Auto & Home at The Hartford

3.8 (640)
21.3 MB
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Current version
The Hartford
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Auto & Home at The Hartford

3.79 out of 5
640 Ratings
5 years ago, aspenrox1
Easy to navigate but slow to process
I tried using the ‘desktop’ site on my iPhone but it kept getting hung up after the card entry screen (never got to the review screen). I switched to the app (which, btw, does not have the option to scan your card AND has too much of a delay between screens. I’m a software tester. Let me know if you need help with your app! It can’t be that hard. 😉
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4 months ago, Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Everything is wrong with the useless app
Where to begin. The UI looks like it’s from 2002. The to log in, says my biometrics is expired so I log in manually. Then can’t locate my auto account, which is appears so common there’s a message on the app about it. For months. Can’t see my payment history, or any billing information, including autopsy or changing payment type. And the biggest, YOU CAN’T ACCESS YOUR AUTO INSURANCE CARD! So if pulled over, or in an accident, I’m supposed to call and wait on hold?? Or email and get it tomorrow??? This is seriously the worst app I’ve ever used by any company. I will switch my auto insurance as any savings is negated by the absolutely worthless app.
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4 years ago, Curtiss Jay
Oops missed it.
Liked the app. Useful. The digital ID cards are nice. Only problem is the Face ID does not work. Tried it three times on one one and once on another. I even received emails that stated the device was registered. Unfortunately I could not log in after setup. After hitting next to finish nothing would happen. Then could only login normally, no Face ID. If Face ID checked it would just keep the working wheel moving. Finally timing out.
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3 years ago, anondlp
Issue with this app
Had no problems with this app until now. Made a payment got an error message with instructions to move to closer to a Wi-Fi area or something like that. Wound up paying TWICE! Thankfully I had enough in my account to cover it.
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5 years ago, Selah555
Hartford App Doesn’t Accept Payment
This app used to be very convenient to make payments with but in the last year it does not let me make a payment. I have called customer service at least 3 times about this and I thought it had been fixed. For some reason when you choose a payment option it automatically locks this payment option in and you can’t use another card. That’s how it was explained to me. I can never use my bank debit card which is my main form of payment. Somebody needs to fix this piece of crap app.
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3 years ago, Has alot of problems
Don’t get this insurance
Requested a quote in the app for 2 vehicles, for the second vehicle it didn’t recognize the VIN, so I entered year, make, model of vehicle. Received a quote and proceeded to pay, the app requested the VIN again for the second vehicle; I entered and proceeded to pay the quoted amount. The next day I went to download proof of insurance cards and the second vehicle had a bogus VIN. Called and they re-entered the VIN, but said it would cost $40 more. I had already cancelled my other insurance, so I paid. I think this is a scam, you think you have a low price, but you don’t!!! Don’t buy!!
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4 years ago, Toyvaladez
No issues
I love using the app to manage my policy. I have never had any issues and when I have come across any it’s usually my internet connection. I can easily make payments or make changes without having to contact the service department!
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3 years ago, austinvc1994
Terrible app development
For such a well known company, you’d think they would be able to create a more reliable app. The app sporadically closes and making a payment is a crap shoot. Every single time I login and make a payment, I get a “system error” notification. I literally need to log out and back in to make sure my payment went through. Has been this way as long as I can remember. With every update, I keep hoping they fix that issue. For the love of God...PLEASE REDESIGN YOUR APP, it’s terrible.
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4 years ago, MichaelB-CT
Good App
Easy to navigate. ID cards and policy details are easy to see. Balance due and scheduled payments are very easy to see, and it is also easy to make a payment, add a credit card, schedule payments, activate auto-pay, and see payment history.
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7 years ago, Lnnx
Quick and Easy
This is app is quick and easy. After a few bumps, this app has gotten better and more stable.
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6 years ago, AMC Jeff
Difficult to make payments on
This app works ok for some things. Making payments however is a trying endeavor. You can change payment date but it won’t let you submit that date. When you submit payment, it won’t leave the processing screen but your payment does get processed eventually. Needs work!!
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2 years ago, mjaarnold95
Terrible app - not user friendly
This app is the most frustrating insurance app I have ever used. Every time I login it forces me to reset my password because they’ve “consolidated all my accounts.” And after jumping through those hoops to login, it asks for my policy number before sending an error that it doesn’t recognize the number I paste into the input box.
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4 years ago, Nardobana
New problems not seen before
Had to input new password and credit card numbers. The app is too small and difficult to use. I also received a message to move my location after inputting my information. It finally worked after a second time. Now I’m betting it will create a duplicate payment. I don’t recall having these issues previously.
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7 months ago, Original Copusa
I downloaded the app. Entered my information. NOT the first time this has happened!! Whenever I close the app, clear my cashe and open the app again, I am asked to login; however, I get nothing but a White Screen! It takes so long to get the information I want to view that by the time I get anything, I am frustrated, exhausted and embarrassed! Yes, I have checked the box for Face ID. Nothing!! Nothing!! Someone fix this app!
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4 years ago, Dicky8.5
App Works Great
Ive used the app over the last couple of years and it works great. I can make payments fast and can access all my documents quickly and easily. Great app.
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2 weeks ago, Likes2smile73
Can't login!
I wasn't even able to use the app. When I clicked the LOGIN button, it hung up the app, so I wasn't able to do anything. Really frustrating coming from the Allstate app where everything worked smoothly and I was able to save my ID cards to my Apple wallet. I guess you get what you pay for. 😩
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2 years ago, mikecornwell
Pathetic Excuse for an App
Just switched my insurance to The Hartford through AARP and downloaded the app. Design of the app is amateurish and not very refined. But my main problem is that it won’t let me log in. I put in my user name and password and it just loops and loops forever. Tried it two days in a row with same results. I sure hope the insurance is better than their app development. Get it together Hartford!
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4 years ago, Sxyknickers
Not so simple
Kept getting hung up on payment screen. Took all information but wouldn’t process when I clicked SUBMIT. Go a msg ‘something wasn’t quite right’ however I had no idea what it was referring to. Tried with credit and debit card and checking account. Same answer.
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7 years ago, Krissy from Vermont
Easy to Navigate
This app is very easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. All my documents are at my fingertips. I've been able to make changes online, and at my convenience. Krissy from Vermont
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2 months ago, james10
Terrible "App"
Had I know this App was so poorly designed I would have never switched auto policy. This is not a genuine App, but rather just a simple and silly link to Hartford's website. Once this App is opened it takes almost a minute of "processing" to get to the log-in page. Geico and USAA Apps are so much better. Will most likely abandoned Hartford when my new 6-month policy ends.
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3 years ago, vjdj2013
Fix face id
REVISED REVIEW: I am able to log in now, but only if I do not select “enable Face ID.” When enabling Face ID at login, a warning message appears. Tapping “ok” then takes me back to the login screen. ORIGINAL REVIEW: This latest update has rendered the app unusable. Even after resetting password, as instructed, I successfully logged in. Then the ‘reset your password’ screen appears again. Infinite loop.
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5 years ago, jbg823
So easy to use with the information there where you need it, when you need it. It’s just enjoyable to use. If not the top app I’ve used then it’s in the top two
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2 months ago, GamblingSam
App doesn’t work
The only way I could access the app was to click on the contact us button. Then I was able to access my information and make my payment. I think you either need to fix the app, or remove it. I ended up downloading the website to my phone just so I could have access to it.
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4 years ago, 721review
Hartford App
One STAR! This app has too many glitches - very frustrating if you want to make a change on any of the information already on file- it gives you errors. Really not user friendly- this app needs to be upgraded. This is not a one time problem- every time I try to use this app it gives me “some kind” of problem. Hope this app gets fixed!
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3 months ago, Jonjon65
Doesn’t work anymore
Fix this mess. Can’t even log on to acct. considering how much I pay these folks you’d think they would have an updated app instead of one from 10 years ago.
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5 months ago, hilal23
Doesn’t work. Login screen comes up blank so no way to even log in. And the mobile website is just as horrible. Looking at the screen, it’s obvious that this app hasn’t received much in terms of updates; I mean the iPhone X was released six years ago and this app still doesn’t fill the entire screen
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4 years ago, Grackt
Clunky slow and buzzard
How large companies have such awful apps always surprises me. Things like entering a payment the payment date defaulted to a day the system would not accept had to schedule it 2 days in the future. Does not tell you this however tells you that there is a connection error and you need better reception. Rant over sorry all
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9 months ago, Kmayer70
Terrible app
Why have an app for insurance when you won’t allow it to quickly get an ID card? Continually freezes, very slow when it doesn’t freeze, just all around not good. Website is slow, app is even slower. And mostly nonfunctional.
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4 years ago, Fort Wayne Gal
Need App for iPads Also
I love this app. Only problem is that I do not have a smart phone. I only use this app on my iPad. They do not have an iPad version of this app, only iPhone. Most apps nowdays offer choice of iPhone or iPad versions. Consequently, the iPhone version is hard to read, make out, on my iPad. Please update this app to include iPad version asap! Thanks!
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2 years ago, WHN
Absolutely Terrible
I’ve been struggling with this app now for several years now…. Slow, not just slow, extremely slow. It seems as though every time there is an ‘update’ the thing gets worse. Please deliver me. I rank this app later of all the online apps I use. The performance is being terrible.
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4 years ago, Sedan & Condo
Car and Condo:
It’s so much easier than going into my email, faster than my computer and convenient. First time using it.
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2 weeks ago, Homer Pickens
Impossible Log On
I have tried unsuccessfully to log on to The Hartford on both my iPhone and my desktop for a couple of months. I’ve called and talked to them on several occasions and it has basically fallen on deaf ears. The True Lane app works and that’s about it. I would not recommend them because of their IT department
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4 years ago, Miller glass gal
Easy to use
I like the app. It is easy to navigate. But for some reason, it will not let me turn on the “Touch ID” portion on my iPad.
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4 years ago, Prriinncceessss
Roadside is a joke
Not user friendly at all for roadside assistance. You call and its never a real person. Then you’re sent a link - and then you’re sent another link thats not updated. No ETA or any info. Everything is through three different links. “Callback number not found”. A mess. No call back or anything... I’m shopping around for other companies.
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4 years ago, Crockron
Great app
No problem paying payment on app. Just wish I could have got another C-19 savings. But I have no complaints whatsoever. Costumer Service was also great.
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5 months ago, jean-net
I am going to find a nother auto insurance thiss app is useless. With having auto pay I hate I want to be able to pay my bill myself. They wait so long for it to come out of my account. If my payment fall on a Weekend it shows past due. Just because Harpford is closed on weekends.
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6 years ago, Calli Laur
Have found the app to be easy to navigate for policy docs and billing. Very happy to have easy access to the info while in the go!!
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4 years ago, Princess shopper
Easy to use app
Good easy to use app. My only this is when you go to pay, the feedback tab is blocking part of your balance.
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7 years ago, Cad man 164
Easy, informative
I used the app to checkout my insurance & pay the bill. It was super easy to navigate, I like it!
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2 months ago, just send !
This app is horrible! I have to keep deleting and reinstall the app . Otherwise it won’t download and open . Then I can only use it that first time . Very aggravating! Wish they would fix it !!!
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6 years ago, Rick0256
iPhone X crashes with Touch ID
Not much else can be said here. Setting up the app for Touch ID with the iPhone X causes an immediate crash. After which it becomes a challenge to get into settings to disable the feature. Touch or Face ID would really be nice to have in the event of an accident.
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4 years ago, Nagster124
Fire the Developers- the same problem for over a year
Can no longer recognize my password when I tried to enable my fingerprint sign on. For more than a year it still gives the bogus “system error/get close to a network” error message even though the payment was made. GARBAGE!!!!
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6 years ago, smellslikememere
This app was very easy to use. Quick response for confirmation of translation. 👍🏻
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2 years ago, nycsan87
Worst app
Please have your developers use Geico’s app to understand what a good experience feels like. The login process is faulty on this app, and it clearly is not visually updated for IOS16. This app needs a revamp. I just switched my auto coverage to Hartford, I hope this app isn’t indicative of the service I will receive.
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3 years ago, KerKnuckle
Slow Card
5 star but Being generous. Extremely hard to sync up and Super S l o w, to log on. Good design horrible back end!
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5 years ago, loudter
Everything at a click
I appreciate the app. It saves a lot of time and everything is right here when I need it.
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2 months ago, MrJeff04
Used to work
I have been using the app for about 4 years then it just stopped working. Can’t login and it just locks up. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesn’t work.
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2 months ago, hay634
I select log in and the screen goes blank and stays that way. Doesn’t help to reload the app it just does it again. I don’t think they look at their reviews either. To the person who said it’s better than stepping on a nail, it’s not.
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4 months ago, SeanMcCorkle
Terrible app
Old interface from early iPhone days. Should not even be on the App Store. User interface is broken with buttons on text. App does not work. Immediate delete. If this is the best The Hartford can do I have made a grave mistake switching insurance companies.
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1 year ago, Jabberealky
App is Total Crap
This app is the worst app you could ever download. I should have known it was going to drive me nuts by reading the other reviews. I just wasted an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back. I just uninstalled this piece of crap and I’m not coming back!
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