ASIFlex Self Service

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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ASIFlex Self Service

2.04 out of 5
74 Ratings
4 years ago, Natbug80az
Most recent UX changes make app less user friendly
I’ve used this app for the last 3-4 years, and have found it easy to use. In one of the recent updates (it’s now DEC 2020, so maybe in AUG/SEPT?) the Date format changed in the claim form and it is not user friendly at all (it does NOT following a US date format, no longer has a calendar drop down pick-select option), and when you try to submit the form, and the date is the issue (ie, you entered it MMDDYYYY instead of YYYYMMDD), it doesn’t tell you that the date formatting is the issue. I also have had issues, like others have reported, where the claim page will not move on to the next page where I would upload the image of my receipt. I finally gave up and uploaded my claims through the website. Disappointing since the app, while basic and not flashy, had been working pretty well for so long. One additional recommendation: remove prior years once they are no longer eligible to submit claims under. It’s so annoying to have the app continue to default to those years when they are no longer valid.
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6 years ago, MidWesternjul
It’s great...when it works.
I’ve used this app for a while now and it has worked perfectly. Something changed in January and now it is very rare that it will let me log in. I tried to submit a claim last night and was excited that I could log in. When I got to the supporting documentation portion, it froze and wouldn’t let me do anything else. I contacted ASI Flex and was told the problem is on my end, not theirs. Even after I have done everything suggested, it still has issues. Whatever update was done last year really honked it up. Before I used it this year, I would’ve given it 5 stars. Not anymore.
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5 years ago, MrRawrz
Poor Quality
This app is just ok, especially if you like the look of jQuery UI from 2008. It crashes a lot and provides the minimum necessary functionality to file claims and see information. The user experience is clunky and unintuitive, but overall it gets the job done when not crashing. Suggestion to the company is to try and modernize the application and make it more user friendly and stable.
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2 weeks ago, Hello google
Terrible app and rude customer support
The app is junk and the company expects you to navigate the responses in the app when they deniy you recipt submission. The pages dont line and are very hard to follow. You can't down load the their mesages or respond or will they email you or send you what the are asking for in writing. They will hold your money hostsge if they refuse your submission paper work and as I said they refuse to send you what they want in writing and hide behind HIPPA. I was hung up 2 twice by a supervisor and no supervisor would come to the phone. Terrible company and would not recomend.
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3 years ago, StephM7997
Quick & easy to use!
I was somewhat worried to use this app as there are so many bad reviews but I’ve been submitting claims through it for the past couple months with zero issues. Claims go through smoothly (I get email confirmation) and I’m reimbursed promptly. Really glad I decided to download and use this app!
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1 month ago, M Guittar
Terrible… just terrible
I’ve never seen a business fail so badly at basic customer service. I’d rate negative stars or zero if I was allowed the app is horrible and the company requires you to use it or they “accidentally” loose your receipts. They also freeze your account for absolutely no reason; obviously it’s just trying to force you to spend less in the hopes that they can keep the remainder. I hope they go out of business and my employer goes with a decent servicer.
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4 years ago, Mid Missouri
Doesn’t work anymore
I have used this for years then all of a sudden it stopped working. Instead of the dates used for service used to be a drop down or selection it just says DD-MM-YY. If I enter dates and all other info and hit next it doesn’t go anywhere. I’ve called them and they say it’s my phone because theirs works. This happened after installing IOS 14 so not sure what’s going on, but deleting app and will just have to use the computer again. The app was convenient but junk now.
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1 year ago,
Accessibility issue in ASI mobile app
The app is difficult to unusable for a blind user. Text boxes for dates are not managable. They seem to auto-populate. Corrections do not stick. There is no other apparent way to fill in a service date. I am a Voiceover user trying to add a service to a claim. Since government uses ASI Flex services, there is an obligation on the part of the developer to make the app accessible for all users
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6 years ago, Ms. Alltogether
Awesome App
I hesitated to get this app after looking at the reviews, but I love it! It is very simple to follow step by step, exactly as the website, only much faster! I had my funds in less than 24 hours. I can see being able to send in a receipt as soon as I have one! I highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Couponing girl
Both the app and the website are awful. Once you submit a claim, you can no longer see the details of your claim or anything you’ve submitted. So if you submit 5 claims, but they decide to reimburse you for claim 1,2,5 in one lump sum - you’re left to do math to guess which claims they approved and are paying you for. Good luck if your claims are the same dollar amount. So annoying, I cannot stand submitting claims.
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2 years ago, Steve/KC
Data Specialist
All features worked quite smoothly the first time around. It is quite nice to be able to take care of a claim in the palm of your hand and that it is instantly received! Steve
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4 months ago, scotepi
The ui is atrocious. I feel like I’m using an iPhone 2 app. It’s incredibly small buttons and text on 15 Pro Max. I need to log in every time I open the app instead of it being automatic. It works but barely.
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3 years ago, hdidndbd
Decent enough app. Easy to check my accounts and submit supporting information for claims. I just wish it had fingerprint recognition for the login so I can stop typing in my credentials all the time.
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5 years ago, niner6878
Worst app and company!
Worst app and shady company. Every purchase I made was for a medical need and backed up with a receipt. They will block your account if they want more proof that you used your own money to pay for my medical expenses. They still have $84 of mine that I guess I won’t see again. Thought this would be a great way to take a little money from my pay check biweekly to make copays and larger medical bills easier to pay throughout the year.
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5 years ago, Fabulous Em
App works well.
I’ve been using the asiflex app for over a year and have never had a problem. It’s a fast and efficient way to submit claims.
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2 years ago, ThisMakesMeCranky
ASI says it all
This app is clunky, not intuitive, and difficult to navigate. Messages do not fit the screen and run outside the app window making it time consuming to read. Not to mention that it looks like a 4th generation photocopy of a RadioShack dot matrix printout. The ASI website is the same so it’s not just the app that needs upgrades! 👎🏻
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3 months ago, Brevard grad owl
App is bad. Company is bad.
App layout is terrible. You can’t read the secure messages well. They are formatted for a desktop. Maneuvering the app isn’t smooth either. ASI Flex customer service is also extremely rude, impatient and terrible to deal with. Over the years, I have never had a good experience with a single person there.
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4 months ago, joetauke
Worst app I’m forced to use
App seems specifically designed to make it as hard as possible to get your flex money back. Password managers don’t work with the terrible login page. No face-id support. Can’t select multiple images at once when uploading receipts. Just flat awful. Developers should feel bad.
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3 years ago, Purple Jeep
Basic functionality
The app works, but in clunky non-user friendly ways. Login is difficult. Interface looks incredibly basic with no basic dashboard visibility. Their service is actually good, but the experience is subpar.
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6 years ago, IowaTracie
I was nervous to use the app
Based on the 1.9 rating, I was nervous to use this app. But I have had no problems with it at all. It’s handy to be able to upload claims from my phone.
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4 months ago, Doodle Updates
Mileage/medical mix up
I used to love this app but now when I choose medical account and then fill in all the info it says that it is a mileage form even though that wasn’t even a choice and I chose medical.
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5 years ago, abcdkf
Absolutely awful
I would give ZERO stars if I could. Unfortunately, the minimum is 1! Can’t log in. Over and over. Used the app in the past with no problem. Submitting claims for reimbursement was easy until 2018. This app has made it a nightmare. Unfortunately, state workers in 2019 get crap service in yet one more area.
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2 years ago, JimmyPage1
Clunky UI
No Face ID and graphics for security? I feel like I’m back in 2005. Coming from NaviaBenefts app this app leaves a lot to be desired.
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4 years ago, Usear679
Impossible to submit a new claim
The current version (Jan 2020) makes it impossible to submit a new claim. The date entry is from a drop-down menu and the claim is not accepted, giving an error message advising to enter the date in a different format (which is impossible).
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11 months ago, Joues2001
Easy peezy
Super easy to use. Processed my claim in just 2 hours!
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5 years ago, C3go
Lots of glitches
I have been using this app for several years now...only because I have to. Not a lot of praise for the app, there are a lot of glitches. It is the bare minimum when it comes to user interface.
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6 years ago, JustTracy
So...what happened??
Like the prior reviewer, this app *USED* to be awesome. Since early Feb it either won’t let me log in (endless spinning circle) or it logs me in but tells me I don’t have any available funds. It’s awful enough now that I suggested to my employer that they switch FSA providers.
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2 years ago, Meadow Beth
User experience is horrible
The overall flow and functionality of this app makes it hard to use.
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4 years ago, OfficerPie
Does NOT work!
I’ve logged in successfully a number of times HOWEVER when I attempt to submit a claim, the app freezes after I’ve entered the first bit of general info. Very disappointing!
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5 years ago, 406Burton
Doesn’t get past login screen
Can’t get past the first screen after entering user id. It gets stuck on the spinning wheel that says “loading” and goes nowhere.
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10 years ago, Marc Cooper
Camera doesn't work
I tried the latest version with my iPad mini retina, but the camera button did not work. I tried it with an iPad2 under iOS 7.06 but had the same result. The app needs a bit more work.
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5 years ago, Keith701a
Face ID/ iCloud Keychain Support
Old UI aside, it would save a lot of time if the app could simply support Face ID. Since it doesn’t this doesn’t save any time compared to logging into the website.
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5 years ago, Novativeapps
Great app
It always works.
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5 years ago, Maple1846402746491017
Stick to the website
This app is so horrible it brought me to writing my first review! Skip the torture and use the (also bad) website.
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7 years ago, W.T.H.?
You broke it!
Your update to fix the log in bug broke the log in. The app is no longer allows log in at all.
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2 years ago, Avprequiem
This app does not work and does not set up accounts properly
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7 years ago, MrBigOC
Yeah, right...
Releasing an app that won't even open is, I guess, a fix to one that won't allow you to login (sic.).
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6 years ago, Rcminslc
Wish it worked
Won't let me log in with the temporary password THEY emailed me. Tried it 3 times.
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9 years ago, Azkimmer
ASIflex app
Downloaded the app to my iPad. It was not very user friendly, but after several attempts, I figured out how to use it. I wasn't sure if my information took, but after several days I received a notice in the mail that the funds were transferred to my checking account. So, as for user friendly, it's not. There should be a short tutorial or at least a Help or FAQ area. If there was I didn't seem to find it. As for quick processing, it is. I was able to take a picture of my receipt with my iPad and it uploaded it directly to my claim. When creating a claim, it comes up with a $0.0 claim that you have to go in and modify. It seems like it should just pull up a new claim form and then you would save it afterwards. But that's not the case. For now, it gets three stars. I may revise that in the future if I find differently.
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10 years ago, thefiedlers
Camera not working
This app seemed great right up until I needed to take a picture of my receipts. That function did not work at all on my iPhone 4S. Logged out, took the photos with my camera app and then logged in again. The option to select photos already taken won't work either. Can't give this app anything but a failing grade since I can't use it to complete a claim.
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10 years ago, depjohnston
So basic. App can't even see email response
So the whole concept of selecting image to log in is pretty lame. App is intending to offer convenience and user friendly but app doesn't eve show any of the incoming emails from asiflex The lamest denial is not accepting cancelled checks issued to day care unless you have a daycare that is technology savvy so you can get a statement of prepared to get signature monthly... App is so so boring
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10 years ago, Dependent Care User
Needs to auto-populate some fields
It would be great if the dependent care provider information would be stored so I don't have to enter in provider name, tax ID #, and address every time I submit a claim. Otherwise, the app works really well.
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11 years ago, ZouYote
Convenient, simple to use
Thank you for providing a simple and convenient option to file reimbursement claims!
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8 years ago, Dfghkouuhnmmgcc
Great app
I have used the app successfully on several occasions. It gives you a confirmation number that the claim has been received. Claims seem to process quicker than faxing it in.
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11 years ago, Imaginuhre
Great App!
This app is beautifully designed. It's quick very easy to navigate. So glad to have it!
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8 years ago, jbuttenwieser
Can it be a little more intuitive?
I would like to see an app that I do not have to redundantly put in information that is part of your basic account or already on the picture documentation that is being provided.
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7 years ago, <3<3#love it
Won't open after update!
I went to open the app today and it said I needed to do an update. Once the update was complete the app will not open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and restarted my device with no results. Please fix ASAP!
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9 years ago, Cobotelar
Awful App
I have spent over 70 minutes on the support waiting for my account to be unlocked. I could not access my account using the exact credentials used to access my account via my desktop computer.
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10 years ago, DavidtheCarWizard
Can't load images
App still needs work! Neither the 'Take New Picture' button or the 'Select From Gallery' button works in the Supporting Documentation screen. Hard to submit without the proof.
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10 years ago, Radleks
ASI Flex App doesn't work
After the March 20 update can no longer use the app to file claims as the camera option does not work. Also can't upload pics from camera. The update rendered the app useless.
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