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User Reviews for Avant Credit

4.77 out of 5
131.9K Ratings
4 months ago, 26 Dasia
Very Happy. Was skeptical but now very satisfied
I took a chance with their online application. I saw them on credit karma and I applied all online and was approved all online. Submitted information requested. It took a about a day for approval and then my loan funded straight to my bank a couple days later! So awesome!!!! I’m very happy I chose them. I feel like their rates were slightly higher than other lenders but I don’t mind because the service was fast and easy and I didn’t have to talk to anyone. I did a consolidation loan and was able to get funded straight to my bank for me to pay off my debts as I felt like and I appreciate that freedom. I recommend it to anyone who hates being in the phone going over stuff. Just pay attention to the rate you’re paying so you know what you’re working with. I’ve gotten 2 loans with them. My credit wasn’t the best when I first got this loan and I got approved. My credit score jumped about 50 points after paying down about 5 creditors with my loan. Now my credit is fair rising to good. I am grateful that they approved me the first time so seemlessly. The second loan I got was a better rate so it depends on your credit score. When you don’t have great credit as I did initially, I just wanted a loan to get out of my mess and I got approved without collateral and it helped me so much so yes I recommend and am a happy customer.
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10 months ago, Deep South Transplant
VERY satisfied, but….
I’ve had this credit card for quite awhile now, and I’m very pleased with it. I started with a modest credit limit, and honestly Avant has consistently raised my CL about every 6 months, and always without me asking for it. I now have a great CL and my FICO score has dramatically improved. I always make my payment as soon as it comes up on their app, which by the way is incredibly easy to maneuver through. Everything was going along nicely until I made my payment, due Sept. 1st, on August 6th when it showed up on their mobile app. According to my PayPal account, the payment was made at 5:57am on August 6th, the day it’s due. And that’s the same date I’ve made my payment for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately for me, Avant applied my August 6th payment to my account on August 5th. That means I made two payments in August and now I’m due Sept 1st again. I’m not happy about this at all. I would really appreciate it if someone high up the food chain with Avant would please call me to try and resolve this. I love your company, and I love my credit card, but right now I’m not feeling the love from your side. All my contact info you should already have, so please, PLEASE!, call me sometime so we can have a chat.
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6 months ago, lil red fox
I don’t usually do reviews but felt I had to this time. I am on disability and do not get my check until the 3rd of the month. They set my payment date for the 1st. Say they are not allow to change the payment date and to make a double payment so that I can pay it after the 1st. That would be fine if I had the extra money to make over a 100 dollar payment. Also when I applied it said I would not have a yearly fee then suddenly last year I was charged for a yearly fee. I use to love this card but here lately it seems that they’re just trying to ruin my credit score. This is the first time being late because I make the payment on line and because it’s a weekend they’re not going to credit it till after due date and cause me a late fee. Now I have to figure out someone I can borrow money from so that I can make a double payment plus a late fee this month. I called them just to be told it’s not their problem it’s mine. My credit is perfect. Always pay my bills before they are due. This is so frustrating to deal with knowing that I’m just going to keep getting charged a late fee. The card is never going to get paid off because I’m just going to keep getting hit by late fees on it. Oh but they have me a credit raise. Anyway from now on I’ll probably be using a different credit card. Which I could use one of my other cards to make a double payment but they will not accept another credit card to do it. 😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, JennyLord,RN
Very Polite and Professional costumer service
I have been a cardholder for a few months now and I’m obviously in good standing. I have preferred to call on the phone to pay my bill as well as arrange my next payment and early extra payments also if I happened to but something extra on my card that month. But what has impressed me is the agent with whom I’m speaking with has always seemed like a personal assistant and never repeatedly asks me questions for security purposes during our same call. So even though I did reach my goal and get my scores back up some to the 660 ish range which I know is still not good but it was 615 when I started. But when your child asks to take over payments on your car say no lol. My point my husband keeps telling me that I should cut this card and that we still have our chase and other cards same as before his credit was not affected but I’m going to hang on until I get my credit back to where it belongs and because these people are just very nice people to work with. So far I’m very pleased. If I do get upset I can spread bad news far better than good news just like anyone else but I’m saying this is a good place to be.
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11 months ago, IrishJ1969
This card has been nothing but a disappointment. It sometimes takes me days and several attempts via telephone to get Customer Service on the line to resolve an issue. Then, when I finally get to speak to someone, they are usually a complete idiot, rarely do they have good command of the English language, and more often than not, they will lie to you when they just don’t know what the answer is, or you have requested to speak to a supervisor, and they do not want to look bad with their supervisor for not being able to resolve your issue, so they will lie to you and actually tell you there are no supervisors. I just this morning received an alert from Avant telling me there were two suspicious charges recently transacted for me to please answer via the telephone prompts. I only learned of the first charge and not the second because once I affirmed for them that the first charge was not made by me. They then put me on hold to speak with the fraud department. I waited on hold for 30 minutes and then the automated system terminated my call and stated I needed to call in to Avant card services myself later on today. So they just completely wasted my time for a half hour on hold. I have tried getting someone to answer my call three times already today and I just get placed on hold. Do yourself a favor and run as far away as you can from this card. It is not a good card you would get better rates from the mafia.
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5 months ago, Clbimb
Terrible card
This is so unfortunate this card has been nothing but a problem ever since the start. It wouldn’t work to get gas at Costco right when I first got it and they couldn’t tell me why also won’t work to be attached to any Venmo, cash app, Apple Pay anything PayPal. Also they raised my credit limit while I was 2 days past my min payment due date and then told me I could not use my available credit since I was 2 days late on making a payment I then made a min payment and still was not able to use it they posted my payment for the following day and then charged me a late fee that was dated the day I attempted to make the payment won’t reverse the late fee and today now cannot make my available credit available still even tho when I call or look at the app it shows I have 227$ of available credit I understand that my payment may take a day or two to process and that payment won’t add the my available credit till then but why can’t I use my existing available credit I’ve been on the phone multiple times and get no where they never make any sense or answer the questions you ask they can’t give you to a manager and put you on hold to figure out anything you ask. Also asked when my Credit limit was raised wouldn’t my cash advance limit be raised they said yes and it was by like 60-70 bucks but I cannot use that until I lay my entire statement balance off hahah nothing ever makes sense
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2 months ago, Leahcl1980
Would give it 5 stars except for poor loyalty
I have had the Avant card for over a year now. I make 2 to 3 payments a month, always higher than the min on every payment. I have high utilization as it is the card I use the most. I have 100 percent payment history on 24 accounts of different kinds. I can not get a credit increase keep being denied although I pay multiple times in a pay period. I do with all my cards. I am thinking about canceling it and going with a different card. I only need the increase to help my credit. I am working on building my credit regularly and am always a great loyal customer. So the denial on a simple increase when I pay double my bill multiple times a month as stated before just makes a person feel invalid and like a number not a great customer. If they do increase I’ll let you know. I recommend if you building credit and are looking for a card that rewards good behavior than I’d go with Brighway, credit one Amex is also very rewarding and not only automatically raises your credit every few month but they also reward you with upgrades and other top cards. This card is not loyal to good customer period. I’ve been repetitively informing you, because I know the need of a card that helps you grow your credit by rewarding and then that helps with utilizing. I would have never used this one this much if I had knew. So get u a card that treats you like a great customer.
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2 years ago, Chinidoll
This is the worse credit card I have EVER had! My credit score is over 700. I applied for this card and was approved with a specific credit line. That’s was months ago. I log into all of my accounts daily. I pay all of my bills including credit cards on time. My on time payment history is at 100% across the board. I am sharing all of this because I take my credit very seriously. It just so happens that one day I logged into and I saw I had no balance due. The very next day I logged in a again onto the app to not only find that a payment was due but now it was due the day prior. I also had signed up for electronic statements. From the day I opened my account until about a week and a half ago I have never received an electronic statement. The only reason I have a statement now is because I unenrolled from e-statements. Because I’m not seeing a pattern and I want written proof of payment due date and amounts due. Today I logged into my account and now I see that my credit limit has been drastically reduced by almost 85%! Not only would that cause me to be over my credit utilization but this would harm my credit score significantly! I have immediately closed my account. I WILL be seeking an attorney! This bank has fraudulent business practices and I will not allow this bank to take advantage of me as a consumer! I STRONGLY suggest going with another bank! If I could give negative stars I would!
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2 years ago, JaydCarm
The Worst Credit Ever
Please do not get this card! I only made one transaction with this card. I was hospitalized with COVID and Asthma for quite some time. There was a late fee on the account as I couldn’t make the payment in time due to my hospitalization. I called to ask for a ONE TIME CURTESY to have the late fee removed! I explained the situation and told them I can provide documentation. They said they would review and advise within two days! The result was they didn’t remove it because the late fee was within contract! So, it didn’t matter to them you were sick, it didn’t matter to them that you are asking for help during the pandemic and as person struggling with Covid! What mattered is the late fee they needed to collect! I made the full payment which was $91 ($25 fee included). How petty! I closed the account! I will not have a credit card that can’t understand that their customers are human and things happen, especially during a Pandemic! How horrible! Please don’t get this credit card! It’s not worth it! Please shop around for something much better! I hope this helps!
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2 years ago, J Doe 2121
Decent Card
The reviews I’ve read here are mostly ridiculous. Avant is a solid credit card company. They gave me a credit line with no annual fee, they allow me to pay my bill online or via the app, I can even use my debit card, which I prefer. What more do you need? I’m reading these complain where people complain how the card isn’t fancy enough for them. You don’t have good credit, you were given a credit line. Stop crying and be thankful for the opportunity to build credit. I’m not looking for a parade in my wallet. Just an opportunity to build credit, which avant provides. I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining about their personal situation, stop telling this are any credit card company why you need Money. It’s pathetic and meaningless, people lie. These companies are not a charity, your problems are your own, act like an adult. I also see a lot of reviews complaining about the representatives when they call. In my 30 years of having credit cards I’ve not once called to speak with someone. People who have to call all the time is the problem, not the card company. Just pay your bill, stop trying to get over on someone. It’s so ghetto. You’re fooling no one, grow up. Thank you avant for treating me fairly.
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3 years ago, Cassie Lott
Worst Company to deal with
I applied with his company in April 2021 with the same information I have now someone falsely submit an application in my name this month and because of that it was miscommunication by the company on their end and now they have not only locked my card but they don’t even have the correct personal information on my account I didn’t give them that personal information they take my money every month out of my bank account and now they’re wanting me or actually forcing me to go down and file a false police report against my will in order to wipe out that that I willingly created and that I pay on every month so now I have to get my lawyer in place to file paperwork and I’m having to submit other paperwork with the CFPB an FTC for wrongful business practice because I submit my payments on time never missed a payment but yet they won’t unlock my card and I was left stranded not even able to use my card but they just took my money out of my bank account and they still have my wrong personal information on my account never again will I do business with this company I suggest if anyone uses this company always make sure you have the correct personal information on your account because even if you use your own correct personal information to open the account they might change it on their own online
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2 years ago, alodovmfkelalzkvmf
Headache from day one.
Got card. Activated it, and it was immediate locked. I contacted them to find out they needed additional documents for an “investigation”. I submitted my DL and Utility bill as requested. Weeks later I’m told they needed front AND back of my drivers license. Okay- my bad. Submitted. Couple more weeks and I’m charged an annual fee, card still locked- I went ahead and paid the annual fee so it doesn’t reflect on my credit report. I get an email saying that the address on my DL and utility bill don’t match- I need to provide a government ID with an updated address. I let them Know that I just recently moved and with me having a commercial drivers listened- getting a new one is pricey. I will update it as needed. They inform me that my account will remain locked. I went ahead and canceled the card and demanded a refund for my money I paid into the annual fee. This entire process has been a headache from the beginning. Lack of information and no accountability. I have had no issues with any other card services regarding proving my identity- what I provided to them should be enough. “At Avant we run things differently than other card services”. I told them I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and filing for fraud if any of this reflects negatively on my credit report. Hopefully I get my money back that I paid into it, since I never got to even use it.
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11 months ago, 3478965790
Card never works
So apparently the credit card doesn’t really work it declines most of my purchases when I have more than enough available balance they have sent me three cards so far I’m unable to even activate them. When you call, it says it’s activated then when you go to the store you get embarrassed because it gets declined. they’re getting a star because I have to give them something to submit the review. If it was possible, they will get negative stars. This is one of the worst credit cards I’ve ever had. Also, their customer service is useless they’re rude. And not knowledgeable in their job and cannot help you the response to everything is a I’ll submit a request but can never transfer you to a different department even the supervisors don’t know what’s going on. and they keep submitting all these requests but nothing ever gets resolved. It has now been four months I’m going back-and-forth and I still can’t get a credit card from them to activate. Again, I just got off the phone. I’ve been on hold for 10 minutes to speak with Patrick O who supposedly is an account supervisor, who did absolutely nothing again I was told will submit a request. I asked to speak to somebody above him and I was told he’s the highest it goes. It’s funny that the highest account supervisor is answering a regular customer service call.
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7 months ago, Cheer_11
Contact us***
I called the only option available, under the “contact us” option, and needed a new card sent out because I’d been unable to get the card to read in any machine. I also requested to update my address as the previous address was at my parents house where I’d been staying most the time caring for them! The “assistant” was unable to help with either request. And read me off a disclaimer about this call is to collect a debt.” Actually, as I informed her, I’d been able to login and make my payment and she was able to recite all the details of what I’d done online. Also, she can’t send the card to the address on file even though I still can receive mail at my parents house. She can’t update the address either, I’ll need to send proof of residency, to the email. Ummmm, what email? There’s nothing I can find on the site to email or I’d have done that. Simply: don’t give me an only option of “contact us” for any problems and then have someone who can’t do anything I need or provide me with information on where to send proof of residency. Since when does a CC company not want your updated address for correspondence. Today is the only problem I’ve ever had with this account but this is extremely poor customer service and very frustrating!
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2 years ago, Amy8327
This very same thing happened to me !!! I went to make an extra payment which I’ve always paid and always paid it on time. I go to find my card is negative money because they decreased my credit limit a huge amount, which also made my credit usage increase significantly and cause my credit score to go down a whole lot and I’m furious. I’ve been working hard on keeping my credit on a good level and this hurt me very much on multiple things and when I called all she said was I don’t know why they decreased it doesn’t tell me why, we sent you a letter stating that your card was decreased on October 18th which I never got, and when I repeated my address it was incorrect from what she had, she used that as an excuse, but yeah, I got the card and I got the offer to sign up. This is extremely suspicious and I don’t understand how this could be legal in anyway. They give you an awesome credit limit for a few months, even though you pay it on time and make extra payments ,they still lower the amount. It doesn’t sound right to me. I have 100% excellent payment history on all my credit cards. I plan on seeking an attorney myself to find out what I can do about this because I also think that it was fraudulent and not right.. Just a way to make customers pay extra for the company to benefit from.
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4 years ago, RegrettingEverything
Need notification options!
If only we had the ability to give less than one star.... The app itself would definitely get negative stars. There are no notification options whatsoever; no text or push notification choices for due dates, purchases, payments.. nothing at all. It is as bare-bones an app as it could possibly be. Even the website doesn’t offer notification choices of any kind. Not even a singe box to check to be emailed letting you know your statement is ready. I suppose time will tell if it’s an automatic service or not. Customer service is horrendous. They’d get negative stars as well. Incredibly rude and extremely unhelpful. I tried repeatedly to ask questions about fees in which each successive letter I received had conflicting amounts listed. Three different offers mailed to me had an annual fee of $125, $75, $49, then lastly, $39. I got each of them over the course of 3 weeks. I tried multiple times explain I was getting POSTAL mail communications, but yet the customer service representative kept asking me for the email subject line... and that was just ONE of the many many many problems in that conversation. I haven’t even activated my card yet and I’ve had nothing but bad experiences from the very beginning of this ordeal. It remains to be seen if the card itself is any good or not, but, based on what I’ve seen so far I’m not even remotely hopeful.
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2 years ago, Mocha Caramel Coffee Lover
Horrific experience with my new card
Here’s the short version. I got this card for traveling to events I attend. Soon after I got the card, I used it a few times with no issues. Next, I went to my event and TRIED to check into my hotel and the new card, with plenty of money on it, was declined. I was told to wait and try again soon. The hotel tried the card again…declined for suspicious activity! Please keep in mind that I contacted them a week before I left to inform them I’d be out of town using the card! I tried, as well as the hotel, to call them to see what was wrong and no answer! Avant literally shut down! I was stuck out of town! Good think I decided to bring my bank card along as well or I would’ve been screwed! They would not even assist me in getting a PIN number to get cash off the the credit card instead so I could pay for the hotel. The phone lines came back up the day after I got home! They would not offer me any type of compensation for my inconvenience and horrible experience with this brand new card! I would cancel it but that hurts your credit score. I will no longer be using it. I’ve never heard of a credit card company that didn’t have a backup for when they have system issues! I am so very disappointed and outdone with this company. No care for the customer at all!
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2 years ago, Foxschelly
I’m still not able to use my card still.
Due to a conversation with someone about my account. I was questioned about some fraudulent activities with my card. I answered a question in error. The next thing I knew. I was to receive a new card., which I haven’t to this day. There were to be a review of my account. That I needed to WAIT UNTIL I GET A TEXT.. two months later. STILL NOTHING. I called about an update outcome of said actions to this card. I’m still told to wait for a text. I’ve paid my bill more then on time. Every two weeks . Still not understanding the delay KimNovack Fox 🦊 Today is Monday of May 23rd, 2022. I called to find out what is the process of the ability to use my card. Now I’m getting the card turned on., now the card is getting turned on due to the fact this company need more Information. My work ID, A UTILITY Bill and may an arm and a leg.. still nothing., I’m requesting an email for me to deliver said I formation needed. Haven’t received an email yet.
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6 months ago, R Ticked
Card works better than some, but not great
I am disappointed with this card mainly because they gave me about 1/3 of the credit limit that some of my other cards have had. I have been paying off card every month, always early, except 1 time since I’ve had this card. I’ve had card for about 1 year and they still refuse to increase my credit limit even though I usually pay it off totally every month. It’s only $300….I also had an issue one time with a pin error, they locked up my card and I had to call 4 times and wait 5-7 business days to get it working again. They said they had to change the pin and mail a new one to me????! Really. I had to borrow money to get gas that weekend to get home!!! Very embarrassing and totally stupid ridiculous! Anyway, I’m working on my credit and I will soon have a better card with actual rewards that I can earn by paying them off like I have this card, and soon I will get rid of it. I do like the fact that I can pay it quicker on the app, but it still won’t post all weekend long if you don’t pay it early Friday morning, so the balance won’t be available even though the money is gone from the bank. If you re on a trip and forget this, good luck because you can’t use it until Monday sometime….
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4 years ago, Jm.utter
Payoff Problems
I never had an issue with Avant until I paid off my loan. I accidentally overpaid my payoff by quite a bit on May 22nd and called them on June 2nd to check on getting a refund. The representative told me the refund would be deposited back to my account 2-3 weeks from the payoff date. Seemed easy enough, right? Wrong. A month from my payoff date goes by and I send them an email on June 22 to check and see if my refund is in process. Someone replies and says she’s forwarding my email to the appropriate department. I wait a few days, no reply. I email again and ask for an update, no reply. Six days later I email again for an update, again no reply. Today, July 3, I call them for an update and the girl says my refund will come around July 17th but does not sound very confident. I suppose I’ll wait a few more weeks but why does processing a simple refund take two months, especially when I was told 2-3 weeks? I don’t believe I will be refunded and am now out over $1000. Sure, it was my mistake but I work in lending, my company would never ignore emails nor would they steal money from a customer. I am certain they are lying to me and I’m not sure what to do at this point. I hate to leave them one star when they’ve been fine to work with until now but this is not okay with me.
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1 year ago, welb98
Credit line decrease for no reason
They deserve -0 stars, but they make you give a star. They certainly do not deserve it. Got my credit card 9 months ago, had a high credit limit, always payed my credit card well before it was due and ALWAYS payed more than enough to keep my credit limit down. I NEVER let my credit limit get to 30% of credit limit because it reduces your credit score. I got on my account Friday to see what my balance is and I noticed my credit limit had been drastically reduced, so I called the company and they said they couldn’t give me an answer as to why my credit limit was reduced that my letter is in the mail. They do not understand what this does to someone’s credit score and they do not care either. This is VERY damaging to one’s credit score and could take YEARS to fix it. I have now payed off my credit card and have full plans to cancel the card as soon as my card shows zero balance. I will not stay with a company who doesn’t care about their customers and potentially ruins their credit. How many of you had your credit limit reduced and out you over your 30% debt to income ratio in your card or even out it over your credit limit? This will effect your credit score…
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2 years ago, MomOfFour8694
Very poor customer service
My financial situation has changed. I called to discuss options for future payments. A woman answered (very politely) and transferred me to a man. He seemed nice for a few minutes and then I started noticing him repetitively asking the same questions. After every question he wouldn’t even hesitate and just say “HELLO?” As if I wasn’t responding quick enough. Every single time my child made ANY noise in the background he would stop and say “please be advised that this call is monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes” This drug out the entirety of the call which made my children even more annoyed which made him repeat the quote over and over again excessively. I completely understand that it is frustrating to try and handle a call with children being noisy in the background but I expect businesses to be empathetic to my situation. I lost my job. I can’t afford a sitter just to make these embarrassing and vulnerable phone calls admitting that I can’t pay my bill on time. If your employee can’t be empathetic to the fact that some times there are going to be loud kids in the backgrounds due to unfortunate circumstances then call me. I’m looking for a job and I can empathize with every situation.
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3 years ago, hellother22
I wish you we’re better and like capital one my favorites
I don’t like reading people are reviewing but this is a must. I’m sorry but this is my feeling only capital one credit has been awesome they raise my credit increase without asking it was very easy they work with you trying to get your credit score better they tell you your credit score but the most of all I got a credit increase without even asking I always make all my payments on time with everybody I mean a severe operation kind of life-saving I need to get my credit score over 700 in order to get this operation financed and tell them I’m trying to stay alive until I can get this done it’s life and death and it’s sad that I’m getting judged by my credit I’m trying to establish it I think you for the recent credit increase but that was part of my annual fee if you can help me in this matter I’m trying to get a laptop for my son for schooling because of the coronavirus I need a laptop I want to give them a good oneI’m thinking a little under 1000 or 1000 I will be using it too but mainly it’s for his schooling because schooling is all on Internet now and if you could help me in this matter I would greatly appreciate it whatever you can do
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1 year ago, Freezy11k
It’s a very basic card. Edit: Eyesore And Actual Garbage
It’s a very limited card. I applied for it and they only gave me $300. No intro apr benefits, no rewards, nothing. Also the app is very tired looking and the annual fee as always is a bummer. I have cards that approved me for credit in the thousands and when I applied for a limit increase I was denied. In the end this card is like stubbing your toe it doesn’t hurt but it does hurt. This is a down bad card. Unless your that don’t get this card. Edit: So I’m now giving this card 1 star. Their app is terrible and customer service is garbage. I called to see if I could get my annual fee waived after a while because I now have way better cards with limits in the thousands this card only has a limit of 300 which doesn’t even help my credit score. So the annual fee is just a complete waste of money. I was connected with someone who is clearly in a call center not in America. This woman could not help me and I literally could not understand her. She left me on hold for 20 minutes before I hanged up she never came back. I remind you that I just called to see if I could get my fee waived. Do not get this card it’s literally garbage. I repeat Do Not. It’s just an eyesore.
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1 year ago, KLR1977
Straightforward Credit Card Service
Don’t pay attention to the negative reviews, those are from people who are ignorant, irresponsible, entitled, and dishonest. Know your limits, pay your bills, think ahead. It’s not that difficult. This is a good card for rebuilding your credit. It starts with a modest limit and very low annual fee. Over time, the limit will increase without your request as long as you’ve shown yourself to be financially responsible. The app is simple without frills. I’ve had no problems and I have no complaints about the app, card, or company. I’ve pulled my credit back out of the depths of hades and am finally where I want to be. I still keep this card with the $39 annual fee and high interest, but I don’t use it. It’s a small price to pay for the next few years while my lesser established accounts reach maturity. At that point, I’ll trim off what needs to go, sending with them my gratitude for their services.
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2 years ago, Unhappy ticked off customer
Line decrease?
I got this card and was given a $3,000 limit. I never maxed this card out or even put it at 50% utilization. I had a balance of right under $1,300. The next month I paid a $1,000 payment to this card. Making my balance less than $300. I logged in a month later to pay off the remaining balance and my line was decreased to $300? For what reason? Who knows because customer service told me they can’t see a reason why, and a letter was mailed out to me. I didn’t max any of my other credit cards and was under 50% credit utilization prior to my line decrease. So now I’m above 50% utilization due to the decrease which will effect my score. Plus having a $300 credit limit when all your other cards are $2,000 and above? Doesn’t look good. Especially since this was my newest credit card. On top of this they don’t make it easy to know when your payment is due. I have three other credit cards and each of them will show you when the due date is. This credit cards app just says if a payment is due or not. This is absolutely not a great customer service experience. If I would of known I would be been treated like this I never would of opened the card in the first place.
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3 years ago, sll207
No stars at all -would give negative stars if available
My loan experience has been absolutely awful!!! I have had 3 loans with Avant with no problems at all. This last time, however, has been one thing after another. I applied on a Tuesday and it is now Saturday and still don’t have a decision. I have been through the verification process at least 6 times over multiple days. Each time the representative tells me that my application is complete and I should be getting an answer that day or the day after. So far all that has happened is that I keep getting email requests for another verification. Each time I call when I’m not disconnected, the representatives reviews my file which takes at least 30 minutes and asks a question that I have already answered with another representative and assures me that my file is complete and that I will be receiving an answer by email. I’m so frustrated with this process that I’m ready to cancel my application with them altogether. My loan was finally denied after a week of going back and forth. I got a loan with another lender in 3 days without all the hassle. I am going to pay off my existing loan (less than $400) and not use them again
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4 years ago, Spidermangeo
App is Lack Luster, Credit Card needs tap to pay during pandemic
So let me start off by saying that I am a credit card user. Their application is very lacking. I enjoy their payment options and the payment reflects after 1 day, which is nice; much better than Credit One Bank which charges you an “express fee” for 1 business day payment (stupid). Getting back on track, their application aesthetic is not pleasing to the eye and could do with an overhaul. Their application doesn’t give you an option for notifications. Their credit card feels like it’s made out of paper and lacks tap to pat functionality, which is literally a life saver during COVID—19, true contactless. I would recommend they update their credit card quality, and add additional features to their application. Make it pleasing to view your application. One thing I love about Chase and American Express. Once they make these updates I will give them a better star rating. I justify my rating based upon the lack of a Tap to Pay card in a time of COVID as well as a lack of notifications on top of a lazy application in a time of new age technology. Also, why can’t I add it to Apple Pay.........??? If you’re not going to provide a tap to pay card?
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1 week ago, Keeper for life
Great card
Been a member for over 2 years , started out with a small balance which is great and gradually increased, I think this card would be excellent for those first time credit card holders. I have no issues it’s one of my best cards ! Wanted to ad , anyone giving this card a negative comment would be because your not PAYING YOUR BILL on time , I have had great customer service when I needed it , they all have been nice and courteous when calling ( and trust me if I get bad service your going to know about it and it’s not a good thing to do where I work 😜to many clientele I have brought so much business to this card , my family has this and none of us has ever had a complaint ! It’s just an all around good card . It truly helped me along my way of credit building and I am thankful and good people need to be remembered. ! Remember when you do good in this life your rewards in the after are much greater !!
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2 years ago, Ping2 Anser
Website not informative and customer service fixes nothing
I have tried on 2 different occasions through your customer service to change my e-mail address because, for whatever reason, AVANT used an e-mail address which is not my e-mail address and not the one I entered during the application process. Customer service on each occasion told me they had changed and entered my correct e-mail address. After waiting 2 to 3 hours to check customer service I found nothing changed and I had to use an incorrect e-mail address to access my dashboard. I then follow the instructions on “how to change an e-mail address” and found the information provide could not be done on the mobile AVANT app. I am totally unimpressed with both your website and customer service reps. I dealt with since they offer nothing more than “lip service”!! I expect someone at AVANT or WebBank to contact me in order to rectify the e-mail address error that I did not create; however, I doubt anything will happen one way or the other. Oh well, if AVANT or WebBank endeavors to communicate with me via e-mail then they shall be out of luck.
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1 month ago, RaikiriDaDon
Terrible customer service
They tried to play me after I did a 10 day pay off back on march 15th. I waited for them to post my full payment on my account then April rolls around and I end up having to make another payment just so no late fees or anything happened mind you my payments were 506 a month and then I had to keep calling asking them where the pay off check was and of course everyone acted like they had no idea till I kept calling and finally got someone who actually was willing to investigate and found that they received my my check and cashed it back on the 22nd of march so then I asked for the payment I made in April back and I had to literally for weeks argue the same stuff over and over again with these people. They kept saying we don’t see what you saying and all this other stuff when it was clear they owed me 506 dollar so finally I spoke with a supervisor and my money was finally refunded literally today and it’s may 7th mind you I made that payment April 17th. It just seemed very shady like if they didn’t want to give me the money they owed me back. They just kept pretending that they had no idea what I was talking about.
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2 years ago, GregoryIrish
On my way back
My story is like that of so many others. I needed a way back to building a strong credit rating and Avant is allowing me to do just that. Years ago I had thought my life might be easier, less stressful if I stopped using credit. I had developed a mindset to only pay with cash and spend only what I had saved. You could say it worked for a while but the stress of money never left. I know now and believe, financial responsibility is had only if it’s managed properly. I’m retired now, early. But I know now I need my credit rating back. Not to become indebted or spend beyond my means. No, I need it as do you to simply be able and navigate our reality. Without credit is the same as not having another believe your word. I give my word and never break it. It’s easier for another to believe me if I have good credit. Thank you for believing me Avant !
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9 months ago, Theneast101
Run far away from this card.
This is by far the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a card. The customer service people are not from the US and they are absolutely clueless about everything. You try to explain things and get a simple answer but they will avoid it so they are not held accountable. You have one late day and they will charge you 40$ for one day. The representative told me I owed 50$ and then closed my account. And I thought it was done and out of nowhere my credit dropped 44 points I went and looked and it said I owed them 300$ just in late fees within 2 months. I requested a waiver and they denied me immediately. I talked with over 7 different representatives and they all had no Br@!n cells at all. 300$ turned into 607$ with in 2 months. They are a SC@M and a absolute J0K3 and with no compassion whatsoever and will u$E you and not help you at all with anything. You can have a 1000$ limit only use 200$ and pay the recommended amount on time. And they will still knock you like 20 points even though you made a payment. What a stressful situation that was I don’t wish that on anyone. So for your own sake stay far far away from this terribl3 company.
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2 years ago, Fawnde
Not much better than a payday loan
In an emergency I agreed to a loan with this company and boy, have I learned a valuable lesson. First, the interest rate was super high but when you’re backed into a financial corner, you don’t factor that in. During the entire course of this account I would get “invitations” to opt in to other products they offered like credit cards or additional loan amounts. Mind you, this is all after a year of steady, never late or missed payments. I was rejected at every turn with the reason given as you could only have one open product with them. Fine! Well stop sending me invitations to add on to my current loan or get a credit card since “I was such a good customer “. Repeatedly I requested for my name to be removed from their mailing list, but to no avail. I have now paid off my loan and will be closing my account and blocking them from any future access to my bank account. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet on the high interest rate but you don’t have to be subjected to constant ads for things they’re gonna deny anyway. There are better companies out there.
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5 years ago, Alan Joseph
Only apply if you really need a personal loan
The app works great, but this is more a review about the company itself. I needed a personal loan because I just purchased my house at the end of 2017 and needed to make some repairs. I received an offer via snail mail and thought I’d try because it said interest was between 9%-35%. My credit score was 676, so I assumed I’d get a good interest rate. Nope, I got approved for $3,000 with 35.5%. The money was in my account the next day, but 1 year and 2 months later, I only paid $971 of the principle balance and my mo/$130 was barely making a dent. I paid on time every month because automatic debit. I called CS to see if there was anyway to lower monthly or interest rate and they said I would have to run my credit again to refinance and increase the amount of the loan. No thanks! So I just paid off the principle in full 2 days ago to avoid paying $1680 in interest by the end of the loan. Sure they’ll approve you, but you’ll end up paying more in the end for a small amount of money that you could’ve saved up for or waited for tax season.
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1 year ago, monro08
It’s ok
Got approved and happy they approved higher than most. However seeing some glitches already on my first pay. They took double the charge and has to call my bank to straighten it out. FYI had to call my bank because they advised that they can’t fix it if it’s after 12pm their time. Another they emailed me about a charge that I placed and stated don’t respond if I authorized it only to discovered they canceled my monthly payment and I had it charged to my other credit card because they declined for no reason.(I forgot to mentioned before this, I had to reactivate the card twice. First time worked fine but the second time was declined again for no reason and shows that I needed to activate it again! Now moving back the what I mention before about the most recent incident. I’m not even sure why the this time around they sent an email and declined the charge? No reason given. They are just the worst I’ve worked with by far. What’s the point of having this card if they keep declining when I have well over the amount set in place?
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2 years ago, BKW BRIAN
Hire more people to answer your phones!
I have a $1500 line of credit. As of this morning I owed $707 which I scheduled as a same day payment in full this morning of $707. Even without the payment I had $793 available credit. Went to grocery store Aldi's and tried to spend $15 for groceries and the card declined! I waited on hold for 52 minutes before I got to speak to the lack of customer service agent. She told me My card was declined for wrong information. Seriously? What wrong information? I was never asked for a PIN number. I asked if the chip was providing wrong information how is it she can see I was at Aldi's trying to charge $15? Then she said she would have to transfer me to card services and that I could expect a long hold time with them. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and she HUNG UP ON ME! Why don't you have an option to be rated zero stars? I did not swear at her. I was upset that I had to hold for so long and she was telling me I would have to hold again. She should be fired but then next time it will take even longer to wait on the phone for someone to not take care of my issue and hang up on me.
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4 years ago, nancyns70
Credit card
After having this card for a year ! I was always on time making payments sometimes 2-3 a month I was late one month by 3 days and would not even let it pass that one time. For being such a faithful customer all this time. I was just very disappointed that the company wouldn’t wouldn’t let this go this one time after all this time of always paying more then what was due or paying many times through the month. It’s not like I had a track record of being late all the time. Never happened. I was 3 days late and they wouldn’t even consider to change it . Not only that it’s still showing on my credit report that I still owe a higher balance then what I do! Because soon after I made my payment a week later I made another payment. And it’s still has not updated! Sure they like to make you look bad on your credit report when you don’t even owe that. But yet won’t work with you for a 3 day late payment.
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2 years ago, shansypants
Best decision I have ever made for my credit
About two years ago I was searching for my first starter credit card. I researched a lot as my fiancé had one that was similar but was horrible to work with. I got nervous about getting screwed like he did and did a lot of research. I found this card that had great reviews with stories to back it up and I said “what the heck” and moved forward. I was approved, for my card super quick and I have never had an issue with this company ever since. Easy to make payments, easy to watch my account on the app and never have issues with extra fees or anything crazy. I have since been able to increase my credit limit twice. I have also gotten two major credit cards in the last year since I managed this one so well. I am very happy with avant- and highly recommend (especially do not get credit one).
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2 years ago, Ralph Willis
Horrible Card
This company should be a secured credit card provider. They offer the lowest credit amount possible and despite card usage (and paying it off several times each month) keeping a $0 balance—it still does not benefit you to have this card. You get no perks, points, and the interest rate is very high, the annual fee is also very high. They make it very difficult to cancel the card. They never respond to emails. Overall bad company. It would be be better if customers who are trying to build credit could send in a higher value of money (say $2,000) so that if you spend $100 it does not shoot your utilization above 40%. If you are trying to build credit this card will set you back—big time. They also never ever give credit increases no matter how excellent your payments are. Maybe it’s because they don’t really make money—I had this card over a year and have not paid even $.01 in interest. I make it a point to use it once to pay for parking, then pay off the card, and leave a $0 balance. Make sure to cancel BEFORE they slap that annual fee on you.
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2 years ago, Informationrevealer
Absolute worst card ever
I’ve had this card since February of 2021 with a $300 credit limit. I can use this card 3 times and be near the limit, so I requested a credit limit increase in October and was denied for reasons that did not even pertain to me. I called customer service about it and was told that there was a “glitch” in their system and the man I spoke to would resubmit. Never heard anything else about it. Requested a credit limit increase in December and got the same denial letter. Called customer service and got the same spill. The lady told me that she would “expedite” my request and someone would be in touch with me. That was several weeks ago. I have several other cards with 5k to 10k limits with no annual fee, so I can’t understand why anyone, including myself, would pay $39/year for such a low credit limit. I never keep a balance on the account, so when I make my December payment, I will be closing this acct. I can’t justify keeping it open for $300 and pay the company $39/year to have such a low credit limit. I will make it my mission to deter people from obtaining this card.
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2 years ago, myhbgt
No star
This company is horrible. I have contacted them numerous times about fraudulent charges on my card. They removed most of them. I shut my card down completly. Now they are trying to charge me late fees and interest fees on a car that is closed. I would not recommend this credit card to anyone. I contacted them yet again about this issue after receiving a email from them saying they wanted me to call them. I called them and once again got the same runaround from whoever it was that answers the phone and went through their normal script. They continue to want me to pay for late fees and interest charges on fraudulent charges that they were to have removed. I did contact my credit bureau and their account was removed from my report so they no longer can affect me that way. This is a horrible company they have horrible customer service and will not listen to anything you say even when you have the paperwork and statements in front of you and are trying to explain to them They just give you a generic phone number to call and you have the same runaround.
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3 years ago, Avoss818
Stay away
My card was taken or lost, there were fraudulent charges made on my card, issac and shelbi jack in’s on along with Andrew collier the head of fraud management team did not do nothing after 4 months, locked my card, asked me to pay the frauds charges because I didn’t file for a police report or call 911 when my card was lost? To top it off I have to pay a $29 annual fee. This company is ran by some uneducated incompetent individuals as I have named above. $400 its still $400 but a chump change if you look at it from my perspective because I had to deal with morons! None of them even returned one phone call, I’m planning on taking them to civil court to sue this company for playing with my reputation and credit. I am Dr. Not that, that means anything but when it comes to judgment AVANT is incompetent for your own sake stay away from them. I will sue the three individuals along with AVANT CREDIT CARD / branch of webbank. I’m not going to let this go, since it’s the principle of the matter that I’m dealing with. They didn’t treat me like a customer, never missed my yearly fee, I guess they’re mad that I don’t need to use my credit?
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10 months ago, rettwhizzer
Never received card yet have a balance
Reaching CS impossible and when did they were of non help. Never received this card, nor activated it as a result. Why do I need to jump through hoops for them to reissue? 10 out of 10 don’t recommend. **update, received a scathing email because I obviously didn’t activate the card I never received and they were threatening to close the account. I replied that they should since they refused to provide an actual card to activate and refused to provide any meaningful customer service only rude people with attitudes. I received a follow up demanding a reply ‘I agree’ to closing the account. In each email I was clear I would NOT be paying them the $39 they charged to the account as an annual fee since they’ve refused to send me a card to use. My account today was closed and they are still expecting me to pay the $39 abs the language is clear: laying if we will report you. My next step is filing reports with the FTC and the Attorney General as this is fraud. Run, don’t walk, away from this company. They are a definite scam company!
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2 years ago, lelegmz2
Not the best card
Only get this card if you want to get ignored & get 0 help from customer service. This card gives you NO rewards & a small limit. My card somehow got compromised in a different state it was ran for 6,000 but i only $1,500 limit. It was declined i called to get help with customer service & i was told i should get a new card to be safe for them to not try to use it again. The typical thing most credit or debit card companies say. I thought ok no problem. I was told I’d receive a new card in the mail. Never came. I called customer service again & there was no record of me getting a new card.. then i was told my account was under review & there’s nothing they can do someone will reach out to me. Luckily this is not my only credit card because no one has reached out to me. I waited for over a month.. called again & was told the same thing that someone would reach out to me. LOL it’s been atleast a few months now. No one has contacted me, the card is locked so it just sits in my wallet. SMH do not recommend this card at all
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2 months ago, Ferguson24
Unprocessed Payments
I have a customer for several years. I have my card set up on automatic payments. Come January my payment was returned. I called customer service and was advised to call my bank to see what the issue is. I called my bank and they said there was no issue on their end. They recommended calling Avant and explaining everything was fine with Wells Fargo. I called Avant again… they now wanted to verify my account and routing number. Nothing had changed they even confirmed and saw that. We scheduled a payment over the phone for the full amount due. Then again, it was returned. I called again today and they can not get a supervisor on the phone nor is there any customer services located within the United States and now the late payment are accruing. All my statements are showing payments being taken out and then 3 days later returned again! I’m up a creek without a paddle and I can’t seem to figure out how to get this problem corrected. Seriously the worst most frustrating company I’ve ever dealt with! Ughhhh!
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1 year ago, Sh3ree
Do not get this card!! it is the absolute worst
If you have even a small chance of being approved for a line of credit with anyone else, then by all means, I would recommend going in a different direction than this company. I’ve never experienced such a high level of incompetency and unprofessionalism in my entire life. they do not keep any of their policies, clear or explained. In fact, they just seem to change them whenever it is convenient for them. Be warned: they will not protect you against fraudulent charges. Should something happened to your card, you will be liable. And you will never receive a replacement card despite what they may tell you at first, that’ll change each time you call to inquire about why they haven’t done anything. Your credit line will never increase. In fact, it will probably be decreased for no apparent parent reason whatsoever at their discretion, of course, and without any notification. I don’t understand how this is not illegal and how they are still getting away with it.
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1 year ago, Non collectible debt
Working with customer on changing Payment Date
I am on Disability as of recent. When I applied for the card I was not. Things change. A ant would not work with me in changing the payment date. I receive SSDI with a 2 day later payment date than my due date for the credit card. 2 days after I received a $39 late fee. Making my total payment due 2 days later $78+ dollars, which I can no longer afford. I contacted Avant and asked for a payment due date change since I can not afford a $39 additional late fee. I was told they cannot budge on the payment date. So now I will not be paying them a dime and the credit card amount will go unpaid since I receive SSDI. Which is more of a disadvantage to Avant more so than myself . All I wanted was for A ant to adjust my payment date they refused said it is policy. I explained Avant as well as I could benefit for that change instead of them inheriting my debt that they can NOT collect on. Sorry to hear Avants policy is going to be a “cut my nose off to spite my face,” situation.
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2 years ago, Aspahr02
I’ve had this card for at least 6 months. I paid the fees in the beginning and have never used my $1500 credit limit. I’ve been waiting for an emergency to use it or maybe even to shop for Christmas. I checked my app like I usually do because of fraud and seen the lowered my limit from $1500 to $300. When I called customer service, they couldn’t tell me why. I told her to close my account and she actually asked me why. My husband and I have several major cc and I don’t need to work with a shady company. BEWARE, you pay the fees and they can change what they offered even when you havnt used it. Then they follow up this review with the following words. “ We are sorry that our rates don't fit your situation. When making decisions, Avant considers a whole range of factors, which allows us to offer access to responsible financial products." As though I have poor credit history. My bills are 100% paid on time. Again, not once have I used this card, other than pay yearly fees. Again they are crooked!!
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7 months ago, cazzo333
Horrible credit card
To start off the card been great, I had the credit card for about 3 years, all the sudden they lock my account for no reason they state “fraud” and some nonsense and say they have to investigate for 60 days and I can’t use card, literally a useless card, after this conversation I know I have no say of a credit card in my name, that’s why you keep all your credit balances to 0 so atleast you can say you used it, they can ruin your credit for not paying them back? But a person who obtained everything they need with they credit I’m sure doesn’t care, so in conclusion horrible credit card and it’s a lost for they company cause how they treated me they won’t see 1$ back. Call your insurance and also pay your employees to do that and call me, good job avant, I also submitted a dispute a year ago for a charge that I didn’t make and they did absolutely nothing, worst credit card overall, better than credit one, but worse than capital one, give it 1 and half’s stars .
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