Astrill VPN Client

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Veloxee Corp.
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User Reviews for Astrill VPN Client

4.04 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, Lance174
Life saver in China, but getting stuck lately
Astrill is the only VPN that’s consistently worked in China for me. For the last week or two, though, it’s been getting stuck loading on the sign-in screen and I can’t turn it off. This means I can’t use any apps that require VPN, but I also can’t use apps that require the VPN to be off (WeChat, DiDi, etc.) while this is happening. I have to toggle the settings and restart my phone and sometimes that still doesn’t turn it phone is effectively a brick until it finally disconnects. Four stars because I’ve been using it for more than a year and it’s worked better than any other VPN I’ve tried. However, this bug is a major one and I really hope it can be fixed quickly! Another (much more minor) quirk is that every location shows that it is connecting immediately, even if it doesn’t work. It would be nice to have some sort of indicator other than flipping to another app and trying it out until one works. All in all, I absolutely recommend this app for use in China.
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9 months ago, Me1257532
Abysmal customer service
I live in China and have used Astrill for many years without any huge problems. I received a notice that my current subscription was about to expire. I decided to renew asap to prevent it from lapsing which is a headache. I went through the entire process, including the PayPal page itself, with the total price $180 being displayed. How much did they charge me? Nearly 200! No idea how they are able to change the price and process it for more. When I contacted customer service, they refused to read my comments that I’d been overcharged, wouldn’t acknowledge anything I was sending, and after a very rude representative said I clearly only wanted to argue (I only wanted my $20 back) he said the only thing that could be done was to contact PayPal because they are the ones who overcharged me. So I did just that. Reported a problem just to get my $20 back. Astrill then blocks my account, is unresponsive via email, is rude and condescending during chats saying I shouldn’t have asked for my money back so it’s my own fault, etc. unfortunately they are the only vpn that works well in China but beware, if you have any troubles, they will take hundreds of dollars and refuse the service you purchased.
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4 years ago, Eman Kacaiana
Hasn’t been good since we started paying
Can’t count how many times i wanted to smash my phone because of the vpn and i don’t even have anger issues.. It’s not a bad vpn in China right now but the connection hasn’t been as good. When we first started using i think there was a trial and it was absolutely amazing, fast and never had any connection issues. Ever since we started paying for the yearly subscription service (have been for a year now), it constantly disconnects, often you’ll have to scroll through and try every single server just to find one that will actually connect. 8 out of 10 don’t work, 10-15% chance it’ll be spotty and slow, and you get 5% it’ll actually work. The speed test function on laptop version has failed to load any server at all, and the smart mode on the phones don’t work either. I don’t mind switching my vpn on and off depends on what website/app i use, but if you have the function for it to do the work, make sure it actually does work. Overall not a bad vpn and one of the few that still work in China, but i expect more and better speed for a paid product.
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7 months ago, kp0pz71
Disappointing internation experience
Look elsewhere for a VPN if you want access to your desired sites, or at least keep your current state of accessibility. I am in China to visit my relatives, and I downloaded Astrill with high hopes as it has great ratings online. For those who are unfamiliar with China, they have limited access to outside websites, Google being a big one that is super crucial to my work (gmail etc.). Prior to downloading Astril, I had limited accessibility with some sites, but after downloading, I had NO access to any sites. I couldn't even turn off the freakin VPN, which was also super frustrating. This could only be reversed if I deleted the app off my laptop. So, not only did Astril VPN NOT give me access to Google, it took away my limited accessiiblity. I reached out to their support email and didn't hear back until the third attempt, which was also a huge disappointment. I understand there is a no refund policy, but should it really be applicable to a product that couldn't even work? I get that if there was a technical issue but I was able to even use there product once. But that's just not the case.
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3 months ago, chinasteelboss
Finally my comments…
Hello all, I have been living in China for 23 years. After the Xinjiang riots, social media was blocked (YT, FB), so for a long time I could not my feeds. After joining Astrill about 15 years ago, I have never needed another App. I can remember about 8 years ago when the China government almost had Astrill stopped - but Astrill dug deeper and survived by adapting. Of course, every day you may get slowed down or need to switch servers or connection methods, but the app works. If you have a Mac, you must learn how to clear your Web (HTTP) and Secure Web (HTTPS) Proxy settings from time to time to manage the fight against censorship. I suggest everybody learn how your internet configuration works. The VPN can do 90% of the work, but you need to understand the other 10%. Astrill gets five stars from me, computer and mobile phone 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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3 years ago, Joey's House 北京幼儿园
Only VPN I’ll use in China even with the bugs
I have used Astrill since 2014. During the crackdowns of other VPN services Astrill has always been a great option. I’ve never experienced and outage and their customer service has always been quick and helpful. Unfortunately, for the past year, using the app on my phone requires allowing it to access VPN services. Since this update there has been constant trouble to turn the VPN off on my phone. This stops all other apps from working. While you watch it glitch the VPN settings on and off. You can either fight to turn it off or delete it and download it again. It’s been extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, depoplover
The last app you want to purchase
I have used different kinds of VPNs and astrill is the last one you want to use. The speed is super slow and it gets disconnected anytime. I purchased the one-year plan. The first 2 months it was okay, starting from month 3, it keeps having connection problem and 50% of time I cannot even log in. Even after I logged in, I can’t even load my email. I contacted astrill support and they are unable to help and they were claiming sometimes it can’t be slow in China. When I requested refund, they were just like all sales are final. Now month 4, I purchased another VPN from another company and it works amazing. Don’t believe Astrill’s lie about “VPN can be slow in China”. They just don’t have enough technology and don’t want to improve Please stay away from this company, they are simply just scammers. A whole waste of money!
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1 month ago, XY3981
No Veep can be number 1 forever…
The overwhelming majority of expats living in China whom use Astrill have had nothing but praises for it. Within the last year however, the price has gone up fifty percent, and within the last few months, their once rock-solid reliability for breaking through The Great Firewall each and every time is now but reliability standing in quicksand. Said reliability is what customers pay Astrill’s premium rates for, yet no other explanation was given for the recent outages other than “We’re working on it.” Being resigned to the occasional outage with a VPN is acceptable… understandable even. But if that’s the case, one might as well go with the competition whom charges half for what is now basically the same quality of service.
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3 months ago, Brocko_taco1002
Terrible on iPhone, decent on desktop
I’ve been using this VPN for about 5 months now, mostly in China but in some other countries (with and without internet restrictions) as well. I gave up trying to use it consistently after a month. The iPhone app is terrible. It constantly disconnects from servers, requiring you to manually try another one every 5-10 minutes. At first I thought this may be due to my settings or the strictness of the Chinese “great firewall”, but after countless troubleshooting attempts and even using in other countries, I realized it must just be the app. I was so frustrated, I downloaded a competitor which was much cheaper and had significantly fewer (and less frequent) problems in China. The desktop version, however, works pretty well. It has way more advanced features that are necessary for using in China. I think the problems I’ve had with it are due to using in China, not necessarily the app itself. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Astrill, as I primarily need a VPN on my phone that works well in China - which Astrill isn’t great at. There are better, cheaper alternatives. If you are in need of many advanced desktop features, though, Astrill may be for you.
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1 year ago, not a bot 6789
Not as nice as Express when Express is up and running, but Astrill always works while Express goes down it seems at least once a month for a day or two. Express also goes down for a week or more whenever there’s a big event in China. Two issues; First, Astrill is a bit pricy but I guess that’s worth it for it never going downs. The second, and I hope I can get help on this, if your subscription lapses for any reason you can’t renew it without being logged on to another VPN. Every time it happens you’re just forcing someone to try out a competitor. I will generally not renew not renew right away when this happens because I’m not going to double pay on VPNs. I’ve got to missing something
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3 years ago, bad_uncle999
Reliable to connect in China, but….
I switched to Astrill from ExpressVPN because of so many problems using ExpressVPN in China. At first, Astrill worked beautifully but lately I have been noticing a very irritating problem on my iPhone. When my phone goes into sleep mode, Astrill loses connection. The app says it is connected, but that isn’t really the case. I have to on/off cycle to regain connection. Sometimes the app refuses to switch to off and I have to reboot phone. It is so annoying. However the desktop app is solid and reliable with no complaints.
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7 months ago, Joel the Gerbal
Unreliable, awful on iPhone, slow
I have been an Astril user for years and have noted and have kept it out of laziness… While the service “works”, it is 100% terrible on iPhone. It looses server connections every 5-10 minutes and requires you to return to the app and “disconnect” then reconnect. It often says it is connected when it is not, and not connected when it says it is. 90% of the servers do not work at all, and those that do are rather slow. US streaming sites like Disney+, Neflix, etc., normally do NOT WORK with any US Server. For reference, I’m in Shanghai, China. Again, I’ve only kept the service as I have not wanted to find an alternative, but I’ve reached my breaking point with this awful app. I will be switching in October when my subscription expires. Bye bye Astrill!
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2 months ago, marijaz
I installed 4 VPNs paid versions, and this is the ONLY ONE that was working WELL in CHINA. Put yourself in the Taiwan server; everything is so fast you can not realize you are in a Digital Wall. Great job! Other VPNs auto-charged me after a one-month subscription without my approval, which does not make sense as to why you bought one monthly subscription, which is way more expensive than others. Great job, still, it was worth every dollar. Private VPN and Express VPN worked for one hour daily. I do not know how people can even tell they are good
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3 months ago, Rtc1031
Used to be reliable
Here in China, Astrill has been the go-to VPN for several years now. Unfortunately, it seems like the winds have shifted somewhat: regardless of whether I’m using my phone or computer, regardless of the setting or location used, the app has difficulty maintaining a reliable connection. I waste lots of time hopping between locations and different settings, all to no avail. My friends have been having similar experiences. Given how expensive this app is, I would not recommend purchasing it. If you’re in China and looking for a more reliable VPN (but unfortunately without the comfort of anonymity), go download Shadowrocket. It’s not great, but at least it’s functional.
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2 years ago, Anonymous453
Best for China, good customer service, but buggy and underhanded
Astrill has worked well in China and customer service has been efficient. However, each iPhone where I install Astrill eventually develops a bug where it shows I’m connected to the internet when I’m on airplane mode and vice-versa. Also, even after purchasing add ons that are meant to improve service in China, there eventually always seems to be a new add on being advertised for the same purpose. Seems unnecessarily underhanded for a service that relies on customers trusting it fully. I will keep using Astrill but wish these issues were corrected.
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2 years ago, Evan OMGEISA
Complete garbage, it’s a scam BE AWARE!
The connection is slow to mediocre at best, and unlike many other alternatives, when yon connect to their service, you lose almost all internet connection to local websites. They claim/blame the low quality service on the local internet provider, but out of hundreds of connection points they offer, almost one is usable, where as smaller VPN providers often have fewer connection points that are highly reliable and faster, hmmmmm The customer service is nonexistent. They refuse to offer refund for services that are near unusable, and when you file dispute with your payment method they revenge you by suspending your accent, even if your dispute was denied and that you’re still a paying customer. ITS A SCAM!!!
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4 years ago, QufuChina2019
Good but Won’t Turn Off When I Need It To
I like how easy it is to connect to this app. The problem lately is that when I need to turn Astrill off, it keeps turning itself back on, and I have to waste time trying over and over in settings to toggle the VPN connect switch to OFF. In China, this means that lately (past two weeks) I’ve had to put my purchases back or forego the DiDi ride I was planning to take home—a big downer. Please fix this bug! Otherwise, Astrill is fast and reliable. Until this problem, I was liking it better than Express VPN or Nord (which is just useless in China).
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2 years ago, Wow! Such good. Much great.
Great service, app needs updating
The iPad app desperately needs a Slideover window or at least be able to split the screen. The fact that it’s only accessible by taking up the entire screen is extremely frustrating. Especially for how often you find yourself switching it on and off depending on the websites you’re using and if the device goes into sleep mode or not. Fact is everything, and I mean everything, can easily be fit into a Slideover window with no loss of accessibility. Having quick access to it is a no brainer. Other VPN Apps do it, I see no reason why this can’t.
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10 months ago, CelloShark
some games don’t work
Astrill is a good vpn, i have been using it for a year now and there is no problem expect it can’t launch roblox. My old vpn, express can so i know it’s definitely the vpns problem. I am not sure if this is fixed but so far only my pc and mac can’t open roblox. i can still play on mobile and my ipad but i know that others also have this problem with other apps too. i hope this problem is fixed as i tried many times to fix it but failed.
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4 years ago, Clubaamir
Issues with App
Although I like this VPN for its speed and other aspects, the application itself needs huge updates. Sometimes it’s stuck on connect screen and there is no way to go back to normal even if you quit the app. I often have to reinstall or offload the app to get it back to normal. Second, there are issues when you are trying to connect while on cellular network. There are lots of errors and logouts. I suggest to regularly update the all. On the Windows version they have fixed some issues in the latest release. Oh yes, I have conveyed these concerns to the customer service before without any luck.
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4 years ago, Lawrence712
Cannot Sign In
I’ve heard so many positive reviews about Astrill mostly from friends. It’s the main reason that I hopped to it when it started to get a bit tricky using VPN in China in Aug./Spet., 2019. But ever since I started my 1-year subscription, it’s need pretty tough to get it to work. PC’s been having issues to get a good channel for fast enough internet, but it can still work out OK. MAC’s just terrible. The old version of the app on iOS looked like an antique but works out OK. With the update, the whole interface’s much better now, but I cannot even SIGN IN! It would stop at the signing in page all the time and there’s nothing you can really do. Hope the team can fix this SERIOUS bug ASAP.
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2 years ago, ilgaar
No payment method via appstore
Limited payment options. No payment method via appstore, I used to be a long term customer, It used to have great customer support and service. Now it just totally crap. They have removed most payment methods to evade taxes and customers like me have no longer a reliable payment option. I used pay them via perfectmoney, and other options as well, now all they have is Alipay which is only Chinese banks. The customer support is also terrible. The prices and in app purchases are also a lie they charge you 150$ for absolutely crappy service. I have been with these guys for over 7 years. They good guys are gone, that good company once was there is no more.
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4 years ago, Thurein Htet
Infuriating when trying to disconnect
The Mac app and the iPad app work great. What’s really annoying is the iPhone app. When I try to toggle off the VPN (sometimes Chinese app doesn’t work when the VPN is on), it is an extremely infuriating experience. The VPN will always try to reconnect, even after I toggle off the auto reconnect option. During this process, my WiFi connection is disabled by the app as well and nothing can be connected. I have to connect to a bad server or restart my phone sometimes to solve this issue. And may I remind you that this app is not cheap. With so many people with the same problem, it should have been resolved long ago.
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2 years ago, Drewshifu
Most Reliable for Penetrating China Great Firewall
As of September 23, 2022, Astrill is currently beating ExpressVPN at getting through China’s great firewall. Typically ExpressVPN can squeak through, but with the big CCP Congress happening in a couple weeks the deep packet inspection algorithms are turned up to maximum. ExpressVPN has been totally blocked for days now. You can think of it like the rabbit and the turtle. ExpressVPN is faster (when it works) and more user friendly, but Astrill, while slower, always seems to get through.
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7 months ago, NicknameNotTaken999
Mixed results in China
Astrill’s reputation in China is enhanced by how poorly the other VPNs are doing but results are still not great. Desktop is fairly stable but on mobile- where most people do most of their browsing- only 5-6 servers work at any time and of those it cannot be certain that *any* are working at any given time- you have to face constantly being bumped, sometimes with every page you load, and pages that load so slowly it’s hard to tell if you’re on or not. $180/year is pretty steep for service that is so undependable.
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4 years ago, kevingarywilkes
Fast Connection — Hideously Antiquated UI
Just started using Astrill yesterday after a week of struggling with Express VPN’s terrible service. So far, it is very fast and connects in an instant. The UI, though, is terrible. They need to pay someone a few hundred dollars to update this antiquated interface. Finally, my coworkers app is stuck at the login screen. I imagine poor software design is responsible for this bug, and if it happens to me, I’ll be looking elsewhere for a VPN.
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2 years ago, Borkya
Frustrating app
I love astrill vpn on my computer but the app sends me into a constant rage and I need to constantly delete it and re-download it later. Like everyone else complains about it just won’t turn off, even when you try a dozen times in a row. It keeps reconnecting but doesn’t do it correctly so it basically blocks your internet and makes your phone unusable unless you delete the app. It’s a common problem now for years (as proven by these complaints) so I don’t know why they haven’t fixed it yet. If you are buying astrill just for phone use, don’t! For the computer it’s fine.
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4 years ago, Lao bio
Going down hill
I have used this app for five years especially in Asia. In China they lost the battle a number of times this year so one has to fan through 12 or 15 channels to get through. Then just went to renew and both cards wouldn’t work. Spent over an hour with tech support. Finally had to get my son to pay from the states. They say sorry. Sorry. Then this year after I have used them five years, they raise annual fee 20 percent, “to keep improving infrastructure.” They are mostly reliable and good. I appreciate that. But what bad business moves given current economic climate. Really, what are you thinking? Customer loyalty deserves company loyalty.
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4 years ago, Gdoggy1678
APP is very buggy
The APP is very buggy and not what I expect for paying a premium price of 20 USD per month. The APP has constant errors saying “IPC error” the error stays there until you force close the app and re open it. The VPN will disconnect after the phone is locked for about 1 minute. After unlocking the phone the APP still says it’s connected even though it’s not and makes no attempt to automatically reconnect. At this point the VPN is not connect yet the APP says “On” after pressing this button to switch it to “off” then it will automatically try to reconnect even though I just told it to turn off. Granted the disconnecting of the VPN might be due to iOS there is no excuse why the APP should continue to say its “on” or make no automatic attempt to reconnect or to at least inform the APP user that’s it’s trying to reconnect. The service is OK when it works in China but the APP needs some serious work.
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1 year ago, rainman10004
Reliable but…
5 stars so I can get to top and you can read this. DO NOT refer your friends to this. They say a month free, but their invitation system is seriously flawed. I referred several friends and never got the free month because they don’t want to give it. I have spent 3 days, talking to tech support and they tell me to send an email. Then the email claims I can just use tech support 24/7. Scam
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4 years ago, Rafael.JW
Astrill iOS app development team is lazy, the app is updated only once every few years
1. There are many bugs in the iOS application, but their engineers turned a blind eye, iOS application version 2.2.4; after disconnecting the VPN server connection, he actually "magically" reconnected 2. Some servers in my favorites list click the red heart to cancel the favorites, I log out of the account and log in again, he still keeps it as it is, and continues to exist in my favorites list I paid a high membership subscription fee to Astrill, but they are so lazy, there is a bug in the application, and Astrill does not work hard to fix it
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1 year ago, zcdrg
Does not work for me
I’m in China and express VPN has been bad since the Covid protests. So my coworkers said try this one. It didn’t work before, but I tried it again. When it tries to connect, I get an error message. If I try a different city, I get a different error, or just “error”. Deleted it again. My advice if you are China bound: Download all the VPNs with a free trial just before you leave. Whichever one works when you get here, go for it. It is a must to download them before you get here. Don’t delete them once you’re here either. You may need them later. Unless they go to your cloud. Good luck.
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4 years ago, Peaceful_Julia
Problems connecting and old design
I first got the free trial, downloaded the app, logged in, signed up for the paid membership, came back to the app and tried to use VPN. I would imagine this is a common flow for many users. However, It just failed to connect smoothly. I tried different servers but the problem persisted. I later solved the issue by logging out Astrill app and logging in. In addition to the above problem, the design of the app looks outdated. A simple UI lift will make a different impression but I don’t think they care.
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6 months ago, Retusart
Missing features and a big problem
First the big problem. This happens on the iPad only. I’m currently using a hotspot connection via my phone because Astrill has done something to my WiFi connection. This has happened several times and it only happens when I use Astrill. It seems that when Astrill gets disconnected it also prevents the WiFi connection. This time is the most egregious. I exhausted every possibility to get my iPad connected to WiFi and all have failed. Second is missing features like recommended servers and a speed test for servers.
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4 years ago, spetsnaz26
just barely works in China
a lot of productivity goes out of the window as you need to constantly change and hunt for those few servers that might work. Speed test only available on PC and recently only able to produce a few out of the useless long list of servers. In any case, what works can change in an instant so the speed test results are not valid for long. US for China not available on Ipad client for some reason. Really frustrating but there is few other choices.
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4 years ago, Darin....
Good service. Mediocre app
The service is really good and fast However the app leaves some things to be desired. Sometimes when it’s running and you open the app it just sits on the greyed-out login page with a spinning circle for a long time. Also sometimes you try to turn it off and it keeps just automatically turning itself back on. Hit the button, it flips to off, and the a few seconds later flips back on by itself. And you have to repeat that several times
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4 years ago, Enjilaw
What in the world!!!
I’ve been with Astrill since 2016 and every year the price changes. It went from $69–> $99–> $108—> $120!!!! What gives!!! It is not doing anything different. You would think they would offer people that renew some sort of customer loyalty discount. There are lots of VPN servers out there to choose from. But no.... I contacted them about it and was basically told 🤷🏽‍♀️. The service worked fine for me, but this price is ridiculous. And there has still be no explanation as to why it increases EVERY year.
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3 years ago, Sweetyveryfirst001
Great in use, highly recommend. Hope bugs will be fixed soon
Great use in China, speed is good, also works well under cell phone cellular. I highly recommend this app to people who need it. For developer: Thank you for develop this product. It’s been great. However, facing one issue. Also want to offer an suggestion: Issue: today I found it stuck in loading page. I can not use it. Suggestion: I hope my iPhone, iPad and Mac are able to use it together. However, it seems like only allow one device at a time. Switching around not only inconvenient, but would also causing this loading issue Hope the two can be fixed soon. Xoxo.
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1 year ago, rayarainbow
Doesn't work at all - and they won't let you cancel
This did not work even one minute, I was in China for several days. I used a different vpn which worked perfectly well. Worst part of Astrill VPN, not only does it not work but there is no way to cancel within the supposedly-free trial period. There is no way to cancel through your phone settings, nor does the app have a place to unsubscribe or cancel. You have to send them an email and hope they'll actually respond rather than continuing to charge your credit card and ignore your emails.
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2 years ago, E-JO3
Long Time User
I’ve used Astrill since I moved to China in 2016. It was an amazing service that suited me well for the first two years. After that first subscription cycle ended I started looking for alternative services, cause I noticed a decline in the service Astrill offered. Over the years I have noticed more and more issues alone a steadily increasing price point. It doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore, I’m just looking for a new VPN that works better than Astrill.
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3 years ago, 73jdb5d999
Apparently, I’m always in China
I’ve used Astrill for years, but of late I’m having second thoughts. It doesn’t matter what servers I choose, my IP address is recognized as being in China, to the the extent that some websites won’t allow me access because they recognize my traffic as coming from China, even though I’m using a server in the US. Some niche servers, like South Africa, seem to no longer be available (failed to make handshake). My subscription is up In a month and I’m wondering if it’s time for a change.
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4 years ago, 0ttara
Works okay but...
It works well enough in China and US, not super fast but better than express or nord. The biggest issue is the lackluster customer service. They genuinely don’t care about you. I was recommended by a friend and got a link for a free month which didn’t work, so I contacted them and they flatly told me just to pay for it and “thank you for understanding”. I bought a month anyways despite hesitations and after multiple inquired with them I always get hit with short non answers and thank you for understanding. Won’t be extending for the year.
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2 years ago, argtoll
The app for iPhone is a joke! Just terrible
I have been using the app for iPhone since February and it has been nothing but constant issues. It doesn’t matter which server you select, the connection drops, sometimes even after a few minutes. At first I thought it was rather an issue with the internet connection or a poor signal when using data but after trying a good number of wifi spots, the issue persists. I periodically check for updates but there’s NEVER one. Just a waste of money, plain and simple.
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3 years ago, CBoidy
Excellent application with a couple hiccups
In terms of stability, speed, etc, this is the best I've found by a fair margin. But switching from one device to another when I can only have it on one or so at a time can be a pain if you have "Reconnect" or "Always On" on, which can make your devices fight you for access and can lead to locking up. It's minor and by being careful to log out it's easily remedied.
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12 months ago, borisk770
Only VPN for China
Cons: - gets stuck on the connect / disconnect as others have said. Basically bricks your internet connection until it finally severs the connection - sometimes says it’s working but isn’t - works AMAZING on PC/Mac, 100% reliable and fast. On the fone it’s 50/50 Pros: - There simply is no other vpn that works this well in China. On your laptop, it works 100% of the time. You don’t even think about it - it’s always working flawlessly Advice to management: Update the dang fone app. It looks dated (who cares) and it doesn’t work nearly as well or consistently as the PC version!!! Update it!!! Do it!!!! We china expats will thank you!!!
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5 months ago, WudangBing
Helped so much for my work in China
I have to use this App to work in China, it always works, I used it for about 10 years now. Sometimes it works slow, you need select a different location , then it will work again
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4 years ago, Itstoosluggisb
Doesn’t work on phone
Ok, so I gave Astrill a 2 star because despite it not working at all on my phone, it works great on my Mac. Basically my issue is that when I attempt to connect to astrill, it is as if my phone is not connected to the internet at all. I live in China as well so you can imagine how frustrating it is to spend so much money on astrill and only having it work on one of my devices. If you’re planning on buying a vpn subscription I suggest you look else where.
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1 year ago, Ishi Nor
Astrill for PC=good, but this App=bad
App frequently freezes when disconnecting or logging out. Sometimes makes the whole phone unusable needing power off and on, but usually i can uninstall the app when it freezes. Often shows “connected” when its not. Doesn’t survive changes in network environment like moving from wifi to mobile. I delete and reinstall the app frequently to have some semblance of functionality. Especially seems to help if I delete and reinstall after any apple update.
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4 years ago, Perimir89
Same issue here
In general I am also satisfied costumer of Astril vpn while living in China. Lately though, it has been updated, worked better again, but now on screen logo is keep scrolling and turning on itself even if you shut it down and exit all the apps... new update soon?
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2 years ago, Rappo88
I live in China…recommend ExpressVPN instead
I’ve payed for Astrill’s service twice now, foolishly. Their customer support is a joke. Even when the VPN isn’t working, their support team will assure you everything is fine. The last “support” guy told me this and when I told him it still wasn’t working and asked for more help, he disconnected me. Their service is expensive with terrible customer service and spotty connection. If you’re moving to China, save yourself a lot of trouble and get ExpresVPN instead.
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