Axon Capture

Photo & Video
3.3 (49)
12.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Axon Enterprise, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Axon Capture

3.31 out of 5
49 Ratings
5 years ago, Jshaffer
Good but could easily be better
I’m an investigator and this app has helped consolidate some tools that I previously carried. It works well and picks up great audio. Investigators at my agency are not assigned body cameras so when doing high risk things I run video and mount it to my vest. For typical voice recording and body camera stuff it works well. External controls would be a nice touch but I understand that is limited by the functionality of the phone. This app would be five stars but when using the front/face camera in landscape mode, the video is flipped upside down. Also, you cannot black out the screen without stopping the video. It will look like it’s still recording but in all my tests the video stops when the screen is blacked out. Being able to black out the screen would be extremely useful for conducting interviews, specifically in a car.
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3 years ago, Flyingsombrero007
Needs an update for IOS
The app UI is simple to use. The biggest problem with the app is the fact you cannot choose multiple pictures from your library at once to upload to the app. The multi select works once you have the pictures in the app to add categories and case numbers. It becomes tiresome and time consuming when you add one picture from your library at a time. Please add the fix!
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1 year ago, ofcNT
Great tool in the field, could be streamlined
This is a great way to upload photos when I have a small amount to add to a case. However, the recent update where ID and Category fields are required for each photo before being allowed to save it to the upload queue is a hassle. It was much easier in the past to quickly title each photo and move to the next, then batch edit the ID and Category for all in the upload queue, then uploading. Not allowing photos or other items to be uploaded until they have the required fields seems like a better option. Also, the return of auto-capitalization after hitting the spacebar each time would be appreciated.
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6 years ago, YaBoyRJ
Easy to use and navigate. I enjoy all the features available, which definitely helps collect the evidence I need. Is there anyway you can create a shortcut or widget to just activate it instead of manually opening the app? An example would be like, press volume button and home button 2 times to activate the video function? That way, when my camera is mounted on my chest, it saves me the time of trying to unlock my phone and start the app.
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2 years ago, Smith John567
Needs 1 major improvement.
Please please please update the app so you can select multiple photos at once to upload. Most people, including myself, prefer to use the built in phone camera app to take pictures. Sometimes there will be 100+ photos to upload to a case. Having to go back and select each one individually from the phones camera roll is a huge hassle and waste of time. Please add the feature to allow uploading multiple photos at once.
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2 years ago, JSanchez07
Import Feature
Unsure if it’s our departments licensing. There needs to be an import feature that can upload from the photo library. Most citizens can’t use the link sent and an import feature just makes sense. Hope this happens in the future
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2 years ago, UtahRugger
Love It
I absolutely love this app. I use it literally every day. However, unfortunately there’s a current bug with it that’s making it unusable right now. I can’t figure out how to contact the proper people at Axon to report it. Hopefully they’ll figure it out so I can get back to using it.
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2 years ago, another forced user
Make the basics work
Does this company actually think officers do not wear gloves. You need to use your naked finger on the screen. EVERY-OTHER iPhone app you can use the volume keys to take a picture. Apple figured out that people wear gloves. As a cop searching something you better be wearing gloves just can’t use this app anymore e need to take you gloves on and off god forbid you taking a photo at a weird angle gotta hit the button on the screen.
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4 years ago, Bruivssj
Upload from camera roll
The app has changed and won’t let me upload photos to axon capture from my pictures taken not using the axon app
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9 months ago, Boilas28
Citizen Link
Bring back the citizens link. It really helps officers in the field. We have to maximize our time between calls & reports. This particular feature helps expedite things while on scene of a call. That’s the only reason I deleted the app.
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10 months ago, bigW
Good concept, poor execution
Title says it all. Every update seems to make it worse. No authentication via biometrics is a huge drawback. Randomly does or doesn’t keep you logged in…now MFA makes the experience really poor (along with the browser login vs in app). Not something I would recommend anymore.
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7 years ago, Tinman1352
Works well. The pictures are always coming over sideways tho after it uploads. Not sure what that is about.
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4 years ago, SLCMotor
Please make citizen upload not require login every time. When I’m already signed in.
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2 years ago, Jones211
Axon categories
There is only a little bit of categories for me to choose me and my friends play cops and robbers and I want more categories to choose but it doesn’t work i’m not sure if it’s a real thing what police officer uses
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10 years ago, LEELAVINDER911
Can not open app from outside wifi zone at office
I can't open this app from outside the office wifi zone. I there a setting my administrator can change? Otherwise this will be a great app just needs to be a little more user friendly. Please help with this matter.
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3 years ago, PJL in Washington
Axon capture
No way to import multiple pictures from library? Seriously? It’s faster to email them to myself and import from a laptop. Not a time saver. More like a time waster.
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11 months ago, Beny902
App is absolutely trash. If you get logged out it won’t let you reset the password (even though it’s correct) On some systems you can’t even type in your user name. Garbage
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3 years ago, fosbfiahxufkrm
Label deletion
When labeling and assigning a category, it’s deletes from the video. Even after pressing save. This needs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, gmad4770
Says IPad compatible, but isn't
Won't let me log in on my iPad. I've been told it's only accessible via a smart phone.
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11 years ago, bgarrison27
Doesn't seem Complete
There is not an avenue from the app to seek support or help, and under the category field when trying to categorize photos, there is not a populated list to choose from nor is there a + button to add your own. Their example shows a "488-Petty Theft" Finally, in the Settings menu, it gives you a chance to put in a prefix for your photos, it tells you that you can use letters numbers, -, and . You can only do letters and numbers with no hyphens or spaces. I think it can be a great app, but feel it is released a bit early!
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11 years ago, Gosuperninja
Great field interview app
I don't even take my camera or field interview cards on patrol anymore. Just snap a pic of the scene, individuals licenses, record the statement, hit upload and I'm done. Uploads could be faster but I think that's a function of our crummy cell service out here.
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11 years ago, Sirclesam
Makes it easy to collect evidence in the field
Refer to title
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11 years ago, Ejb5oh
Not useful.
We use taser axon on body and flex. Why can we see our videos this way? No need to use our phones for uploading content but viewing existing content could be really useful. Might want to rethink this one oversight. But then again you all probably already have thought of this, so why would you not include it? Thanks for your products, please rethink this one though.
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11 years ago, kylemartin23
Evidence collection on the go!
Pumped that I can capture and upload all these different kinds of evidence with my smart phone. Super easy to use.
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11 years ago, jcdim
So easy to take videos/pictures of incidents and record witness testimony. I can share the evidence with my agency immediately. This app has saved me so much time!
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11 years ago, Patrick Smith
Evidence made easy
Simple and easy to use
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11 years ago, MNcop84
TASER does it again
Works great saves me hours of work! Go TASER
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11 years ago, Pmurphy13
This is the best app I have ever used.
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9 years ago, PI911211311
How do I add a date and time stamp for video?this is essential and the reason I wanted the app
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10 years ago, Dr.Chevalier
Cannot register
Keeps showing error message about an agency
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11 years ago, Ttonyhh
This will revolutionize law enforcement!
This is the future of policing tools
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11 years ago, 4796pq
Big Cheese
Great app !
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11 years ago, gangadhar_gs
Doesn't let us login
Needs a login to use
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11 years ago, Dgafinbob
Worst app of its kind
icrimefighter is better IMHO.
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10 years ago, RF Military Solutions
Taser Mobile
After installing and getting the valid activation code I am also presented with the “Dept name error as other users are getting, There is no fix or help available even on the community.
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