AutoSender - Automatic Texting

3.1 (784)
57.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
FreeRamble Technology Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for AutoSender - Automatic Texting

3.14 out of 5
784 Ratings
5 years ago, maerrp
Very obvious fake reviews, app is expensive but works.
It’s almost as if apps should have basic regulations to be in the apple App Store (perhaps they do and some just don’t adhere to them). There is an insane amount of fake reviews which are very obvious. Another person posting a review mentioned that most of the reviews were insanely and referring to a single day among others in which various people give 5 star reviews. I wanted to see for myself if this was true or not, and it is. I sorted the reviews by date and wow!! They don’t even try to make it look subtle. Aug. 8 an abnormal amount of customers were all willing to do reviews and were absolutely in love with this company. I really really REALLY don’t know how much I trust the developers and what not behind this app, but I will say that the app works as advertised (though it’s easy to think it’s free at first) and if you read the details then you will see that it does disclose that you have to buy credits in order to send texts.
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5 years ago, AmyS42789
Texts from a different number
This didn't end up working for me because it sends the text from a different number and they cannot reply to it. The provided solution is that the text includes "Reply: your phone number" The number didn't show up as a hyperlink when I did the test run and so it was cumbersome to copy it and send a reply text. It would be fine for some situations, but isn't appropriate for mine.
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6 years ago, SnoZilla
Deceptive & Complex Credit Scheme
The app seems to work fine with a fairly simple interface. However, I don’t appreciate the seemingly deceptive and somewhat complex credit scheme. One might assume 1 credit per message so I purchased 25 credits for a dollar. I discovered the actual credit scheme upon my first message. I did manage to find something in the app that stated 1 credit per 110 bytes (or 110 characters). However, I am not even sure that makes sense. I was sending a message with under 400 characters to 3 recipients and it was going to cost me 21 credits. If 25 credits costs a $1, then one scheduled message cost me roughly $0.84 in this case. Not a big deal for one message but it could get pricey for large messages, multiple recipients, repeating messages, heavy use, etc. I like the pay per message feature, as opposed to a recurring monthly fee, but I would recommend a better credit scheme. Make the credit scheme apparent and simple.
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5 years ago, AngieBina
Doesn’t send automatically, at least not without paying of course...
Of course another app trying to make profit instead of making a FREE app that’s worth taking up space in your phone storage. This is no different then setting a reminder on your phone (that is unless you’re willing to pay). Also did I forget to mention that on a standard iPhone you already have apps like this installed such as reminder, calendar, and even your alarm clock. You also have notes that you can use to compose your text in. It’s a waste of space on your phone and in the AppStore. I’m AWARE that there are other reviews making this clear along with messages from the developers attached to those reviews. But it seems like it still hasn’t gone through their greedy thick skulls. Stop charging and you’ll get more people to download the app. Simple. This app is just false advertising (autoSENDER) and crushed hopes and dreams.
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6 years ago, MC-Mikey14
Works as advertised
This app works exactly as it is advertised to, it is very quick and easy to schedule a auto text response. You simply select a the time and the contacts, write the message and the app handles the rest. Anyone looking for an auto responder so they can schedule a text reply to be sent at a specific time should give this app a try. I use it mostly for work things like reminding clients of meetings or payment, but it would also work for personal things like birthdays or personal reminders
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6 years ago,
Worth the price
While this app does charge you a cost for every message(and sometime more then 1 credit for longer messages), so does any other app I have downloaded that can automatically sends messages. This one appears to be the cheapest of the options out there, and every message I have set to send has send exactly on time. It is pretty simple to use, and I have not encountered any issues yet.
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3 years ago, FloresFam1975
Easy to use
I just got this app and it’s user friendly I am still trying to understand the costs. There are 3 things to choose from i though but looks like you have to purchase all 3 in order to send messages. I just scheduled my first group message was simple to do! I’ll update once I see what I get charged for each month.
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5 years ago, Ccsbluedragon
Could be a good app
The app has potential, but unfortunately to get the feature to automatically send scheduled text messages you must pay. The worst part about this is that the credits you pay for expire at the end of the month!!! This is simply just a way to try and get as much money out of people as possible. This could be a great app and MILLIONS of ios users would download and use this and the developers could probably even make much more money by ad revenue, but instead the developers just seem short-minded and greedy and the result is an overpriced app that barely anybody will ever use..
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5 years ago, Violeta Shearstone
Bringing me closer to my family
As a truck driver of 10 years it can be hard to have a strong relationship with my family sometimes when I often can be away for weeks at a time and am driving most of the day so I can't use my phone. I've started getting in the habit of scheduling messages to send to my wife and kid throughout the day, they love it so far!
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6 years ago, Kakp14
Haha notice how all the reviews “ironically” happen to be on the same days. For instance there are about 20 reviews all on November 13 then nothing... until Nov 30. Then there’s another weird batch of reviews. Real apps earn their ratings. There’s no reason to make up reviews just so the app looks good. If these reviews weren’t rigged then there would be more mentions of how this is a great idea for an app BUT you have to pay for “credits” to send an automated text..? Haha what??! Pay to send a text? No thanks. So hopefully real people can leave honest reviews so people don’t get the wrong idea of what this app can do.
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3 years ago, fresh sounds in a spoiled music world
Can’t schedule msg from own number
Only AFTER I paid for a subscription AND schedule a message, did it notify me the message would be sent from a spam number. The only other option is to pay another subscription fee for a random phone number. There’s no option for scheduling the message from your own phone number. Waste of money, wish they’d said that upfront. If it’s not possible to send via your own number that people already recognize, they need to say that BEFORE you have to pay.
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3 years ago, Timster123123
Unethical company
Unless you pay a monthly subscription fee, say goodbye to any credits you paid for (and therefore should have a right to use). If there are unused credits on your account after 30 days, they expire. Like storing this information costs them anything. Total horsecrap to force you to pay them a monthly “fee” just to keep active digital info that costs them nothing and that you paid for. Service worked fine, but this is so unethical, it should be criminal. Find another service to patronize, please.
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5 years ago, Charnese Rudland
Really cool app
Great way to schedule texts to my family over the holidays! I often forget about sending messages to everyone and someone always ends up left out. So this year I downloaded this app and put everyone I need to message in a group, now I simply just select that group and schedule my message months in advance!
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3 years ago, Jerom720
Worst App I Have Ever Purchased!
I am very disappointed in this app. The pricing structure is misleading and complex. It is very expensive to send a message. It cost several dollars to send a two hundred character text to less than 10 people. I am definitely going to select another provider. There is no unlimited subscription and you need to buy a private number on top of that to come across as professional. There is no option to use your own number. A poorly constructed app. Ridiculous!
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9 months ago, Call for Customer satisfaction
need improvements
im not as happy because it doesnt have option to save draft. once you are informed you types too much and need to buy credit; you have to go out then you have to retype all your messages again. then failure send messages to Philippines.
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4 years ago, Kstar 5
Does not send from my own phone number
It seems like the whole point of the scheduling app would be to seamlessly send text messages to my contacts as though it were me sending it right at that moment. This is sent from a random number or some other number that I can pay for, and so it’s obvious to the receiver that it’s being sent from an app and not directly from me at that moment. I’d be happy to pay for an app that would send text messages from my phone number. This is disappointing.
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4 years ago, chew 415
Sends message from numbers commonly used by spammers
I wish this app would actually send from my messages using my phone number. I wanted to schedule a text to my boss telling him I wasn’t coming into work. I wanted to sleep in and not have to wake up just to send a text out. If I used this app, it sends from a random generated number, uses your screen name as a header and links the text below. When I get texts from numbers like this I automatically delete it because they are always from scammers or spammers.
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6 years ago, jasonjim007
Great pricing
Never seen an app providing such great price for auto sending texts. And the UI is easy to use. I give 5 star rating and have my whole team install this. And I have paid for a couple hundred credits and suggest you can make them shareable with others. Hope you can make it.
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6 years ago, Bsmith1421
Great for my business
This app works great for letting me send messages to remind some of my customers that they have an appointment later in the day. It does cost money to automatically send the messages, but it is still cheaper then many of the other options out there.
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5 years ago, Lauron Czajkowski
I didn't think this existed
I have been looking for an app that would let me schedule my messages that would automatically send on iPhone for months! So glad I finally stumbled upon this app, since none of the other ones worked. Thank you much!
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5 years ago, calif pat
Today I just signed up. I like to send texts from bed but it’s to early to send sometimes and then I forget to send when it’s late enough to wake someone up. Hopefully this will allow that to happen. A delayed text or email. Scheduled to be sent at the time I direct. We’ll see.
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5 years ago, Lakeiya Annes
I am actually impressed with how well this app works. I am able to schedule pictures to send to my family and friends on their birthday and they will auto send!  Done several tests to make sure and everything is working great so far. 
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5 years ago, Lucymae Disbrow
Worked to send a text blast
I needed to send a text to all my employees and this app worked perfectly for letting me do it. It only took a few minutes to set up and just let me use my contacts from my contact list which was convenient. 
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5 years ago, Vīnnÿ•D
Dosent work BOGUS ALERT
I simply downloaded the app purchased credits and set one automated text for 5 mins ahead sending it to my self and to a burner phone number app line and neither one sent the “test” txt message I set up the only word in the message was “test” and neither one sent anything at all even though it said auto text was set and would be sending in 5 mins then said “executed” after the time it was supposed to send. But yet never received any text from anywhere. Bogus app and wasted money. Not cool.
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5 years ago, Tiane Apfel
Great messenger app for employers
One of the easiest ways to communicate with my team of employees! We work as a virtual team so often work at very different times of the day. With autosender I can schedule a message at 12 at night to send to my team during their work hours
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3 years ago, Jmllin
Not good
This app is terrible. The user interface is clunky and unfriendly. Not many options. And to use the auto reply feature you first have to load the phone number of who you want to auto reply to. That’s terrible. That would be a nice option but to make that required makes this “feature” useless to me. And was the o LYK reason I downloaded the app. Oh yeah, you have to buy the phone number before you find this out.
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5 years ago, Imamarriedgirl
do not download or use this APP! You need to buy “credits” in order to send texts and the other person can’t even text you back! All the really good reviews that you see are FAKE. If you look through them you’ll see all the reviews are on certain days!! Trying to use FAKE reviews in order for people to download and SPEND money on this app. 1 credit does not even mean 1 text message. If you write a long paragraph, it will literally use up 10+ of your credits. WORST APP OUT HERE.
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5 years ago, Twisteddadof3
I have not used this YET
I would like to know how I would be able to receive replies to my personal number. This is very important for what I will be using it for. I will 5 star this at the moment so my question doesn’t pose a review problem for the company.
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6 years ago, Garmingirl808
Not really what it seems
Just purchased the largest package at $10 and can’t use it. While your text messages can be sent out automatically as scheduled however the recipient is unable to reply to your text message because the message doesn’t run thru your mobile number but rather a third party number (as far as I can tell) It’s rather a moot point to text someone and not be able to receive a reply. I’d like a refund because I can’t use this app but I suppose it’s gone now.
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6 years ago, TheMtom
The best Auto Responder app
This app works great to schedule an auto text reply to be sent at the time you scheduled it for! It automatically sends so once you set it you don’t have to send the message at the time, the text reply will automatically send!
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5 years ago, AndrewFrederick
Not for me
Unfortunately this app isn’t for me. You pay for packages and get x amount of credits (amount of texts available). In my case I do marketing and advertising and send HUNDREDS of texts each day (making this app extremely expensive and uncertain). My suggestion... Figure out another way to charge the consumer in an effective way for you to market and help US. Charger per week ($1) or per month with unlimited texts
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4 years ago, Ugli Boiii
Good, could be better
I think this app is pretty amazing and it’s the first app I’ve come across that actually automatically sends messages. However, I do think that if they added another way to get free credits (like watching an ad or something) it would be a LOT better.
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4 years ago, Annnaaaabaannnaannna
I’m not sure if the app does what it is supposed to do because I didn’t get a chance to use it properly. I was given one credit upon downloading but you need to buy more if you want to send more than one message (I thought) apparently, you need 2 credits to send one message. Before downloading the app I was under the impression that use was free. As well as this, you are not informed how many credits you need to send a single text message.
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5 years ago, trhccrn
Not dependable
I have daily, weekly, biweekly scheduled texts set up. Only rarely does it give me a notification the text has been sent although it reliably deducts credits!!! Even after hitting the refresh button, the history does not even reflect texts for which I received notifications they were sent. The only way I can find out if they were sent is to contact the recipient. Kind of defeats the purpose of paying for this service!!
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5 years ago, Adpowah
Not great
I am not sure how all those these reviewers are commenting about how they schedule so many texts when the pricing structure is per text. That seems super antiquated and leads me to believe the reviews are fake. Second the text does not appear in your the app Messages so if you are using the default iOS text app it doesn’t mesh well. I gave it two stars rather than one since it technically works. Buyer beware.
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5 years ago, Kabren Brimson
Never seen a texting app like this before 
This text reply app is such a cool idea!! It lets me easily schedule messages to send to my kids messenger throughout the days when they are home and I am at work. Things like “remember your medicine” or “feed the dog”.
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4 years ago, Cdowning6
The concept is good, but too expensive
I really liked using this. But it requires constantly paying to send message. Nickel and dimed me to frustration. It’s confusing. You pay for a number and you pay for credits. Every text message uses credits. So, even though I’ve paid for a year of a personalized phone number, I keep running out of “credits.” Ugh. (The only thing I used the app for are daily motivational productivity reminders to myself).
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6 years ago, PsychGirlRaven
Not really free, not fully functional
This app while offering a free download charges you for each message sent. This can get quite costly if you are someone who needs to schedule numerous texts. It also doesn’t allow the person to respond to the text, which is a bit infuriating when the entire purpose of a text is ease of communication. I’m not sure why Apple doesn’t simply add a scheduled function, as it’s obvious the software is capable of the service.
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3 years ago, Highwayhunny
Auto send stops after 2 weeks, cannot see autosend messages, cannot see anything really, no test texts to see what’s being sent, support just puts you through support questions and then doesn’t do anything to fix. Messages are incomplete and shortened. Don’t waste your time, not user friendly at all.
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5 years ago, Sweetsarahk
App seems very useful
I have tried to use the app and it appears that it does offer the free text scheduling feature. However, there is a note at the bottom of page that sending text will cost a credit. How many credits are allowed in the free version? Is there a limit ?
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5 years ago, dpmoody
So how’d I end up on the Dark Net?
They just want your data AND MAKE YOU PAY to give it to them! App looks pretty cool and like it could really do a lot of neat things. Sadly, you have to create an account and provide your info. Which I’m sure then gets harvested and soon to be followed by spam and phishing. Prove me wrong and I’ll gladly change my review, but for now I can’t get behind anything that makes money off of people that way. I’m not for sale.
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1 year ago, mimislyfestyle
Easy to Use
Easy app to use and understand. The app doesn’t really work as well as claimed. There was some difficulty signing up directly with Apple account. This app could use some more color it is so bland and kind of boring theme. Using this in the United States.
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5 years ago, Nelson Queyos
Useful MMS scheduler
I've been looking for a way to schedule my marketing promotions for the last couple months and I finally found it! Love that I can actually schedule images with my texts
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5 years ago, Nace Semeniuk
Year subscription
I got a year subscription and bought the largest credit pack, I love using this app and cannot wait to see what updates come in the future
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5 years ago, Xyon Gawthorp
Easy to use scheduler 
This app makes scheduling automatic msgs as easy as sending regular texts. I use it to schedule my kids birthday images for right when they wake up 😃 
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3 years ago, ScooterMN2011
Hidden Fee
I know it was coming. I hesitantly download this. Saw no fee. Created an account (gave them my phone number) then, boom, a “auto renew” monthly fee. I delete the app, but now have to go through the hassle of making sure the don’t bill me. Why can’t these people just be honest up front? Added this company to the list of players I will NOT deal with in the future.
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4 years ago, Lacobee
To be honest, I didn’t even download this app. I read the reviews, and though it seems to be a great app, this isn’t 1997 where we’re still paying to send people text messages. Seems stupid expensive when I could just discipline myself to send out the message on time. I mean, if we’re going to go back in time on things...I could even use pad and paper, lol!
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5 years ago, Deron Constantine
I like this app since it makes it super easy to schedule reminders before I meet with people to confirm they are still going to be there.
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5 years ago, Stacyjf
Troubles getting started
From the get go I couldn’t create an account with my phone number as it said that I already had an account. OK so I thought maybe it’s accurate but I do have an account and didn’t realize they were ready signed up. Then when I put my phone number and it said there was no valid account. Wth?? Fix the bugs I need to find a good app
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5 years ago, Husna Letford
This is great for anyone who works as a property manager. I use it to schedule payment reminders, meeting reminders, and send pictures of the location.
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