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User Reviews for AttaPoll - Paid Surveys

4.53 out of 5
30.2K Ratings
2 years ago, onk20
Attapoll is Legit🤩💰
If you want to make money on the side and do it fast while answering survey questions than you have come to the right place because this app will unable you to do just that😄 Attapoll has a low threshold so you only need to earn $3 to cash out 😧 which means you can do this over and over again on autopilot🤯 or keep earning to cash out a even bigger amount💰💰 The best part about this app is that they pay you instantly into your PayPal account⚡️not in 2 days or 10 hours or in one week no instant payment so you get your money within seconds I’ve made over $5 already and I’m not far from cashing out again I need to earn a few more cents I’ve also just made my account today but I’m enjoying this app so far it’s the best survey app on the entire App Store🤷🏾‍♂️next to Eureka who in my opinion is the second best👍🏾 all the other survey apps are worthless but not Attapoll because Attapoll is legit like I said earlier and you can accumulate money on this app very fast depending on you own personal goals of how much you want to make per day on Attapoll thank you to the developers of this app for making such a legitimate survey app😁 This is exactly the kind of app I’ve been waiting for and I’m glad I finally discovered it😌🙏🏾
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2 years ago, Easterjpan
Be patient & that’s it 🤷‍♀️
I’ve downloaded this app a week ago and i’ve made over $50. The most i’ve gotten so far was $11 in one day. The PayPal and gift card transactions are fast for me, and I try to send little amounts because I heard it takes longer the more money you send. For the people complaining about the surveys paying little and that it’s not worth it, just sit down and try to look at what the surveys are actually asking for! Some of them are very specific, so if you don’t qualify then you don’t. The $3.00 withdrawals and $2.50 gift cards are way better than the other apps offering them at $25!! It’s very reasonable considering the money adds up quick and you’re not getting 2 cents per survey. I also like how they let us take breaks because sometimes it’s very addicting. A few tips: the $0.38 surveys where they ask you for your birthday, to make sure you don’t get duplicates are 99% not gonna work so just don’t even enter them. The referrals are a great way to make some coins too, i really like the 10% thing but it does come in very late. Amazing app, but it takes up so much time so make sure you’re a patient person that’s willing to sacrifice a few hours and you won’t be having problems.
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8 months ago, Thejambo
Be Patient and Understanding, Use Your Head
I came into this app with a fair bit of skepticism, but can say that overall it is decent. Some users report problems with paying out but my payouts have always been very fast and problem free. Have made about $30 in the past month, so not going to get rich off of it, more for stepping in to stash some away or for small luxuries or needs. As to the surveys themselves, they are a mixed bag and as varied as people themselves. Many will disqualify you for paltry reasons or no reason at all. Be wary of surveys asking you to download apps (they dont always track your progress accurately or report as completed) and never provide your personal identification information. Some surveys will time out at the end and it is frequently higher paying ones that do this. You can report those and will sometimes get a partial bonus as a goodwill gesture from Attapoll, but it isn’t guaranteed. There are ways to report surveys that do that in the Settings under “Help”. As long as you go into it expecting to make some pocket change or some simple dining-out cash, you can manage your expectations and make polling work for you. Overall my experience has been good, but I am also difficult to upset and understand that not every survey is being conducted by above-board public relations firms, if you get angry or frustrated easily, lack patience, or need money with no time invested, then polling is possibly not for you.
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2 years ago, Boss Don Sleazy
Was Useful At First
if you know how to maneuver through surveys and happen to have a lot of time on your hands this app can be lucrative. with that being said, aside from the consistent not qualifying either before or after beginning the survey is especially frustrating. there are times where the surveys are taken away but the biggest disrupting factor for me is having a PENDING cashout. When I first got on this app back in late May it would send to PayPal instantly, no wait time, no questions asked. then after a while although it was rare there would be times where it would take either approaching or over 24 hours to pay me what I’ve worked extremely hard to cashout for. there was even a time where it was pending for a day and just said failed at the end, then when I didn’t it the second time I waited an extra 24 hours and it went through the time with no problem other than punctuality. in conclusion I’m proud to say that after this payout I’m more than likely going to step away from using this app and others like it in particular. It was a convenient and resourceful run but I’ve had it up to here with having to wait for funds I’ve worked extremely had to earn through doing strenuous bare minimum payment surveys.
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2 years ago, _tayy2x
It’s legit! Buuut…
Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE this app! I have so much free time so I just do surveys and I’ve earned nearly $20 in 2 days! But recently, I’ll spend about 30 minutes doing a survey. And right at the end it tells me that I was disqualified or the person who runs the survey disqualified me. And that’s a big big waste of time. I am pretty sure those surveys just get your answer and then kick you out without giving the reward. And another thing! I’ll click on a survey and before it even loads I am told I’m disqualified, and when I go back I’ll have no more surveys to do and I have to wait 30 minutes to an hour to be able to take more. But other than that, I love AttaPoll! I have already cashed out money on my PayPal. This is 100% legit and I even invited my mother so that I can get 10% what she earns in surveys! This is really helpful
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8 months ago, Tifi.
Waste of time
At first after signing up for the app I was so in love with it. It gave several surveys to chose from with decent pay outs. Lately it has become nothing but a waste of time and is getting worse by the day. For example, in the last 24 hours I have been paid $0:33 for completing at least $30 worth of surveys. Either I spend 20 minutes “successfully” completing the survey just to immediately receive a message stating you’ve been disqualified or it will say you’ve completed the survey and close the window to return back to your previous screen which automatically forfeits your participation or your balance just doesn’t get updated at all. If you think there is any type of support to reach out to you are mistaken. Your only option is to send a template type message with no options of free text to explain your situation. It wouldn’t matter if you were able to anyway because the way these things are dealt with is someone resolving or closing your ticket without making any changes or even contacting you in any way.
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4 months ago, alexm3199
It’s decent for some surveys
I was having decent luck with surveys and getting a little extra cash here and there and then I came across an offer for downloading an app and followed all of the instructions exactly as it said. It was a 26 dollar offer. I put in a complaint about the survey because I didn’t get the money for it and they basically just said next time make sure it’s something you’re actually interested in. Even though I was 🙄 and that the company didn’t tell them that I had completed the offer yet even though I did. It seemed like they made no effort to fix the issue. I almost never actually write complaints but this was especially irritating to me considering I put in a lot of effort to the surveys and offers despite a lot of other people putting in answers that don’t make any sense just so they can get money. I value the time I spend actually doing surveys and completing offers so this situation just killed the experience for me a bit. It’s been weeks since this happened and I let it go for hope that maybe it would be resolved but still nothing yet
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2 years ago, yrlme
Needs improvement
First of all, I’m a little upset that when contacting customer service over problems they only have generic answers to click on. You can’t even explain what your issue truly is. Some of the surveys do pay out, usually the ones that pay like 15-20 cents for 30 minute surveys. My major issue with this app is two things, 1) you are asked to download an app and try it. You do it and only get paid like 20% of the time. You contact customer service and inform them and they tell you those kind of surveys are not allowed (yet it’s got its own label so you know it’s that kind and there is no way to report them). My second issue is spending all this time (20-30 minutes if not more) on a survey, getting to the end and being told I’m disqualified… especially when it says at the beginning I qualify and won’t get disqualified. I feel like they are allowing these companies to get free surveys out of us and are not doing anything about it.
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2 years ago, leighann77
I am only giving this app 3 stars. Because while you are able to make a small amount of money, you won’t get enough to pay a bill or anything. The most I have gotten so far was $22. It took me about 3 days, and doing surveys for about 6 hours a day. So that’s about 18 hours for $22. I did several surveys that took me about 20-30 min, and then it disqualified me at the very end. So they got what they wanted from me, then didn’t pay. You are able to report those particular surveys, but nothing ever comes of it. Basically these multi-million dollar companies want insight and info from people, waste about 30 minutes of your time, and then not pay for it. Not to mention they make more money by selling your personal info to other companies. If you’re like me, use it if your between paydays, desperate, and need to buy some ramen or put a gallon of gas or two in your car. Other than that, you won’t make much on this app.
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1 year ago, yoongiscondom
i never write reviews for anything, but attapoll is really something special to me. of course these things take patience but it’s honestly worth it! i’ve been using it consistently for a month now and have made a couple of bucks that have helped me when i’m in a pickle lol. the surveys pay you a decent amount and it’s easily buildable. i love how the payout minimum is $3.00, that’s perfect for me when i just need a little bit extra in my pocket. sometimes the surveys crash, disqualify you when you’ve already spent so much time on them, but it’s gonna be like that regardless of the app you use. attapoll just happens to be the one i’m willing to stick to throughout them.
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8 months ago, E's Momo
Quick and easy cash out
As with a lot of surveys, you can spend a significant amount of time and then be disqualified. That’s generally pretty frustrating. Some sites won’t let you cash out until you reach a minimum, sometimes as much as $25. AttaPoll lets you cash out at just $3 and it’s pretty much instant. You can complain about an issue with a survey but you can’t be very specific and rarely does it help. I don’t like that you can’t reach support and specifically state your issue. They seem to be pretty unreachable. If not for that, I may have given a higher star review. It’s frustrating when you can’t express your concerns and actually feel heard. Also, some of the incentives are embarrassingly low. I downloaded a game and completed the required levels but never received the incentive. They cover themselves by passing the buck and you have no recourse because you can’t say what happened.
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2 years ago, D337_|\|U+$
Disappointed right now
I noticed I wasn’t getting any service and then I noticed that in the messages it says my account has been disabled and if they could be for a variety of reasons due to not paying enough attention which that was not the case but I’ve complained about surveys maybe six times in all the time I’ve had this app for at least a year that’s the only thing I can think of that would disable my account and at least two of them I’ve had a legitimate arguments where I’ve actually had them over turns so I don’t understand how I am being disabled I’m doing surveys For that reason this isn’t fair are used to love this app and now I’m starting to not like this at all and I would like a response in regards to this review because I feel as though that I’m a good supporter this app and I told many people about this app and I don’t believe this is fair and it needs to be a return
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1 year ago, Imcatwoman
I have mixed feelings
So the app is fine and all. I have no problem with the actual app or the developers of the app itself. My problem is that you will click on the surveys and spend 20 min completing the survey. You are told “that is all the questions we have for you at this time” then after completing said 20+ min survey you are then disqualified from the survey all so they don’t have to actually pay you for said survey. This has happened so many times that I have counted up more than $30 that I should have received for surgery’s that they suddenly disqualified me for after I had already been told that I completed the survey. Each ones of these surveys takes at least 15-30 min to complete. It’s just false advertising which is illegal. I am trying to give these survey companies some leeway but this is just wrong.
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2 years ago, aGODofON3
Need improvements
I really like this app, it really delivers! Cash out @ just $3. The cons is, a lot of time the app crashes and it won’t pay out due to tech issues but it won’t say that. it’ll just keep loading when your done with the survey which leave you no choice but to exit out. And some surveys scam you! It’ll let you answer all the questions but at the end it’ll disqualify you which can be nerve racking after doing a lot and not money the money you earned! But it does payout just to much of a hassle. Other then this app, Qmee really delivers. If it’s going to disqualify you it’ll do it in the beginning of the survey and also if the company disqualified you unfairly, qmee realizes it and will pay you it self. It’s no jokes with qmee and also there’s no minimum cash out requirements. So until the tech issue is fixed with AttaPoll I would download Qmee so you don’t waist your time
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9 months ago, Jahdasa
When i first downloaded attapoll i had so much surveys and i was actually getting money. It was the first survey app that was doing really good for me but then i started getting disqualified from surveys back on back like i would finish doing a survey which would take like 10 mins then it would say i’m disqualified. I stopped going on the app for a little bit because i became very busy but then i went on it two weeks ago then they said they don’t have any surveys for me right now and i didn’t think to much about it then i checked on monday and saw that I had a notification saying that they disabled my account because i was getting kicked out of to much surveys, making to much accounts, and picking anything on the surveys which is not true except for the first one. I thought this app was better than any survey app i ever had. I guess i was wrong.
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1 year ago, GoodCitizen3
I’m Done With This App , I Been With This App For Over A Year Now And Yes You Allways Gonna Have 50/50 % Chance Of Completing A Survey Or Failing, It Was A Good App That Would Put A Couple Of Dollars In Your Pocket. But For The Last 2 Months, This App Has Change, Like Now You Do A Survey Spend Almost An Hour In A Survey That Was Supposed To Be 10-15 minutes , Now When You Finish That Say ““ thankyou for completing this survey you would be paid by your provider ect..”” And Don’t Get Paid . I Was Very Happy With The App At The Beginning Now Basically 75% Of The Time When You Finish You Don’t Get Paid. And I’m Talking About Not Failing . Another Thing That Happens Now That It Use To Never Happen That When You In Like 85% to 90% Almost Done With Your Survey It Fails You . That’s Crazy Maybe Someday I Be Back If This App Be Like It Was 2 Months Ago. In The Meantime I’m Deleting This App And Going To Another One That Became My Number 1 . Thankyou For The Time And Good Luck
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1 year ago, J3110127
Seems like a dangerous and time-wasting app.. read everything below
i never write reviews but I feel like I should write this.. anyways I downloaded it for someone and it’s suspicious they asked for a phone number for security purposes. i used a fake email and put fake information in the beginner 10 cent survey just in case but omg I dug into the app a bit deeper and it has ur IP address? Idk if apps in general can find ur IP address but this is alarming to me. I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t be stored in survey apps. I immediately deleted the app after before it could try to get more information from my device or something… I wouldn’t recommend this app tho. I use other survey apps that r legit and so much better that give higher chances of earning a few cents or several cents from surveys. It’s not worth wasting ur time on this as I’ve read other reviews saying survey success is horrible and if ur private information is getting leaked like this.
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2 years ago, ImOlGregg
Whole lotta work for pennies
I enjoy taking surveys and have multiple survey apps on my phone, and this one has to be my least favorite of them all. I know how these things work, I know they won’t get you rich, and I know disqualifications are normal, but this app is a ridiculous waste of time. I get disqualified from 9 out of 10 surveys I start. It wouldn’t be a big deal if they didn’t wait to disqualify you after you’ve already spent 10 minutes on the survey. The surveys here are never the length advertised either; if it says 8 minutes on the app, expect the survey to say 25 minutes once you start. It’s a sneaky way to get you to spend hours of your time for what I’d say averages out to about 50 cents an hour. I’ve earned $50 gift cards in a couple of days from other survey apps but that obviously won’t be happening with this one, I’d waste your time elsewhere!
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1 year ago, Habibaay
My great experience
I usually don’t make any reviews on any app but i really wanna share my experience with it. If you planning to make it as ur second or main resource to pay bills then you in the wrong place. This app made for people who just need some additional income and benefit from their free time to get some cash. I have been using this app for a week and i made $31 so far which is not bad because rather than spending time on nothing I could now get money. Compared to other apps i have for surveys, this the most one you can find many surveys with 2-15 minutes per survey and can get up to $1.90. I would highly recommend it
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1 year ago, Spℹ︎key
Worth it but only a little bit
A lot of the surveys disqualify you right after you open them you don’t even get to put anything in. Another issue is that you can be almost all the way though a long survey and get disqualified and the fact that even if you answer the test question in the beginning of some of the surveys right you can get disqualified isn’t right. This app I wouldn’t say is a scam I just think it isn’t properly set up. That or a lot of the surveys are just thrown together quickly and not thought about so they are bugged. Sometimes you get 15 surveys and are rejected at the end of every single one. Occasionally you get 1cent for starting a survey and I honestly feel with how many surveys reject you 20 minutes after you start you should get 1cent for every rejection. If you don’t this app can be quite the waste of time.
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2 years ago, Cfurlongue
App is good when it works , interface needs work
Nice way to make some extra cash. The platform is really basic though. I would say Be cautious about an app that has no way to contact a person when issues arise. I’ve taken a number of surveys on this app where I’ve had to fill out answers and make it to the end of the survey, get a completed by the survey company only to then get “you’ve been disqualified” by the app. I’ve put in tickets to the app about these situations only to get an automated generic response. So there’s no way to really get anything back for your time or even show that you indeed completed a survey. I’ve taken screenshots but there no where to send them to lol. So there isn’t anyone really able to help so you could end up wasting your time. I’ve had a couple 20 min+ surveys do this and it’s infuriating.
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2 years ago, funimation viewer
Actually pays out
i just got this app not too long ago and i did a few surveys and had $3 and some change. i put my pay pal info in to withdraw and i almost immediately sent! i’ve been trying to find some way to make a little extra money and was really surprised when i saw $8 and some change instead of $5 in my account. i was scared at first because when i went to log in with pay pal it logged me out of attapoll and i thought i’d lose the money i had, but i didn’t i just signed back in and looked at my balance for both. It actually transferred! gonna use this all the time now I honestly need the money
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10 months ago, showup21
It was great while it lasted
This was a site with alway available good paying surveys that were very interesting and unique. I enjoyed giving my opinion through AttaPoll and really enjoyed the instant payouts. However, it suddenly went from a large (15+) amount of surveys every time I opened it (multiple times a day), to zero. I’ve had no surveys for over a month. It just says they will email me if I get any new opportunities. I’ve reached out to support with no response. I’m guessing I’m suspended indefinitely as many others have been. It seems as though AttaPoll only likes to pay out so much before they stop giving you surveys. Luckily, I had just cashed out so there’s only .98 cents locked in my account.
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11 months ago, kendo1990
I would give this 0 stars if I could. You can make a quick couple of bucks but after consistently doing surveys and spending hours just to cash out a few bucks, they suspend your account. Once you make about $50 on their app, they suspend you and claim it’s because you didn’t take your time. Mind you, I do a lot of different survey platforms for the past 3 years and know all of the rules and guidelines for partner survey companies. I have never have been kicked off a platform. When I asked them for proof of where I rushed through surveys or where I violated terms they never got back to me! Scam! Scam! Scam!
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1 month ago, fdstaken
When the surveys work it could be a half decent app. The other side is you spend 15-30 mins in a survey, get the survey complete message, then get told you were disqualified after completion. No use in even reporting it they never actually reimburse you. I have a folder of screenshots and screen recordings of this being done over and over for the last year. Too bad you can’t submit pictures to complain. ALSO BEWARE OF JD POWER SURVEYS. They are usually among the longest and highest paying but they ALWAYS DISQUALIFY YOU at the end. The app says they can’t pay you if the company says you didn’t complete surveys even if you did. Sounds like a lot of these companies are building their platforms to collect the data without having to pay. Which is illegal btw. Whatever this app is using to “check” and track these companies seriously needs to be changed.
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2 years ago, diwanakdnacbdh
Pending cash out
AttaPoll is a pretty good app if you need some side money but of course it won’t make you rich, however when I made my way to $11 I tried cashing out to see if it was legit and it said pending than I waited 2 more days and it still begins to say pending I really hope it can send me my money I don’t know if the money will go through anytime soon. How long does it usually take to cash out? Besides that AttaPoll is so addicting and has 12+ surveys everyday which is the most amount of surveys I ever seen in survey apps. I made $9 in 5 hours which of course isn’t that much but this app could be very useful. Some other surveys apps I am trying are, eureka, zap surveys, Swagbucks, survey money, and survey pop.
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2 years ago, sandykp65
Survival of the survey..
Good place to earn a few $. cents, literally. If you make it to the end of the survey w/o being disqualified, consider yourself lucky. It’s frustrating though when you click on a survey, (so far this morning I’ve clicked on 3 different ones) & you’re automatically disqualified for just clicking on the survey, no questions offered or anything!!! You have to answer the questions “wisely “ if you expect to get paid, or else you’ll be disqualified just bc you picked a certain answer. Think about it being a lifeline, will you make it to the end?!?or will a pit open up & swallow you whole!!!
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2 years ago, SantanaSam12
Do not waste your time !!!
So someone I knew from high school posted on Facebook that this was finally the best survey app to do and that it actually is worth while… NAh!! I’m here to tell you no , no it’s not. None of them are , I don’t care if it’s paying you five dollars for two minutes it’s not worth it. Definitely a scam. Literally every time I would go to do a survey over like $.30 to $1.50 I would answer over half of their questions and then they would disqualify me !! and I know that they’re using all the information I already answered halfway through it .. it’s a waste of time and it’s a scam . They tell you you’re going to get paid , then they get the information from you and then they tell you you’re disqualified . so they don’t have to pay it out , Well what about all the information I just gave you?? it’s a complete scam! All of them are !!!
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4 years ago, Kritfire
No compensation!
This is at least the 8 th time I have done a 25 minute survey and at about 70% finished it says I’m not qualified. What is that about??!! That is stealing basically!! That is my time being seriously wasted when I’m over half finished and get disqualified. Come on now.. we should be compensated after that much time us didn’t and suddenly they disqualify you! So disappointing when that time is wasted with no compensation! And there is no way to communicate with you guys about this ! Why?? I wanted to give a good review but how can I now?? And I suppose I will not get that compensation. Very discouraging compared to other apps that communicate and reimburse those kinds of losses.
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2 years ago, -3mina
Disqualifies you in the middle of taking a survey!
Pretty cool app for the most part. The idea around it is nice. You take a survey and they give you a little bit of cash in return. The reason I gave it three stars is because of two reasons. Reason number one it takes way too long to take the surveys for little to no pay. Reason number two I've been disqualified several times in the middle of taking the survey for not having the right qualifications. I think they should fix this problem by designing a way to have your list of surveys specifically made for you. It gets really annoying when you’re taking time out of your day to take a survey just to get disqualified in the middle of it. Please fix these issues.
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12 months ago, pro_review3
Waste of time
I spent 40 minutes doing a survey that said it would take 7 minutes and when I completed it, I never got my money, these survey apps should be sued or something because no way they can just get away with this stuff never using your stupid app again. You waste my time snd I get nothing in return, when I’m expecting money that’s called slavery, this app should be ashamed, all the people you see recommending this app are all shills. Do not waste your time on this app, your better off doing Uber or using the time to learn a skill you can profit off of, I can’t stress this enough.
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1 week ago, Scarygoods2
$0.34 For 4 Minutes? In Reality: $0.34 For 78 Minutes
I want my hour and then some of bored crazy time back! If you break your back and take the time to fill out all of the profile questions for free, then maybe just maybe you might get some surveys that you actually qualify for and eventually over an entire day get to cash out and their minimum is only three dollars, which is doable after a long time. I know problem with that until a minute ago when I picked a survey for four minutes because I didn’t have a lot of time or attention span to give, and it turned into this 78 minute droll boring ordeal. And not a word from either the survey researcher, or the app acknowledging the time and lack of compensation. Trust me, everyone, we are all better off at Qmee or Prime Opinion!
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2 years ago, Kimi Sue P.
Getting Really Sick Of This App
This app was great for the first few weeks. But now atleast 75% of the surveys I take will “disqualify” me AFTER I finish the survey. I’ll finish the survey 100% and then receive a pop up saying “the company conducting the survey has disqualified you”. So three days ago I started recording my screen as I take the surveys. I have over 50 screen recordings of this happening just from those 3 days. I’ll be sending these to the companies you work with to see if it’s actually them doing it or if it’s you just not wanting to pay. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous and a huge waste of time.
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2 years ago, Sunkist2283
Awesome app
I have made over $20 usd in the last 3 days after downloading this app. You can cash out by PayPal and there’s other options as well and if you don’t have a PayPal account it’s free to sign up. The money I’m earning is definitely going to help in the future and the minimum cash out for PayPal is $3.00 usd and the gift cards vary but the lowest to get a gift card is $2.50 usd. I really wish I downloaded this after it came out as a app but now I have it and I’m happy with it. Thanks AttaPoll wish I could show a screenshot of proof on here so people don’t think I’m lying. I hope this app stays around for a very long time.
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2 years ago, pebble10176
Bad reviews
You guys literally aren’t helping me with my problem. There has been like 10 surveys I completed, I get a notification that the payment is there and I didn’t not receive the money. It shows completed and shows I got the money but I did not actually get it. The help screen will not help me get the money that I worked for and spent hours working for. There was like 6 dollars worth owed to me that I didn’t get. I spent hours trying to get money I desperately needed and now they don’t want to help me get my money that im owed. They keep saying it’s my internet when it’s not. And it’s not my data either. I have 5G data. They say go to the help section but that’s not helping me get my money. It showed I received money for the survey I completed but then when I check it’s not there.
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2 years ago, jem527
Account disabled after 1 year
This app is a joke I’ve been doing surveys for other apps for 10+ years and this is the only one to disable my account after 1 year stating I’d give gibberish answers witch is 100% false. I give honest feedback and enjoy taking surveys. Don’t waste your time with this app I’ve done so many surveys for them for 10 minutes I’d be on a survey it would say completed and thank you but after I hit next button it would say not qualified. This app is a joke done waste your time. There’s other apps that when you don’t qualify for a survey they pay you 10 cents for trying. I’m an honest person that has been doing surveys because I enjoy giving feedback for 10+ years now and never once has my account been disabled. I make $600 a month doing surveys this app isn’t honest don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, ndc💝
I was specifically at first because the app would disqualify me for no reason but i kept on playing in 20 days i made 70 dollars the most i’ve made in a short amount of time was $25 dollars in 5 days. You have to be committed and invested to earn really but to be honest i think after a while of you earning there is a limit because i now no longer have any good surveys , every one of the are like 15-40 minutes long and for small amounts of money. But i would recommend It because in 20 Days i’ve earned 2 $25 doordash gift cards and 1 lyft gift card. THIS APP IS LEGIT 💝
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2 years ago, Boo666boo
I loved this app. I used it as much as possible until today when I noticed my account was disabled. I had a notification saying it was disabled for either attempting to create multiple accounts or rushing through surveys. Both are untrue. I actually provided honest and clearly written responses when asked to. In fact, I had multiple surveys that I would finish and not get compensated for, so who’s in the wrong here? Not me! I still continued to use it even after being scammed multiple times! Don’t use this app unless you don’t mind putting tons of effort into the surveys and getting scammed for it. Oh, and I forgot to mention how the closer you get to being able to cash out, the more the surveys would reject you and then, oops! No more surveys available for now! It’s not the company’s fault, it’s the app. DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU!
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4 months ago, PastelPixiePop
Not worth it
It was a good app at the beginning. Then I started getting surveys that would take me the whole way through then kick me out the last second and AttaPoll would not reimburse me for my time, not even half the promised payout. It began happening a lot more recently, then today I got a notification that my account had been blocked/closed because I was supposedly not following the rules and that’s why I was getting kicked out all the time. I would take my time, read every question and would still get tossed out at the very last second. $3 minimum payout was easy to reach at the beginning but then AttaPolls survey providers started kicking me out. Sometimes they would disqualify me just because, even before the survey had even started. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone and I actually did.
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4 years ago, Mushrooms Kay
Good and fun app $$
I was skeptical cause I’ve tried other apps that either don’t pay out or just give a little bit or there are only like 2-3 surveys.. I’m unemployed due to Covid and I’ve been able to make between $30-$40 every couple of days between both apps and I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but when you only have one income ( my husband) every little bit helps .. I’ve also crossed a couple surveys that take your email so they can invite you to webinars usually pay $25-$100 depending on what the topic is .. so far I’ve done 2 .. over all great app ...I mean you won’t get rich but it’s money for just answering questions and a lot of the surveys I’ve done are actually really fun
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11 months ago, @imakuhn on tiktok
Attapoll restricts users after certain $ amount
When I first started using attapoll it was going very smoothly. I would easily make a few dollars a day using the app for a hour or so. Attapoll was the only “legit” survey app that didn't take ages to complete surveys (normally), plus it had an extremely low withdraw threshold of $3. Some other apps require you to make $15 in order to withdraw (this is because they send gift cards instead of money, usually). The app functioned perfectly until I got to my last payout. Ever since then I haven’t gotten a single survey sent to me (since June 2023). It seems like once you make certain amount of money through attapoll (i made ~$100) they stop sending you surveys and completely cut you off from using their services.
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3 years ago, SpecialistGina
Too many requests?
So I saw an add that I could get 8k robux since you and roblox were collaborating. So I was like yes I’ll scan the receipt and get my robux. Little did I know the codes took about 10 minutes before they send to verify your phone number. After a while of not knowing this and spamming my phone number in it said to many phone requests. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it said the same thing. I think deleted it for good and 5 days later (today) I tried again and it said the same thing. Horrible app and if you’re reading this review just know the 8k robux thing is gonna end on June 12th (in 2 days) and I’m writing this review now. I don’t know who y’all thing y’all are but this app isn’t anything special. Ik you guys aren’t gonna respond so just so you guys know a better app is fetch rewards.
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1 year ago, Cit3991
Account Terminated with no explanation
It started off good and I was able to complete surveys daily. I noticed surveys stop showing up once you make $10 a day. The surveys are long and tedious, and sometimes you get disqualified with no payment. So you waste time with no pay from the surveys. I would cash out at the end of the month and I got it through PayPal. The last one I did was rejected by PayPal and my AttaPoll account was disqualified. I tried to contact about why but no real explanation. So the $50 I earned just disappeared. AttaPoll could at least put it back in the account and give the option to send a gift card. I have switched to other survey apps that are better because they pay you even if you get disqualified from a survey so you’re not spending 10-15 mins on a survey with no pay.
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6 months ago, Don’t do it it doesn’t work
This app is a scam
This app USE to work. I cashed out a few time but now it disqualifies me from every single survey or it says the survey has already expired or it just crashes or freezes up. The surveys that it actually does let me do gets me all the way through the whole survey and completes it and then it says I’m disqualified and it doesn’t pay me. I have completed so many surveys without compensation. It’s ridiculous. It’s a scam and I’ve been robbed multiple times. I am owed so much money from completing surveys that they disqualify me after I complete. If you want to make a few dollars and then just get completely cut off from earning while they still collect their data and use it for their surveys without compensating you then, by all means download this app if not, stay far away!!!!!
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8 months ago, emojiqueen_345
It is legit and gives you money for doing these surveys. But it has a bad habit of lying about the amount of time it takes to complete each survey. For example this survey was paying me $2.27 for a 10 min survey. It took me 15 minutes to answers the question and that was only the questions to qualify for the real survey. It then will take you to the real survey that takes you around the same amount of time. I also hate the fact that you can be in the middle of a survey you have been doing for 10+ minutes and you give a answer they don’t like and they will disqualify you. It’s a waste of my time to be doing these surveys and getting no money from it.
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8 months ago, JacobReview*S*
AttaPoll is Real, Just Takes Time
This app by all means is 100% real. I have made about $10 with this app in 2 days. If you like surveys then take your time on these and you will earn a lot of money. I got all my money sent right to my PayPal instantly. I have had 1 issue though. Some of the surveys disqualify you for no apparent reason. This can make it annoying sometimes. Rarely they give compensation for your time and sometimes give 1 cent for starting a survey. There is one my thing. I like the referral program, they give great benefits and it’s a nice app for anyone.
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3 years ago, Gretchen A.
I’ve been using this app since the beginning of quarantine. I was a little skeptical at first, and while the app DOES have its cons (like getting disqualified quite easily) it does pay out! I just recently got my $4 payout, and it hits your PayPal within seconds of cashing out! It does take a while sometimes to reach the payout, but it never takes me more than a week. So $3 every week for 4 weeks = $12 extra a month. It’s really not bad! It does get frustrating when I get disqualified for surveys frequently, however since the app is legit, I stick with it! (Frequent disqualification is why I gave this app a 4 star review versus a 5 star)
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2 years ago, Tinypeanut10
Good app
It pays real good when it’s working but sometimes you can’t get qualified at all and they won’t give you any surveys at all for a day or a few hours. Other than that, it’s great. I made 13 dollars and I wanted to make more before I cashed out on PayPal but I couldn’t get any more surveys and I couldn’t get qualified for one either. All in all it’s great when it’s working like it should I don’t know why they shut me out and asked for my phone number and then when I gave it they said it was being used by another account. What is going on!?
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2 years ago, 🍩🍪🍩😈
Yes this app really gives you money what they don’t tell u is you technically have to be at least 13 to legally have an account I’m 13 I don’t have a job but all of the questions on the surveysOr what type of company do you work for are you an engineer how much does your family make together how much annual income do you have and after answering those saying I don’t have any of that it disqualifies me and each Servey is only like 1¢ or 50¢ I have had this app for two days played every server they gave me and I have a total of 45¢ in my account so I would say you should probably have a job if you wanna play this or like be not 13 you know idk but yeh
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2 weeks ago, Ilikethetwins
no customer support
in the short time that I had this app, I took two full surveys that then denied me payment at the very end of completing the surveys. the first time I submitted a ticket to Attapoll, they gave me the survey payment because they knew I had completed the full survey and the people doing the survey we’re just being untruthful by not paying me. the second time the exact same situation happened, they said that they can’t do anything because the surveyer decided not to pay me and they weren’t going to honor that. it is not worth my time or money to do long surveys and then have distrustful people not pay me and Attapoll not back me up; there’s also no way to message Attapoll with specifics about your issues or any way to talk to a human. cashed out and deleted.
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