Baby Care & Dress Up - Love & Have Fun with Babies

3.5 (2.1K)
118.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kids Fun Club by TabTale
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Care & Dress Up - Love & Have Fun with Babies

3.53 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Sophanya
I used to love this app as a little kid, but I have an issue
This was one of my favorite apps when I was about 4 or 5, and I’ve came back to it now when I’m 12 going on 13 wanting to revisit my childhood. But whenever I try to open the app, it’ll go to the first loading screen and then go straight to a bright white screen. I thought it was just me until I saw other peoples reviews as well, when most of them were from about a year ago complaining about the blank white screen that wont go away, and it still hasn’t been fixed. I understand completely that this is an old game, but it really got my hopes up when I thought I’ll be able to play my childhood app for a little. If it’s a possibility that the creators will see my review, please get on this issue if possible as fast as you can. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Vayda✨💚🍏🐯🐍
Dear Tabltale
When I was younger, I played like all of your baby games. They were so fun! And I stumbled across the idea of downloading all of them again to relive my childhood of playing your awesome baby games. But, I’m to my surprise, all of your games were either crashing or going straight to a white screen after the tabtale loading screen. Now, I know all of these games are old, but a lot of us remember these games as a core childhood memory and would love for you to please update your baby games so we can play them again. I loved these games and I’d love to play them again. Only I can’t because you haven’t updated the games in years! Also, if you ever decide to look at this long review, please consider updating your games so we can all play your awesome games that were our whole childhood. Ps. I looked at for some reason your “Baby Outdoor adventures”, is gone. Please put it back if you decide to ever update these games. I love your games, and thank you for making them when I was young. Love, Vayda.
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3 months ago, Brenda2017:3
its all white :(
I wanted to replay my favorite game as a kid and when I found it accidentally I got so happy! I quickly went to download it while remembering everything! I used to play this game when I would get lonely. I was almost crying as the game was downloading I don't know if it was happy tears or sad it all just reminded me of my childhood. Once I saw the game was all the way my heart skipped a beat! I ran to the app!! Tears flying and all I click on the app seeing the loading screen!!.. Then white. White white white WHITE??! Why is it so much white haha? What's uh what's happening!!? I waited for 76min When I could not hold it anymore I deleted the game and waited for it to re-download.. Same thing white… I waited this time for only 48mins but still nothing I zoomed into the comments my eyes started tearing up now I know sad tears as u read: “All I see is white” It was happening to other people for YEARS. I..i...I don't know what to do anymore I'm now in my dark room crying 😍
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3 years ago, ITZ Lex
So I remember first playing this when I was 3 or 4 (now I’m 12 almost 13) and I have been thinking about this app lately. I haven’t played this app in 4 or 5 years, and I really wanted to play it again! So 2 months ago I got the app, and I was super happy and excited to play it again! However, when I opened the app after the Tabtale screen came on, it immediately went to a white screen! And I tried everything I could to get it to work, but nothing! I was so upset that I started crying, this app means so much to me! And just so you know after those 2 months passed, it still doesn’t work! So please, FIX THIS ASAP!!! I REALLY want to play this again!!😭😭
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2 years ago, Brielle (username: bestiegur
Hi TabTale! I absolutely loved playing this game as a child when I was younger (preferably 3-5) I am now turning 12 this year. I was browsing in the App Store a couple months ago and came across this app. My heart completely filled with joy because this app was my favorite. I download the app and opened it up. It showed the TabTale logo then went to a white screen. I thought that it was just me, but once I read the other reviews, I realized that’s few other people had the same troubles. I really want to play my childhood game again to bring back the memories and to see what’s the same and what changed. Hopefully you can fix this issue, so that the other users and I could play this game again.
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3 years ago, diorr.myaaaaaaaaaa
Sooo I use to play this game when I was younger and I loved it soooo much and when I went on tiktok I saw it and I went through the comments and found out the name so when I searched it up and I downloaded it and I was so excited to play this game cause this game was a vibe when I was 4-5 and when I went to download it it went white like the screen just went to white and I tried everything I tried closing all my apps and I tried turning on and off my wifi and still was white and I was so bummed because I was really excited to play that game but can you please fix it because it would mean the world for you to fix it so can you please fix it🤧.?
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3 years ago, Pearson!
Please fix this one problem
Ok, so I used to play this game as a kid and I loved it. So I decided to download it to play it because I have not played it in a long time. I downloaded it and tried to open it but then the screen went white. I cried inside because I really wanted to play it since I have not play it for a few years. Then I was sad so I deleted it and then about 6 months later, I was sitting here a few minutes ago and thought that if I downloaded it again now it hat it would be fixed now. But...... I was wrong it still is going straight to a white screen when I try to open it. Please fix this problem quick, please!🥺
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2 years ago, Fix-it Felix!
Please fix!
I used to play your games a lot when I was about 3 or 4 and I loved them. Now I’m about to be 12 and I’m going through all the games I used to play when I was little. While I was downloading this one I was reading through reviews and many people said that after the Tabtale screen it would turn white and there wasn’t anything you could do, so when it was done downloading I opened it and ran into the same problem. I love your games and I know they’re a little old, but I’d like to play them again and I’d really appreciate if you could fix this!
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2 years ago, i love roblox :}
I’ve been playing this game for a while and then I got a new iPad and then I was just looking in the App Store and I recognizes game and when I downloaded it just now it like shows up and I thought because before I had press don’t allow and I thought that was a reason but I download it again and I press allow notifications and it went to a white screen which I hate because I really like that game is really fun I have tried everything I’ve tried resetting my iPad or downloading the game and restarting it over and over again and I just don’t get why it’s not working so please fix this because I really love this game and if you don’t be a victim really really hate it Ugh.I give it a 3
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7 months ago, Ki wi Leo
They never fixed it… 💔
So 6 or 5 months ago I went to find my childhood game and then I found it and when I downloaded it. Well you know what happened to the game. So I deleted it and 2 days later I went to check on it and the bright white screen is still there. So I deleted it again and I downloaded the dream house game that was made by the same person who made this game. And when I pressed the game it also has a white screen. So I started to get sad because it doesn’t work anymore. So I deleted it and never downloaded it again. And 3 or 2 months later I was worried about this game so I started downloading those 2 games that don’t work anymore. And when. I finally downloaded them and got on them it still didn’t work. PLEASE OWNER OF THESE GAMES IF YOU ARE HERE AND IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE FIX IT MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY 💔
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5 months ago, lil_veah
this was my go-to game when i was younger. when i was sad i played it and it always helped me feel better. i had good memories with this game growing up and i was very upset because it doesn’t work. upset as in crying. i started to cry when i saw it doesn’t work and i really hope it can be fixed. i used to love this game like it was my own. i had every single game like dress up, the party one and the one with the friends. i really hope it can be fixed so my daughter could enjoy it as much as i did when i was younger.
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4 years ago, gamingirl1234554321
Two problems but one is the biggest
I love this game to begin with it is so far an amazing game there is one things that I want to change the fact that you have to pay for the bathroom I mean it’s not that bad because it’s not that expensive just think who would want to pay for something where they could use that money for something more valuable but other than that I absolutely Love the game the pain problem isn’t that bad but that’s the one thing I wanted To mention and another problem is I recently just downloaded it and then the screen goes white so please fix that ASAP
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4 years ago, kayla9988
Ok so I used to have the tab tale games when my dad gave me my first phone. And when my grandpa gave me his old phone I found these so I decided to download them. And then I realized that I don’t make you pay for the full version. Meaning my father had to pay for them along time ago and I am not willing to pay. And I would really like to write a good review because the game I really like The Game. This will be addressed for all of the games. Otherwise if I didn’t have to pay for her for the Full game then I would give it not even a five I would give it like a 10 because I love the way they are designed so I’d like you guys to fix it.🤔😮😐.
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3 years ago, TJHeil
I am beyond sad:((( I used to play this game as a child and I saw it pop up on my fyp on tik tok, so I re-downloaded it, only to find out it blanks a white screen, I’ve seen many other reviews from this time with the same results. The original creator of this game hasn’t updated it since 4 years ago, so I have low expectations that it will be fixed, but I’m hoping other will download it again to get the creators attention so they will fix this issue!! I would be amazed to see it working again!!😕
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2 years ago, Nimo hersi
Hello tab tale
Hi so I have not aged this game in a long time and I really want to play it again so once I downloaded it I was so excited to play but a white screen would just show after the tab tale loading screen I would really love to play this again and I just hope you guys can fix this so me and other people can play it again this game was really fun to me when I was five and six years old and I really think it’s still fun but I just hope you guys can fix this so we can all play it again thank you! 💗
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1 year ago, %agwbbsgdvsg
Potential solution for players
When I was younger the app didn’t work immediately. However by opening the app once every day I was eventually able to use it. This doesn’t work anymore. And I don’t remember exactly how often it needed to be opened ( it could have been once every 12 hours or 26 hours) you might need to experiment with different amounts of time, and it might not work with everyone. If anyone else has a solution please share?
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1 year ago, allielovescheez
used to love this game, but now it doesn’t work :(
as i can see from other reviewers, i’m not the only one having this issue. i used to love all the games from this developer, literally every single one, so i thought it would be a good idea to play them again just for a taste of my childhood. unfortunately, every game leads to a white screen after loading. i’m really sad about it, and i understand that it’s a really old game, but i’m just hoping that maybe the developers will revisit it and fix it!! for now, if anyone wants to revisit their childhood, their game “Baby Birthday” still works!! <3
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2 years ago, unicorn_saez
I played this game when I was younger and when I saw this app I got so excited to play it again. Everything was going fine, I opened the app and the tab table screen was there…but then it turned into a white screen. I thought this was some kind of glitch and exited out the app to retry again but it kept happening? I’ve been trying the same thing for about 2 weeks but nothing has changed! Please fix this I want to play this old game again :(
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2 years ago, Sage aliyah
Please fix this bug!!
The first time I played this game I loved it and that was when I was 4 or 5, and it has been a while since I have played it, I am 14 now 😬 but, I just remembered this app and went straight to the App Store to download it to my phone, but, when I opened the app, it showed the tab table logo, and then went to a white screen. I tried to get it to work again, but it wasn’t budging. Please fix this!!! I love this game and would love to play it again.
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6 years ago, LinnieJW
This app is ok. My three-year old cousins like to play it but they have a hard time with working the app. Wish there were audio instructions telling them what to touch. My other complaint is that there are too many things locked or require watching an advertisement. My cousins continually tap these options unknowingly and then get angry when they have to sit through an advertisement they get eaqually angry when I have to tell them that they can’t use some of the options because they are locked. But the game itself for what they can enjoy is really fun and they could spend hours playing on it
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1 year ago, avrielle! 🦋
After many years, the app stopped working
When I was very young, like 7-6 years old, I LOVED playing TabTale games just like this one. My favorite was the baby dollhouse. Now I am 11 years old, and I wanted to re-download the apps to relive my childhood since I remembered all of the fun I had. But once I downloaded them and opened the apps, neither of them worked. All it did was show a bright white screen after the game was done loading, nothing else. I was disappointed and I felt like I was the only one that had this happen, but the reviews here proved me wrong. I hope Cocoplay fixes these issues, or maybe it’s just time to move on from these baby games.
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2 years ago, Ummcoco
Hello, I used to play this game way backkkkk maybe 5/6. I lived at a different state at the time. Right now I’m 15 and got a little bored so I came across this game. Now I remember this app taking forever to load but this time the white screen doesn’t go away. I even tried downloading two other ones and still the same. I was so happy that I found this game again and now I can’t play. Please fix this issue so we can play this fun game that we all loved as children.
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10 months ago, oscarfame
I used to play this when i was younger and i wanted to go back to it but a couple of months ago i downloaded it and when i opened the app everything was just white.. so i turned my phone off and even tried clearing storaging cause that may have been the issue i thought i then deleted it because it would never work. Fast forawrd to now maybe about 6 months later i try playing again but the white screen keeps coming up. i then thought it was just my device but i’m glad i’m not the only one.. please fix this issue because this was my childhood gamee untill then i will delete the app have a nice one.
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11 months ago, ro blox wo rk
Please fix this bug!
I played this game when I was 5 years old now I thought of this game, when I load I saw a the characters for 1 second and it went to a white screen I been wanting to play this game since for ever, I tried playing some other game of yours but they didn’t work too, I only have one of your game that still works it’s the birthday planner I’m glad it still works, but please fix this bug this game was my childhood and make updates if you can thank you if you fix this problem.
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1 year ago, hayleycarmean
White screen
I literally played this game all the time when I was little and I really wanted to play it again but there’s just the loading screen and then there’s just a blank white screen and I tried everything to get it to work and it just won’t work and I Saw other reviews saying this too so I know it’s an old game but can you please try to fix this, like I’m actually genuinely really sad and upset that this is happening.
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2 years ago, Geneen bizzeth
Rlly need to fix this
I don’t rlly know what to say, I mean when I was younger I used to play this I was like 3 or 5 1/2 and I’m now 9yrs old. As I am scrolling through TikTok I got reminded in my mind that tabtale was there, after I was very excited to get it and wasted the last piece of my storage after I opened the app it had showed be a tabtale introduction and I blinked once or twice, then I saw a white screen. I only thought it was loading but I waited over 15 minutes and went to go and get a drink I came back and still saw a white screen. I was frustrated. That was just a waist of time am very disappointed in this game they SERIOUSLY need to fix this >:(
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1 year ago, sandaddiction
Needs to be fixed
Please fix the app! After installing it, the app shows the octopus till it’s a white screen! Hope you will come back and fix this! I really need my childhood memories back to me! You won’t be so darn lazy about not fixing this! I need you to fix it so I am back to playing this game! Last time, you updated this was back in January 2017 so it works with iPhone 7! Fix this for me!
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3 years ago, qt...riri on tiktok
Big Problem :(
So i sued to play this game all the time when i was little in my dads old phone, when none day î remembered this game i decided to download it out of nolistagia. When i got tj play the game it just goes to a white screen, idk if it’s because the game is super old and they haven’t updated but it still makes me said because i used to love this game 😕. Please fix this because a lot of people are having the same problem and they want to play old games from when they were little.
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2 years ago, Ineecat
Please fix this!
I used to play this game when I was 3 or 4 it was really fun and now I’m 9 and I wanted to download it again so I did that then I pressed on the app then ur loading screen came up then just a white screen appeared then I was sad bc I really was excited when I pressed on the app after the white screen appeared I almost cried! please I think it might help if you check up on ur apps and see what going on and update it! I would really appreciate it!
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2 years ago, needthisgameback
Man I LOVED this game when I was younger I’m telling you I was obsessed and iv been thinking about it a lot lately the food the baby eats in the game is SOO nostalgic same with the octopus loading screen lolll but when I finnaly got the courage to open the AppStore and down,lad it I found that it would go to a white screen 😭😭😭😭I was so pumped to play it please update this game whoever made it or whatever team made it please let me relive my childhood
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2 years ago, Etzyyy
Okay so when I was younger I would play this game all the time. And when I was playing another dress up game it came to my head this game and I looked for it found it and was ready to play it. BUT THEN THE SCREEN WENT WHITE AND IT WOULD CHANGE. All my excitement was gone. Please fix this problem because I am dying to trace back my good old days through this game. Please please please fix this problem.
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1 year ago, KawaiiTwin
Please fix this bug.
Hi Tabtale! I used to play this game when I was younger I absolutely loved this game. I was looking through the App Store and I saw this game I got instant nostalgia I was so excited but than.. it keeps going to a white screen? I completely understand that this is a old game but more people would totally play this game more if this bug was fixed :) thank you, please fix asap :)) ✨
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6 months ago, zozo.th3.bozo
I used to play this game all the time with my sister years ago when I was like 4 or 5, I’m now 12-13 and came back because I’ve been downloading games from my childhood, I rember this one being my most favorite out of all the games, I spent so long searching for this specific one and I’m so happy I did 10/10 definitely recommend for your littles💕💕💕
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2 years ago, sue sue sammy
White screen
I used to play this game when I was 4 or 5 and I love it. I’m 13 now and I saw it it App Store and wanted to play it again. I downloaded the game it went past the loading screen and then a white screen. I was so sad. I really hope it gets updated so I can play it again. I really love this game and its a game that makes me so happy when I think about it
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6 months ago, haniya_2015
So when I was a toddler I used to play this game and it was so much fun then a few years later I remembered this game and I want to play this game so badly so I played this game after the tabtable screen it immediately went into a white screen I was so upset I tried everything I could but it still went into a white screen so PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM QUICKLY😭😢
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4 years ago, Box1221
Ok so when I was little I played this thing like crazy on my iPad. I loved the game it was just really fun. But then my iPad broke it so it’s been a really long since I’ve been it cause it doesn’t work. And so I was looking for games then out of the blue I remembered about that app and so I quickly searched it up. And so the second I saw the app I downloaded it. But then when I tried to play on it the screen goes white. So please fix it.
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1 year ago, tfstd
Fix This ASAP, Everyone is tired of this.
TabTale, please fix this issue with the crashing, it’s getting real annoying and I’ve been closing the app, and doing other kinds of ideas but it just won’t work. Please fix this because this is tiring or maybe this is a joke. Did you even try to fix the game correctly? Did you only care about getting good reviews and good rating? Well your wrong, I’m sorry but this was my favorite game and if you won’t fix it then I’ll just won’t play it, Simple.
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4 months ago, ☯︎︎ ♲︎ ☮︎︎
I loved this game, but now it won’t work
I absolutely loved playing this game when I was 3-6 (now I’m 13) and I came across it and wanted to play it to remind myself of my childhood, and it goes to the first loading screen and then the screen just goes white! If the creators somehow come across this review, please fix the game! It me would make me, and so many others SO happy to be able to play this game again! I really hope it gets fixed!
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2 years ago, this app is full of wonder!
So I used to play this game when I was younger and I played it all the time! It was sooooo much fun and it was my favorite app of all time! I just remembered about it and down loaded it again. But when I enter the game now it just has a white screen and I waited and it was still white. I tried to re download it, close it out and open it back up, and restart my phone. BUT NOTHING WORKED SO PLS FIX THIS GAMEEEE!!
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3 years ago, small ban
me and my cousin eventually remembered about this game we use to play as children we were so happy we found it here but as soon as we downloaded it the screen went all white we waited for a couple of minutes but it wasn’t working we even turned off our WiFi and turned it back on but nothing worked. Please fix this problem because we want to play our childhood game again thank you.
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1 year ago, Yohann Orlando
Review On Baby Care & Dress up
I have lived this game ver since I was little and just a few weeks ago I found it again. I decided to give it a try and it ended up not working because it was stuck loading on a white screen. I was very disappointed and tried it again today and yet again it did the same thing.
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2 years ago, idel miner lover
I was very satisfied with the game I loved it I think the problem is the white screen may be only for people with the new model of tech buying have a pretty old one I love and it was working this may be something to look into but other than that it’s great there are so many things to do and the contest is very fun to vote with
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2 months ago, hiimmayamaeterrell
White screen
I used to love this game when I was around 4 to 5 and now that I am 11 going onto 12 I wanted to check out the game again but when I downloaded the app, it was a white screen and I saw a few reviews from about two years ago to a year ago complaining that there is a white screen and they can’t play the game and it still hasn’t been fixed. I understand it’s an old game so I don’t expect them to fix it but if they would, that would be nice.
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2 years ago, iamronloxchef
fix this problem
okay so when i was like 5 i played this game a lot! Then i thought of playing it again because i really liked this game, but then it showed a white screen and then i re-downloaded it and it still was a white screen. So please fix this problem!!! I think everyone has the same problem. If you could just fix this issue it would mean a lot! thank you!!!
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2 years ago, !?!?88
So I’m 10 almost 11 and was recently thinking about this game, but when I downloaded it, it just went to a white screen! I tried to fix it but couldn’t, so I checked the App Store to look at reviews and the note from tabtale said they fixed the problem, but didn’t. I just want the game to be fixed to play it, I’m not getting any younger.
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3 years ago, Rainbow platypus
I absolutely love this game I really really want to play it but it just goes to a white screen and will not work, please fix it let me play let me feed this little girl cookies at the tea party and add more sugar cubes to her tea!!!! I’m giving it a low rating so hopefully you’ll see this and you developers will develop a solution to this major problem. However if I was able to load the game and open the game and play the game you would get five stars from me because I love the game it’s my favorite game please fix the game so I can play the game once again!!!!
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4 years ago, janylis✨
Please fix white screen ASAP
I played this game when I was little. I decided to download it on my cousin’s phone and when I went in the game the screen turned white. When I had it on my tablet it worked. I think it won’t let u play on the phone and that’s sad bc I loved the game a lot and I wish I could play it on phone bc I would love to play all there games but it won’t let me it would work for the birthday party one but not the other ones please FIX it. L
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3 years ago, dagøldNITE
Pls fix, the screen is white when I go on it
I played this game before game it’s fun, coo and allat and I didn’t have it in a while then I tried to download it back then it’s done and I go on it the screen is white. & I thought it was me for a second I went off and went back on, even left it alone for hours & it still doesn’t work. please fix !
Show more
6 months ago, vaniepixiedust
Please fix the white screen!
I used to play this game all the time when I was 8 or so, I loved it so much. I’m 18 now and wanted to experience playing the game again but when I opened the game it just froze on a white screen and as much as I tried, it wouldn’t go away. Please please fix it! I’d love to play this game again, and feel like a kid one more time.
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3 years ago, kskakakksksksks
White Screen Issue
I had this game when I was much younger and I found it again! I was super excited to play it again. I was looking forward to that nostalgia. When I open the game, it’s just a white screen. I tried closing the app and restarting it but it never changed. Please fix it! It’d mean to world to me to play this game of my childhood again
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