Azur Lane

4.5 (6.1K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Azur Lane

4.51 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, ChikcowPlaysGames
Game is good but I need help
The game is good and I have an enjoyable time playing it, but there is a problem that needs to be fixed. When I started playing this game, I ended up amassing a large amount of oil from the rewards from the inbox that exceeds the max amount of oil. I could not get more oil from the academy, but I could get extra oil along with the other stuff that comes with the oil. I would play this game quite often but I wouldn’t really use up a lot of oil. Then, at some point a new update came out. I don’t really know when the update came, but when I decided to hop back on one day, I checked my inbox and tried to collect the rewards in it. Here’s where the problem arises. I can’t collect any of the rewards that include oil in them. Now, this would be understandable if I had the max amount of oil. I would simply just play the game a bit, spend some oil, and collect the rewards. Not very difficult to do. But, as of right now, I have like 27,000 oil. My max oil is 5,000. There is nothing in the game that lets me spend that much oil. I would have to level up to raise my max oil or just try and spend it by doing sorties. I don’t really want to spend hours trying to get rid of unneeded oil just to collect something. Could you please fix this problem. The amount of oil I have does not matter to me. I do not need any more oil. I wouldn’t care if you decided to take away all of that oil at this point.
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4 years ago, WiseWolfMaster04
Very Fun F2P Game! But one problem sadly...
So when I first played Azur Lane,I thought “Ok I’ll give this a try” and now 1 1/2 years later and I’m ADDICTED to Azur Lane. The Gatca rates are very fair and reasonable and I have no problem with that. Also I love the easy to learn gameplay and the Shipgirl’s personality and phrases they have while increasing thier Affinity. But while all of Azur Lane is truly amazing,the one thing they have a problem with is the gems. I would really appreciate if you can increase ways to earn gems other than finding gems from 3 stars on Campaign and Finishing the collection for gems. But if I can suggest some ways to earn gems,I would first suggest that you could give about 10 gems for every 3 star during special event campaigns and if I may also suggest a reasonable amount of gems for Event Missions and or Weekly Missions so F2P players can expand thier dock,cattery,or depot. But also F2P players can buy a Promise Ring and a Shipgirl skin rarely. I really hope you can consider this because I love Azur Lane to death but I would be much happier if Gems can be obtained more often. But thank you for reading this review and have a nice day! Keep up with the great work!❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, yorfd
Ever since I started playing Azur Lane it has been a great time. I was enjoying the game and patiently waiting for the next banner for the new ship. Then, finally the new UR came out, the new ship looked amazing and I’ve been saving cubes forever. There was just one problem, the coins. Now why do we need 1500 gold for EACH ship build. For newer players and ftp players that’s just insane. I’ve spent a good amount of money into this game and guess where I had to put it into, the coins. I thought at first that we would be able to get any character with the amount of cubes we got, but no coins were the real issue. There aren’t enough sources for coins. Yes, a coin storage, campaign, and events, but that’s hardly enough. Campaign literally gives you a couple 100 coins at BEST. That’s insane and I would have to do a whole days of farming for about 2 rolls. This is just unfair and coins are a big problem. Ship building should cost less coins, or more ways of getting coins should be incorporated into the game. Also, the 1.2% UR rates just seem unreal. They are high for a gacha game, but I’ve personally rolled over 100 times and haven’t gotten the new ship as well as people I know have t received the new ship in over 100 rolls. Seems a bit weird. I apologize for my rant, maybe I’m just upset at my misfortune, but I believe that receiving more coins would really improve the game.
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5 years ago, A Long Lost Man
Totally a Five Star if you’re looking for a grind
This game is great if you’re a fan of the art style and want something simple to pass the time and keep you occupied. It doesn’t take very long to figure out the finer details of the game and the community is more helpful than the ones in most games. More often than not there will be someone who will answer your questions within seconds. The only issue I’ve encountered is that at the end of an event there is no overlap on collection of rewards. For most people it’s not an issue, but since I’ve not even been playing a month at this point I wasn’t at a sufficient level for the event, power leveled, and completed the event with less than a minute to collect my rewards. When I went to collect I instead was met with an infinite load due to the start of maintenance for the next event. I’ll happily revise this and change to a five star once I see that ended events stay in the event tab for an extra day or three upon the completion of an event (just in case there are others like me or I’m unfortunate enough to pull another 24 hour shift at work on the end day of an event and am unable to collect the rewards in time; plus there are those who simply forget and that second chance would go a long way for them too).
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4 years ago, Francisco aka Epicprotroll
Wow, all my progress.
I’m personally really angry. I’ve been playing for little over 2 months now since the hololive event and my account was deleted. I had bounded my account to my yostar account because I had progressed so much and already started paying for gems not a lot but I had bought gems. My phone had no extra space so the app instantly refreshed for an update in game, but when it noticed no space for the update it promptly deleted itself. I made space to download azur lane again and when I logged in all my progress was gone. I had leveled myself to lv66 had Portland Long Island Laffey retrofitted and at lv100 I had several sr ships from events including fubuki all of the cherry blossom event ships and all of the current maid event ships acquired as well as my favorite atago of which I bought skins for and now it’s gone. I’m absolutely furious. All my ships all my effort gone just because the app reset itself because I had no space. Yostar please fix this because arknights did the same and hopefully when I login I have all my operators. To other players please be careful and make sure your account is bound and always linked on the login screen because if it isn’t that means the account may have been unlinked some how. I guess I’ll quit playing azur lane now this literally killed my enjoyment I had for this game. My account name was Epicprotroll a name that had grew on me since I used my brothers old 360 name and now it’s all gone.
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4 years ago, Spideyman13
Fun collecting game but could be more fun
The collecting part of this game is fun and addicting and it is really awesome since a lot of the characters have amazingly beautiful/sexy designs! :P My biggest gripes with this game that need to be evened and ironed out; 1.)Game is wayyyyy to repetitive and has many pointless mini games that are really boring. 2.) Getting gems is really really time consuming and they are so rare and hard to come by! Especially when you any certain costumes! If you don’t have a certain character you can’t get their costume! 3.) Sooooo many updatesssss lol and most importantly—-> 4.) Why do you take away certain ships and their costumes from purchasing!? There is a specific time frame to where you have to save up gems(which take FOREVER to get) and also beat, meet, or complete specific rules to obtain them... Plus it’s already a random number generator to get the specific girl/ship you want! Also, please bring back the special event ships that have been in the past like Baltimore and Algerie! Please! Other than those completely honest reviews this game is still worth playing! If at least number 4 could fixed to where you can at least buy the ships you want that would be totally great and I would be satisfied👍🏻
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5 years ago, Gehz Hokan
A great game that lives up to its promises
So to start, I’m not a Day 1 player, I saw the ads for it initially and thought “Oh great, another one of “those” games with Super Rare ships locked behind pay walls and unforgiving gacha rates. But after a few months, my curiosity got the better of me, and boy, was I not disappointed by my experience with it. The gameplay is fun and user friendly, with a wonderful and quirky cast of characters based off of Warships of the early to late 20th century. The dev team is responsive, helpful and the politest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. Yes there are some “Racy” and “Provocative” aspects to the game which deserves it’s borderline NSFW rating, but fan service was expected, and it isn’t the dominant factor of the game. Gacha rates are fair and forgiving (if RNGsus smiles on you) and you get a very rewarding sense for completing missions. Gems can be earned for completing missions and as event rewards making it a perfectly acceptable free to play game without gnawing at your wallet for another gem fix. All in all, despite the prejudice it faces, Azur Lane is a fun game and will live up to your expectations! Bravo guys, keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, notoRAIous
A Gatcha with Historical Depth
The Ads for this game can be confusing but to clarify, this is a bullet hell style Naval warfare game centering a Gatcha element. The Artstyle is Anime, and while it is a fun game in it’s basest form, there is actual historical depth to each “shipgirl” as they are all based on actual ships that served during World War 2. You’ll often find voice lines and character interactions in story plot lines that are heavily based on events in the Pacific Theater and even the European waters during that time period. What’s more is that the game and all events are extremely free to play. While there are obvious incentives to invest real money in the game via micro transactions, there’s multiple ways to circumvent the need to spend, via plying the game and using resources correctly. This coupled with the fact the game developers are actively engaged with the community and updating the game regularly to feature new events and aesthetics really go a long way in making this the most fun I’ve had with a mobile game in years. Oh and there’s an Anime based on the game. It’s becoming its own universe!
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3 years ago, 😂i lce this
Good game, wish there was a way to boot synced websites n stuff
Back In January, I downloaded the game. Later, I seemed to magically complete the 1st stage of the game without doing it. I ignored the strange fact and continued playing, collecting good ships and more. Then, a account named “pavium” had logged in via Yostar. I had no idea how he got there, but he was there. I tried retiring my ships and selling my items, but he added a lock for those features, and I obviously didn’t know the passcode. So there I was, disappointed in losing my account to some stranger, and no way to fix it. I tried contacting the Help center, but that didn’t work. I said goodbye to my hard work, and logged out. I deleted the app and never downloaded it again ever since. For new players who are reading this: SYNC YOUR ACCOUNT! Or you might learn the hard way, like I did. I don’t know what’s happened to the account now, but they are probably enjoying my Hood, Mikasa, and a few limited items like the Haruka ship, from the Idolmaster collab. 9/10, still disappointed that there wasn’t a tip for syncing. Maybe it’s my responsibility anyway. Good game overall.
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4 years ago, FoxMineWorker#230678
Best Mobile Game
Honestly, this game is a perfect representation of what mobile games should be like. It has generous Devs that actually listen to the community and interacts with them effectively. It is VERY F2P friendly and there’s no actual P2W elements. You can get almost everything you want with honest grinding. Not only that, the community is very helpful and supportive, with the best meme series and helpful guides. There is essentially no drama. Over 99% (in my experience) of the community will support your waifu choices. There is no waifu shaming. Meta and Waifu actually coexist. Even compared to console and pc games, Azur Lane is definitely up there with the best in terms of game performance. The Devs constantly fix bugs and issues with their server maintenances and on top of that, give compensation for maintenance wait times (in the form of Coins, Oil, Rations, Gems, etc.). All in all, I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who’s a fan of anime or anime-esque things. Don’t just take my word for it, go see the community on Reddit for yourself at r/AzurLane. It’s all memes, laughs, helpful support, and even some cultured content.
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4 years ago, EntityAhnilator
Really Good Game
This game is hands down the best Gatcha game I have ever played. The game is really generous with the ship building materials and also rewards hard work instead of just making you spend money. A lot of people complain about not being able to get what they want but remember, in other games, they wouldn’t even give you an option and make you spend money to unlock it. Some of the best ships in the game (Priority Ships, Retrofits) can only be gotten by playing and gives you FLEX material that incompetent gemmers would beg on their knees for. Hell, a lot of people who get angry at Azur Lane are gemmers. If you are patient and take you time playing the game, not wasting gems, and saving cubes then your patience will be rewarded. If you don’t get that one ship then there will always be a rerun. Also, PLEASE BIND YOUR ACCOUNT. If you love the game or hate it, bind your account because if you delete it and you come back, your gonna look realllll stupid. (TL;DR): Really? Don’t you know all good reviews are long? Go back and read it you (Hopefully) future lazy shikkan.
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2 years ago, Mastersanada
Probably the most player friendly Gacha game
I’ve been playing Azur Lane for a long while. Not once have I had to say to myself: “I think I need to drop X dollars for this new character (or ship)!” It just doesn’t happen. If you play and plan accordingly, none of the characters in banners will be unobtainable for you. The game is INCREDIBLY player friendly. I’ve played an unbelievable amount of gacha games, and spent good amounts of money on a lot of them. Azur lane is the only one I can really say I spent money not for obtaining characters, but literally for their skins. I will say that as the game progresses though, I have spent money on Dock spaces. Azur lane is consistently getting more and more player friendly and is overall an enjoyable game. Not just because of art and skins, but I find the somewhat simple gameplay to be a nice thing to do on the side. PvP is also a very unnecessary thing: you can easily choose not to do it. Out of all the gacha games I’ve played over the years, let me drop a few names: Epic seven, Genshin, blue archive, alchemy stars, Arknights, bleach Brave souls, fgo, battle cats, honkai impact 3, azur Lane has been the one that I’ve stuck with the longest that I have enjoyed. (I played most of these for a long time and in depth, while a few I sorta dropped pretty quickly) Note that I am the type of person to be a collector in gacha games as well as like to have the “best” characters. Azur lane in that regard has never been a struggle for me.
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6 years ago, karmater
Server And tutorial Issues
Saw some gameplay of this game and wanted to give it a try. I downloaded it and started it up, however, after I was able to login successfully and try to connect to one of the servers, I keep getting a network error. I tried again multiple times and even tried on the other available servers, still kept getting network error. Even some occasions, I will get very lucky and get to the tutorial sequence. During those times about half way through the tutorial, I lose connection to server and get sent back to the login screen. Also on one of those occasions, I got super lucky and made it were I can pick my starter ship. However, when I pick a starter and they ask for my nickname, I can put the name in but it won’t let confirm it. No invalid input, no error, or anything. It will let me cancel and pick another starter, but the same thing happens again when I try to confirm a nickname. I don’t know what else to do. I got good wifi and the phone is up to date. I really want to play but can’t due to these errors. Am I perhaps missing something I’m not aware of? I hope this can be fix, cause this game looks interesting and want to give it a try.
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2 years ago, •Hoya•
Very good service
I rarely post anything relate to games, but once I do, it is usually something very great, useful, and in this case is the service of the game that I am currently playing which is Azur Lane. I stopped playing the game a couple of years ago because I had to focus on other stuff, so I pretty much forgot all of the information to my account from name to ID except the receipt that I had once purchased in game. But, to my surprised with just only that (the bill that I managed to find on google pay) the service team was able to not just help me able to find my once lost account, but in a very fast speed as well (like 10-30 minutes). Also, this game is very good, so do the team management system, very recommended to you guys to try this game out, and again thanks to you team for putting a great work! (Sorry for my bad English) :)
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4 years ago, Anon_Writes_a_Comment
Some inappropriate comments should be deleted
Hi! I really enjoy this game but I do think there are some issues regarding the comments and public chats. First, people frequently post explicit language. This is a 12+ game and I really don’t want a 12 year old clicking on this and seeing these vulgar contents. Second, I often see messages that are political incorrect and hateful. A lot of them are regarding China. There are messages containing inappropriate nicknames of different races(the n word and the c-c word) and recently there are a lot that call the coronavirus “Chinese Virus”. A lot of comments under Pinghai say that she is “corona-chan”. People also say rude and untrue things about the Chinese communist party. They don’t respect other people’s political stands(also regarding the election). I doubt that you don’t have the ability to detect and delete these messages and comments since you does that pretty well in the Chinese server. So please also do that in the EN server and give us a harmonious and friendly port! Thank you so much! 您好!我很喜欢碧蓝航线但我觉得评论和世界公屏里存在一些问题. 第一,经常有人用使用低俗语言。这个游戏是12+的,我并不希望一个12岁的小朋友点进来看到这些污言秽语。第二,我经常看到政治不正确的和传播仇恨的言论。很多都是关于中国的。有些人发的消息里包含种族歧视的的绰号(歧视黑人的n词和歧视亚洲人的c c词)最近还经常有管新冠病毒叫“中国病毒”的。在平海的评论里有很多人叫她“新冠酱”。很多人也说了关于中国共产党的不正确言论。他们很不尊重别人的政治立场(还有关于这次大选)。我不觉得你们没有能力去筛查和删除这些消息和评论,因为你们在国服里就是这么做的。所以请也在en服这样做并给我们一个和谐友好的港区!十分感谢!
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12 months ago, Mitzuchi
Great game small issues
This is the only gacha game I play now. The reward system is very good, and as long as you are consistent and play every day doing daily and commissions, it's pretty hard to miss any banner ships. I did the math, and it's not hard to get 200+ cubes a month. (Some may not like the fact that you can easily get every character.) The only real drawback for me is the gameplay; it's quite boring, and I haven't actually progressed in the campaign in over 4 months just because of how tedious it is. It would be nice if you only needed to run the campaign once to get an S rating on all the battles you faced to unlock auto mode, and the map animations were quicker. (In auto mode, all the map animations probably waste 2 minutes per run.) But props to the developers. Ive taken a bunch of the surveys, and most of my suggestions actually happened.
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3 years ago, Admiral Wheatman
Love the game but I have a question...
I started playing this game in early 2019 on my J3 eclipse, then I lost that account on accident, Started another one two weeks afterwards, Now I have an iPhone 6 with a third account. I absolutely LOVE the game, from the story to the characters (My favorite is the Battleship Bismarck!) and the voice lines of each ship mixed with historical references. But here’s my problem, since I have the iPhone 6, is there any way to KEEP my account without having to uninstall it? My point is, it keeps on crashing when I get to the opening screen. (I already binded my account) So do I have to log off of Azur Lane to get it on a new phone? Please Yostar help me out here, I don’t want to have to create a new account. I want to play this for years to come. Any help would be great (I appreciate your work Inturn-Kun). From a fellow Commander.
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5 years ago, ZELDAFREAK202
I want to give a better rating, but.....
Two words. Constant crashes. I have an iPad mini 2, and I have iOS 12. The game’s description says that I need iOS 9.0 or higher, and that it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Unfortunately, “compatible” doesn’t mean “well-working” to the producers. I would like to see an update that helps devices that are lagging behind not crash so often. It normally happens after every mission, most prominently the event missions, and if I stay on the app for more than about 10mins. Luckily, the game logs in quickly, but it is still an inexcusable amount of crashing. Please, for me and any others having this same problem, fix this. It is my belief that to fix this issue, the app itself must be updated, rather than having in-game updates that add events that just crash after every mission. Some would say to get better devices to fix this problem, but not everyone can afford such a thing, so it is the duty of the company to try to be user-friendly.
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6 years ago, Akashi eats Wallets
Most Friendly Gacha
Game is amazing and one of the first that I’ve played for so long(til second week of launch til now) gachas are incredibly friendly unless u have a curse. People are complaining about the gacha but there are things that instantly rush the gacha so it’s really fast to roll so if u keep progressing you’ll get ton of the quick builds. One negative thing is that the events are going so fast and my gacha can’t keep up. Even if it’s gacha friendly I have faced a gacha hell in the Neptunia Collab. Gacha is incredibly lucky in certain spaces. Auto is really nice for grinding but there are in fact hard content needing to manual so it’s a really hands gacha game compared to many others. I would really recommend this game to other people who likes gacha games and want to get out of gacha hell’s and those who played KanColle. Thank you devs for an amazing game ^^ R.I.P. my wallet though waifu skins are to good...*sweats*
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2 years ago, GeckoGuy311
Fantastic game but I wish it didn’t take up so much space.
I’ve played Azur Lane for almost three years at this point and it’s been worth all the time I’ve put into it. Building rates are very player-friendly and it’s easy to stock up on building resources as well. The constant events are perfectly paced and bring a good amount of variety. Premium currency (Gems) are plentiful, there are quite a few ways to earn them in other ways besides just buying them. The devs also give them out for free every once in a while too. This game is very friendly towards players that don’t want to spend any money. My only grape with this game is that it’s absolutely huge. I know there really isn’t much that can be done about that but it does cause problems for me every once in a while. Fantastic game overall!
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3 months ago, Silent shadow.
Best mobile gacha game
So I’m writing a 5 star review because Azur lane is the best gacha mobile game I’ve ever played. I love playing this game since my brother first introduced it to me last year. And I’m the time I’ve been playing I have 3 UR ships with one of my favorite UR ships I’ve been wanting to get since she first debuted in Azur lane: Ulrich von hutten. The other Two UR ships I have are New Jersey (one of my favorite eagle union ships that I loved since she was added to another game world of warships legends as a collaboration) and Shinano. Azur lane really is a awesome game and I love being able to relax and play a gacha game where you don’t have to really feel pressured to do much. Overall my love for this game has skyrocketed to a high level that’s never been reached before. Thank you Azur lane for being able to be my favorite gacha game I love to play!
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5 years ago, makumaku92
Title is not an exaggeration.. literally. This game well.. you could be a f2p player and still be on par with those who paid for in-game stuff.. yet haven’t found anyone who actually spent their money. I HAVE NEVER spent not even a bit of money into this game (might in the future for the sake of supporting the devs and game), and i still managed to get every new characters thay they introduce into the game. misch appreciation from me to those devs full with enthusiasm in making everyone enjoy this game and making it. It’s not that difficult to get the character that you want, as long as you have what it is required.. and devs also give out free premium currency once in a while. Should play it definitely. devs are not stingy and they game doesn’t seem like they were made arbitrarily. noice.
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3 years ago, Capn Hedgehog
Very fun, great concept, one slight drawback.
The concept of this game is great, and to my knowledge, unique or nearly so. However my one main issue is the level requirements. Take me, for instance, I’ve cleared 1-1 all the way through 5-4, gotten three stars the entire story so far. But I’m only like a level 37 and thus cannot move on to 6-1, barring a lot of grinding on hard mode and other similar ones. But you can only try a hard mode stage three times a day, which to me is annoying, plus it frustrates my attempts to level up enough to get the next stage of the story. As a side note, I bought a couple of small packs of gems a while back and it definitely charged me for both, but no gems were to be found. It had previously been fine, I don’t know what happened there, but I’m now a bit hesitant to try buying anything else…
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5 years ago, Matt seal from melb Florida
Best f2p game on my phone
So the in-app currency purchase system isn’t necessary to get to max level. I mostly work in-front of a computer all day; so having my phone in front of me to press buttons is easy. The game is basically automatic because otherwise it’s just an on-screen left analog with 3 activation icons for cooldown abilities. The story is actually interesting and the characters each have a personality. It has daily rewards, unique day specific activities, PvP, 6-different types of chatrooms, guilds(no guild pvp yet but they’re probably planning to release it when it’s down -1 Star) and you get your own dorm. It’s a unique game for any anime fan who like interesting projects in the industry. Type-moon fan? We got you. Girls n panzer fan? We got you. Id@lmaster fan? We got you. Besides the guild pvp not being released yet making guilds useless, solid fun mobile game which is saying a lot.
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6 years ago, InTheLittleFrost
Literally unplayable
I have a IPhone 4S, 6GB of free storage, and am on iOS10 The description says I'd be, and am fully compatable with this game, yet every time when I reach the login screen it crashes to the home screen of my phone. Possibly due to the iPhone 4S having a smaller screen size than that of its counterparts, but I feel rather insulted that it can't work on the iPhone 4S when it has the Hardware characteristics and specs to be able to run such a game perfectly, it runs every 3D game out there like Fortnite and PUBG without any issues, so why it does with Azur Lane is beyond me. Please fix this issue as I've waited to play the game over in the US for over a year now, and am in no financial state to shell out $900 on a new phone, nor should I even have to when this shouldn't even be a issue to start with. I know the hardware on the 4S is capable to run it as I've got a job in Computer Hardware, and am CISCO certified in my field, and have run simulations emulating the specs on my PC running Azur Lane's resource demands and it works fine. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Ranrise
Impossible to spend money
This is a F2P gacha game that is impossible to spend money on. Every premium currency can be earned just by logging into the game everyday and complete a few simple tasks. Oil (energy that is required to keep battling) is nearly infinite. Nothing like other games that give you 5 battles a day and pay up if you want to play more. The devs throws endless rewards at you for just playing. Every few weeks there’s an update for events that comes with a ton of free currency. Game itself has got a simple battle mechanic, but endless collectible, regular events, and historical Easter eggs, etc to keep things fresh. For example, the musical themed event where you get to play a rhythm mini game to earn free skin. I loved that mini game and just wanted to repeatedly listen to USS San Diego’s theme song LOL. Love the art style, attention to detail that pays homage to historical accuracy, etc. I wish skins were cheaper though. I never spent money on F2P games, but have so far spent $50-ish on this game, if anything to support the awesome developers, artists, and this game for being so so generous with the free resources, the heart that consistently goes into the game, and not acting like a cash grab robbery like most other gacha games.
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9 months ago, Honkai I Enjoyer
Good game, one small addition I’d like
Don’t know if anyone will see this, but for people looking for an actual review, it’s a good game, make sure to save cubes for event banners though. Dailies take a minute or so and yield 2-3 pulls. But as I couldn’t find a proper place to leave feedback, I’m dropping it here. So, I’ve been playing for roughly 160 days, and please, for the love of god, add a place to test ONE shipgirl. It would really help people like me to figure out when each shipgirls’ skill activates and how long it takes for an all out assault to fire with what gun, or what planes do best on a ship. It’s tedious taking a girl out of your fleet, picking a stage that she won’t one shot enemies but also one won’t be one shot her self, while also taking guns off of other ships. So, a mode that lets you choose a shipgirl (that you own) to test in a quick simulation, and choose her gear for only in the simulation so that it won’t unequip it from the ship that already uses it, would be much appreciated. It’d be nice to see what a shipgirl does by herself rather than with 5 other ships also shooting projectiles galore. Other than that, great game!
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5 years ago, Diss Mortis
Great once
This game was great once I used to build fleets I had a JAPANESE fleet I considered my Wifu’s then apparently their nationality became offensive that right they censor the word Japanese because ya know the Akagi, Amagi and kaga all real ships that existed in real life are apparently offensive to some cry baby sjw meanwhile I can spam the word hell in chat for 5 minutes and apparently that offends no one... I miss the good old days when my carrier had 3 abilities not one! On a yellow tier ship btw that tops tier, not only did they nerf my Wifu’s into the floor and offend my weeb senses I spent my entire life forming but apparently the nation my real world wife is from is offensive until they fire the sjws and realize that carriers shouldn’t have one crap ability and a freaking deformed cat for an officer doesn’t make up for that and JAPANESE isn’t freaking offensive I’m uninstalling this game later dudes I’m out thanks for the fun and from Japan I say screw you, you offend us to
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4 years ago, the lone mercenary
This is a fun game
Ok so recently I had to get a new phone so I lost all my stuff but before that I played the game a lot. It’s a fun and rather addictive game that’s really well made and has interesting gameplay. Originally when I got the game I was expecting to not really like it since I personally am not much of an anime fan but I ended up liking the game and the characters. Really what made me like the game was the characters and the gameplay, I liked how the gameplay is done making it a bit of a tactical game but still fun, and most of the characters were pretty entertaining in both design and dialogue. Unfortunately since I got a new phone I lost all my stuff so I probably won’t play the game anymore since I got really really far into it but if your a bit iffy on the game I’d say give it a try even if your not much of an anime person.
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5 years ago, Divinebaboom
The issues in one star reviews are outdated
Here’s a summary of the negatives reviews of this game. -Game doesn’t work properly because their phones are old. Simple solution, get better phones -They paid for gems but didn’t get them. The devs patched that three weeks ago. -Lost account even after linking to Facebook. This one I don’t know the solution of. -Can’t see the live2d moving wallpapered or hears no sound. Go to settings and download the extra packs -Time gated by oil. This one is actually false, they give you a ton of free oil in this game, the only way to run out is by playing like 5-10 hours a day. -Server issues. Ironed out since release All in all, I would highly recommend this game, especially if you don’t want to pay a dime. Free to play players enjoy the same game as the paid players, minus a few minor quality of life advantages like extra form space and shipyard space. The devs are beyond generous with this game and it’s not a pay to win at all. For example, as a casual free player who just started playing five days ago, I pulled the Super Super Rare Amagi and Hood already. At a 7% SSR rate per pull, this is one of the most generous gacha games out there.
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4 years ago, Aden Keys
One of the only games I play on my phone
I don't usually write reviews for mobile games since I barely play them say for Azur Lane, I really enjoy the game, mostly I love that there is no pay to win features in the game, yes there are in-app purchases but the most you can buy is skins and a few other things, and while the RNG of the game has screwed me over a couple of times I still really enjoy playing the game and would recommend it to anyone who likes games similar to it. All I can say is that no hour, day, week, month or year was wasted that I spent playing this wonderful game (small side note I have been playing for maybe a little over a year so I also have not been able to do everything that the game has to offer)
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6 years ago, Rewin42
Incredible fun, drop rates better than any other in the genre even after 1 year JP release
This game has incredible art and the ship girls are beautifully drawn and voice acted. There’s an active community on discord and twitch, and in the comments section the Sandy cult is hilarious. Drop rates are great and you find SSRs frequently. This has held up even after an entire year in JP, so there probably won’t be a bait and switch in the global version to lower rates and you can trust Azur Lane unlike some other games. Gameplay is fun and TouHou-esc but end-game all you need to do is auto which is appreciated to grind up to lvl 100. The oil (stamina) system is balanced and you can easily play all day if you use the right units, or for several hours per day on an expensive fleet.
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5 years ago, Soulsheart
Great game, reliable performance and design
I’ve been playing for almost a year and this game has delivered on its gameplay, story and solid events every month. The range of graphics used are visually stunning or equally as funny in the forms with Chibi art. One of the best parts about the game is some of the character depth and development, the main arcs are stories I actually want to read. I also like the fact that you don’t have to drop money in order to advance. The game is solid on all fronts, if you have time and want to play manual, you can, the controls are intuitive and not awkward. Don’t have time? No problem, you can throw it on auto and let the characters grind out stages. Thank you for making a quality game.
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6 months ago, killazillion
Awesome game
I love this game I’ve been playing it for 2 years now and it’s just getting better and better. They constantly unlock new characters and new events making it easy to get powerful characters. There isn’t a lot of competition between players so the community is helpful and reliable. They can answer questions and give good advice. This gams has a unique and cool mechanic for specific ships that they call “Retrofit” these ship girls are some of the best in the game. Not only are they strong but with retrofit you also unlock new skins and styles for your character. I’d personally love to see a common ship that can retrofit 4 times all the way up to ultra rare. Thank you producers
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2 years ago, Angebrooo
Better gatcha game
I started playing this game in early December. I got hooked onto this very quickly. Before hitting level 60, you have lots of content to unlock and obtain. While premium currency helps out, the game allows players to obtain majority of the main aspects without having to spend money. However, premium currency is rather difficult to get due to little tasks to obtain them. But you’ll be able to progress through the game without having to spend a dollar. The game offers new content regularly, which keeps you active on the game. Worth giving a try, don’t be discouraged with any real life money offers, the gatcha system is fair enough.
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4 years ago, GreenGabe6
A great game to kill time with
I personally love this game because I can play it without getting bored and I like games like these. It’s a game where you don’t have to spend money but if you want to you can, now me I’m a free to play player and you don’t have to spend money to get pass pay walls and I don’t think there are any pay walls and I like that. Also there are lots of events so you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again. Also I found this game through a post on Reddit and it got my curiosity and downloaded it and I’m happy I did. So in summary this is a fun game where you build anime girl ships, do missions and play events and much more.
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6 years ago, Lufialunar
Interesting yet still needs work
Played on one server until a friend told me he’s on different one. 1. This is bad for me since pre registered does not carry over to different servers. 2. If you delete the app to start fresh you lose it anyway ( bye bye Yorktown) 3. After switching servers i started the tutorial and then something came up. I closed the app did my business and came back. This was during the first “build” tutorial part, this led the game to think I don’t need the tutorial anymore and I’m floating blind. I was like what? I only got to mission 3 on the other server. What do I do now??!! Hopefully the devs could fix this. So far it’s interesting but the flaws make me not want to play, especially if I encountered these frustrating elements so early in the game. Thanks for listening.
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1 year ago, ;('-')!
Been playing this game for 4 years and it’s almost perfect except…
My only complaint with the game is that you can’t get cross over ships when the event is over, would be nice if the event was in the war archives or there was a shop added to let you get the cross over ships like once a month, when doing events in general you might miss at less one ship so it’s pretty annoying having to wait for the event to rerun, otherwise I’m just grinding for affection for each ship every day, having even more fun with the game since they added meta ships and other events they add about each month or so, I would give this game a 4.8 star’s, almost perfect.
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5 years ago, Coffee27
Great game but one issue
This is a fun game that seems to have a lot to offer without being one of those games that has so many in app purchases to a point where you feel like you have to spend money. But I have one issue about how I can save my data in case I change or lose phones. Personally I’m not very interested in social media so the fact that I can only save data through social media is a little frustrating. I’ve played some app games that let you use your email or make a game account so you can log in to save and transfer data. I’ve never worked with games so I’m not sure if that’s easy to add in but I think it would be useful especially if something happened to a social media account and then you lose data.
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5 years ago, ShomiYomi
Great game
This is one of the best (tied with honkai) with being one of the most giving f2p games on the anime side of apps, the ships are cool and actually have a few references in their art style, though i would like to see a few more un known ships like the USS New Orleans she’s a special case from light cruiser to heavy cruiser because of her guns, she survived pearl harbor with no major damage, she took part in the battle of midway, eastern solomans, and her most interesting bit was tassafaronga where she had her bow blown off, lost a main battery, and she made it to Tulagi (going at 2.3 mph) where they camouflaged her from air raids and used coconut wood to jury rig a bow then made her way to sydney australia then after getting repaired made it to puget Sound naval Shipyard in washington.
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6 years ago, kisingger
Please check your reconnect logic
I'm giving you a 5 star because this is a pretty good quality game. But can you please take a look at how you reconnect when you have a connection failure? Recently I've been getting consistent disconnections for no reason. Sometimes I have 4g lte full signal and my other apps is connecting fine. But your game keeps kicking me out with a server maintenance error. This happens constantly at around 6pm everyday where I'm trying to complete my daily exercises. What is your retry logic? How many times do you retry and how long do you wait before the next ping? This is a pretty well solved problem in app development and can you please adopt some modern frameworks? Thank you.
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2 years ago, alathon91
Best Waifu Designs, Generous Devs
I play a fair amount of gachas, but this game has the best waifu designs by far. Additionally, the game is much more generous than others. With even halfway decent planning, you can very likely get all the ships, even the URs, without spending at all. To be fair, the gameplay isn’t anything special, but is easy to auto so you don’t have to manually grind. However, the design of the ship girls’ personalities and art earns a 5 star by itself. Just a great game to keep around to lift your spirits on a rough day and every day. Devs also add in quality of life updates frequently, making it leas grindy than it had been in the early days. Very well balanced now.
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1 year ago, Broly717
Need to allow to transfer accounts from other platforms.
By the time of this review, I been playing Azur Lane on my iPad for years now and made a lot of progress. However, the game takes up way to much space. I checked my storage to see that apps takes up over half of my storage, which is odd because this is literally the only app I have. I try to download it on my phone, but I can’t seem to recover my iPad account. Instead I had to start a new account. I really don’t want to start over years of achievements, plus I’m a level 90-99. I would have gave this a lower rating because of I can’t recover my account... but I still had fun playing the game so I only giving it a three stars for now until this is fixed.
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2 years ago, King Michael californian
After 2 full years I quit.
I started playing this game back in April 2020. I’m currently lv. 120 and decided that I just can’t keep playing this game anymore unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, the gacha rates are extremely generous and the cultured Skins is what makes this game truly standout. I’m just sharing my thoughts as a 2nd year player. I love the character designs and the factions they represent. But the core gameplay mechanics just doesn’t cut it out in 2022. Games like Genshin Impact, Hi3 and punishing gray raven set the bar high for gameplay on mobile gacha games. I doubt Yostar will make a sequel mobile game (but please make a Azur lane 2 in 3D please Yostar? Just don’t make it boring like AL crosswave.) Even girl’s frontline saw the writing on the wall and knew they had to innovate or else they’ll slowly decline to irrelevancy, so they made GFL2. It’s been a fun 2 years but after playing the other games I mentioned, I don’t think I can go back to this game anymore. I’ll still buy those sweet Azur lane scale figures tho ;) P.S. No HMS after almost 2 years, really?
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6 years ago, jc3biss
Issues with torpedoes
This game is overall a great game. Collecting ships to them fight with them. But I’m gonna make this short and say that there’s only one major issue. Torpedos. Now when I encounter Them in a game, it’s not much trouble because you can easily evade them. But what pisses me off is that I occasionally forget about the torpedos when they fire. I’ll try to dodge them and I do, but the torpedo still explodes and does a lot of damage. And it didn’t even touch me. Another issue with torpedos is that when the enemy fires them, they usually do it from behind there own ship. Resulting in 3 torpedos phasing through an enemy ship to hit me. Please fix these physics. I get that this isn’t supposed to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean the torpedos don’t have to be
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4 years ago, Curbsidesnake8
I was super excited to play this game when I first downloaded it but now that I have the game won’t even load. I have never played the game before this would be my first time. I tap on the app and get brought to a loading screen were it asks my permission to preform an update, I tell it yes and then I am stuck on a infinite loading screen. I have tried reloading the app and nothing I have done has fixed this. In the App Store it states there was an update to fix this but it appears not to be working! I would love to rewrite this review to 5 stars if this problem can be fixed so I can actually play the game!
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5 years ago, Tin34huhjihu
The best balanced F2P
At first I thought “maybe this is going to be one of those F2P games that block people with energy bars, or time limits backed with micro transactions” and well i was completely wrong. Azur lane does have “oil” which is used for attacks pretty often depending on your play style but you always or most of the time find yourself exceeding the capacity which lets you play whenever you want. That and gems which are available from micro transactions are obtainable for free with quests and missions. This is definitely one of the most balanced free games I’ve seen yet. Also a great team keeps this game updated with new content pretty often so that’s a huge plus.
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4 years ago, ccrambo
Best gacha Ive played
Ive been playing for almost a year and Im still hooked. The devs keep us going with so many updates that its almost impossible to keep up sometimes. The inclusion of new characters and side stories keeps me motivated and just exited for whats to come. Compared to other gacha this one comes out on top definitely. The summon rates are actually really good. There’s no pay wall. I personally haven't spent a single cent on the game and each time new characters get released, at least 8 out of 10 times do I get them all, per event. The satisfaction of actually getting your efforts and the time you've put in rewarded is what puts this game at the top.
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6 years ago, KappaOppai
Great Game
The game overall is not bad. It’s for people who like to collect and like to grind. Plus the game is very generous and the in game money is pretty worth to buy. But I would really like it if they can speed up with their updates and events. If u want to know how generous the game is then I can tell u that got all the super rare characters except for one (Hood) which is nice cuz I got most of the super rare characters without spending much ( I did spend a little but even if I do not buy I believe I would get all of them). But right now I wish the developers would just give me the last character I need which is Hood to make it so that I have all the super rare.
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9 months ago, Eclipse265
Game is good needs tweaks
The game is very good but as a F2P player the only problem I have with it is there are no consistent ways to get gems even if it’s a small amount. They could make a way to get them somewhat consistently there is no daily to get them and there is only a very small chance to get them from urgent commissions makes you hit somewhat of a roadblock because there is no way to increase your dock capacity without gems so I would very much prefer to have someway to get like 10-20 gems per day at a consistent rate but that probably won’t happen and I’ll eventually have to drop the game from hitting roadblocks and max dock capacities so much.
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