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American Automobile Association
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User Reviews for Auto Club App

4.72 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Freedom+1
Movie Nite Saved by AAA!
I asked a beautiful woman to go to the movies with me. Amazingly she accepted the invitation and we went on an actual movie nite date! I picked her up at her house and we had a good evening together watching the movie Smile! After the movie it was almost 10:30 and rather chilly. Neither of us had jackets so we made our way to my car quickly. When I was in range of the passenger door handle to my Lincoln I pressed the button and Nothing happened!? I walked all around my car hitting my key fob from all different angles and elevations. I jiggled and shook, then banged and pleaded! Nothing worked and I had my ignition key but my ignition key does not unlock the doors or open the doors!? That is a issue that needs some thought and action/expenditure of funds! Thank God I was a AAA member! I remembered that fact and called the 800#. Within an hour we had a friendly technician show up in a well marked vehicle. We explained the issue and he was able to get my lovely date who was freezing and yet still in a good mood! We got in, turned the car and the heater on and sat and talked for almost an hour, as we got warmed up by the heater. We had a great story to tell everyone about our second official date. So this is when Movie Nite was Saved by AAA. Lol 💪🙏
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3 years ago, Nina🇺🇸
Caring emergency response
AAA was called for a flat tire on a Sunday after I had visited a friend in a nursing home. It was a Sunday morning right after church and it did take them a long time to get there as they were very busy. After they arrived and were changing my tire, I had a painful event which might have been a heart attack or a stroke but at the time I did not know that those could be verified with a blood test, so did not go to the hospital as had had five hours of heart testing at cardiologists office I just did not have the energy for the emergency room. 911 sent emergency vehicle with paramedic and EMT but Hatch Towing stayed with me until I wasOK and could drive home. They followed me home to be sure I got there all right. Wasn’t that far her beyond their duties? They were so appreciated as is your company because of the excellent service I have gotten from AAA. Thank you for being a great company. Texas hugs
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4 years ago, Cordell2016
Highway service is the worst!!!!
So my dad was driving a car that had issues and was told to test drive it at highway speeds. He did that but the car broke down and he was forced to coast the car over on the side of the highway he calls me to get a tow because he had already used all of his and the car wouldn’t turn back on so he was stranded in the cold on a Thursday night. I call them get them the info and called a few times to make sure the had a good location. The told me they’d be there around 8:55 and it was 8:20. I found my dad on the highway before them because I had to be there and waited with him. So I then look on the app to see how far they are and it said he was close. I get a call from the auto place and they told me 15 minutes and it was 8:45 at the time. Well 30 minutes later we don’t see anyone come and we call back and the guy says the call was canceled. We have never canceled a tow emergency yet it’s happened to us twice. Basically we had to call again and make another and we sat on the side of the highway in a not so safe location for 2 and a half hours till we finally got help. They also moved it to high priority!! Worst service ever
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6 years ago, lek1515
Old app was better
Started using this app in 2017 because my car has battery issues and I would use the app to request a jump start when needed. It was super simple, just open the app, set my location and then I could track the person coming to help. I loved that I never had to wait on hold or guess when someone was coming. Earlier this year I went out to my car and found it was dead, no problem just opened up the app... but to my horror they had “updated” the app and removed the only thing that actually makes this app worthwhile. Now it brings you to a page that just has the phone number on it. What’s the point of the app then? If you try to set your breakdown location it just says “connection unavailable” and prompts you to call. They apparently updated the app a few days ago to resolve this issue and I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app several times but it still brings me to the stupid phone number page. ADDITIONALLY they have taken down the online request on their website, it also brings you to a page that only has the phone number. This is ridiculous, why are we going back 20 years?? Please fix this, this app was seriously the best but then you removed the most useful feature.
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4 years ago, gmantres
No gas/dead Battery
When i was stuck on the 52 off ramp at mast the first driver could not find me, and a driver on his way home found me at the off ramp his name was Qais I believe he stayed with me until we finally got my car started and was very professional and dealt with the fuel after not being able to start it I bought more gas after that he was checking my reciatedbattery and testing it the second installment of fuel it started right up.............I was very impressed and appreciated that he stopped to help out someone on his way home, then today my wife’s battery was DOA and in less than an hour he had it running and he checked the interior lights then retested the charging system, very professional young man direct and to the point,.........AAA i have to say in a world of drought, you and all of your employees are the Oasis in the desert. Thank you so very much!! grady neel III
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1 month ago, NwiPhone
Duplicative and not a time saver
I called AAA Washington for a tow and their recording made it clear they prefer requests via the app so I complied. The app kept freezing on my location adding 10 mins of extra time for me till I hard exited and returned. Then it worked. I submitted and joined an important call and could not pick up when AAA called me to ask what was wrong with just car. If that is essential info, why not ask in the app?! I called them back despite not having a lot of time out of fear they would cancel my service. The person who answered had no idea who I was or why I had called so she repeated exactly all the questions I answered in the app and then added the what was wrong with the car one. Her time estimate and the one in the app do not match at all and despite starting this process at 9am I am now worried I won’t get my car the 3 miles to the shop before they close for lunch. I’m all for technology but technology that duplicates and adds time and frustration needs to be improved.
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3 years ago, Rick's iPod 2008
“Home Screen” & “Cheapest Gas” needs user customization
With a few tweaks, I would rate this 5-stars! “Home Screen” needs more flexibility for user customization besides just turning a page/section off for 90 days. The Drivers App is typically used safely on the roadside and as such drivers shouldn’t have to scroll through unnecessary pages such as auto insurance and be able to get to their needed page/section ASAP. Users should have the option of turning unused pages off indefinitely or at least be able to arrange pages/sections to be at the bottom of scrolling. Also the “Cheapest Gas” screen should not include “membership only” gas stations such as Costco. It takes a non-member too many keystrokes to find other options nearby. This leads into maybe re-working this section altogether, such as having a list of 5 or so of the closest stations with the cheapest gas, including “membership only“ stations, distance, price, etc., and let the user tap their choice for directions.
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3 years ago, Butterfly5836
Car trouble —- tow driver to the rescue
My car lost power running 75 miles an hour on a very busy I-20 in Arlington TX. Managed to get to the left side of road next to a cement barrier. Called AAA and in 20 minutes the tow truck driver texted me and said “When you see me don’t get out of the car”. Pulled in front of me. Backed up underneath my car and off we went! Thought to myself, guess I need to take hands off the wheel and put my seatbelt on. He got us off the road to a safe place and let the car down. Then I went to get into his tow truck which was a little high for me to get up into so he moved his truck to a curb so I could get in. He was so nice and professional. Had never had that experience before, but felt safe. I have had AAA for 30 years and will continue my membership.
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2 months ago, Hisbrtlite
Not so great
Been with AAA for a while and everything was good. Purchased a motorcycle and added it onto my insurance. I had to have it towed one day and I had to end up paying for the tow. I wasn’t happy about that to say the least. I was told by the tow co that I had to upgrade my membership to the RV one to cover my goldwing. I did but AAA refused to reimburse me for what I believed was an error on their side. I insured the MC and as a member we have NO idea that upgrading is even an issue or requirement as a motorcycle is smaller than a car. They wouldn’t even work with me at all… just flat out nope. Later I changed my motorcycle coverage to a goldwing trike and when it was totaled due to frame shearing, again they tried to lowball me and wanted to pay 10,000 less that the true value. Eventually I got what was right. Towing for emergency roadside assistance has been good although there’s always a discrepancy on time someone will be there.
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2 years ago, 1Seeker
Gas Near You to many steps
The feature has changed - rather than showing one location which is 3.1 miles from my home and always the cheapest. It now has the qualifier added “Cheapest gas within” 2 miles is displayed in green letters; unfortunately it is not enabled to change the mileage radius. At the bottom tap to see more. The screen changes to a map with pins for gas station location. Tap the pin the gas station name is displayed, tap again you can finally see the price at my preferred source, if you tap on the eye in the lower right corner of displayed address card. There is an outline of a heart at the bottom of the card. Tap on it - nothing happens- return to main screen - check for gas— NO it did not add my favorite to the list of gas stations that are closer but 20-27 cents a gallon higher. The app feature is tedious and time consuming, very frustrating. I tried contact the developer, I tapped on the app support link- nothing- only aaa insurance sales.
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3 weeks ago, African Bunny
School lane breakdown
I was on lunch break and rushing to pickup my food when the car broke down. A good friend let me use his car and that happened but because of him I had AAA and was happier than a kid in a candy store. I open the app and started the request. I let my job know what happened and my friend but above all things both the job and friend was not mad. They just wanted me to be safe and let them know if I needed a ride back. My AAA guy not only confirmed where I was he gave me an ETA and was on time. I appreciated everything he did and time he saved me. He even came back a 2nd time and picked the car up and dropped it back off again. Thanking my job and friend and most of all AAA
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3 years ago, alaskanjackal
App’s name/title needs to include “AAA”
It’s confusing, because there are two different AAA apps in the App Store. The main one with the most number of reviews is called “AAA“ but is apparently only for some of the member auto clubs around the country (my login doesn’t work for it). This one has the AAA logo but is called “Auto Club” — which is a PITA, because if I search my phone’s apps for “AAA,” it doesn’t show up. Because I only need AAA service once every couple of years, I always forget this and end up downloading the other app and trying to login and getting frustrated. If the developer just added the word “AAA” to this app’s name, I’d find it and save myself the hassle of trying to figure out why I can’t log into the other app. Or better yet, the AAA federation needs to unify their technology and all get behind a single app and single website.
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5 years ago, GeoffLau
Its not accurate
No matter how carefully you drive, this does not give correct readings. It says you’ve done 80mph when you haven’t, it claims you’ve hard braked when you haven’t. If you’re hoping to save big time on your bill forget it. Its a nice idea and would be great if it was accurate...but it isn’t. UPDATE - if you move your phone to scratch your leg or shift it on the seat it’s going to think you’ve ‘hard braked’. Not good. Update. It definitely mistakenly thinks you have hard braked when you haven’t. I’ve been watching its responses closely. And incidentally ‘hard braking’ are a part of driving defensively because of the hazardous driving by other vehicles, particularly in New Mexico, land of drunk drivers. Are you seriously going to penalise drivers for avoiding road accidents? This app fails. UPDATE OCTOBER 19 - the hardbraking calculation that AAA has decided on is really unfair. It does not take into account the necessary defensive responses against other drivers bad driving. Its differing speed calculations for hard braking measurement are too short to be reasonable.
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1 year ago, Rocky on Graveyard
Left to rot
A friend and I were riding motorcycles and we had a collision, minor damage to both bikes he called in and since he was not a premium policy holder ( he thought he was) so they declined the tow, I stepped in since I am a premium policy holder , and told them to put it on mine, they aggreed, we Waited 4.5 hours, never got a call back, I called back and was reassured that help was on the way, called back at least 3 more times they continued to reassure, I knew they had not found anyone because I never got a call back, to be fair I was at hwy281 and hwy290 about 30-45 min from the closest big town, it was 10pm, so I had to ride my motorcycle in the dark with damaged lighting back home 45 min, get my trailer and drive back 45 miles load my friends bike and bring it home... I understand that its not the same as a car to be towed, but it got late quick sitting in the dark on the side of highway, very dangerous at nightfall, so I am disappointed in how this was Not handled properly...
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4 weeks ago, poloka
Terribly slow
UPDATE: Got a response to this review to contact support. Guess what, I’ve contacted support, messaged my rep, submitted forms online and all went ignored. So I have absolutely no faith that any of the support or development team will make any effort to contact me in regards to all the problems this app has. ORIGINAL: The current app instance is terribly slow. Load time is 5+ seconds. Need to reduce the clutter of the app when I only want access to my insurance card or driving score. Driving score needs more information about what is causing it to go up and down. Otherwise you cannot change habits without knowing what is wrong. In addition, it seems the vehicle driven has impact on the app’s recording as the same path driving with a truck will decrease the score when a car can increase the score. Another reason why ALL metrics should be showing in the app indicating what is being measured so I may understand the issues with the app and communicate its issues.
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6 years ago, QveenAlpha
So I’m on my mom’s renters insurance but I have my own policy # & pay for it myself for my truck. Why do I only see all of my mom’s policies & only my membership card on MY ACCOUNT? I shouldn’t be getting bill reminders for her policies nor be able to see all of her cards as well, we don’t even share the same membership # so I don’t understand y her cards & bill reminders are even there, if this was the case & your agents did a better job of explaining how things work with AAA I would have simply opened my own policy to avoid the hassle, now I’m stuck tryna figure out how to pull my info up instead of hers, y’all need to fix that that makes no sense my insurance card won’t even show up bc it’s not a week old? That’s dumb, this is inconvenient & upsetting this whole app needs to be redone... I never had this issue with infinity’s app or insurance for that matter my insurance card was available right after they took my money, I don’t know what’s up with AAA but they need to get it together bc this is RIDICULOUS! I’m highly UPSET!
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4 years ago, Chevy2500HD4x4
I would like to make a suggestion: Would you please consider creating a way for the app to send a push notification when a vehicle you are having towed somewhere without you arrives at that location? Kind of like the Domino’s app lets you know when your pizza is on the way. It would just be very comforting to me because whenever something happens to my truck I have to have it towed to my auto mechanic’s which is half an hour away and I’m not with the vehicle so if there could just be some way where it could be checked off on some kind of electronic equipment by the driver once the vehicle is dropped off. Or maybe, once the dispatcher finds out the driver has dropped the vehicle off, maybe you could create a way for them to make the app send me a push notification that my vehicle has arrived at it’s destination?
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3 years ago, JaysonSpears81
Just call them idk why their 2 apps exist
So their is this app and their other AAA app which both ironically seem to be pointless. I had the other AAA app which I, against my better judgment, attempted at using for roadside assistance which rerouted me to this app which in turn did nothing but make me go through a ton of pointless hoops only to making me end up just having to call them. Imagine being stuck on the side of the road getting put through all the pointless hoops both apps put you through just to end up having to call them anyway, which in itself is also not a speedy process. If they were smart they would have only 1 app and make it as fast and simple as possible knowing people may be in dire situations while seeking their services. It’s not cool to put people who are likely in distress and frustration through more because your apps are terrible. Good thing though deleting both the apps freed up some storage on my phone.
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3 years ago, Nickuhhhhh
Not transparent. Read before wasting money.
No one in the decade of having AAA has ever denied me a tow until now. I’ve been a plus member for over 10 years and when I actually need a tow they won’t tow my vehicle. AAA knowingly is forcing me to drive my 3 cylinder (previously 4 cylinder) with transmission problems over 50 miles because I’m selling it. No one over the past decade has ever had a problem towing a vehicle I was selling. I guess I’ll just have to use the free tows through my phone service (if you pay a cell phone bill then your provider will offer you roadside service always). If you pay for AAA just remember this and go out and buy a 2,000 dollar trailer for hauling vehicles and make sure you have a second vehicle that can pull the trailer because AAA will not help you at all. Or you can spend 750 dollars to rent a vehicle and trailer because AAA will still not help you even though they totally can. Just won’t. This is not road side assistance. This is SPARTA!!!
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1 year ago, getlpst
First it was hard to find which of the different apps to use for all of my AAA business. When I got the correct app with all my accounts on it: things worked great! I paid my total renters insurance bill; actually a month early but now all I need to remember is the auto insurance this summer and also the travel membership bill. All three accounts come due at different times of the year. I’m not sure it’s a good thing: having to pay three different times to AAA. I’m happy with the app though and I’m happy with AAA in general. My mileage is quite low but it still seems as though the insurance is so expensive. I doubt if I could do better though.
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3 years ago, NinGio1113
Under utilized
This App has many benefits. I believe this app can benefit AAA members even more if it was advertised. For one, we know AAA delivers great service in Emergency Road Service but using the APP searching for hotels, flights and vacation packages is simple and quick. Also, if you are on vacation, the AAA triptik planner is for you. Unlike TripAdvisor, the triptik planner is a one stop shop for things to do. Populate the city and restaurants, hotels, and things to do is at your finger tips. I love it because TripAdvisor highlights tourist areas but with the AAA App highlights history, shopping and tourists interests. I just wish they develop a pleasant holidays app with fresh pop up sales for getaway or even quick getaway.
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4 years ago, patient member
Being singled out at AAA
Today marked the 2nd time a AAA associate came up to me to inform me that my son could not assist me even though I am using a walker to help me, we are of African to meAmerican decent, other people were entering with their families and nothing was said to them, only me and my son, I was there for DMV services transferring the title to my automobile with the new buyer who was also an African American man this was not only politically the correct action to take during these times but, it was humiliating to me as a member for several years, I would like to take this opportunity to Sincerely thank Jolene Murrieta Branch member Specialist for her patience and her impeccable performance for making my experience delightful and with much RESPECT to me and my Son, Sincerely, Denise
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4 years ago, iehixon
Drains my battery and provides inaccurate driving data
I got the app to try and get an insurance discount. It’s not worth it. The app is always on and drawing my location in the background so it drains my iPhone battery really quickly. In addition, the “hard braking” and “speeding” metrics are so bogus. Anytime I go 75 MPH (on a highway marked as such), the app will say I was speeding the whole way and it docks my driving score. And it counts nearly everything as hard braking. I’ll look at a trip where I was on the highway going 65 the whole time and it’ll say there were 3 instances of hard braking. Since it draws from my phone’s location, I assume if my phone were to fall on the floor while driving, it would call it hard braking. I’ve driven over 10 years without accident or ticket and I think that should say more than if I brake suddenly to avoid hitting someone who pulls out in front of me…
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3 years ago, HaydenRoyer
There is no reason people shouldn’t be a member!
I have been a triple a member for a little over 2 years now. It started after I had some truck issues on my way to Florida from my home state of Louisiana. In order to get my truck towed home from about 175miles from home cost me over a thousand dollars. Triple A will tow you around the 100mile mark(don’t quote me) for no charge & then x each mile after. I had to have it towed 2 other good distances and I was takin care off very quickly and my truck was also taken care of! I got stuck two times in one day in my yard, both times they came out and towed me out free of charge as a benefit for being a member! They have a customer for life with me!
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4 years ago, utrph77004
Buggy... and inaccurate driving information captured
Review Update: (minus 1 star) Like others have indicated on here, the Onboard Driving Score is flawed. I have it flagging “Hard braking” on 50-60% of my drives when I’m not using the brakes AT ALL! My BMW i3 has active regenerative braking (which activates when you release the gas pedal) plus a traditional brake pedal. I’m NOT even USING the brake pedal, but it’s flagging it in the app has a “hard braking” event. Unbelievable! I check the app after I make a drive over 1/2 a mile, and about 50-60% of the time, it flags a hard brake where there wasn’t one. AAA if you want to be fair, fix your algorithm on this. Personally I think AAA wants these bogus reports added in, so you don’t qualify for a good discount and they are just using it as a marketing tool to be on the same playing field as their competitors. My score dropped from 94 to 75 in the period of less than a 10 days due to these bogus breaking events. Consequently the discount dropped by 14% from an estimated 34-38% with 94, now down to 20-24% with a score of 75. The login issues are still persisting also. Even though I have selected to save my login information and use Face ID, the app refuses to save it. I must re-enter my login credentials each and every time that I launch this app. Why??? VERY, VERY annoying. Please fix this bug ASAP. 😡
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2 years ago, why join
Vehicle battery ignorance
I am a member of AAA principally for its road service and battery service. I am terribly disappointed in AAA since when I tried using its battery service, I was told AAA did not carry the battery for my car. I know it did previously since it had already changed my battery once. I explained that to the technician, but she said they did not carry it and there was nothing she could do. So, instead of AAA’s quickly rectifying the problem, and my getting what I joined for, I had to go to the dealer and spend all day and much additional expense. I asked the dealer and was told the battery is VERY common, used for corollas and rav4s. So no stars if I could give no stars. 1 star is since I have no choice and for jumping my battery. It wouldn’t have taken much effort for AAA to determine that the battery for my car is one of the most common instead of just saying there is none.
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2 years ago, ImFigg
Easy to use and pay bills
AAA in all it’s brilliance refuses to take credit card payments from any customer renewing an insurance policy. You can only use credit cards to start a new policy. This gives customers the shaft and makes it more difficult to make payments. We use credit cards for everything and cash in our points annually. The app allows us to make insurance payments directly from our bank account since we don’t write checks anymore. The app is very helpful to overcome AAA’s decision to be unfriendly to customers by refusing a form if payment that is acceptable at any other insurance company on the planet.
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4 years ago, Me3@me
Expensive with antiquated rip-off tactics and lousy app
AAA has grown decidedly more expensive over the years while providing less coverage for emergency situations. Using a tow service requires more out of pocket cost sharing and inefficient receipt submissions when things don’t go smoothly on the part of service vendors and/or AAA. Of course the reason for that is in our hectic culture many if not most people won’t have the time to follow through and will just eat the mistakes, increasing profits for AAA. Wait times for tow trucks, battery jumps, and vehicle lockouts can be long, especially in rural environments. That can leave members in precarious situations too long. If one moves while a member, it doesn’t matter how much time is left on the annual or two-year membership, the membership cannot be just transferred from state or region to another. It’s not even possible to change the home address within one’s own account. That’s absolutely ridiculous and is by design to stick it to members. Finally, the App is a waste of time. I have never been able to get it to work on my iOS devices. It opens but then the touted services won’t work; they just returning error codes. I’ve been a AAA member on and off for decades, but over, the last 15 years I’ve grown to resent it as a member unfriendly rip-off by design.
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4 months ago, Beatonic Pop
Best choice of automobile service!
Whenever I had tire, key, or battery issues, AAA is the quickest way to receive services. Now they allow us to just text and share location, so request is sent within a minute. No more putting on hold for long time nor miscommunications. Yesterday, the AAA agent helped towing my car from flat tire in the rainy weather, late evening in the dark, and parked on the narrow shoulder with super dangerous busy freeway. I truly appreciate and feel grateful for the service made from AAA. I’ll stay with this service as long as I drive thru my life. Thanks again. It’s always 120% of service!
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1 year ago, JD92949294
Great Service!!!
My truck went out because I had the radio on and was low on gas late at night while parked. I wasn’t sure if it was the battery or gas. I called AAA and they sent a truck that arrived earlier than expected. I was quoted an hour and they arrived in 20 mins and went straight to my location as I live in a large apartment complex. They found me right away. They jumped the truck and it turned on right away and even followed me to the gas station to make sure I didn’t have any more issues. Amazing service! They went above and beyond. I highly recommend!!!
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5 years ago, Persian Tony
Misleading, lying, crooked, service company.
I bought AAA last year. When I first signed up I told them could I use the service right away because I need a tow. They said yes. The monthly membership was supposed to be $9. Once I signed up they charged me some ridiculous initiation fee without consent and they told me I couldn't use my premier membership perks because it takes awhile before you can use the services I already paid for. They they tell me after 2 tow that I used all my towing privileges for the year and that it resets once the new year starts. So I waited and got charged 3 months. And after the new 2019 year I called again to use a tow and they say they are sorry but the new year starts after having membership of 365 days. Very misleading, lying, crooked, company. Save your money and pay the people who will actually help you when you need that kind of service.
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3 years ago, pgh authentiic
Great Service:
My Wife and I ( 80 and 85 ) were returning home from my grand nieces wedding reception and I got a flat tire, Only minutes from home, I figured I would try and change the tire , newer vehicle it has donut for a spare, the jack and the wheel lug wench look like kids toys , I tried to loosen the lugs but didn’t have the strength for that little so called lug wench , so macho man had to call triple AAA , Best move I’ve made so far, I happen to get the best service man that AAA must have , super quick, Great Service , very knowledgeable, was home in minutes, ( older folks can’t hold it ) Thank You. Triple AAA. , Robert Sabilla
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2 years ago, WhyStevenY
A few days ago, I tried to schedule service (through this app). The address detected/used was NOT my current location or the address I entered/corrected. The service provider went to the wrong address and closed my request when they didn’t see me or my car. Also, they couldn’t reach me because the app did not update the best contact number. Today I scheduled service through the app again. I made sure to verify the address and my contact information was correct. At the estimated arrival time, I noticed it still wasn’t assigned. I get a text message from my mom telling me the service provider is calling her there and closed out the request, again. I call AAA and explain. They recreate the request and tell me I’ll have to wait an additional 2 hours now.
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1 year ago, Lis53
Keep phone away from heat.
I signed up for the onboard. I traveled to my sons house and it recorded my trip down. Coming home however it was cold so I turned my heat on and my phone was in front of the heater in a cradle. It must have gotten hot and some access was interrupted because I arrived home and it never showed the gps logging my trip home. I had no events going down but now my score has dropped 2 points. Otherwise I love seeing my great driving score. Hoping to get a break on insurance at last. Too bad rates take into account financial more than your driving record. They make you pay even though you’re a good driver.
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2 years ago, KKrashes
Onboard accuracy and feedback
I’ve only had one trip so far where I didn’t receive a green thumbs up, but my score is now down to 62. I was dinged for high speed on a freeway that the speed limit ranges from 80 to 85. I was not speeding, that’s the speed limit. Secondly, if I’m being scored for other driving actions, I’d like to see them all. How can I work toward improving my score if I’m not receiving feedback? Everdrive app shows you specially where, when, and what kind of action dinged you, whereas with this app you just have to guess? I mean, we got our discount, so that’s great, but I want to earn a good score on this app too. If I’ve got 95% green thumbs up, my score should be a lot better.
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3 years ago, thanks Verizon
Great app
Not only at I very pleased with my AAA insurance overall I really enjoy how all the AAA membership features are made available in this app. Payments are effortless and affordable. This app conveniently combines my membership and insurance with other great features such as tips on where to find cheap gas and travel info but also makes it effortless to call for help without even talking on the phone when I need a tow. Overall this app is very thoughtful and clearly understands the user’s experience and has much more than I would expect from any other insurance company.
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2 years ago, J859377446733
HD drop-out employees
You need to hire people that can handle the basics of their job. Horrible service. For starters, your customer service people need to be trained in the basics of the app. On more than one occasion the man talked over me and then addressed issues that were not issues. On more than one occasion I had tp clearly ask my questions because he couldn’t grasp what I was asking. I know it’s hard to decipher, “Sir, where is the proof of triple A on the app, something I would have to show someone in an emergency?” Is that hard? He literally had no idea what was going on or being asked of him. He kept trying to get me on the site and out of the app-I needed help with the app! So old school. Train your employees or replace them with tech that can do it easier/better. Stupid employees cost companies money.
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2 years ago, ummmmm no im out
Poor service
It is a waist of time and money to get AAA membership. You can add the same services on your insurance cheaper and reliable. Within 3 weeks i have terrible experience waiting for AAA to send me a tow truck. First time i had to wait for 4 hours with an hour waiting time indicated on the app with i requested the service and was keep pushing back until i spoke to a manager or supervisor after 4 hours and some mins finally i got sole help. Happening again today waiting since 11:45 for a tow truck with was supposed to be here by 13:24 and the driver confirmed at 13:00 and that he will be there by 13:23 and then disappeared until now. Talk to the customer service rep and them to a manager/supervisor both only apologized for the in convenience to you the delay and the first one give me an hour more wait and the manager give another hour wait after being on the call for almost 30 mins. First time i thought its just due to a late night request and it was weekend possibly more requests but today it is in the middle of the day!!! Again do not waist your time from my experience the tow trucks arrive way faster with the insurance than AAA.
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4 years ago, Crazy A 442
Great App
This app is great and offers all types of useful options. And you just can’t beat AAA for the value, customer service, and response time. I called for a lockout last Saturday evening and the technician was there in 20 minutes, and I live in a large city. The person who answered my call was helpful and professional, because I wasn’t sure if they would respond to a residence for a lockout. The entire experience made me glad I’m a member. It was the first time I’ve had to use AAA in the three years I’ve had it, but I won’t be without it ever again. I’m considering switching my insurance to AAA also.
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5 years ago, kimandfamily
Pretty Cool
First time I downloaded the app was on a highway - ran out of gas (rolled the dice on that for the first time, never again lol). AAA prioritized me because I was on a highway (safety) and I waited only 20 minutes. The second time I had a vehicle parked at home that needed a pro level tool to get the lug nuts off of a flat tire, the kit in the trunk couldn’t handle it. The estimated waiting time shown on the app was on the nose accurate. Bonus: you can track the auto assistance vehicle’s location that is going to assist you real time on the app’s map- download this, it’s a keeper! I never had to speak to a rep- it was all automated. 5 stars. - Kim
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8 months ago, skyl_muc
So helpful and easy!
A very useful app for managing my AAA membership and insurance. Works great and is easy to use. I can pay my insurance instantly and while on the go. If I have a problem, such as recently I ran out of gas, I can just chat with AAA to get roadside assistance. Since I am using the app, they already know everything they need to know except my problem and my location. It makes getting help much faster. It is one app that feels well thought through and actually helps with real world problems that arise from time to time.
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5 years ago, djgynee
Now just like any other app, your connection determines how fast an app works. This app is QUICK and EASY. Make a payment once your card is on file literally takes 2 secs. App loads, tells when payment and amount due, press make payment.. DONE! Your payment is posted immediately and an email confirmation usually within 2-3 minutes arrives. Need proof of insurance? Open app, hit insurance policy..BOOM ALL INFO is right there on one page. AAA has incredible customer service by phone or in person and the App is no different. Probably the best “buisness” app I’ve ever used!
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2 days ago, SomeGamer72
Service is great but the app is awful
I’ve had to use triple A multiple times and I love the club and the insurance, but the app is fhe absolute WORST!! It’s hard to navigate and it doesn’t hold information well so not only will it not let me type in any new debits or checking accounts to pay my insurance BUT it has now logged me out and sadly I forgot my password and I’ve been trying to reset my password for 4 days and the link in the emails doesn’t work and the page instantly refreshes to their home page it’s horrible. Please fix your app it has so many bugs
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3 years ago, grandma sweetpants
Convenient and easy to use
The AAA app makes it easy to stay on top of my insurance and membership needs. We just added a vehicle to our auto insurance policy and I was surprised to find the app had the updated information almost instantly! We also pay our premiums on all our policies- earthquake, homeowners, auto, renters. It sure is convenient! I also love the way it updates us on the locations of the lowest gas prices near us, and other membership discounts in our area. A great app!
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1 year ago, Nate572
No Digital Card For All Plan Members
I like the app so far, however, it is annoying and an oversight, that the other plan members are unable to get their own digital card. For example, when you launch the app and then tap on “view digital membership card,” only the primary member’s name appears on it. As a plan member, I have the physical card but I would really like to add the digital card to my ‘Apple Wallet’ just in case I misplace the physical or don’t have it on me in a situation where I would need it. Again, for some reason, since I am not the primary member there isn’t a digital card available to me. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, FrmrScorp
App is junk
AAA Service is outstanding, but the app is terrible. I recall having trouble with the old red, white, and blue version and hesitated to try to use the app again today when I needed a battery replacement. I downloaded the new blue app, and I’m experiencing the same old problems trying to reset my password. I have repeatedly tried to have a reset link—which is supposed to be valid for 16 hours—sent to my email and have repeatedly gotten a message that the reset link has expired. The copy and paste link in the email just returns one to the same “Forgot password” function in the login, and the failed cycle begins again and again and again. AAA is too fine a service to offer such a poor app to its customers.
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12 months ago, Ashkan M
Don’t Bother
Can’t add membership to Apple wallet. Can’t find a phone number to call for help. Can’t view how many of the 4 Request left. Gas prices are wrong and can’t filter by stations. (Among a bunch of other problems and pointless views) It takes maybe five or six deep menus and loading of websites to find any number to call to get a person. REQUEST HELP IT OPENS A CHAT WINDOW AND BOT! That’s exactly the opposite of what you want when your car runs out of gas on the freeway or your phone has almost no battery or you don’t have good signal. Slightly panicked not sure exactly where you are with bad signal cars honking at you. That’s when you want me to type a problem to a chat bot? NEED HELP? 100% of the time… - I’m slightly panicked and my car is not in a safe area. - My phone has REALLY low battery - I have almost no signal - I can’t move my car to a better location. I NEED to speak to someone and NEED one giant button to push and start speaking to someone. This app does everything except that. It doesn’t have that functionality. Stupid useless app for high stress situations.
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1 year ago, sunshine-allday
Monitoring Bill Pay
I have my Auto, Homeowners & CEA insurance on Auto Pay and monitor monthly payments as they come due. I do notice that payments are often taken out after due date and show me in the RED pass due? A little concerning since due date is a week day?? Maybe since St Patrick’s Day, is a holiday? I use the app every month and enjoy it much better than waiting on hold for a very polite customer service rep, whom I have recently dealt with having added a mortgage to my HO account.
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5 years ago, HesamM
Awesome well developed app but
It’s an awesome user friendly well designed and well developed app, but I wish there was a way that you could file a claim through the app too. Like got in an accident, submit your pictures here, all the other companies are doing it now, hopefully AAA will start doing it too. Least of it is that you can start the claim process and skip the short first call, and someone will call the customer back who has already looked through the already submitted pictures
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2 weeks ago, Dirty B
Poor & Disconnected Experience
Out of all my apps between Credit Karma, Capital One, and Wells Fargo, AAA app is quite a bumpy and disconnected experience. Services are separated and don’t recognize who you are, or have completely different experiences. Trying to add a new member was difficult. If I’m requesting a Life insurance quote in the app, would I really want a call from a live person? No! But didn’t know until after I completed the form. The entire look and feel is out dated. This app is due for a completely new experience where all services are integrated and look/feel the same to a user. This is AAA, a big company. Feel free to reach out to me on specifics.
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