Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

3.3 (69)
105.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Axis Entertainment Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Hazel Newborn Baby

3.32 out of 5
69 Ratings
1 year ago, Silverwish30
The dad though
This is really fun, but why does the dad look so… Why? Just why? Also whenever Hazel gets impatient she makes this “Ha ha” noise. I get the crying part since she’s like 3 or 4 but why the ha ha thing? Oh and speaking of her age, why does she have a phone?! I get why she may have an iPad to call her parents whenever she really needs to or so she can play games but why does she have a PHONE? Baby Hazel has always been amazing but maybe just fix some stuff?
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6 years ago, Pink red puppy star
To much adds
This is a fun game but there is way to much adds. Every time I complete a level a add comes on. So can you make it with out adds. I would recommend this game though
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6 years ago, Elephant #8
I used to only play baby hazel on my moms computer but then one morning I had a idea I decided to go on my iPad on the App Store and search for baby hazel I was so surprised when I saw many of these games there are there was probably about 40 baby hazel games so now I get baby hazel games on my iPad now
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3 years ago, cakekitty16537
So scary
Her dads a demon just look at him he’s so scary!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬 and hazel just crys so much it takes two minutes for her to cry her brother is very cute 🥰 but when he crys he looks like her grandma very awkward please ban her dad and hazel and Mack them cuter and the mom is really strange like when she lets her kids at daycare she just runs like she’s a killer or something like just fix it and go to settings on your phone or iPad and hit airplane mode and the adds And videos will go away same on gacha life
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3 years ago, mdggvsg
This is the best app I ever have downloaded and my iPhone is sometimes not working so I can’t play
Like give me a call when you have a another game
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3 years ago, BitzyItzy15
Ads don’t allow play
Every time I try to play the game an ad comes up and doesn’t let me exit out it plays over and over again until I shut down the application, this happens on several baby hazel games for me..any help??
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6 years ago, Sonia and 😘(:
Personally I don't think that she should have a 📱. I mean it's not realistic. She should at least have a babysitter.
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4 years ago, hdjdidgeu hfhehhchfhehdhdhd
Actually it would be nice for babysitters
It is okay for babysitters because they babysit baby’s and baby hazel is a baby
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7 years ago, Husky woooo
Really Fun
😆This is Realy Entertaining So UseFul If Your Realy Board😛
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3 years ago, quidalee
Wouldn’t know...
I would love to rate this game however can’t play it for even a minute with a never ending cycle and f adds popping up. Deleting it
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3 years ago, jdubs898
i used to play these games every day when i was little on my moms phone, i loved them so much so i decided why not take a rip back in time and download some again!
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1 year ago, 😻😻😻i love cats
Hazel I such a brat she can at least walk I mean she’s four
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3 years ago, Savannas_mommy
A little creepy...
Her dad looks cursed. Also, the snoring sounds like a person with asthma breathing through a gas mask. The crying of hazel is also cursed and very scary. This game is weird and cringy and cursed.
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3 years ago, Katt uvu
Hazel is kinda annoying
The sound effects for Hazel and other characters are very weird and creepy please fix that.
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5 years ago, nicolebroderick
It’s a good game but to many adds
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1 year ago, meerainnit
this game was so entertaining for me, the mother is horrifying tho
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4 years ago, Mvkenze
This app is the worst
When there is one ad it won’t stop I hate this game
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2 years ago, Lawez luqman
I hate hazel
I hate her so much she is so stupid and annoying, she cries for everything, I wish I could kill her, ------------------------------------- (I) hate you hazel (Hate)you hazel (Hazel) I hate you Read the first word for each sentence
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10 years ago, Silvester Family Account
Let's see...😁
Okay, so, when I saw the reviews, I thought no one really liked it. I opened it to see how it was, and it was great! It opened fine for me! It was really slow, though, and I pressed the little orange juice thing and nothing happened. It eventually caught on, though. After playing for a while, I turned my iPad off to get a snack, and when I turned it back on... It had saved NONE of my process! I write honest reviews for games daily, so look out for them!
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6 months ago, klowaze
Ugly trtard game🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
This ugly stupdi gane took me back to level 1 I HATE IT fix ur UFLY game 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬🤬😡😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬😡 #1 BABY HAZEL HATER bhh!!!!!
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4 years ago, GiantMilkDud Fan
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6 years ago, WileycoyotesfanIVXX
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9 years ago, Marymclynn
This game is good but I was in the middle of playing it and then there was an long ad and then baby hazel started crying cause I wouldn't move the mom to the couch so I think they should make it pause when an ad pops up or they should just have no ads so they should do some changes to make more people want to get it.
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8 years ago, Canunotplsokpewp
It was a nice sunny morning, the air smelled fresh with a hint of cinnamon cookies. I was sitting down with my 32 gigabyte iPod touch 5th generation, playing this Baby Hazel game. I was thoroughly enjoying it, until all of a sudden, Baby Hazel's beautiful light brown eyes started to cry blood, and Baby Hazel was sent to Hell where her limbs were torn off and eaten by her new baby brother. Best game 10/10.
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9 years ago, Gracie Noerenberg
A little hard but fun!😃
Well in the game it's a little confusing, but when u get used 2 it and really get it u can do it. I just wish it could have a little more instructions!
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10 years ago, Shadowheart22
So cute!!!
I know these baby hazel games look stupid, I used to think they were at least. But I decided to download one just to give it a try. Honestly, these have to be the most adorable games I've ever played!!!
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8 years ago, Mattlovestamashiihirokaan
Dis gaem.
Dis gaem stupid.
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8 years ago, Mrs.mooooooooo
So I download this app and I started playing at first I could not move baby Hazle then I could move her and I couldn't drag items to her I only played the first level and I read the other reviews I am so disappointed I will not be playing this game agin
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9 years ago, Awesome34535
Good Game But What The heck!!
It's says BABY hazel and yet she is home alone and has a cellphone she's like two and when I was two my mom wouldn't even let me near her phone!! She told me that
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9 years ago, Username:666
Bad Game
Must avoid at all costs
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8 years ago, Epicgamegeek
Y does the kid have a freaking phone?! She's like 3 years old. And she's home alone!!!!!! Am I the only person noticing this?! But the game was alright-two stars.
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10 years ago, Ashestoashes 777
This game isn't letting me in! Its not just this game, it's ever baby hazel game out there! They should fix it! Do NOT get this game! It is a waste of your time! These baby hazel games are crap!
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9 years ago, Agld07@icloud
Fine before
Now crashes
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8 years ago, Nioohf456
I was sitting down in my comfy chair and playing baby hazel then baby Hazels mom screamed and baby Hazel turned red and the baby brother cried blood. This really happen guys! I dunno if this was a glitch but it was freaky!!! PLEASE FIX DIS PPL OR IM GONNA SUE YO PPL MY DAD A LAWYER AND MEH GRANDPA A JUDGE SO IF YO DONT FIX DIS YO GOING TO COURT!!!!! - Isabel age 9
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10 years ago, Pretty as barbie
I hate this game it wouldn't let me move hazel you shouldn't buy it
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10 years ago, NP1$
Hate it it would not open for me
Show more
10 years ago, Aliciasunflower12
It won't open
Fix it it is not letting me in
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8 years ago, Davbarkay
This game is stupid! It makes no sense! DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!! It was the worst game I've ever played in my entire life!!
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10 years ago, Fluttershy_fandom
It sucked really bad
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10 years ago,
Mine opened YAY
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2 years ago, gaby_ioca on tiktok
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4 years ago, lunar cat emna
Look there are to many adds when I played this i saw the game I LITERALY HATE THIS NON STOP ADDS LIKE LOOK I SAW THIS so I went on next. Level and saw x1000000000 ADDS
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4 years ago, dfhgdhgfd
Terrible!It is so Stupid.She cries for every thing!
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