AutoScout24: Buy & sell cars

4.8 (19.3K)
176.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
AutoScout24 GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for AutoScout24: Buy & sell cars

4.76 out of 5
19.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Luca a380
Long time issue
It has been two years since I first wrote my review critiquing the removal of the sort by make/model function for the favorites list. I have now had this app in some form for close to eight years now so I know that the app has had the ability to sort in this fashion before and then it got removed. As a result it is now much harder to narrow down my favorites list since many sellers do not know the correct horsepower figures for their vehicles making the sort by power function cumbersome as well.
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7 months ago, Johnnykurtz
An excellent app for the international car enthusiast.
I use this app, because I move frequently between the United States and different parts of Europe, and I am always looking for new cars. I’m going back to Europe. So this app allows me to find the best deals from the best dealers throughout Europe, so I can nail down the exact car I want from the exact place I need it
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2 years ago, Travis Hughes
Really good but could be better
I am really enjoying using this app to search for my next vehicle. What I find missing is the ability to group or filter my Favourites so that I can focus on a few vehicles when my Favourites has a large number of active listings. It would be very helpful to be able to show just a single manufacture and specific model or select several vehicles to compare them easier.
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6 years ago, Lord Tea
Commercial insets galore!
Used to be really nice until recently when almost every 2nd picture inset became an ad (e. g. in the cars section). And it seems to be getting more annoying with every update....
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6 years ago, sunrise2017
Be careful
I don’t understand why the provider of that app kept asking me to write a feedback since there is still scam people so if ya are not able to stop that scammers please i will definitively recommend you to stop that app for good. The made of that app is great, easy to use, nice cars to buy here in this app but i am so sorry i have to say that there are a lot of scam people trying to abuse it to rip of people who are very naive all over the world. So my recommendation to everyone if you see that people trying to sell you a car thru internet and over and over so know that this app it’s a 100%scam. Good luck
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3 years ago, whatamesswithnicknames
does not work offline
The big advantage of an app like this over the website - if there is any - is offline use, e.g. in the dealers showroom. 90% of that advantage is wasted when the app cannot show pics or the ad text of your favs. Playing a few more minutes the app shows how buggy it really is. “My Notes” don’t work, some search limits don’t offer enough fine grained values (example prices), and ... so ... on.
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2 years ago, pudgedavis
Good site
It’s a realy good site have found everything I have searched for just have not bought noth yet but pritty easy to navigate through the site and I really like this site so far have had no problems with it yet
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7 years ago, Abo3atef
Awesome app
One of the most useful and rich app that satisfies my needs when I want to buy new or used car. It also give me a lot of options to filter cars by with a rich context. Keep it up 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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5 years ago, Titinew
Great app
It gives you all kind of filters and also I find very useful giving a message on the cara you already contacted the vendors. Super - Should filter better the fraudsters
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3 years ago, wawuster
Global Accomplishment
I live in the US and ordered a vehicle in Germany for a relative in Ghana via the app. The vehicle was shipped and got to them in order within a month. How easy was that. Thanks scout team.
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6 years ago, Sk!zz!ks
American, looking for a European Land Cruiser
Very easy to use. I like being able to search multiple countries. I just wish is had an advanced search for key words.
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5 years ago, Mansour...
Logging problem ⁉️
Since a few months I had problem to log in my account ⁉️ Please answer me soon
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7 years ago, SGM Taylor
F150 model upload unavailable to private seller in Germany
Love the App itself The App is well laid out for searches for F150 in Germany but does not offer the ability to upload a F150 model from a private seller. Will have to check to see if my Dodge Ram has the same issue for Military personnel selling Euro Spec vehicles. Hope to see this model added in future updates as there ARE Americans who could sell US models as well using this App.
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4 years ago, 440hertz
Heavy and crashy
The contents are good, but the app gets super laggy and crashes so often. I rarely close the app myself because it does it for me by crashing or freezing.
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6 years ago, DB Cash
Easy to use. I’m from the US and it makes it very easy to shop before traveling to another country.
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7 years ago, Nathankluke
Excellent App
AutoScout24 App is very well laid out and simple to use. You can save your favorites and scroll through your selections before contacting the seller.
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5 years ago, Logan3209
Photos don’t show for saved cars
Sense the last 2 updates, first update slowed down the ability to looks at my saved or stared cars. Second update improved the speed of the saved or stared car BUT now the photos do not show up at all. Please fixed the update or roll it back to the precious filling working version.
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6 years ago, kempetai
One thing missing....
It’s missing a map that allows to see the results by location and distance to my location
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6 years ago, Nategear
Good layout
Well designed app makes searching easy and fun. Never had any issues
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4 years ago, Nicolas121210
Ability to change options in my saved searches
Title. I would like to have that
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3 years ago, joey he fat
Pickup truck
Please separate suvs from pickups. I have to scroll through thousands of suvs when all I want is a pickup.
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3 years ago, Jeff USA
This app is really easy to navigate! All the information and images are there to help you make a decision!
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1 year ago, ChrisHans
Best Car Search App
Best car search app in the world. Wish we had one like this in the USA
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5 years ago, mrnmilutinovic
Best app for finding your next vehicle!
Everything that I need in one place! Thanks!
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6 years ago, SMPRIMO
Phone numbers are often wrong
Phone numbers are often wrong
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9 months ago, micheleproclamato
Latest update bad graphics
Updated last night, and when opening the search area, all graphics are changes to a very ugly outdated version!
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6 years ago, HopeItsNotTaken111
Found my first car here
Reliable, easy to use, awesome
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5 years ago, Duško0501
Try to find which languages are available to speak with sellers...
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6 years ago, marwan 777
Very useful
Find cars more easy then before
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6 years ago, Dreew2
Quick and Efficient
Very good app to find local deals. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Dr. Galakowitz
Useful tool
Lots of coverage and filtering tools are very helpful in facilitating a well structured search.
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6 years ago, Kinley1117
Super app for car shopping!
Very useful app design for searching used cars in Europe! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Fog1136
One of the best car buying apps out there.
The best car buying app in Europe.
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6 years ago, zauberflote
A very large market place
The search engine is excellent, criteria are relevant and thorough. It’s “huge”!
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7 years ago, Kostasmd
Very good
Very good app, like mainly the updates for each model you like
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6 years ago, Killajay1986
Vehicle Searching
App is very easy to use and covers all languages.
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6 years ago, B.gone
Amazing app
Love it I find what i search for Everytime
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6 years ago, danielecester
Always a good deal
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6 years ago, Tony Gaspar
Best of its kind
Overall performance “great app”.
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6 years ago, Shengiti
Great app
Great app ever, easy to use has lots of renowned sellers with big database
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6 years ago, Marco24120
Position filter
Search filter based on input location (and fixed distance/radius) doesn’t work, please update. iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.2
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6 years ago, sassyy22
Great app
Search functions are great
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6 years ago, Shkodrra
One of the best car sites
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6 years ago, Bad Muther John
AutoScout24 is Excellent!
I’ve been searching with AutoScout24 throughout Europe for a Land Rover, this app is amazing!!
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3 years ago, mahan777
Lovely app
Useful and complete app
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6 years ago, Rock Sherman
Great app that keeps me informed of new additions to the classics designs I like until the right one comes along.
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2 years ago, NobodyKnows41
You’re site is not working on my phone. And I don’t know why?
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4 years ago, frommel
Horrible yellow unreadable theme
Never fix something that is working fine. Changing a theme this big will result that people won’t use this app or can’t find the right icon.
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4 years ago, HSNIC
It’s nice to get a look at cars from across the pond. Some cars are not offered in the US. THANKS 🙏🏽
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6 years ago, ywiil
Great app
Great app for hard to find European cars
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