4.4 (6.2K)
450.3 MB
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Current version
Autodesk Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AutoCAD

4.41 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
5 years ago, TheMightyCasper
Could use more functionality but it does work well
There are a couple of things that I really need in my daily usage of this app on my iPad Pro. Being able to easily draw shapes with set dimensions entered via text entry (I thought that I used to be able to do this), and the ability to draw splines. I have to switch back to my Mac in order to accomplish these two tasks and it seems like they should be easy to implement on the iPad. Having those two abilities would greatly increase my productivity. Another caveat is that I haven’t been able to select any objects recently with the Apple Pencil 2 - I have to select the object with my finger and then I can adjust the nodes/handles with the pencil from there. I still enjoy the program, I just find myself thinking that it could be a lot more useful with a few additions or tweaks.
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4 years ago, caddage
Should have made it like desktop version. Why change it?
Whoever designed this app needs to understand that AutoCAD users weren’t born in 2000. This app looks very elementary and isn’t the interface most users see on desktop. Why redesign it when experienced users already have had a palette from many years ago. It should have been more seamless transition from desktop to mobile. One of the key features that I am at a loss for is: Ability to type dimensions for line lengths and the use of standard key commands. Point and click is such a waste of time. For any experienced use of Autocad, typing commands from memory is faster than drawing lines. Once it compounds, one will know how much longer it takes to make a drawing. Also, I subscribed, but my Apple Pencil doesn’t even work based on the tutorials about freehand and editing dimensions. None of that is on the paid version. And zero support. Unfortunate that it’s like any other generic drawing tool and not like the original desktop version, which one would think that is where you would would actually begin the design with and not start from scratch. I will try it out, but it is so slow to even just draw a floor plan. I can do it faster on a desktop version. Time is money for AutoCAD users and app developers don’t really think that this isn’t just a hobby app, it’s a working man’s app to make money and every second counts when drawing in AutoCAD because it is used by professionals, not hobbyists.
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7 years ago, Simplified Solar
Great product, how about more options
Easy to use and very flexible but needs more libraries of objects. The basic home furniture objects are fine, but how about more things for engineering drawings. I have AutoCAD on my Mac at home but I am using the iPad for much more of my work, so quick, easy, and portable Had a project I did by hand because no steel shapes library was available. I am fine with making the steel shapes library an in app purchase. I know that other folks will want other libraries for their projects so make them as addons Also let us add a shape we regularly use to the apps objects library that shows up whenever we start app
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4 years ago, arc,pe
From one who knows no AutoCAD
I bought an IPad Pro and decided I would purchase AutoCAD mobile. Although I am a licensed civil engineer (experienced, i.e. old), I have always had someone to do CAD for me. After the pandemic, I am staying home, so I have started to see if I can do some stuff on my own. I started out in the wrong place. Knowing little AutoCAD other than knowing about layers and some commands, I bought this product. It is worthless. They saved on making a HELP section (so easy to do); you’re on your own. Searching the internet, I see this is typical for AutoCAD: “we know there are issues with (BLANK) but we are working on it”. I decidedly feel ripped-off. No way to use this program. All I want is to search for a location and maybe point to the locations, but I can’t do it. I am sure it is very easy if there were a reference that I could READ. Now I have to make sure that my annual subscription cannot be renewed (cancellations for internet products being so difficult). Count me as ZERO STARS.
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3 years ago, Grumpy-65
Most worthy of all the cadd prog.
I’ve used more CADD programs than one could expect to self teach an produce at the same time. I was taught the board, pencil, straight edge in HS during the 60’s. As a Seabee I ended up doing the eat, plan, execution work of a few a d in there I was exposed to Auto CADD and a love affair could be resembled, Over the years I’ve used most of the products from other producers and own a MAC based program. From simple sketches, process control designs in plants to the ME&P work on major projects (my last 3 years) I got to turn out quality USABLE work. My only regret is I’m so used to just opening ACAD and putting it to paper or I should say screen. Thanks
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2 years ago, mauriceasso
Great evolution put to good use
Having been around AutoCAD for around 30 years, and trying to go from desktop to iPad, this came to be a great move. I have subscribed to autocad last year but i found it the most unused investment in an app. This version is quite satisfying although i have to learn a new logic of command sequence when moving or editing objects. I guess i’ll get the hang of it. The annotations are the best thing that i can use when communicating with the office team and update the modification on the drawings. This part of annotation should be developed by autodesk to be as smart as the markup tool by Apple Pencil. Very happy to be using ACAD again like this.
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5 years ago, JN057
Not fully compatible... no response from developers... completely useless
iPad OS Supports USB Drives. I have an adapter and a USB Drive with drawing files on it. I have to share the file to AutoCAD and then it’s uploaded/synced automatically. I don’t want my drawings in the cloud... I want to edit them from USB drive while I am on the go and then I can drop them on my pc and continue at the office. No cloud... just between devices. As it stands, I do not consider this fully compatible with iPadOS and iOS 13 when one of the KEY features was USB support. It is completely useless because I will not put my drawings on the cloud... I sent an email asking if there were any plans to add that feature and got no response at all. I sent that email in September (right after iPadOS got out of beta). Considering I have been using Autodesk products like AutoCAD since the 2004 release and Inventor 8/10, I am really disappointed in the lack of support
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5 years ago, BP907
Simplified and Easy, More options for Apple Pencil would be nice
I have been using this app on the iPad Pro for the past week and its so easy to pick up and figure out the simplified settings of AutoCAD! I like how the Apple Pencil makes it quick and easy to go from drawing to selecting and trimming. I do wish that there were double tap options for the new apple pencil that allows you to go back to the previous tool you were using (like the space bar on the full version) but maybe that will come with time. Does this app allow you to do everything that regular AutoCad allows you to do? No. But, it is a great portable, easy to pick up and work option.
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5 months ago, MacToirneach
HOW do I adjust scaling for dims viewing?
Since I’ve only just started using AutoDesk’s CAD for iphone, I’ll rate this around half, a little less than satisfied. I can probably use it more because I took an engineering course in vocational college, but I can’t ask them for help, they’re closed. I’m using auto CAD for mechanical drawings ONLY, with one project measured out mostly in inches averaging less than a foot in length. But the default settings seem meant for architectural, with the viewing window in THOUSANDS of units. So when I apply a dimension measurement, the text isn’t visible (because its offscreen) until I zoom out the viewing window to the point where I can’t see the drive gear I’m measuring! Also, I’d prefer to get notations in fractional inches if I can, but I found a conversion chart for that.
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5 years ago, Ex-user-of-app
Needs better integration with iOS
I had this installed on my iPad for <5 min.; if I could give it a zero rating, I would. I was looking for a .dwg viewer for some files provided for my review; I already had an Autodesk acct. so this seemed like a natural fit. The trial period is only 7 days, and for the casual user, the subscription rate is too strike against it. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t play well with any of the normal iOS infrastructure. You can’t open a file from the local iOS file system or iCloud; the only way to get a file from another app into the AutoCAD app is to transfer it through a third-party provider (Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive)...if you’re at a site with a slow connection (or no connection at all) you’re out of luck. This app was a non-starter before I could even try to open the file.
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4 years ago, oliveboy
Almost LESS than useful.
I feel like this app used to have some useful functionality but my memory is hazy. If there is any review on here that says they actually use this app it must be fake. I am and architect and use the Mac version daily. The mobile version is included in my subscription so I thought I would I revisit this app after a long time away to possibly use it for field measuring existing houses for use in drawing up remodels. I couldn’t draw anything accurately much less a single room. I tried to even come up up with workarounds or cheats but the absolute lack of functionality is beyond comprehension. I felt compelled to review this app to save anyone from paying money for using it. Maybe one day we will actually get the fabled “new version” so many review responses claim are coming. Until then, look elsewhere friends.
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7 years ago, Alex the Joneses
Great for drawing, absolutely terrible for exporting
There's a way to export your drawings as pdf's, which is crucial for me, but honestly I'd have more luck drawing it on notability and then exporting, because this app's pdf exporter is terrible. You should be able to set a custom scale, much less any scale, but no matter what you put in as a scale this app just decides to put its own random scale in, just to taunt you. Fit to paper doesn't even work unless you put your drawing into a box, and even then it cuts off the edges so part of your drawing is gone. They need a pdf preview before you share, and let you find the right margins so that you can easily fit the box so you can fit to page. Otherwise you will never be able to export an accurate representation.
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6 years ago, Rockospaz
Love it but needs a little more
I draw everything on my PC and attempted to detail here. unfortunately in the 2D model view you are stuck with the top view. if you switch to 3D model you lose you tools. I also noticed most the time that when i turn layers off/on i have to close the file and reopen to see the changes. I also cannot change the layers for items. the rest of the tools i havent had a problem with. I know this sounds like bad review but i think my stars show my opinion better than the verbal. just want to point out a few flaws in hopes they will be addressed.
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6 years ago, SC LAND DESIGNER
For a free app, it's awesome. All serious drafting should be done in AutoCAD on your desktop. Use this mobile app for small revisions out in the field and for take offs when not in the office. Please don't expect to be able to draft complex drawings with this app. Do that in AutoCAD, then save dwg to Google Drive to review in app for small revisions. Especially helpful while in the field on a jobsite. A PDF viewer and ability to set scale and see preview would be a very helpful update. But for a free app, AutoDesk has created this useful and easy app.
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3 years ago, T. Osborn
Waste of money and no support!
I used the trail version and even with the Apple Pencil it was working. The app was simple but limited. I only needed to use it for marking up plans and small changes. I decided to go with the “Ultimate Plan” to use all the features. Once I did I couldn’t even use the app. Using my finger, Apple Pencil or even a Bluetooth mouse the crosshairs wouldn’t go where I tried to draw. I couldn’t even draw two lines because I could never click on the end of the first line. I contacted support and they told my there was nothing they could do and sent me a link to show me how to draw a freaking line. I’ve used autoCAD on desktop to Mark up drawings for over ten years and thought my iPad on the go might help but waste of $99.
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5 years ago, georgemichael615559
You’re so close
1st day on a job site with this, and it’s not really usable for me. Being able to type in a dimension is required. Period. The fact that this functionality was removed makes this App one step North of worthless. If I can’t accurately draw a line, then what is this even for? If/when the ability to type in dimensions is added back, then this thing gets a TON more useful. Until then... not so much. UPDATE: After a response from Autodesk, I learn that there is *limited* ability to add typed dimensions. It does not work with Apple Pencil, which I was using, but there is a way to be more precise. I will not, however add more stars to the initial review. This limited functionality is still too awkward to allow us to add this tool into our workflow.
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10 months ago, Mick_Plumb
Close, but still very lacking for the price.
This is a great step in the right direction, you can draw most simple objects with the same desktop commands, however, there are a lot of features that just simply don’t work in this version. Dimensions being one of them, there is no way to scale dimensions once a drawing is created, what they are is what you get, might be fine for small designs. But if your drawing is large the dimensions will likely be tiny. Exporting is also made intentionally difficult. I’ve been fighting through this for 2 years now, I’ll likely be moving on.
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5 years ago, DnetCAD
Great tool for the veteran CAD people
As a long time AutoCAD user I find the app very useful when not parked behind my desk or when breaking out the laptop is just not convenient. Honestly I was not expecting much considering how high end CAD runs on a non workstation PC. However knowing this up front gave me a realistic expectation and I have been surprised at how well it has performed on my iPad Pro. Don’t expect it to run like your workstation and you won’t be disappointed at how well if performs and what a useful tool it is for the road warriors out there. Great tool!
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4 years ago, jjdy87
Unusable App For It’s Sole Purpose
I use an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2 to edit and draft drawings and after the latest update 5 months ago, this app was rendered useless. I can no longer draw anything efficiently since the geniuses at Autocad removed the numeric dialogue box that would pop up when drawing a line, or selecting a line to edit. Now you must enter the dimensions and direction of any object you are drawing before you have even used your pencil to create a line. After you’ve created a line, there’s no way to edit the line by correcting the dimensions using a numeric dialogue box like before. Now, you only have the option to stretch an existing object and eyeball the correct dimension. USELESS DEVELOPERS HAVE LEFT PAYING CUSTOMERS OUT TO DRY FOR 5 MONTHS NOW WITHOUT A FIX!
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4 years ago, Surdukan
Dear Dev team
My challenge, Team, is to take your iPad outside, with a tape measure, and draw the building in your program from scratch. You have a generous 45 minutes to do this. Maybe then you will understand why your drawing commands have no practical application in drawing anything in the field. Trying to remember which angle I’m at in order to do a simple 90 deg turn is bogus. About 2 years ago you could start the line in a direction and then enter a distance. Why on earth would you take that out? 4 more stars await when you put that one feature you have coded back in. 2 years come on! And comments fall on deaf ears. They know what you need better than you do. It’s too bad they don’t actually use the app.
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5 years ago, NotExiled
Too risky for my money
I downloaded this app and paid for a one year subscription. Then I found that it doesn’t do everything that’s described in the Help files. When I contacted AutoDesk about this, I was told in an e-mail that “we have temporarily limited functionality of the latest release”. This means that I paid to use an app according to the description and they removed many of those features (ability to paste an image into a project, ability to export in .pdf format, compatibility with the Leica Disto measured, etc.) The app is now useless to me. What developer removes functionality without notice and without compensation? How do I know that this won’t happen again? It’s not worth the risk.
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5 years ago, Nickmas.tree
Leica functionality gone?!
I find it absolutely crazy in this day and age that an update can be rolled out to professional users, relying on this software for day to day tasks, installing updates (otherwise we can’t use the app anyway) to then find out in the field that the functions we are used to and require on a daily basis have been taken away. A couple of weeks ago the update caused an issue that prevented downloaded/offline files from being accessed unless connected to a WiFi network, completely going against the point of having offline files and today, in front of clients, I can no longer use my Leica measure to input measurements. Absolutely diabolical.
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2 months ago, UsingSinceAutocadR14
Hello. Autodesk
When are we going to be able to do basic functions like. HATCHING, input from a keyboard, many people would like to use this app on the go? I know this is a mobile app. How many years until basic AutoCAD features will be added? Seems like it’s taking a long time. Allot of bug fixes - but what we need it for functionality. I would have to believe that most users would want at a minimum LT version of AutoCad features on this mobile app. Help Autodesk - explain why its taking so long to do something you already have had for over 30 years on IOS and Windows.
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4 years ago, Hoosier242
Intuitive and easy to use
I’m an aerospace engineer and use full up AutoCAD. With AutoCAD there is always a learning curve but I found this easy to use on the iPad Pro. I logged in with my existing license and all of my data and drawings were there and ready from my OneDrive. I will likely not use this for creating advanced drawings, but for quick edits etc on the go it’s pretty great. I like it better than the AutoCAD web version also.
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3 years ago, osterlure
Without accurate ApplePencil support...
This app is fine as a dwg viewer, but pretty useless for drawing in the field. You have to select what shape you are drawing before you draw it (unlike the original version), and then when you touch the pencil to the screen, the starting point for your line or box or whatever, is offset from the point of the pencil, which makes it impossible to draw anything with any accuracy. Text input from the keyboard is a different paradigm than the desktop app, and using a trackpad has the same offset inaccuracies as the pencil. If you are looking for a useful CAD program on an iPad, this isn’t it.
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5 years ago, Needitnow
Wish I could block or group entities together
I don’t think I could say anything bad about having AutoCAD for my IOS device. There are many ways I like this better than the PC software version. While it is easy to select multiple lines that make up something drawn, I really wish I could block parts in my drawing. AutoCad is great about taking existing drawings with blocks and moving them around but I would like the ability to use my IOS version completely by itself.
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4 years ago, mptbrown
Selecting end points and taking measurements
Trying to start a line at the end point of another line, not able to select the end point. The program selects its own point even with the osnap turned off. Taking measurements is the same. Not able to select end points to allow the measurement to be taken. This is not like the autocad I used for decades. I guess my overall dissatisfaction is with lack of ability to selects object to get information of dimensions or sizes. Because of this I will not purchase the package for use until this is fixed. Being limited on how to draw is frustrating.
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2 years ago, Gsn1200
Hilariously underpowered
What an insult to the professional community. This is advertised as a true mobile drafting and CAD solution. It is not. You can not change the text size of your dimensions lines. This alone means the app should have been considered unshippable. What is the point of cad software THAT DOESN’T ALLOW YOU TO COMMUNICATE MEASUREMENTS. The Apple Pencil support is comically bad, and misrepresented in the company sales materials. There is not “smart pen” function. Good luck finding a straight answer to that tho - it took me almost 4 hours online. Your ability to manipulate objects and layers is SEVERELY limited in comparison to the desktop version. There is no Spline Command, there is no champher, there is no ability to edit control points whatsoever. There is no support for Blocks. You can’t reference Block libraries, you can’t edit block definitions. Again, misrepresented in the literature and 0 clarifications in the official documentation. This is a .dwg viewer that you can scribble on with your Apple Pencil.
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3 years ago, Possium Britches
Autodesk is holding back.
I am sure they will claim a reason for the iPad version being so bland, but the power in this iPad far exceeds the power of the PCs I used with my first AutoCAD experience in 1992. It is still the same basic program with a little polishing over the years. I hate to say it…but is is almost like they make it just cumbersome enough that you can use it, but will want to upgrade.
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7 years ago, Farpost79
New user
As a new user I find this app to be very easy to use and navigate. As I am still in the process of learning, being able to save my progress as I go makes building on previously learned skills very useful. A useful app for designing and keeping my skills honed on the go away from the computer. Allows me to develop my skills anywhere that I go during the day. A must have for anyone in the field of design or construction.
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3 years ago, Imaclyle
Paid subscriber, where are tutorials for current version?
Where are some tutorials to get started, support link is broken. I do pretty good with AutoCad Mac 2018, however I need some help on this iPad version. All the links I found on my AutoCad account talk about AutoCad 360. Any links to the mobile tutorial videos are blanked out. Maybe it is because this version is only 3 days old. Very happy AutoCad 2018 Mac user, however I am a total putz on the iPad AutoCad Mobile, I just want to draw some table top chain conveyor path, HELP. Thanks in advance.
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6 years ago, TZZDC1241
Best for iPad.
Fell in love with the desktop version but at $1500/year for casual 1-2 drawings a year I went in search of the mobile version. $5/mo isn’t bad and the app seems a little easier/limited compared to its desktop brother. For a quick sketch or if you’re like me trying to squeeze drawing time between projects it works really well. Get it on the iPad if you can since the small screens on the iPhone tend to frustrate when zooming.
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5 years ago, Giant Brain Bug
A year later, and it’s a new low.
Take everything from my last review, now add that I renewed my “premium” subscription just to loose all my current drawings, and get a beta version of the app.. This must be a joke.. I found an old version of a drawing I can work with, but the settings change of background color doesn’t do anything. Hence it’s stuck on black, and I’m effectively colorblind now, and have to halt the project. These guys are famous for their lack of support, so I think I just dumped $50 down the drain, and the drawing I was expected to finish this week is dead in the water. Thanks guys! Tell me more about you full OS version again...
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4 years ago, doradoimage
Less useful now after updates
For me, the usefulness of this app was greatly diminished after the last few updates. Having the ability to take an iPad, Apple Pencil, and a Leica distro out in the field to capture as built floor diagrams directly into AutoCAD (for later refinements or for someone else in the office to update) was a game changer. We used to be able to draw a wall on the iPad and then shoot a laser measurement of that wall and have it update the length to very accurate specifications. Now, you can’t use the Leica to directly update the length directly after you draw a wall. This has slowed the process down to the point that it has become less useful and almost too cumbersome to use in the field for this process. It would be excellent if there was a way to toggle this feature (measure after drawing object with the Leica) on and off as needed for specific needs. Hopefully this can be brought back.
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5 years ago, Airtobe
Several functions have been turned off by developer
I purchased the app in order to fulfill a portion of a contract. I downloaded the app only to find out after contacting AutoCAD help center that the keyboard has been turned off because they are developing a new product. The unfortunate thing is... I basically paid twice for the use of the app, once here and once at the AutoCAD website. AutoCAD should refund my money along with several other people, just search for “Autocad mobile keyboard does not work” and you will find numerous other people with issues. I was forced to go with ArcSite.... it works perfectly.
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5 years ago, Migzzj
Used to be 5 stars
I don’t know why the update made the app be worse than before. To start they removed the smart pen feature which was quite useful. Takes way longer to draw lines or select objects now. I guess I could live without that but I can’t edit the length of my lines. I just can’t comprehend why they would remove features instead of making it better. I used to be five stars ! I would take it to jobs measure and draw up a base plan right there and then transfer it to my computer. It saved me so much time please fix the issues
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6 years ago, DASHIZNIT_5150
Embarrassing for kids & engineers
This program is sad. I can’t even draw a line or circle. Kids use real AutoCAD in High Schools and you can’t even do anything with this. Completely useless on iPad. Think lite. I’m just trying to let you know that no one even wants anything to do with AutoCAD. This should be a free workshop for 30 days. I’m deleting this app because it’s worthless and I won’t pay min of 4 dollars to be your information about how undeveloped this is. Sad, sad day for meetings and I’m not pleased with loading up models. I just use GrabCad. Slow and annoying just like UG and SolidWorks users were thinking. Free to use. Please fix
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6 years ago, Robert8589
Great idea
I love that they made an app for autocad. I personally find it easier to use autocad on a computer, so I’ll probably only use this for small changes. The problem that I had with this is actually that I signed in with my student account, which is free, and the app still keeps telling me to upgrade. I’m fine with paying the $5/month if the student account doesn’t work with the app, but I don’t really see why it wouldn’t work. I emailed support and they just referred me to the “education community”.
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6 years ago, DMorrisPE
Still getting to know the capabilities
I’m a retired Civil Engineer that has used AutoCAD since the mid-1980s. I now design radio controlled model airplanes using AutoCAD and I need another tool (Spline) for the Mobile app. Dealing with airfoil shapes or streamlined parts just can’t be done effectively any other way. I’m using Mobile on my iPhone 7Plus so trying to create new designs on a small screen with a limited set of tools can be a rewarding challenge. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, miiiccheeellllle17
Life saver
I’m usually not one to write reviews but I thought I’d give it a go. although this AutoCAD isn’t nearly the same as a desktop AutoCAD it saves lives. It’s only good for minor work and fixing some minor issues, don’t expect anything fancy. It does the job and with the use of an Apple Pencil it’s great. I would highly recommend it for those who have an Apple Pencil since you can be precise.
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5 years ago, Edg900
Auto save
Where did Autosave go? Previous version allowed me to select autosave. Now I need to remember everytime. This is 2019. Also direct entry is so frustrating that I need to select an undefined box in order to get to where I can enter dimensions of a simple box. I can’t even draw a box and then edit it with direct entry as before. Please help, I really need this to by my go to tool onsite with my Ipad Pro.
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4 years ago, dugancaswell
Useless after 4.4.43
Autodesk worked really hard to make this software completely useless with their 5.0.0 (and beyond) updates: they managed to strip it of any serious functionality while totally failing to integrate any of the so-called functionality that they supposedly desired. This was all done in an effort to “more closely resemble the desktop version “ - a useless endeavor in itself. In short; Autodesk destroyed a perfectly working piece of software for no legitimate reason. Listen to this corporate-speak garbage quote from them, “Enhanced feature-set with limited functionality” My god, the hubris. Their inept, ill-conceived and unwarranted 5.0.0 update proves one point: if you’re looking for a software to use professionally, steer far clear of this one. UPDATE: 5.0.7 and still useless! Why a developer would ruin a perfectly good software (version 4.4.43) for more than a quarter is inexplicable. It’s been four months Autodesk. Fix it or get off the pot.
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5 years ago, Raym no2
Trial (Standard download) Is Terrible
II have been using AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT/Autosketch for over 30 years and I am looking to purchase this package for my home and light consulting needs on my IPad. I understand, and even appreciate, the seven day trial period. And, I am not adverse to paying the asking (monthly/yearly) price for a functioning product. However, the functionality given for those 7 days is extremely poor and instructions nonexistent. Too many of the basics are missing and it is impossible to make any realistic evaluation. Is the functionality of the trial package really that limited and the total package truly that poor?
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3 years ago, Domel P
The wonders of Autocad mobile
The Autodesk team has done a wonderful job with transitioning the program to mobile. The mobile Autocad app is very efficient and offers pin point accuracy for your drawings. This is an awesome application! I am always excited to use it, even when my desk is available!
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2 years ago, Mukibar
3-D from 2-D drawings
Love Autocad. Self taught by pushing buttons. I learned on the 3-D version. I just don’t know enough to go between 2-D and 3-D. I’m sure you have a program that does this I just don’t know enough to find it. I am getting better and more valuable because I know simple things. Imagine if I actually knew what I was doing. Aloha, David
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4 years ago, RM9031
I need help
Im a high school student and I recently got this app so I could work on my projects at home instead of going to school to do them. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t provide all the tools you would normally get when working on a desk top(I’m on an iPad Pro).Later on I saw a video saying the apple pen provides more commands. I went to go buy the pencil (second generation)to see if it added any commands. It didn’t. Every video I see on the internet about using this app has an option to connect your Apple Pencil to the app and I can’t seem to find it on my iPad. Can some women help me please.
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6 years ago, dfwcedar
We need be able to print on PDF!!!!
I had spent a lot money on dwf apps readers, I’m tired, please please, improve all your apps for us to br able to open drawings on pdf an be able to work on the margins, we as contractors need this on the field, here im a customer if buzzsaw and autodesk, we need a solution to our plataform mac and on the field iphones, I can’t send work orders to my crews, we are customers too, maybe we are some of the contractors that are building yout future house, help!!
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4 years ago, DaBeNs101
It’s a great app to have on my phone it help me stay on track when it come to designing and putting my ideas on paper it’s doesn’t have all the feature the the actual cad program have but it’s stay amazing that able to do such a large portion of the work that am able to do by just using my phone.
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1 year ago, Mikezots
ACAD is running so slowly that it’s almost unusable in the latest version. (It’s slow on my pre-M1 iPad pro, at least) So slow you can watch the drawing routines execute on the screen as the app slogs through them! Old workflow: use ACAD directly on the iPad to enter site data. New workflow: write data by hand on paper and enter it on a portable computer that runs fast and has functions like trim/extend for speedy drawing. Output pdf back to iPad, do concept development in another app. Something’s broken.
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5 years ago, Gman12346
Impossible to cancel once you subscribe
This company is shady. There is no obvious way to unsubscribe from the monthly subscription. There are several posts online with people having the same problem. In those posts, someone from AutoCAD references a link to how to cancel, but the link is invalid. Also, autocad arbitrarily decided to make my password not work. So I am 25 minutes in and I can’t cancel. What a waste of time. I have emailed customer support and we will see. But all of this is clearly designed to make you give up and not cancel your subscription. Totally shady.
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