Associated Bank Digital

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Associated Banc-Corp
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4 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Associated Bank Digital

4.76 out of 5
42.8K Ratings
10 months ago, Spcmmr
Why won’t my check deposit? They’re clearly endorsed
I use associated for my small business account that depends on my ability to deposit checks so I can pay my employees. Every other check I try to deposit on mobile seems to get the error message “the check doesn’t appear to be endorsed” even though I take more pictures from more different angles than you average photo shoot for a model. To the point that I’m considering moving my business checking elsewhere because owning a business and running it successfully depends on efficiency and this app is NOT efficient.
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4 years ago, MyTwinkieDog
Viewing Account Information
Some banks provide an option to click to see what your bank account number, or even what your bank account routing number is, securely. Having to go to the eStatement to see my account number is troublesome, which is the only way to see it on both the app and on computer browser (which, by the way, for some reason when I try to look at my eStatement on my account on the browser, it says “your session as timed out”, or “you’ve been logged out” or something along those lines. I can’t view my own statement while choosing to go paperless and it’s pretty annoying. Especially with the epidemic happening, it doesn’t help I can’t see my monthly cycling statements while not wanting to get my statements mailed to me). Does this app have the option to see your eStatement or your account number? I’ve been finding I need to see these two things quickly on my phone for a while now. Like I said, I can’t see my eStatement on the computer as well so I’m stuck where I am for now before I can use my account (and its number) for everything I need. I can transfer money around and connect other accounts to my associated bank account, yeah, but I cannot connect it to other accounts without my account number at hand (if you’re wondering, I do have it written down somewhere. I have faster access to my phone and debit card than whatever piece of paper has my account info on it so it would make sense this info would be there to use.)
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4 years ago, Diver 57
Limited capability
There are things that work well, but there are some significant limitations. I log on regularly to check balances and use bill pay. Recently I received a notice that I was 23 days past due on a payment to a H.E. Line. Problem is that I had paid the full balance due according to the mobile app. Each time I logged in it showed a zero balance. What I did not know was ghat the mobile app does not show the detail that a statement would. While the app showed zero, the reality is I had $40 of accrued interest that was posted to the account but not shown on the mobile app. Calling the customer care line was very frustrating and all they could say is you owe the money, your late and there is a late fee. I called the branch I work with and they were able to explain that logging in to a full website would have provided the information including the interest that had been posted. There is no way to see it on the mobile app. It was a simple matter of asking her to transfer the funds to cover the $40, but I feel the app should clearly display what the true balance is.
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1 year ago, Scott Stucki
Associated Bank App Review
Over the course of the past few months, I have made cash deposits to my Associated Bank checking account via ATM. This money should be available to me immediately for use; however, when I try to transfer fund to an externally linked bank account, I either get an error message that says: 1. There are insufficient funds to complete the transaction, when I can see that this is clearly not the case. 2. Or, an error message which tells me that the transfer cannot be completed, because the date I selected is either a holiday or weekend day, when I can also see is not the case. I have spoken both to local branch personnel and to customer service, but I has not resulted in a change. Being able to transfer money between accounts rapidly is critical, and one of the primary reasons I have accounts at Associated Bank. If this is not fixed, I will have to move to another, local bank.
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2 years ago, dan slc
Used to be a lot better
I mainly use this app to deposit checks for my business, upuntil a few months ago, I was having no issues with the app for deposits. After a major update that also included a completely new gui, I began having issues. After the update, I have checks in perfect condition fail to deposit multiple times, which ended up with me having to drive to a branch and have the branch process the deposits. A few days later, I’ve discovered all of the failed mobile deposits cleared in addition to the branch deposit, resulting in 3-4 withdrawals from the client account. Since the multiple withdrawal issue, I now give failed checks checks 1-2 days before trying again, when I login into the app to start a new deposit, the failed check will actually submit the funds anyways.
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6 years ago, General Ludd
Good app, but no credit card transactions
For a regional bank, Associated Bank has done a good job building a app to rival the deep-pocketed big banks. One complaint I have is that my AB credit card doesn’t show transactions. It always says that there are no transactions for the selected range; however, there is no option to select a date range. This is not true of the standard checking and savings accounts. Perhaps I need to login on the website and make a change there for the credit card, but I did not have to do this for the savings or checking accounts.
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2 years ago, Liberty 2014
They tell you how to spend your money
I recently went into the branch to wire some money, where the wire goes as long as it’s not illegal shouldn’t matter it’s my money. But the bank did not like where the money was going it was just to buy crypto. So they have no frozen my accounts for the next 30 to 45 days so customer beware they do not let you spend your own money!!! Doesn’t matter if I have bills to pay mortgage to pay etc. Thomas the guy that sounds like he’s 10 years old and has no idea how crypto even works but yet he’s going to freeze my account from fraud department .So find a different way to pay your bills he said I just had surgery I can’t get around very well even though it’s getting better. A guy should be able to do what he wants with his own money, as long as it’s not illegal!!!
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3 years ago, Chicagouser
Security concerns
I’m not sure who thought the “instant balance” without logging in was a good idea. Why give that information out to the guy who steals my phone? Also, the app saves my login name even if I try to erase it. I don’t want it to do that. Again, this is an app for a mobile phone. If someone steals the phone and manages to get into it they will have my login name. Please add the option to clear the login name. Otherwise the interface is a little improved from before but I haven’t seen much difference in functionality.
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1 year ago, Kathy Heebink
Making a transfer.
It’s so easy to transfer money from one account to the other without it person to help us, but I also Love working with someone at the bank because everyone is so wonderful to talk to, but this was so easy to do on my phone! Thank You for doing all that you do for all of us who bank with Associate Bank! You are the best and that is why I continue to bank with you! I just have one question for you, why don’t you have a bank here in New Richmond, Wisconsin?
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2 years ago, Trackhawk25
Issues with Mobil Deposit feature
If you’re an Associated Bank customer, you may want to read this. In the past 3 years we started using Associated Bank. I really like the online banking options they had, mostly the Mobil check deposit feature until now (take a photo of check front and back and upload). I did an audit of all the paper checks we deposited this year and found, 5 never were actually deposited. This was a $1,200 dollar oversight. They claim they haven’t heard of anyone having these issues. I’ll bet we aren’t the only ones this has been happening to.
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3 months ago, Baxter 172
West Bend Associated Bank
I so appreciate the staff at the WB Bank. I banked at the Muskego Associated Bank for close to 50 years and very few times did they call me by name or really help me with any issues I had without a pained look on their face. Have been been at West Bend Bank, friendly since the first day I came in. Have felt at “home” there, know my name and helped gladly with any crazy questions I may have had. A big thank you to the staff.
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1 year ago, 58535
Serious Regression in Quality
This app used to work very well, better even than apps for larger national banks, back when it was “AB Mobile.” Then a few months ago a big update came along which completely changed the app. Now it is nearly unusable. “Instant” balance now takes minutes to load. Interface once logged in lags and again takes minutes to load even on very fast wifi connections. Push notifications are intermittent at best. App also requires the user to update, as the old app becomes nonfunctional, the SAME DAY a new version is released, which is a NUISANCE for users who wish to check instance balance on-the-go but who do not wish to use limited cellular data to download an update.
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4 years ago, DDAjr
Still missing features and developer response not helpful
I need to transfer money from my account to my boyfriend’s. The app does not support this as an external transfer. The branch manager said to use Zelle through the Quick Links section of the app. There is no link for Zelle in the app. Website said if Zelle is missing to download current version of app. App appears to be up to date, but I deleted and reinstalled. Still no link to Zelle. Received Developer response, which was inadequate, so adding this: Attempted to set up Zelle account in Zelle app, which told me Zelle was already part of my bank and then opened the Associated app. There are no links for Zelle in Quick Links or after tapping Transfer & Pay at the bottom of the screen.
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6 years ago, acuisle
So much better
The low rating is due to old reviews that have not been updated to reflect the current app. The AB app has improved so much from where it was, it is getting much closer to a major bank/financial transaction app. It still isn't perfect but Associated is a small, regional bank so I don't expect it to be completely on par with other apps. You can now log in with Touch ID and aren't logged out immediately after closing or switching to another app. The instant balance feature is great because I really only use this app to check my balance.
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6 years ago, LewisB502
Painful Onboarding, Needs Work
The sign-up and onboarding process was very painful. Had to call a rep, answer 5 security questions and accept then re-accept terms and conditions. Some parts seemed very repetitive and circular. Face ID should be asked to be setup up front. After all that, for the mortgage part, all it showed was last three payments and no other info. I want to know my account number, loan details, etc. Felt like I spent 35 minutes getting setup for no reason. Lastly, it’s a poor user experience to drive people from your mobile web experience directly into the app experience, especially since the app experience needs significant work. I’m sure it’s driven up call volumes.
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1 year ago, BigWill.L
Trouble Signing in Seems to be a big
I’ve had the app for a while now and it’s pretty good has some flaws but I had been using the biometric sign in and it’s been working for the past year. Well recently it has said my password is incorrect so I tried it again making sure my password was right same thing. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled put my password in and it worked. Then another time today it happened and same thing and it worked, so I have no clue what the problem is. If this could get fixed ASAP that would be super helpful.
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4 years ago, Elementblaze
Almost good
Please please please add the feature for locking your debit card. I see that I can lock my credit card and that’s great- every other banking app I have has this and it has given me great peace of mind... especially when my purse was stolen and I actually needed to use it. Also I wish I could view my routing and account numbers from the app Otherwise, I like the simplicity and it seems pretty easy to use and navigate. I haven’t had the chance to try all of the features like the mobile check depositing. ETA: I have since used the mobile check depositing feature and it worked seamlessly
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5 years ago, PixieBewbz
Mobile Deposits (checks)
Initially, I absolutely loved this convenient, easy to use app (once they added the “log-in” using your fingerprint feature). Since the more recent update, which now has an auto capture of the check front and back, is absolutely AWFUL to use. It takes me 5 or more tries to successfully deposit a check. It never had that problem with the original camera features for mobile deposit. I deposit my checks at work, on fridays, later at night when I wouldn’t be able to make it to the bank till Monday. It hasn’t yet, but if this EXCRUCIATINGLY hard to use mobile deposit feature update EVER causes an overdraft, I will be livid and respect a full refund.
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3 months ago, Grumpiest Bear
Line of Credit Payment Glitch
When trying to slightly overpay my line of credit balance, your system refused the payment twice. Since your system cannot provide a real time balance without a phone call, overpaying is a way to eliminate the balance due. It may result in a credit balance for me, but apparently this is not contemplated in the programming. When I re-entered the balance due amount, it accepted the payment. Hence, my conclusion the software architecture does not contemplate overpayment. I may be wrong, but carrying a balance because you can’t provide a real time balance is irritating!
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2 months ago, quenif
No, I don’t want to share my location
For about four weeks now, every time I open the app I get a screen that’s asking me to share my location and I have to tell it no EVERY SINGLE TIME. Can’t do anything until I answer it. There is no “don’t ask me again” button. It will definitely ask you again. It will sneak in through your bedroom window at night and whisper into your ear “Don’t you want us to tell when you’re near ATMs???” This is the electronic equivalent of one of those “Hey, where my hug at?” dudes. I’m not a fan is what I’m saying.
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2 years ago, Froodroclk
Excellent job on the redesign!
The old app was unintuitive, felt slow, and looked unfinished. The new design fixes all these problems, much more intuitive navigation, feels faster, and has a high degree of polish and finish. Was definitely worth the downtime over the weekend. Also noticed the drive up ATM’s at the banks got updated too and they too are way better to use. Thanks for putting in the effort to redesign these things.
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3 years ago, Digita1Gam3r
App won’t show my balance?
I been using this app since launch when my old bank joined this bank. I was able to see my balance on the app till April 2021 and I have to call now just to check my balance at times because I hate having to stop at ATM’s to check balance. When I ask the supporters of this bank they say the app is running fine. I deleted the app multiple times and I go to the website on my computer it still doesn’t show my balance. This is frustrating and I waste gas to just go to stores because I hate calling just to check my balance.
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2 years ago, goochie wife
New app
I absolutely love this new app!! It took me by surprise when I first opened it. But wow, what a difference. So much easier to follow, very organized, larger print, looks very neat. When you are done it gives you a chance to look at everything itemized and see if there is anything you need to fix, change or add. I used to dread paying bills but this really makes it go a lot faster! I’m definitely a fan.
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6 years ago, shouldntbethathard
New app doesn’t correct major problem
Until I can view deposit slips online as I could before the last major revamp I will not consider anything more than one star. I am a landlord with many tenants who deposit their rent directly into my account. They have leases so I cannot easily change their rents by even a small amount so I can differentiate. Nor should I have to. Every month I have to call customer service, wade through the obnoxious and lengthy menu, wait on hold until I finally get an (always helpful and sympathetic) customer service rep who can usually identify the deposit. I am sick of this and am considering finding another bank. Please bring this feature back!
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1 year ago, Tmillergb
Deposit a check
Worst system I’ve had to work with. Taking picture is needed to be on dark background. Other banks, I have not had this problem. Had to run over to black glass stove to get photos accepted. Never, never had todo this with others. Also the submit button would not work! It shows my account and the last 4 digits of the account. After talking to customer service…I find out there is a small gray circle I had to tap before I could submit the transaction. I only have the one account and no where does it say that I need to choose my existing account for the deposit. Very unfriendly design.
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4 years ago, CaroleSTL
Works so well if you ask for help
This app is very easy to use and quite intuitive. The only problem I had was assigning a password. I called the banks IT dept and they told me there are a few characters you can’t use in their passwords. Once I got rid of the problem character all went smoothly. Love this although I do miss the people at our branch I never see them anymore
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3 years ago, MBurgess262
It’s my go banking app…
But only because all my personal accounts are with Associated Bank….every time my iPhone updates, or the Associated Bank app updates, I get logged out and have to call Customer Service to reset my online password…but other than that MAJOR problem, the app is wonderful and does everything that I need my banking app to do
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2 years ago, Scooter3388
Not reliable
Has been saying information not available at this time when I go to login. Also transaction details say unavailable when choosing my checking account, have had to go login online to view my transactions and most of the time have to login online anyways because I can't login using the app. Face id works only sometimes and login altogether, have had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times recently will work once then start not working as stated. Needs updates for this issue on iphone.
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2 years ago, pwno1
The previous version of this app worked much more efficiently and consistently than this updated version. When I select instant balance, it is always blank so I have to log in every time to see my balance. Also when I select certain functions like “transfer” the page is often blank and it will take me several tries before the page shows my accounts, the ability to enter an amount, etc.
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9 months ago, Spudsbg
Bill pay.
You need to make some changes to the bill pay app so that bills that you don’t pay every month can be hidden or put to sleep and don’t show up just the ones that you do pay every month can stay active all the time I’ve requested this before, but nothing seems to ever get done about it.
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3 years ago, sharpdm
Poor functionality
This app is slow to respond, it hangs up when trying to log in, and shuts itself down while working with it. If you are a customer you don't have another choice but to change banks but it's bad enough you might want to consider a different bank.
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4 years ago, BecksH
Not bad, but could be better.
The app has basic banking functionality, and it works fine. But it lacks just a couple of things that, for me, seem like they ought to be obvious. 1. Due dates on loans. Loan due dates are a pretty obvious piece of info that should be included, yet- they are nowhere to be found in the app. 2. Running balances. Where the transaction amounts are listed, it would be helpful to have a running balance (at least of cleared transactions). 3. The ability to do any sort of customization (nickname accounts, update info, etc.) So many people use their apps pretty exclusively- so it would be a nice feature to give it at least a little more functionality. Of course, those things are available through the online banking web page. Overall- it’s not a terrible app by any means. But it’s also not terribly impressive.
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5 years ago, kiwihaney
Sporadically fails to deposit your checks
I was really happy with the updated app until it started to sporadically fail to deposit my checks. Now I can’t rely on the app even though it goes through all of the steps correctly when making deposits. Calling in doesn’t help either as they don’t have an answer for why one check goes through and the other doesn’t. I would recommend users that need access to their money right away to just drive to the bank to make your deposits because you don’t get any type of notification if your check didn’t successfully deposit on the app.
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2 years ago, hshahshshdhdhdofkt
Login Errors
I am constantly faced with the “cannot verify login information” popping up on my screen. I regularly check my accounts to stay on top of payments and it seems half the time, almost at random the app will not verify my information. You have a choice between waiting and trying again, or waiting for a rep and having them ask you several questions and verifying information for 15 minutes that could’ve been bypassed by just allowing you to login in the first place.
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3 years ago, RedTinBird
Bugs after iOS 15.1
App keeps asking for password to activate FaceID. I use complicated passwords as well as changing them often to avoid another identity theft. There is no way I’ll remember passwords while out. App is useless if I cannot use it. Tried calling and was greeted by a lovely robot. Associated Bank has been my favorite for years. Humans answered the phone and helped me with issues. Now I must go through a perilous journey in order to communicate with the Wizard at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.
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5 years ago, Chameleron
Worst bank with the worst app
If you have a credit card and only a credit card here no checkings or savings account. Cancel immediately it’s literally impossible to do anything from the app all you can do is look at your statement. You can’t pay anything from the app because it pops ups as ineligible. I change my password basically every month because i guess i wake up one morning and i have no idea what the password is even though the keychains on my computer do and it won’t let me in to pay my card, so I get late fees charged because I get locked out. Literally the worst credit card ever.
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3 months ago, Shaja12
Update removed useful functions
Used to be that you could see your account nicknames when you were deposit a checking. They are not visible now in the drop-down list, only the type of account and the last 4 digits of the account number. Also, no longer see the ability to report a problem in the app.
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3 years ago, Makaya Bear
Great! But can't see statements.
It's a greatly improved user friendly app, doing almost everything i need. However i still cannot view official statements through the app -- have to go to phones web browser (a little clunky). But that works ok. Can even activate new cards on mobile, and sometimes can file a dispute for fraud if it's simple enough without having to talk with a rep.
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2 years ago, StBaumy
Deposits don’t work
I have used this app since it came out. Everything’s been good except recently the check scanning has been terrible. It has “dollar amount mismatch” errors even on printed checks. 3* until this is fixed. Updated October 2022: Check deposits are completely broke with this “improved” update. Lowered to two stars as no solutions have been provided Memos don’t stay on the transaction on internal transfers. What’s the point in adding features that don’t add value since they’re broke?
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2 years ago, Appstore Costumer
Online banking great experience
Been using Associated Bank as primary for checking/savings for 10 years—-the online experience and customer service just continue to get better. Clean look, easy/intuitive architecture, rarely is it down or preventing me to access. thanks for providing hassle free banking in the great state of Wisconsin
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1 year ago, KDantoin
Online Deposit
Much improved online deposit system, I’m no longer likely to make deposit mistakes as too often happen with the old system. Over the course of too many mistakes and too much time that had passed I actually lost out on depositing/cashing a rebate check worth $50. Ken
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3 years ago, jlmorga3
App glitches
I have had my Associated Bank account since 1988. We have grown a lot together since then. I have to say, I am constantly disappointed with the app. Idk why but it seems to often drop my fingerprint access. This is bad because I set it up, and use it and get comfortable, but then every so often the fingerprint option stops working. By then of course I have forgotten my password. I always have to call and have the password reset. It’s a pain to do this every 3-6 months. At the call center they always tell me to delete the app and reinstall it. That is a pain too! Booo! Hisss...
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4 years ago, Section 132
Password Login
It’s crazy that with fingerprint ID and face recognition that I continue to have be locked out until I reenter my password. When I reenter it doesn’t not allow me to login and I am not able to reset my password without calling support. I back at other institutions and once they went to fingerprint or face recognition they stopped this requirement. Perhaps Associated needs to change to two factor authorization. I’m getting to the point of switching banks - yes I find it that annoying.
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4 years ago, Kkingcore
This App is amazing
I live 45 minutes away from the closest Associated Bank but I can get everything done right here on this Mobile App. I can deposit checks, pay bills, transfer money via Zelle and move money around my Credit, Checking and Savings account. I would never be so financially organized without this App...
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3 months ago, ThatEricGuy12
New version has some problems.
Paying mortgage used to auto plug in the amount due, now it doesn’t. Also will not allow mortgage payments to go through, which being an Associated Mortgage it’s just a transfer.. won’t work. There was literally nothing wrong with the previous version, other than trying to justify their continued employment.. why can’t these “devs” leave things alone?
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9 months ago, slpyjo
Some Update
App said there was a new update. I loaded the update now I can’t deposit checks. Says check wasn’t deposited. Experiencing technical difficulties, try again later. I tried several times at different times of day. Had to deposit into Huntington Bank.
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10 months ago, GaBaGu15
KISS is an acronym that I use throughout my life and it works. It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I get a lot of taskers done this way. I mention this acronym because it seems like that’s what programmers here at Associated Bank are doing with their app. Everything is convenient, easy and simple to use and that works for me. Keep up the great work AB!!👍🏿😉
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3 years ago, tramainespam
Blank White Screen
Tried logging in several times including deleting and reinstalling and still shows white screen. Can’t even get to the point of entering your user ID and password. This seemed to have happen when I did a software update. Please fix!!
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6 months ago, WI Mommy
Simple and Quick
Everything at your fingertips. The app is super easy to use, never glitches and is so handy. I can view balances of all my accounts on one screen, view statements and transfer money between accounts all from my phone. So nice!
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2 months ago, CrakS
Getting worse
This app used to be much better. The check deposit is completely broken. No manual capture button, so I have to wait for the useless auto capture function to decide I’m the precise number of millimeters from the check before it will take the photo. Then more than half the time it rejects it anyway and I have to start over. Now with the latest update the app is asking me if I want to share location EVERY SINGLE TIME. No means no, Associated. Stop asking me or I’m going to change banks.
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