Uprising, LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Artifact Uprising

4.56 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Yumyumbb7
Endless picture options
Great app for getting pictures off our phones and into high quality print! I have used other companies but the quality does not compare! I change out my wall gallery photographs often for mood and season with the ease of pressing of a few buttons! Also, LOVE the wood calendars that everyone in my family now has and each year I easily send the refill pack with new photos and they are able to save the old photos. My grandma loves the ability to have ALL the photos to easily show off whenever she pleases!
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2 years ago, Mike Buen
Ordered item a month ago through website and never got the item
Wife ordered item a month ago! Couldn’t add item on cart and customer service is hard to get a hold of. She messaged the company through their Instagram and finally got a response. After talking to the customer service, she was able to place the order. She asked when she will receive the order and they said by November 4th. Order was placed around the 6th of October. I asked my wife what’s the status on the photos and it’s weird that you haven’t gotten a tracking number. Long story short customer service replied to my email stating that even though an order number was given to us, that the pictures or orders never made it to production. It’s been 4 weeks and they couldn’t even inform us. Birthday is in 2 days and now we’re stuck with no backdrop for my daughters birthday. I was surprised that it was going to take a month to print 50 4x4 pictures. They said that they can expedite shipping but turnaround time for production to print will take a couple days. So why not just do the order like that in the first place? Very upsetting. You’re better off trying to find a local printing place such as AK Printing or something. I’m sure they will handle your order in a timely manner. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!
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4 years ago, morrisel2
Technical issue caused unresolvable issue with my order
I'm giving this app one star because I placed an order of six projects built on the app, and it was cancelled due to a technical issue on their end (that they seem to think was due to the app). Customer service was not super helpful since their only solution was to rebuild the projects all from scratch, which takes a substantial amount of time. I have been buying from AU for years and really like their products, but after this experience I will no longer be buying from them. Additionally, this app is difficult to use and very slow. You have to know exactly which photos you'd like to include when starting a project because the feature to select additional or new photos when editing does not work. I have also noticed while rebuilding these projects on the web platform that you don't get all the same options on the app as you do on their website. Overall would not recommend this app to anyone, the web platform seems to work much better. I have never had an issue with an order made through their website.
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4 years ago, photo gypsy
No search bar ...
No search bar ... and I have always found your site hard to get around ... never any clear pics of what you really offer ...I like photo books ... high quality with high gloss , lay flat , ability to put 500 pics in a book ... 100 pages , creative background different page layouts ... I been on your site off and on , order great pics from you ... but never gotten really any good info on your website .. I think you offer , but really not sure ... so if I am having problems getting g around and having a clear view ... I am sure others are too , which means we go elsewhere and your losing business ... I wrote before “my publisher got bought by cheap Shutterfly “ and there are many of us who are a bit lost because good quality what “my publisher offered is no where to be found ... I at one point hoped you guys would pick up the hi t and scoop us up ... but no ... you can’t even get a easy website up ...disappointing because after ordering prints , I thought you had exceptional quality ... but like other companies ... a lot of info goes in one ear and out the other ...
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3 years ago, N9AA
Mixed feelings
The app itself is pointless. I have the iPhone 12 Max pro. It’s new and I don’t have issues with any other apps, so it’s not a user error. The app has a lot of glitches. You will click on an icon and nothing happens. I made a book on a desktop computer and am unable to view it on the app under the same account. It says on my app that I don’t have any saved projects. The desktop website was easy to navigate. My only complaint is there’s a limited and pretty basic amount of layouts to choose from. For the money you’re paying, more options should be available. I also read Facebook reviews on other customers experience and was blown away with the amount of people who said they received the wrong books of other customers. Unsure if I will end up purchasing my book or starting over with a different company who seems a little more put together and has more options. I don’t have the best gut feeling about AU.
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6 years ago, Angelique1692
They have an incredible brand, but when will they actually make stuff that works?
I love Artifact Uprising’s brand. They really know how to market themselves. But I have an issue with their app, specifically their volumes series, which hasn’t been working as promised. When I first started the series, it would tell me that the project was there but wouldn’t show me where, and when I clicked on the volumes tab, it would repeatedly ask me to set up my payment and shipping options. Now I can actually access the project - except that it crashes every time I click on it. I’ve been following AU since they were acquired by VSCO (a camera app I LOVE), and like I said, I love their branding. So it’s really disappointing to see a company sink so much in their marketing to brand themselves as the best quality out there, only to not follow through on the quality of their products. I haven’t been able to even test their physical products yet because the one product I want, it won’t let me have.
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1 week ago, Codo87
Incompatibility with website is a huge bummer
Really love this company’s products, but I’m extremely disappointed with the app. The fact that you can’t see projects created on desktop via the app and vice versa is a huge inconvenience. Like many people, my photos are almost exclusively on my phone. It’s frustrating that if I want to get photos from my phone directly into an artifact uprising product, I have to use the app’s clumsy interface and limited design options (no brightness adjustment on photos, no font and finish options as there are on the desktop site). This seems like pretty basic stuff and would make me way more likely to use their services for future projects. As it is, I’d recommend folks avoid the app and use whatever method you can to get your photos onto a desktop, so you can use their site.
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2 years ago, tcob0226
Glitchy and not user friendly
I have been *trying* to order prints from Here for my children's baby books for 2 years. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong because I can’t ever get all the pictures ordered that I want. It is incredibly cumbersome to place picture orders and I always end up frustrated. I have tried in the browser, on the app, and on my laptop and I continue to have issues regardless of device. I keep coming back because my sons baby book is 75% done and I don’t want to mess with the aesthetic. I started to try to order pictures for my daughters today and im resolved that I can’t endure it any longer. Im going to order prints elsewhere. Ive wasted enough time on this today already so I won’t enumerate all the issues I’ve encountered… but they are plentiful. Save yourself the money and headache.
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10 months ago, Marie Pete
Has gone downhill
I used to love using this app. It was easy to upload photos straight from my phone and make annual presents especially for Christmas and Father’s Day. But the last couple of projects have been super buggy and one I couldn’t actually finish uploading to purchase. The customer service people were very kind, but said that the app and the desktop experience are totally separate so there was no way of fixing my buggy app project. I ended up having to transfer all the photos from my phone and use the clunky desktop version. Save yourself time and just do it at the desktop version the first time, the print quality of the lay flat books are still worth it.
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4 years ago, Miack12345
Not worth the risk of technical error
I used to love this app, but I’ve finally encountered too many time wasting tech issues and can’t risk my time further using it. Over the years I’ve received error messages using the discount codes they offer and have had to request special extensions while they troubleshoot, I’ve lost projects during the upload process, and now the coup de grace was spending ~4 hours building 4 different photo projects during a sale period only to receive an email the next day that a glitch on their end caused them to lose my projects that now need to be rebuilt. They only offered me a 20% discount for my trouble, but I was already getting that discount during the sale which will now be over. Can’t afford to risk any more of my valuable time on an unreliable app.
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6 years ago, hg192192
Beautiful products, app much improved!
I’ve always loved Artifact Uprising’s beautiful products and have used their app several times because it’s the easiest way to print photos from my phone. The app used to be a bit frustrating because I could only have one project at a time and I had to order everything separately. Not ideal! But now they fixed it!! I’ve already started projects for my parents’ birthdays and Valentine’s Day next month and I’m so excited to be able to edit each project in my own time and have everything shipped all at once!
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6 years ago, SassySuzie88
Love The Timelessness Of These Books
I absolutely love using the artifact uprising app. It makes everything so easy. The Legacy books are my very favorite. They are classy and I love displaying them. I receive so many compliments on these books. My friends love the fact I print out my memories so everyone can enjoy them! Why take pictures if your not going to look at them time and again? Print out your memories you will never regret it!
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3 years ago, reviewacct8515
Checkout is broken for multiple items, no connectivity to desktop account
I spent several hours uploading photos and designing three different albums. When I was ready to checkout, the cart only displayed one album but had an icon indicating that 3 items were in the cart. The total price listed did not add up correctly. After several times removing and adding items to the cart, I attempted to check out - when I looked at my order status it had charged me for four items, including duplicates. I cancelled my order and decided to try in the desktop, only to find that there is ZERO connection between the app and the website, despite being in the same account. What a complete waste of an evening
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5 years ago, SteskerPhotos
No Privacy- Privacy Policy
I had been very interested in using this application until I read their Privacy Policies. Basically, the deem themselves free to share any personal information you give them as well as any and all information they gather from your Social and information gathered by Third Party Services. I appreciate that this “Privacy” information is readily and honestly available but I am absolutely appalled at the scope of their willingness to share personal information and to dig anywhere they please for more information and to work with third parties to exchange more information as it’s discovered. I am sickened by this blatant invasion of my privacy and their admitted attempts to invade and conquer my life simply reap the spoils of war and line their pockets!
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1 year ago, EmmaCharlie1960
Worst app experience EVER. I had several projects going and their app was glitching so they told me to delete and redownload it - even though I signed in under my same account it deleted all of my projects. You’ll be wasting your time. Customer service gives you the runaround even as you send them a screen recording of how their product doesn’t work - with features they advertise. Also - if you log into the desktop version it pretends you’re a whole new person - the app and desktop don’t sync. It’s 2023. I’ve wasted so many hours of my life I’ll never get back after they told me to do something that didn’t work. Hire smarter technology employees to fix your dud of a product.
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6 years ago, W Lynn R
Great quality!
For the second year in a row, I displayed pictures on fairy light clips for my children’s outdoor graduation party. Unfortunately, this year it rained for over an hour, but I was amazed at how well the pictures stood up in the rain! Although they were a little damp the next day, once they dried, they were fine. The service of this company and the quality of their prints are both excellent! I plan to try one of their books next.
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2 years ago, Stephy5309
Beautiful Products but App Could Not Be Worse
I received AU baby books from a close friend for both my kids and they’re absolutely adorable and will be great memories for the kids when they’re older. HOWEVER this app is so unbelievably difficult to use I want to toss my phone out the window every time I try. It forces you to select in increments of 10, 25 or 50, only gives you one chance to select the photos you want from your phone’s camera role, and good luck trying to view photos you’ve added to your cart without having to redo it all. I wish they would make a better app for new parents who have very limited time to create the baby book!
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4 years ago, timmyheck
Productive efficiency
Though the options along the way are deliberately limited in this app, I appreciate the framework every time I use it. It helps me come up with a beautiful project and actually get it done. I typically use it with the photo shop express app and Afterlight to get the edits I want. If I prefer more options for a more extensive project, I head to the website on my computer. As always, the resulting products are excellent.
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4 years ago, Jandaa23
Ordering issues
The app is very easy to use. I love the available product options. Unfortunately, I keep having difficulty with ordering. Every time I try to submit my order it says it cannot go through. Even though I am logged into my account and have tried logging in on the full website, and my cart is empty and none of my products are saved on the website. Otherwise, I am sure the products will look great once I figure out how to get them.
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3 years ago, kristin517
Beautiful but frustrating
This company has the best products. Always very classy and beautiful. I've never gotten anything I didn't like or wasn't beautifully made and lasting. However the website/app always makes me a little crazy. I'm not very technologically savvy so maybe it's on me and they are very good about emailing and reaching out to help and alll my projects have always gotten done in the end. Anyway I recommend them to everyone because I love their work but not for the easily frustrated.
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6 years ago, actually_faythe
I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love Artifact Uprising. I ordered their Everyday Prints (10). The quality of the paper is amazing and you can instantly tell that they will last a lifetime! I can’t wait to make my next purchase. Their design is simple and really makes your photos stand out. Their app and website is easy to use. I would recommend Artifact Uprising to anyone and everyone!
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5 years ago, 11Grace22
Great company bad app
Love this company! The work they produce is quality! Unfortunately there app (yes, the newest version) is terrible. Despite having the same user login for the website and app you can not see your "projects" in both places. Also, not everything is available on the app. In addition, it's so hard to rearrange your images, you have to select them from your photos the way you want them to appear. The WORST is that it does not recognize credit cards so no matter how bad you may want to buy there stuff you can't, when I reached out to there support the told me they could not fix the problem.
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7 years ago, AU_User
Love AU, but the app is so frustrating
I love AU, but the app remains a frustrating experience for me. I wanted to order calendar reprints, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the app, so I assume it’s not one of the products included. I don’t understand why we can’t order the refill pack when the wood and brass easel calendars are available via the app. Overall, I find the lack of universal product accessibility and lack of crosstalk between the web interface and the app to extremely frustrating and disappointing. Also, is it possible to order multiple items in one shipment in the app? Didn’t seem like it was when I was using it.
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6 years ago, technboots
Great app for gifts!
I have soo many photos on my phone and this app is such an easy way to print them. I’ve gifted my mom a photo of my family with the brass picture frame and I love the style of the photo display box so will probably make one for my dad’s birthday this month. Highly recommend this app, there is something marvelous about seeing your photos printed in real life!!
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2 years ago, Jmhjelms
Just use the website
When you’re able to actually start creating the product you want, it’s pretty user-friendly. Does take awhile to upload pictures. I had to sign out of the app and sign back in for it to recognize my recent pictures. However, not all of their products are even available on the app. I only want a calendar refill pack, however that is not available on the app and I will have to go to the website to order it.
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6 years ago, LoveAU
The only place I go to for printing!
The only place I go to print my phone photos. Their app easily lets me create gifts and prints that I can send to my family, which is always a lifesaver when I’m looking for the perfect gift. I’ve been impressed with their printing, packaging, and especially with their customer service. They’ve taken care of me every single time!
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3 years ago, txcsf
Version issues and not all products?
Just downloaded that app and it says that I need up update to version 3.8.19 for it to work correctly...but that version is a year old according to the App Store version history. I downloaded this to create a baby board book (it’s offered on the website) but that is not an option in the app. I love the artifacts uprising photo book a created a year ago for my engagement photos.
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6 years ago, Molly020904
Recent updates helped AU app
I had trouble on the app before, but since they have made several updates I've noticed quite a difference in functionality. The last few times I've used it to build photo books and they've turned out great! Excited I can make my beloved hardcover family yearbooks through my phone now.
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4 years ago, arwellsmurray
Love this company
Have used Artifact Uprising for years and I’m always so pleased! From prints and books to share, a wedding guest book, my wedding photo albums, now to my first baby book it has been an incredible journey with this company. Hoping I can continue to buy their gorgeous products for years to come.
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6 years ago, Qwertypop123hi
Does not link to desktop account?
I have an album I'm making on my laptop for a wedding guestbook. I have tried to access it from the app under the same account to add photos from my iPhone but the app and my account on the computer do not seem to link at all, and there is not even a way to make a wedding guestbook on the app. Very sad because I want to add some photos from my phone in addition to our engagement pics . Otherwise it seems to work okay
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3 years ago, MrNickC
Terrible experience
Tried Artifact for the first time and deeply regret it. The magazine creation software was extremely glitchy. Paid extra for rush shipping to get my order on time for my event and it's arriving 2 days after there shipping calculator said it would arrive. So can't even use them. Plus, they don't refund your order even if unused and they delivered late. Tried contacting customer support almost a week ago and no response. Hope this is just a unique experience. I'll be sticking with Blurb. Great process, products, and customer support.
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3 years ago, joyshami
Trying to print
I love the quality of photos that AU prints so I decided to just print 25 photos. After spending the day getting an error message on the final upload, and consulting customer service, I tried printing with a border instead of a full bleed and then the error message went away and I was able to place my order.
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5 years ago, G8Chi
Don’t trust the marketing
There is literally no quality control for the book products. I ordered two small scale hardbound books - same content for both. Because I never received a proof, I was evaluating the project on my iPhone - and couldn’t tell that the title for the project had been truncated. Imagine my surprise when the books - $50 for each one- came and were embossed with the words “An Assortment of Random Jo”. Not “Joy”. I had to laugh - but quickly changed my vendor to Shutterfly’s service where they make a book for you for a fee. Money much better spent.
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6 years ago, Anetzzz
Easy, quality, but...
Easy to use app. Good quality matte 5x5 prints for a decent price (only such app I found to allow that size). Only thing is be aware even though your upload is perfectly square they will shave/crop off every side. Which messed up the print composition of almost 10% of the 50 prints I ordered. Disappointing, so do remember this when choosing your IG photos!
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3 years ago, HamCritic
Avoid at all costs! Quality is terrible
I’ve bought products from Artifact Uprising every year for 6 years now and this year the prints look horrible. When I wrote to show them the problem and compare it with past prints I received from them they said that they don’t offer refunds and didn’t acknowledge the problem with the prints. They are dull, the quality of the paper has plummeted, and there are lines in the printing. Avoid them at all costs, they are no longer the high quality printing company they used to be.
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4 years ago, k_p_erwin
Disappointing Experience
Ordered holiday cards from them this year, and paid ~$50 for expedited shipping. Got an email saying that they’d shipped 10 days ago, but never received them. When I checked the tracking info, it said that FedEx had never even received the order. When I contacted their customer service, the only answer back was to keep checking the tracking information. That was it. No attempt to fix the problem or acknowledge that they’d charged me $50 for expedited shipping for nothing. Pretty awful customer service.
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6 years ago, Sweedish Blooms
A little different options than website
I loved using the app! The only thing I didn’t like was how there were fewer options on the app than the website. The website kept crashing on me and not loading, so I had to use the app. Everything was great, just wish there were the same layouts!
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2 years ago, ark1865
Worse than their website
I’ve used Artifact Uprising for the past 5 years and recently their website has started being so problematic and glitchy that I can’t even start a project without it putting my laptop screen in an endless loop of refreshes! I downloaded the app in hopes that it would work better, but I can’t even access the type of project I want to create! It’s so frustrating because I love this company’s product, but their technology side of things needs major help.
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4 years ago, Dansemachine
Buggy, crashes, not intuitive
Artifact Uprising is my preferred photo project service—I love the quality and the modern designs. HOWEVER the experience of trying to work on a project on my phone, whether it’s the app or through the website on Safari, is absolutely horrible. Literally every year at Christmastime I find myself cursing AU for not bothering to make an app that works. I’m just trying to put twelve pictures in a photo calendar, so easy right?! I’ll just do it on my phone...NOPE. Gotta drag out my laptop every time. What’s the point of even having an app?
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6 years ago, kherr89
Volumes Function Needs Help
I created one Volumes product on the app and have been unable to make a second one despite multiple attempts over the past half a year or so - even with the new user interface. It doesn’t let me edit which photos I want by selecting or in selecting, and now when I try to edit Volume 2, it tells me to edit them in order. But I already ordered the first one!! Why would I not be able to edit them separately? I really wish they would build volumes into their regular site as well as the app.
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1 year ago, this_is_my_name
Doesn’t connect to desktop account
What is the point of the app if you login to your account and can’t connect to projects you started on your desktop? Or at least be able to upload photos directly from your phone to project galleries? This company makes beautiful books, but it is not user friendly in the slightest. And don’t get me started on not being .heic file friendly…
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5 years ago, gratl
No Search!
No Search feature available. Trying to find the Baby Board Book and it isn’t available by browsing the site, and I can’t search to confirm. Very frustrating since every time I try to create a baby board book in the browser I loose my work when accidentally hitting the back button. Was hoping to resolve this by downloading the app but I can’t even design the product I’m looking for. Overall a very bad mobile experience.
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7 years ago, ashyoung
This app needs a lot of work
I really love Artifact Uprising prints and I hope you quickly get your app up to speed. My main frustration is when trying to create a Volumes album I cannot select from my iPhoto album, just the photos I want to print. It said that the album I selected would create 6 volumes! And I couldn't edit that. Yes I can edit the photos, but I only wanted to create 1 volume from that particular album in my iPhotos. The app also seems a little buggy and would freeze. Very frustrating and waste of time.
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6 years ago, john-elaine
Super concept / product with error-prone functionality
I love this brand and the products they offer; I recommend it to everyone I know. I do find that both the site and app are rife with not infrequent glitches that can lead to confusion, frustration and/or lost time. I’ve had a lot of issues with the Volumes: same story as reviewer Angelique below. Has led to lots of lost time but the volumes (I’ve managed to finish three, with a lot of difficulty and restarts) are such a great product and idea.
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6 years ago, 1739572957294$1$38
Was amazing... just not the same
*app interface ( 4 out of 5 ) *Quality of prints (5 out of 5) *Shipping cost is too high/and delivery takes too long (2 out of 5) back in September (2017) I have placed a few orders and loved everything about it... even the cost didn’t bother me. The prints used to come in these killer boxes, that are used as storage containers. I’m aware they were cardboard but the design was perfect for me... (some might even say brilliant.) Now the AU charges the same and they removed the boxes, all you get is a awful paper wrapped around your lovely prints. *A major experience lost while opening our orders. Overall I love this company, just want my experience be the same as I first found them.
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4 years ago, AJHMReview
Five Star Quality, One Star App
I love AU’s quality!! I have purchased photo books, prints, and photo holders many times and have always been very pleased with the outcome! That being said, the app is HORRIBLE! I would have ordered so much more if it weren’t so glitchy - deleting my projects before they were finished after working on them for a while. PLEASE fix this app or I am afraid I cannot order any longer!
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4 years ago, AshleyMSReviews
Very glitchy!
While I love Artifact Uprisings products - and their website isn’t too bad either - the app is extremely frustrating. It is so glitchy. Multiple times I’ve gone to order and for various reasons I can never complete the order. It’s so frustrating and then I log into the website on my computer to complete the order and I remember the “App projects” are completely separate from the webtool so I don’t even have them in my account on the webtool. It’s just frustration after frustration.
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5 years ago, cameramac
Mobile app change
Guys, I’ve been a long time customer and I’ve loved your mobile app. Never a complaint. During a trip I attempted to finish my latest book. I had to update the app, and somehow my info was lost. That wasn’t the biggest issue, the format now is just not simple for mobile users, which to me is the bigger issue. I used to love just putting my edited photos on to a soft cover book. I don’t like the update. I’ll shop else where.
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6 years ago, aftucci
What happened to Volumes?!!!
Just finished adding the 50th photo to my album and opened up the Artifact Uprising app to edit and order the photo book, but I can’t find Volumes anywhere on the app. And when I go to the website and find it there, when I click on a button to get started, it takes me right back to the app. This is so frustrating! Especially because I have several Volumes already printed and love them. Please fix this glitch!
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6 years ago, Elyusia
Volumes is annoying to use
I figured out that in order to get another book in my Volumes series printed I have to uninstall and reinstall the app, and make sure my photos ready to go. I like the quality of the softcover books, but the app is glitchy and I hate being unable to add text below the photos. I prefer making books on Persnickity Prints website because they have many more layouts to choose from and text options.
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