Atlantic Union Bank

4.8 (17.1K)
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Atlantic Union Bank
Last update
12 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Atlantic Union Bank

4.75 out of 5
17.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Angela and Bruce
I have been with what I like to call the “Ukrop’s Bank” for a long time! I did leave for a minute, however I came back!! Because as far as I’m concerned, there really isn’t a bank that is as pleasant and as easy to work with. Through the changes, I really didn’t have any problems. Everything seemed rather simple and smooth. I don’t do much on the app except transfer money and check/reconcile my accounts so it’s pretty basic use. And when I do have to call the bank “800” number, everyone I have talked with has been extremely pleasant, helpful and just overall seemed happy to be of service and to be with the “Ukrop’s Bank” (or it’s professional name “Atlantic Union Bank”). -Angela M
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3 years ago, Tktm2lv
New Manager is like a new bank
I have been using this bank for years and the old manager Chris was arrogant (genito branch in Midlothian va) and very hard to work with. The bank merged and we got a new branch manager who is great to work with even during this pandemic. We travel a lot and the team members don’t say - you have to call somewhere else, they work with us to make sure all our banking needs are taken care of so we don’t have challenges while out of the state. It’s a great team that works, please don’t change it. It’s the first time I actually like my bank.
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6 years ago, Lorbrow7635
Not a great app
After trying for months for the app to be downloadable on my device (Apple iPhone 8 Plus) I was finally able to get the app on my phone. It made me go through the device verification 3 separate times for no reason. Finally get in there and it says I don’t have an available account. Went to the help section and that was a huge waste of time as not even a word on the topic. I went to your website and there is a pop up about the merger but it isn’t on your app so I had no idea until I had to take the extra step of trying to login to my account online. What’s the point of the app if you don’t update it with current information like this for your customers? I find it highly annoying I have had to wait months just to be able to get it to be compatible with my device and now it is I can’t even use it to check my account.
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4 years ago, zachary1984
Mobile App
I’ve been trying all week to get into my account and sometimes it opens but most of the time not. I have been trying since this morning to open up my account and I keep getting a message saying I am unable to access my account at this time. It is very annoying especially since I have been having trouble all week.
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7 years ago, MikeHHHH
ok, but some issues.
it's a decent app, but has some issues. One issue is sometimes it takes a while to log in. I was in my wi-fi network at home, internet was fine and sometimes it takes a few tries to login and the app just hangs. The other issue is that every time i deposit a check - even if i take a perfect picture with my iphone 7 - it makes me look at the picture again to verify the date or amount or something and asks me to retake it. Very annoying as the pictures of the check are perfect, but it makes me go through this additional step 1 or 2 times with every mobile deposit.
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4 years ago, Tony Antich
Update transactions faster
I mostly have no problems with this app however some transactions take a long time to go through. I could make a purchase on a Monday and the transaction would still be pending on Friday. I have also made two deposits on the same day before and one showed up instantly and the other doesn’t show up until several days later. Because of this I don’t ever really have an accurate balance given on my account unless I don’t make transactions for like a week.
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5 years ago, persoanadesteaptafoc
Best bank
You know when you are dealing with a bank that is geared to serve its customers by the way your accounts are handled. I banked with many others before but by far this is my favorite. Small enough to recognize my voice and know my name, big enough to make international transactions or any transactions possible. And the app is very useful and easy to learn. Thank you to all that make that possible
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6 years ago, janetsdrs
App freezes up often and shuts down and takes a long time to open more than sometimes. It could possibly be my internet connection or issues with my phone. Would like to be able to view transactions for more that 12 months. Other than that I like all the other features of the app!
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3 years ago, local user va 804
Standard app BUT
The app itself is pretty straightforward and easy to use BUT i am busy and cannot always go to the bank, I try to use the online option but even with a perfect picture they still won’t accept my check, I used my girlfriends navy federal account and the had it deposited in 5 minutes at 9pm!! I gave my bank the first pending review at 11 and they waited until they closed to say it was denied, had they simply reviewed it earlier I may have been able to get it cashed, online check deposit is basically useless I wouldn’t recommend it at all.
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12 months ago, …34211058
Secure log in not working
I’m getting back into my app after a little while and I had to do a password reset. I got that a figured out but when I do the secure log in there is only a Call Me option and the menu on the phone call does not register any button presses for any option. I already know this isn’t a flaw with my phone because I navigated other menus just to get my password reset over the phone. So what is going on?? Please fix.
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2 years ago, Mr. K Rogers
User-friendly mobile banking app
Atlantic Union’s mobile app works great and includes all the necessary features. The only issue I have noticed is that the check deposit is a little finicky; confirming your photos again almost always appeases the error message though.
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4 years ago, NatsFan78
Ruined with new update
What on earth did you do to this app?! I would rather go back to having it be slow with occasional crashes. Now the widget doesn’t show account names so I have to guess making it useless. The worst part is the new interface of the app. Why group every transaction together like this?? It is hard to read and kills my eyes. It is migraine inducing for goodness sakes. Everything runs together so it takes forever to look through transactions for a certain date. This is the worst by far this app has been. It doesn’t deserve one star. Please change it back!!!
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5 years ago, Nsg6
Nice to be able to manage money, when I can
This app is a really nice app to have. With it, I can manage my money back and forth between accounts. HOWEVER, they do random maintenance or it crashes and suddenly without ANY SORT OF WARNING you are without access to your accounts for who knows how long. Case and point, as I write this, I am sitting in a pharmacy parking lot, attempting to move money into a checking account, so I can pick up a rather expensive but very necessary prescription. The app won’t let me because something is under maintenance. GEE, WISH I HAD A WARNING SO I COULD HAVE MOVED THE MONEY SOONER. This is making me very angry 😡😡😡
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1 year ago, Vegaschops
Poorly run bank
So the app quit working at the beginning of April so I couldn’t check my account. I received a birthday check from my father. With no notice my branch was closed down. I had to drive for almost a half hour to the next branch only to be told my account was overdrawn and my birthday check from an actual banker with another bank(my dad) would not be able to be deposited for a whole day after depositing it with them. I now hate this bank and will be leaving them. This bank cannot be trusted with any of your money.
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4 years ago, mjsmilemore
I’ve been with Atlantic since 2014, back then it was just Union. I’ve seen this app go through many changes, good and bad. It’s now 2020 and the app looks promising in comparison to the larger banks, however, I’d personally like to see the U.I look more like Capital One in the app. If these changes were to be made, Atlantic I believe would be turning heads locally and nationally compared to the other banking apps out there. The ability to see details, names of businesses, gps location, addresses, website information, all about transactions would be a huge plus, like Capital One provides.
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5 years ago, logan pedan
I love the app but it could use improvements
So far my experience with the Atlantic Union bank app has been great except a lot of the times the app has not been working and I’m not able to access my account to see how much my balances is maybe if they were to fix some bugs this wouldn’t d be such a problem
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6 years ago, Neanea69
Been with this bank for years and never had any issues. Yeah there app is a little behind But I’ve seen them grow and have to say everything they do to improve the banking app is a step in the right directions. Thanks ladies and gentlemen keep making our banking life’s easier.
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1 year ago, Smlbound
Photo Deposit of Checks stopped working
So recently (after the last update?) both my wife and I are unable to deposit our checks using the app and camera on iPhones using the latest versions of iOS and the app. Once we enter the amount of the check we’d like to deposit the app goes into a holding pattern asking up to turn our phones to another position. Nothing but quitting and offloading the app with exit this bug.
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4 years ago, Rick James Russell
Easy online and in the bank
I have been a customer for 20 years. Even though the bank has grown, I still get that personal service I have always received.
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1 year ago, gs82901
Been great for years, deposit doesn’t work anymore
I’ve used this app for years and never had any complaints. I recently noticed that when I go to deposit a check the app just won’t let me take a photo of my check and I’ve done everything to try to fix it and I’m not sure what else to do! Now I’ve got all these checks and I can’t deposit them in the bank because I don’t live near a branch.
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5 years ago, Hard to get the right Nickname
Tried to use the APP just now and got a message “Application Error - We are unable to display your information at this time. Please try again later.” “ No valid accounts” I have a checking and savings account.
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5 years ago, stockatorney
Could use more features like some of the other financial apps do
No problems. Could be improved with budget trackers and the ability to link other accounts to it
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2 years ago, dayvid19
I live in Doswell Va. I bank at several different locations, Ashland and Ruther glen. Very very impressive employees. Always greet people and make sure they accommodate what ever business needs to be conducted. Thank you for excellent customer service.
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4 years ago, Kate655
I hate the update
I absolutely hate the new update. Transactions are hard to read. The font is too big so that you can only see a few at a time on the screen. It’s no longer clear what is pending and what is not. I assume the pending is the italicized ones? The only thing I like is that you can see what the balance was after every processed transaction. Please fix the overall look.
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3 years ago, knowingit
Great App with some unnecessary limits
Just like other banking apps. Easy to use to take care of regular banking activities. It does have some restrictions at least for business accounts I have not seen in other bank apps personal accounts such as a $5k limit on mobile deposits.
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7 years ago, MrStgeorge
Great App... BUT
I think it is a great App, especially with the scanning of your fingerprint to open the App. A BIG Plus for me. The only thing I do not like is how Union Bank will not allow your Credit /Debit card to be used on Apple Device with Apple Pay.
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4 years ago, BRG13
Very Nice App
Very user friendly. My one issue is that when you schedule a bill to be paid and the date comes for payment, the amount disappears for a day or two — it doesn’t show up in your account balance. Otherwise, I like it.
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2 years ago, bobbyaapl
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
iOS 16, iPhone 13: whenever I use mobile deposit it asks me to rotate my camera to take a photo. I rotate my phone in the orientation it wants, and the app doesn’t recognize that I have rotated my phone. This has been a problem for over a month. Mobile deposit is the only worthwhile feature for AUB’s mobile banking system and it doesn’t even work.
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3 years ago, Alleyma2x
Customer Service
I have recently joined your team. Each time I enter the bank, drive thru or call—- extremely friendly, engaged and polite !!! I am happy!!!
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2 years ago, Kayciwnelson
App never works
The app is awful. Constantly says there is an error or that I cannot access my account information. It is not a problem with my phone because I’ve tried logging in on other phones. Website does this a lot too. Really disappointing not to be able to access your accounts multiple days a week.
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7 years ago, A.B. Macomber and associates
It Something you take for granted, but I've used some baaaaad apps by big companies. It's a basic but useful app, works very well, and is Widget and Touch ID compatible, so you don't have to enter your password every time you want to check your balance.
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4 years ago, mjgross1981
Pending items
I like how it shows pending items to be subtracted from your account but i would like to see any positive additions in pending before it hits my account. It would go a long way to help me plan.
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6 years ago, kidney client
Great bank to be with but fees hurt!!
I had an autopay charge hit my account three days after it was dated for and another charge hit within two hours if a deposit and I got hit with $72 in fees for one overcharge. Got me rethinking prepaid cards!!!
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5 years ago, JujuClaireSwag
Constant Issues
At LEAST once a week the app is unavailable and I’m unable to use it! At random times too! It’s not even 7PM EST and the app is “unable to display” anything! Really getting tired of this. Union in general has been really difficult to work with in the past. All of this stuff makes a person think about switching banks to somewhere that works.
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2 years ago, wtgsnowskierva
Easy phone app
Having a phone app makes every transaction super easy and most of all convenient!
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3 years ago, KBMarcus
I have been a long time customer of Atlantic Union and it’s predecessor banks. Unfortunately, their customer service has dropped dramatically. I have called multiple times with no call backs. They actually called me almost 3 weeks after I left a message. This small, customer service oriented local bank has turned into a large numbers game bank where customers don’t matter.
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5 years ago, d84s pizza
Ease of use
I really enjoy this app. It is very easy to navigate and very user friendly. I really like the mobile check deposit. Transferring money is really easy too.
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5 years ago, I don't care what name you use
When it works it’s mostly good, but it breaks down a lot, saying you have no available accounts. Also sometimes it doesn’t show all transactions, so you’re left puzzling why your balance is what it says unless you also go to their website.
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4 years ago, 31Zues13
Amazing app and even more incredible team
Easiest and most elegant banking app I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Couldn’t be any more satisfied. Always accomplish my tasked quickly and efficiently
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6 months ago, Peachesofjen
Takes forever for transactions to post
I’m leaving this bank for my regular checking. It takes entirely too long to post transactions and I never know how much money I have because I forget about large payments I make and then all of a sudden they post 5 days later. Entirely too long. Might as well be writing checks.
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1 year ago, ll_bradley16
Year After Year:
Atlantic Union provides simple information about accounting types, options, best fees possible. They often work out/understand overdraft and return atm fee’s! Just love banking with these guys!
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2 years ago, tellittana
Functions don’t work, unimpressed
The function for live chat in the app never works. Just shows blank white screen. Bank is behind in technology, not offering digital cards. Did not even send physical debit card. Extremely lacking in user friendly accessibility. I’m not impressed.
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6 years ago, RockMax EXE
Could be better. Not the best out there.
This app delivers on the basics. Deposit checks, transfer funds. I wish our debit cards were Apple Pay compatible.
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4 years ago, Tallydoodle
Easy to use!
I like this app, it is uncomplicated and very accurate. I hardly ever have to go into a branch or even the drive-through.
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10 months ago, Illegallyinsanegirl
Hate it
This app is very elementary. You can’t even click on an item to identify what it was so if it’s not clear you have no way of knowing what you spent your money on. It’s very frustrating sometimes because sometimes companies don’t use their name they use a billing number, abbreviation or a payment processing company. Big thumbs down!!
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2 years ago, matt22556
Mobile Check deposit isn’t working
Says rotate screen, and won’t let me take photos of the checks. I do this every week. Has become a huge hassle. Sometimes it works after playing with it for a while, sometimes it doesn’t. Ugh!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, I thinkitsstupid
Stop working
The app has stopped working since the update to iOS 16. Not able to make check deposits. Loved the app before this happened. Please fix
Show more
4 years ago, Kgtrain
Good app
Can’t complain, it has everything I would want in a bank app. I can make a deposit, transfer, and login with Face ID. Would love to see loan statements on the app too
Show more
5 years ago, Barb Roudy
Union Love
After working at BB&T and banking there Planters and DuPont Credit Union I feel I know a little about banks. I spent years building homes and Love the great Team Work Personal and Friendly Service and the array of Great Products OfferedA+
Show more
1 year ago, Jesseea
Rotate device to continue
Update - this is still a issue and no one cares. It’s no good to me to have a bank I cannot access. It’s been over a month if y’all do t care I’ll take my business elsewhere. This app isn’t working to deposit checks. I’ve tried everything and the screen won’t rotate to take a picture.
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