Audio Noise Reducer & Recorder

4.5 (708)
47.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Audio Noise Reducer & Recorder

4.49 out of 5
708 Ratings
2 years ago, TappleApple
Convenient App
Unable to record straight on device, says that some piece doesn’t exist. Kinda defeats the reason why I downloaded this; convenience. Please fix as it has a good concept! ^^^ It appears to be working now I don’t quite know why there was a problem but oh well The app is convenient so far. It would be quite nice for an audio meter so that I can keep track of peaks and a way to edit the strength of the noise removal (plus maybe a noise sample tool). It’s pretty nice though and despite the lack of audio meter, I can still work with it. *I will say efficiency is rather hindered by the inability to edit titles right after it has been recorded. It’s quite annoying to have to manually put in the file names before every recording, as I usually need multiple takes for voice-over. It’s also a hassle to listen to all my takes to see which one is which after recording. *I recommend some way to combine smaller audio files into a final bigger audio file. Nothing complex just snapping two files to play as one file would be convenient. As nice convenient as this app is, I will probably move onto something else once I’m done using up the time. I don’t really want to pay for something that lacks more precise noise removal tools. If the full version has said tools, then they should at least be included in the trial. The app is good overall but just clunky enough to bother me. It probably just doesn’t fit my needs I guess.
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3 years ago, Feonafffffff
Amazing Software for removing pesty background noise.
In my opinion, this software is best for removing background noise. If you are doing audio recording you still need a secluded room to block out extra noise, so this app is only for minor sounds. However, that does not undermine its purpose, it just specify its strengths. Under some circumstances, background noise that includes a human voice will usually not be removed. Besides, this app is also free, no required subscription. Yes, there is ads, but creators should be given money for there service. And anyways it is not a ridiculous, annoying, or undermining amount of ads. In conclusion, this software succeeds for its simplicity of purpose, yet for larger and more complex problems it fails. Ads do not undermine its purpose. Pretty good.
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3 years ago, Doge chez
Works Great! But one complaint
I love this app. It only does one thing but it does that one thing really well and can be a lifesaver in some cases. But my main issue with it is the fact that the adless mode is insanely overpriced. Why do you need to pay 100$ to remove ads? Why pay 10$ to only remove them for a week? It just doesn’t make sense. If they lowered it to something a little more reasonable I’d definitely buy it, but as is, it’s a great app with some major annoyances.
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5 years ago, rabelhmd
Great app to eliminate background noises from audio file.
It’s a really wonderful app to remove background noises from an audio file. I’ve an important recorded audio file which was noisy and I searched for several apps to clear away noises from that audio file but unfortunately I couldn’t find any other audio noise removal apps. Thanks to the developer who made it really easy and useful. It allowed me to import noisy audio file from cloud services too. This app does the work what’s its description says. Thank you.
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3 years ago, the larges
Updated: still Love this app but come on….
This has been great in helping my prerecording with removing all background noise This app is still great at doing what it does and what it is suppose to do. The issue is I paid for a week of premium (@$9.99) then when I dropped back to freeium the ads are getting ridiculous. EVERYTIME you touch a button within the app you have an ad. I get have to watch an ad for saving the recording outside of the app but for each time you press a button within the app…..come on man!! This is getting to the point where it is almost unusable. I agree the premium is great without the ads and understand you need a way to make money from a free app but with the expensive premium cost and now with overdoing the ads for every click within the app. I will be looking for a different app to use for my future work projects. Thanks for the help but I think you just got a little to greedy with ads.
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2 years ago, lexi😽😻
Eh idk
It works but if u are trying to remove like background music from a game clip (for example) the character is talking and u don’t want the intense music or the background noises they put in cut scenes in the game( if u trying to take the background noise out it works but the music can still be heard slightly and it sound like a robot when the characters talking but it’s whatever 🥱
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1 year ago, ArielTheRobloxQueen
Literally only ONE thing
This app is probably the best at getting rid of background noise, and y’all don’t buy premium, just watch the 5 second ad 💀 The ONLY thing this app struggles with is cancelling out noise went you speak in a high pitch. I don’t know if it’s something to do with frequency and can be fixed but it would be so so much better if the app could detect a high pitched laugh, yell, scream as a voice What happens is it cuts out the part of your high pitched audio, thinking it’s also the noise. Other than this, the app is splendid when it comes to monotone voices!! I’ve been trying to record a physcopathic laugh that reaches a high pitch and it hasn’t been working out, hope that can somehow be fixed, ty!
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11 months ago, cas_1209
Quick Noise Reduction
Simple but great app. I’ve been searching everywhere to find an app just to remove a noisy air conditioner in the background. This app was quick and I didn’t have to pay anything besides watch ads! Not sure how well it will do with more complex noises but it worked well removing simple buzzing in the background.
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6 months ago, Mrs. Dolatyari
Sooooo useful👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I’m a teacher and I’ve always had trouble making videos from my students because of background school noise which reduced the quality of my work. Using this app has made everything so so so much better👌🏼 It’s also really user friendly and easy to use😍
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3 years ago, krisjustkris
Your Average Noise Remover
This app is fairly normal; it works as it's supposed to and considering that it's free, it's worth its price. My only grievance is that it makes any "s" sounds more annoying, so I'd recommend finding a de-esser to lessen its annoyance or remove it. Overall, it works and the pricing (which is none) was very reasonable. 👍
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3 years ago, S_emi
Amazing!!! First app ever been successful for me:-)
This satisfies me so much!! It completely removes the fuzzy sound on YeH background and it is so amazing to even make a music recording audio!!! Love it!!! Get some more updates in this amazing app and change the profile of this app and make it look professional so people can get attractive to it and download this app:-)
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4 years ago, Wonderlost77
Horrendous app, must read before purchase
Worst audio editing app ever made. It should be called “sound remover”, it doesn’t remove noise, it removes sound. I have never rated an app poorly before now, and not only was I moved to poorly rate, but if this comment can prevent one person that is looking for an app to remove noise from being as disappointed as I am for the horrible experience and time wasted, then I’ll be happy. How in the world does this app have a good rating and who are these people saying it works...they must have been paid to rate and comment.
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1 year ago, Mrs.Skeptical
L❤️VE this App!!
Yes it works!!! I typed in the App store search bar "audio edit" and this app was the first one in the results. Was in a rush so I decided just to try that one out so I clicked on Get. I am so glad I did because this works so awesome you've gotta try it! Thank You to the Developers🙏 Yall did a GREAT JOB!
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4 years ago, whydoesthisevenexist
Doesn’t work.
I uploaded a video thinking I would be able to reduce the background noise and adjust a few things maybe make the volume louder.... but the app didn’t do a single thing. You have no control what so ever over any settings at all and you can’t even adjust the volume? You have two options. Press a button that plays the video back as their “edited” version or you can play the original version..... they both sound exactly the same... waste of time I definitely don’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Benwolfgang
I love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’m young and wanted to voice act from home as a side hobby, but I couldn’t keep up with other auditions due to there incredible audio quality now that I found this app it is a real game changer for what I want accomplished, I hope the developer knows how thankful I am for this.
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4 months ago, ro???ross
Bye-bye, fuzzy background noise
I have been dealing with audio with extremely severe background noise like it the fuzz noise as if it was next to a fan, and I have not found anything that works as good as this app for that reason
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4 years ago, 314Teeno
App was great until update
This app work great, before the update you could watch a video to add five minutes or purchase reasonably priced minutes. Now since the update you have to pay for an highly priced subscription.
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4 years ago, Pitsie
Amazing results
I’m blown away by the quality of the de-noised video. I’m recording next to a busy street with buses and cars, and have someone next to me typing on the computer... those noises are gone after going through the filter. Amazing.
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2 years ago, Chris87yup
Let me tell ya!!
If you want to clean up that annoying noise from your refrigerator or rando dog bark out of your audition tape or tik tok video, look no further! It’s come in very handy and I couldn’t be more thankful for the app. Highly recommended!!
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5 years ago, QuietLeader
Couldn’t figure out how to make it work
I couldn’t figure out how to get my file through the hoops to actually play it after it went through it’s noise reduction process. It kept playing the 1,2,3... even though my file title showed. I pressed help and that just threw me back to the trial screen. It was not intuitive to know what to do in what order. So canceled subscription, deleted the app and will try another product maybe on a desktop.
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3 years ago, Violet's Art
Best I’ve come across so far
I’m a 13 year old voice actress using a phone microphone- Even when I go to quiet places; there’s always static- or at least there was before I got this app. Would recommend.
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4 years ago, NatiCakess
Good App.
It definitely denoises audio.. the only thing I can say I dislike about it is that sometimes the audio that you are trying to hear gets cut out as well.
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3 years ago, Carolina Ayala
Excellent for denoising
If you have to send something fast and you are not at your studio, this is a great tool. Is fast, and it let you choose what type of file would you like to send.
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2 years ago, Camms51
Great app!
This app was incredibly straightforward and simple to use. Such a great tool for removing background noise, definitely the most effective one I’ve used so far!
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4 years ago, Tanya Cardenas
I had to put together a video for one of my clubs and some of the members recorded with their fan on in the bg, this was so much easier than asking them to record again👍🏻
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2 years ago, bridalsounds
This app is garbage-DON’T GET THIS!
This app is a total and complete waste of money. I was hoping to clear out some of the background noise for my wedding videos and while it cleared out the background noise it made the audio of me and my husband exchanging vows soundAwful… Kind of like an old school analog television that is fuzzy and not working. I wish there a way to get my money back- what a waste!
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2 months ago, hasan525
Best noise remover
Fantastic app for noise cancellation from Video and Audio! It excels in denoising and boosting voice clarity in recordings. Converts seamlessly between MP3, M4A, WAV formats. A must-have for anyone looking to enhance their audio files. Recommended!!!
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4 years ago, brinahll24
Best App Ever
This app is amazing, only app that works out of many I’ve downloaded and I’ll definitely be upgrading only I wish I was one time purchase instead of one year☹️😣
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4 years ago, Zoombaby01
It worked!
I was in a pinch and needed a way to fix a video I liked, but it had a ton of background noise, cars, people mumbling in the background, etc. This app took it out!
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4 years ago, Sandra.plott
I live in a noisy place and I needed to record vocal notes for my job. I've searched a lot for an app that records vocals without external noise, and I can assure you that you are the best ever! Thank you🙏🏼 you saved my life.
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2 years ago, AmosMXD
Just trying to remove some buzzing in the background. This app did it perfectly!
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10 months ago, MsLadyD3
Recommend using this
Easy to use and the audio sounds great after Denoise.
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4 years ago, RonSafe
Soooo Easy
Quit jumping to the desktop to make great recordings. I make Corporate videos and this app makes it simple. When I get inspired I just open this app and start recording.
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2 weeks ago, PontiReviews
Couldn’t remove minor floor creaking.
It removed a little bit of tv noise in the background of an audio recording but couldn’t remove any noise near where I was standing. Creaking floorboards, dog’s light footfalls on a wood floor, the sound of a piece of paper moving slightly over a desk. Can’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Theinkhalinn
So bad
Sorry. When I used it and imported my karaoke song and played the noised reduced song on the app, it is OK. But when I share it to Documents app and played it on documents, I found that not only the noise but all my vocal and background instrumental were gone. You wise guy! Lucky I haven’t buy weekly or monthly subscription.
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1 year ago,
Don’t think about it twice. Just download and thank me later
Thank you
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4 years ago, Paola S. Bueso
Absolutely love it!
Outstanding app! It exceeds my expectations in terms of the quality of the audio and makes the whole process super simple. Thank you!
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1 year ago, DP714OC
Absolutely Amazing
Perfect for what I needed to do just do simple anywhere mobile content.
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3 years ago, TAWA GARBA 702
Works great
I use it to remove small background noise from my videos
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3 years ago, Yunamalak
Really good for voice acting
This is amazing is actually really helping me with doing voice acting!! I really recommend it^^
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2 years ago, lusene
Business Owner
I love their app and I have been using it for 3 years now. I highly recommend.
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4 years ago, jmoir13
First off scam. It didn’t work and charged me every week $10
The file I tried thru their service corrupted and cannot be used in court. And when I deleted the app I thought I was done with it. Oh but no. I just saw I am being charged $9.99/week for an app that had a free trial for a week. And just now I noticed I have been charged 4 times a week!
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3 years ago, NomadMik
Denoise is a breeze!
This program quickly accomplished what expensive apps cannot. Denoise easily and quickly.
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2 years ago, Tommy wealth
4 ⭐️ general
Love it wish it’s totally free. Minutes too small and subscription too high 🙏
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3 years ago, Papaya ninja
It does the trick
Make sure you have it saving as “original” and not MP4 or it will take FOREVER to download :) But it saved 3 hours worth of work for me so that’s good
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3 years ago, A.M.F 07$$
Great app
Easy to use and does what it says highly recommend
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2 years ago, kakokurdi
I wont buy the app only one time 10$ 😭
I wont buy the app only one time for life just 10$ not subscription 😭( I had to call Apple for a refund The application takes advantage of people and steals from them monthly 10 dollars) and we only want to buy it one time for life for 10 dollars!!😭
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4 years ago, hotbihhh
Great app
This app is awesome I’m so happy I found it, I’m able to convert my files to mp3 and drop them into drop box! This app saves me so many steps thank you ❤️
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7 months ago, TheSlyGuy
A pretty good App.
I have been using it to pull from the voice memo on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Matty Mellis
I like
This app is very good at suppressing noise and unnecessary sounds,if you are shooting video for a wide audience,I highly recommend it!
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