Backgammon Play Live Online

4.5 (16K)
220.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playgem Technologies Ltd
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Backgammon Play Live Online

4.52 out of 5
16K Ratings
1 year ago, Bone-Roller
Play gem…. It’s been a while.
Happy to have had a good game of backgammon on Playgem. I used to play often, but have been absent. I would be happy to have a game with any of my Facebook friends out here. If your new to the game and just want to play against a computer to learn the game before live opponents I would recommend….. XG gammon. It has a free and also enhanced download. XG gammon is a wonderful tutorial program. Have fun
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4 years ago, Timagination
Persistent bugs detract from otherwise good app
Once again, the same bug that I have advised you guys of many, many times over the past years has resurfaced. Specifically, the intermittent inability to move a man from one’s thirteen point to the twelve, using a roll of 1. I am currently using an iPhone XS with the dry latest iOS installed and your most recent release of your backgammon software. A few moments ago I was playing a game wherein my opponent had blot on my twelve, I had three men on my thirteen with one on the bar. I rolled double 1’s, started my man on my 24 point and was unable to hit the man on my twelve, despite the fact that, just as it has occurred many, many times in the past, your software does indeed “ highlight “ the twelve as a legitimate move. No matter how many times I attempted to do so, I was unable to make the legal move and hit the man. Later on I the same game I was indeed able to use a 1 to move a man from the thirteen to the twelve, but the game was lost. Please look at any records you may have of this bug. I have reported it to your staff at least five times previously, going back at least that many years, if not longer. Thank you.
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4 years ago, OutdoorBen
Could be so good, but too instable
I don’t know if it’s just a recent update, or what, but the game is burping way too much. I click done, the buttons disappears like it should, yet the clock keeps ticking away and it says I am running out of time. Stuff like that. Support is worthless. I sent a feature request and a couple of simple questions and got crickets in return. I don’t expect much, but an automated “thanks” is better than crickets. Also, they kept the Christmas theme for the table as the default for way too many months. This all leads me to believe that the developers don’t care too much about this game. Used to like it, but it’s time to find something that is actually stable.
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4 years ago, Sue91355
UPDATE - I GUESS BAD REVIEWS ARE DISALLOWED. NOW GAME WON’T EVEN LOAD! QUITE A SHAME, I USED TO LOVE THIS GAME. New update prevents me now playing in the room I want to play in because I have too many chips. I get limiting the beginner room to beginners but I shouldn’t be forced to play in a cut throat room where if I want to play I have to be willing to risk 150,000 chips! I play in the 5,000 room because it’s not cut throat, it’s a friendly civilized game. But now that I’m over 1M chips I’m forced to play in the 25,000 room where opposing players double on first turn so if I get gammoned I lose twice that, and if backgammoned I lose 3x that. I don’t play cut throat backgammon but that’s what I’m stuck with unless I elect to lose all the chips I worked hard to earn. 1M chips was a milestone for me that I have to give up to play a normal social game.
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7 years ago, N.T.A.
Over this game!
Newest Review: cheating bots, no doubt in my mind. They make it seem like you're playing with a real person yet they consistently get every roll needed to make you lose meanwhile you're stuck with bad rolls. Try explaining how it's possible for the other person to roll 5 doubles in a row. I lost 1.6 mil to the same player in different level rooms, how did I keep "randomly" getting the same player? New review: the new update is the worst! Now it prompts you to invite your Facebook friends every time the app is opened, and it takes forever to load because it's trying to retrieve friend list. Old review: It should detect device. Once I connected to Facebook, I lost my 200k chips. Also adding a multi player function to add friends would be GREAT.
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2 years ago, 😍hawaii43
Beautiful program
It’s a well written program that loves to dig in your pockets I just played two games where I was yelling, begging The game to go . i begging that the cup would appear and roll the dice but it takes 35 seconds for it to shake and 25 seconds to change players. 25 seconds to switch now you know that by your sixth move of the game you’re working on borrow time it keeps that crap up and you time out and of course the house wins you lose. Of course it’s not always like this just depends on how lucky you are when you log into the game sometimes it will run like a champ other times it runs like a gramp
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7 years ago, Stephan702
Fixed game / frustrating
In case you win to much at this game don’t get to excited, it is designed to do everything possible to make you lose and buy more chips. I lost to many games when I was in a situation when I had more then 90% chance to win to be a coincidence. (It happens in real life but here it is just crazy. I think I once counted 5 games in a row when I would have great advantage and the opponent would only be able to turn things around with only one roll and not only that he would get that roll but he would hit another few perfect rolls after that .. impossible . I played a lot of games here and after a while I could predict the roll. No way this game is fair.
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4 years ago, Desmond Darkacre
The dice are not random. I ran a test to prove it. When my opponent has a two point board, statistics say I should get on 89% of the time. Every time I was facing a two point board , I kept track of the results. After 220 rolls in that situation, I was only able to come back in 76% of the time. I showed the results to a professional statistician, who told me those results were four times the standard deviation and would impossible if the dice were fair. I then went to a backgammon dice rolling program, and rolled the dice 4000 times in groups of 200. The furthest away from 89% I got was 87%. It never came close to 76% If you like crooked games, go ahead and play this one. Otherwise find something else.
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5 years ago, Fireman815
Too many robots
It would be nice to play a real person once in a while instead of all these robots. Curious where you guys get all the people pictures though!!! Update: if you like playing against robots, then this is the game for you!! They get the perfect roll every time. No way these are real people. Play it once and it’ll be very obvious!!! Other things I’ve noticed. Never take an offer to double from your opponent. You will lose every time. The game will NOT let you win. Even if you’re ahead. Your opponent will get whatever they need to beat you. It doesn’t matter how good you are at backgammon. You will lose most of your games. The robots here will see that your don’t win consistently!! I consider myself to be an above average player and I lose most of my games. OMG, these robots are so hard to play against. I have the game won and they roll multiple sets of doubles to beat you. So frustrating!!!!
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7 years ago, BadBoyy6
Dice rolls are not random!
I’ve played this game maybe 200 times in the last couple of weeks. The rolls are not random. The game picks the numbers and rolls and pretty much decides who will win. You will most prob get the worst possible rolls and numbers at the worst time almost 99% of the time. I honestly say that I can predict the rolls. If you make the wrong move you will play. The game makes sure you get hit and hold u back. In a lot of cases you will not reenter once ur hit even if there there 3-4 openings. Bottom line is this game is not fair. The algorithm is designed to make u you lose so you buy coins. Don’t buy coins. It’s a scam!!
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2 years ago, monty0804
Doesn’t work
Since the update 4 days ago it doesn’t work anymore…..when it was working the game was lagging and sometimes you ran out of time even though you made your moves….hopefully this gets resolved I really did enjoy the game when it worked…..
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4 years ago, NorthsideIndy
Lagging, dropped games
Tried sticking with this game for 3 days - both WiFi (which is FAST in our house) and airwaves. Neither approach mattered and games lagged constantly. Plus, with 20 second limits per move (which I actually like!), I lost several games because of the timer. (And yes, I would have even preferred the 15 second moves in the “advanced” levels - but I wasn’t about to choose that option when even 20 seconds was not enough to keep up with the lag!) Also won some against experienced players - for same reason. Despite mostly winning, I finally gave up, deleted the app and am looking for an alternative.
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5 years ago, DCGammon
Dice rolls NOT random
Like the optics but hate the manipulation and the obviously rigged games. The dice rolls are not random. If you like games where luck outweighs skill, this game is for you. Less skilled players get bailed out by rigged, lucky rolls and do not get penalized for making glaring mistakes. The only way the developer can make money is if you lose all your free chips and then pay for more, so the algorithm is rigged to affect the outcomes. One of my least favorite features is when they start auto-rolling your dice for you, which is usually followed by 11 straight rolls with out rolling the one number that you need. Then you’re just a passive observer of the game, not a player.
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2 years ago, karanld
Could be the best but
The program can’t handle high volumes of gamers after the sun goes down, kicks you out of a game saying you’re out of time even though you hit the “done” button following your move. Really terrible. Lost hundreds of thousands. Really wondering if it happens to those who buy their coins, or just us folks that earn ours the old fashioned way.
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7 years ago, DarkStryker318
It's good
I am one of the many victims that witness the hell bringing rage of the game crashing. I love backgammon, I do, but when the game is constantly crashing and making me lose countless number of games, gets irritating. Especially, when you are in a big pot, let's say about 100,000, really makes you aggravated and stop playing. Once you have found a way to fix this problem you may see another 5 star in the future, but until then please enjoy this wonderful 3 star.
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6 years ago, akellygirl56
Worst game
How does it happen that I roll a 2-1 5 times in a row and helps my opponent win for the next 6 games? Especially when I’m ahead and they win because of my low rolls and opponents doubles the next 3 rolls. Really ??? . In the 25 games I never roll a double when my chips are all on the home court either. They want you to lose so you buy chips. Is there a Backgammon game out there that really doesn’t work against you ? Also their customer supper never responds. Save your money and don’t buy into the chips !! I’ve removed the app from all my devices and family share.
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5 years ago, AuTiger_89
No customer service
I’m a long time player (level 53) and have purchased my share of chips the last couple years as I’ve enjoyed the platform. That said, twice in the last two weeks the app has frozen and as a result I timed out and lost considerable chips. I’ve gone thru the support link each time and asked them to look at it and consider refunding the chips on the timed out games and have never received a response of any kind. I have chips to use but when those run out I’ll move my money and playtime elsewhere, there are plenty of options.
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4 years ago, hdhdusnwicbcidnsj
Cheaters. random my but.
How does this game have a 4.5 rating. What a joke. Look through the ratings so many bad reviews and people k owing they cheat. Take this game and shove it. Bunch of cheaters. Every game opponent gets 3-4 times as many doubles and no matter how far ahead you are they will get exactly what they need to come back and win. I’ve had it when opponent doubles bet for no reason when I was clearly going to win and just like magic they get every roll they need and I get nothing. Don’t waste your time and for God’s sake do not spend money on this game.
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7 years ago, Jana bee73
Read this review
Think it should have a feature where you can chat with your opponent like some other backgammon apps. Like the layout; overall its a pretty good app to play some bg. Also think the play clock could be lowered by 30 seconds, or have a setting where you can adjust it to have quicker games. Cheers 🍻
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7 years ago, Baskettt
Very good game
If you like Backgammon, this is definitely for you. The only thing I would improve is to include description of each different room and how they differ from each other. I enjoy it greatly. Thanks!! Update: please turn it over to the other player after 30 seconds is up.
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6 years ago, dinhducanh16122k
Good app
My complaint is that sometimes the pips get stuck and won't move. It causes me to miss my turn and lose games. This mostly happens when I'm off the board trying to come back in. However, i like the play of this game . The roll, challenge, and speed of play are just right for me. I like this game
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4 years ago, DebDean101
Can’t even load the game!
I already dislike that I have to pay the game part of my winnings, and all the constant chip movement going on. But, I install the update, thinking you guys might of fixed the problems, and now the whole game will not load!! I’ve uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and nothing! Very frustrating!!
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7 years ago, Lovetolaugh949
Favorite online backgammon
Updated review: it's still crashes which is SUPER frustrating. Why can't you fix your app? Prior review: I really love playing backgammon with this app EXCEPT for with the app crashes, which happens with some regularity. I will be able to roll, or I will be able to move my pieces, or a move and click done and yet it doesn't register and I lose the game for not having moved. That is super frustrating. Once that's fixed, I can give you a five star rating.
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6 years ago, Xyz2017USA
Fun Backgammon games
Playing these backgammon games keep your mind sharp! My all time favorite online game, thanks so much. I want to let you know the bug has been fixed. The news tab was on top and when I swiped it away, I was booted out of the room but I was able to get back in to resume playing. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Head4biz
Fun but rigged
This is a fun game, great graphics, some people take too long on purpose and the game is rigged to make you lose so you buy more chips. It also freezes from time to time and you kiss your chips goodbye. There is no one to contact with your issues in order to get reimbursed. Customer service is nonexistent.
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6 years ago, tranduan95
Backgammon's fun
l really enjoy playing people from all over the world. I'm learning different strategies. Thank you for the games. Thank you for having this game in the system because it's a great game ke the way the system is setup with this game. The game is extremely fair and challenging to the player which makes a lot of fun.
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6 years ago, kenpolady
One of the worst!
This is a horrible game. They let advanced level “players” into the beginner rooms so they can crush their opponents. How fair is a level 4 player against a level 64!? How much do you learn when you are constantly being beaten and the other player gets double after double. Don’t download this game, especially if you’re trying to learn. All you learn is how to lose. Also, there is no way to ask the developers a question and the support feature never responds. I’ve tried twice with no success.
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2 years ago, zeetsq
Has potential
I like the dice being shaken on each roll, however there is inconsistency and often it’s headache causing too long. Turning off the sound loses some of the games ambience. Also moving the pieces was difficult. I’m not sure if it was just a my phone problem, or the game problem. I had to pound my screen on occasion to move pieces. I’ve played other backgammon games and never encountered that.
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4 years ago, EriPooPie
If you’re a winner..
This game is great as long as you win every game you play but when you loose you spend the next 15 minutes trying to watch enough videos to earn back the right to play.
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4 years ago, AlanHHISC
Good but not great
The game works well most of the time, but much too frequently the server becomes unavailable. In addition long time errors don’t get fixed. For example, the doubling cube doesn’t reset for a new game. On the other hand, most decent players should be able to play for free or close to free, and that’s a big point in the game’s favour.
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4 years ago, Melissafan2815
Should have an option to deny request for double instead of losing game
I just now deleted this game. It isn’t fair to a player to only have the option to either accept to double the game, go all in or lose the game. Why should I lose a game to a player who is basically cheating by waiting till they have only 2 chips left to issue a double? Not fair and tasteless. Encourages cheaters and I don’t play that way. Why not have the option to deny the request for the double and continue the game?
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10 months ago, DMDC 5
Love it more
I’d love it more if no bugs and I’d love it more if the BIG chips opponents would stay away from us little guys 🤨 need you to bring “RANDY “ back to me …… I’m back to playing my favorite game. I love this game but that shaker and your clock really needs a working on ! Please 😳
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4 years ago, dinkeyhill
Millionaires club
I like this board but if you are a good player and not buying chips, be ready to loose 99% of the time for weeks at the time. After all they have to make money. I wished they charged a small fee and made a fair game.
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7 years ago, Hipleoped
Great game
While the wife is facebooking, the kid is youtubing some dude commenting on the video game he is playing, I can completely submerse myself into my phone and play backgammon. The family bond is now complete. The only drawback I have is it is not easy to play while driving. Can't win them all I guess.
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7 years ago, JB and Arash
Great app, good players and has a enough time table. Although Once in a while has a little glitch but still best app out there. Note: Please fix the glitch. Once in a while even though game is almost over and I won the game, system doesn't let me play and I lose a game
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7 years ago, Flying Axe
I play a lot of backgammon and understand the game very well. The computer has algorithms that set your win percentage very low. I was set at 21%. Didn’t matter what I did the computer would make it look like you were playing a person but it was cheating bots that always get the perfect dice. You can’t do better than your assigned win percentage. Your skill level means nothing. The joke is on you as it’s about screwing you out of money. They got the better of me. Be smarter than me and run from this game!!!!!!!!
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3 months ago, ryanc410
Play gem wish it worked better.
My game won’t load. It didn’t work for about month, then started working for about a week & now it won’t load again
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7 years ago, Flou52
Good app - not flashy
This game is pretty good. Not too many ads. The game is pretty straightforward but I do sometimes have issues where I have to press my finger a few times to get chips to fall where I want. There are a few board options. Not flashy with lots of high end graphics. But it's backgammon so who needs it? Overall, 4 stars. Good game.
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4 years ago, Suzme
Horrible game. Cheats/No signal/time clock rigged
This game cheats will give those in Middle East countries doubles every hand and exactly what they need 110% . Even if your opponent is still an idiot the game tries to give your opponent the win by disconnecting the game every roll., changing the numbers on the dice to what he needs say he got a 6/2 and needed a 6/3 he will be able to move accordingly then discards the dice I’ve caught it on camera. And the time clock for opponent can go for several minutes but you will get a really quick 15 seconds from before dice roll. And I have no idea why the idiot developers even added a rematch button I have never been able to rematch anyone they disconnect them every time. What bother it’s really a dummy button that is useless. Don’t waste your time or money.
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7 years ago, LogicGameFan
Really addicted to this app. I've tried other backgammon apps but this one is my favorite. Sometimes the board locks up mid-game and you lose money, even if you are winning your game. I'm not sure why this happens, but it hasn't happened as much recently as it used to. Maybe they're working on it.
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7 years ago, Trs55
Fun yet aggravating
I love and hate this game. I love to play backgammon and this is one of the better ones. However sometimes it seems as if the winner is picked before the game even starts. When one player gets 3 doubles in a row and the others gets very low numbers on the dice it seems just a little bit rigged.
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10 months ago, EV Solterra
Fun challeng
I enjoy playing other people in the challenge. I wish they would show the accumulation of points again maybe it’s there, but I don’t know where to look for it.
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3 years ago, a;42/$7
I have played this multiple times. It is astounding that if you aren’t a paying member 90% of the time you will loose. I could predict almost every time what the opponent would Roll and hit me. Unbelievable
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6 years ago, pedler595
PlayGem has a new way of ripping their players off. After you start a new game and they play advertising for one of their other offerings. You end up loosing your game. You end up turning off the game and starting over again if you want to play.
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7 years ago, Bstanton3739836619
Fixed game. If you're meant to win you will and from the first roll they know who's going to win, and if it's not you you will watch your opponent roll the luckiest dice you've ever seen EVEN WORSE WITH ADS NOW, now I've given a bad review and can't even log in 4+ million tokens lost !! SCAMMMMMM
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2 years ago, 5529291
On many occasions, during the course of the game, the program will time you out even though you’ve already completed your move. This results in a loss of your bet. Often times this occurs when I am well ahead of my opponent. This is extremely frustrating. I have contacted The site to explain the problem. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be interested in fixing it.
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7 years ago, SBUbvbd
Love this app
This is by far one of the best apps I've played as far as backgammon is concerned. I mostly play on my phone but I will occasionally play through Facebook. I like being able to play actual people and not just a computer.
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1 month ago, Mister Critical
I resign about half of my games because of bots
If I’m playing a game and my opponent can move two chips at a time, I’m resigning because I know I’ll be playing a bot that will miraculously roll multiple doubles at the end of the game to defeat me. The bots are obviously here so that we’ll lose more than we win and then have to buy more chips. Take the bots out and replace them with real players and random rolls and people will give this game 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Diamondar
What happened to this game?
I used to love this game. Now it’s a mess. Failed login most of the time saying logged in to another device. After the last play for a win it freezes up and loses the game. Many recent issues. Wish an update to make it like it used to be please!
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5 years ago, crazyredneks
There are definitely times when the game is rigged. This has happened for me and against me. It’s gets frustrating when you know the game is going to make sure you are gammoned or backgammon day. Just let the games be played ligit.
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