Austin Telco

2.2 (34)
53.8 MB
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Current version
Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Austin Telco

2.24 out of 5
34 Ratings
1 year ago, jcquelle
The App
The app is great until is randomly signs you out. Yes I’m someone who can forget a password, I’ll admit but I update change it, so whatever I need to do. I log in, it works, I go back to use the app and it logs me out. Same password is entered, the one I just created and it says it it not valid. It does this a lot, what’s the problem with the app.
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2 years ago, Da Shlom
Works but dated
Functions. I expect, however, bank software to be updated during the course of two years. Security concerns because of lack of updates.
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12 months ago, Youngforever6
App Doesn’t Work Right
I have Face ID. It shows me a preview of my bank accounts. All works well. Then suddenly my Face ID is gone. It doesn’t remember my log in and preview of accounts is gone. When I go to settings there is no option to set these things up again. It does this over and over again over time. Why? What’s wrong with the app. Please fix it.
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5 months ago, Ag1996
Login issues
Frustrating when the facial recognition works one minute and then, without notice, isn’t an option to login. Then, out of the gazillion passwords I need to have remembered, the one I do remember (Austin Telco app) doesn’t work for some unknown reason! Seriously y’all, fix the bugs already..
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3 years ago, Greenduckxx
Mobile deposit on iPhone won’t work
I couldn’t center the check on my iPhone 11. I finally got it to work on my older IPad.
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3 years ago, Jaylin Carter
Great app!
Great app for managing basic account information and quick tools for ease of access.
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9 months ago, tiny00little00one
App has not worked in over a year. I’ve gotten a new phone. Reinstalled the app several times. Made sure my numbers were correct and nothing works. Continuously gives “error” message.
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3 years ago, PrincessLindi
Buggy and can’t remove the app
I do t know what happened with the latest update, but my app no longer get works properly, and I can remove it - only removes it from the ‘home screen’ but not the library
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3 years ago, lkmjohnman
Help temporary password
It’s saying I need a temporary password but every password I try is says failed
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3 years ago, Chris7563
Apparently you can’t use the app to pay a vehicle from an outside checking account, you can only do that through the website.
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2 years ago, sicembears
Mobile deposits
Been broken for weeks, can’t make any deposits through the app.
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2 months ago, Tony1418
Not working
Keep getting the response institution not available.
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5 months ago, wtfcares!
Do better
Can’t do much with this app. Can’t activate new cards, pay car loan. It’s a waste of time. Fix this app!
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3 years ago, Chandlee412
It’s nice to have an an app for my bank
Works as well as needed!
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4 years ago, vegas3416
Just bad.
This app could be great but every single day I’m required to re-input all my credentials back in because it does a reset or the developers did some stupid update and don’t have the app save any data. It’s pretty horrible coding if you don’t understand how to save data. Get real developers who understand the basics of core data. Also, why the heck did you remove the ability to see the previous balance when looking at your previous transactions?? SMH!! Quick breaking stuff.
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5 years ago, FireghostFari
Great App
Customer service is useless. Tried to make a mobile deposit using the same style checks, under the same lighting conditions, with the same phone and settings I’ve been using weekly for almost two years but the app was giving me errors. Instead of admitting fault and checking to see if the developer had made changes that would affect it, they blamed me and gave canned responses.
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7 years ago, Anon333
Why did you remove the text confirmation feature
It used to be the app would text you a confirmation number to verify your identity to do a bill pay transaction. That feature has now been removed and the confirmation relies on an automated phone call to send you the number. A phone call to the device I am doing the transaction on. Also if I am traveling internationally a phone call to my device is much more expensive than a text. Please put that feature back!
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7 years ago, AngryTourist
Touch ID Login
FINALLY such a pain typing my password every time I wanted to check my balance AND getting logged out after closing the app. Update is much more user friendly, no longer get kicked out after completing a transfer, logging in much easier and painless
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11 years ago, @BenKnowlton
Poor form
The mobile deposit service does not work. I've gone as far as to try multiple light settings, which were all fruitless exercises. I've tried on many occasions in the dim hope that, 'maybe it'll work this time." Howbeit I have not succeeded once. This is quite an inconvenience to me but C'est la vie. However this does not not speak at all to the quality of this credit union.
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12 years ago, AustinTX487
Invalid Credentials Problem Fixed!
Once I went to the "settings" tab under my online account and selected the mobile app option, there have been no problems! So glad Austin Telco got an app for iPhone! 😜
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12 years ago, Ditbp97!
Invalid credentials (fix) need to sign up online under settings. Then app will wrk!!! Love the app. A suggestion, multiple accounts. I have more than 1, would like to see both w/o logging out & back in.
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12 years ago, Pdubb1978
Great when it works
I use this app daily. I know how to use it. But all of a sudden it won't let me log in. Ive deleted and reinstalled and even reregistered my phone. Still says invalid login credentials. Try calling the bank and talking to someone about an iPhone ap. ha Please fix
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5 years ago, dirjnndkms
Mobile deposit photo doesn’t work
With the last update, the mobile deposit photo is not working. I tried on iPhone and iPad and even though the picture comes out perfect, the app keeps on saying that the picture is not ok and keeps asking to retake the picture. Also, the notification of the error shows a “*null” message, which indicates that the developers made some kind of mistake. Please fix it ASAP
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12 years ago, Jcatanzano
Works fine!
You need to login to the actual Austin telco website to register your handheld device prior to logging in on the mobile app. Basic app, works great, shows all accounts and can transfer.
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12 years ago, TXresearcher
App is great but
Cannot read the RED running tally against the blue background. Red is a bad choice against the background of any color but white. Please change ASAP as those of us with site problems have a huge problem with this feature of the app. Also, when will mobile check deposits be available?
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4 years ago, Coffeedogz
Stop breaking stuff!
If you don’t know how to use the saved credentials for quick login, don’t offer it. Because the only thing more irritating than having to input my login every time is going through the setup to save my credentials every time.
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7 years ago, IG ; @_deeepretty😘
Took long enough!
ok so i love atfcu as my main bank, but not being able to do much through the app hurt my heart. haha. but in the update, you can do everything you can do the the website. again, it took long enough, but thanks for doing it!!
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12 years ago, CrashVille78
Great Addition...Finally
***YOU NEED TO SIGN UP THROUGH THE WEBSITE FIRST!!!*** it's not that difficult people. That why the credentials don't work at first. It's very user friendly and it's 100x better than going through Safari
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5 years ago, Supperony
Accessing data
It has made my life a lot easier to use this app than going to the bank and going to the ATM and see that I can’t use it, really do like this app 👍🏼👍🏼
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10 years ago, barefootintx
Font color change
When viewing statement details, the red numbers on the blue background are hard to read. Other than that, the app is pretty good. I love the mobile check deposit!
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12 years ago, Kingwood Tx
I was able to log in and use it fine for a couple of weeks. Then for no reason it wouldn't let me. I can log in fine on my laptop using the exact same password. Reset my phone, uninstalled app, reinstalled. Still not working. I am giving up and permanently deleting. Great app when it works, but it's not consistent.
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10 years ago, Jsb73
Works great
Everything works great. Mobile deposit, bill pay, transfers, everything. I love the app and use it often.
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4 years ago, Marvdi
The app is especially nice to quickly check or verify transactions after receiving email notifications!!! Thank you Austin Telco!!!
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5 years ago, Kelz816
ATFCU app buggin’ out..
Why isn’t history showing anymore??? Within the past week or two, ONLY my most recent pending transaction shows.. just one. What happened to history?? I can’t see anything.
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4 years ago, cb8296
Makes me want to move my money elsewhere. This app continuously has error messages with no explanation when attempting to mobile deposit checks. Reboot the app, no change. I’ve been with ATFCU for over 24 years! So disappointed with their lack of improving their app. over the past few years.
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12 years ago, Jillienhb
Works good when it wants to...
Works well sometimes, and then others, mostly ive noticed on the weekends, doesn't work. Wish they would fix this. Also, the red for withdrawals is very hard to read!!
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4 years ago, FireFlurries
Customer service is useless
The banks are always closed when you need help, you usually need to be in person to authorize the stupidest little things, and the call center is a joke. I’m going to Chase. They will let me have more than 6 transfers a month, do international transactions, and set my own limits.
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10 years ago, Playray91
Always works great
Does exactly what I need it to do, never crashes and transfers funds immediately!
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12 years ago, Tyler Perroux
Credit unions are awesome!
Been waiting for Austin telco to have a mobile app. Very simple, but works great!
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6 years ago, Madavigo
Love your rates, hate the app!
Check deposit does not work. I use my other bank for checks. Only fix it if you don’t have to raise your rates tho!
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12 years ago, Paul Luedke
It works.
As a software QA professional, I can attest to the fact that this software works. Anyone who complains is simply whining.
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12 years ago, Happy Online Shopper
So far so good! Just happy ATFCU finally got into the app world... Makes my life easier :-)
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10 years ago, HH6223
This app is a hit and miss sometimes it's fast and a great app but other times like now where I NEED to access my accounts it won't load. Please fix or you will lose a customer.
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5 years ago, Akain11
App Crashes & Finger Print Problems
The app frequently crashes while I’m looking at my accounts, or even in the middle of doing transfers. As well as the finger print recognition or, “touch I-D” never enabling.
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12 years ago, Vegas1
Great Start!
Good looking, great working ap. Thank you SO much for doing this! Looking forward to increased functionality.
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7 years ago, All_Fallout
iOS 10 doesn't work with this app
Ever since I upgraded to iOS 10, the telco app hasn't allowed me to sign in at all. Just an endless loading screen. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, doniwani
Won't work unless on WiFi
I love the new update with fingerprint but now it won't work unless I'm on WiFi
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7 years ago, Ziggy1980
Won't load account info.
Half the time when I log in to the app it won't display account info, only shows the background image. The app used to be stable until they redid the whole look of the app.
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8 years ago, glshayes
App works great!
I really like the look and format. It it very easy to use.
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8 years ago, Itsmacintosh6383yeah numbers
Sessions expire after 15secs
Yeah nothing on this app works at all. Sessions expire after a few seconds and the info is wrong. Not to mention it looks like a app from 2007 and performs like a beached whale. Over all poor app. Not worth the data it gobbles to check a balance
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