Backgammon Classic Board Live

4.3 (41K)
86.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Backgammon Classic Board Live

4.25 out of 5
41K Ratings
7 years ago, ToneDeafRabbitt
Random rolls ... finally an honest backgammon app.
Other backgammon apps are widely believed to create roll scenarios based on profitability. This one provides truly random rolls. I have played online backgammon with this app for years and I find it reliable and fun. At all times, day or night, it hooks me up with a live player in less than thirty seconds. I have played people from all over the world which adds to the fun of this global and ancient game. Play against the AI (the computer) is fun too though it is not like playing a human. My only disappointment is that the game does not allow for a doubling cube. There are no matches, just single games. The developer says this is because most handheld online players only want to play one game but I have played on another app where 5-game opponents are readily available. Despite this, this is the best app out there. The other apps, including the one allowing matches, do not have truly random dice throws. You can have six doubles, one after another, or crazy inconsistencies with the other apps. It is believed that these other backgammon apps guide the rolls for increased profitability because they offer in-app purchases. This backgammon app is pure backgammon and is the IOS leader for good reason. Someday, someone will develop an honest app with match play and that will be the day I use another app; until then, this is my daily player.
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1 week ago, Behshied
The Best!
It is the perfect backgammon app & game app in general. The interface is very well designed - easily read, very subtle without straining the eye, no random marketing ads to distract, original feel of the board game but digital, and the ability to play with people around the world, the computer, or with a friend (whether the friend be next to you or any other location in the world - don’t necessarily have to be in the same room). The option of paying a dollar is well-worth it (especially since it’s generously valued) to not have to wait in between games to watch an ad. At the same time, it’s nice because you don’t have to wait. Either way the preference is up to the user. I actually downloaded it to see if I still knew how to play (since my family basically have championship games at home). And what I use to play once every decade became 12 hours a day (I wish I was exaggerating). This fact is so embarrassing to admit but to really see the truth about this game - it must be said. So, it is addicting. I just don’t know how people reach such high/grandiose points - either they are religiously & gave up on real life to dedicate themselves to play without incentive or I don’t know how to gain more points. I have a hunch it’s the former but I would love to know for sure! Get it! You read this review to this point - could have just played 3 games! Have fun!
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1 year ago, vegabond
Don’t believe the description
The developer’s description says rolls are random and not based upon the current game board. This is false. More times than not, a perfect roll to both hit and cover is the outcome. I have played well over 100 online matches and this is my experience nearly every time. I am an experienced backgammon player with an online rating (for this game) of 1161. Very frustrating experience regardless if the match is online or single player against the AI. There is a bug/glitch that will prevent the AI from moving the furthest back piece to prevent a backgammon after moving off the board. Instead they will move a piece to create a block even after it becomes a running game. If you are a novice, or maybe just looking for a way to waste time, maybe this is the game for you… otherwise, I would suggest almost any other backgammon app. There are plenty of free ones that boast random rolls (and actually do a better job delivering). Oh!! And I almost forgot; be prepared for advertisements that can’t be skipped. The highlight to this game and the reason I’m giving two stars instead of one is because it has a wide range of players of varying skill levels. Online matches rarely take more than a few seconds to connect and a short turn timer keep games moving at a steady and consistent pace even when players are not paying attention. Beware though because the AI will move for you if you miss your turn.
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2 years ago, MoeKowbel
Not pure BG, but fun
I’m updating my review yet again and adding a star in response to recent changes. This app is growing on me as it evolves. It’s not quite pure BG, but it scratches the itch. The way it handles doubling is not true to BG rules — you can double AFTER you roll the dice, and there is no redoubling — but while those things change the strategy around doubling, it’s fine once you get used to it. There’s also a daily bonus period where you can earn double points for wins while losses are not doubled, which also affects strategy since the upside of a win can outweigh the downside of a loss. This also means that player rankings are no longer Elo ratings, they’re just running point tallies. Online play only allows single games not matches (bummer), and not many players I’ve encountered take a rematch (also bummer). A recent update addressed a previous quibble I had with resigning a game. Nice to see the developer making improvements! All in all if you don’t mind the liberties taken with traditional BG rules, this is an enjoyable game. If you want a more genuine BG experience (and excellent AI with helpful tutor mode, match play, and live chat with opponents), check out Backgammon NJ.
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3 years ago, lanceG 1968
Game review
I’ve been playing backgammon for over 40 years. I understand the computers are programmed by people sometimes those people don’t use common sense. This particular game is fun and it’s difficult at times for a myriad of reasons. You’re the biggest reason that I have trouble with this game and I’m about to remove it from my phone, is because it essentially equates to cheating. Let me explain, I’m not a sore loser and I do not mind losing to a game to people it doesn’t matter, I except losing with all things are equal. This game however has a glitch which is simply this whenever the computer needs the perfect role it gets it exactly. For example if I am uncovered and there’s only two spaces to capture me the computer rolls or two every time it’s frustrating because that’s not how real life works. Most of the time when playing backgammon or the version that I like which is called Acey Ducey you never roll what you need. Information I find it inconceivable that the computer rolls exactly what it needs every single time without fail and is able to win over and over and over because of it. What is the sense in having three settings easy normal and hard with all three of the same result. So if you were thinking about downloading this app please read this review and understand that you are fighting a war you cannot win and you will get frustrated knowing that the computer is rolling dice combinations it would never get that often.
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6 years ago, Renko_is
Better than the others
Of the Backgammon apps, this one seems to be more random when playing against the app. But there are times when it goes into a crazy mode and makes rolls that seem impossible. And when playing other players online, the rolls seem pretty random until certain players are encountered. Those players seem to have the ability to make perfect rolls whenever needed. I just encountered one of those players. I know him or her well because he or she often pops up. Tonight, I finally had that player pinned down. That player literally had no moves left. That player still had two pieces in jail and could only get them out by rolling sixes. And that player then rolled sixes. But I continued and had that player in a position in which he or she could only roll double fours to advance. And that player immediately rolled two fours. I have faced off with that player many times now. It is impossible to beat that player because that player always has perfect roles. If that had only happened a few times, I would just think it is a coincidence. But it happens every time I play that person. That person is the luckiest individual in the world or he is the developer or a friend of the app developer. Sadly, this is still more fair than the other Backgammon apps. I am still amazed that no one seems to be able to create a Backgammon app that really has random roles. The more you play it, the more you realize it is not random at all and some players are favored.
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3 years ago, GraceNeary
Great game except for ....
I love this app except for the if/than results. The developers swear the dice are random....that may be partially true. However, I tracked the doubles for 12 games out of the 12 games the player opposite me rolled doubles 61 times and I rolled doubles 46 times. There is only a 1% chance of winning any more games than the opposing player. Of the doubles I rolled, many were not as advantageous of rolls as the opposite player. I then played a live game with my friend and the real life play had us at pretty much equal over 8 games. Yes, random games, one or the other had more doubles than the other...however over the total of 8 games it was rather even. I believe the games had many if/than statements built into the game. I am also wondering if the dice ARE true random for me and not for the other player. It’s unfortunate because it’s the best game out there because you don’t have the purchase of coins and additional monies you constantly have to buy. However those are clearly rigged games. I purchased the AD free version so I don’t think the favorable dice rolls are tied to whether or not you purchased AD free. Some of the players have as many as 10-14k in playing chips, not sure how they got that far in wins...must be the bots. Frustrated because I would love to understand the behind the scenes of building this game and try to gain an understanding as to why it has to be rigged this way.
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5 years ago, clucky duck
Highest level shows poor programming
Deleted game due to expert level on the computer having way too many good rolls at just the right time. One more thing to show how dishonest the rolls are is that tone deaf rabbit gave an amazing review with four stars but others have given a higher rating so how is it that this review is always on top. Yet again the fix is in! Also, In order to increase the difficulty of a game one should not substitute highly improbable dice rolls instead one should improve the statistical play of the AI. It is infuriating to see the AI come up with dice rolls that magically get the stone off the bar when space is mostly covered. Further, it is even more frustrating to see your own dice rolls alway come up on covered spaces when they only have two spaces covered. Then to top it off, the dice rolls seem to never get you off the bar if the AI has a chance to cover all the spaces. Also the number of doubles increases when playing the highest level. I have seen many instances where the AI will roll box cars and get from the bar back to home. I have also seen many occurrence where the AI will roll the correct combination to send two or more stones to the bar.
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10 months ago, Polar Bear In Hawaii
Dishonest Rolls
After playing thousands of games I can honestly say this game will make you a horrible player. All games are essentially math and understanding math is how you play better poker, backgammon, anything. This game is designed to keep you playing and the rolls are manufactured to meet the outcome. It is statistically impossible for the frequency of these rolls. Rank means little because you are playing against a player and a loaded pair of dice. Always. It’s all to keep you hooked and playing. Ever notice how often you roll double sixes immediately after being hit? Ever notice how your opponent is able to get off the bar and perfectly hit you in impossible situations on a fairly regular basis? These is designed to keep you playing “one more time”. You will also notice that rank means little and most games come down to the very last roll. No matter how overwhelmingly skilled you are against a much lower opponent, you will only get within a play or two of losing. And that’s when they roll the magical doubles on last play to win. It’s a rigged game and it makes you miscalculate mathematical risk when you play. It will make you a more cautious and conservative player IRL and that is a very bad thing. If I could give this less than one star I would because this isn’t backgammon, it’s an ad machine plain and simple.
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6 years ago, BadaBoomBadaBing55
I have been playing backgammon for many years, mostly with the BGNJ HD app which is well worth a look at as it has so many cool things that you can do with it. But I decided to try another backgammon app. just for the sake of it. I cannot get enough of playing this app. It’s fast and the best part is that you have to make your move within a short timeframe, else the computer will make the move for you. This forces other players to really concentrate (like not taking time out to visit the bathroom) while you loose time being able to play more games. Another huge advantage of this app is that you get to play players at all levels. If a player does not want to play the game with you, s/he can only resign and you are credited with more points for your overall player score. My game has really improved because I have been playing much more advanced players and have watched closely how they play. This app is purely for the fun of playing with others all over the world with minimum fuss.
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4 years ago, Atl-Sam
Don’t bother
I consider myself a good backgammon player; not expert, but nowhere near a novice, either. So for the first six months or so, this was a decent app for single-player mode. I won my fair share and lost a fair number of games... but lately, things have been in a downturn. At first, I noticed that whenever I would be ahead and double, instead of surrendering, as had been the case, the computer accepted. Even when the pip count was highly favorable to me, like 140 to 60, the computer accepted - and ALWAYS won. Over time, it become apparent that the algorithm was heavily favoring games to allow the computer to win. So I started keeping track of wins and losses. The result? Over a three month period, I played 291 games, of which the computer won 168. That’s a 58% winning ratio, not too bad. But whenever the human player (me) was up by the middle of a set, the computer won 92 out of 124 games... that’s a 74% winning ratio! For a computer! It gets very old playing against an opponent who, being down 4-0, comes back to beat you 6-4, and does so 75% of the time or more. If you want a decent game for single player mode, for a short (no more than six months) time, it’s okay. But for something longer and with challenging games, don’t waste your time downloading this one.
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11 months ago, J im my
Best BG ap but still…
I’ve been playing BG for decades so concepts such as, “creating one’s own luck” have been considered. When playing the hardest level on any game I expect to loose more but I also expect to learn from it. I try to give benefit of doubt so I waited for some time before leaving a review. After 100’s of 3 point matches the AI has consistently made and gotten away with moves that you could never make and get away with playing in person. I make the best choice I can think of, “as long as they don’t roll __ and I then don’t roll __ then they don’t roll __ I’m good”. Then, guess what happens almost every time. Not to mention the end game where I’m often crawling with low rolls as I watch AI roll high doubles one after the other. No exaggeration. The fluency and interface is better than any other BG ap I’ve seen but the unrealistic play makes it barely worth it. It’s a common issue and I hope one day the AI will become more realistic across all game coding. Thanks. P.S. revision… putting aside my tendency to see things from both sides. The unrealistic play I mentioned above is laughable and honestly, insulting. Removing the ap
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1 year ago, Cf0408
Computer cheats
Developer swears dice are random, but when given proof they are not - no response. Of course they are going to lie - admit your app cheats? Not going to happen. ———- Update, 3 years later: The game still cheats. Rolls are not random, and even “online play” is bogus. “Opponents” are often actually bots where cheating dice come into play. Playing against “opponents”, on the opening dice roll, I win 1 out of 10 times. Should be 50/50 over time. Why can’t a developer create a game that doesn’t need to cheat? A real shame. ———- Latest update increases cheating significantly. Dice are obviously rigged. With 50/50 odds, computer comes off the bar 86% of the time. If you have an open pip, it WILL bar you every time, no matter what the dice odds are. The interface and action are good, but the dice are a joke. Want to make a real app? Add an option to roll real dice and input the numbers. This won’t happen due to weak strategy. If you’re looking for real backgammon, look elsewhere. Too bad, deleting this garbage app and moving on. Airplane mode prevents ads from running, this joke of an app doesn’t deserve the ad hits. How does this garbage get a 4.4 star rating with 1 & 2 star ratings as far as the eye can see? Developer must manipulate the rating system too.
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4 years ago, D Gr8 Playr
Unfair dice programming and CHEATS
Unfair dice rolls in favor of the computer 6-7 games out of one, no matter how good of player you are‼️ The way that dice rolls have been programmed in this game, when you play against the computer, is extremely unfair and annoying‼️ For instance, all of your spaces are closed except for #4 but the computer has only one space closed up and that is #1... Now, you hit one the computer’s checkers! On the very first dice 🎲 roll, the computer gives itself #4 and not only that but it finds your empty checker and hits it. Then, it asks you that if you wanna double the bet! You look at the board and according to ALL professional players you have 95% chance to win! So, you accept because if you don’t, you’ll lose automatically anyway... As soon as you accept, no dice sits on your favor! You need any space to sit but #1, but the computer gives you double ones, one after each other. Meanwhile that you’re waiting, the computer hits not only whatever single checker you have, but also closes up all of its spaces and wins the game most of the time by gammon.... Long story short, very annoying and frustrating app that will make you quite angry 😡! You don’t build any skills and it’s a waste of time‼️ 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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1 year ago, BG0615
Garbage App
This app is horrible. I’ve been playing real backgammon for over 40 years and the combination of dice rolls that the computer gets is statistically impossible. I get one of my chips on the bar, the computer only has the six spot covered in their base, you can be sure as you know what that I roll double sixes and can’t get in. Yet I get one of the computer’s chips on the bar and there is only one roll that will get their chip in and hit one of my chips, you can be sure as you know what that the computer will get that roll. When all my chips are in my base and am removing them however the computer still has chips in my base, you can be sure as you know what that I will get a roll that forces me to leave a chip open and the computer gets the roll it needs to hit me. In a close game, where it’s a race to get our chips in our base, you can be sure as you know what that I will roll a 1-2 combination two times in a row followed by a 1-1 combination while the computer get higher rolls. This app doesn’t reflect at all how backgammon actually plays out. My previous reviews have been silenced by the developer. Wouldn’t be surprised if this one is too because they can’t handle the truth about their garbage app.
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2 months ago, Pip Pyle
Doubling cube please
Update: I've played the app for about nine months now and I want to append my earlier rating and review. I, too, have begun to become suspicious about the true randomness of the rolls of the dice on this app. It is a well known fact that backgammon players always think their opponent is getting better rolls than they are. It has something to do with selective human perception. This phenomenon has actually been studied and reported. So I began to make a statistical analysis of the unlikely (arbitrarily defined as less than 10% probability) rolls achieved both by myself and my opponent. I've concluded that unlikely rolls occur more often than randomness would allow. And now that I have played top-100 rated players many more times, I've concluded that these players do not have superior strategy but always seem to pull the lucky roll against the player such as myself. The critical double, the critical 1-6 coming off the bar, it happens much too often to be random, according to my records and my statistical analysis. Some of these so-called highly rated players are surely bots. As for the single player feature, don't waste your time. It's pretty obvious, and I mean obvious, that it cheats.
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3 years ago, D <33333
The App Cheats
I NEVER leave game reviews because usually it’s not that serious but I feel anyone considering this game needs to know—this app cheats more than any game I’ve ever played in my entire life. I’ve played several PC and console games (RPG, FPS, etc.), I played this (backgammon) game on PC and with people in person. Never have I ever dealt with the foolishness I have suffered at the hands of this app. Just after it offers to double it rolls the perfect amount to Put you in jail. Once it lands you in jail, you can’t get out for several turns. Say you’re both bearing off and you have two pieces left and it has 3-4 pieces left? It rolls doubles. It got to the point where I had to delete it or risk breaking my phone out of rage (which I have never felt the desire to do with any other game). My boyfriend downloaded the game on the iPad I got him for his birthday. I was hesitant but then I thought maybe it Had been updated (been years since I had the game on my phone). Boy was I wrong. I’ve never seen my abnormally patient boyfriend get as upset as he did when playing this game. I’ve never heard him accuse any game or app of cheating until he used this one. Download ANY other backgammon app. DO NOT EVER USE THIS ONE IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY. 0/5 if I could.
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3 years ago, angela72g
Not for beginners!!!
I’ve heard of backgammon, but have never played or seen it played. I thought it might be worth trying it out and learning how to play it. Obviously I set the difficulty level to easy and had hints on. On EASY, I’ve gotten ‘creamed’ every time. The hints: it just makes a play for you so fast you really don’t even know what happened. It isn’t a suggestion; no explanation as to why it’s a good move, nothing. I would expect the hint to be letting me see what it says is the best move, and letting me decide if I want to do that or not. Being able to see the computer’s option and know what the move was - I might could possibly learn good game strategy. And it is frustrating that the computer, at least most of the time, seems to roll exactly what it needs. At the start, going through all 19 screens of how to play the game, absolutely nothing was mentioned about the opponent “offering a double.” So, that pops up in the game - I don’t know what that means. By the brief explanation of how to play at the beginning, backgammon seems like it would be a cool game - and a good strategy game like chess or checkers. This may be a good app for experienced players, but definitely not for people trying to learn how to play.
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2 years ago, abarnert
Great game ruined by ads
I have no problem with the game popping up an ad after every few games. But over the past few months, the ads are no longer “wait 5 seconds then click to make it go away”. Instead, they’re “wait 5 seconds then click to pop up a download page, then wait for that to come up so you can dismiss it, then wait 8 more seconds staring at a static screen waiting for the real close button”. And if you close the game during an ad, when you come back, the ad resumes and forces you to wait out the entire 30 seconds (which often takes more than 30 actual seconds) before it will respond to anything. Also, when you background the game and resume it, it now makes you click to “return to game”, which forces you to wait 10 seconds for it to fail to load an ad before it becomes responsive. So, this game is basically no longer playable when you want to get in a quick game against the AI while waiting for your Lyft to show up. You will spend all your time fighting the ads instead of playing a quick game.
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2 years ago, PeacefulStreet
Maybe the best backgammon app
I have truly enjoyed playing backgammon on this app. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it’s easy to move the pieces, and it seems to have very true random dice rolls. I play the computer if I feel like I might be interrupted, because I can stop and start that game as I choose. The computer opponent is quite good, and has helped me develop my game. I enjoy immensely playing against other people from all over the world. My one criticism, which I saw in someone else’s review as well, is that it is not possible to play a five or seven point match with the same opponent. It is also not possible to re-double the doubling cube. Both of these features I really enjoy in real life games, and do feel that it is the one missing part of this app. Finding the exact right moment to double or readable your opponent is a key part of the strategy and should be included. Regardless of this, this is a great app for backgammon players of all levels.
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9 months ago, Overall Average Guy
Playing against computer is ridiculous
While playing against the computer the rolls clearly aren’t random. If I had more patience I’d do the math to show it, but it’s quite noticeable. The actually skill of the computer easy too hard isn’t that different but the likelihood of advantageous rolls for the computer becomes outlandish. And not just like good rolls, but perfect rolls. If you hit and the computer only has one open spot in your home they will get it first or second try. If you leave a single piece exposed you’re nearly guaranteed to get hit. Alternatively, you’re also more likely to roll horribly. If you’re trying to bear in and there’s only one spot in the computers home covered, you’ll likely roll that double and be stuck, meanwhile the next computer roll will allow it to cover more and more home spots perfectly, increasing you’re likelihood of continuing to be stuck. This is pretty annoying overall, because it’s otherwise a good version of a backgammon app. The way you move makes sense and is quick/easy, it looks nice. If the rolls were actually random this would be an easy 5 stars
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1 year ago, EyeHeartNOLA
Loaded Dice - a tool to sell other games
This is nothing more than a tool to advertise other games. This would be a fun game if, when playing against the app, the dice weren’t loaded. Over the long run, the rolls should even out, however, the human user will not will the first roll more than 20% of the time. The human’s dice rolls will force you to leave a single, and no matter where it is on the board, the app will find a way for it to roll to where you will get barred, and it will not leave a single. The app rolls 3:1 the amount of doubles than the human user. When the human is barred, no matter how many open spaces are available, it will take 3 to 5 rolls to come in. When the app is barred, if there is only one open space, it will be in within 2 rolls. About 7 out of 10 rolls where the human is barred, the first roll will be double-6’s. The computer will then have a ‘lucky roll’ where it closes 1 or 2 more open spaces. When the human has the app in a position where he will win before the app sends one marker home, the app will automatically roll double-6’s so that at least one of the apps markers will be home before the human can close his side out.
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7 months ago, Yepyepyep
The difficulty level is only a measure of luck
This game is extremely predictable depending on which level of difficulty you play. On harder difficulties you can easily win the first game in the set because you will always roll what you need to but after that the cpu will just start rolling every number it needs without fail. The difficulty levels have nothing to do with difficulty. It just simply raises the luck of the cpu. I’ve played on this app so many times on hard difficulty and the pattern is extremely consistent. The first game I almost always win in a rather easy manner, getting 2 points in the first game most times. Then after that I get completely destroyed by the cpu rolling every number it needs to capture me with me ending up not being able to roll the numbers to get out or if I do the cpu rolls the exact number it need to immediately capture me almost without fail. If they don’t immediately recapture the first roll it will on the second. And it’ll make sure you can do nothing to defend against it.
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4 years ago, Ameliacigim
Incredible rolls in favor of the app
I agree with all reviewers who gave low ratings regarding incredible rolls while playing against the app. I have noticed that when you delete the app and re-upload, app rolls are truly random. As you play more against the app and once it understands your level of playing this game is high after 3-4-5 matches, it starts rolling annoyingly perfect. It keeps you open up and roll 3 times in a roll with the same worst possible combination while it closes up on you with the same best possible combination 3 times in a row. When you have four five closed spots in your jail and the app has 1 closed spot in its jail with its 1-2-3 chips on the bar, starts rolling incredibly and all of a sudden you are 6 doors behind the jail and lose by 3 games, if not by 6. It is fine to lose against the app fair and square, but this algorithm ruins your appetite. No matter what, design, sounds, speed etc is pretty good. I almost hear the developer saying, “guess what, if you don’t like it, don’t play with it” and s/he is right. However, never ever give this app a 1-star review, if you are planning to keep the app, since it will screw you left and right, from that point forward. Funny!
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6 years ago, Broadband jag
Rolls are fixed
I disagree with the other review writer. I have played almost all of the free backgammon apps and this one is just ok. The rolls are definitely not random and the more you play the more you will notice the impossibility that the perfect roll for the competitor just “happens” to show up after you have received a roll that forces you to leave a chip open. It’s not random. It’s agitating but it’s better than some of the other apps that flat out cheat. How likely in a game is it that a competitor will get 4 rolls of the same double in the same game? I lost track of how many times that has happened. It’s a bummer not to be able to find a backgammon app that just plays. This one will also force you into a move when you have other options. This only occurs when you have a chip on the bar. That’s cheating and it’s a bummer. I have no problem losing to a player with a better strategy or legitimately better rolls but I’ve played it enough that I am now able to predict the roll the competitor will get. It’s sad. this app is unfortunately just like the others, just not as bad with fixed dice. Not the best app.
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3 years ago, FrOzEnYoGuRtGiVeSmEbRaInFrEeZe
Is it the game, or do I just always have terrible luck?
This game is fun to play when you can play in person with friends and don’t have an actual backgammon board handy. Although, it seems that whenever I play against the computer even in easy mode, and random opponents in single player mode I constantly lose by a long shot. My friend taught me how to play this game who is an absolute wizard at this so I considered myself a pretty good player when I would actually beat him from time to time. So for me to lose so badly do a computer on easy mode when it gets doubles or the perfect roll to hit me out basically every other move, it makes the game not as enjoyable. Obviously with covid I can’t play with my friend in person and it’s difficult for us to play online, this game has just made me irritated and makes me think my luck is so bad. Except I highly doubt my luck can be that bad every single time I play. Sorry I basically ranted in this entire thing, but if you don’t have someone to play with in person or online easily, or want to be irritated by a stupid online game, don’t consider downloading this.
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5 years ago, Photo58
While I believe this is a great game and a nice app. When you play as a single player the game always seems to get the roll it needs to win or to put you up on the bar. It always find the roll it needs to do what it wants. That is the only complaint I have with this game. Random I believe not since it always gets what it needs. This app is in no way random rolls. For this game to get what it needs every time, that is no way random. Whomever thinks this game is random roll, they must be out of their mind. This game will get it whatever it needs to block or put you on the bar. Whenever you have a piece open, no matter where you are on the board, it will get the roll to hit your piece and block you from entering. Since I know this know going in, I just laugh and play. But to even think this is an even playing field, not a chance in hell. And the review you have from DeafRabbit must be from an employee of your, cause that is complete BS about the random roll.
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1 week ago, cohood
Are there even real people?
I have played this game for a couple years now and I have to say, the roll of the dice is rigged against you. I have seen hundreds of reviews all saying the same thing and I cannot, for the life of me find a backgammon app that doesn’t seem to have rigged dice rolls against you. But my other question is this, are the “live opponents” really live people? I mean, how in the world can anyone accumulate 50,000 points when the most you can normally win is 2 to 4 points? I have also played against in online player and had to abandon a game once because of kids… when I opened my ipad up again, the game was still there and was able to finish against this “live opponent” that for some reason was still there to finish the game. HOW? Usually the game ends and you lose max points. Back to the perfect rolls - I have played games where the computer has rolled the perfect rolls several times in a row in multiple games in a row. This is simply improbable. I have since deleted this app and will continue to look for a better one.
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9 months ago, Sicilian Cook
Look no further a truly honest game. —-BULL
I have my great and poor games, and left me give my reasons. They have motive, they have no advertising or minimal at least and they don’t sell coins. So ask yourself why would they rig the games. Thank you for proving a great game Bull I do not believe we are playing against real people. I’ve checked five times I deactivated the app by leaving it while the play is still going on. Sometime it penalizes me 6 points for using up the so called allotted time. Interesting because for as long as I’ve played not once has an opponent been penalized for it, and if I’ve left the game and come back to it hours later the games proceeds from where I left. This has happened five times. Must be a lot of patient olayed who will wait that and then be ready to go hours later. Just admit we are are playing against a computer who let’s us win on a few occasions.
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3 years ago, AOK 1968 1723
You lose against players with 10k + points most of the time. This app obviously generates income from ads, which is fine. So the more u play, the better the rolls. Statically impossible rolls are a constant. Don’t get upset. Just know in a real game you would have destroyed the player. The “winner” knows it too. It becomes instantly obvious when the computer decides the “winner” five rolls into the game. I actually have fun predicting the next roll. I’m correct 80% of the time. I teach my kids to play and we have a laugh at the predictability of the game. Also, computer always puts you on a losing streak every couple of days. 10 games in a row is normal. Some opponents have zero knowledge and skill, but “beat” you regardless. Just have to ride it out. Don’t get upset and lose points by quitting. Also, when the players have 10k points or more, never accept their double. Their skill level is irrelevant, they just play incessantly and the app rewards them by letting them win with impossible rolls. So stay cool and have fun. At least there is no pressure to buy stuff.
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3 years ago, PhotoBarb
Enjoyed the game
I’ve enjoyed this backgammon game. No annoying ads either. The only glitch I’ve seen preventing a 5 star review is on some occasions I’ve had rolls that allowed me to take a piece off of the bar and send one of the opponent’s pieces to the bar and the app quickly rolls the dice of the opponent as if I didn’t have a play. At first I thought it was my mistaking what was on my rolled dice, but I noticed it a few more times. This last time I clearly saw I rolled a 5 and a 4, and I could come off of the bar with the 4 and send the opponent’s single piece on the 4 spot to the bar. It quickly rolled the opponent’s dice without my touching the phone and it made a move, skipping my play. So I think my other observations were correct. It’s happened about 4 times, always when coming off of the bar and sending the opponents to the bar. Some type of glitch in the rolling algorithm that checks if I have a valid play.
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3 years ago, Aclèreeee
Slightly skewed
When starting to play against the machine, one will lose about 80% if not more of the time, in a very predictable manner. The machine will pick off any singletons, and start filling up at homebase. You might get a roll, but the roll is one in which you have to leave a guyVulnerable. There is no other option! In the machine has their guys perfectly placed to pick you off, The machine likes to have two or three guys that you were struggling to get through their homebase, it isSlightly frustrating. I have played for a really long time, and now I have adjusted my play a little bit, I don’t know if the machine has changed or whether the way I play is different, But now I win more often. That makes it a little more fun. The only reason that it does not get a five is that it is addicting, And I waste too much time playing it! But the games are quick against the machine, and that is something that I like.
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4 years ago, Fathomdesign
Rigged, but not in the sense of it caring who wins.
Rigged, but not in the sense of it caring who wins. It doesn’t are who wins and it can end up rigged for either player. You’re probably reading this like, “what are you even talking about?” I’ll explain... the numbers given out by the dice aren’t random... as in, the app does not produce random numbers and whatever it rolls is essentially predetermined by the previous roll(s). Once you’ve played the game enough, you’ll notice this.... No, you’re not suddenly psychic, you’re just able to call out the next dice roll once the game starts going because you’re recognizing memorized patterns. Not only does this take a lot of the fun out of the game, but these developers somehow failed to produce one of the easiest things anyone can program; a random number generator... Every single roll should be derived by a random number generator and not the result of a sequence of patterns. Nobody should know for certain if they’ll win or lose depending on which pattern is chosen. The only thing random is the first roll and the decisions of the players... other than that, it’s a sequence of patterns; not random.
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3 years ago, yorkie-mum
Random? I don’t think so.
Now admittedly, I only played 6 games against the AI, but I lost every one & in the most incredible ways! First three games, I had no doubles at all, none. Guess who did? Next two games I had two sitting on the bar for almost the entire game. I can’t remember that happening to me before, amazing! The last game, I was finally ahead, rolled a couple of good doubles (like in a normal game) and then suddenly things started happening so fast and so out of the ordinary that I was sitting there just blinking…. I couldn’t even attempt to roll the dice for about 10 turns! I had 7 sitting home then I had one on the bar then I lost without doing anything for the remainder of the game. In RL I would have called “foul”. I’m not bitter about losing. I’ve been playing backgammon for 40 years, on & off, but I do insist on fair play. This app does NOT provide that, unfortunately. Everything else is, speed, even the “personality” of the AI, but if you aren’t getting fair rolls then the AI is basically cheating. I don’t know about you but I will not play with cheaters.
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4 years ago, San Fran Tam
Love this game
This is a great game that is easy to access. I love how I can invite a friend and play live. While I hear the others about being rigged I’m not quite sure I agree. I have also played this game for many years and yes sometimes the computer does appear to be very lucky with rolls, I do feel it is random. It’s not necessarily that you can predict the rolls but more that the streak seems extremely lucky. However, I have also had running lucky streaks. I mean when you are at a craps table and your rolls are keep going your way, are you also rigging the dice? If I felt this game were rigged to the point of not being fun, I wouldn’t keep coming back to play the thousands of times that I have and will continue to do. For a free app you can’t beat it. Not to mention there are way, way less advertisements on this app than any others I play in my opinion.
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2 years ago, thunderbird311
A Fraud
This app is a farce. If you enjoy being unrewarded for great play, then go ahead and download. Among the many scams behind the algorithms of this app is that to keep you playing, there is usually an opponent within seconds of wanting one. The only way this can be achieved is for the app to send in a dummy....the developers computer player, with amazingly low scores though speedy play and perfect rolls despite thinking you are playing a novice. Stunning how someone with a score of 100 knows EXACTLY which move to make every time and lands the 1:100 roll to defeat you, no matter how perfectly you play. Sure, there are the occasional real players, though you can immediately tell when you are playing a computer. What a joke and a scam. Numerous reports of the lopsided number of doubles and other perfect rolls. Though if you can play a known opponent in a private room, then it’s a nice app. While I can’t imagine that there is a motive to seeing a user lose (it doesn’t cost anything), the alleged random dice are anything but and the realism is non-existent.
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4 years ago, dparansky
Love this app
I love this backgammon app. The board and UI are very clean and smooth-functioning. The options to play the AI (different levels, a random person online, head-to-head with someone in the same room (using the app like an actual board), and in a “room” with a friend (You arrange it vis text or a messenger app) are all great. I like that your points get doubled, but you don’t incur double losses, when playing for the first three-hour window each day. If you miss a day of play, it goes back to the first hour only, then the first two on the second day, and then three on the third day after every consecutive day of play. It would be fun to be able to have some form of communication when playing with a random opponent. Thanks for this awesome app! My game has improved so much and I enjoy it tremendously. I’m trying to enjoy it even when I’m in a losing streak! 😜🙃
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5 years ago, jouya1
Stupid rating,
What kind of standard rating you go by, I don't understand it, plus the dice rolling is predictable!!? I know it is the same for everyone how ever the dice rolling is limited probably 3 ways per play, my main problem is rating, how do you rate players, explain it, what is the explanation behind giving 6 points or 2 points or taking 3 points what is standard , give us a clue. Dice rolling when play with people is different than when you play with computer, in an normal play with people you can roll the dice harder and out come would be different than when you roll softer, with computer you should be able to do the same, if you find the way that we would be able to do the same like( playing pool with computer)then you have perfected the game!
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4 years ago, Anopinion8
Game is rigged! Not random rolls!
Go and play backgammon in real life with real dice then try this one and you will see that the way the dice roll on this app is rigged. Many other reviews say the same thing. At first I though it was my own imagination so I did some research and found out that it is true. It is as if the computer predetermines who will win and then the dice rolls in favor of that player. This app version of backgammon is unfair and a huge waist of time. Terrible app and developers, the developers are trash because it is imposible for them to have a 4.3 rating with so many other bad reviews saying the same thing. Check out the other reviews and you will consistently see that most players do not recommend this app. Even some of the reviews that have 4 stars say the game is unfair especially when playing against AI. I am going to assume that any positive review is from the developers trying to say something good about their app because the majority of reviews are bad. There is no way this can have a 4 star review without being rigged! Stay away from these cheating developers!
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3 years ago, Jrich12574
I’ve been playing this game for years and as for recently it seems the winner is picked right from the start. I can be 10 steps ahead and then bam they get everything they need on every roll doubles upon doubles to win. I just played 15 games and of them I won 1 and I’m a fairly good player. Every game was the same doing great then out of the blue every roll they get is exact. I can now predict exactly what dice they will get on almost every game. Would be nice if you fixed the game so it is actually random because no one is that lucky every time. I have even had an issue with this happening the other way around. I’m good but I’m not going to always win and that’s fine with me but come on really. Update- this app is not worth your time. I am a very good backgammon player and in the last couple months it’s become very obvious how bad the algorithm is on this game. I’ve lost 35 games straight and not even a bad player would have that bad of luck. Looking for a better game for sure. I wouldn’t bother with this one.
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3 years ago, RevAnne2
The game is great but those ads!
I’ve been playing this game for about a year. I’ve enjoyed it, especially when compared to some of the other backgammon apps. However, there’s no option (that I could find) to play without ads. I can live with that - the developers deserve to make money), but… more recently there are ads that force you to tell it NO 10x before closing! It’s just ridiculous! By the way, it’s not just this app, but others as well. One ad on this app had a sound that continued after you closed the ad, and then continued after you closed the app!!! I had to shut down my phone to stop it! I’m tired of dealing with ads that won’t close. Just give us an ad-free option please. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys the game and would happily pay for no ads.
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2 years ago, Entertaining when...
Backgammon forever
I love this game. It actually saved my life. Right now my favorite thing to do is to have a silly show playing in the background, eat a delicious snack, and play backgammon. When me and my ex broke up, I thought I’d never be able to play backgammon again (we used to play all the time together) but quite soon after we broke up, I was back to playing. I have gotten so much better, i have learned so much from playing against everyone online. It’s a great feeling. I love backgammon. So much. And this app is great. Sometimes I’m like wowwwww did they really just get that roll. But other times I’m like wowwww did I really just get that roll. Ya know, when the roll is just too perfect. Backgammon, man. It’s a little bit of luck, a little bit of skill, and a lot of perseverance.
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3 years ago, Lib Happy!
Fun fast game but Full of cheats!
First there was some guy named weakest apostle to the yellow abbey with a million magic rolls and then Amir Aziz who cubed with no lead and then rolled magical double 5’s 3 times to win by 2 pips! It is scary! I have screen shots to prove everything I say! I give you these names because I want to be part of the solution and enable the BG community to track who cheats, or exploits because I have been playing this game for over 40 years, since I was a baby and have respect for it, not cheaters. Mama Cruz, the latest cheater, multiple games.... always cubes when behind and then rolls many doubles, 6, the 4’s to win. Vago1950, cannot resist cheating even when it is so obvious! Bongo740! It is intriguing because it is virtually the same game every time! Also it mostly happens in the early morning hours when you have the people up in the part of the world who are known to manage these programs and to cheat on them. You should see my screenshots! And yea, it does cheat on single, even though I have gammoned it on hard mode, have screen shots. Generally, it cheats though!
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3 years ago, Natałįę Styłęs
Unfair Rolls
I am not the best at playing backgammon, but I’m not terrible nor do I make constant bad moves. I’m probably average, or maybe a lil above?? But this game is literally so unfair with its dice rolls. It’s literally like the app analyzes popular plays and throws out the dice accordingly. If you get a 6 and 3, you know the best spots to move to, and the game knows it too. So what does it do?? Spits out the right combo so you lose at LEAST one of your pieces. If you’re a high ranking player, the game will make sure you lose both. Of course if you’re playing against someone new, or maybe just kind, they may not take your piece as easily, but the opportunity is there. It’s just really unfair. It’s not that likely that when it comes down to the end, your opponent is going to be three doubles to get their 15 pieces in before me. It’s just so bad lol. The only reason why I gave it 2 stars is because it helped me get better at the game, so I’m now better than anyone I play against irl lol
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5 years ago, Earl Karl
Game is piece of crap.
Don’t waste your time downloading this game. It’s an out and out cheat of a game and the developers are lying when they tell you the rolls are totally random and not fixed. I’ve been playing on this app for about 4 months and consider myself an accomplished player, having played in multiple tournaments when I was in military and played face to face. This game just let me have two moves before it put one of my pieces on the bar. Moves it gave me prior to that forced me to expose a piece. Once exposed the computer rolled exactly what it needed every time to keep putting my piece back on the bar until it moved all its pieces around and blocked all of its home spots. It removed pieces in such an order until it finally let me have the six spot and of course the computer rolled a six forcing me back on the board with no chance. If the developers think that is random and unbiased they’re full of crap. I’m done with this game. Good luck, although luck won’t help you with such a crappy game. Wish I could give it a zero or a negative number. I would.
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6 years ago, bizNC
Online rolls not random
Playing the computer seems fine, as does playing many of the online players. However, there are recurring “online” opponents that are impossible to even come close to beating - you will lose by 12 to 15 every single time. Their rolls are beyond improbable over the course of a game - to the point where an experienced player can set up scenarios and call the next roll that will come. Player “ moomie314 “ is a prime example. This player shows a ranking of around 1150 when it pops up, yet over the course of several games i found it it near impossible to take down even one of their tiles - and if you do, they will hit a 1 out of 6 opening every time and be off the board in no time. When it needs to pull off an extremely low probability roll it gets it almost every time. It gets two stars because you can get connected with other players some times and have an enjoyable game but the rigged ones will make you want to smash your phone.
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3 years ago, mrbarritt
Not random rolls
Regardless of what other people call “random rolls” in my experience playing this game, it is not random. I feel like I’ve gone to Vegas and am playing against the house, as every roll seems to favor the AI player. Maybe if I get to play against a real person it might be “random like” but as long as you play against the AI player you will lose 9 out of 10 times, as the AI player always can get off the bar after being hit unless I have all of his entry points blocked. It also seems like there have been to many “random” doubles when he is bearing off. I’ve been ahead in the count only to lose after three or four “random” doubles. Unless you like losing almost every single game to the AI player find a real person to play with.
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4 months ago, Cake1999lady
Blatantly rigged…
This game is infuriating in the worst way. The dice rolls are so rigged that after playing for awhile I could predict the move, which is usually them taking my chip. The worst is when you have two or one piece in there home and they roll so perfectly that they are able to even put there pieces to make it impossible to move and then make you separate the two, then you’re definitely being sent to jail. You’ll be lucky if your out in the next 4 turns. It took me awhile to see the pattern but there shouldn’t be such a common pattern in a game with random odds. Why is it so hard to make it fair, would you get more playing enjoying the game and watching more of the adds? Makes no sense and the game is unenjoyable, but then it’s extra unenjoyable when you can predict in a game that should be unpredictable. Moral of the story, don’t play the game unless your ok with it not being real backgammon and literally a game that chooses when you win or lose and doesn’t try to hide it .
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5 years ago, kthodges77
Best UI but AI is blatantly advantaged.
The developer says AI rolls are random and not rigged to the AI’s benefit, but I’m starting notice patterns in what I’m “allowed” to roll when the AI player needs to block me from a certain move, or an uncanny increase in double rolls for it anytime I am ahead and it needs to catch up. I complained to my partner who’s a statistician and he rolled his eyes at me, but when he start playing the game he noticed it too- so he started keeping track of each his rolls vs. the AI’s rolls for a few days to run the odds. Based on his data this game is only easy enough to be addictive but not boring. Even on “easy” you must be nearly perfect to beat the AI, and even then it rarely allows you to win a match of 5. I wish this wasn’t the cleanest, quickest to navigate app on the market, because I’m tired of losing games just because the AI decides to catch up and then block me out with rolls for 10+ turns. I can’t get better if it doesn’t let me play. Believe the other reviewers, they’re correct.
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2 years ago, greenspidertx
Adikus is hacked often by happiness
I would advise anyone caution before you get this application. If you are use to true odds of dice then this is not the game for you. I have seen it all from an opponent being able to move more spaces to their advantage. To recreating the screen to loaded pre rolled dice. My father was a heavy gambler and knew how to roll what he called loaded dice. This game has him beat hands down. If it’s not the games drama like repeatedly the last roll on either side being a double. To International players being know for hacking the game with happon hack and many others. If the developers actually played their own game live I would definitely watch the patters are ridiculous. I got so many doubles in one game I couldn’t even claim the point. They have so many things working against them. I asked for them to advise me on cheat detection program no answer. Wow way to go adikus. Thanks for nothing. Your AI support can’t even win a game I proved it twice and sent you the evidence. Lay down with dogs.
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