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4.2 (4.1K)
131.5 MB
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Do More Mobile, LLC.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Backgammon ▽▲

4.19 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Bill Backgammoner
Maddening at times
Two gripes about this game. 1) When moving checkers off the board, the computer requires you to move the lowest number first before you can move the higher number. I’ve been playing backgammon for over 40 years and have never heard of this “rule”. Not all app games make you move checkers off in this way. 2) For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to “undo” a move. If someone knows the secret, please post it here
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7 years ago, Jmb260
Rules seem to be off
I've played BG for years on my phone, but this version seems to be different. When moving chips off board, it forces you to take the lower number first. Example, if you roll 6 & 1, but no chip on the 6 spot, but a chip on the 5 & 1 spot, you can't move the 5 off the board, it wants to move the 5 to the 4 spot, unless you use the 1 dice to move off the chip on the 1 spot. Also, if you roll a pair of 5's & are in the move chips off the board phase, with no chips on the 5 spot, it will let you move a chip on the 6 spot off the board, when it should just move the 6 chip to the 1 space. Also, when trying to move a chip to a spot on the board shown as an option i.e. It shows as a possible move, you must try several times to move it. As others have said, the computer is very predictable in its moves. Always moves chip from farthest spot first, unless it has opportunity to hit 1 of your chips. I like the music but wish you could play a full game instead of just 1 round. The game should continue until you or computer reaches 5 or higher points first.
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4 years ago, Lwrgidut3726
No Strategy = No Fun
Playing against the computer, even in “hard” mode, the computer uses no proper backgammon strategy at all, meaning if you know anything about Backgammon, you can always win. The computer never protects open pieces or build up its home and always goes for picking up your open piece even if it’s a bad play. The few times the computer even had the chance to take pieces off the board at the end of the game, it always makes terrible choices, like moving pieces forward even when other pieces could have been moved off. It’s no challenge and not fun after the initial thrill of humiliating your computer opponent once or twice.
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6 years ago, rickmbari
Wrong and wrong
When bearing off, it forces moves that are not forced - if you have men on the 5 and 2 points and roll 6 3, you should be able to use the 6 to bear off from 5 and the 3 to bear off from 2; instead, it forces you to use the 3 to move from 5 to 2 and then the 6 to bear off from 2. Also, if you double and then win with a gammon, you should get 4 points. It only gives error you 2. Finally, it colors the pips wrong. An even number should move you to the same color, but adjacent pips on opposite sides of the bar are colored the same. That gets confusing. I don’t care for the user interface either, but that’s just personal preference.
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7 years ago, Metal Hellth
UI is a total pain
Level of play is pretty challenging, which is great, but what’s super annoying is trying to move the chips. — Drag and drop works only a fraction of the time — It allows you to lift a drag opponents’ chips?! — Single tap works only sometimes, making you want to double tap, which sometimes exhausts both of your moves — Single tap feature is also annoying in that if you hover your finger above the screen too long, the game makes an unwanted move for you
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6 years ago, liasma
Backgammon rules
Backgammon I like the game but I used to play when you got all of your pieces in your section at end of game you used to have to have the correct number to put in not take the closest one I wish there was that option is that option available? Otherwise I have loved this s game forever I just feel the other way is fairer thanks for taking my survey
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7 years ago, Stucknal
Love this game. But changing the size of the moving chips is too small. Us people with old eyes have trouble seeing them that small. Would like to see them back normal size. Please! Change the chip size back. I don’t even want to play it anymore like this. Way too small. Don’t see what the purpose was in changing it.
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5 years ago, clickclackV
Backgammon is Exceptional
Downloaded the backgammon app and now I’m addicted! I play a lot at work during slow times or lunch. Game is very easy to navigate. Some may not like the highlighted “moves” because it might be considered cheating. But, it helps you learn STRATEGY. I play single player and the app can be quite challenging. I actually bought a nice board recently. If you like backgammon, this is the game app for you.
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7 years ago, iLudwig14
Come on already!
I’ve been on the hunt to find a solid backgammon game that helps me better my game. It seemed to be promising but it all fell apart when I upped the difficulty scale to “hard”. The only change I noticed was that it took a lot longer for the game to make its move. Especially when it rolled a pair. By the time the 4th move is made its a solid 20sec later. Really? Fail. I do have to give it kudos for not rolling back to back pairs like other games did when upping the difficulty. Still leaves a lot to be desired. Please update and I will change my review.
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2 years ago, Suelovesachallenge
Love your game
I love your Backgammon game. But the opposition does not know how to removePieces. They keep moving everybody down to the 2 and one point while I am taking off all of my pieces. So I always win!I always play this when I want to feel successful. Honestly though I love the play part and the movement part and it is a big challenge for me
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7 years ago, LadyBratBrat
I have been playing this game for a couple of years. It is overall a good game. However, in the last few weeks it crashes, crashes, and crashes more. Unfortunately deleting app and restarting my computer is no help. I'm sorry I can't play it any more. It was my stress buster....
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7 years ago, saxdeville
Realistic dice, mostly
I tried higher rated games, but the dice were ridiculously loaded in favor of the machine. This game's dic rolls are more realistic. When rolling off, the machine is totally about the pip count and doesn't roll off to win. It never covers its blots in the back board or often elsewhere. I like it.
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3 years ago, Kara5562
This is an excellent learning tool
I play this game frequently. Sadly, I am redownloading it because it’s stuck. It’s either on a commercial (which is fine) or it’s strobing or just a black screen. I’m hoping this can be fixed.
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4 months ago, Long winter gamer
Opponent rolls
It’s a pretty good app, not glitchy, but on the medium and challenging levels, at least, your opponent will get 5 rolls of doubles while you get 0. Doesn’t matter which color you choose, whether you’re behind or ahead, they always get more doubles. That’s frustrating, to the point of deleting this app.
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3 years ago, stevieCLoo
Many problems with this version
Can’t undo a move Problem with scoring: here is the right way...PLEASE FIX IT! At the end of the game, if the losing player has borne off at least one checker, he loses only the value showing on the doubling cube (one point, if there have been no doubles). However, if the loser has not borne off any of his checkers, he is gammoned and loses twice the value of the doubling cube. Or, worse, if the loser has not borne off any of his checkers and still has a checker on the bar or in the winner's home board, he is backgammoned and loses three times the value of the doubling cube. And there are more! Study the game and fix your app!
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7 years ago, Happy2014
Simplistic computer response
Computer always takes farthest chip from home unless it can take your chip. It has no strategic sense of play. This is a good game for beginners to practice but it is not challenging enough for any player beyond a basic level.
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3 years ago, lyric86
I haven’t been able to open this game for at least 6 months! What’s going on? It keeps saying that you need to update? Fix it!!!
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7 years ago, Legaleagle58
Played your game for the first time about 30 minutes. Did not like because you had to touch your man 3-4 times to get them to light up and took forever to move the men where I wanted them to go. It's like there was no connection to the laser light that showed you where you could move. Too taxing and very frustrating to say the least. I will find a backgammon game that will allow me to move my men myself and not light up.
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7 years ago, Layz1t
Mostly good
For the most part, the game is good. However, when you have all of the chips "home" and you role doubles, it sometimes gets locked and you have to move more chips off the board than you should. For example, you roll double 3's but have no chips on three, so you move your chips from four, it allows you to move maybe 8 chips off the board. I also dislike the ads that pop up.
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6 years ago, Not you11111111
Very predictable with the computer always moving the farthest back pieces forward or trying to kill yours. No strategic moves whatsoever. Also, raising the difficulty level just results in the computer taking longer to make a move. Quit playing when I got sick of winning because I knew exactly what the computer would do next.
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6 years ago, newbygirl96
Good play, but some mechanical deficiencies
Gameplay is better than most but the pieces are hard to move sometimes. There are times when it takes up to six taps to get a piece to move.
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7 years ago, Lord Jeffrey Amherst
So far, so good!
I'm not a major league backgammon tournament player, nor am I an expert on the game. But I have fond memories of playing outdoors long into many mild summer nights with friends. The app is a poor conversationalist but otherwise a fun opponent.
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3 years ago, Podspore
On dos can’t be done
I l like eike the backgammon version it’s much better than the ones who’s losing and give themselves doubles and three to four in a row
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6 years ago, Island Girl QT
I always win
No matter what I always win. Not challenging enough. No levels of difficulty. No way of undoing your move. Can’t choose different music. Simplistic algorithm that makes predictable rolls against you but can never outsmart you. Zero challenge. Only the most unimaginative and laziest person could have designed this app.
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6 years ago, Nogo127
Slow and not a great pc opponent
The game is ok but not very challenging. When playing alone the opponent is makes many bad moves and is easy to beat. The selection on the screen is frustrating as well. Often does not recognize what spot you are selecting.
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7 years ago, Reppic
Well designed, great graphics, slightly odd rules.
The sound and visual design are really nice and the animations are impressive. It has ads but they're not intrusive. (Yay!) I think the rules are a little different than what I'm used to though?
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7 years ago, Cut the rope holiday
Play is good, some bugs in play
If the CPU has pieces on the first spot you can move a piece off of the board from the sixth spot with a five. Also, it seems to get confused with the doubles when I am moving pieces off and the CPU has pieces in the back. I can get 6 or 8 moves out of the same double.
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7 years ago, Tamarswan
Fun and easy to use
I tried a couple of backgammon games and many were buggy. I enjoy this one without problem.
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7 years ago, scoutmomtn
Dice rolls realistic
Only complaint is sometimes you have to click on your man a few times for it to recognize which piece to move
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7 years ago, Kayrakaye
Crashes and have to re install often. Play a lot. Cpu opening gambit always the same. Mostly I win.
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10 months ago, Termoil Terrace
I have played Backgammon for more than 50 years. Your opponent will roll the perfect roll and you do not. Also he either moves your pins when you don’t wa t to make that move or he will take an extra count and you can’t go back like you can in another game, long story short, he cheats !
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7 years ago, ~~.~~Judy~~.~~
Not bad for iPhone
AI cheats, but not as bad as some. At times ads are extremely invasive. Roll dice, ad pops up, close ad move one piece, ad pops up. The doesn't always happen. AI is aggressive, I like that. Will give 5 stars to one that doesn't cheat and doesn't have invasive advertising.
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7 years ago, NJInsGuy
Not very good
This game is way, way, way too slow. The doubling cube is useless because it plays no roll in the scoring. The logic is whacky because it will leave endless points open in order to send my piece home. There are better apps available. I downloaded this to create a new challenge. Even at the hardest level I think a beginner could do well.
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4 years ago, r1walker
I rarely review apps. This one warrants it. Every time I open it the background music setting has reverted to ON. Every. Time. Even if I’m mid-game and go away for a second. Also the game action is iffy. Sometimes need multiple tries to get pieces to move. And the moving action is SLOW as molasses. I’m getting a different app right now and deleting this one
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7 years ago, mr. odux
Classic games always fun!
This is very nice classic game that you would definitely enjoy. But it is a little bit tricky to move chips on small a small screen of iPhone.
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4 months ago, Bitsey444
More crooked dice
Wow Is there a backgammon game out there that does t favor the other player. I get doubles but they are ones and two, the computer always get many more doubles and they are fours, fives and sixes. What is the point of that if it’s going to cost you customers! It is ridiculous. I’m out of your crooked game!
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3 years ago, Botag1717
Crap levels
As soon as you increase the difficulty, the AI just begins to load the dice… played numerous games and the computer just continues to roll doubles while allowing you to only utilize one of your dice per roll… and it isn’t “coincidence”…
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7 years ago, Spades Cloud Dancer
I do not like advertising while I am playing a relaxing game. Improvements will come when sales drop off.
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5 years ago, philipdean61
Game is compromised
I just played someone, when I got ahead of my opponent as we are rolling our pieces back into the tray, the screen came up stating connection problem with my opponent. The that went away and my opponent rolled double fours. My opponent only moved two pieces in on a double roll. Then the next three rolls, my opponent roll three doubles to win. Rigged!
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2 years ago, Lbaby
Too Simple
The app hasn’t been programmed to play backgammon correctly.
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6 years ago, queen of backgammon
Don’t download this one
This version really stinks. If you have to leave a player open, I can tell you what their roll will be, every time! Oh yeah you will be the one who has to leave a player open first. Also, it is guaranteed 99% of the first rolls you will lose. I could on and on but my advice is don’t download!
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6 years ago, Roscoe52
Slow and no undo
Slowest version I have tried, plus you get one shot to move because there is no undo feature and you better not get thick fingered. Did I mention that it is slow? Plus there are no options to change anything. Yuck. Make that a slow yuck.
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8 months ago, Backgammony
I wish the opposite player played it good. Not much competition
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7 years ago, Chrisnglenn
Doesn't cheat!
The rules don't work right, but this game doesn't cheat. Makes it a winner in my book.
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4 years ago, confuzzzzeled
No undo button. When you roll a 5-6 and tap the 6 spot and you meant to tap 5 you can’t fix it. The creators don’t seem to know much about rules because I gammoned the computer and didn’t get double points. There are plenty of better backgammon apps, don’t get this one.
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6 years ago, lenvillethe3rd
Boring and easy
This app is fine for 2 player game but computer opponent is too easily beat. Game play is on hard and the only thing that gets harder is watching the computer make the same bad plays at a slower boring pace. Step up the game play speed and difficulty please.
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6 years ago, SamHumph
I find no way to turn off the move hints or options or whatever it’s called. The blinking lights are a distraction. I’ve played backgammon for a few decades. I think this is mostly for beginners. Also, I turn the music off, but it doesn’t remain off. I find it just another distraction.
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5 years ago, It'sAWrap
Terrible board setup, really SLOW play & even on the “difficult” level, the computer makes really stupid moves, but seems to win anyways by making huge comebacks due to rolling multiple doubles. Programming terrible....did I mention this is the worst, most awful, backgammon game?
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7 years ago, Raleighmom2
Backgammon is awesome!
Takes strategy and luck! Played it with my family as a child. I love this app.
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