Azan Time Pro: Holy Quran

4.8 (3.7K)
173.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maviay Yazılım Ltd. Şti.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Azan Time Pro: Holy Quran

4.76 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, DiDi the mommy
This app is my absolute FAVORITE out of all the others!! There are so many features that you can do! There is the praying features, of course, along with a bunch of books like the Kur’an, a place to keep track of all the prayers and fastings you had to keep up on, the Islamic Calendar (! very useful for me), different duahs on lots of things, a place where you can listen to the Kur’an, the list is soooo long. Please check the app out! It is my absolute favorite and I have been recommending it to my family and using it for a while now!!
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5 years ago, Rosech786
Great App please update the full Azan
Alhumdulillah I read it everyday and it is easy to read with meaning as well I had this App for years and are enjoying it everyday my only complaints are there is No full Azan in the App I hope you can Update this as well other then that thanks for the great App.
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3 years ago, Btlz07
Love the new features
i’ve been using this app for years and I’m loving it and I also love the design and user interface and the latest updates made it more user-friendly and prettier😊
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4 months ago, Central coast resident
Works very efficiently and non intrusive
I tried many prayer times apps. This is the most efficient and least intrusive. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Zman AboulFadle
App crashes after running for a while
I really like the application but for some reason it crashes after leaving it to run for a while. I like to keep it running all the time but it keeps crashing on me. Please look into it and fix it to depend on it as my designated Quran Application Thanks
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4 months ago, Noah's Pudding
Perfect Compass option!
Wherever I travel it indicates kıble automatically and the local times perfectly. I drive truck and travel all over America so it works perfect for me.
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4 months ago, Ahmad Hasasn
Has all the features in one app
Thank you for developing this app and keeping it ad free. It has all the necessary features that I need
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5 years ago, Newsamusl
Excellent Islamic application
Allah,cc be pleased with you it's very useful application thank you for the reminding salah everyday and share to us good Hadeeth and it's good to listening Quran trough app and have many hafiz with beautiful sounds .
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1 year ago, Fisekcioglu
It was the best app But!!!!!
It was the best app but i was reading quran in my language , i live in USA and that is why quran comes directly to english, i am trying to change it but it is not responding, do it something about it ASAP please
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2 years ago, adnanzeh
Language wont change
Language wont change
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4 months ago, Ajazz66
Azan time pro
I love this aap, but every few days it will reset (loose all the personal settings)
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4 months ago, Samartime94
This is a great app, and I’m happy with what it offers, but the only thing is if I put my phone on vibrate, I cannot hear the call to prayer. Because another’s whether it’s on vibrate, or the ringer is on, the Azaan starts
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4 years ago, maraizsh
Extremely accurate
I use it all the time very helpful !!
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2 years ago, problem_fixer
Reminder for Mubarak days and nights
Thanks for everything but I can’t set a reminder for Mubarak days and nights. Please make an update for this. Ramadan Mubarak!
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3 years ago, NK Tab
Great application lots of choices for Azan easy to manage may Allah reward whoever is in charge
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5 years ago, Ahmad Fikran
Qibla finder
It is sometimes not accurate.
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1 year ago, Nausheen Bhikhu
A perfect app
May Allah SWT reward the person who created the app
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4 years ago, r_7man
I appreciate your work
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6 years ago, Lahcen Amghrabi
Lahcen K
Well built, reliable app Only downside is Athan is cut short, I would’ve liked a complete recording
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7 years ago, i.t guy
Reset button does not exist
In new update zkir calculator I can not reset manual zkir. Please can you fix it
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8 months ago, Ghdyvc
About The Application
The application is not working properly, even praying times are not true. Daylight saving changes did not happen. It’s all wrong.
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6 years ago, Suhriyye
Thank you so much
Elhemdulilleh I think it is so helpful for all muslims...
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5 years ago, Turkishgirl92
Love this app
I love this app! Thanks to this app I learned how to read Quran without mistake or with minimal mistakes. Elhamdullilah🤲🏼
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6 years ago, fabooluos
Ezan Vakti pro
Great app really fast and quick reviews
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4 months ago, A ziizey
It’s the best App I am using the Adan and prayer time Thanks
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5 years ago, 172672J
I only feel comfortable with that theme. I am so devastated and confused why its gone. I love this app but you NEED to bring the blue theme back or a lot of people will be searching for a new app instead.
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5 years ago, oguzhan_turk
All you need.. really..
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3 years ago, Axakhov
Najm 11
There shouldn’t be ‘qasr’ on 11 th ayat of Najm surah Please correct it
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2 years ago, noyttt
Can’t change language :(
App doesn’t let to change the language.
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6 years ago, zcbdss357
Very good app May Allah reward you
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2 years ago, Tehidbd
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5 years ago, mustafa152
very good
very useful app 👍
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5 years ago, THE STUDENTS
Wery nice app
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3 years ago, Sairvtaisn
Thanks 🤲🏻
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8 years ago, musaozt
Dedicated team, awesome app
This application is one of the first apps I install on a new phone. It has everything digital a Muslim might need (thanks for saving us from downloading multiple apps). Plus, you don't have to spend the memory if you are not using some of the features because this app does not download content unless you ask for it. Of course very rarely there are crushes etc but they happen with every app, even the ones from corporates. This stability can be improved if possible. Overall, I am very impressed and pleased with this teams service. May they get rewarded in this and the other world.
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4 years ago, ali180427
تفسير عربي لايوجد
Ibni kesir tefsiri koyulmali
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8 years ago, Begermy
The best
It has all the options that you can imagine It tracks which prayers you missed, has a count down, alerts before and after prayer, hadith, zikr, Quran, and many other useful stuff. Also it has a widget to view the prayer times without opening the application. Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Mellie48
More than what u need!
This is app is all in one app. I love it, it even ask me q's like what did u do for Gods sake, and have u done ur prayers :) the only thing is i cant join the online hatims whenever i want to, ot has to give me what i have to read or some times the system boots me out. Other thn BEYOND PERFECT..
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12 years ago, Seridari
Nice and helpful
Thank you for making this app. It is really helpful. But needs a few improvements. I agree that we should be able to change the reminder time. Also I cannot read Jawshan in the new version. I can open but cannot turn the page. Also, can you include Quran text without having to download the sound file? Thanks.
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11 years ago, Bayram g
Very good job!!!
Who ever had done this program i want to say thank you. To me all look good. The only problem there are no enough cities name. For example Fairfax VA is one of the big cities in washington dc area but dont see it. If you can add it would thank more:))) thank you in advance Bayram Gulsen washington dc
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8 years ago, La purse
I had so many other praying applications on my phone before. After installation this application I have deleted the others. Excellent application. Very good job. I have already recommended so many friends and relatives.
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12 years ago, Kenan Kamal
So nice,, I really like i..
It s amusing ,so useful and it has many option so u can easily set up,or open kuran for reading or join group for hatim ,or read after dua surah...thank u so much who was creat & help and make this program ...thank u again..
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13 years ago, Turk_ada
Very useful app!
This app is kinda working as your daily organizer. Besides it shows prayers times it has also some of Islamic books that you want to read.
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12 years ago, There is USA
To tyraphaea526
This app is built in Turkish language by a turkish guy. There is Usa among countries. If you look carefully, the first on the list of the countries is ABD (means USA in Turkish), tap on it and then choose the city where ur located. Most of the cities are also written in Turkish i believe..
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10 years ago, Hiltab
Great app!
This is one of my favorite app and has helped me to learn so much. My favorite thing about this app is that you can read it in Arabic, English or Turkish. Thank you so much for created this app.
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12 years ago, Sfakahz
Just a few tweaks aways
There is USA times on this App.. U just have to play around with the App to find them. The best format I have ever seen. Love the reminders like 20 min before Salaah starts or ends. Love the count down timer. The English needs tweaking and if the temperature was in F in would be great.
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12 years ago, Dyana Sabry
Need improvement
Why I can do minutes adjustment to the time? Trying to reduce the time coz the time set past few minutes with the actual time in our calendar..everything works just fine except that I need the time to be accurate..tq
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12 years ago, Ambar Ayoubi
Now I give it 5 stars;)
I thought this app deserved 5 stars to begin with, but couldn't select USA, so I thought. Thank you to the user who explained how to navigate the app!
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9 years ago, MrKaya
Each muslim shoud get it!
The app is very usefull and it has a rich context. Good library, effective visual design. Thanks to developer for publishing it for free. We all are praying for you gays.
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9 years ago, Dj-baTU
Very helpful
I would recommend it to everyone
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