Audio Editor - Music Mixer

4.6 (8.3K)
154.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
妍 岳
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Audio Editor - Music Mixer

4.57 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
5 years ago, kb222ghtyjc
Great little app
Aside from a few options that arent included, I still find the paid version extremely well built and thought out. An option to cut one file into several parts, rename each one, as well as the ability to save your file in ALAC, would make this app the best editor to date. It still earns my 5 stars, cause it does so many things that the others do not. Cheers designers!
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2 years ago, Your_local_idoit 😐💜
Okay first off whoever made this, I would just like to say never make a game again at all your terrible at it, I got this thinking it would be a fun and oh nice app to edit my audios with so that I don’t have to screen record others but NO this just proves that I can’t I just tried 9 different apps but none of them were as bad as this (they were all bad) at first it was doing good until I tried to add 2 edit audios together but it just kicked me out so after struggling to get it to work it started saying error so I just kept trying and then I GOT YOUR STUPID AD FOR 50$ SUBSCRIPTION OH BY THE WAY NO ONES PAYING FOR THAT CRAP and that’s all I got OVER AND OVER worst app ever DONT recommend don’t even think about it being a good app throw back into the trash where it belongs. That’s all remember to tell all your friends don’t download this dumb app it doesn’t work and it’ll just make you spend money.
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5 months ago, Lacy BAO
I waisted hours
This product is terrible. Starts working fine for the first few minutes but while using the cutter feature it stops working towards the end of my audio and instead of just cutting the selection, it deletes the entirety of the beginning. When I hit undo and saved it after it doing this several times thinking I could just start again with the saved copy with the already processed edits and pick up where I left off; the saved copy only included half of the audio. I’ve spent hours trying to redo it and get it to work and finally just gave up and will have to start again with hopefully a better product.
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2 years ago, ~merp~
It’s the only app that works, but it works horribly
This is the only app I could find that would let me use audios from videos in my camera roll. I guess you can overlay and (kind of but it’s really hard to make it sound half decent) stitch audios, but that’s about all it does. I think they should make the free version better before actually thinking people will pay for premium. I literally put 5 songs in, tried to add another, and it said I needed to pay to add another. The funny thing is, I had 7 song first, then I took off 2. I had to screen record what I had and restart to make it work. Someone please make a better app.
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2 years ago, Peachygamerio
This app (sort of) failed me
There was only one reason I got this app, and it was for the fade-out. I can do everything else without this app, and it works fine. But it charges you to do so. Another thing about this app is that if you want to change how much audio you put in, there’s sliders to do so, but it doesn’t tell you anything. Something that would make the app better would be to add a guide or something so if you had questions you could look in the guide. Also, while making this review I found out an audio trick to use that isn’t a fade-out using the apps I use to make a better effect.
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2 years ago, Gift of God.
Personal Review.
Very handy. I use these extra audio variables to edit and adjust my MP3 files I convert from raw video of me playing music using mp3 converter in tempo for what I have played too slow or too fast and reverb because I like reverb. I’m hard headed but this app is comparably a replacement for what I use garage band for… so far. I’m looking forward to potentially having my own stuff as ringtones.
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2 years ago, Ramielyoung
Love the app
This app is doing exactly what I need. I think it can be made even easier to use and edit. I’m using a lot video editing apps and they are way faster and user friendly even they have a more complex functionality. Please take my words as a constructive opinion
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10 months ago, RonThaFlippa
App needs another update/fix
Whenever I go to edit or adjust a part of a instrumental/song it restart’s the song from the beginning no matter where I press. I have to listen to the same song a million times to edit the end because I can’t just start from that point. Before this newest update I had no problem editing music but after the update it takes forever to edit music since the song keeps starting over from the beginning.
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5 months ago, SapphireBrick
Needs improvement, but works well
I like the app. At least at the time that I’m writing this, the free version is also great and useful. There are some things that are a bit annoying, though, like audio that won’t stop playing and I have no idea how to stop it. There should be a “stop all” button or something, but otherwise, it’s a great app.
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11 months ago, SansandPapyrus77
Audio cuts off at beginning
I would not recommend this to people trying to edit audio professionally, just those that are beginners. First of all, audios are cut at the beginning. Even when you try to select otherwise, the app takes off at least half a second from your audio when exporting. Super annoying and inconvenient. It is pretty quick and easy for those just making something really quick though.
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5 years ago, Ddjfjfd
This app is full of annoying bugs and problems. So many times I’ll have audio that doesn’t copy over right, music overlapping other music, it’s frustrating to deal with. The app gave me a deal for a free week trial and then 0.49$ a month (which totaled 5 something) and I decided just to use that, and I GOT CHARGED 10$ BY THE END OF THE FREE WEEK!!! I gave this two stars instead of one because I got what I needed to get done on this app, but not efficiently. Highly disappointed, and angry I got charged an extra 5.
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3 years ago, Eeee LOVE
I might be addicted.. heheh..
Ok ok ok, BEST APPPPP- I feel the only thing that could make it better is new stuff in magic voice. As that I mean new speeds. This is the besttttt, it helps me make audios for my edits, and I like editing audios even if I’m not good at it, but with this app I seem like I done it for years! Best thing, only one that works for me, 10/5 stars!
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1 month ago, Hollywood Blangor
I love this app
I love the fact that I have a wide range to edit my music on and also make it longer extended. I’m like those other apps that charge you for every little thing I feel like this app really allows you to do a lot more as I learn it I like this app.
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8 months ago, Matt Heaven
Can’t even automate volume
I wanted to find an app that could simply fade in music over a period of time to create an alarm. The longest this app will let you fade in is 3 seconds. Otherwise you can only change the volume for the entire track. One of the most basic editing functions to exist is being able to automate volume. It blows my mind how much effort was put into this app while disregarding such a simple feature.
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4 years ago, WolfPup7677
Loving it
I got this app to mix two songs and make a song for my boyfriend Lukas. It turned out SO good and I’m gonna keep using this app to mix music and maybe make a song or two. I highly recommend it and even without pro it’s very easy and fun to use.
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7 months ago, 0ddpriest
“Empty audio” glitch??
I like everything else about this app, but recently it’s started doing this thing where it won’t let me select certain videos to edit because of “Empty audio”. These videos have sound, and I was able to edit with them literally the day before. It’s incredibly annoying to have to find loopholes so I can use my audio.
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10 months ago, Serious man1950
Best music editing app out there for free
some updating needs to happen with how the app runs with playing. Many glitches have occurred during the editing of the song. It bugs me every time I go to mix up a song. If that gets fixed I would go as far as saying this is the best free reverb editor app out there!
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5 years ago, la mesa
I’m here to help and not five stars just trying to get noticed
1. Do t pay for the subscription. And if you did Guys I found a way to cancel the subscription go to you Apple ID at the top of the setting app go to payment or the subscriptions button and it’ll take you to the option of canceling it so these people can screw off!
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10 months ago, MissSaraAndrews
Very Buggy
I’m trying to mix songs and no matter where I tap on the song before pushing play, it plays the song from the beginning. Can’t fast forward it. Can’t slide the song further down. It’s making it impossible to mix the two songs together bc I have to listen to the entire first song from the beginning every time. Looking for a better app.
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2 years ago, Mars1914
I liked it
I think that this app is nice. I like the fact that you can import your own files if you need to. And it’s useful if you play multiple instruments. I only got the free version because I’m cheap. But I really wish that the cross fade or that the fade in general was free. But other than that it’s pretty cool
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4 years ago, LilQueen👑
Honestly this app is not the best I will be editing tracks trying to mash them together and once I have them sounding good I go back playing the song and then all of the parts that I had put together are delayed or don’t play and it’s honestly so annoying and when looking for help this app has a 20 sec video that shows you one thing which does not help at all.😡
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7 months ago, Rainbow 361
Great app
The app is one of the easiest music editing app I’ve ever used and you don’t have to pay for anything you do have to watch an occasional add once in a while but it’s worth it for great music editing skills.
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2 months ago, Psicorps
Exactly what I needed to make custom Ringtones and alerts
Exactly what I needed to make custom Ringtones and alerts Easy to use and fairly uncomplicated. The splitting of vocals needs some tweaking, but the sound for the music is fine
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2 years ago, jtvenom
It’s a good app
It’s pretty simple to use and figure out. Only reason it doesn’t get 5 is the fact that you can’t do more with it. But for what it does it is very helpful/revised/ it gets 5 cus it added more features
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2 months ago, Star.cat666
User Friendly
I am new to editing audio clips and this is very user friendly. I am able to experiment with different features and not feel overwhelmed.
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2 years ago, 'anne owl'
Feelings about this app
Helps me better my projects, user friendly but wish one could save to photos. Or, am I missing something? The app helps to polish with sound! Appreciate.
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1 year ago, Freddy Guante
Awesome and Easy to use
This app is very helpful, sample, and easy to use. Gets the work done and items are easy to upload to other devices.
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9 months ago, stonerman jb
User friendly
First time using the app had no issues other than once you hit play it plays whole song even when you hit the pause kinda anoyying but its whatever
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2 years ago, mc(2)
So helpful as a dance teacher, only difficulty I have is when you try to cut the ending of a song, the slide gets stuck and you can’t move it. Besides that it does enough without paying it.
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1 year ago, She edits
Everytime they update the app to correct a problem, they ruin something else that was working. I’ve been using the paid version for several years to do simple editing but now I’m looking to a different app. Surely a better app has been created. This one is currently impossible to use.
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2 years ago, HammondsCheese
Best Music App Out There
There’s so much utility on this app it’s insane, if you like speeding up music, bass boosting music, etc. this is definitely the app for you. There’s also a lot of mixing options on here too.🙏🏾👍🏾
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2 years ago, prymiads
Before I get started, did you know it says aidio editor on the note? The whole process is amazing, anyway for a suggestion… Maybe allow people to do a tutorial with the app? Like they pick a video and edit it? I know it’s bad but great app - byeeee!
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3 years ago, berez.ver
disgusting capitalist devs!
ads on every click of a button. AND the maximum number of tracks to add in one clip is three. THREE. if you want more they want you to pay for a vip. got what i needed to done but it took way too long because on every turn there is a ten second advertisement. maybe you wouldn't have to wring money out of advertisements if you had done a better job on the app, it is quite buggy.
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2 years ago, !💟🤍💟!
Just a suggestion
Maybe y’all shouldn’t block off too many things in the app. I think we should be able to do a little bit more than just tempo and few other things to edit at. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, Soda Popped
Powerful and Easy to Use!
I tested about 20 different audio apps and this one was my personal favourite! It’s so easy to separate vocals which has been amazing 😍
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3 years ago, Rin The Mute
Several issues....
Overall the app looks nice. But when you actually get into it, it's difficult to use and annoying. U can't even do half the stuff you want too unless your pay for the full version. It's annoying and just a pain to try and use it. I don't suggest downloading this any time. I'd rather use KineMaster and just extract the audio.
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2 months ago, Sams0nsknuckle89
Love this app!!
I have been using this app to cut songs for a year now and I love it!! I teach dance so I cut a lot of songs all the time and this app makes it so simple and easy.
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5 months ago, Framecast username: KiwiThing
ok u guys just dont know how to use it
honestly i have no issues with this app at all and i use it just fine im using it to remove background music off a tv show quote and to enhance their voices to make it louder, and this app does all that just fine. i mean there are a few complaints, but its definitely great for a free app. plus i dont get ehy you guys complain about it, just learn how to use it!
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7 months ago, Ecoficient
Was good but they ruined it
They started charging a subscription service for all effects. You get 5 free tries and then its pay only. They also removed the reverb feature and made the user interface more cluttered. It used to be a very good app but it is definitely not subscription service level of good. Go back to occasional ads and all will be well
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2 years ago, Bleamsau
Good app
Really like this app, it’s easy to use and great for my needs. My only suggestion would be a search and sort option when looking for a song to edit.
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4 years ago, Khmatrix
Signed up for free trial and charged me $23??
I downloaded the app, It said 3 day free trial, I was like oh I’ll try it. The second I pressed purchase a notification popped up on my phone for $23?? I know it’s this app because it happened simultaneously when I pressed purchase and the billing said it was an apple purchase. The worse part is that I don’t even like making audios on this. If you have an iPhone just use iMovie this isn’t worth it.
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4 years ago, Maci7549!
It’s alright
I like the idea of the App, but I can’t really do anything on there because I don’t know how. It doesn’t show you how to do anything. Maybe that’s something to try to fix in the next update. But other than that I’d say the app is pretty cool! 😎
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6 years ago, 14JellyBeans
I had high hopes for this app because it had good ratings. When I try to listen to a recording to choose to import, I couldn’t hear any audio. I wasn’t able to hear anything, before or after I made the edit. And it should have some sort of export thing so you can save to your photos. I wasn’t happy someone please tell me that it is just my phone or the app in general.
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5 months ago, Missunderstood143
Love the app but too glitchy!
Ugh.! I’m so mad! Everytime I’m editing my podcast, the app closes and doesn’t save and I have to start all over! It’s so frustrating when you’re editing a 50 minute podcast and NOTHING SAVES! Recommend fixes: - Get a save button on the editing screen. - When editing segments, Move the delete button to the front of the option instead of us having to swipe through. - make the big arrow boxes on the audio clips smaller so that we can see the right time to cut the clip. Besides that! It is a good app. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Walrus slice
Use it for my music
I make music purely on my phone and this is the only way to extract the audio from my screen recordings from garage band lol
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3 years ago, Church Podcaster
Great App But……
This is a great app & I have used it daily for a year, but they recently deleted the Fade Out option. For what I do with the app, this is greatly needed. Please bring it back.
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3 years ago, b.27unicorn
I want all access to everything because I use your app thank you and see want you can do so bye take care🤑🤑😻
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3 weeks ago, Jamal the 3rd dequavios
Music mixing
It is good just that I don’t know how to use it well. Idk y , but it repeats a part I don’t really like that but if your gonna mix a song make sure to click it in order.
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2 years ago, kumii5
i have a issue and trying to use a voice changer but i don’t understand cause i have a iphone 12 and everyone has ios. it’s not fair that if you have a new phone like iphone 12 it’s different on the home page and don’t see a voice changer on the bottom that you see the text on every button and the ios is not the same homepage that we have in i phone 12 so fix this problem out cause we have a problem but this app looks nice
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12 months ago, Chico_17
Amazing love it
This is a great app it holds big projects great and lets u use stuff from your files! Literally couldn’t ask for more
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