Avidia Personal Mobile

4.8 (2.5K)
104.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Avidia Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Avidia Personal Mobile

4.78 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
5 years ago, yodeling dogie
Safe and easy
I use card controls every day. I would like to be able to dispute a charge with one click. I use my card and get an instant banner notification as well as when charges that come thru are denied. It needs to be easier to consolidate my monthly bills so they are due when I decide. It’s impossible to get big companies like ATT to do anything they say they will. The bank should be able to adjust the due dates on charges that repeat monthly. The app is super helpful but it needs to help me consolidate all my monthly bills so I’m covered.
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3 years ago, MackMaloney34
50/50 chance this app even works....
Every single time I try to sign on to this god forsaken app it says connection timed out been happening for months. Really don’t understand how no matter how many times the app is updated they can’t make it work. A little ridiculous if you ask me. Stop adding new features, why don’t you work on the stuff that doesn’t work on the app before throwing more junk into the mix. SMARTEN UP AND FIX YOUR APP!
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6 years ago, abchamp23
favorite banking app
Avidia is one my favorite banks to begin with and their app is great. I’ve had very few problems with it and find it works just fine with my LTE and even better with WiFi. Nothing like being able to access your funds at any time. Very useful for when you forget how little you left in your checking account!
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6 years ago, BigZbagelboy
Almost a 5 star
I like the app but I wish when paying bills I don’t have to go back into the pay bill section for each separate bill. Also, I wish it gave a confirmation # for when you pay a bill.
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12 months ago, Avidia mobile user
Mobile check deposit
Avidia banks policy for writing “For mobile deposit only at Avidia bank only” is asking for a lot and it’s too long. No other bank requires that much info. And then we have to write account number and sign. ABOVE THE LINE! We are using your mobile site, and we are telling you where we want it deposited. Check out other banks mobile sites. And please change your requests.
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6 years ago, Tgrobot
Technically functional!
This app technically works. If you want to do something complicated, like pay a credit card bill, you should find a bank with a better app. If you want to deposit a check, this app is great! Just make sure to do it early; Avidia takes several days to give you your money after they remove it from the originating account (they can earn extra interest on it this way). Oh, and don’t expect to find any paperwork or statements on the app. Modern banks don’t offer that kind of service.
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4 years ago, Angela.P
I absolutely love my bank and this app. I moved towns away yet still keep this as my bank.
I can’t say enough good things about my bank and app!!! I would be totally lost without it. I have moved out if their area and will not change my bank. I love it that much!
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4 years ago, Sariey B
Bill Pay Opportunity to Improve
There is no ability to see when you last paid a bill or any history for bill pay. Other bank apps show your last payment when you select that payer. Please add the feature as my memory is lacking! Thanks
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3 years ago, dritefotini
My opinion
I have a long time experience with Avidia, and I’ve never been disappointed. Working with Avidia, I feel comfortable and safe. I’m telling all my friends and family about my experience with Avidia. Thank you for your service, Avidia Bank! Fotini’s restaurant.
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5 years ago, Hecada
iPad login
I can only login once a day with my iPad. On my iPhone sometimes once or twice. I can’t see the transactions numbers when i pay my bills, in the previous system I was able to.
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2 years ago, Bayo Alege
Check picture issues
Always struggle with check pictures even with good lighting
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6 years ago, nick aceway
Best bank app yet
Can do all my banking now through app. Works seamlessly and fast, only complaint is what all banks do, instead of crediting my electronic deposits in a couple hours they hold it a couple days. App is fine though.
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4 years ago, pandabear108
Easy to use
Love my Avidia app. I love being able to transfer funds between accounts and to deposit via mobile phone!
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11 months ago, pjc0415
Electronic Direct deposit is so easy
I love direct deposit of checks!!! It so easy and can be done 24/7 in your smart phone or tablet. Try it and you will love it as much as I do!!!
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6 years ago, Older Meme'
This bank is fantastic. Even when you do have to go inside the people are very helpful. I never carry cash with me because this card is convenient and accepted at most places.
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4 years ago, Willy W
Great App!
Allows you to do most banking from home. Links your accounts, allows for parental controls, has overdraft, even pays atm fees from other banks! No complaints!
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4 years ago, LateBloomerMom
I am thankful for mobile deposit. This service has made life much easier especially now
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5 years ago, CrisNeil
Love the App. Love the bank
It is so great to know that I have a local bank that can help me out when I need it. The app makes it convenient to bank with my kids. I also use Avidia for my business.
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5 years ago, hudsonmama3
Very user friendly. Lots of features
This app is very intuitive. Love the People pay and Cardless cash - when are you getting more ATMs that will use this feature?
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2 years ago, seanposs
User friendly
I was actually surprised at how user friendly this is.
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3 years ago, EckandMick
Beware of transfers
External transfers to another bank results in an app error. But be aware, the transfer goes through. DO NOT try it a second time like I did or your accounts may screwed up as in my case I had two errors and a day later two transfers!
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6 years ago, Jonesie119
User friendly
Easy to use, convenient, on the go use, always available.
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1 year ago, condo mavin
Depositing remotely could be made easier!
Not intuitive. I tried 3x to figure out how to move from front of check to back for photos. Could be made easier!
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4 years ago, Katrina1974
You can’t request a password change
So, not only can’t you request a password change from the app, your password isn’t the same as the one on the website. Sooooo, you get locked out, and the app is useless. I mean, other than not being able to use it, it’s fine. There’s not even a number to call.
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4 years ago, RABjr57
Great app
Easy to use and makes all banking functions possible from anywhere!
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1 month ago, para ne todo nome
Super easy app
So easy to navigate and do whatever you want , Bravo
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5 years ago, Hippos are amazing
Great app
Very easy to understand! I like it better than the website.
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12 months ago, peaches westerly
It would be great to get notifications of deposits using my app and I need to make any significant changes or to cease statements. I have to go to my work computer login and change things there so you guys really need to update your app.
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4 years ago, ID- salau
Very, very easy to use.
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1 year ago, Yeeter68.999
Bad app
The app is prone to crashing and doesn’t have a lot of functionality. It can be slow and often times is a pain to log into. Worse than any other bank app I’ve used.
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4 years ago, waiting.....stil waiting
New ad makes it extra slow
It’s always been slow but now the new blue avidia ad at the top makes it way worse
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2 years ago, JJBraga99
Won’t Load
don’t know what happened to the old app but this new update or new app doesn’t even load it just crashes out of the app
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6 years ago, OCD explosion
Doesn’t work with Data
Says network is busy or not reaponding. Used to work with 4g. Now it only works with wifi. Its not a Mobile app if i can only use it at home. I will be switching banks if this isnt fixed very soon.
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5 years ago, like2hike.com
Needs added capabilities
It would be near perfect if there was some way to set spending limits for a debit card.
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6 years ago, drtrickle
I love this app
Great design and always works.
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5 years ago, orihggg
took me forever to find how to deposit
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1 year ago, GinoD56
Not impressed
I use apps for several (over 6) banks regularly. Avidia is my least favorite, buggy, and restrictive. Not a fan at all.
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5 years ago, bechwith1
Faulty app
Even though you take a reasonably clear picture the app keeps saying it can’t see the picture of the check so it’s useless
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3 years ago, Jmbclb
Face ID
Face ID Feature doesn’t work on my iPhone. All my settings are on as far as Face ID is concerned.
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3 years ago, Yara5
A warm Thanks you
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6 years ago, Momkids5
This app is so easy to use!
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3 years ago, angmarie86
very annoying
app always forgets my password. i put the right one in and it says it’s wrong. definitely thinking about switching banks lately avidia has gone down hill.
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3 years ago, weww1235
I need it so I put up with it. It’s unreliable.
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3 years ago, 617482194
app is pretty good.. no complaints.
app is pre
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10 years ago, Janellek0815
This is crap :(
I understand they wanted to update the app so you can do more from your phone but seriously this new app seems to always be down and not working or has some kind of issue going on. I am seriously considering switching banks cause of all the headaches this has caused me
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4 months ago, Worst then awful
Worst mobile banking ever
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4 years ago, mfahey22
Nonsense with transfers
You have to make transfers in small amounts
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8 years ago, cfcormier.2010
So cool
Love the cardless cash feature! This is so cool. Everything about this app is quick and easy. Check out people pay. Nice to be able to send $ to friends without using venmo. How many banking apps have that!?
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8 years ago, Kilpint
Love this app!
I use my Avidia Mobile all the time! Their Cardless cash feature and people pay has been a lifesaver when I forget my wallet! Super happy they have added Apple Pay too!
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10 years ago, Alyhebert
The app is very basic. If I need to see anything other than balance I need to log into the full site which is annoying(checks, pending transactions etc..) I do like the deposit option for checks, that's very handy.
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