Axos Business

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Axos Bank
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2 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Axos Business

1.51 out of 5
71 Ratings
2 years ago, mdw16
Do NOT open an Axos account
It’s gets one star because 0 stars is not an option. I opened this account over a month ago. So far I have not been able to use it. It took them 2 weeks to allow me online banking. I immediately deposited a check for $1750, which took 14+ days to appear in the account. The day after that deposit I had a client transfer $1850 via bill pay from their bank. It never showed up. I called Axos, and secure messaged them from their website (not offered on the app…) and they had to track down where they had misrouted my money. After almost 6 weeks of frustration I opened an account at a real bank (BofA) and went to transfer all money out of Axos this morning. I logged into my user account on the Axos business website and got a message saying “you do not have an account”. I had to call and have them troubleshoot to get me into the account. Now I’ve had the secure message them asking them to transfer that money into my BofA account and to close the Axos account. Save yourself a major headache and do not use this “Bank”. They lose transfers. They put 10+day holds on deposited money. They lose accounts entirely… it’s amazing the FDIC will insure them and allow them to exist.
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11 months ago, Lemi112790
Terrible UX and UI
One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It looks dated like it was designed in 1998, but more importantly it’s very unusable. I’ve been an Axos customer for 3 years and have figured out how to navigate it, but that was through trial and error over the years. I still get stumped sometimes doing a simple task. It’s one of those mind boggling apps where hitting a button should do x but it does y. They don’t seem to follow the design logic of most apps. For example, they periodically reset your password so your old one doesn’t work. I say reset, but it basically just locks you out and makes you reset it yourself and create a new one. If you don’t do that in a quick time period, you have to contact customer support via email or phone. I contacted them via email from the app which sent me an email to reset. When I click the link in the email, it just went back to a page to reset again and send another email. A loop of no actual solution. When I contacted their main support email To reset, it sent me an automated email To call them and they phased out email support in 2020. I think the terrible user experience on their app (desktop is no better) is a reflection for a poorly run company. I signed up with them because they somehow had good reviews online and no signup Fees, but it’s not worth it.
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1 year ago, Carlthecricket
Worst business banking app
An app that doesn’t work very well is one thing, but when it shows features that really don’t exist, it makes me want to pull my hair out. Transfer funds between accounts? Sure, click the transfer button. But no, it says there’s no account to transfer from. Even though I’m logged into my account! So I call support to see if it’s a glitch. Wait on hold 10min, then they offer to call me back. Ok, wait 20min for that. He doesn’t know, so puts me on hold for 10 more minutes. Ok, I’m sorry that feature isn't available on the app. You need to use the browser. WTH?! Why is it on the app then?! The personal banking app can do it. All other banking apps I use can do it. But no, this is an Axos business banking app and it’s the worst junk app on the planet. Thanks for wasting my time Axos!
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3 years ago, DanRice92
So bad I stopped using this account
I love my personal checking and savings accounts with Axos, other than the lengthy time it takes for checks to clear. As a business owner, I hoped that I could also use a business checking account with Axos and easily move my money between accounts. I was sorely disappointed by both this app and the web app. Axos for business is almost unusable. Every browser I tried would error frequently, and many of this app’s features don’t work at all. After the very lengthy approval process, I was extremely disappointed! Please fix this app! Maybe just use a lot of the tools you have on the personal checking side, because they work great.
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2 years ago, myrealuv
Could Be a Great Online Banking Option
Axos could really be a good online bank if the technology worked better. I can’t do Bill Pay using Chrome browser because that part of the system does not work with chrome. I have to use Edge, which I don’t like using. One of my bills were paid one day late and that company charged a $35 late fee. I contacted them and they reimbursed me. I contacted Axos to explain what happened because they didn’t send the payment on time, and never heard back. I have been searching other online options and might just go back to using local community banks. Mobile deposits are easy enough. The platform is the biggest deterrent.
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2 years ago, Jane EG
Steaming garbage app
The other 1 and 2 star reviews are all accurate. This app is steaming hot garbage. In fact, I can only ever use it about 30% of the time I need to access it because somehow their sign-in function is broken all the time. Expect plenty of error messages when simply trying to sign in. And once you’re in the app, there is absolutely nothing that functions well. I chose Axos for my small biz because they don’t charge fees and tout themselves as an online, digital-first bank. But um…an “online bank” with a mobile app that appears to have been made by an amateur in 2008? Pretty pathetic. Honestly makes me want to switch banks.
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5 months ago, Aymanhama
This has to be one of the worst apps ever created! I find it extremely difficult to login every single time, at times taking more than 30mins because it’ll say loading forever after you put your login details and it’ll never load. Also the app is full of bugs. The features are awful, and definitely not suitable for a business that plans to be successful. I wish I was exaggerating, but im going to close my bank account with Axos because of how awful this app is. Not one good tool in this whole app. Don’t believe me? Check out all the other reviews.
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2 years ago, Unchoosen One
Apps were designed to make life easier, this one complicates life
Both the business and personal banking app and websites are not reliable. I’ve had nothing but issues since coming on board last May. I can’t even do a mobile check deposit without issues. Their customer service is slow and not helpful. I usually have to explain my issue over and over with each rep. Apparently reading previous dialogue isn’t as common as one might think. If you’re considering anchoring your money here, that’s what it will be—an anchor that’s stuck on the sea floor.
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1 year ago, QMJIhHggsgsjfi
Absolutely worst banking app I hve ever used
I should have listened to the reviews. This is the worst app. It is just horrible. The interface is bad. Basically you are stuck with the app to do anything but the app won't let youbdo anything and you have to call the customer support. You call the customer support and they tell you 'oh, please call this number' and give you the number you just dialed to talked to that person. They list an email address for support but again, all you get is an automated replaybsaying please call this number. Totl garbage.
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1 year ago, Bugger391
Axos business is a joke
You get locked out or an error message frequently. Their customer service is terrible Jim from Las Vegas wanted be to send a selfie holding my driver license for verification. Greg from Las Vegas asked me what town east 11th is in and then read a bunch of random towns. I said I had no idea but probably all of them. He said pick one and then said I was wrong and they couldn’t verify my id and hung up. Finally Alayna in San Diego helped me get back into my account. And I deleted this app now I deal with their equally horrible website. I am just closing my account
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1 year ago, Dre Shae
First off, I do not write reviews. If an app runs semi alright, great. But this bank is out to get you. Hidden fees plus they are a NIGHTMARE for customer service. I used this bank for 8+ months and it was nothing but a disaster if I needed help with anything. I’m currently trying to receive old statements from them and they want to charge me $10 per MONTH and they will not electronically email them. When I called they told me to email a rep, when I emailed, they told me to call back again. Trash company, trash bank. Trust me on this.
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5 months ago, Juliebed
App not working!! Update 2/22 Still not working!!!
Update- a week after my review and emails, app is still not working!!! I can’t make deposits!!! I’m a day or two away from just finding a new bank!! May do so anyway!! Please fix or update this app!! My Face ID stopped working; it’s making me put in user name and password every time, even though I turn on Face ID each time!! Also, trying to make deposits, and I keep getting an error!! So frustrating that I can’t deposit checks!!!
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1 year ago, roguerob21
Not good
Perfect example of you get what you pay for. Just opened the account, they setup a meeting and then they ghosted the meeting! When I asked through chat when I would get a debit card, they told me to call, I called and it never connected to anyone and disconnected. Tried their website chat and their whole site went offline and to a bad URL. Taking my money and leaving now before anymore terrible service.
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1 year ago, Mountain Freak
This bank is atrocious. They hold onto deposits forever! Even bank to bank deposits! If you can get ahold of anyone after dealing with the miserably inaccurate, unhelpful robo system, your heart will out to the embarrassed customer service people who do honestly want to help. I’m still using the bank because changing is a total pain at this point. I really hope Axos gets its act together.
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4 years ago, Bubba-007
A bank that doesn’t have the resources to develop an iPad app
A bank that doesn’t have the resources to develop an iPad app for business accounts. Serious clark? Do they think only children use iPads? I’m working on a corporate annual report with my iPad using an iPhone only app. I thought technology was supposed to make work easier. It makes me wonder what else is slipping through the cracks at this bank.
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2 years ago, Adisgruntleduser
Stuck in 1980 or so
Really basic app, lacking most functionality you need in a banking app. Making a transfer is not possible within the app, you can only do that on the website, which is not mobile friendly. So to do any reasonable banking transactions, you need to be on a desktop computer.
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4 years ago, Explodia
Still busted
Having to change the password every 90 days sounds well and good except when the system breaks and locks you out of your own account. I’ve had this happen twice now, doesn’t matter if I attempt to access via web or mobile. It’s embarrassing and insulting how little Axos cares about its business customers.
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1 year ago, Jersey_boi
App in need of a MAJOR update
The Axos Business app is in need of a MAJOR UI/UX update. It basically provides you the ability to check your balances. I think it has a lot of potential, however, I doubt they will make any changes. At least add debit card control to the app.
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3 months ago, Echo 30518
Business app
If I could give a zero I would. I have been using this bank for 6 years they either can’t get the app to work, or keep getting my business information lost. Can’t operate any business in this way, they basically put you out of business
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2 months ago, Epic face:)
Please fix app!
Please fix your app, I can’t login. It is very inconvenient that I have to login on my laptop every time I need to check my account. Very good bank but your app design is poor. Please improve.
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5 months ago, screw robinhood
First I can no longer use Face ID to sign in, now I can’t even remotely deposit checks anymore because “we’re having trouble accessing your account.” I could forgive the old basic looking interface but, when I can’t deposit my money that I need to pay my bills! Really! Fix it!
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6 years ago, Ohare traveller
Great first step
Excellent to see all the investment that has gone into upgrading the app. Looking forward to the next round of upgrades.
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3 years ago, HB4160
Keep your money away from this bank
I was told my a business banking rep after requesting to close my account, and sending the appropriate message through the portals: “you can’t close your account and we are going to process all deposits made”. Cost me $33k and ruined my business.
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3 years ago, DTX214*
No Modern Features
Do NOT use this bank if you expect any modern features of mobile banking. Transferring funds is painful at best and forget doing a wire transaction without a computer, printer and scanner. The whole point of online banking is convenience, this place has none of what one would expect.
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4 years ago, fredsrevenge
An online bank without an app
This “app” is just a weird version of their mobile app. It’s not very user friendly and doesn’t really allow you to do anything but view your balance and transactions. No ability to pay a bill or send money. Truly disappointing for business users.
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2 years ago, Gclarke85
Unprofessional - find a bank that can serve basic needs
Customer service reps have promised to call me back for weeks repeatedly and never do. Simple issue has been unresolved for 5 months, leaving me unable to perform basic bookkeeping. Skip these clowns and find a bank run by professionals.
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1 year ago, Jcasebmw26
Worst App Ever Made
Wish I could give this zero stars. Legitimately the worst app I’ve ever used in my life. It’s completely useless. Any company that would release such a monstrosity and refuse to improve it for years deserves everything that’s coming to them.
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4 years ago, noojy
Bug report
I was just trying to view images of a deposit. Image viewer loaded, but no images. No way to exit image viewer. Had to reboot app. Please provide basic functionality as this is the primary access tool for business bank account.
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3 years ago, MrBigHero
Mobile check deposit broke
Does not process the front of checks. Worked fine until most recent update.
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3 years ago, soundneedle
Cannot transfer
This stupid app won’t even let me transfer my own money. Just says no account even though it shows the account. This app was done in a high school project. Trash. I can only imagine the disaster waiting to happen from security issues.
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1 year ago, Max_B13
Don’t waste your time
VERY HARD to get into contact with a human. The “Evo” chat bot is terrible. The desktop GUI is bad, you’ll struggle trying to find simple things like your account and routing information or how to link an external bank account. STAY AWAY!
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1 year ago, ndc3653
Don’t open an Axos account.
I should have listened to the other reviews. The app (and website) are literally worthless. Not exaggerating. You can’t do anything with them. Closed my account within a week.
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1 month ago, Ibangg
Doesn’t work at all
Can’t log in to my business banking account through the app. It’s not a login issue, since the credentials work fine on web.
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5 years ago, JAlexBarry
Lack of Bill Pay option is huge
Lack of bill pay support is a big deal. The ‘My Finance’ section is buggy and causes the app to crash. To be honest, not a good look for this company.
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3 years ago, EthanFL79
Axos Personal is great. Axos Business is TERRIBLE
Axos better straighten out and modernize their business offerings QUICK or else I’m taking my two business accounts and three personal accounts to a bank who knows what they are doing.
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2 years ago, Youngrunner97
You would think
You would think with all these bad reviews you guys could get a better software developer. This is sad
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6 years ago, Moos568
Touch ID No Longer Works
Touch ID no longer saves, so you have to log in with your password and ID every time. Even when I enable it to save for Touch ID it forgets the next time.
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4 years ago, ReyrJ
App doesn’t open
When I tap to open the app it starts to open and then immediately closes. It worked before so I’m not sure what happened.
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4 years ago, rafa-usa
Last update cant log in
The title says it all. Tried everything... for an online bank, the online infrastructure should be compelling...not.
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7 months ago, Khazoury
How do you transfer?
Does it even allow you to transfer to an Axos account?????? App has been useless so far.
Show more
5 years ago, Charles Craig
Almost no functionality
I find it absurd that the business app and account has no ability to make ACH transfers. Lagging far behind the competition here.
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9 months ago, Brenna Brown
The app is pathetic
It looks and feels like windows 95. Incredibly underwhelming interface. The least helpful banking app I’ve ever used.
Show more
5 months ago, klumsykyle
Don’t do it
Sure seems like a scam I’m just hoping to get my $100 back out of this
Show more
6 years ago, FL- Dan
Face ID is broken
Doesn’t save in preferences so you have to enter your password every time. Please fix this.
Show more
2 years ago, chloechristian
Very bad app
Crappy app, hard to use, laggy, all the reviews are accurate.
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5 years ago, Disorganized now
Doesn’t support Face ID
Constant password logging in is a real negative for me.
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11 years ago, skellyslife
app doesn't work
unfortunately there is no way to even review the app itself as it doesn't even work. it will not let me past the sign in feature and produces a "system response error" message every time. i know its not my credentials because i just logged into the website with the same ones.
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10 years ago, Seattle1234
Near total garbage
Well it seems like an old version of this app was better. The current version does not have the deposits button on it, which was the only useful feature of the app. How do you deposit into an internet only bank without a deposits function?? At least I can login, and I can see my balance, and I can see the last 30 days or so of transactions. At least I assume it's 30 days, I really don't know because it doesn't tell me. And there's no filtering settings or option to see older transactions or see statements. Who wrote this app, Mickey Mouse? It's about the most basic, minimal app you could imagine. Very disappointing.
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8 years ago, cresc100
Nice App & Business Banking
The app is easy to navigate. Remote check deposit is easy and convenient too. I wish there was TouchID support though...maybe on a future update?
Show more
7 years ago, Smokeydibear
Needs more work
Still cannot do mobile payments? Minus one star Where is the IPad version? This version hides the Submit button so I can't make deposits. Minus one star Process to capture front and back of checks much improved. 3 stars.
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