b spot Real Money Games

4.5 (5.8K)
631.2 MB
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b spot
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for b spot Real Money Games

4.46 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
5 years ago, MarineNation#3/8
You win some you lose some
To be honest I was a skeptical about this app but since I have tried a few online casinos with no luck so What do I have to lose maybe the 25 bucks I invest shoot I can’t even win but you don’t know unless you give it a try. I even had somebody call me and ask me about the The app and if there was anything you could do to help which has never happened ever since smart phones came out so I thought that was pretty cool customer service is great. No with the gameplay Very easy to figure out graphics are definitely not up to par and I personally have had no luck with the scratcher games I just stick with the slots seems like the best bet. Now today is May 2 I deposited$25 About three days ago then went up to 60 back down to 50 then down to 40 and then with a big win I made $175 with one $25 deposit and in my book that’s a win. So now I’ll continue to stay and play and hopefully maybe one day I’ll hit something Really BIG. Now remember that’s why it’s called gambling because sometimes you lose it all so play smart B Spot even has tools to help you from spending too much money and I’ve never encountered a gambling website let-a-lone a casino that would help you in such a way to keep you accountable. Great job B Spot keep it up, looking forward to more games and better graphics and bigger wins.
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1 year ago, inmyhead63
Really fun set up and games but LONG withdrawal process
I’d rate this 5 stars and play daily for awhile IF their cashout process wasn’t so convoluted. It wouldn’t accept my Cap. 1 bank card through TRUSTLY so I used my small town bank debit card. Use TRUSTLY if you can! My withdrawal is going to come in a check and can take up to 14 days! That’s just NOT a good withdrawal system. Most casinos take debit and pay to bank in a day or 2! The games are awesome. Yeah not that many but I’m ok with that. There’s even Spinomenol and High-5 games you find in the “real” casinos! Be prepared for cool down times while you wait for your horse races to go through. That’s odd and can be frustrating but can be a good thing overall to keep your head cool. One last thing…pop up bonuses. I got a few in a short session but they were like 2 cents, 5 cents…what? Weird! Maybe they improve with time. Overalll…Good fun! But dang it…bad cashout system.
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8 months ago, Kiwifruitz
Worst experience ever
When I first signed up the $10 free play went great and then it went down hill so fast. To the delays causing issues with stopping and starting when they were suppose to, to the glitches, the not very informative agents, to withdraws and trying to get credits. I don’t think there isn’t an issue I didn’t run into. When the game did try to run smooth it didn’t hit not one win. Over $12 straight and not a single hit. I had talked to so many agents I feel I spent more time talking to them than I got to actually play and with all of this there was no compensation offered or any real help except everything I had already tried to get their app and site to work. I am so disappointed. I feel like I was screwed and would have been more than happy to give it another try had they gave me back $5 free play or even could convert the $8.80 I still had on there into credits but that was to much as well. I don’t feel they value there customers at all. They shrugged it off like the issue was on my side and none on theirs. Each agent left out what I would consider critical information that very much pertained to what I was asking and going through. But for some reason could never say it and then the next person I would speak to would act like I should have already know.
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3 years ago, Deco7992
Like a casino
You win some you lose some. I have had some good streaks and some bad streaks. But legit like a casino. I put in money like once a week or so depending on what I win of course. On a good steak now. I put in like $65 and played on that for a whole week. Was able to cash out like $150 while playing more. A lot of the time I usually win what I bet back but obviously I don’t cash that out you throw it back in trying to get more. Never won huge money which is why the 4 stars. Usually can get money back but you end up putting it back in, few times had some streaks to cash out and keep playing but again never anything huge. Keeps it fun though. Bet at least a dollar. No point betting 25 or 50 cents.
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1 month ago, Raymond Ridela
Worse Worse app to play Do not Waste your Money
Very wrong the way this is a lame app do not bet take your money somewhere else like everyone else says the glitches the costumer service the withdrawals are very complicated and they don’t pay out if you win big I played this casino for a long time spent a lot of money rarely won and when I did win big and try to withdrawal they took forever then there is errors or problems with the banks and money doesn’t arrive so you can keep it there and play it by the time you get a response from then they already took your money and won’t let you hit again it’s a total loss very disappointing how they scam people because it’s all a problem with this app Unless you wanna loose and get excuses and excuses then you will I will recommend staying away from this app
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4 years ago, Kristinaaa143
Not comfortable with the info they demanded from me to start my account
I’m VERY suspicious about this app because of the info they demanded from me to complete my Acct set up..... First off, they required this info from me, but not my friend who joined so that is VERY SUSPICIOUS. Then: I started my account through the app, which included my full name, mailing address and phone number, and last 4 of my SSN. Then to complete my set-up process they said I had call .... so I did.... Then they asked me for my full Social Security number, which I found odd but I gave it to them anyway. They put me on hold while they “looked me up”..... then they requested I send them a picture of my drivers license/ID! This is where I stopped. I find it highly suspicious they required all this info for me to spend money gambling on their app. Every other app that I have paid for allows you to connect your bank Acct or cc and pay all kinds of amounts of money to the app, without needing this kind of info. If they had requested only a copy of my drivers license, fine. Or only my SSN , fine. But requiring both!? No way, not ok. Don’t give them this info if they ask you! No one needs all this info for you to spend money! It Is all the info needed for someone to steel your identity and screw your life over! And who know how good their security is for this app, I doubt it’s very good so it is probably very easily hackable.
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2 years ago, scott baer
Amazing Customer Support
Had a couple of issue with App after reinstalling it. I had the App a while ago and dropped some money having fun. No hard feelings at all just needed to take a break. Ran across the newer app and looked fun. Long story short had a mix up w/ new and old account. Spoke to CS various times to correct the situation. No matter what time I called or who I spoke to, but each and every time I called I was treated like I was your only customer. In today’s society with “ Karen’s”, Covid and other crap. They were professional and Empathetic and showed real concern about making sure that my issue was resolved. I hated having to hang up they were more pleasant to talk to then my wife. Thank You guys..
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3 years ago, chels835
Don’t waste your money
So I was super excited about this app after reading some of the great reviews. Unfortunately they have to be fake. All this app did was take my 150 bucks. In the beginning it was letting me win minuscule amounts and then it went to just breaking even then it was taking all my money. Trust me… go elsewhere. Update: So the company contacts me after my review and says, nothing fake her, just real world gambling. Ok well, if that’s the case, why is this the only place I’ve gambled that I literally lost all my money? So I take it, no horses win?! They most likely bet on the losing horses purposely so they can keep the money. ( I’m giving them five stars so people can see the review.)
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4 years ago, 1JoshR1
Works decent!!
This is like a casino luck, most of the time you’ll lose. But you can hit something if you find the right slot for you. My best advice is to start with lower bets on each slot, try to learn the mechanics of each machine, and then you can play comfortably on that machine. The wagers could take longer to get in your account sometimes, but you just can press the wagers button and it will tell you at what pdt time you could get your wagers. Good luck for everyone!!
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5 years ago, !!!!!:;()!!!!!!
Deposited $20 in the bspot account which they quickly withdrew from my bank account. Won $2 on my first spin then straight down to $6 that I couldn’t turn into chips to play with again. I decided to cash out the 6 bucks because clearly it’s just going to keep eating money. I had to email to withdraw the funds and then wait a MONTH for the 6 bucks to be returned to my bank account. Then I get hit with a withdrawal fee from them for taking my money out of bspot. I have $5 in the bank account I used for this app and that’s all I keep in that account to just keep it active and got hit with a $37 overdraft fee for not having enough funds to cover bspots “withdrawal fee”. So to sum this up played with $20, lost, withdrew $6, and it cost me a total of $57 plus whatever the fee is that they’ll try and take out again from my account for withdrawing my money on this APP. This should be banned from the apple store. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, DB from CS
Totally Legit
I, like many others, had my doubts when I tried out this app. The app is no joke and it does pay out real money! I have been playing for a least a year and I’ve NEVER had a problem with computer glitches and I’ve hit pretty big quite a few times, $50 in one spin is the most I’ve been paid so far, but at one point I racked up $287! It couldn’t have come at a better time and when I submitted my request to cash out the money was in my bank within 5 business days! No hassles or drama involved! And the company is really good about managing potential fraud. They have reached out to me from time to time to make sure I’m who I say I am. I totally recommend this app! Great job B Spot!!
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2 years ago, loveofmusic2
Fun Games, Tight Slots; Poor Technical Support
B•Spot games are fun! But, the slots are tight, so don’t expect a windfall here. A lot of the same people win their tournaments. (Winnings are based on horse races…do the math y’all!) Poor technical support: I’ve talked to them on the phone several times about the same issue…it went to a supervisor & the issue is not fixed! Their response- Call us again! Seriously, I don’t want to talk to you, because you CAN’T fix it…your technical support is a Joke!!! There are other slot games out there, so until this place ups their winnings & gets real technical support…pass this game by! (*** Update: they say they have great tech support- hardly! I’ve talked to supervisors 3x! All you do is sit there on the phones taking the same information! Perhaps it’s time to hire tech professionals that know what they’re doing?)
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3 years ago, money45mike
Don’t do it
On my birthday I was given money I was feeling lucky and since my birthday was on the 7th I decided to pick an app to play for some money I was told to send a picture of my identification I did then after that I was told to send in mail with my name on i sent that as well then I was told they would get back to me 10 days past I’m thinking I’m going to play some slots I go to the app it still did not let me play I called and talked to a operator he tells me looks like you need to send in a bank statement I said I did I just covered up my account information but my address and bank name was visible , the operator then ask me to open my bank app and take a screenshot and email it the customer service was not good and it’s just to muck to work nothing like a real casino just a waste of my time I would never recommend the app to anyone not even a opp 👎👎👎👎👎
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4 years ago, Philipn1996
It’s good to me!
So I deposited 60 to try this app out and I won about $300 so I called them and cashed out $250 and have been playing on the 50 I kept for about 3 days and still playing on it. I am putting 5 stars because the cash out went smoothly and they didn’t bs you around but it takes 10 business days but I can wait. Anyway i will let everyone know if it takes a lot longer than that. But I see a lot of people talking bad about it and saying they don’t win anything or when they do it’s only a couple of dollars... you have to bet big to win big... always remember that lol even in a real casino. Anyways this is a great app so far!
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7 years ago, juno who i be
Real deal
So i was a bit skeptical at first , but after a bit of research decided to give these guys/gals a shot . Here’s my final thoughts they are not a scam they are pretty legit from my experience so far, you do win money but with every type of gambling you do lose aswell. How much you win is based on how much you wager. Idk why folks trash they CS team but my experience with them has been good. Now my final opinion is this if you like slots or adult oriented gaming(money involved) these folks here are worth a shot. But if you dont want to risk losing anything theres a demo version available. Scared money don’t make money. Definitely worth the DL. Btw i just won $476
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6 years ago, TheGuy0018
Thought I Would Enjoy But Meh
This is a great way to legally gamble in the US, you place a wager on horse races(you don’t necessarily choose who you bet on)and then you spin slots or play various other games to see what you won from your horse bets. It’s a great surprise factor but... I do not enjoy how I cannot make my own bets and see payout odds etc. I have lost quite a bit of money thus far and I do not like how little control I have on what I’m betting on. I wish you could dictate the bets and learn how to bet on horses and see the odds. I do not know much on horse betting either so a tutorial on what I’m betting on would be great. I’m giving 3 stars as I knew what I was getting into and it’s a decent idea, I just don’t enjoy how little control over the money I have deposited.
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2 months ago, Xz3ro0
Do not trust this app
I tried this app and it actually had me think i was gonna make some money but i was a bit skeptical so i cashed out on 30 bucks(which i couldn’t do until i made a deposit) and now a couple days later im getting a email from them saying that my bank didn’t release the funds to them and putting my withdrawal on hold and now i cant even login into my account. I keep getting a “wrong status response” error and when i try to login through the browser its saying my login information is incorrect which i know 100 percent it isn’t. I go to reset my password and they never sent a link to do so. I am very unhappy as i am already struggling with money and this was my last resort. I honestly can’t believe anyone has the heart to do this to people.
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4 years ago, CamilaAsh
Warning- Do Not Download
I have deposited about $500 or more since getting the app 2 weeks ago. The app closes out on its own mid spin. The app glitches and spins won’t stop for minutes and the games glitch as well. All in all it seems very shady and I contacted BSPOT about it. They only made excuses for why the app was having problems and they accepted 0 responsibility. I told them that these types of consistent problems undermine the integrity of the app. They stated the app didn’t have to function properly because the payouts were predetermined. They told me they would escalate this to a supervisor. I continued to use the app and the supervisor never called me back. All in all, this app is not worth downloading, the payouts are thin to none. BSPOT is not a client oriented or customer centric company.
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3 years ago, 19dirt90
Don’t do it!
So I am quite disappointed in this! It is a casino so don’t expect much.. I have stupidly put just over $1000 in this stupid thing and while it does pay me never more than $50 and I bet anywhere from 25c to an entire $134 in $1-$5 bets and did not win a thing!!!! Not only that but while I was playing the lucky wild 7’s (I’m sure it did not hit anything) it had landed with the game symbol which is a 5x multiplier with the 3rd being a triple 7 at $1 a bet, as soon as it landed it glitched and said no internet service.. like I had been sitting in the exact same place chair and all for 2.5 almost 3 hrs at a dance recital and not 1 single time did it ever glitch, nor has it and I’ve been in Wyoming with no service for the last 2 months.... save your money
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4 years ago, ElizabethAnn217
I won real cash.
I forgot I hadn’t updated my review (I was pretty displeased with sign up, referral and more) but I was contacted and my issues resolved per the referral. I made a handful of bets and I cashed out for $50 some dollars and I hadn’t put that much in!! I received my check a few weeks after cash out and I’m excited to try again!! It’s been a few months but originally I wanted to make sure it was legit before I handed over money and pleasantly pleased. I don’t wager enough for big life changing wins but I won and my money cleared the bank sooo super happy with this app.
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3 years ago, deegamer86
Great game but…
Ok so like most people i was skeptical at first. Here’s the pros and cons that I’ve noticed: Won some, lost some like any other casino I’ve been too, but mostly won. Which was a plus since I’ve lose more then gained at other casinos. However, I figured out quickly that’s the lure. At least in my case any way. Because the con is after i cashed out $80 now i can’t seem to win anything at all any more. I’m putting a lot more than what I’m winning ever since i cashed out. So i would say be careful with how much you dish out because it’ll eventually be like just any other casino that take more than they give
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2 weeks ago, cool game thank you!!!!!!!!!!
So far so good!! Highly recommend
Adding my review again as I don’t see it. This app is one that I’ve come to trust. There are a lot of scams out there. I’ve definitely made some money. Nothing crazy, but hey, it’s something. It’s easy to deposit and easy to withdraw. Purchasing credits and then transferring can be quite glitchy from time to time. Some slot games won’t load and give user errors. Customer service is available 24/7, which is super helpful and they’re really nice. Not a scam app!
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3 years ago, huggggggsy
I pay And play and it seems like the spot matches your wins and never let you get above
Hey I I pay and I pay I play for recreational and be spot should see this no thank you promotion no birthday promotion no nothing promotion just refer a friend it seems like they just want money money money I have yet to seen any kind of bonus ever ever ever thank you guys very much be spot out of Los Angeles I guess would be nice to keep your customers going with a promotion, a free play once in a while I’m sure you guys ... deposit $20 I might win $16 and get my money back but the spot always comes out ahead and then they let you win win but they keep on taking taking a little by little I have yet to see you thank you I have yet to see if her birthday promotion I have yet to see any kind of FreePlay or anything
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6 years ago, ediberto rivera
Go to a regular casino
I will admit I have a gambling have it, but I have never won any wager from $20 all the way up to $100 wages I spent almost $1000 and have always lost, I repeat do not play this unless you have money to blow, I was hoping to find a substitute for these type two machines here in the state of Alabama but it looks like if we live in Alabama you got to drive eight hours trip to go to a real Regulated thing, they say it’s regulated but I have placed I don’t know how many wages and have never come out on top, zero out of five stars
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3 years ago, CoxmieSTAR
Great for experienced gamblers when theyre bored
if you read what your doing your betting on horse racing, from what ive read and then looked up after my wager, they often make good picks that newer race better might not make, they win when we win but we cant win them all, they have a decent selection of games and as-long as you dont do $1 a spin on games the fun will last a while (my only wish is that games were more responsive i run a never iphone with newest ios)
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1 year ago, TucksDad9495
They refuse to handle a situation for over a year now
So I deposited $400 and eventually tried to withdraw $400. They sent me a check that bounced and then eventually they claim I tried to cash the check twice. I wouldn’t commit check fraud and go to jail over $400 dollars. But their computer system HAS to be correct like nobody can make a mistake right? I kept in communication with them a dozen times. Emails and phone calls . They say they’ll get back to me and call me back but they never do or want to handle the matter. I will be reporting them to the proper gaming authorities if and when I never receive my money back. These people should be shut down and STOPPED. Do not do business with BSPOT!
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4 years ago, throwingawaymoney
B Spot- Manipulating the system..... Fraud!
I wouldn’t even give this a one star! After you deposit your money in there account they literally tell you “___$ is in you account, see what you have WON” won meaning past tense, meaning that they already know your winnings, if any at all. So to me that’s not slot play that’s the luck of the draw play. And I could go on about this site. But I don’t want to sound like a hater. You know I don’t mind losing money I bet on, Ive been doing it for so long. It’s when you feel you get cheated repeatedly, that’s when you have to be a whistleblower...... so I guess congrats to B spot. You sure found a way to manipulate the system...... won’t be with my money anymore. And hopefully not anyone else’s
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3 years ago, jjlikeboob
Grrrrreat stuff
Awesome fun game just don’t get carried away when you went a little bit only cash back in 10 of it leave five on that way you always got a little bit of play money just make sure you hook up an actual bank account and not just a cash app card or PayPal card or something like that it’s got to be an actual bank or it takes forever to get your money in the mail
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3 years ago, frost ohana
Much better casinos out there
This casino is for real money which makes it really unique and cool and I love that. However the games are very poor compared to the slot casinos that are out there that are just for fun but no money. If this casino offered the games the other App Store casinos offered and still kept the real money aspect this would be the best app on the App Store and I am not the only o e who thinks that. However right now the games are boring and dull and don’t even play good on my iPhone. They glitch like crazy and the program is always crashing. The idea is there the execution is poor.
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2 years ago, haloid95
So far so good
So far I’m happy with the app, used a referral bonus so u got a $10 bonus in top of my $20 deposit. So far been playing for 2 days on and off and up to $77. U did read somewhere that people are speculating they let you win in the beginning ajd then change the odds. So far haven’t seen any proof of this, Will update my review after a couple more hours of play time. But so far this app is awesome.
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5 years ago, Teincilove
Has a ways to go
This app has the potential to be fun and easy, but I must say it’s a bit too difficult right now and the horse racing part of it means limited payouts (if any but that’s not my main issue). The wagering process is far too tedious and means you often have to constantly stop and wager. It interrupts the gameplay experience. I’m assuming it has to be that way because of the horse betting powering the payouts. Also no built in support in the app, which creates an extra step for getting help. They have a phone but hey...who uses those these days?
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4 years ago, moneycashcashmoney
So far I’ve had no complaints, wager wait times are a worthwhile inconvenience
I’ve put in very little money compared to what I’ve won. I took a chance and bet max , I won hundreds of dollars and cashed out. I’ve still to receive my check in the mail , but if it goes off without any issues, 5 stars ! all the lotto dens are closed right now and to HELL with scratch it’s lol. B spot rocks. Thanks guys!
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4 years ago, Dianna Fore
I don’t know if I’ve just hit this game at Lucky Times or what I played it like four times over the period of two weeks I’ve won money I started out with $20 I won, Turned that into 40 play 10 of that and I’ll turn that into a thing 108 today. I know you cant always win money on this game like I have, but I’ve just been very lucky and I have enjoyed it. I enjoyed the games there several spinner games I love Em.
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3 years ago, tinycaptions
It’s true
This is a United States of American revolution if your into this sort of thing and who is not all of your friends are and there big winners I wish they gave free chips here for something like the usual but it’s nice to have a standard to offer people like BSpot does they even have live space people who awnser the phones and know what they are talking about when you ask them questions so don’t be a weirdo play B Spot right now you’ll have fun of the fifteenth dimension.
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2 years ago, hsbxzbs
I’m enjoying reading your responses to the reviews.
Just for the creativity, 5 stars. Also… how are y’all doing today b spot support team? And, Why has the app not been updated in a year? Taking a vacation or something? I’m noticing a strong bug when i try adding money to the app. It won’t let me click on the deposit button… any help would be great. Thank you guys!!!
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3 years ago, tall_dude69
At first when I downloaded this game I thought it was a rip off. But I started out with $10 and in one day doubled my money. The next day again I doubled my money and every time you would run out of wagers it kept your in game winnings separate which you can transfer that money to your wagers. It’s by far the best game that I’ve ever played to actually win money
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4 years ago, nicholeoakley24
This company is a joke
We sent the email to withdraw 67 dollars off my account an the money disappeared from the account then got 2 20 dollar transactions hit on my bank account witch put it in the negitive an we call the customer service an pretty much got told there’s nothing they can see or do about it so not only got stole from from my bank account my winning money I had just got stole an now they can’t see that there was ever any money on my account this game is a scam do not put your bank info into this app it’s a scam an just wants to steal money from you what happen to honest people in this world everyone just wants to steal from you very upset
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6 months ago, Aweful etc
I won money that I can’t withdraw or use, until I add more money. And to top that off-they need your personal bank account details because aparantly just a debit card works. I’m glad I didn’t deposit or give them my information-identify theft at its finest, how is this app still available to download when it’s literally people draining bank accounts???
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2 years ago, antiquitech
Payouts inaccurate
Although they game payouts are supposed to correlate to the respective horse eve bets placed, I’ve been tracking the results and they are not accurate. Still waiting a phone call from their customer service line to explain the payouts. When I first asked about them, it was about the horse bets, but now that I’ve analyzed the bets, last person told me that the payouts are based on my bets compared with other players in this platform. That’s not how horse betting works and I feel like it’s a scam. I could wager a lot of money on here if it was transparent and fair. It’s too bad because the game payout aspect is a great idea.
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8 months ago, Wheelz7683
I really like this game haven’t really won big but haven’t lost either. The only downfall is takes awhile for your winning to get into your account. They take your money instantly but takes days I even had to wait like 10 days just to get 20$ in my account. Hopefully they can do something about that soon because sometimes you can use the money sooner…
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4 years ago, hghjihfgu
Not bad
I put in $20 and it kept me alive for the most part. I’ve won about $7 but am down to $5 so I’ll cash out at that. I kinda wish it would have a price before clicking on the slot of how much the bets are. Penny slots would be fun. Not as much slots of the game makes there out to be but a decent amount to keep you entertained. I wish you can add smaller amounts to wages then $10 but still a fun game.
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8 months ago, strat1204
They have a 24/7 support team number that has a 24/7 voicemail saying it’s closed. They don’t let you withdraw funds, the money “disappears” while they are “processing/reviewing” your withdrawal request. They ask for all kind of documentation for you to receive your money only days after your initial request and after you get quite about it…Overall complete dumpster fire of a customer service department. There are may complaints about this if you scroll through reviews, always with a snide answer and no one getting their money. Prove me wrong B-Spoke, pay me my money.
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4 months ago, its Ty Ty
Odd Winnings / bad promotions
When I joined this app the $10 bonus was definitely a help because I was skeptical about the app. Then I started adding $10 back to back, but I didn’t get any other bonuses for depositing & some of the slot machines are too laggy & not worth risking the money. I was still stuck at winning $40 then using the $40 to get $20 credit and then repeat. I wish it had bonuses for the amount of times you deposit back to back.
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5 years ago, 🙉🙊🙈🤠
It takes a very long time to receive your wages I believe your winnings should be available with out having to go back in and apply them to your account. I like it that it doesn’t automatically add them to you wages, like the fact that if I don’t want to spend my winnings it doesn’t just spend them. There should be an option to apply them before they are deposited into your balance.
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6 years ago, Chickenpie462
Perfect gambling game but ONE FLAW!
I love this app and I I say you can trust them. You have to see your account history to understand how the whole losing/winning money works. I’m giving it 3 starts because the games are fun and the concept is neat BUT I feel like we should have control on how many horses we bet! If you’re reading this please read carefully. The app is run by real horse races the only problem is you have no control on that part of the game. I have spend $10 and that was spilt between five horses and I have also spend $10 and it was spit between just two. You can easily guess which one I won more money on. I have also spend $20 and seen it spilt between several horses and also spend $20 and have it only spit between 2. I hope you see my point by now. I SAY WE SHOULD HAVE MORE CONTROL ON HOW MANY HORSES WE BET WITH OUR MONEY!
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3 years ago, Chyna🤫
Rude Customer service
This casino onlineCustomer service is very rude they don’t believe in taking care of the customer no matter how much money you spend with them they try to pretend like they are helping you but they’re not I just had to remind the customer repThat satisfying a customer should be the main priority not making them feel like you’re not helping them at all you’re being rude and I’m going toLocate the corporate office and report this the date the time the phone call I have all that recorded I’m spending hundreds of dollars and getting rude treatment I don’t think so
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3 years ago, ranjimkaid88
Love this!
I dont get to go out much. This app allows me to have some fun without worrying about a babysitter so thank yall so much for that! It helps that you actually win money as well makes it worth spending my me time. Hopefully ill be one of the lucky ones who hits big i mean it could happen! Momma needs a new car that gits everyone so heres for high hopes!!
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6 years ago, Meekah meek
Cool Game
I was skeptical at first especially after I lost $20 bucks twice, but I decided to load $100 and play max and won not a whole lot but about $390 some of which I gambled back. I then wanted to see how withdrawing would be, so I requested a cash out, I called the number spoke to an agent, she asked how much I wanted to cash out I said all of it, and in a couple of day my money was back in my account... so its pretty cool! Hope I win one of the jackpots 💰💰
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6 years ago, justin6796422
Winnings are little to none
There is always a catch. The company needs to get paid, so how? What you win will go into a separate category which cannot be spent right away. After your deposit is in and you start playing your deposit slowly drains to 0 dollars. What you win goes into a separate pot. You can always reload your bet by what you made. It’s rare to have more than you put in. Again the company must get paid. I won 30 bucks once and that was the biggest pot. I spent 5 bucks to win 30. It’s fun if you have money to blow but, don’t expect anything out of this other than a quick thrill.
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2 years ago, speakingfax8
Feels like a scam
I played this app for a while, and would always seem to hit bonus games on every bet but the max bet, which was very suspicious and frustrating. It also seemed like I would win just enough money to keep coming back and break even, until I max betted and would never get back to breaking even. Anytime I got to ~$100 ahead, the games would go cold. The only reason I didn’t give one star is because the games were fun to play (until they take all your money).
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