Asphalt 8: Airborne

4.7 (215.6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Asphalt 8: Airborne

4.72 out of 5
215.6K Ratings
11 months ago, mashed44
I really liked this game but i do have a couple of problems about it first, back in 2017 or 2018 the game was pretty focused on grinding but you could actually get a decent amount of tokens through the multiplayer system and the cars that are for sale through tokens were a lot cheaper but now you either have to watch adds for credits and fusion coins or still grind to get the amount of money you need for a car. second is the fact that a lot of the cars from the older days are either no longer on sale or they have a tremendous price tag to them or they were just downgraded in rank and stats like the ds survolt. it used to be a b class car now it’s d. and finally is the entire fusion coin currency it was a good idea at first to only upgrade your cars but now you need 4 million coins to buy a car that should really only cost 2 mil or should just be for sale with credits. also the car hunts are a complete ripoff now unless you buy the pass.i had an old account where pretty much all the s class cars i had were obtained through the earliest cars hunts those being the aspark owl, torino design super sport, and bugatti divo now you either get nothing on level 37 or it’s some random d class car that isn’t worth while for all the grind.
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6 years ago, skillcraft20
All great games still have issues...
When I saw ads for this game, I really wanted to try it out, so I downloaded it and was instantly impressed. The beautiful graphics and UI just blew me away! The entertainment this game brings will make play it for hours at a time. However, all great games aren’t perfect. It is very hard to progress in this game, as cars either cost too much, or the blueprints for them are too rare. Finding 40 blueprints for a single car really just isn’t worth it, so can this maybe be nerfed GameLoft? Also, bugs... though they can be hard to find, they really can annoy someone after a while. For example, when I am racing online, the momentary invincibility after a wreck will sometimes stay on other racers, making it impossible to knock them down. Another example, in multiplayer, when the cars start, some of the other user’s cars wont move, grinding you to a sudden halt, but then they teleport forwards, putting you in nearly dead last. One more bug that ticks me off, where you respawn after wrecking. One time on the map “London Eye” I was knocked down in midair during a jump over a river. I kept respawning right in front of the ramp and couldn’t build up enough speed to make the jump, making an endless loop of me crashing. Though these bugs tick me off, I still love the game, and will keep playing it for a long time, despite the minor and sometimes major annoyances that pop up. Keep up the good work GameLoft!
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4 years ago, Mrs.Kiltry
The others
Ever since this game came out I’ve loved it. But the one problem I have is not the game itself it’s it’s three former predecessors. Ever since IOS 11 came out I have not been able to use asphalt 5, 6, or 7. They were great games and I really think it’s possible to bring all the games back to the AppStore. I know they don’t have the best graphics or the best cars. But they all had such a thriving community. These were games I grew up playing. This was what really got people into the asphalt franchise before asphalt 8. Although they don’t come close to the technology that asphalt 8 and 9 have. I think it would great to be able to go back and play them. I feel the reason why game loft took the games off of the AppStore is because it would affect their brand as an image. However this is a very specious argument because playground games and EA booth let their players play their older gam games. I also feel why this could be possible is because about two years ago game loft put GT racing two back on the AppStore for people to play again. Although they took the servers down the game was still fun to play. I really feel like this could be possible for game loft to do and I don’t think it would effect asphalt 8 and 9’s popularity. I hope that someday we will be able to play these games again.
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3 years ago, Goatlord777
Awesome game
Bro I can’t tell you how well this game is made and all the mechanics that this game has to put it all together. They always update the latest models of sports cars which I love because I keep track of the newest lambos and Bugatti’s and asphalt 8 is pretty good at keeping up to date which is awesome. After playing for a while you can learn to get pretty good at the game and you can actually get decent cars. This is cool because most games it takes SOOOO LOOONG to get an upgrade on games and hold you back by forcing you to use your in game money on other things. But the fact that this game allows you to actually work and save for specific cars that you want makes the game absolutely worth playing. The only downside is that I had completly maxed out an S level bugatti veyron so it was insanely fast and top of the line but they changed it and brought it down to an A level which sucked cuz I couldn’t race in the S races anymore since I didn’t have an S level car. It was a put down but not to much I was able to just get a new S level car that wasn’t as good but still I would’ve liked to be able to make more in game money on more professional car races
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3 years ago, BasherTM
Price Changes
I would like to start by saying I enjoy playing this game a lot. This is one of my favorite games by far. I’ve recently re-downloaded the game, and I have seen many car classifications change, which is fine by me. My question is, why did some cars go up in price? I remember when some were around 300k-400k coins, and now they’re over a million! I just don’t quite understand that. Also, why are all the S-tier vehicles only purchasable by tokens and fusion coins? I would like to have the option to purchase with coins. Lastly, why did the “Ultimate” feature have to put on some cars? I know that this feature has been in the game for a while now. In my opinion, that’s a very dumb feature, because I remember working very hard to buy the Koenigsegg Agera R, my favorite car, and almost max it out completely. Then, after an update, I see that “Ultimate” forms of cars were added. This included the Agera R, and I was not pleased. The car I worked hard to improve didn’t have that great of stats anymore! If I’m the only one who feels this way about the “Ultimate” cars, then that’s ok. I would just prefer there to be no “Ultimate” cars. If this change could be made down the road, I would be very happy. All in all though, thank you for making a great game! It has brought much joy to my gaming life.
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4 years ago, sexyantelope69
Great, but too expensive.
I absolutely love this game. It’s super fun and addictive and I’ve been playing for a long time. The thing is, I only have a couple cars and I can’t upgrade things because it’s all way too expensive. It takes too many credits and it’s like the game is forcing your hand into making purchases. I would like to have a chance to get at least 1 car in each class without spending that much. I can’t participate in races because my rank is too low, and races don’t give enough money so I can’t upgrade. I like a good challenge. But this is too challenging, because over all of my years, I still only have A and C class cars. Even R&D events are hard because you have to keep upgrading and there’s too many races to do because I never have enough time. I like the festival format better, with the challenges. I am almost at level 8 and about to finally have an s class car. The problem with that is besides multiplayer, I can’t use it in career, because I am only in season 4. And I can’t do any of the C class races in season 4 because my rank is too low, and I only have 1 C class car. So if possible, please reduce prices, scrap R&D events, make races give more money, and maybe at the beginning of the game, give the player 1 car in every class, so at least they can play in events.
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3 years ago, cuzIcan44
New play is Weak, same old same old!
Great game play, awesome graphics. I’m ok with the paying and have played for years and amassed a great garage with not paying, so I understand that to get more ultra-Premium rides, one should pay, that’s all good. I have noticed that there has not been any Season updates in forever, finished all I could basically a few years ago and it’s still the same as it was then (a few new things piped up last year or so, but not much). Also events changed from having rather cool events that changed every few days (with that one with the boost and shooting, that was really awesome!!), but now it’s only three events and they are the basically the same every time featuring a different car...gets boring. Also when adding the new purple coins and taking away the cards or something changed there that just made it more confusing when upgrading cars. Overall the game play is nothing new and course are nothing new, and unless I spend a good amount of cash, no new cars...again I’d be more inclined to spend money on premium cars if there was some fun exciting and new game play to play with them on, but I’m tired of the same old stuff. That’s for the app though, would like to get back to playing daily and spending money but it’s just same old same old now.
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4 years ago, Elidoesnotthinkyoutube
Annoying mobile controls that make the cars near imposter to drive
I play this game on my iPad and I use tilt controls in this game. But, every couple of days, my tilt controls switch. You will see what I mean now. Every couple of days my tilt controls mess up and it caused the cars to be almost impossible to drive properly. The first time this has happened to me, I was driving my Porsche 959 in mastery. At the beginning of the race, when I tilted my iPad right, my car turned left instead of right. I was like”What the truck is happening?”, and later in the race I have also realized that tilting my iPad right turns the car left and turning my iPad left turns the car right. A few seconds later, I changed controls because of how difficult it was to control the car with these new tilt controls. Tilt controls in this game are not new. After the race, I have decided to learn these new controls. I decided to start in Tokyo Reverse where they no turns for a while. I used my motorcycle and in the race, I was not able to control the bike at all with these difficult tilt controls, so I have decided to quit the race and by the way, this was a solo race. I have found that using a control different than tilt controls actually turns the tilt controls back to normal if you use a different control. Please please please please fix this, Gameloft.
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3 years ago, yoursolvalou
I’m a bit disappointed…
I have been playing this game for many years, and when I say many years, I mean I’ve been playing ever since 2014, so trust me when I say I’ve been apart of this game for awhile now. I’ve been able to see how asphalt has drastically changed over these years and when I say “drastically” I’m not exaggerating when I say this, it’s because I no longer recognize this app. I am fine with little changes since this app is getting older and there needs to be some sort of a improvement, however I longer recognize this app. Over the years I have noticed that this game has become a pay-to-win game, you’re literally forced to spend money in the game in order to have some sort of success. It’s become very hard earning tokens/credits and trying to buy way over priced cars, which just makes it un-fun. The memories I have of the game in its earliest years will never leave me, and that’s because it was that unique and lovable, now I look at the game and I don’t feel those feelings any longer. And no, the world does not revolve around me and my feelings of the game, but I am sure others out there feel the same way I do. I hope the game will maybe one day be somewhat like it was back then. I just want that original uniqueness back. Thank you for reading.
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6 years ago, hcphoto93
Forces you to use real cash to get somewhere in the game
Gotta be real, loved this game at first, until I realize the ratio of winning credits/receiving tokens to the amount I’m required to spend to really get anywhere and/or buy the cars I need. I won’t ever spend money on iAPs when the app itself is free, or at least make it more reasonable so I’ll just keep replaying the same races 100s of times 😜. Even the extra nitrous, extra credits for one day, performance upgrades right before your race starts is way too expensive. You guys really need to chill out and stop being money hoggers. Also, with this newest update, how does AI manage to catch up to you without using nitrous, pass you, and maintain the lead when you yourself have a maxed out car and on nitrous? That to me makes no sense at all. It’s as if you guys improved the ‘physics’ and added a little magic to AI, to make us work for the impossible and then force us buy iAPs when that shouldn’t even be possible IRL. I’ve also had a multiple times where AI purposely crash into the wall, then the car bounces off and flies toward the opposite way, and you’ve got no chance to avoid it and you end up crashing too. Not only do they crash, when you attempt to knock them out during stronger NOS, they somehow resist, then all of a sudden turn and you both end up crashing on the sidewall with no chance of you recovering. That was never the case before the update. Come on guys, be realistic.
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3 years ago, ddtddtdd
Amazing a few things tho
Okay first of all this game is the very best!! I hate how much some of the cars cost. You’d have to play for days to get a class C and up car. It took me about a few weeks of play to get the Mercedes Benz Biome which I kind of regret. One problem I have is Class B cars and up tend to suddenly spin out and crash. Which frustrates me because sometimes it happens when I’m @ a good spot but then it just suddenly spins out and I go down to like 24th place. It’s happened with my Mercedes Benz Biome, and Bugatti Centodieci. So about the Mercedes Benz Biome and me regretting it a little bit. It has next to zero drifting capability. So don’t play sector 8 with the Mercedes Benz Biome. You have to drift a lot in that one It’s spun out on me about 3 times on the first like 5 races I played with it. I still love the game don’t waste your money on paint jobs tho. The cheapest on on a class D car is like 18,000 game credits. UPDATE I love the new update that came just barely. It’s awesome! Could you please In the next update add more tracks. Because Wright now all the tracks are getting a little old and I think it’s time you’ve added more tracks.
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2 years ago, AydenRamirezDavilaGarzaGarcia
Car games sometimes don’t work on me.
I’ve played this since It was born but for no reason when I was gonna play, it wouldn’t let me play. So can you tell me why it won’t work because it won’t let me play anymore and I’ve played it since I was 12 and now I’m 15 and it won’t let me play. Can you please tell me why it won’t work and please tell me why I can’t download it again. I really liked the game when it was out. I love the graphics and the colors and all the textures. So please tell me why it won’t let me play anymore I just wanna know. I checked my storage and I have a lot of storage so can you send back to me why it won’t work on me. So when I made this to let you know is I made this send on, March,12,2022. So tell me why it won’t work just please tell me I really wanna play like ACTUALLY please. I was gonna say that when you send me back we’ll... if you send me back I want you to send me why it won’t work and why I can’t download it again so please notify me when you do well... if you even notify me or send me back. So this is the end of my Review so GoodBye and please send me back. GoodBye
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5 years ago, Asphalt8OG
Great game, but updates have robbed earned cards
Following recent updates in late 2019, no longer is there class B and class A cards that many users like myself have accumulated over many months to years of strategic gameplay, rewards or purchase. This loss of earned vehicle credit is unacceptable and the infusion of dozens of other upgrades and cards (engines, new vehicles, upgrades through cards, parts) not only reduces odds of completing those remaining S-class cards and prior in-game upgrades but essentially thefts hard-earned and collected car availability. Really unfortunate and would insist that these cards be returned to use (please allow for car build from previously collected Class C, B, and A cards and continue to infuse the game with this cards. I was nearly completed with the McClaren 4/8 (class B) Porsche B-class, other Indy-type racer and Aston Martin A class vehicles... Need to return those builds ability or give users with more than half the cards collected the vehicle free to offset this dilemma. Otherwise great gameplay, fun style challenges, keep lofty rewards including tokens and also allow for engine card purchases of smaller quantities (and more reasonable token amounts (like 10-20 V6 cards for 750 tokens or so))
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7 years ago, The basic asian
Why mobile gaming market is completely screwed.
Asphalt 8, the game that is considered "essential" on the AppStore. I'm going to be honest here by saying this game is not terrible. The gameplay is very arcade like and nicely showcases the power of graphics on your phone making for a fun experience gameplay wise. Then you go to the main menus and as your scrolling through, a pop up advertisement..... after that a banner along the screen for yet another advertisement. Game is full of it! Then as you play there are better "elite" cars that are numbers wise better and is only paid through endless grinding or throwing you entire back account at the game. Upgrades are just random number generators that don't give you anything good. Now back to the gameplay, I remember playing this on an iPhone 5 that ran the game relatively well for its time, flash forward to a iPhone 7 and the game stutters frequently, performance is terrible, clearly unoptimized. This game is the reason why "free" games aren't as fun as the used to be. Recently star wars battlefront 2 came out and EA was shamed for its pay to win/play ethic, yet we are letting this pass and the developers aren't going to listen to what the community says because they are making money. Just don't play it/ don't spend until the developers are begging for some ad revenue.
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3 years ago, Zoomer4U
Definitely worth playing but..
Don’t get me wrong, I love playing this game. The graphics, effects, sounds, and music are phenomenal. I first started playing on my tablet then eventually started playing on my phone. I’ve had my progress reset when I first got it on my phone but I didn’t really care much. I don’t really play racing games much but this one is just too good to stop playing. But there’s a problem. About 3 weeks ago, I opened up the game to find out I’ve been banned for no reason. I don’t know what I did because I never hack in any games and I think hackers are losers. It’s been over two weeks and I’m still banned. If this is just some kind of bug, then I just want you to fix it so I can start playing again. If it’s not a bug, please reply to me and tell me why I was banned. I understand that you are just trying to make the game fun but I didn’t do anything wrong to get a ban. Also please don’t delete my progress because I have some nice things I want to keep. Thanks for making the game fair at least. I still give you 5 stars though.
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4 years ago, Group1-OG
Potential cars, paints, and hacker crackdowns
So I actually like this game because of its competitive nature, but I noticed that even with power ups some cars cannot be beaten, which is expected. What I do not like to deal with is hackers that are with it your game. I have a tendency to record my races and on a few occasions my race placing is hacked even when I crossed the finish line before someone else. I notice this only happens with races with hackers present, which even glitch out so they cannot be knocked down or even seen when they’re right in front of you on the minimap. I like most of the cars in this game, one example being the Nissan GT-R cars present in this game, albeit I would love there to be all the Skyline GT-R cars. I also would suggest adding in the Toyota Corolla AE86 with Initial D’s Fujiwara Tofu Shop decal on the AE86, and for more cars using the rotary engine, the RX-7 FC3S and FD3S, or other Nissan cars like the Nissan Silvia cars, and the Mazda MX-5 Miatas. As of right now I’m also experiencing a problem with rating in competitive multiplayer, where my ranking is 1,885 but I was still counted as a silver, so when I tried to collect my rewards for the season, I wasn’t and still haven’t been able to obtain them, disallowing me from playing multiplayer at all. If this could be patched on my account(Pinoiboi Lyle)I would greatly appreciate it.
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4 years ago, Bvh01
Wow what happened to my review. Deduct a star for erasing my review.
First review complained of spending $40 USD on a super car to be outrun by a Dodge Dart. Don’t understand this at all. Money should purchase power. It will cost approximately $300-$400 (or more) USD to purchase enough credit to buy a super duper car. When it’s not on the track, it better be in my driveway. Update: things get fishy Apple TV 4K Dual Shock. So many bugs work it out. Cars not responsive. This is not good when spending money and the clock is ticking when we add cards for extra nitro or double point. The 5 min cards are useless considering it takes 5 min sometimes to start the game. The least you can do is make the car react immediately to the DualShock so we are not wasting more time for a non responsive car. Seems like you all have got it worked out for making the maximum benefits to the developer $$$$$ and that’s fine the game is fun in all actuality I rate it five stars but not when you’re playing with my time and money, and lining your pockets in the meantime. But love the game♥️Now work on having my overall score reflect it. Because I’m going to hate to keep giving up my money and having it played with in this sense. Because the problems obviously can be fixed. And all of my devices are brand new. And I have the best internet.
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4 years ago, oofsantiago
Used to be a good game, ruined by extensive monetization
I remember playing this game a few years ago, then I had to leave it for a bit. Before, everything was at least a decent price and YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BUY THE NOW OVERPRICED CARS FOR THE EVENTS, to name a few. After I came back, it was pretty much a completely different game (in a bad way). The car prices were completely changed and inflated (like around 100k for a Pagani Zonda R a few years ago to 1mil for the same exact car now) while money earned stayed relatively the same from some years ago. They've also introduced things like kits that eat up all your ingame money, among other things. I won't give it 1 star because the gameplay is actually pretty decent for a game like this, but I can't give any more because its just become a money pit. Companies and games are going in a bad direction towards increasingly invasive and un-user-friendly monetization tactics, almost forcing you to watch ads or pay real hard-earned money, and that is a sad contrast to games long ago that were rewarding and fun without the need to grind away useless hours at a game. The new game also follows the same principles and it is sad to see so many games width great ideas and potential ruined by greedy companies.
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4 years ago, Tqhg
I will consider myself a Veteran
I’ve been playing this game ever since I was in fourth grade, I’m a junior now. And I can probably guess why are you shook up with tier so much. Probably because of balance making all the vehicle ratings similar in one tier. So I had almost half of class S now I barely even have one percent of it. Not much is changed over the course of these years. More maps is not making it more fun for me, and shaking up the classes sure is not making it a lot more fun for me. Excuse the salt but that’s just how I feel about it. Not to mention now it’s a little bit more difficult to complete the career races now. Because I only have what? Like one or two classes S cars now and they’re not making the cut. You know it’s really difficult to play this game it’s now merging into the phase of “Pay to Win” and I’m a “free to play” player. I earned my ranks and cars. I got it all taken away. Sure you sugarcoated that by giving us hundreds of thousands of credits and compensation for the elite cars but that still doesn’t put the Band-Aid on the cut. I’m sorry but I’m playing this game a whole lot last now; on my way to need for speed and real racing three
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7 years ago, Jdhdgsb
This game steals from you
Been playing asphalt 8 for a few years now and have lost items in the game, it happens life goes on. Have asked for a few bigger items to be given back to no avail. Game Loft always ask for a screen shot showing that you had the items so I guess you should take a video of all your items, credits and tokens everyday so you can prove you owned them before the disappear. But with this update 3.3.0 it is out right theft. When you try to win a car or they allow you to upgrade a car that they let you try in a special event, it always says all upgrades will be there when you purchase or win the car. With this up grade that is not the case these updates have been lost. It takes hours if not days of farming for credits or real money to buy credits and tokens for some these cars and now all that work and money has been stolen by Game Loft. I encourage everyone to give this game a 1 STAR rating. I think a class action lawsuit it's an order for the thief. Even if it was a coding error Game Loft should make it right with Asphalt 8 players.
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6 years ago, Roundtreec
I'm not stunned by this game, but I am definitely satisfied with it. I recently went on a game-downloading frenzy because I was going on a 12-hour overseas flight in Economy (which if any of you have been there, it is quite torturous if you can't sleep and have nothing that interests you). This game alone was enough to keep me from dying of boredom from the car-ride to the airport all the way to the 12 hr flight. I'm not really one to play many games, especially car-themed games, so I will be honest in the sense that I have not played any other racing games to compare Asphalt 8 to... But as far as I know the mechanics, the graphics, and the overall gameplay would be a generally pleasant experience for everyone-- certainly for me at least. I also particularly enjoy that there's a 'diverse' selection of gamemodes ranging from the Infectious gamemode to the Knockdown one to the plain, fun, casual racing gamemode. I can't really name anything that I truly dislike. Like I said, this game won't make you excel in exhilaration or excitement -- but, in my opinion, it is very-much so satisfactory. Not to be a smart-alec but If I could I would've given the game a 4.1 or 4.2 star review 😂🤔
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6 years ago, Masked King
OK, Real Talk
I’m not gonna lie, the game is great. But only if you turn off wireless and Wi-Fi. The thousands of in-app purchases are ridiculous. The billions of ads are insane. The company is greedy and they want the player to “help support the game by paying for something” because they don’t know what the definition of “enough” is. If you are just viewing the garage to decide which of your cars you’re going to use for a race, twenty ads pop up. You’re admiring your car in the main menu? Seven ads pop up. Plus, when you are just preparing for a race and the item menu shows up, if you accidentally slide your finger over one, including the watch ad nitro, it will activate it and waste your life. If you are opening a crate? An ad pops up before and after. Viewing the crates? Ads. Restart? Ads. Selecting a mode, such as career? Ads. Choosing a race track? ADS! Enough with the ads, you uncultured swines! Also, learn to respond to issues and reviews! You’re not making a great name for your company, Gameloft. It’s annoying how the game wastes 50% Battery in two minutes as well. Update it. Fix it. Don’t break it. Don’t make it worse. Recreate it. Really make it “free to play.” And if you don’t, just throw yourself against some real asphalt and hurry up and get lost. I’m tired of it. Idiots.
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5 years ago, Doggie134
Can not play.
So first you I download the app when it is done downloading I open the app. Then When I am done playing for now, I close the app. Next, I come back to play the game about five minutes later and it says that I need to update it. So I press update and it brings me to the App Store as usual, but where it would say update it says open, like it does when you open an app from the App Store. I press open, because there is no other way possible way to update it in this case and I know because I looked, and it brings me to the app and to where I pressed update. I press update on the app again and the same thing happens. I looked at the settings on my phone and it said that I was had cellular connection. I change it to my regular Wi-fi and I get the same thing on the app I press update and I got a notification that said that my connection was timed out. I just got the app and even worse the was no way to close it the update on this app, so the same thing keeps happening it is annoying and confusing. Please tell me what is wrong.
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2 years ago, GuNNZiE
If your not planning on spending…
Might as well not even play. The costs in this game have made great playing experiences out of reach for anyone just starting. They give you a few ads per day to make a few credits (12k) and that’s it. The fusion coins you need to upgrade 95% of the vehicles can only be won in events and, when ever your luck is good and spinning the wheel, ads. You can make 50k fusion coins. They took away credit farming, not that it would be useful today since you need fusion coins to purchase or upgrade. Also, you need the vehicles pro kit cards. To get those, you need to win wild cards in events…which you can not do without a decent vehicle. If you win them, you change them into you vehicles pro kit…that’s 180 of them costing 100,000 each. Remember when I said I get 12k per add a few times a day. 12k per ad, How long will it take you to reach 200,000,000? So u got your cards, now u need to use the cards to upgrade the vehicle. That needs fusion coins…another thing you only win during events. this game caters to those who have the money to play and not much more.
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7 years ago, simoblaster
I very dislike that gold fish go cart add it crashes my game
A couple months ago you guys had simple mobile as your add sponsor and that was nice because you had a 300mph car that was really fun and and the add wouldn't crash my game but this add "Goldfish Gokarts" crashes my game almost every time or gives me the wrong boost over and over and over please take that add off and also I don't really don't like the blue prints and the cars in class B and up are way too expensive and I like TropicalTrapfire03's comment about the game crashing. when you wreck it takes like 5 second to look at the word wreck while CPU are whizzing by. And when your driving along perfectly with any mcLaren race car out of the blue you suddenly spin out of control then you wreck then it takes 5 seconds to look at the word wreck and then your in last please fix that and the ads, wrecking and the car prices speaking of prices the Ducati monster is 99,999 tokens soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not worth it was 100,000 credits I think that was a reasonable price but that is unacceptable. the app would be a better if you fixed that thank you😄
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3 years ago, urgameshit
Fun but you have to pay to progress
I love this game but I hate how slow you make credits. To get 1,000,000 credits you would need to play at least 70 to 85 hours if you never watch any ads to get more! You usually get around 400 credits a race and it would take 2,500 races to get 1M credits. This amount in can buy you maybe 3 C-class cars and 2 B-class cars! It can only buy you ONE A-class if there is one 1M credits or less! However, there are events (like a battle pass) where you can get free cars. You have to complete missions which give you tokens. And with the tokens it levels you up. But guess what, it doesn’t give you near enough tokens to complete the whole event! And if you buy the premium you don’t get any extra tokens. The only way to get more tokens is by joining token events, where you need to be in the top 10% or less to event make a dent in the amount of tokens actually needed! I rate this a 3 out of 5 stars because it’s fun BUT unless you pay real money you aren’t gonna complete the game very fast. ( I do realize that the game is meant to last awhile but it you shouldn’t need to pay in order to get new levels)
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5 years ago, Momo:(596322):
I’ve been playing this game for like 6 years now I love everything about it and this year it has been really exciting to play it and when the la Ferrari was available omg it was everything I ever wanted it’s soo fast I’ve upgraded and maxed it out and now it’s a rocket ship but I have some problems with the game like for example the fact that I have to buy storage for the cards all the time is really frustrating do you guys know how hard it is to get the tokens !! And at the end spend them on storage !!! It’s a very unhappy story I can’t buy tokens I have to earn them and I can’t and will not spend them on more storage for the blueprints and cards, I now have over 100 unopened boxes that could help me upgrade my cars and finally unlock some cars but now I can’t do anything I’m stuck so please guys please remove that storage thing and have it unlimited please and please bring some more cars perhaps some Ferrari’s and lambos and I would love to if I could buy the centenario it’s not available for purchase only on R&d occasionally ❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Christytor
I love this game although I have one problem
I’ve had this game for the longest time and am one of their happy users I really have no complaints about the game itself I’m happy with it and enjoy trying to win races not to mention the graphics are amazing. Although I purchased myself a new iPad and re downloaded asphalt 8 to be able to continue playing since my data is saved but my screen is stuck on the home page it loads the daily reminder and I exit out of it to soon hear the sound of exiting out the reminder over and over again and the screen seems to be stuck on the page where it’s glitching out. I mean what????? I love this game and I can even seem to play it which really disappoints me and I don’t know whether it’s the game or my iPad although my iPad hasn’t had any problems with any other games but this one. Nonetheless i do hope you can help me with what’s going on. I have the new iPad Pro 11in could it possibly be that?
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4 years ago, TylerTWP
The game was great, but
Several “updates” made things worse. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Clearly some devs didn’t get that memo. Imagine grinding and pouring countless hours into the game to unlock A-class and S-class cars, only to have them nerfed down to B. Seriously. Before the update, the DS Survolt was B-class, but somehow went down to C. And now because of this, some events are no longer available. And then theres the ugrades system. It was fine on its own, no need to mess with it but you did anyway. I wanted to be able to simply upgrade my cars without any extra bs. But now the pro kit system was changed in a way that made it harder to do so. Like you used to be able to use just regular credits to install the pro kit upgrades but now the “fusion coins” bs just had to happen to make things worse. All the things I did to earn the good cars now just went to waste. That’s just scummy, in my opinion. You can’t just have someone work hard for something great but suddenly devalue it. Just revert everything to its original state without the extra bs please. Ive been playing this game for at least 4 years now and it was better then.
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7 years ago, awesome ada 34
I love this game! I play it almost everyday, and the developers of this game have done an exceptional job! There is only one complaint I have, and it has come with the recent update. When the new update for asphalt 8 came out, I was very excited. As time progressed, I started to notice that something was wrong with the controls(when you are in a race). When I first noticed this, I was playing in career mode, and for some reason, when I’m steering, the car seems to always lean towards the right. Its kind of hard to describe, but when your device is straight, and you want you car going straight, the car always moves to the left and stays like that, and it usually makes my car crash. This is very upsetting, because that’s how I usually lose races. I have tried everything, like reducing the steering sensitivity, changing the controls I use, and much more, but none of those worked. This problem occurs in career mode, events, and everywhere else. If you could please fix this problem, I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2 years ago, RobertPlayz
I have been playing the game for 8 years on and off and the Gangster Vegas Update is the worst one in years. It’s not that the season was bad or something like that but the new upgrading system needs to revert back to its former state. Or at the very least, it shouldn’t be extremely expensive to upgrade a D Class car. And this is a shame as the game was heading in a good direction during the previous seasons with balance changes and QOL improvements that the community generally liked. And I don’t mean that every festival should be F2P friendly or F2P players should get more ultimate upgrades, but what I am saying is to make the game a little bit more F2P friendly and not introduce an update where upgrading your car will take many months. I am not making this review out of hate, I am making it out of care because I feel like the game is in a bad direction. I hope somebody at Gameloft will read this not as hate but as constructive criticism.
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6 years ago, Declan Carmody
Suggestions and Complaints (Gameloft Please Read)
I love this game and I finally got my first car from S Class maxed... the Lykan Hypersport (it took a month of grinding out campaign racing). I then saved up to buy the Lamborghini Gallardo and max it for the season 9 race. Then I spent all week after Christmas grinding up for the McLaren P1 because it was on sale for 2.7 million. And when I was at 2.5 million I took a break and when I came back it set me back to 1.2 million, the coin amount I am at right now. My account is CloverDash9517 (Incase you were wondering). There is my complaint. My suggestion however is to one make the Bentley EXP10 Speed less blueprints or just credits because I really want this car. Also in one of the next updates you should add free roam because that is really what I’m looking for in a racing game. Also maybe make during championships you don’t have to max pro the car for it because I can’t afford it with the time I have. Thanks for reading.
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6 years ago, Bri Dillon
Love it but.....
Literally impossible to get a decent car. Requires too many blueprints or straight up too much money when only 1,000 or less is given for each task. They make it that way so you’ll purchase. Too bad I’m not a game addict! Luckily actually! That is just ludicrous. And asphalt 9 isn’t any better as far as wanting 40 something blueprints for one car! And only giving 1 at a time for every few tasks. Would’ve been a five star app if they weren’t trying to push people into making a purchase to have better options. I’ll never be able to upgrade my car to the third star because of the ridiculous amount of blueprints they want. I understand making it a challenge to win those things but that is just unbelievable. I wouldn’t mind having to win 300 matches or something for the cars but that many blueprints? Get it together please. Only one blueprint come in the packs as well! And then have the nerve to want like 50 of your hard earned tokens for one blueprint out of the 45 that they’re asking for!
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7 years ago, rOky kO dOrKy
This game is feeling more boring since Forza Motorsport 7 came out, so here are some things that can you can do to make the game way better. You should make something called a free game. A free game would be something that people would join then once your in it you can drive anywhere you want you can race smash and stuff. You should get damaged instead of getting wrecked. Sometimes when I play the graphics hurt my eyes so at least you can lower the graphic a tiny bit. You should also add spoilers to the game to style you car. And the last please add more hot wheel cars and add hot wheels track. But the last one is add new cars for example Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Veyron also the SL and more. So next the thing is ads the ads are so dumb about this stupid goldfish thing I don’t even like goldfish and this dumb catch the flash mini game. You also don’t get this this a do a barrel roll but it end up as a flip I don’t land and events why stars can’t you at least get all 1st on a season and then unlock the other seasons and money why is it so hard to money can’t you get 9,000 money each race and that’s all if you don’t stop I’m down to 1 star.
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4 months ago, Leg0nerd
This game is so much fun! I play this more than any other game because of how well it’s set up. It’s setup in just the right way where there are always new challenges and races and cars! I really like how you earn coins and stuff for doing well in races and all sorts of other reasons and I like that you can use those coins to get cars or upgrades and stuff! There are also lots of options for real money to buy things which is nice. Don’t change a thing and thank you for an AMAZING game. The only thing I would like to see is an added view so that it looks like your inside the car while driving. Other than that it’s great!!!!! Update: still an amazing game! Would like there to be an option where you can sell things in you inbox for credits instead of just fusion coins. That would be awesome. Also, I think you should be able to sell cars for credits or fusion coins.
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6 years ago, NekoTilus
It’s a fun game but there are issues....
Where do I begin. I’m having fun with the game but there are some glaring issues with the optimization and the “free” aspect to it. For starters, anything you do, whether it be playing a race, looking through cars, upgrading, or literally anything that makes you switch screens there’s an ad, either a video or a pop-up. It gets extremely annoying especially when it comes to the optimization. Currently I’m running the game on an iPhone 7 Plus. The game graphics are great, however, the internet connection is downright terrible. If I’m using my own data, the game with sometimes say there’s no connection when I’m having no problem in other games. If I’m using WiFi, same issue, nothing will load sometimes or it’s really slow. Again, this is the only game I’m having issues with it. However, sometimes when an ad pops up it fixes the issue. Could be on my end but with it only being an issue with this game I highly doubt it. All in all it’s a decent game, could be better though if it went back a few versions ago where it wasn’t littered with ads and latency issues.
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2 years ago, Elijus 88
Great, but I don’t like the new update
This was my favorite game ever until the latest update. I hate how there are actual people that you buy helmets and clothes and stuff for. The old garage and home screen was way way better, and the old profile pictures were also way better then these new ones. This review is just my personal opinion, I understand that some of you might like the new changes. But when I logged on for the first time in a bit and saw these changes, I stayed on for about eight seconds and closed off to play something else. I really don’t get why they updated (and ruined, in my opinion) Asphalt 8 instead of just making an Asphalt 10. I don’t play any of the other versions, but I assume those other versions also got “changed” to say the least. I stead of changing the game, why not just make a new one with all the things that were changed on the 8? At least the driving of the car is the same, so actually playing is still ok.
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5 years ago, Nog-coco
This game is good, but...
This game is great however it is super heavy on micro transactions, yes I get it’s a free game and you can play “everything” without using your precious real life coin it’s just that they very much want you to buy it and it’s not like it’s cheap either they charge a stupid amount for their tokens and you’ll have to pour in a lot of hours to actually allow yourself to see any progress as well as the game isn’t fun in the beginning personally I didn’t play in the beginning I played the event when they had the really fast cars out for about a few days to everyone and I didn’t get much cash but at least it was fun however only having that car for 3-4 days removed the fun out of it when it’s then on sale for just a few tokens off the next few days basically begging you to throw money at them also this game throws ads after ads at you like it’s insane but the gameplay is fun I think they tried to go for an asphalt 6 again my personal favourite and they did a good job it’s only the micro transactions that pull the game down so much
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6 years ago, Htiek Sirk
Great game!
One of my most fav. games played on my ipad. I have made a few purchases. Matter of fact it was the very first app I played on the iPad... The only comment I wish to add is, I wish that players who didn't have a lot of time nor the cash, could earn cash and cars quicker. But I think y'all have kinda fixed that since the last time I played. I also have recently been playing more and more csr racing and csr classics. Not a bad game either. Other than that i love the graphics and scenery of this game far more than any others out there!!! That was my first comment... now I think the controls handle like crap, I use to hardly ever crash... now every time I make a turn seems like I’m crashing... I would have given 5 stars, but I lost my progress... didn’t get a lot of my cars and races completed back. Please look into these problems I’ve mentioned... then I will consider given the game 5 stars again.
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5 years ago, Jose Nachos
The game is not bad, but why have supercars if a D-class car can keep up with it. And before some ho-bo says “Oh, but it’s an arcade racing game, that’s what happens.” Well, no, but why can a hypercar or racecar survive a ten story drop without a scratch AND go off-roading. It also feels IN GENERAL that the cars handle the same. Also, developers, PLEASE start adding more actual real cars in the game. Because when a ten-year-old plays this, he or she sees a cool car like the Trion Nemesis or something like that and wants to buy one when they get older. Only to find out it’s not real and their life gets ruined. Also there is an error(actually two, one of them is during racing) with customization that really bugs me; WHY CAN YOU UPGRADE THE EXHAUST ON AN ELECTRIC CAR? ALSO HOW CAN NITRO FIRE ON AN ELECTRIC CAR? NITRO DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. I have it 4 stars because of these errors. Great game!! Ps. I really like showdown mode, it’s like Mario Kart!:D Pps. Change the prices back to how they were please! Keep up the good work, thanks for adding our requests!
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7 years ago, Venetin
Pay2Win Trap
Asphalt used to be about fast cars in exotic locations doing amazing street races with all kinds of fun quirks. Nitro, knockdowns, drifting, upgrading, and now jumping stunts (which is cool, actually, not gonna lie). But the more I play this, the more I realize I can’t even get past a D Class Tesla without grinding thousands of credits for something worth playing with. The turnout for credits is too low, and the fact the prices for credits/tokens are so high for something worth while makes this game feel too much like a pay2win. I loved Asphalt 6, the cars were awesome, the gameplay was fantastic, and upgrading and getting new cars was fair and worth the time to save if you had patience, but with the new update of iOS, i’m forced to play AS8. It’s beautiful and all, don’t get me wrong, but the fact the controls are.. mm.. I’d say okay at best, and the prices are so ridiculous, (even the R&D and the unrealistic goals forcing you to test with Tokens which, in itself, is a money eater) that even if you did have the money, it’s more expensive than just going out and buying something that will last. It’s sad, really.
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2 days ago, Peter_Parker Spects
The isn’t bad but isn’t good either
The game is packed with microtransactions and ads that make me question why is Gameloft still adding to the game but making it worse than it used to be. Why does Gameloft have people have to pay for Apple Arcade when all they do is bring an older version and add removed features from the game. People shouldn’t have to pay a entire subscription to get the game we wanted but never got. People have been resorting to Steam to mod back the older version that was good. Nobody wants another pay to win game, what people want is a good game that can involve microtransactions in a non pay to win way leading to more players leaving to asphalt 9 which is nowadays their only option to being able to make a non pay to win game and now with more games moving to mobile in some capacity from console the Asphalt franchise need Unite to be something that can save Gameloft from becoming another pay to win company like Electronic Arts and having their games become more than shovelware.
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1 month ago, ajthebeastd
Been playing this game for years, pretty much since it came out. I lost my progress twice but I’ve moved past that. All of a sudden every car in the game is only purchase able by using tokens which to my knowledge cannot be earned in any, at least not enough to be able to buy some of the high end cars which require thousands of tokens. Truly love the game, but what is the point of the coins or whatever they are called, if we can’t use them to buy any of the cars. If every car in the game is pay to play then there is no point in playing. At least when the cars were able to be bought with coins it gave players something to work and play for, now you only have a handful of cars that you can use which limits not only the solo but also the multiplayer aspect of the game. I don’t know if maybe this is a bug or something but I know for sure this is something that needs to change or there won’t be any reason to play the game anymore.
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7 years ago, Jerrylolguy
Very great game 🏎 💨
This game is very great I love it I had it on my iPod and I finally got the Mazda furai on there then my iPod broke so now in starting over please don't make it where you have to get cards for the Mazda furai you already did that to the marrusia b2 and that was my other favorite car. I do have a question though no I'm not a angry 10 year old but some people on multiplayer are some times always in respawn mode and are like ghost is it a glitch for me or a power up thing? Maybe hacks again I'm not a angry 10 year old please respond to my question 😊 oh yeah some people play dirty like targeting you by crashing into you, again (x3) not a 10 year old really. Btw idea you should add the Delorean form BTTF with different body types from all the movies and you would have to be at 88 mph to use you boost you build up I imagine it like effects on the screen and the effects on the car time traveling idk just an idea.
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5 years ago, CactusChair
Pleasantly Surprised
I was expecting a normal 🏇 type of game but this game subverted my expectations in all the right ways. While the EA loot box rates are too low (.1% chance good gear) it has a good progression and career system in place. Matchmaking is fair but elite redistribution that I’ve played against is rigged. I’ve sunk about 15 dollars into the game and it has a lot of content from unique cars and plenty of side content (you can still ghost replay for career mode as customary) but most of it is relegated to blueprints which is kinda a shame 🏎. Vertical pathways like the games title are amazing features and the multiple pathways are for the keen eyed players and really make returning to a stage an adrenaline rush instead of the grind it devolves into in other racing games. While it’s nothing to harp about, I like how much customization and interesting layout there is in the game and subsequently it definitely rises above the mediocrity bar of most other racing games.
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2 years ago, not mr. beas
Cool but why
When I join the game I had to pay 127,290 game money but I literally just started the game and it has made me do lots of things but I don’t know why it keeps asking me to get 1000 something money because it’s just hard and I haven’t even played this game for a lunchtime time I do it’s all the things with me make a silly delete it only things I made it deleting all of things I do you know what’s playing in the vaccination do you need to explain it more in New York it’s weird and it’s it’s better that it was like back in and I just think it’s a cool game but it’s times like in a tick so think it takes so much space from your phone and everything like an hour to just install it and it’s just annoying Kinda it’s better than that it’s it’s better that they make it good or an exhaust patch is it please come and done with your things and have a beer blah blah blah
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7 years ago, Minecart6035
Very good game....but, needs a certain update in.....
It needs an update with the customization, I think the customization could be really amazing if you do it right, like, different tires, brakes, kit, windows, mirrors, exhausts, etc, all that stuff, would make it so much more enjoyable than just having fun racing 👍🏻👍🏻 So, since the new motorcycle update, I have thought of another idea, the new gameplay for the motorcycles are very good, because it makes you want to use the ramps, and it's just very good in general. So what I think needs to happen is this, revamp the gameplay for the cars, such as maybe when you start out, you do the whole drag racing thing every time you start, which will give you more boost right away, or maybe a full boost, or maybe just increased take off speed right away. The part that I'm about to say might be a little too much, but would make it cooler. So when you drift, as a car and motorcycle, you could have it so that you can have somewhat of a "drift racing" mechanics in there, which if you drift good, you can get a better increase of boost, but all you have to do is stop drifting, it's not like it would take away from racing all together, it would just be cool to have the little bit in it, especially on some maps where there's a large space that you'll have to drift in. Anyways, that's it!! 👍🏻👍🏻
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1 year ago, ya boy howard
I Miss the Old
I’ve only seen one comment so far that talks about missing the game’s old look, and I fully agree. I think there should be a choice for using the old style of the care garage instead of the new, or the interface as a whole. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the old garage where you got to see your cars was open and bright, with a window looking out. It had so much more life and charm than the now dark and isolated look. It couldn’t be too hard to revert to something that was already in the game to begin with. My other only gripe is that upgrading cars almost guarantees a forced ad. I know that you can use fusion packs, but those have so many better uses. This really slows down the pace of a game where speed is one of its focal points. Especially if most of your cars are overpriced and are forcing people to bleed their wallets dry to buy them, these forced ads really shouldn’t be necessary since upgrading cars is so important.
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3 years ago, xAA----
(MUST READ IF YOUR GETTING THE GAME) Absolutely awesome game! If it wasn’t 99% pay to win
I love cars, like really love cars, and this game is just absolutely amazing and was super fun, until the final update.. (this update) this update has now made it 99% pay to win, what I mean is, want tokens? The main currency? How about you get 200 after spending 10,000 and then having to buy everything with tokens that you don’t have. Before the update, it was still pay to win, but less , you could still get some and use them, and the prices were mainly in fusion coins, (a much better currency) but now, they ruined it, prices, went at least 150% up for everything BUT tokens, Festivals for free cars and rewards? Nope, no good cars anymore, only if you pay :/ I used to love this game, but all the company wants is money, draining every penny from your hands. Don’t get it, although it’s a little fun, it’s not enjoyable knowing it used to be fair and fun, now it’s barely fun and is pay to win. They ruined it and I’m disappointed. RIP this game with such good opportunity, but they screwed it. 1 star. Period
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6 years ago, Jaystar 44
The game cheats and needs to be fixed 🤦🏾‍♀️
The game is a ok game if you don’t have anything to do and want to lose soul in this hellish game. When I played the game I had a goal and it was to buy all the cars with the credits I won from races and events not by buying the credits. this misfortune of a game has always had my good review, because of how long I’ve been playing this game and cause I liked this game. Now I got back on the game and went into a match and I swear to the bed I lay on this game cheats. How does the leader of the multi player match or race become last in a CAR THAT EVERYONE WAS USING!!??!?! I mean at first I was first and no one was passing me. (So I thought) I come to find out on the 2nd lap everyone was ahead of me and for some odd reason they had infinite nitro, like what upgrade do you have to get to have that golden WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET this game when u see the cheating will raise your blood pressure and give you cholesterol when u don’t even know it 😤. I swear on everything I love if this game was a real person I would throw the hands and run it over I can’t with this game. This game is worse then falling into a trap from fortnite.
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