Avadian Credit Union

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Avadian Credit Union
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Avadian Credit Union

4.53 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
3 years ago, evilson
Avadians App is Extremely effective
I do not understand the negative reviews, I really don’t. As a network software engineer with 3.5+ decades of experience and as a business owner. I depend on being able to conduct mobile business through online services. I do not have the time to visit a branch during business hours most of the time. This app is very effective and secure. Avadians app is better than any of its competitors, hands down. I’ve had all the top ones. It’s a large part of why I chose Avadian other than the extremely personable service you receive at any of their locations. The folks are incredible at Avadian but that’s another review for another time. Not only is the app completely operational and extremely effective at account management and other services offered by Avadian. The app is easy to use and understand, fast, clean, lightweight and secure with no extra bloat on your devices. The developers are not new to the game. It’s definitely not their first rodeo. They have clearly gone the extra mile for Avadian’s customers. You won’t find a better app at any bank or other credit union.
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4 months ago, Foreverjahnae
Love this app
I love how effective this app is. I never have to come into the branch unless I need a new debit card. I love how I can turn my card on/off in the app. I can control over draft protection. I can hide my other accounts to save and link my other bank accounts all in one. Never had any problems. Been banking here for three years. Compared to major banking apps this credit union’s app is very efficient. Account balance is the most live and update I have seen. I also work in banking and have for the past 5 years. Online banking is something I look for in a financial institution, if I don’t like the app I don’t like the institution
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2 years ago, Synonymic
Too slow
Seems like most apps and other electronic systems have been slowed and “dumbed down” for use at the level of the lowest common denominator. The Avadian automatic telephonic system is same as the app in being so slow as to be outright rude. Before the app I could log on to the web site and wiz through looking at all accounts & transactions in literally seconds to minutes. Now with the new app it takes longer for the info to populate and the first change of screen request than it did for the entire process with the old system. I do not need absolute intuitive function nor do I need voice commands at the speed of molasses to walk me through every tiny detail before I move forward. The automated Avadian phone system is worse. I could have pressed the phone buttons for the options I needed and gotten the information I needed in a fraction of the time it now takes to get through the first couple of prompts. Please offer a digital option that will move as fast as the older processes.
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10 months ago, Celeb Am
I love everything about Avadian. Great around the clock customer service. Great app format. Easily accessible for even the non tech savvy people. My favorite part about Avadian and they offer help to those who has trouble opening an account elsewhere due to owing money and bad credit. They provide a second chance most places do not and my second favorite thing about them is that if you lose a card or have to close an account due to fraud or any other reason, you can get a new card immediately at the branch instead of having to wait on the mail to deliver it.
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2 years ago, Stanton Davis
Best Mobile Banking App I’ve ever Used
I have several bank accounts at different financial institutions. This is hands down the most intuitive app of all of them. Really pleased with the alerts, travel notifications, P2P, the way you can customize the home page, etc. I also have now added all my external accounts from other banks into this app and have a full view of all my accounts in one place. Great job!
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2 weeks ago, West Coast BAMA
Works great, statements a bit clunky
I use this app a lot to keep up with my day-to-day finances. It is generally easy to use and informative. My only complaint is how you have to pull up bank statements. Rather than providing a list of statements to pick from you have to enter in starting date and end date and then select statement. This is annoying especially since entering dates requires you to use the pop-up calendar twice which is set to the current month and statements are for the prior month. Otherwise, I like the app.
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2 months ago, fturner2375
Great app for my business
The app has been steadily evolving over the past year and has become one of my favorites. It has eliminated the need to go to the bank as frequently as in the past. My new favorites are Zelle and invoicing from my actual account. I actually recommend this credit union to several of my clients needing a local banking relationship because of their steady expansion of tools. I am happy with it!
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2 weeks ago, Daughter of a real Queen
Grown up
I love Avadian, they help me to become a real grown up,I’m an only child & I would cash app my mom, the money for my bills, well she passed away & I was suddenly responsible for paying my on bills. The bank I was with just wasn’t cutting it anymore ,I switched to Avadian and they’re app , let me tell you!! It is awesome, I put all my bills on bill pay& I’m killing it ,everything on time , or even early .. I truly feel like a grown up💜
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2 years ago, Dogwalker2020
One thing could be better
I would like to see a change to Remote Deposit based upon another credit union we also use: immediately after selecting the Remote Deposit feature, it displays the following alert, “Please sign the back of your check(s) and write “For [insert CU name here] Mobile Deposit Only”. Doing this eliminates stopping to enter that info during the actual transaction. It’s a smoother activity, much less clunky than your current procedure.
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2 months ago, ksclive
Great app
I really like this app because I can do so many things right from my phone without having to call customer service. It works 99% of the time with no problems. I especially like the ability to transfer funds from one account to another and can manage our debit cards from the app in case we have to lock a card for whatever reason.
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2 years ago, Rarity0268
Not very friendly
My fiancé sent me money twice the first time had no problem with receiving it but the second time he sent it to me they stated that it was fraud related. Never contacting me and lying about getting in touch with me. To make things worst when they sent the money back to my fiancé that they stated they wouldn’t let me accept into my account they stole 150+ pounds from him which is over two hundred dollars in USD. When confronted about this I’ve still have had no one contact me. It’s been three months now. This bank is horrible to certain customers that don’t meet their standard. And they really don’t care about you as a customer.
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2 months ago, Black1956
Really good app!
I check my account several times a day and this app is always available. You can do almost all your banking with the app. I love being able to deposit checks with the deposit option. Just snap the front and back of the check, and you’re good to go! Easy to move money between accounts. I’m very happy with this app.
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2 years ago, THORVFJQNABS
Freeze Card
I had an instance recently where I needed to freeze my card. There are two cards tied to my joint account with my husband. I couldn’t freeze mine, only his. What was interesting was it said “your cards” and only one card (his) was available to freeze. Since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find my card and freeze it- I had to cancel it. That process took two different people, twenty minutes total, for both of them to tell me I hit the wrong prompts when I didn’t. Why offer a feature when only one card pops up?
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8 months ago, Izzys MeMe
I like it for the most part. However there are times when it hasn’t given me an accurate amount. I’ll try to explain to make sense. When I spend and use my card I will go to my app to check balance and it won’t have the correct balance. I can wait until later in day and it then will show the use of my card.
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2 years ago, nursymel
The app makes it so easy to check balances , make transfers and keep up with any errors or attempted fraud transactions if any pending. I did have a problem finding out how to check Visa cash reward points but got an immediate messages how to tap on card services. I do wish it was easier but understand drop down menu items now. By the way thank you Avadian CU
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4 months ago, good!!!!!!!!!*
Great app
I’ve been with Avadian credit union since I was 18 years old and the app is probably the best thing that they ever came up with makes banking easy I haven’t had any issues. That’s why when my daughter turn 18 I got her an account here as well. We both enjoy the features that we have and I can monitor her spending habits and help her to budget her accounts as well. If I ever have grandchildren they’ll be banking here too!
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2 months ago, Sindylek
This is a very functional and user friendly app. Very convenient for me because I live in the country and cannot get into town often. The Touch ID is awesome and the services have everything you need for your banking needs. Thanks!
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2 years ago, EVin1603
Scrolling Sensitivity
The app provides the opportunity to do pretty much anything you could want with online banking. My one complaint is the sensitivity of the app when scrolling through transactions. It seems I cannot scroll without selecting a transaction because of extreme sensitivity in this area. Makes it difficult to look at previous days.
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4 months ago, uncolor the puppy
Great App
Love the ability to handle most any situation related to my Avadian account the minute it needs my attention. Great App, with one minor exception. Spending notifications! I get notifications that are a total of all recent transactions I made instead of one at a time as transactions happen. This forces me to open the App to confirm each transaction. Still a great App!
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4 months ago, M. January
Can never get use to this app
This app does not show the correct balance when I have pending payments. The old app did calculate the available balance with any pending payments already taken out. Now, I have the inconvenience of having to use a calculator to subtract any pending amounts to see what my actual balance is to be sure my account will not be overdrawn. Seems that an upgraded, newer app would already have this feature.
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2 years ago, aetownson
Useful app, Money Manager has some shortcomings
The app is useful, and I was really looking forward to using the Money Manager to budget our finances with Avadian and our other institutions. But Money Manager is not able to set a different budget amount per month for the categories and doesn’t roll over unused funds either. So that keeps us from being able to use it.
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10 months ago, GAtogatomouse
Functional & Convenient
We’ve had no problems with this app. It’s made banking a lot easier. I LOVE the ability to be able to deposit checks via the app from wherever you are. It’s very easy to figure out & use.
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11 months ago, PaulLewis.CPA
Original version was better
No fingerprint login, don't like the initial interface, REALLY don't like the new mobile deposit functionality. Along with being just bad design, it is also much slower. Nothing good with the upgrade.
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5 years ago, MrsTing
This app is extremely stressful. Always seems like when you need to check your account most, it will never load and just sit on the loading screen. I like signing in via a PIN number, it constantly makes me have to re-register. Not on a security, timely scale, just constantly have to re-do it for no reason. Makes me want to change banks when I constantly can’t check my own account, in the 21st century when it should be a piece of cake.
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2 years ago, daddyjoe5
Avadian Credit Union App Delivers
This app is easy to use but is very powerful. It can do everything a visit to the bank can do. Including deposit checks and transfer funds between your accounts. It’s definitely a must have!
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11 months ago, knally13
It Works
I haven’t gotten too deep into the weeds on the app, but it works perfectly for what I need it to do, which is usually to check my balance and recent transactions. Occasionally I’ll make a transfer, which is super simple to do on the app.
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2 weeks ago, nham62
Great app
This app is loaded with features that allows me to do everything I need to do. I have difficulty finding the task of what I need because the app is full of options but that is my lack of computer skills not the app.
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1 week ago, Jeana Mac
Online banking
It’s got to be your services and nothing to do with my Wi-Fi. Sometimes and lately I’ve had problems getting into my online services. I never had this problem with any banking unless they services were down. This is beginning to be complicated also an issue and problems.
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3 years ago, IamReo1980
Great update!
I've been banking with Avadian since they were Alabama Telco and this app update has made it extremely convenient to handle my accounts. The ease of use and user interface solved many of the minor issues that the previous version made you contend with. Good job!
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1 year ago, Pamaney
Shaheen khan
The mobile deposit is one of the best. With other banks, all checks uploaded are available after 3 days. With Avadian the ACH checks or Checks made out by bank, are available as soon as they are uploaded. Makes banking and life very easy
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3 months ago, tls082)
Not good
Needs to make it easier to add a payment bank account to pay loans needs to make it so that you can pay car payment with a credit card needs to make it much easier to link an outside bank account among multiple other policy of life UX/UI design features feels like I’m using a banking app from 2008… step it up a variant even America’s first makes you app look horrendous!
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2 years ago, Rmurray58
Top notch app !
Avadian has the best app for online banking , I’ve never had a problem with it . If folks are leaving negative reviews then they probably don’t know what they are doing online , it’s the easiest app I’ve ever used ! I give Avadian an A+ for all of their services !
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9 months ago, still a yankee
Love it
I never go to the main website. Use my app for everything! Thanks Avadian for always staying up to date with advancements and connectivity. I’ve been a member for 25 yrs or so and wouldn’t do business anywhere else!
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4 months ago, Patticake03
App rating
I like the app, have noticed in the last month there are days when I can’t sign in at all. It doesn’t recognize my face or password, then an hour later it works.
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2 months ago, Holley's
It’s fine. For the most part does what it’s supposed to do.
For the record I really like Avadian for banking, however the app is still pretty clunky. Not always the easiest to navigate and crashes often. But it still does the job for the most part. I think the app could definitely use some more love.
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5 years ago, Diccolo
Pretty good
I mostly use it to check my accounts, and it has worked pretty well for me. It’s not the best app ever, and there are some hiccups, but I’m glad a small credit union isn’t pouring tons of money into the app. Definitely more useful than a 2.4 star app in my experience.
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2 months ago, KED57
I switched to Avadian when they built a new branch close to my employer, I have had nothing but the best experiences with all the employees and managers that have come and gone over the past 15 years! Looking forward to the next 15!
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2 years ago, BreezyRte66
Next Level Banking
This App saves trips to the bank, phone calls & time. There are great tools to help you manage, build & keep an eye on your money. Create a budget plan, set-up auto bill pay & more; just open the App & put your money to work for you!
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2 months ago, hxvfscgh
Awesome app great to not have to go to the bank all the time. I’m a musician and when I get off work it’s usually 1:30 or 2:00 AM and the mobile app lets me deposit checks in the early morning hours. I love it Thank You
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3 years ago, ced da rida
Check deposit issues
The updated app is really functional; however, the check deposit feature is horrible. I couldn’t deposit a check after over five attempts. I kept saying the amount wasn’t correct, it was correct. Please fix the issue.
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2 years ago, Highrodge
A must have.
App is fast, reliable and convenient. Keeps you informed of expenditures or payments you might have forgotten to list in my reconciliation book. A really must have to keep you up to date.
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9 months ago, addicted2TCrack
User Friendly
Banking made easy by a Credit Union! This is the way it should be! Everything at the convenience of your cell phone. Even if you’re and old guy!
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1 year ago, KJPod
Annoying bug in iOS 16
Nice app overall but ever since iOS 16 the ability to register a device seems to be broken. I now have to go through the 2FA every day to log into my account.
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2 years ago, 2frknreal
Easy to use app
This app is easy to use and makes banking online easy. It is possible to deposit checks and make transfers online. It has definitely enhanced my banking experience.
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2 years ago, mblue3030
Great app
This so works great. My only suggestion works be to add a few of the most used features as buttons on the main page. Bill pay, mobile deposit, etc...
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11 months ago, Yttukgfeet
Avadian believer
I love this bank. I’ve been with them for years. My credits not so good and since I’ve been with them so long and a great customer . I was able to get a loan. They always have my back. I’m a avadian girl for life. Thanks avadian
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3 years ago, tyler.shadix
Zero stars
I very rarely take time to post app reviews, but I'm hoping someone at the credit union is checking these.. I second everything that has already been said. This "update" is terrible. The previous version seemed basic, but it was solid and easy to use, even if it did lack some features. Didn't realize it would be possible to ruin the basics, but whoever redesigned this managed to do so. Slower. More difficult. Using it significantly less now. Epic fail.
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2 years ago, hdieicockwirivjc
Easy to use!
Been with Avadian for just about a decade now. Still love their service, and the app has been so easy to use after their upgrade! I live in Oregon now but still continue to bank with Avadian.
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2 weeks ago, Anti Killary
Avadian App
Easy to use and not difficult, but at times the time between use of a card and goes thru letting you know what funds you actually have..
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10 months ago, MDB522
Smooth app. Transitions through information very easily. But, there’s one HUGE but…..
It would be nice to have a more widely used method of sending cash to people (non-Avadian members), like Zelle, Venmo, etc. Otherwise this app is great and easy to use.
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