Austin Telco

2.2 (34)
53.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Austin Telco

2.24 out of 5
34 Ratings
3 weeks ago, WMMEIER
On the new version
I like the setup of the old version better; I could see all transaction of the last 30 immediately. I have extra steps. The colors are very bland compared to last version other then that its okay.
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4 weeks ago, Annoyed+++1
Took Vital Things Away
Why would you take away notices that notify me of my direct deposit? Why would you change how many days it takes to transfer money to an external account? Why would you make a joint account a non joint account? Especially when the joint account owner cannot create his own login as previously advertised. Why would you take the ability away from quickview to be able to click on the account and see the transactions? Why do you take so long to update the balance for an account to account transfer? It’s not immediate anymore. When I need to move money from my savings to my checking, I need those fund right away. Not hours later! You made it more of a pain to see past transactions. The recent transactions view doesn’t list everything that is pending! I have to actually click on the account to see any added posts. How is this better? This app makes me mad as to where before I had no emotions towards it at all. Horrid update and the joint account owner that you won’t even list on the account anymore or give his own access to had to talk me out of closing this account altogether!
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3 weeks ago, Brit.Briz
Not a fan of the update
Terrible update to the app after 13 years of membership I expected more. More functionality, easier to navigate - especially after locking my money up for 5 days, over a weekend when the bank is closed and no one to assist with any type of actions. I don’t like the youth checking and savings account attached to mine. I don’t like not being able to turn off tap to pay on my card STILL, I don’t like the confusion to just see basic transactions, it’s a terrible update. ATFCU wasted members time and resources trying to keep up with the curve, only to fall further back than they were. They should’ve taken more time and done better before redoing their brand and update. Waste of time and money
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4 weeks ago, Caiden Westphal
Waste of money & loss of trust
The new app initially exposed my data to accounts I wasn’t on and Vice versa. The issue was fixed the next day however I believe it was negligent not to have the issue resolved before going live. I also don’t like the idea of having my accounts linked. I have separate accounts and logins got a reason. Combining them as a “convenience” is not at all convenient for the purpose of my use. Telco could have gotten feedback from customers explaining this new system and how it would work giving customers the opportunity to either opt out, take their business elsewhere, or make recommendations. Instead they moved forward and caused in my belief a breach of trust to their clients and client’s information.
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4 weeks ago, Kingjamesm
The new app is confusing and I cannot successfully make transfers to other customers of Austin Telco and it’s very difficult and it’s very hard for me to go to the bank because I am a college student and having to travel back-and-forth and having to make throughout my day very hard for me to even just go to the bank. It was very much easier on the older app and I got to transfer to whoever I needed to that had Austin Telco. I do not support this new change and I am very much against it. I wish that you would fix the bugs on your app because it is very very much making me mad.
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1 week ago, jer rey
No ATM cash deposits available.
If this bank would install after hours cash atm direct to account deposit . Y’all would be a too notch bank. Considering I could be charged $27 for a $1 over funds bill that hits during the week end it’s a real inconvenience. If the bank can’t or won’t set up what other banks already have the overdraft policy changed to not charge the costumer for weekend overdraft. At least allow to be paid the following Monday.
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3 weeks ago, FoodaClean?
I need a new bank
AustinTelco just changed its app and website and the result is HORRIBLE!!! Transaction history no longer tells you who got paid so it's impossible to rectify where my money goes. Transaction list now includes dollar amounts deducted and added but no functional description, just useless lunacy such as "withdrawal," "recurring withdrawal," "transfer," and generic junk like that. The only way to confirm a payment gets paid now is to search through each and every transaction individually, with hope of finding what you need to see. Absolute lunacy. Paper check registers are more efficient than this latest electronic garbage. I wish they'd change their name to High Anxiety Money Pit. PayPal is more efficient. If Telco doesn't fix this mess real soon, I simply must find a more effective banking relationship. I cannot live with this accounting nightmare.
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4 weeks ago, ATX_yeehaw
Great app for managing finances
The interface is intuitive and I like being able to deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer money all from my phone. The transaction insights help me easily track spending. As an Austin Telco member, this app has made banking much more convenient for me. Highly recommended.
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1 month ago, Fief puddle
Nothing like the old app
I can’t find what I’m looking for in the app. All accounts you have in ATFCU are lumped together in no particular order on a home page with full account numbers showing. There are to many really bad problems with this new app for me to explain each one. The one I think is the worst is you now can not have a second or third account at ATFCU with its own log in. This means if someone gains access to one of your accounts they now have access to all of your accounts. Great security upgrade wasn’t it?
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3 weeks ago, Frustrated with Facebook
Needs work
The app needs work. I have multiple accounts and need them streamlined. The app randomly signs you out which could be extremely inconvenient if you don’t know the password you haven’t had to type in for 6 months. Update: MUCH BETTER!!!! Thank you
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1 month ago, Coolcatc
New App Layout
They recently updated their app format which is 10x better than the previous one! Much more user friendly and doesn’t lag as much. Clearer display and larger texts make finding what you’re looking for much easier!!
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1 week ago, Jwjohnson43
App update not working
I don’t like the app in general for various reason, since the update my login does not work and I can’t even send a message to the admin using the message feature. If I leave the bank it will be for this reason.
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4 weeks ago, Sarah4715
Great update
Love the free credit score and built in budget tools. Finally you can do the same things when logged into the app and website. New layout is different but looks more modern and quick to learn.
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3 days ago, st.agnes
I’ve been a very happy Austin Telco member for quite a while. Austin Telco is The Best and although it took me a little while to adjust to the new app - with the help of your courteous and helpful customer service staff, I’m doing just fine ✅
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4 weeks ago, vzzans
the update!
I would say the updated version is working pretty well for me, and I think it’s definitely more modern to it, for anyone debating downloading the app I would say it’s worth a shot to see if it works best for you.
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3 weeks ago, Busterblk
Austin Telco Federal Credit Union Legit Review
New customer but got to see the previous platform. The new platform is smooth, fluid, and informative, yet the UI is simple and easy to use. Easy to find everything one needs!
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1 week ago, Apreliac
New design better functionality
It took a little bit to get used to, but the new format is definitely easier to use, keep all your accounts in one location.
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2 weeks ago, Deno_Marley
Gotten a lot better
Love this version. Can check my credit score and all of my various accounts are located in the same app! Good job guys keep up the good work and please continue providing patches for continued improvement.
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5 days ago, Oma7000
Printed in light gray scale is too difficult to read. Needs larger data printed & much needed contrast. Images are Not exspandable to view. It's not elder or visual handicapped accessible for adequate viewing. II don't like it at all. Why was it changed to look like other banks' statements? It was very useful before. Not it's almost unreadable & frustrating. What a waste of money spent to change it! I want the other way back on the screen!
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2 weeks ago, HoodyeHoo
I’ve been waiting for the longest to see if y'all were going to update app and allow us to label are accounts with whatever name we choose.
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5 days ago, Nice8
Hi . I don’t like the fact that you can see all the accounts at one . Because it makes it more confusing. Plus I can see my savings all the time and I rather not see it because it lets tempting to get money out . But I guess that only me thanks other that that is good
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3 weeks ago, Carlos..S
Not bad at all, but not perfect
The criteria for mobile depositing of checks is really vague but with a google it’s not that hard. Good app transferring of money between accounts is easy. With the new update it is not as seamless and it used to be though.
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2 years ago, Da Shlom
Works but dated
Functions. I expect, however, bank software to be updated during the course of two years. Security concerns because of lack of updates.
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1 month ago, simplyAnthrofan
Why oh why?
The ATFCU has been updated. I could no longer log in so I called their CS who confirmed I had not locked myself out after several attempts to access. I followed the process of updating on the app and reset my password. Accessed the account and all seemed well. Then today I try to access again and it no longer recognizes me. Not good. Not happy.
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1 week ago, June Brat
Hate the new system
The new mobile app is not user friendly and i very much dislike that my husbands acct show up for me and that my accounts show up for him without a separate login. I feel this should have been an opt in/out and not something that was decided without my knowledge or approval. I have been with Austin Telco for 30+ years and am seriously considering leaving.
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1 week ago, JB Card
User Friendly
You can handle everything on this app. True time account info and user friendly.
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4 weeks ago, Rosanky74
Austin Telco
The overall change is great. But need more options on alerts. I liked knowing when any deposits hit my accounts, that is no longer an option. I must log into account to check if my deposits have been made.
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3 weeks ago, caligirl92106
The new updated ap is horrible. Checking your bill pay history used to take 2 steps, now takes 4. Paying bills on line is more difficult. Looking at your account history, while the verbiage may be more accurate to a banker- does not work better for a customer. All in all this is the worst update for any ap I have ever seen.
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1 month ago, Jai Kith
New app is awesome!
This new app is such an upgrade! Everything is easier to use, can connect my other accounts using Plaid now! Thank you Austin Telco for this upgrade!
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3 weeks ago, Alysun’s Exploration
I would give this app four stars
I would give this app four stars it is an improvement from the last do like the better lay out of the new.
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2 years ago, jcquelle
The App
The app is great until is randomly signs you out. Yes I’m someone who can forget a password, I’ll admit but I update change it, so whatever I need to do. I log in, it works, I go back to use the app and it logs me out. Same password is entered, the one I just created and it says it it not valid. It does this a lot, what’s the problem with the app.
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1 year ago, Youngforever6
App Doesn’t Work Right
I have Face ID. It shows me a preview of my bank accounts. All works well. Then suddenly my Face ID is gone. It doesn’t remember my log in and preview of accounts is gone. When I go to settings there is no option to set these things up again. It does this over and over again over time. Why? What’s wrong with the app. Please fix it.
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3 weeks ago, BTQuarles
Hard to use, layout is a pain
This new app is so much more complicated than the old one. You have to select so many more things to get to what you want. Simplicity is lost. May be more secure, but it would have been better to just change the login and leave the rest of the app alone. How much money was wasted on this poor upgrade.
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4 weeks ago, Simplysweet and on a mission
More options
The new Austin Telco app is way better than the old one! So many more options, and very user friendly!
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4 weeks ago, ROCKINGU2
New Telco app very user friendly
The Telco app is super easy to use. It makes common transactions readily available and minimizes clicks used. Very well designed.
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1 month ago, LHTonyJ
Love the new app
It’s great being able to see all my accounts from not only Telco but other places too.
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10 months ago, Ag1996
Login issues
Frustrating when the facial recognition works one minute and then, without notice, isn’t an option to login. Then, out of the gazillion passwords I need to have remembered, the one I do remember (Austin Telco app) doesn’t work for some unknown reason! Seriously y’all, fix the bugs already..
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6 days ago, PW557793
ATFCU new app
Yes, I do like the new app. Just like anything, you have to try it to like it. It is easy to look around and choose what you’d like to look at or do.
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3 weeks ago, JaxTexx
Upgrade Fan
Really like the new upgrade with dashboard visibility and Plaid verification. They’ve shared that more features are being rolled out and look forward to seeing what is next.
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1 week ago, AENovice
I read it as above average justify I still knew I’m still getting used to it. I still like old app as of now I cannot make online contribution to my IRA account☹️
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3 weeks ago, so d ghik
New On Line System
While it took just a bit to get used to it, I am very pleased with the new system
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3 weeks ago, Bjbkb
Don’t care for the updated site.
There are several reasons 1 requires more scrolling, swiping and clicking 2 whole holdings view is gone. You present me with my checking account and I have to swipe to see other view. I loved the simplicity of the past view. If keeping me in the app longer was the objective—-mission accomplished 3 my bill pay transaction choices are buried so again more work. In fact it’s 3 levels down now Anyway hope you all got what you needed with the change
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2 weeks ago, TheRealSuperBrad
Major improvements
Major improvements to this app compared to the old one. Perfection.
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4 weeks ago, LNo:)
Love it!
Way easier to transfer money to my kids’ accounts!!
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1 month ago, Dolphinfreetuna
New app is great!
The new app is so much better than the old one. Lots of new features and easy to use!
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3 weeks ago, Jackson B tunes
Very nice app
Austin Telco’s new banking app is a great improvement and very updated. It’s easier to b my Abigayle and all the needed information is readily available.
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1 week ago, Catabuff
Easy to use
I have been with ATFCU now for over 30 yrs. They are always helpful and the app is very easy to use.
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3 weeks ago, Ladybell1950
New and improved
I like everything about the new app.
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3 weeks ago, cjheartie
New update not good
I want to be able to hide accounts now I can see all of my accounts and joint accounts I have gotten into the wrong accounts on multiple occasions. Change it back to just my accounts please.
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4 weeks ago, Anal eads69
I do not like that I can’t see what withdrawal happened unless I click on it. I liked the other way that showed all info. I also liked the quickView on the old one instead of having to log on each time.
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