AstroStyle Mobile

2.9 (51)
34.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for AstroStyle Mobile

2.86 out of 5
51 Ratings
2 years ago, bananastacks
App keeps crashing
I enjoy this app and have had it for years, but it just started crashing every time I open it. I’ve deleted and restored it several times to no avail. Because of this, I would not recommend.
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2 years ago, nibea
App is crashing
Like others, this was my go-to horoscope app until recently when it started crashing every time I opened it. Have deleted and reinstalled several times but it didn’t work. Also, before this issue, I noticed a change in the ad layouts — the placement and bugginess of the ads made it almost impossible to click on some of the content, which was a very frustrating experience.
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6 months ago, nikklinz
Can’t input my birthday
I just got this app after a friend showed me her eerily spot on horoscope. Unfortunately I can’t even select my birthday without the app closing. I was able to click on the “12 signs” tab and see my horoscope for the day. Which was crazily spot on to how I went about my day! I’m hoping this glitch will be fixed, since I can’t access anything else for my sign without being able to put my birthday in 🙃
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2 years ago, JDdc1234
App crashed - please fix
Hello - luv your app but FYI it has recently crashed. It’s been 3 days now & although I keep updating/replacing the app (which usually works), it is still not working. Hope you get it working again soon - ❤️
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2 years ago, Al Cizzle
Please update!
I’m so sad this app is no longer working. I went to it every day and most weeks/months and loved the horoscopes. I’ll go to their website now but wish they’d update their app to align with new OS or whatever.
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9 years ago, Troubled Taurus
Simplified-- not like the website.
This app gives you the daily, weekly, and monthly overview (not the more focused love, health, and career) horoscopes. It presents love profiles for each sign but not compatibility. There are other free apps that will give you all of this but not with the girls' inimitable style. My hope is that future updates will come to include all of these features. In the meantime, I'd wait to buy this one.
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2 years ago, Joyannalee
Love the app but sad that it’s over
I recently updated and now I can longer use the app, that I’ve loved for many years. I hope a new update comes out.
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6 years ago, Hello hi it's me
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2 years ago, cosmicmama15
Glitchy and won’t stay open/crashes immediately
Had this app for about 5 years (long time AstroTwins fan) and never had a problem. Within the last week, the app will not open and immediately crashes upon opening. Yes I have reset the app and still the same. Needs repair or an update… or I want my money back.
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2 years ago, brokenscreen14
App crashed-please fix
Been a few days with the app not working even after reinstalling. Love this app please fix!
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6 years ago, LA,ca user
Loved this app for years now.
Great insight for each day and the in depth weekly is great. App stopped working this morning after the newest iPhone update tho. Hope they fix it ASAP!
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6 years ago, *_*DG*_*
Please fix ASAP
I have love this up for years but since the iOS update it keeps crashing. Please help.
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6 years ago, rubyrosegal
App no longer opens
I have loved this app for the last year but for the last week it will not open. They have disabled contact email through the app and will not respond to FB messages. So I’ve paid for a dud app and no way to report it. Therefore I’m going to have to give it a very low rating.
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2 years ago, nataliey82
Love this app but recently it's been crashing every time I open it. Even deleted for few days then got it back on my phone and still crashing
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9 years ago, lunaar
I hope they add more to this app. I don't bother using it as the site has much more content. I like to go to the next day or know what day they're talking about, instead it just says Today...just not a robust app.
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9 years ago, Nightsky325
Great app
The website does have more info, but this is presented well in an easy to access format. For me, it was well worth it.
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2 years ago, Hex117
App stopped working and no app support
I like AstroStyle and have stopped reading all other horoscopes. But like others I’ve found that my app stopped working. I’ve tried the usual fixes. Are they trying to steer users to their subscription app?
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2 years ago, FurMomma5
Love this app Buttttt!!!
I love this app and no matter what I do, it won’t open. So no horoscope for me🤷‍♀️.
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2 years ago, sophiejcor
Won’t open suddenly?
I’ve used this app for years with no problems. It’s suddenly closing the moment you open it. Needs a new update to fix.
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5 years ago, lalapinecourt
The horoscopes are stupid. You can’t look at a “Romance” horoscope daily, and I enjoy that the most. Can’t view the upcoming days. Don’t waste your time or money. I would love a refund. Uninstalling. Not worth keeping.
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2 years ago, Lid1973
App is NOT working
Please fix the app. It seems like it is going to load and then crashes. This has been going on for a week.
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2 years ago, aparra1
Used it daily for years and loved it - now it keeps crashing and won’t open.
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2 years ago, C_47
No longer usable
App crashes at launch. Even after reinstalling and updating. Developer may have abandoned it.
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9 years ago, Drs123556
Waste of money.
Just use their website. This doesn't even have all of the content in it that you can easily assess via the web.
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2 years ago, Serengeti20
Keeps crashing and needs an update
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2 years ago, -gorgeously apartment leaver
No way to contact you
Your App crashing please update
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4 years ago, jillywonka2
bought the app thinking it would take your moon and rising in to account but it only gives you a basic horoscope reading that you can get online
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4 years ago, TR.Cyan
1.99 For What
Your App is Basic I Did Buy it already so I’m not going Delete It And I Believe in Yall Horoscopes but your app is not worth 1.99
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12 years ago, milkglass
What happened?
This app is one of my favorites, but after a month or so it won't even open. It's a shame. I hope this an be fixed soon.
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12 years ago, Felix Benjamin
Constantly crashing
This app is constantly freezing up, crashing and is frustrating to use. The icons aren't intuitive and the app gives me the "oh my stars!" message more often than my horoscope. I find it easier to go to the astrostyle website and read my horoscopes there. Not worth the money for the app until they fix the kinks. Ps, if they do address the issues-- please add the feature to read 1 day ahead and 1 day back to the daily horoscopes.
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12 years ago, AstroTwin Fan
Astrostyle Astrology App
Love this App! Accurate, Well Written, Positive, Informative, Fun, Hip, & My Favorite Astrology Site!! No confusing "aspect" talk, just usable information anyone can use without knowing anything about astrology. The AstroTwins are the Best! Would definitely recommend it to anyone! Terye
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12 years ago, Rachel McPherson
My "go to" daily!
Thank you for the share features - not only are my daily readings spot on-- I'm constantly sending them to friends in need!
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11 years ago, Abundnace
Horrible App - Very Disappointing
I have had this app for almost a month and it has worked only once. Waste of my money. Very disappointing as I love the website and look forward to reading my horoscope. Makes me not want to buy anything from them at all. They need new app developers.
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10 years ago, jetblk
I love this app!!
Very well written scopes from the twins. In depth and informative! If it's crashing, it's probably because you need to update your phone;)
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9 years ago, Leslieannemc
This app doesn't all
I was so excited to find out the astro twins had an app! I downloaded it as soon as I found out. There are HUGE issues with this app. It doesn't all. I've tried emailing the twins but no one has replied. I know it can all be worked out but until then I will have to keep my low rating.
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12 years ago, kategraceb
Should have postponed release
There's way too many bugs and error messages right now. I love astrotwins and I look forward to when this is fixed, but for right now this functionality is pretty sloppy.
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12 years ago, futbolrat
App keeps crashing
I am jonesin' for my horoscope but the app keeps crashing. :-(
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11 years ago, PRJJ007
Crashes a lot. Been down for days
This app crashes very frequently and the daily horoscope is showing up blank. It's been down for days. Better off going to the website.
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11 years ago, Cab111
I love the content in this app. It truly has potential. However, it constantly crashes and is unreliable. It will often cause my phone to freeze. I love the astro twins and wanted to support them. Overall disappointed :(
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12 years ago, barkingcat5000
So psyched that you have your own app!
Great forecasts and gorgeous artwork.
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11 years ago, Caraheck
Good message, horrible app
It always crashes and freezes. I haven't had one whole week where it will actually work everyday. Don't waste your money
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11 years ago, Martha Lake
Loss of $2 in your future
Serious disruption in your house of technology if you spend money on this app. Maybe it is permanently retrograde, or influenced by the moon's orbit. Whatever the reason, it crashes on take-off.
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11 years ago, Nekesha Francis
The app won't update
I loved this app once and now it's frustrating to use. It won't update at all. I will uninstall permanently if this continues.
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11 years ago, SFYogini
I just downloaded the app and it has no horoscope info, even after I closed and re-opened. What gives? Love their website, so bummed I just threw away $2!
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10 years ago, geekgirlweb
No updates in 2 yrs
It "works" but is horribly outdated for the price. I would stick to viewing horoscopes on their website.
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9 years ago, Devtriv
Keeps crashing.
Did not work even a single time! And they charging for this app.
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10 years ago, LeSuiteBoutique
I would like my $ back
It hasn't worked in about two weeks . How do I get my $ back ?
Show more
10 years ago, Milok l
Crap, do not buy
Doesn't work, there is no content inside the app. There is a message of "we will fix it soon". Save yourself $2.00 The only positive review is probably from the developers, look at the real customer reviews. Does not work. Period.
Show more
11 years ago, ScottLeeWebb
Constantly freezes
Fix it! We love you!
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9 years ago, Tarynae2
Won't work
The app won't open and work.
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