Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

4.8 (21.2K)
65.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Horoscopes & Astrology
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

4.81 out of 5
21.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Jazzydowns22
Amazing!! I recommend it!
Horoscopes is an amazing app, and it’s so accurate! Even though I have just started a few days ago, everything it has said was true. For example, yesterday, July 10th, it said I was going to be very lazy. Then that day I ended feeling quite sick and stayed in bed for most of the day. Plus it’s completely free! I really love how you don’t have to pay for this at all. For a while now I have been looking for horoscope apps to fulfill my love for zodiacs, I have tried a few but all of them cost money. Then I found this app. It can tell you you tarot card readings, reading that people do online, it can tell you about finances, planets, love, and a LOT more for free! Everything about this app is absolutely amazing, and it’s worth every day you check it. I highly recommend this app to anyone who LOVES Horoscopes as much as I do, so if you’re thinking about getting this, please do. It’s worth it. Anyways, I hope you have a great day reading you Horoscope!
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6 years ago, JellyJt
Avid User for 10 years and counting!!!
I’m big into the spiritual side of life so reading my horoscope has been part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. I stopped reading it as I went through an extremely difficult time in my life in 2008. During that time I decided to start reading again to help me get through that time. I downloaded this particular app towards the end of 2008 and have resumed reading it daily ever since. This horoscope app is not anything like the others as this one has 3 specific areas it focuses on daily. With those 3 areas, mine has never been wrong in the 10 years I’ve been using this app. I even got my mom using this app and reading hers daily too!!!! (My mom’s daily horoscope has not been wrong either)! I would highly recommend utilizing this one over the others because as I stated above all 3 areas are spot on daily. You won’t be disappointed because I haven’t in the 10 years I’ve been using it.
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3 years ago, TourGirl555
So far so good.
I decided to give this app a try and got the first week free, then decided to purchase a month subscription because a week just isn’t enough time to really get to know anything. Easy to navigate and understand. I also appreciate that the privacy policy is pretty good actually much better than any of the other astrology apps I found. I refuse to give the other apps so much of my information that they all seem to share with tons of other companies. This app is awesome from a privacy standpoint! I am enjoying it so far and I appreciate that you guys don’t invade my privacy! Lots to explore on here too. Well rounded and pretty on point so far so good. Also the app runs as it should all of the time. I do have the newest iOS device but still happy it works the way I expect it to consistently.
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5 years ago, Notlok3453
Okay so i’m low key into astrology, like i don’t know everything about it, but i thought this would be a cool novelty app. That was until the daily horoscope started STRAIGHT UP CALLING OUT SITUATIONS ON A DAILY BASIS. To start this app not only knew when i was about to break up with my ex for reasons it knew about, it straight up told me to let go. Then my friend out of the blue got asked out by her long term friend, and this app for her sign called her the heck out on it, and even said something along the lines of a “relationship forming from a friendship might cause uncertainty” I’m not kidding when i say i have countless screenshots from days of viewing this app and it specifically referencing problems from my day. Now i check it in the morning so i know what to expect. I cant recommend this app enough.
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4 years ago, irocksoxxxx
Generally Accurate
Most horoscopes & beginner astrology information is general & only focuses on the sun sign with no further explanation that you are also influenced by your houses & moon, ascendant, & other important astronomical placements. This is the language that was understood before verbal evolution & any uttered word. Understanding the stars & patterns & behavior is an amazing & necessitated accomplishment for everything we know & will ever.. If you’re reading your horoscope for a two minute thrill & forced resonance for egotistical confirmation, all the apps are accurate.. this is just my favorite.. but I hope to see them improve by complementing their ability to relay the complexities of each sun sign most accurately with a more detailed understanding of the houses & placements.
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5 years ago, rsd22
What a wonderful app.
I downloaded this about a week ago. Not having to input my actual date of birth, time, and place (like most apps of this nature) I wasn’t expecting much. I was wrong. This app is spot on with everything from daily to career to weekly to monthly. Wow just wow. Today I went looking and looking for the option to upgrade in the app. Much to my chagrin there is not an option to pay a single penny. I would have happily paid good money to this app for something. Some apps that charge $70 annually don’t come close to this app. Great job. Highly recommend this app. Now please give the user an option to upgrade so we can at least buy you a cup of coffee! LOL.
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5 years ago, J Solaris
Best of the astrology apps I’ve used.
Majority of the time this group gets it right. Well written and good category options to choose from depending what you would like to know about your current situation or future to come. I find it fun. Some days even if your scope doesn’t fit you can find some inspiration. Checking Tarot’s are cool option I enjoyed. My worst days last year somehow I got some of the worst cards you can get. As life changed the tarot’s balanced with it. Gotta give a little time in between each of the tarot readings or the system tries to feed you new cards to keep things feeling fresher. Checking tarot’s back to back the reading made no sense & one can overthink daily life. It’s best of the astrology apps I’ve come across.
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4 years ago, Rzbby
Scarily Accurate
Let me start off by saying I am a skeptic. Not that I don’t believe, it’s just I think people take advantage. I have gone through a lot of apps and websites and found this one is the most accurate, almost scarily so. Granted you have to take it with a grain of salt, it’s the closest on accuracy then any of the others I’ve seen. I like to use the meters each day as kind of a guide to tell me how my day will be (mood, money, etc) and those are surprisingly accurate (within 1-star). I also love that you can go two days ahead as well as the following week (later in the current week). This is definitely a must have’
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3 years ago, CJ#%12344321789
Forget the rest, this one’s the real deal!
I’ve been using this app for years now. While I take pretty much everything with a grain of salt, I’ve been amazed by how accurate it’s been, especially the tarot cards. I’ve tried tons of other apps claiming to be the best, but in my opinion, none of them compare to this one. On the day I turned in my paperwork to retire, my tarot card actually said, “It’s time to retire and start a new chapter in life.” I sent a screenshot of it to all my friends. They were stunned by it! It’s free, so what do you have to lose by trying it out ?
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1 year ago, Xtm69
Great until lately
I have been using this app for years. Until lately when annoying music startles you and it continues while the app is open. It’s so difficult to concentrate when this music is forced upon you. It is from advertisers. I complained and was told to update the app to the newest version. I deleted the app and reinstalled it from the App Store. It was great for a few weeks. This morning, it happened again, same crashing music. I contacted the creators and deleted the app. It’s useless if I cannot concentrate because of this horrible music. Don’t tell me to turn the volume off either. It shouldn’t be needed just to view one application on my iPhone.
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1 year ago, AniMich
Pleased. The “Compatibility” icon is distracting.
Ive been reading these for several years now. The perspective is always conveyed with depth and thoughtfulness. I’ve been through several evolutions of the app as well. I appreciate reading the “Daily” aspect of multiple signs since I’m quite familiar with my own birth chart. I find the “compatibility” icon/distinction being included in this section to be a distraction to the daily content. I believe it to be well known that many aspects of an individual’s birth chart effect “compatibility”. It would be nice to read the “Daily” section on a dedicated tab without the influence of other information if at all possible. Or perhaps to better understand how “compatibility” relates or what goes into this configuration. Thank you for this app. And thank you to the astrologers who contribute to the content. I get a lot from it. My Best, A Longtime Student
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3 years ago, 25200221
I use this app daily
I have found this app to be very, very insightful. I love the horoscope breakdown for daily vs weekly vs career vs love vs romance, etc. the daily tarot reading is a bonus. I have been very impressed by the accuracy of the readings. This is one of my favorite apps. I use it every day for my own reading as well as to gain insight on others I will be interacting with. My only observation is tarot does not change if I change the sign I am reading about, but otherwise 5 stars. Love this app and recommend it all the time.
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7 years ago, Nicname Takken
Powerful App
This my 3rd time writing a review because all nicknames were taken. However since I love this app so much I will write another one this time much long and better. Astrolis is a must use for all horoscope readings. Perfect forecast. So on-point it'll make you wonder why you've never used this Astrolis before. Ever feel out of place somedays Astrolis gots you covered with detailed info. Need a precise forecast for the week? Astrolis is here to save the day! Need some motivation? Well you're in luck. Just install this app today and you'll know what I mean. Have fun:)
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3 years ago, A.dizzle3
Worth it!
When I’m on the go or sitting down, this brings just the right elements! Whether read before, during or after your day, this delivers. It can bring you into perspective; tone it down or tame yourself! And when your not on the up and up with planetary involvement, you get that glimpse right here! Plus, a three card reading. Awesome! And I tend to find that my own readings are very parallel and coming from an electronic device just amazes me! It’s totally worth it!
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5 years ago, The_Wilder_Spirit
Good App
This is one of my daily go to horoscope apps. I like it overall because it accounts for planetary movements. It's it a 100% accurate, probably not, but that's expected with horoscopes. The thing that's nice is having a heads up on movements allows you to understand why the day night be unexplainably rough. That being said, this app is more mindful and tries to focus on the good more than the bad. It's based on intent. If you worry about the bad, then bads on your mind. Focus on the good, and good usually happens. Although days are balances, yin and yang.
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2 years ago, tehuti6
Astrolis B+ or C- 🤔
This particular app I’ve been using since at least 2014 I’ve Always found it incredibly accurate and that was from a sun sign perspective ever since I’ve learned exponentially more about Astro over the past year I use the rising sign and now I see this app is geared toward your rising sign and the house placements using the whole house system method. So in a nutshell if you feel it doesn’t fit you then you should read your rising sign horoscopes
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6 years ago, _Kateness
Great app
I’ve used a few apps over the years and I really enjoy the layout of this app. I always feel like I have access to so much more content that I do with other apps- being able to read daily, careers, love, money, mood, weekly, monthly, etc. Having the rating on the bottom of lucky numbers, sign compatibility for that day and the money, mood, energy and (I forget the fourth one!) indicators across the bottom are an interesting addition hat other apps don’t have.
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5 years ago, SeddieS
Daily and Weekly horoscopes, and much more.
I have tried a number of these apps, and have to say that this offers so much more than others. Whether you need your daily fix or just a monthly view, this has you covered. Now for accuracy, you can’t expect it to be 100%, if you need that good luck on finding one without paying for a personal chart. I still rate this on value and things can be general, then again what are you looking for, I’m a happy camper.
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2 years ago, Tinagoyal22
Love it !!
I'm addicted and cannot go to bed without reading the forecast. Reason it's always up to the point and so true !! It matches my mindset for the day and I emotionally connect with all that has happened or is suppose to happen !! When it says it's going to be a break through year of the decade for relationship and work matters then it makes me fell motivated and also Makes me look forward to the future with excitement. I love it.
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5 years ago, wowowaggy
Great app
This horoscope app offers insight on many aspects of our lives; such as your daily, love, romance, money, and compatibility. As well as the planet positions and the effect they have in our lives on a daily basis so you can be prepared and know how the planets can influence out lives. In addition this app also provides a three card tarot spread to provide even more insight into what the universe has in store or you. What opportunities as well as obstacles that may present themselves in your life. Great app!!!
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7 years ago, Come on in ...
Astrolis horoscopes
It is traditional to start out a review with..."Wow! I love this! I use it everyday..." etc etc. more in depth, I do use it everyday, especially right now, in the month of August in the middle of the Meteor showers, which peaked last night, August 12, 2017. Being an observant Leo who is a healer for many years...I find it extremely helpful to check out my horoscope every morning and several times during the day. I recommend this one to friends and family BECAUSE IT SPEAKS TRUTHFULLY
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3 years ago, JavaWitch
Decent in general app
Tarot very often accurate for a quick daily digital three card spread. Convenient since I always have my phone. Astrology doesn’t draw on enough of a transit chart to be at all accurate, other than the most generalized advice for every sign (ie, all Aries, all Taurus…) which is to be expected of a free app. The Chinese astrology is a rather nice weekly and monthly overview that I enjoy; although still generalized for all Rat, all horse and so on.
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4 years ago, h3e7a2t6
I have loved how wonderful this can be at warning me of things that will happen on the same day, so it doesn’t feel so bad when it happens because I know there’s a greater purpose behind it. For example I was warned I’d be experiencing a loss in the present and that day was the day an owl got my cat. I learned never to let a cat out when it was still dark again (where I live). I’ve found that often your app is accurate, interesting, and thought provoking.
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5 years ago, Aidensthename
Worth it! Until lately?
Im not sure why, because nothing’s changed on my side of things, but the app just freezes is if try to go back and forth between pages more than 1 or 2 times. I think there’s such accuracy and insight. I’ve downloaded over 50 horoscope apps and frequent different websites to find reliability and a multiple-perspective way to explain the interconnectedness of it all. 👌🏼very cool, but please check for any iOS bugs!
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4 years ago, QueenVic329
Good Readings, Sometimes Vague and Confusing
Sometimes the messages are clear, concise and very accurate, but other times there are lengthy descriptions of the astral and planetary positions with no explanation of what they actually mean. This is very confusing for someone who is new to horoscopes and needs help interpreting. I’ve deleted the app twice out of frustration then redownloaded when remembering how spot on some of the readings and predictions have been. Even with its downsides, this app provides the most consistently accurate readings of the apps I’ve tried.
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7 years ago, Shana1111
Happy Horoscoper!
I've tried several horoscope apps and always come back to this one. I love the tarot reading that works in tandem with the horoscope, but mostly I just find this app accurate, insightful and uplifting! Hoping one day they will offer horoscopes garnished for each specific bday, but I suppose the tech and process for that would be quite challenging. But a girl can dream! 😇✨ Either way, I highly recommend this for a beautiful and personal daily astrological navigator ⚖
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7 years ago, surrealcatharsis
Divine Astrology App
I have been using this app for two years and it's the best app I have found so far. If you love knowing about the actual positions of the planets, this is great. It also offers a lot of categories for your life, including difference time separations such as weekly, monthly and yearly. Also! I love being able to do a quick 3 spread tarot read whenever I need a little help and I don't have my cards. I love this app so much. 10/10 would recommend
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6 years ago, Panxis7
Real Deal Astrology!
Not always the most easily readable sentences due to how much planetary movement is mentioned --but I Love that! Because they Actually explain what the planets are doing, which no one else ever does in normal horoscopes. I feel like I'll eventually know the planetary influences by heart after a while of using this app. Very accurate stuff!! *I test horoscopes for a long time before I determine if they're fortune cookie fluff or actual astrology, and this one Checks Out, trust me, try it.
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6 years ago, DragonToes
This is amazing!!
I was blown away the first time I used this app. My horoscope and tarot reading were accurate in every aspect! It didn't predict a windfall or any amazing man coming my way, it told me exactly what I had been facing, how I was feeling now and why, and where I was headed. It was not positive but it was exact and I knew I had finally found a horoscope that I could count on to see myself more clearly and to be more aware and careful as I move forward. Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Dany Drakulicht
Astrolis:The best free Horoscope App
*The Syncronicy is Amazing* I'm a professional shaman /psychic, and this has even amazed me in its Truth and accuracy. on tiring days i do not do my own readings, i use this app personally and frequently. Horoscope: spot on for each individual sign. i use it for myself and friends. *note: if you are a double in each sign, double the intensity of the meaning of the reading. Tarot: is spot on. very good for specifics, not just a 'average daily' reading. Note: there's lots of fraud out there for these apps, people trying to feed thier ego- not give out help. scammers n'such. this is definantly not one of those. Great karma, here. accurate and fully out attuned to Real Life. i'm giving it five stars. due to the fact that it's rather great for an App, than a walking-into-your-realLife-BoHo-Gypsy friends'-store-reading.;)
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5 years ago, AlaraBird
Great astrological mapping
I love to read this dance lot because it really follows and reports the planetary movements well. It’s better to understand astrology and what planets moving whee means, rather than depending on a horoscope to interpret for you. This daily planetary motion description lets you figure it out yourself, without the fluff. Only one criticism: run-on sentences have to be read a couple of times to get a clear understanding. Could use some editing with more punctuation and succinct sentences.
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4 years ago, Jillybeanz76
Like the app. Dislike the card changes.
👍🏼 - I like having my horoscope and tarot castings in 1 place. 👎🏼 - Manipulating the cards is a BIG NO-NO. They were created that way for reason. Please correct the cards back to their original, respective and corresponding images. Please STOP trying to be Politically Correct and just be what and how the cards were originally created.
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5 years ago, Mariettahikes
Very good and helpful
This app is generally easy to use, pretty accurate (I’d say about 70% - 80% of the time, which is way more than you can say for other apps I’ve tried) and easy to forward. It also now has PLENTY more predictions (weekly, monthly, etc) so it offers WAY MORE than other apps; no annoying ads and in general the best horoscope app I‘ve found and the only one I use! Side note: the new section “Planets” is only helpful if you are well versed in Astrology, I preferred the older, “Chatty” section....
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6 years ago, Kleppy
Do not use the psychics.
The app for tarot readings and horoscopes is fine. Very informative. But I went to talk to a psychic online. You have to buy credits. I started the chat but there was online err and she told me to type. So I’m typing and she keeps saying hello and then I get cut off. So I go back to her and get back in and start typing again. But my credits have been running this whole time so they ran out. I didn’t get to ask what I wanted to and they charged me a ton of money. Their system is not great and your time runs out so fast you barely have time to get one question in. Beware!
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2 years ago, DEMIGVD
Love it
I don’t even really believe in most these fortune cookie astrology apps… But this one is always accurate to what I’m dealing with at the time I open it. It blows my mind. Now I have a house full of crystals and tarot cards, and sage the house daily 😅😅😅😅. Nah but really, I feel this is more accurate than most birth chart readings I’ve got. I use it everyday. This app definitely made me a believer!
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6 years ago, Indie VA
Truly stunning.
I’ve been using Astrolis for awhile now, and I’ve made a point to check in daily for both a daily horoscope and the tarot pull. Both are incredible. Not only are they cast iron accurate, but their explanations and descriptions are a feature I feel like I could no longer live without. I have never seen any similar apps offer anything even remotely close. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, ELemgruber
Ridiculous daily message
I noticed a change to the way the writings for daily readings and such has changed in the last month or so. Today was the last straw, encouraging me to “bend a law, but not break it” in reference to the division going on in the world today is absolutely ridiculous. I will be reporting this and although nothing may change, others like me have and/or will see you for who you really are. Shame on you for putting politics into a fun horoscope reading and encouraging other’s to join your chaotic way of thinking. If you know anything about energy you know negative begets negative. I choose to stay in the light.
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5 years ago, sagewand
This is a concise and well written reference of Astrology information. Daily horoscopes cover a number of categories of interest for each zodiac sign as well as weekly and monthly reports. I especially like the style of writing and references to, reminders of past astrological events that are brought into present and future predictions. It ties it all together cohesively. I’d recommend this app as a sound quick reference to Astological activity and trends. I’m impressed with it!
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3 years ago, Hal1345
Best start to my day
I love this horoscope site. I look at my readings daily. I especially like to look back at the end of the day to see ...and more often than not how my day unfolded in line with the predictions. There have been many a stressful or even happy situations where I have Been assured that in the big picture.. it’s all okay. Works for me 😊
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3 years ago, stormtroop2020
Super accurate.
I love the planetary section on there bc it’s always so accurate. Oh and the 3 daily tarot cards literally hits the nail on the head every singe day. Sometimes it’s scary accurate. One time it said to expect a pregnancy and then I found out I was pregnant. And then the day before I had my daughter it said to I should be expecting a new arrival maybe even the birth of a child 😖😳
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4 years ago, Brightstar2!
Thank you
This is a wonderful resource for a daily horoscope and it reads in modern times and sometimes is even kind of humorous as well as it gives helpful insight as to what you could be doing on your part in regards to situations in a particular area of your life that may be coming up. It educates along with being spot on. I enjoy and appreciate this app.
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7 years ago, Nmariem272123
This app is exceptionally dead on. The fact that they back up the horoscope with science and dates in the past and future is intriguing. They nailed not only my past and present, but many of my friends and family as well... let's see if it nails my future. It has surpassed my expectations as far as any app in this realm could. I would highly recommend. Look forward to seeing what my future holds.
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6 years ago, Td0813
Eerily Accurate
I’ve never believed in astrology as much as I do after using this app. The signs that pop up in every day life, following the narratives from this app are just real! I seriously thought at first I was going crazy or just seeing what I wanted to see, but even the troubles that pop up that nobody ever wants to see were there too, and this app gave fantastic advice on how to cope with the environment or situations. Love it!
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1 year ago, Arturiux
The Tarot section needs an upgrade
By far this one of the best apps on Horoscopes. I like the addition of the Chinese Horoscope as well. My biggest complaint is the Tarot section. I have been studying dozens of Tarot books in the past few years and I find the card descriptions very superficial and sometimes inaccurate and not well researched. Different reading layouts like the Celtic cross and other spreads would be helpful.
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6 years ago, Hdhdhdjajs
On point!
I love this app. Been using it for at least a year now and it’s actually really accurate! If I’m having an off day I often tend to find that my daily horoscope had predicted so! Also days where I’m unusually put off or easily irritated are almost always days where my horoscope had predicted I would be that day. It’s fun anyway, gives me some modicum of method in the day to day madness that is life.
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3 years ago, Cher Jackson
Wonderful App!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this app. I take it with a grain of salt but the accuracy of horoscopes most days are pretty scary. And I love the tarot cards, which are very accurate most days too. I have fun with it and I am grateful for it being free. The ads are not invasive like other apps. I would consider paying too but I just do it for fun. Thank you for this wonderful app!
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5 years ago, Violet Elli
Go-To Daily Astro and 3 Card Read
I check the horoscope daily and the 3 card daily. If you’re into astrology and even if you’re new to this and tarot it’s a great intro. Skeptics kindly swerve. If you find reading your horoscope and learning diving arts as a form of introspection for gently self help this is a cool way to do a check-in. I’ve used this app for 2 years and have recommend it to many friends of all levels of curiosity. I’m a sun in Cancer ♋️ if you’re looking for deeper Astro reads subscribe to The Numinous (Insta) and their Astro Podcast the Now Age. If you’re interested in another source for a daily Astro try Cafe Astrology, they’re very good for all levels. To learn the tarot deck check out the Golden Thread tarot app— or purchase one of your own :) Cheers 🥂
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4 years ago, Fyrefoxxe
A pleasant start to my day
While I don't base my life on the stars, when I read a warning I become more alert to possible errors I might make during the day. Warnings or "heads up"about types of people have proven accurate. In uncertain times one needs all the help they can get and this site is a tool that I appreciate and enjoy.
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6 years ago, ScopeMaster0303
I’m 50/50 on this app
Well, I’m not a spiritual person and at first when I got this app I was a little skeptical. However the first couple of day I had this I was so surprised at how this app predicted what was going on around me. However I couldn’t understand most of the stuff it was saying so I had to look it up in my werriam webster. But other than that it’s a pretty good app. I still don’t understand how it predictions what I’m going through and the solution, it’s probably fake, but so far it is helping a lot. Thanks
Show more
5 years ago, Bo dene
Great way to start the day!
I’ve enjoyed starting the day with my horoscope. I check my daily horoscope using the many different aspects like career and love as well as the general one. I like the tarot cards too that give you a glimpse into the past, present and future insights. This is a very easy to navigate app that I look forward to continuing using in the future.
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