Awesome Tanks

4.8 (2.2K)
175.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexander Gette
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Awesome Tanks

4.82 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, dannymtz911
This would be better if this game would be updated
This game is fun I barely played it 4days ago and I’m almost about to finish the game I would like y’all to put like new tanks and new maps it’s really fun I play like 7 hours a day I really love this game but I really really would like the creators to put more things new updates and new maps and I would like to play with other people real people and I would like to play with our friends like create your own friendly game and like play with your friend it would be really awesome I wish this could come true thx for inventing this game I really liked it I would love it if you all creators would update the game it been since 2 years without updating the game.
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2 years ago, guestnoob6777
⚠️FIX ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⚠️
Ive played this game way before ricochet was added and ive always wished for multiplayer mode. I have seen the most recent update that contains all the new level editor elements and i absolutely love how much more potential and creativity level editor has gotten out of just one update. Ive already built several maps which took me some hours to finish that involve the new items but the only problem is that the whole level editor system does not work! It simply just won’t load and i got good wifi, i tried uploading my maps several times but it just won’t load nor log me in, I've seen everyone have the same problem.I believe that level editor and trying people’s maps is what keeps 50% of the game fun. Eventually everyone will beat all the levels and they’ll start trying to create levels of their own and try to submit it but they can’t because the whole system is broken. A large number of the players will end up quitting because you can’t play multiplayer, other player’s maps, or send your own. Honestly i was so amazed at the new content that was brought to the game but now im disappointed that i can’t even submit levels. Please fix this asap as this may poison the player count
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2 years ago, the gamingreporter
Fix game now
Your multiplayer is broken,fix it! And your custom levels are broken,and there can be no more level submitting because that everything online&game center in awesome tanks 3 is now completely BROKEN! This is actually a big disappointment because that right now is the worst broken game ever! I played awesome tanks 1,2, and awesome planes already,when I was a first grader. A FIRST GRADER! So you better fix this or I will rate this 2 stars because first of all it gives the least amount of apreciation yo the game,and second of all,I think if you just update it,to get rid of these problems,they should be gone (hopefully). Because you can take my creativity on the level creator,you can take away the multiplayer you just put in,so people can play the game together useing Game Center,but you can’t take away this game! FIX IT NOW!
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4 years ago, [a nickname]
Armor inconsistencies
Sometimes the armor is normal and sometimes the armor is weaker than before, so please fix this glitch, I prefer the stronger one because the weaker version is just too underpowered, so pls fix Suggested feature: Allied tanks Weapons: The ones you’ve unlocked Damage: Half as good as yours Allied Boss damage: Just as much damage as your weapon Normal armor: half as good as yours Allied boss armor: Just as good as yours Color: the same as yours Cost for custom maps: Free Features: Follows the player, attacks enemy tanks, can use the invisibility and 2x power from crates, and gets attacked by the enemy Cost for allied tanks in arena, levels, and etc. Machine gun: 5000 Machine gun repair: 50% or more=100 Dead=300 Shotgun: 7500 Shotgun repair: 50% or more= 150 Dead=350 Allied tanks limit Level 1: 5 Level 2: 10 Upgrading costs 60,000 coins Level 3: 15 Upgrading costs 100,000 Recommended weapons Rapid rocket launcher: Damage= Half as good as the regular homing missile. Attack speed= Three times faster than the homing missile Nuke: Damage= 15 times better than the railgun when maxed out. projectile speed: a little slower than the homing missile. Attack speed= When the current nuke is detonated. Radius of attack: 8 by 8 area (64 squares) I’m going to edit this later but you can decide for yourselves
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4 years ago, mjvgbjv
Love the game but I have an idea and I’m pretty sure other people would like to see this to
So awesome tanks, I mean thanks. Have an idea for a update. Please put this into your consideration! Make teams for the tank enemies, so that if they encounter each other they will fight. Also make a team for friendly tanks that follow you around and help but keep their health the same. And you can unlock new ones like you do the others! Thank you for making this! And please do this!!!
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1 year ago, byd CB nu is cool
Great job!
I found this game last year and since I’ve been addicted. I love this game it’s challenging and fun and so fun I played it during school. I’m so happy I found out about this game and unlike other games this game has a meaning. The goal is to maximize your tanks power levels and destroy other tanks. Anyways I want to thank all the developers for the hard work put into this game to make it better. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Pointing out a bug:
Good game but...
Sometimes when I tap the weapon changing button, I accidentally open the notifications swipe down thing on my phone, which pauses the game. Tanks can still move around and shoot you when it’s paused, but I don’t know if they do damage. If they do, please fix this and make the enemy tanks freeze when the game is paused.
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5 months ago, Knightslayer234
Don’t like new graphics
I think you went too far with the new graphics. I like the feel of the old 2D graphics. The 3D ones are weird, like it’s not meant for the game and it causes some lag even with the new features for improving performance. Thanks for reading and hopefully you will revert your new graphics back to the old ones.
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3 years ago, AMCMatthew
Amazing game
This game is amazing! While finishing the Coolmath games, I looked on the wiki and found this. Not disappointed, love the feature where you can make your own level. Have a idea for a multiplayer mode with multiple tanks or just the player. Overall, amazing game.
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3 years ago, Afzamarro
Upgrades make the game too easy!
I have played this game for years and would recommend it to anyone as a great game. My review is reflecting my disappointment with the recent upgrades which made the game much, much easier. The armor at the highest setting now makes it pretty much impossible to lose. It was much more fun when I lost every once in a while! Can we go back?!?
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2 years ago, Linzicat1
This is a feat game it gives you a little challenge and is a really fun game to play with your free time. It gives me the feeling like I am playing the version from cool math games. It feels good remembering playing games in the middle of class with a teacher that didn’t care.
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4 years ago, Spence The Fence YT
Still fun after years
So around 2 years ago I discovered this game, and I love it! The long campaign, and lots of upgrades. Very fun to replay. Even when you finish, there are still other game modes like survival and level editor, if you have time to kill, then play this.
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6 months ago, hdhkejodddmddkkfkt
A Great Game!
Ever since the cool math version of awesome tanks I’ve been waiting and hoping another one would come out, this this game came out! It’s a great game that stays true to the original while still being quite new, it’s an amazing game, that’s all there is to it.
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2 years ago, TENDERIESER
Love it
It’s a great third game to the AWSOME trilogy and I feel like everything good about the old games was packed into one big giant package and sent straight to everyone and I love it it has more levels more bosses more weapons of mass destruction and I think that it’s a magnum opus of the awesome tank series
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5 years ago, GummyWormBoy18
Love It
Played The Game For A Long Time I’ve Been Maxed Out For A Long Time Still Love The Game I Think A Cool Addition Would Be To Downgrade Your Stats You f You Want To For Extra Challenge Or Something Like That Love The Game, Ot Would Be Awesome If They Updated More Often But It Is What It Is. Love The New Update But Fox The I Phone X Perspective, When U Added The Blaster The Perspective Went Wack
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1 year ago, ILOVEGAMES1837464
This game is dying
This game hasn’t been updated in 9 months please don’t give up on this game. Also to everyone this game needs more love it is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED. Please be a huge update soon I don’t want this game to die this is still my favorite game.
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9 months ago, SilverPea
I always used to play this game in school when I was in 2nd - 3rd grade. I was so excited when I first saw the original on here, still glad it’s on. Would recommend definitely!
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4 years ago, ImDepressedwiththisawfulgame
Best game ever
Ok soooo this game is awesome! Killin tanks with one shot cannonballs are fun. There is also a map creator! You can make maps, share them with your friends or upload it to the game and have thousands of people play your map! It’s been my favorite mobile game since 2017!
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5 years ago, jacquesvfd
This is an amazing game, and I love it, but I kind of wish there was an option to see other peoples levels that I “liked”, because when I like something, I will probably want to play it again in the future.
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5 years ago, Hffvkifd
Editor levels
I like the idea of making your own levels but they’re way to small for anyone to not cause any chaos i would pay 5 dollars to make editor levels bigger please make editor levels bigger.
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4 years ago, Elian Montellano
This game is the king
Boi this is one of the best games I have ever played because it has weapons and upgrades and I almost have all the weapons and I already filled the speed upgrade😂😂😂 and please add more updates not trying to be needy nice game anyway👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
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5 years ago, JOHN CENA💩💩💩
Will there ever be a multiplayer round?
I would probably think this app would be better if there could be at least a online tank wars or maybe a online survival. I would maybe think there can also be a 4v4 battle. What ever you want for maybe adding a multiplayer round.
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3 years ago, TopNotchTrooper
I'm so glad they turn this into an app
I love this game on the cool math games website, I am so happy to see that they turned it into a full-fledged app that even a low iOS iPod such as my iPod 4 Gen. can play with fluently!
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1 month ago, Outandabout100
Best game ever
I pass all of the levels with in a week and it was so fun I have everything upgraded and it was really fun just game add more levels please and thank you bye
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3 years ago, Mr. Buchin
I have a level that I have been working on and I’m finished with it and I’m trying to play it so that I can make it a game but for some reason I’m clicking the play button and it’s not letting me play it so as I said please help me.
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2 years ago, Dantheman5127
Fun and nostalgic
This game is so much fun I get so much nostalgia every time I play it. It’s way better than the pc cool math version. I just wish they would add more levels 😔
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3 years ago, CrimsonSpy
Good game but….
The game brings nostalgia as it used to, but, I want to see optimazation for iPhone X models and above because I keep swiping out of the game and dying, also it does not take advantage of the full screen size. Other then that great game
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4 months ago, Hiyaim
Great game but…
This game needs more weapons and other levels! I’m older so it’s funny I still play this game that is meant for 4 years old! One suggestion is add a bazoka ;D
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2 months ago, seb@$t1an
Nostalgic and fun
the first time i played this game was over 5 years ago, in 2017. i started playing it again and the nostalgia just hit. amazing game
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7 years ago, ChillBill45671123
This game is amazing but if it had a PVP system I believe it would be better off. The single player is great but if you could customize your tanks and build them how you want that would be awesome too
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7 months ago, Tresnap
Amazing game
I love this game it’s so good but the one thing is that some levels I play don’t work it says update the game but I can’t update it how do I do it?
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5 years ago, Tank Deztroyer
Thank you Alex for updating the game recently, it was finally time to start getting some updates, I’m enjoying the game right now! Awesome game you’ve created!
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6 years ago, heavyload/grantgamer
Super better than computer
More guns than computer asomer than computer and super fun I’m really tellin you should get it and rate it 5 star and its only for people who like war games
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2 years ago, floooooooooooooooooof
I love it but…
I love this game but I can’t get in multiplayer or other peoples levels even though I’m logged in to Game Center and I have inter net please fix this
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3 years ago, frostfire31
Such a cool game!!
So much weapons!things you can create awesome levels with!and so much levels online and in game. Let me explain in just 2 words… SO COOL
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7 years ago, Bolungo
I wish there was 6 star option
This game is too addictively amazing, I recommend everyone who loves war and strategy games to download this!!
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4 years ago, skullrider2479
I first played this game on coolmathgames then I started playing it on the app, and I haven’t been invested in a mobile game like this in a long time
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5 years ago, darkmurder209
Needs to update
I love this game, It is so addicting and fun just one thing NO UPDATES IN TWO YEARS. What’s the point of putting coming soon if it’s not c9ming at all? Please work on that👌.
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3 years ago, hhd he hdhdh do
The best
It da best make a tank that can shot other mini tanks and a power up that make you move fast
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5 years ago, Leonard rodriguez
Would be better if everything was cheaper.
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3 years ago, Commercialinsanity
Two Years
It was harder two years ago, and with not hardly any advertisements, that was fun. Now you have to watch advertisements to advance. :/
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6 years ago, wolfy-122
Childhood memory’s
I used to play awesome tanks 2 on the computer in school I got curious and searched it and found this game and...........I LOVE IT it’s sooo good thank you for making my childhood dream come true.
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5 years ago, gabrielcknight
Good game
I really love this game but it needs new weapons more updates and new tanks. A ricochet tank would be cool . I hope the devs update this game more. Otherwise 10\5 game
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5 months ago, Thegreenking3k
OG Remastered
Been playing since cool math and wondered if it’s on mobile, turns out it’s better on the app!
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4 years ago, RomanSGamer
Better then in coolmath
I used to play this in cool math but seeing customizing your own levels and online system and customizing your tank! THIS IS SOO MUCH BETTER THEN IN COOLMATH.
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5 years ago, lila202009
Wow I was not expecting this
This game when I saw the icon I was not impulsed to get it but now that I got it would have been a mistake not to download this jewel
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3 years ago, best wavey
A little hard but I like it
It is a little hard to learn the controls but I like the rest
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2 years ago, Parkey boi (ChilliDogz97)
Needs more updates
Game in general is great. It needs more weapons and levels. More frequent updates would be great!
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6 months ago, beat gane everx999
Best game
This game is really entertaining and fun no glitching .that’s why I really fun and is a basic quick easy game . Please add new guns
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3 years ago, troublesome zombie 112
A tip
I love this game ,but there needs to be multiplayer it would be amazing if this game did ,but this game is still really good.
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