Astroline: Astrology Horoscope

4.2 (39.4K)
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Appsella LTD
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Astroline: Astrology Horoscope

4.25 out of 5
39.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Run Joey Run
Pretty much spot on however…
While it is pretty accurate with my daily horoscope, it has a tendency to switch from premium user to a standard account on its own. I signed up for one month just to see if it was accurate enough with plans to do a yearly subscription later if it was. I was reverted to a standard user. I emailed support and was told to provide a receipt for my paid subscription. In their defense, I used my other email to contact them and not my apple email. They were very quick to respond. I then noticed the restore purchases button which easily restored my account to premium. Things I do like about the app are the courses that you can take, I have learned a lot. The app provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. It does a natal chart and biorhythms as well. Plus Chinese, Mayan, Druid and other horoscopes. A lot of bang for your buck. I must say my daily horoscope has pretty much been spot on for the most part. I have been able to do the palm scan, tarot readings and more with the paid subscription. The reason for a one star ding? Getting reverted to a standard subscription spontaneously. In my opinion that shouldn’t happen.
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5 years ago, Unknown User1.
My Opinion About This App
I first saw this app on a advertisement, so I was curious of what my fortune is. I downloaded and went straight into the app, the app was normal until the money advertisement started, the first one I wasn’t really bothered, but It popped up right after the first one. It took a while to close the advertisement. After that, I went to get my fortune. I took a picture of my hand and submitted it, I had to get by 2 advertisements to go pass to get my fortune, I was getting annoyed. The app is fine but there was advertisements every 10-15 seconds, I deleted the app afterwards but the advertisements really got on my nerve.
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10 months ago, GengarWaifu
I want to love it, but..
This app is probably the best horoscope app I’ve found so far. I love the layout, the design, etc. What do I not like? Having to pay for literally everything. I went through the birth chart explanation and entered the information it asked for, only to get the pop-up to pay for a subscription. That was really misleading and honestly made me a little angry. Like why have me read all of that and ask me for vital information only to lock said information behind a paywall? Everything that is really neat is locked behind a paywall in the app. If you want to ONLY read your horoscope and maybe a few other things, this app isn’t so bad.. but beware anything you potentially click-on spawning the pop-up for a subscription. If the app was free, I’d give it 5-stars. Even if it was an app you had to pay for but that meant it was unlocked forever or something! Just not close to 5$ a week to hear horoscopes that are hit or miss. Idk, it’s a great app but I wish everything didn’t have to be paid for, at least in this way.
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5 years ago, DriDrithewriter
Ive had numerous astrology apps and its obvious all this one cares about it making money I couldn't even get one fortune from a fortune app?? I downloaded it for palm scanning from the ad I saw as soon as you open the app there is two ads that seem like you cant close them without buying their premium version, it takes like 30 seconds for the little x to pop up in the corner. Once I got past those I tried to get a palm scanning. All would be well if there weren’t ads between each step and once it finally got to where the fortunes were; when I click on then those same to long and inescapable ads pop up and when I bypassed them it took me straight back to the screen with the results. My problem was that I cant actually read the results because i click on them and the ads pop up and i say no i don't want to pay 10 dollars a month for fortunes and then it took me back to the same page. So basically this is a paid only app advertised as a free one. Ive had no proof that its reliable because it wouldn't let me access any of the info without paying so: a scam. deleted immediately. get co—star.
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2 months ago, RCgamerfun
Astrologers & Palm Reading
I am giving 1 star for this app. When I first subscribed & paid the “Pro Rate” to have access without ads, this was a 5 star app! I’ve had this app for 2 years & it always provided me with great advice, the right amount of additional features like Tarot Readings, Moon Cycles relating to date nights, Inspirational Quotes for Specific Aspects of the Day, as well as Palm Readings with photo analysis of the right & left hands. Today I signed in & accessed my app, only to find that my Palm Reading is completely gone and there are pop ups everywhere for “chats with an Astrologer” that are pushy & follow along by scrolling at the bottom of the page with you. So you can’t get rid of them & I personally don’t even want to “chat with anyone”. I’d rather read the interpretation of a palm reading or some other of the interesting horoscopes from other cultures and other backgrounds. That is more interesting to me than chatting with an astrologer. I’m deeply disappointed that this app has completely geared towards that and only that.
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3 months ago, AnnGR1785
Expect to loose money - READ GOOGLE REVIEWS TOO
Although they have their policies written and assure a 100% refund guarantee IT IS A SCAM. Their process/ app is tricky where they “don’t force you” to buy anything but clearly (please google their reviews) a lot of users get tricked into clicking on “one time purchases” at the same second you sign up for the trial because of how their process/app is set up and hence you get scammed. I downloaded the app and in minutes I started to type the info requested. Within 2-3 hours I see 3 charges made to my card and I immediately reach out to customer service (per their 30 day refund policy). Every response I get it’s “professional” yet condescending. Even though I have all the proof requested as per policy to be reimbursed there is 4/5 back and forth emails of “ we are so sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our product! Per our policy, we are unable to assist you with your request. However, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs!” … My needs are to be refunded per your policy…
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2 years ago, tijayjay
Be aware with the subscriptions. Even when cancelled you may still be charged a subscription fee on your debit or credit card that was used. Check your statements bc it happened to me. I cancelled my subscription in Nov but got 2 charges in December. It would’ve been ok if when I addressed their customer service if they said ok we will refund you. Instead they refused to take my screenshot of my posted transactions page demanded a “bank receipt “ and showed me an invoice of basically both transactions I want a refund for. On their invoice it shows I was charged twice after the subscription expired.. which would be a no brainer but to Alex on the support team it was too much of a challenge for his comprehension level. Incompetent. So now I have to report this fraud to receive my money back and cancel my credit card that was used for the purchase for fear they will continue to charge me. Fraudulent activities with this company. No good customer service and no accountability whatsoever. Unsatisfied customer here.
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5 years ago, seriouslydontgetthisapp
Don’t waist your time
I saw this app on Instagram so I clicked it and downloaded. I’m a sucker for cheesy apps the “predict” my future. The first thing after entering your name and birthdate was an ad. I didn’t think it was an ad at first and just thought you had to have a subscription to use it. I deleted the app. I read some reviews and realized that you had to wait 30 seconds for the x to appear to click out of it, so I downloaded it again, waited thirty seconds to delete the ad. Then, another ad popped up! Finally after a minute of waiting for it to scan my hand, I got another 30 second ad. (The same ad that asks to upgrade to premium). Again, I waited because I’m stupid and really wanted to see my reading. I clicked to see what my left line read and then the same stupid 30 second ad popped up. After that, I deleted the app. So stupid. I hope the company isn’t making any money off this app. A free palm reading would be nice... and then they could add the extra features but too bad you can’t accomplish anything. With the stupid upgrade app
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4 months ago, autumn bbrooke
All the options
I love this app because even without a premium the app offers so much information and so many categories of information although the free trial is only 3 days it’s totally worth the experience and I can almost guarantee you will purchase the full access the price is such a great deal for all of the content this app offers I have 5 horoscope apps this is the one I go to first they deserve the little contribution they are asking for, they offer an abundance for free, paying to support app the creators deserve it and the fact they allow a lot of information for free tells me they care about the user experience and that the users are more important then how much they can scam off someone like other apps.
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2 years ago, kiani22
Impressed Sagittarius
I just wanna say that my daily reading hit head on. It’s so crazy the things that I just found out about myself that I already knew though and these are all complications in all things that I’m dealing with in life right now. I literally have not focused on astrology in a long time but it just came through one of my newsfeeds and I was just amped up and ready to look and it hit In all areas that I’m dealing with as of today and have been for the last year. It’s so crazy this is so true I hope to continue and this is real. I want to get on withThe universe And make peace with myself and the universe. I do believe in law of attraction when she put out you shall receive but it’s time to receive all good and focus on me
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5 years ago, Yolo I'm cool
this app may be one of the worst things i’ve ever downloaded. i never write these reviews but this app made me so angry that i’m writing one. Every time i clicked on something an advertisement to have a premium account popped up. Once I clicked the x, 2-3 more will pop up. by the time I finally got to scan my hand, I’ve already gone through 5 ads. then after I scanned it, there was another ad. I couldn’t even see my results because every time I try to click on my results I kept getting more and more ads. It went to the point where I had to delete the app. I do not recommend this at all, I thought it looked cool to download but once you download it it’s impossible to even use it because of how many advertisements there are. if you’re willing to spend $40 for something that most likely doesn’t work then this app is perfect for you. but for most people out there who just wanted to see the palm reading for free without seeing ads 25/8 this app is horrible.
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3 months ago, yoginijen25
Best reading I’ve ever had
I didn’t see the reviews before I signed up, or I probably wouldn’t have. But I’m honestly very impressed by my experience so far. - The reading (palm and tarot) were comprehensive and accurate. I’m going thru a particular unusual time right now and the readings addressed these issues and the guidance was in line with what I’m trying to do. - After I signed up, I received an email confirming what I was charged and what I would be charged next and when - After reading the reviews I decided to cancel. It was easy to cancel. I received an email confirming the cancellation - I realized after I’d canceled I wanted to read the chat between myself and the palm reader (Annabelle, who is incredible), the team replied to me within 2 hours with detailed instructions how to find the info I was looking for I’m not entirely sure what experience other ppl have had but I’ve had ZERO ads and everything was clear about the cost (for speaking to a reader) and everything else seems to be included in the subscription. Maybe we’ll see what happens once the trial I’m on runs out but for now… I love the app and am really impressed.
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5 years ago, coolcrashman
The people who gave this 5 star reviews should get tested for mental illness
The biggest issue is the $9/wk subscription. Seriously??? That’s a $36/month subscription. That’s more than TWICE the cost of a premium Netflix subscription, or FOUR TIMES the cost of a basic Netflix subscription. Nearly anything that charges this much for a subscription is an obvious cash-grab. On top of this, if you’re someone like me, you don’t really believe in astrology, but just check the stuff out to see if what happens on that day happens to line up with your reading. $36/month for something that’s fake? Even if I did believe in this bs $36/month is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe I would have considered getting a subscription if it was $5/month, maybe even $10/month, but $36/month is best used on other subscriptions (yes, I mean multiple subscriptions. You could get 3, maybe even 4 subscriptions, with that ludicrous amount of money) that at least offer a legitimate service.
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5 months ago, a p2521
I would rate this app negative stars if I could. I signed up one day for the $1 trial before the trial starts. I forgot about it and it charged me 20 dollars and I had no use for the app so I tried cancelling it. It says to go to your subscriptions in your settings or app store account. Just like every other subscription you would want to cancel. When I go to cancel it the app is no where to be found. In the actual astroline app theres no cancel button theres nothing. I have contacted them at least three times. They said they would get back to me within 24 hours, never did, then three business days, never did. My next payment for the subscription was due on the 31st and they just charged me another 20 dollars a week early. Terrible customer service and no need to be charging people 20 dollars a week for a palm reading app.
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8 months ago, Hwang_2020
This is almost fraudulent
I tried the app and there’s no cancellation function in the app or on the subscription screen. I emailed support to cancel the trial on the first day. They did not get back to me in time and a few days later I was charged. I emailed again to ask them to cancel the subscription and just hear back days after that they can’t issue an refund. There’s no cancellation option on the app, it just shows I’m not subscribed yet I’m charged and despite emailing to ask them to cancel, due to the delay on their end, I was charged and the company refused to issue an refund. There’s also this report thing on app when you first go in, I accidentally clicked on it and there’s no payment confirmation screen, I was charged again for something I didn’t want. This is so bad it’s almost fraudulent. Be aware
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1 year ago, Collins Katherine
I paid the $1 3 day trial and then was charged $1 and $19 for the trial. I was unable to use the email I provided to log into the account I paid for. When I logged in it was a blank account with my information not added to it and no paid for subscription. Therefore I was unable to get into my account to cancel the 3 day trial before I was charged again. I was unable to do so and reached out to them via email and they responded that they can’t refund me for the initial $19 payment which I had no idea about until a few days later and then the $19 that was charged to my account after the 3 day trial. To reiterate, I was unable to log into my account to even cancel because the email I used didn’t have a paid account attached!! The app is stupid anyways so not worth the money of $19 A MONTH.
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6 days ago, Liyah302
Do not even open the app to even see what it’s like. they’ll ask you to purchase trials which I purchased the dollar one to see what the app was about to see if I really enjoyed it. After you give that one authorization these fees and promotions will come up if you try to bypass it or accidentally touch it to see what it’s about. The payment will automatically authorize and come out of your bank account. If you have a iPhones, it does not give you that facial recognition to confirm that you want this payment to come out so that it will authorize the payment again it just comes out, I am trying to dispute this charge because I did not want or have need for the purchase and still have not received it. I have even went as far as reaching out to the developers.
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10 months ago, Jasminb2023
This company is fraud/fake. They take your money even if you cancel before the subscription end. They will charge you 3 monthly subscriptions in one month. When you ask for a refund and show proof you canceled before the trial period was over, they tell you that you don’t qualify. Then when you provide proof, they tell you they have provided a refund. They tell you it will take up to 10 days for refund, then the 10 days come and you still don’t have it, you ask about it and they provide you a fake attachment showing that a refund was provide to a card that doesn’t even belong to you. When you tell them you don’t have that card, they tell you that you don’t qualify for a refund even though they told you 3 times that a refund has been processed.
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2 years ago, this_is_bull______
When I first got this, I signed up via an ad and payed the $1 one month trial. Not even a week later did it try to charge me $20. I had deleted it at this point to free up space on my phone. When I tried to sign back in, it made me create a whole new account and didn’t give me the option to log out and sign into another account. I also couldn’t restore purchases because I supposedly “didn’t have any.” This is a complete scam! It also tried to charge me $5 for no reason at all. UPDATE: I have just received word from my bank that someone has tried to use my card info to book an airBNB??? I haven’t ever touch that but yet they claim someone has been trying to make multiple purchases through there ranging from $300 to $3,000. This is ridiculous DO NOT BUY!!!
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4 years ago, ChrispyCream 5000
Why does this app exist
Ok right off the bat when I open the app it asked for my name so I try to type my name in and my name is Christopher and I couldn’t even put my name into it. The name thing only had a 10 letter limit so I didn’t even know if my fortune was going to be the right one so I just did chris. After I was done putting my birthday in an ad popped up and I was like ok they need to make their money somehow then another one 5 seconds later and then another and at this point I was getting really really mad then it stopped so I took a picture on my hand to see what my results were and I couldn’t even see them you have to pay to see what you get so I suggest to all of you installing this app DONT get this app it is a waste of time and they will steal your money and time.
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3 weeks ago, Maud Deen
This App has ads on Instagram that showed a subject that had me interested (fertility-related). But when I downloaded the app and signed up for their trial, the app did NOT have what was shown on the Instagram ad. Nothing fertility-related/fertility-astrology related. The interface is not user-friendly either. I canceled my subscription the same day I sign up and while they make it look like it has been canceled, it’s not! There were no clear instructions about checking my email to actually confirm the cancellation. I saw I was charged a week later after the trial ended and then went into my email to find my cancellation notification, and in the email on the last sentence with a small link that shows to click here to [actually] cancel. They purposely do this so they can charge people; it’s manipulative, and trickery. I reached out to them to ask for a refund and they denied it. This is poor customer service, and not even sure what kind of service they provide since what I saw originally on instagram wasn’t even on the app. The pricing for the subscription is also beyond ridiculous—$40 a month! Unheard of.
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4 years ago, vanillagypsyy
Hello! I love this app until I payed for the subscription... on accident. I don’t think it allows you to post pictures with ur comments? I have loved the app but idk now that I’m not allowed to see anything and it like makes you pay for it Ugh ... if it worked the money thing would be okay but it’s not working. Let me know how I can fix it or I’ll just hope it works before I’d have to delete it ya know hahahah Have a good day! I really do enjoy this app. I have read some insanely accurate and wonderfully fascinating things on this app! ❤️
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5 years ago, Vanessa P. 17349
Oh boy
This app is literally one of the absolute worst things i have encountered. Not only is the app not functional, but a total scam. It asks 10,000 times to get you to subscribe to a free 3 day trial, and then 8.99 weekly. The worst thing about this is that i was dumb enough to subscribe. It still pops up with the ads to subscribe even though i already am subscribed and have the free trial. I started looking at reviews and people were saying that even after they cancelled they were getting charged. This scared the crap out of me because i am not trying to let these awful people take my money, so i cancelled my card. Because of these crooks and my nerves getting the best of me, i now have to wait 3-7 business days to get a new card, but at least these uglies won’t get my money 🤪
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3 months ago, angel_macias
Great app but..
I think its an amazing and detailed app and if u purchase the subscription you won’t regret it. It was slightly over my price range so i only got the trail month. When you try to cancel though they make it such a hassle. Taking you to their website and once you press cancel taking you to another page with multiple “before you go” “are you sure” “have you thought this through?” After pressing cancel multiple times passing through all these pages I was only finally able to cancel. If i want to cancel its likely I thought it through.
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1 year ago, JJPen12
Worthless, false advertising
Advertised as free with in-app purchases. But you can get any results without paying. Other reviewers said the x to leave the ad doesn’t appear for 30 seconds. Fine, but even after I got the x it just went back a step and when you try to get results it asks you to pay again. I also see on other bad reviews, the developer responds, “we’re so sorry you had a bad experience, please email us with more details”. Don’t bother, you know all the details, you know this is a scam. Edit after dev response: there is no confusion over your subscription plans. You’re just liars! Advertised as free but you get nothing without subscribing. How is this even allowed by apple.
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2 years ago, sieda2425
Now this is a lifestyle for me not an interim fad, and to say that majority of the information the app is will to provide, I already knew, not to mention is free other places. Moon sign, ascendant etc. I also had signed up via a sponsored ad and paid $1 for 3free days. The app didn’t recognize my purchase. But get this…. After I filled out and completed the sign up form-took a pic of my PALM!….it tell me to download the app. The app hasn’t been in my phone for 12 hours. It won’t make it another hour I promise you that. Like I said…this a lifestyle not a fad…. & that being true, I also know one isn’t supposed to charge for this stuff. Your spirits, will get you this info some other way… if it’s meant for you. Sending love & light 🌙
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2 years ago, tallchic1975
Seems to be quite accurate and I am not usually a big believer!
I am a realist and a very scientific, logical thinker who usually needs to see proof or data to believe anything but much of what I have read here about their Palm and Tarot descriptions of me are very close to what I would predict. The only thing that they definitely are wrong about is the number of children that I will have. They say one but I have no uterus and still no kids. And don’t want any. 😛
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1 year ago, Beach girl 7568
Nothing is available
Ok so I know the developers need money need to put in app purchases in to help further develop the app but they took it to far on this one. I saw this app advertised on Instagram and thought hmm this looks interesting and downloaded it, I set up my profile and decided I was not going to buy a subscription until I knew exactly what it was. However when went to do anything it wouldn’t let me without paying for the subscription. Again I understand that they need to make money to further develop the app it is just super frustrating that it won’t let you do anything, because of this I do not recommend you downloading this app.
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5 years ago, Daniellen18
Most Annoying App
I saw this app on an ad from snapchat and it looked pretty cool at first, but then it wouldn’t let me do anything. After you enter your information it presents you with two adds about buying their premium plan to whatever they call it which have timed exits. Also, when I did the hand scanning this it took another three add and then after that every time I clicked on a spot to find out what they meant it gave me four more ads and then just exited me back out to the main page without revealing anything! The biggest scam is the price of their full payed part $8.99/week! Who would pay like $10 a week for an app that hardly even works and is inaccurate? Do not get this app.
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2 years ago, sydneypoo!!
1 star
I am not a fan of this. I saw an add about this app and I thought it would be fun to try it, so I downloaded it. When I first opened up the app, I thought it was a pretty good app. But when I tried to do something, it would say “You must pay 5 dollars a week in order to do this” or something like that. And I was like “ok I’ll just try something else.” So I went to the predictions tab and I pressed on the palmistry thing and guess what popped up? “ Save 20% by only paying 5 dollars a week!” And that made me so freaking mad!!! I just wanted to say whoever created this app, you need to change it. And to anybody that is reading this and hasn’t download the app yet, DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!! You’ll regret it!
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4 years ago, #Unkown-to-all
Good but too pricey!...
This game is very cool and I loved being a blue too see all the little details about myself! The only down side is that mostly everything has you to have to pay money for it which if your younger and your parents won’t allow it or your budget is tight this might be a little hard to have as an app because You’ll rarely get to do anything unless you watch an add or pay money. Besides this the game is pretty fun and is very enjoyable!..
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2 years ago, lilwuboo
Not all information correct on here
I did my life path number. I have had this professionally done. Yours is not correct at all numbers 11 and 22 are complete numbers and should never be added up. So there’s a life path number 11 and 22. And you were adding those up to two and four and giving people the wrong life path destiny or information. That right there I honestly want to give you zero stars. But I do respect your content. And I don’t know what I expected on an app to get any kind of clarity when I could be doing this myself physically with cards and reading the stars in general.
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5 years ago, Gabe Orr
I hate it!
So I found this in an ad on tik tok and it looked interesting so I went and downloaded it, opened it, set up my profile and I scanned my hand to see what my fortune was, it finished and the payment ad immediately popped up, i had to wait 10 seconds before pressing cancel, then it asked “are you sure?” And took another 10 seconds. After that it didn’t show my results and just took me to my profile so I tried viewing them there and was so Much ads it wasn’t letting me see my results so I Tried scanning my hand again to see if it worked and nothing happened. There where ads every 10-15 seconds. I was never able to see my results. This app is a joke!!!
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2 years ago, MECNov
ID fraud hidden as an app?
I’d seriously caution anyone using this app. It asks for things you do not need to create certain charts. For example, the city you were born in. You don’t need my year of birth to determine my zodiac Sun sign, etc. it also asks you to upload a photo of your palm. Why give them your fingerprints and answers to security questions asked on government forms? And if you want any actual information from them, they require you to subscribe- and hand over your credit card info to pay for it. You may as well hand over your ID cards and Social Security numbers. Be smart consumers, don’t answer personal questions.
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1 month ago, Zynn22
Not Better Than Free Version of CoStar
The information presented can be found on the Internet and in most free versions of any astrology app. The customer service support is slow and plays many games. I was sent a survey about the service before anyone answered my email for support. Then I was told they had to look up my account with multiple people and many days. I just signed up and within minutes I new it was a horrible service. The special report advertised wasn’t even part of the premium package trial which you have to pay to test it. It’s not worth it! I got more from CoStar’s free version.
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1 year ago, Lil ly YT
Cannot do anything
The only really thing you can do is look at daily tips, which is something I can get somewhere else. Everything else YES it may let you take a picture BUT when it comes to results it takes you to a paywall. Everything on the app is something you have to pay for. Now yes, I understand you need money but instead of making this a free app and advertising this as a free app, just put a paywall so that you can pay before even downloading. I don’t want to get my hopes up. I really hope this changes soon. If your looking for an app like this, I would not recommend this one.
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5 years ago, mbmb17
Hilariously bad
I’m not one to write a review usually but this app is really something. I downloaded it off an advertisement bc i thought it looked pretty cool. When you open the app you’re immediately bombarded with two or three ads after every single button you tap. Anything you try to do is prefaced by an attempt to get you to buy their app, and when you finally close that one, a second ad asking you if you’re sure you really don’t want it pops up. It was so annoying to the point where i just laughed and deleted it. Will not be getting any more apps off of advertisements on social media again. Complete waste of time.
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2 months ago, ZeCobeya
Money, money money
Not one thing is free and the app everything you touch or submit any information for it asked you to subscribe how do I know if I want to survive if you don’t even want to provide a sample or something at least one free thing in the app so I can see if it’s worth signing up for. Do not waste your time downloading this app don’t even waste your money. There are other apps out there that are completely free and for in-depth reading or horoscope or even birth chart then you will have to sign up for membership or pay for it but like I said there is still free ones out there.
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4 months ago, Nico 444444444
Let me help you: SCAM!
I never write reviews. Ever. But this app has stolen $50 of mine now. I was charged for an in app purchase that I never made and when given the initial trial, I had zero way of actually cancelling the account or adjusting it in any way or even looking at “my account” until I was finally charged. I emailed them and they put me through a little ringer saying they will help me through customer service just to then tell me they have a zero refund money policy. Uhh why did you even put me through so many emails??!!! This is a scam. The app is not even good. Don’t download this app. Save your money.
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1 year ago, s___0k
Not free
The app it free to download both there are no free options. The payments start at 6/mo to do anything in the app. The homepage is exceptionally crowded and laggy. The written content also lacks genuine quality or substance, only generic quotes like “let go of old patterns.” It is pretty evident this app was not made by anyone interested in astrology outside of the trending monetary aspects. Update: the developers responded with unconcerned damaged control knowing full well that they were the ones who made the issue and have no intentions on improving, considering that other reviewers had similar experiences from 3 whole years ago. Lol
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2 years ago, Nicolle Universal <3
Great App and Accurate but..
This app is very on point and useful, it helps me calm down and relax everyday and convinces me to do better in life like eat better and do more physical activity but this app would earn five stars from me if we didn’t have to pay for the other extra interesting things. I do understand the need for money but a free trail never hurt anyone!! Thank You Astroline!!!!!!
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8 months ago, TaurusJ3abe
My favorite
I been using this for three years , this is my favorite and it help and remind me and taught me about relationship toxic , sex, and it amazing .. I found my soulmate. And it will definitely will help the job will be the best. I didn’t know about friendship horoscope that I don’t get along and who r my best friends and I study deeper and I realized it and it’s very useful resource.I recommend this !!!
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2 years ago, miamd777
Everything that it advertised you have to pay for.. emphasizes that you can get your hand read , but only AFTER the app has picture of your hand and finger prints , then it demands you pay for a subscription. In meantime it keeps your pics and shares or sells to whom ever. It does say it shared your info with many other companies, including 3rd party companies for all the world to eventually exploit in some way. I think this is a good idea, but they messed up with taking pics THEN asking to be paid. Keeping our pics of hands as hostage for subscription.
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2 years ago, mandywatt
Astroline rating
I quite like this app, I like astrology stuff. I’m learning more about other cultures astrology practices. And further extended explanations and definitions of singular aspects of the main teachings and signs. It’s great! I’m glad I touched base with it again and delved deeper into each subject. I thought it was going to be another charge you right off the bat, app, but not yet. And I appreciate that.
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2 years ago, yhafette
If you’re going to make a edible thing like the hand thing where it tells you if you get married whatever shouldn’t nobody have to pay for that because they only download the app to use that and this is what it’s the point yeah I’m not gonna make no money because yard or doing stuff like this.
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5 years ago, ShotsOfTequilla
I saw the ad on IG, downloaded it and as soon as I took a picture of my hand, the next screen was to purchase something. You have to wait several seconds for the X to show up but then another one pops up. You can’t even get any answers from this app without paying $8.99 plus tax A WEEK!! $40 a month on an app! Free trial says its for 3 days but then after 24hrs you’re charged $8.99 plus tax A WEEK, not A month! Rip off! I immediately deleted the app. I’m sure there’s a better app out there for free with the option to purchase something and it doesn’t continuously pop up! Next!
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1 year ago, whyld katt
I had never even HEARD of astroline - I maybe downloaded it months ago for funsies, but it’s not important to me. I have ZERO subscriptions and I always check the subscriptions section in my settings. APPARENTLY this app has been billing me TWENTY DOLLARS A WEEK for MONTHS. I almost NEVER do free trials of apps for this reason, because of scammers like this. Credit where it’s due in my human error for maybe downloading and forgetting in the first place - but the SHADINESS of not even showing up in my settings is indicative of the practices these people employ. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR INFO.
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4 years ago, haileyisalsome😗🤓🤩🦄🦋
so i was playing my game and this add popped up and from what is seemed i thought it would be a like a scan of ur hand. but it made you pay to actually scan your hand. i though it would scan ur hand like the add said. they need to change there add. i have gotten allot of other games that adds are fakes. the add never said you had to pay. i’m deleting this game. there is not point to it at all. I Would like this game IF it would SCAN YOUR HAND LIKE THE ADD SAID IT WOULD AND U WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY!......also this game includes allot of private information that does not need to be known except your birthdate.
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1 year ago, hajdmajhfjkdjbs
SCAM. HOW much does it cost per month???
Why I’m paying $40 a month for a mediocre astrology app I’m not sure. Why you are continuing to charge me after I deleted that app after the 1st week free trial that I unsubscribed too I’m not sure. Why you have my routing and account number for PayPal instead of going through my associated debit card through ITunes is also bizzare and makes me uncomfortable. Charges show up as GoToTop through PayPal and I had NO IDEA what that company is so of course I disputed all the charges with my credit union. Literally $19, twice a month I was charged for. Where’s the price of the app and the contract I signed up for anywhere on the App Store or sent to my email? Nowhere. Totally crappy. Figure out your paperwork, charges, transparency and subscription payments. Looks like it’s all over the place for everyone. Phooey.
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2 years ago, chuck the do it all duck
Pay for everything
I was in a game and this ad popes up and I think we this looks good so I look at reviews and some are bad but I thought we’ll sometimes people say it because it’s true or because it’s false but anyway I downloaded it and I wanted to do palm reading but you have to pay to do it and the thing is you have to pay for results even if it lets you do it free this is a scam and sorry if I read you review and thought it wasn’t true don’t download this unless you want to spend a bunch of money
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