Ascend Federal Credit Union

4.8 (21.3K)
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Current version
Ascend Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ascend Federal Credit Union

4.83 out of 5
21.3K Ratings
3 years ago, SteelersGal4Ever
Best credit union ever!!! This app is FABULOUS!
I love Ascend...and the people inside...although I Ascemust AscendFCU say I do not enjoy the "robotic banking" very much, when a person is so much more enjoyable! Thank goodness,for the time being, the location in my town has not been transformed into a soulless one. *combination happy face/sad face* I love my app, and the addition of the mobile check deposit is great! It saves me so much time and hassle! Thanks, Ascend, for maintaining the awesome factor! The app is quick and easy to use, and being able to access it with my Touch ID on my iPhone makes it even easier! *swoons* The instant balances in checking and savings when one opens the app is shows the actual balance and the true available. Fabulous! Knowing items haven't cleared lets one know to check and see what is still out, and see if action is needed. Just touching those opening balances then takes you to a running statement and the day items cleared, with a running balance. Can you say "covered with awesome sauce"??? I knew you could... One can do pretty much everything from this app. I'm extremely pleased with it, and use it almost daily. If there were more stars to give, I would...
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4 years ago, Stanley1962
Awesome bank
Great place to do business with. These folks treat people with kindness and respect. They really make you feel welcomed when you walk in the door and you feel appreciated for doing business with the bank. Best move I made was switching to this bank. This really is a great place to do business with. Unlike some banks, you do not go in and wait forever to be helped or stand in line forever. These folks are very good at what they do. Thank you for all you people do and the help you have provided me when needed. Thank you.
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4 years ago, thenorthernscar
App has gone downhill
I love the credit union itself but the need to use the app and it’s many problems are enough to make me want to switch my business elsewhere. Every time you sign in to the app, the notification pops up for local deals to add to your card. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if it didn’t pop up the notification every single time you log in. And then, not only is it not enough to click in to the app to get it to go away, you have to click the notification and then scroll all the way through the deals to get it to go away. This incessant feature works great, but then you tell it to notify you when you get large deposits, I.e. when your paycheck hits your account and the notification feature doesn’t work.
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10 months ago, TWright122
Convenience at my fingertips
I must say that I absolutely love the Ascend mobile app! There’s nothing like convenience at my fingertips whenever I need to access my account. This is one of the few apps whose notifications I welcome. One of my favorite features is the transfer option and the memo section where you can add a message. My daughter attends college in another state, so it’s VERY convenient to immediately transfer money to her account ASAP (for what SHE considers an emergency), when she needs school items OR … just because and add a memo that says “coffee on me today love mom!” That’s totally priceless! Keep up the good work Ascend.
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5 years ago, Nkdscot
Poor level of notification
Make sure you write “for mobile deposit” on your signed check because it will get rejected. The only way you will be alerted it was rejected is to go back into the history. No internal message notification. No email notification. No text message. Nothing. You are supposed to read the fine print user agreement that everyone apparently reads to know this. Utter joke that this info is not stated more clearly in the app. This app does not save time. It is a time waster.
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2 years ago, Blondiewm
New App
I like the new app, well sorta… I liked the feel of the old app. The new one has “improvements” that slow you down. Like trying to deposit a check or transfer money between accounts. Also why does it ask you if it’s really you when logging in? Of course anyone trying to get in your account is going to answer yes. Take that part out.
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6 months ago, Son of Tenor
I have tried to make car payments with this app. First I struggled to be able to make a payment after linking my bank account. When I reached out for help my help session was ended early by the person on the line before they could even answer me. The 2nd attempt, they gave me a vague response. I finally found a link to external payments where I had to make ANOTHER account. And then I made a payment there. After making my payment, it shows up in history but the app still says I have my first payment due even though I just made the payment. Overall this app is just very frustrating and confusing to use. Nothing is streamlined.
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12 months ago, nickname197999
Thanks for fixing mobile deposit
Best bank/CU in the business. I was a little annoyed with the last version of the app and the issues we had not being able to deposit checks through mobile deposit. The vendor that manages the app was the issue and not the bank itself. Anyway it’s fixed and am back to loving the app!
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5 years ago, Your App Needs Fixed!
Updated App Rarely Works
Ever since the app updated, so many people (including my husband and Mine) have told me they’re app shows no accounts. After the update, for 2 days it wouldn’t show our account and only say there were no available accounts. It has literally worked once since the update and now we are back to “no available accounts”. 😡 Fix your app!! What if someone has an emergency and needs to know exactly how much money they have so they don’t overdraft to the point of no return?!? Or if someone needs to transfer money over so when a bill comes out or something it doesn’t overdraft them?!? Come on, now!
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6 years ago, Dartagnan6386
One small change needed.
The app has changed so that when paying bills, you have to leave the calendar to see when the bill will be paid. Before the change, you simply needed to pick a date, and you could see the effective date on the same screen. Please return to the previous version...this is a tedious and unnecessary waste of time. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Happy So Lucky 98
2022 Update trash
This app was good until the update. Now it’s annoying, doesn’t work as well, takes forever to load now something about the server crashing. I want to transfer my money and monitor my account everywhere I go. But I can’t do that with this app now and the communication about the app changing and needing the iOS update was terrible to nonexistent. All that waiting I did and using my computer just to have more issues smh. Ascend is great in person but as someone who travels a lot I’m very disappointed with the execution of the app.
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2 years ago, Trisha0000
Can’t access additional accounts
I’m not happy with the new update. I can’t deposit checks into my kids accounts or any linked accounts unless I log into that specific account. I used to be able to do it from my account and have the option to choose their account in the drop down to deposit. I also can’t get into my separate account without registering again and then validating, but then it kicks out of main account registration so when I go back to that account I have to do it all over again!
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7 years ago, Equinecop
Love the Credit Union
Never in any other Bank or Credit Union have I been treated like I have with this one. Of course all the rest at first bend over backwards to get you signed up then it's like your just another number to them. I have been with Ascend for years now and still every time I go in I'm treated just as well as the first day I walked through the doors. They have helped me when I needed it and still made me feel welcomed and part of their family even when at times they were unable to help. Customer for life.......
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2 years ago, tyson.serles
Label accounts again
Not a fan of the new app. Accounts are no longer labeled as checking, holiday, savings etc. only numbers which makes it extremely difficult when you have multiple accounts to know which is which. Please label accounts again to make it user friendly.
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2 years ago, MacGuy12
Slimy Fee Structure, glitchy app
I opened an account to get AWAY from things like low balance fees. Logged in today to discover I’ve been charged for the pleasure of allowing someone else use my money for MONTHS. I can’t for the life of me find any notification alerting me to this. On top of that trying to use the chat causes a glitch and I have frequent log in issue despite using a password manager. They STILL do not offer BASIC security like yubikey support and rely on freaking SMS like we’re in 1990. Frankly, they’re worse than several banks I use. Get it together ascend. Consider this member on the way out.
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10 months ago, SkippyJoeAllen
Very user friendly
The app does everything you need if you’re looking for something to display your account information. If you bank here and don’t want the hassle of calling or going to the bank this is a must have app. Simply log in and see all that’s been going on with your accounts.
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6 years ago, AshleeNicole2004
This app is so convenient!! And it’s even easier if you use your fingerprint to login. Transferring money between accounts is a breeze! You can have them link your accounts so that you can take money from the checking on one account and make a payment on the credit card on another account. If it’s simple for me, anyone can do it!
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4 years ago, damir1968
app is worthless
I tried to set up app on my phone , typed in my login info and couldn’t log in ... tried second time and was locked out ... Union is ok, but their app is worthless ... it looks like another one of those banks you can use just for a bare minimum service , anything else would be too much to ask for ...
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2 years ago, Joel Shaw
Stellar Upgrade
It’s refreshing seeing smaller banks/credit unions move away from the shared app framework that many of them use (version before this upgrade). I feel like more and more financial institutions fall into the “if it works” trap and don’t set themselves apart. Not only is this a fantastic UI, but it’s a bug free UX as well. Well done.
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2 years ago, zozozozzoay
New Update is Garbage
Used to pay my bill with my card from an external source, ie. my non-Ascend debit card. Now, there is no option to pay with an external debit card. To rectify, I added my bank account, and attempted to verify, but was met with my external bank account being locked. Called to pay my loan bill, and sat in queue for 20 mins. So basically, instead of paying my bill in 30 seconds like should be the case in freaking 2022, now I have to sit on hold for 20 mins and unlock my bank account. Good job fixing something that wasn’t broken 👍🏽
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5 years ago, Gusts kefir
I’ve had this app for a long time now and it’s great! Recently, however, it’s been glitching telling me I can’t see my account even when I can. It sends me a message telling me that it’s sorry it can’t show my account. Sometimes it shows it but other times it doesn’t saying there are no accounts. This has been happening for a good while now and it’s getting irritating. Please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, Iggles420
Great APP
Love this APP it lets me see and control the accounts that we have. If I see one account getting low I am able to just transfer from one to another and takes only a matter of seconds to be transferred. I love being able to see and check my account balances at will and see that all charges are correct.
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1 year ago, TRMP4LF
The convenience of this app is phenomenal. From transferring money between accounts to being able to view any open accounts without having to call or visit the credit union. Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, SpaceCaptainDave
Great app
Ascend federal credit union is so professional, and this app really demonstrates that. They didn’t cut any corners with the features either! I can see my accounts, move money around, and verify transaction history. There’s really nothing left to be desired, it’s pretty much perfect.
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12 months ago, espbassman
Mobile Deposit
The phone orientation and check orientation are completely different and makes snapping a picture of the check difficult. For instance, you place the check long ways and you usually would. When the phone camera is turned long ways to snap a pic of the check, it shows up vertical instead or horizontal.
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2 years ago, Echo Novana
Error to get in app
It’s not letting me in the app, each time I sign in it keeps telling me error. It did the last time when I really needed to know what’s on my bank card. This is being a hassle and I may end up switching banks. Today is my birthday and the day of Mother’s Day and I can’t buy anything without transferring the money to my card and even know how much I made. So yeah would really like it to work by now. It been trying to get in for 3 days now, and can’t even call the people bc they would not answer
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1 week ago, MTSApp
What I liked about the old version
The old version allowed me to get account balances without logging in. I understand that it’s possible with this version but I wasn’t able to get it working. If there’s a way to do it then it should be documented. Other than that I’ve been pretty happy with the new version.
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1 year ago, nashvilleyankee
Terrible User Experience for Mortgage
App is nearly useless for my mortgage loan. Viewing details on that acct bring me to a website wrapper. Specifically, trying to look at payment options from the menu brings me to a page saying "payment options" with no other info, links, or details. Why have a menu option for a broken/useless page? Trying to do anything more than see my acct balances is frustrating.
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4 years ago, DrummerGregVance
There needs to be an option if you have multiple accounts
Signing out and signing in everyday to look at my 2 checking accounts is a bit annoying. There should be a way to link those accounts to where you can view and move money between them. I have to use third party services like Cashapp to move money, just because this isn’t an option.
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2 years ago, Jay White-Brown
There is a bad glitch that doesn’t update balance
This app is trash! It doesn’t update on the weekend, it doesn’t update your balance on the weekday. You never know what your true balance is. They could be stealing money, unless you keep a register but this app is suppose to be a replacement for that. I am sitting here and literally watching my account balance reduce but the teller is unable to tell me why. I am close my my account first thing in the morning. Beware and report your problems.
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1 year ago, Jaclank
I’ve banked with ascend bank a long time. They have always helped me solve any issues that arise. Friendly service inside and the teller machine people talk to you …ask you about your day…laugh with you. That is true concern for their customers. Thank you Ascend!!!❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, bigestnose4
Best bank
I’ve been with this bank many years , since jimmy started it in the fifties at aedc . My dad started my account and that was my bank. They have always been fair and trustworthy in all transactions. And still are a awesome bank to do business with👍
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3 years ago, snfbbdbds
Old school banking system
I live in Texas an have been with Ascend for years. It is such a hassle to pay my credit card every month. I have called and complained about it but they yet still do nothing to make it easier.
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2 years ago, CP2588
Everyone from the first day I came in to Ascend has been so nice to me and has done everything they could to help me with my account credit everything. I recommend Ascend to all my friends and family whenever I can.
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1 year ago, Yankee Pred
All the banking features you need
The app provides all the banking features you need at no extra cost while providing a secure interface that is easy to use. Thanks Ascend for providing a high quality app.
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2 years ago, Cafebonbonz
Fantastic App, Great Locations
The app works great. The locations are incredibly well kept and the staff are helpful. The app provides additional financial tools like credit score monitoring, budgeting calculators, and financial tips and tricks. Never crashes and easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, caseyheather123
Great app, but would like an added feature.
Love the app, but would live the added feature of “notes” when transferring money back and forth between mine and my husband’s account. It would be nice to make a note of what the transfer is for.
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8 months ago, DynamoExclusive
Charge Off?
My account got away from me, in the midst of losing my father. With the help of a nice lady named Byrdia, we were able to get everything back open and up to date! Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
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9 months ago, Nysedaisy
Love this App
It’s super easy to navigate. I have had not issue since downloading it years ago. It’s nice to see what’s going on with my account without having to call someone every time.
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1 year ago, Valerie0717
The bank itself is not my issue. The app is constantly having glitches. I’ve not been able to use mobile deposit all week. Checks are also very slow to clear. Mobile banking is a huge part of what keeps my small business running smoothly and I’m very disappointed to say I may have to change banks.
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6 years ago, Yessirr1911
The ability to check your funds without having to go onto the official website is always a plus. However, the issue with this app is that it seems to not be available atleast 1-2 times a week. Sometimes it’s due to updates (assuming) but others it’s simply not available. If that can be fixed this would be a great app.
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1 year ago, Bradley Br.
Easy to navigate!
This app is easy to navigate, manage you your information, your alerts, and move your money. I don’t know how I would improve it if I could!
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1 year ago, Seth17975
Ascend Review
The app is very easy to use. It looks very simple and easy to read. When I comes down to ascend, I like everything about it. The, branding style, app, and the way the employees are so nice to the customers.
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1 year ago, Tea (like sweet tea)
Great App
The Ascend App is very useful for keeping up with what’s going on with my account. And it’s also great to know when there are special offers being offered inside of the branch.
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11 months ago, jamariondavis17
Minor issue
Everything about a send is good but when it comes to digital purchases it doesn’t take the money instantly and it tricks me
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4 years ago, Mudplayerx
Great Bank, Bad App
The app is worthless. You can’t even pay a monthly bill with it unless you have a checking account with them. If you call to make a payment via call/chat they charge you an extra $10. They charge $1 per paper statement. The chat feature almost never works. Trying to reach them by phone takes forever (going on a 2 day stretch right now). I regret getting a loan here.
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6 years ago, SpartanAMZN
Almost perfect
I enjoy this app. However, I’d love it even more if I could use it once I’m not connected to WiFi anymore. I thought the purpose of mobile apps were for use with or without WiFi access.
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1 year ago, stupidhavetopicnicname
Fast, easy to use and simple!
I think this ap is a great asset to Ascend members. It’s simple enough to use, but it has all the features that make mobile banking convenient.
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1 year ago, shiloh larkyn
new credit account system
I have not been able to access my credit account on the app in days due to their complete change of the loan and credit card system. I need to transfer money and cannot do it. I have numerous representatives in the chat tell me it will be available by the end of rhe day just for me to find out its still not available.
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2 years ago, you arent ok
Font too small
The new and improved app went from a size 14 to a size 8 font. This did not work out from well for me and I hate using the app now.
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