Baccarat online: Baccarist

4.7 (1.9K)
326.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baccarat online: Baccarist

4.7 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 months ago, EdaPlayzz
Very good, realistic game.
Going into this, I thought it would be another one of those annoying card games that are obviously rigged. However, after playing for a few days, it is quite the opposite. This game is one of the most realistic Casino experiences I’ve ever played. That is a lot coming from me, who has downloaded almost every slots game ever! You should definitely try it.
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4 years ago, brother_bob03
App will take your chips and customer support will tell you you’re “S.O.L.”
I was playing Set Poker and betting 5 million a spot and got a Straight Flush (A K Q) and dealer had Trip As so I had 4 of a kind on my Lucky 6 hand. I took a screenshot because I was excited to see that hand again because I gotten it once before but didn't know previously you could take a screenshot of the game and the game all of a sudden glitched and restarted. Not only did my winnings from my hand disappear - my 300,000, 000-ish in chips disappeared. I contacted Customer Support, provided details of the issue and the screenshot. They told me "a screenshot proves nothing" and "they don't see that hand in their system" anywhere recently. After foolishly spending $500+ on their app they wouldn't assist with anything. DO NOT USE THIS APP! They will steal from you and not help you with their faulty product and accuse you of lying.
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1 year ago, Genghis50
Review of site.
I believe you have the best sight in this space on the internet. I enjoy the variety of games and the thought that has gone into your technology and marketing. I especially am impressed with your communications to your player base. As artificial intelligence develops that could add even more qualitative context to your enterprise. Thank you folks for your ingenuity and keep up the good work. George Anagnost
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7 years ago, Kaisael
Fantastic app :)
Fantastic app all round. I've played baccarat a few times with friends or in a casino and this is the closest i've seen to an app that is fun for newbies and more experienced players. The rules of the game are easy to pick up and the graphics are top notch.
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6 years ago, ledn174
I seriously could play your craps game all day. Very fun. Could you please do me a favor though? I like to take $100 to the real casino to play craps. So in your game I like to bring $100 to the table to simulate strategy I'd use in real life. However, it is so hard to get the exact amount you want to bring to the table with that sliding scale you folks use. It's very frustrating. Again, love it otherwise.
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3 years ago, JC2469
Unrealistic Table Lumits
Overall the app is nice, but the table limits on some games (notably blackjack) are not realistic. The 50:1 and 100:1 min:max ratios on baccarat are realistic, but the 3:1 ratio on blackjack is not. Given the squeezed table limits and gaps in limits, there are some bets that can’t be made. For instance, it’s impossible to make a blackjack bet between $115,000 and $175,000. I have never been to a casino where table limits don’t overlap.I had to take away a couple stars for such a gross error.
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5 years ago, Wtfayfkm
I did enjoy it...
After a couple month hiatus from playing, all my profile’s info and progress had been erased. Previously, while playing consistently I had fun with this game but with this shocking return to it, I don’t think I’d even recommend this game to someone. WSOP just bumps you down brackets but doesn’t take you funds or achievements when you take a break from playing. If I had actually put money in this game, I would be a bit more agitated.
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4 weeks ago, Dumbassgambler
I really enjoy playing this app. You can play several different games so if you don’t feel lucky with one game, switch to another!
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2 years ago, k74919475
This game is a scam I just started playing it today and I got 3 blackjacks because I’m a new player but as soon as I bought chips I lost every hand and they tell you it’s a random algorithm lol please don’t spend your money here. How is it a random algorithm if your going to give new players blackjack? My friends also lost all their money because their algorithm takes it as soon as you buy chips from them! SCAM!
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2 years ago, Don lions Jr
Nice Graphics
This games has to have the best graphics. I really like visually nice games even though it does not have a way to earn real money as far as I am aware!!!
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2 years ago, JTinminko
App crashes and tech support is awful
I have lost my progress so many times and had to start over because I didn’t have a synced account. The app hung AGAIN in the middle of a 50k poker double down bet where I won 100k. They wouldn’t even credit my original 50k bet. I have made many purchases so I don’t recommend you spend money. If it crashes, you are screwed.
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2 years ago, Spotcorn
I just have a question when you buy the businesses do you get income from them or is it just for achievements?
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7 months ago, judogene68
Playing to learn
I’ve been playing baccarat here in order to learn. I’m happy with this site. It is very easy to download and learn at your own pace. Enjoy
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6 months ago, Mr.Real.tor
Awesome Download
So glad I’m able to brush up on my skills while interactively playing with other users. This app is great!
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7 months ago, gübü
I think better
I love baccarat and character customization but this has extremely rigged outcomes on all games. This very much seems to be cheating to take all your chips then expecting you to purchase more with actual money. It’s been disappointing, I don’t really recommend this.
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4 years ago, Todd white
Login issues
I got 2 issues with this site. 1) when I first doenloaded the game, it used my real name. I don’t see anyway to change from my real name to an avatar name. & 2) I had 93,000 chips and then signed in the next day and I only had 57,000 chips. What happened? Now I’m afraid to waste Time on this site not knowing if my earned chips Will still be there? It is just another form of frustration I don’t need.
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5 months ago, KC SAG
Playing these games has been really fun since I’ve been laid out in bed for 2 months now
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1 month ago, X-ray Daddy
This games is amazingly fun and entertaining. Never and dull moment with excitement with every spin
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4 years ago, Greg Timmons
Pay to win.. if you have money, they’ll stop you for more money!
I paid monthly and sometimes daily.. I would lose my money constantly having to more money more often than I have a paycheck!!! This game wants all your money!!! Not worth playing for a VIP player!!!
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4 weeks ago, Bigasia@@@
Great game
Great game with great graphic designs. Games realistic to the casino games. Love playing it.
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1 year ago, Richgss
This game just take all your real money 500+ just to not even be able to play enough games kinda cheating , I rather spend my money in the real casino cause your not earning any real funds. You just giving your real money to them lol. I can say they got me
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2 years ago, Crmant85
Rigged Game
This game uses a algorithm that constantly has you losing back anything you win so that you are forced to spend money in the app to play. This is the reason I stay away from gambling apps on phone. Rigged
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1 year ago, NVJGLV
Y’all could get us hit bigger bonuses on the lottery. It’s literally fake money. What does it hurt to let the players have a little extra
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3 months ago, CrashNBurn90
Too many Ads
I understand the reason of ads for the developers but it seems like I can’t do anything without a ad popping up. It didn’t use to be like that. It’s getting unbearable.
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6 years ago, Farles110
Best Casino App
This is the best Casino App in the App Store all it’s missing is Craps!!!!! Can you please add Craps!!!! Keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, sab505
Rigged game
It’s programmed to take your chips as soon as you buy them , there strategy is make the player spend more on buying more chips , diffidently rigged and wont recommend it
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6 months ago, MannixxsGLock
Good quality game!!!
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1 year ago, dustinmdx1994
Great game.
It’s so much fun ! I can play Texas poker for hours. The tournaments are amazing!
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9 months ago, 1C of 3
Greatest casino game ever
I’m hooked.
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1 month ago, Itsjaviezero0
Does not pay out jackpots
I hit a jackpot for 1,714,174,960 and it crashed and kicked me out “somehow” yeah right I’m asking for a refund of my purchases or for them to pay me out.
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1 year ago, matt123248627(03
Great game
Super fun lots of variety
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1 year ago, mikehawkk420
They want you to spend money on the game to play dont waste ur time. U cant trade chips to friends but u can in real life. Funny how they claim most realistic casino app.
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7 months ago, Maylynne F
Best casino app
Absolutely love this app! Please add pai gow poker. 💕
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7 years ago, Njwrx2004
Add a part where you can bend the cards from the sides and from the top and bottom you show it on the opening screen but can do it in the game
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5 years ago, Cordeleon
I got hacked
My account was compromised for 1/2 Billion chips and thousands of coins and lottery tickets. My loss my bad not to mention sales are actually charged at the non sale price and blames Apple!
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4 years ago, CCDIIENNO
Great game
Virtual aspect is excellent! The play is fair with realistic play! CDI
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4 months ago, Rippleswater
It’s computer generated so anything will and can happen
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4 years ago, Kayakboy9
Never pay real money
The company says their software is RNG certified. It is not, the software is rigged. You will not win at the higher bets. Software is rigged.
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1 month ago, *RS2024
Awesome gameplay
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4 months ago, 1Tuzhi
Very good game
That game is very good
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6 months ago, Cậu Hai 89
Good game for relaxing!
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2 years ago, Lawrence20
Love the game
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2 years ago, Hiatis
The black jack is rigged! The dealer pulls 21s almost every hand! Will not be playing ever again
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3 years ago, AFLCK
Scam App
Biggest scam and fix App ever,🤮🤮🤮that’s what I learned after a long time playing..!!!! Any APP...I mean Any APP... with Tokens Sale,, big SCAM..!!!!!run away 👎👎👎
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1 year ago, poker fake
well played!
awesome diversion
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5 months ago, EZ come-go
Easy and fun
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1 year ago, kumar knight
Nice game
Great game
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2 months ago, AnthonyLaw1
Game is a scam
Scam, don’t waste your time
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3 months ago, B1R1C1
Most unrealistic blackjack game. Dealer has 20 or flips 20,21 90% of the time.
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7 months ago, saigine
Great game
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