Baccarat - Casino Style

4.7 (8.2K)
243 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phonato Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baccarat - Casino Style

4.67 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
3 years ago, AmazingLeave
Played well, but started to notice issues with bonus bet pay outs. I deleted after I started to place bets for $500, but the app only would place $125. Weird, the chip button still said $500, but the amount better kept saying $125. I had enough for several $500 bets.
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1 year ago, DC88088
I get that it’s a casino game and the odds are in favorite of the house. But it gets extremely annoying when it’s almost predictable what the dealer cards will be. I could be playing 3 hands in blackjack, I could follow the “blackjack rules” and the dealer could be showing a 4. I’ll stay on some 18, 19, and maybe a 16. Dealer flips a 8 (so now they have 12), next cars could be a 2, then suddenly a 6. This happens way too often and it got to the point that I just laughed because I knew the dealer would show a certain card and the exact outcome of it. This game was fun before but don’t fall for it.
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8 years ago, Ramses Martinez
Baccarat G
I found a glitch in this game, whenever you bet for all 6 options, 9 times out of 10 you will win. I am already up $150 million just thought I would let ya'll know.
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6 years ago, fuyanjiachuan
Horrible Chinese translation
The app is decent in term of gaming, but it has a serious localization problem as in the Chinese translation of the instructions is terrible because most of them don't make sense at all and sound like totally out of context machine translation. I suggest a makeover for the Chinese vets and using Gengo for the job. They provide good translation done by native speakers. Competitive price and service for fast human work - this is coming from a native Mandarin speaker who has used their services.
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5 years ago, Playa Of Love
Update is terrible.
Always had a blast playing this game, but after an automatic update, I noticed I wasn’t winning as much money. I just now found the problem: the game doesn’t reward you when you win a bet on a pair. I just played and bet the Banker get a pair and he got a pair of 3’s. I did it again with myself and got a pair of 9’s. No winnings. Hopefully they’ll fix this, but if not soon, I’m going to another Baccarat app.
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7 months ago, rapJoe230
Very fun but clearly not in your favor
Love the variety, game moves and runs well. I can promise you, if you bet banker 99% of the times the player hand will be a natural 9, if you switch, banker gonna have a 9. It happens enough I’m confident it’s not a coincidence which is just frustrating. Other than that, great
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7 years ago, Black Eagle 3
Fun card game...
Baccarat is a fun game to play at a casino and to be able to play it on the go is awesome. Overall, this game is well designed and I'm glad I found it to give me something to do when I'm not too busy.
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9 years ago, SweetRiverBaines
Decent app. Said it would give me $10,000 chips to review 5 star. So I whored myself out. Trying to learn baccarat. Not as easy to use as some of the other apps and I don't like how there is not a tracker for patterns, but decent enough. Nice bribe, decent game.
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4 months ago, Playlist Guru
Won’t load
Right after download, goes through install and won’t load baccarat game. Never got to play once. Uninstalled
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9 years ago, Sunfsh
Simple enough
Wish it had a score pad to keep track of previous game play, but easy to use. Would also be nice if it had hints on how to play so beginners could learn the game. These play options could be turned on or off.
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8 years ago, Vandamnnnn
Great game for beginners
Unfortunately, game has issues. The dealer stops drawing when it is supposed to draw and there are low limits on betting bonuses. Would be nice to include other bonuses and a list of results.
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8 years ago, jimgatt
Very nice Bacc App needs score board
This is my second favorite app next to Baccaratman only because of the missing board. Fast and fun to play in the blind. Some "experts" say past results have no barring on future outcome. And that is SOMETIMES true. But often times "the trend is your friend"!
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4 years ago, Jean Baptiste Asong
The game is enjoyable and helps people to learn how to play it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in playing card games.
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5 years ago, Thareen
Lucky or not
Usually I’m a casino man.. this app help me count I’m I “lucky or not “to find out.. if I win this game on app .. I play real money on casino.. so good job.. can we put real money on this app and play?
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10 years ago, k_playaz
It's okay
Easy setup, simple but they should allow you to re-buy more chips without paying any money.
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8 years ago, A1 4rm da view
Possibly the worst rng baccarat game out there including online casinos. Ridiculously hits the player too much ( when not betting on it) it just hits whatever side your not betting on to bait you into buying fake chips and Fake money. I advise you not to purchase any chips and avoid this game if you want to play then go to a real casino you'd have a better chance with your money.
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8 years ago, taylorjordan0
Fun & easy to learn!
Well built app that is easy to use and gives you tons of bonus chips the more you play. Very addicting!
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7 years ago, Gold Rings
Ready For Monte Carlo
Would say I am next Bond but he has switched to "Texas Holdem" but still learned the basics so when I play in real casino will have some idea of what I am doing. Thanks!!!!
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9 years ago, Espernn
I love how slow the app goes and it keeps the cards out until you are ready to move on, but at my casino the draw rules are different that what this game is doing. The game is the perfect pace for a beginner, but the rules do not seem right.
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3 years ago, Narual
Bug in bonuses?
Consistently not paying out on larger bonuses. Just had an 8 point difference pay out 2:1 instead of 10:1, and I’ve seen it on 7, too.
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3 years ago, Coachmike65
Great App
When I found out that I had a chance to learn about this game. All of a sudden 007 came to mind
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5 years ago, Absudiderrer
Nice game
The game is very nice always fun to play I appreciate the creators of this game for making it so awesome feels like I’m really at the casino playing at the tables having a drink and winning money
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5 years ago, Nubie7475389
Good for Learning
Good way to learn before going to play at the casino (I think), lol. Guess I will find out soon. Would be nice if there was a section for proper baccarat etiquette
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8 years ago, Sioux4ever
I'm hooked
Been wanting to learn and been to scared to try it at the casino. Now I'll be able to play at the casino and know what I'm doing.
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7 years ago, MathSpeculator
Excellent Version of Baccarat!
I like this version of the game more than the majority of the other baccarat apps that are available now. Keep the good work!
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7 years ago, Mr. Kirt
Great game!
Not sure if this is present in game but a way to track runs would be nice. Other than that this game is plain and simple.
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3 years ago, 502ms
Cocktails and this game and you’re set....
Great way to feel like you are back in the casino making money!
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3 weeks ago, Muddy696969
Don’t waste your time or money on this app
Once you win a bunch of coins they will update it and make it were you can’t win at all! It’s just a scam to make you spend money. I was having fun until They made it impossible to win… don’t waste your time or money on this app
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7 years ago, Becca's Boy
Just like the casino
I like the graphics and speed of this game. It has all the options, bets that the casino does. Nice.
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8 years ago, 313vate
You Can Learn
Simple and intuitive, similar to blackjack but less complicated and easy to learn. Who has a good strategy?
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11 months ago, xyzloop
Better than other casino games.
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9 years ago, Ericccc M
I'm writing this because I don't think people understand how unrealistic this game is. For one, the game pays pairs when you get a 10/9. Another thing, most casinos have the Dragon Bet that pays 1:1 on Natural Hands. This game pays 30:1 on Natural Hands. Not realistic. I have over $61,000,000 in this game simply by playing max bets on player, both pairs and both bonus. Game is too easy to beat.
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4 months ago, 7gm22
Spam App
This app is awful, full of spam and manipulation to try to get you to spend money. Also it’s so predictable when bets increase you consistently lose, over and over, same result. Mathematically impossible consistent losing hands to get you to buy chips. Zero stars.
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7 years ago, Nabbers82
Fun but needs tuning
Banker draw rules are wrong. For instance when banker has 3 and player's third card is a 10, the banker will stay. In actual baccarat the banker will hit. Good news is player is buffed because of this, so just bet player to win.
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5 years ago, Coridan2
Easy to use
Easy to use if you are just learning baccarat. I use sometimes with chips at kitchen table. Pretty fun.
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1 year ago, App man 5000
Better before the update
Why did they change the game? I liked it better before the recent update.
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7 years ago, ashleighxdmb
Only doing this to see if they give me $10k in chips like they said they would... update - it did :)
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8 years ago, SFC1031
Great way to teach the game. A bit streaky when you begin to build up a decent stack. Hard to lose 16 in a row without thinking its programmed to make you bust and offer to buy chips.
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5 years ago, bfhjkhfdchj
If you are seeking a realistic version of baccarat look elsewhere. This app is riddled with flaws and the algorithm is horrible. It’s simply impossible to loose long term. I can only imagine the amount of people who actually walked into a casino with a total false sense of security after playing this game.
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9 years ago, HeartToArt
Good way to warm up
I am going to Las Vegas soon and found this app to be excellent for learning how to play and warming up before actually betting real money.
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8 years ago, Sir Kashi
I'm not sure whether it's good or bad that I'm so addicted to this game! Love it!! Makes you feel like you are playing with you're own cash!
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5 years ago, &@#$
One of the better Baccarat apps
Realistic gaming experience. Unless it’s tucked away somewhere, be nice if it shows a rolling history of winning hands which is the key strategy of Baccarat gaming.
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9 years ago, cedlb
I always wanted to learn how to play from being in the casinos and seeing people with piles of chips. Now I know how.
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4 years ago, SavageRacer
Bonus payout
Fun game but I noticed the bonus payout is not paying correctly for the player bonus bets. Not sure about bank bonus payout.
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8 years ago, Cliff in GA
Nice game to start out on but definitely needs a simple real time results board. Without it recognizing patterns is left up to your memory.
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8 years ago, MrJCover
Getting a hang of it
Pretty straight forward and easy to use
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8 years ago, xxxxFoxTailxxxx
Best Baccarat App
This Baccarat app is better than any of the other ones out there. Download it now! You won't regret it 😉
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1 year ago, Bobby Trees III
The blackjack is full blown rigged and they don’t even try to hide it. I know they’re going to respond to this comment with a bunch of nonsense about how it’s RNG, but disregard them. I personally recorded a 15 minute session and I either pushed or lost 75% of my hands when I had a 19 or 20.
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8 years ago, tkabv1234
Wish they gave you more chips though
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6 years ago, Poopindonald
Doesn’t follow rules
If the player has 3, it draws on everything except for 8. This game doesn’t follow the basic rules of baccarat. DON’T DOWNLOAD! Player had A J and pulled a 6 , and said player won when banker had Q 3. Basic rule of baccarat is called 38 special (the band name helps you remember) three draws on everything except for 8. This game is junk
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