Background Eraser: superimpose

Photo & Video
4.5 (128.9K)
19.4 MB
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Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Background Eraser: superimpose

4.53 out of 5
128.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Eelnagem
This is the best app for erasing anything in a photo! I love the offset feature and the ability to select the size of the eraser dot. Plus you can zoom wayyyy in to make even the tiniest edits. Love the restore feature for those little accidental erases or places where I needed the eraser dot to be just a tad bit smaller. Only negative thing I have about it is to really make sure your ready before clicking done. Zoom all the way out and make for sure you're finished and have no errors! Whether you think your done or not, always triple check. Because say you just worked on a masterpiece collage for an hour with a zillion little details, then you click done only to find that there's a small eraser mark right through so&so's face. Too bad, so sad! To fix that, you must start all over! Boo! That has frustrated me several, several times! Just wondering what all the differences are (aside from background colors) between the free and paid versions???
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9 years ago, Katie528123
Love it
So this is an awesome app. It makes my edits look so professional. And it's so easy. So many people want an edit whenever I show them one I made. Yes it takes a little practice. But I learned just go slow and steady. Also the offset is like the best thing ever it helps out so much. I had an app like this that didn't have offset I could not tell where I was going. I seriously am using this app for so many edits. Also the target area tool is like so awesome but you have to have a certain background that you don't have any of that color on. Okay another bad thing about this app is the replenish tool doesn't always work it really frustrates me and sometimes I have to restart my work just cause I can't do anything about that mistake. I'm updating right now so they might have fixed that bug I'm hoping. Okay so another thing I like about this app is that the background can be an image from your camera roll I'm so happy I have been looking for an app like this for so long. Okay so one more bad thing is that I seriously have to use three other apps for this. I wish like this could be a collage an editing app and an eraser all in one that would be awesome. Okay so the last bad thing I can think of is if you leave the app to maybe quickly make a collage for your background all your work is lost which is like the worst feeling ever. So I just updated this app so hopefully all the bad things will change. This was a lint review. Thanks for reading it all
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5 years ago, Leahmaemae
very upset. money wasted.
i accidentally spent 9 dollars on this app for the no ads feature. i wasn’t happy about it but no biggie!! i figured, at least i’ll have no ads... but i still receive full length ads when i’m going to save a picture. i don’t usually get mad but i really enjoy this app for its features, but feel like i either need a refund or to actually get the service i didn’t intend on getting. when i say i accidentally made an in-app purchase, i mean i was curious about the price so i went to go check it. i opened it and saw $9 and i was like WOW i enjoy this app but i didn’t even have that much money on my itunes. i clicked out of the pop up several times and it kept coming back like a computer virus!! i tried to close out of the app to restart the application, being careful to tap with just the tippity-top of my finger, and it CONFIRMED MY PAYMENT. as mentioned before i didn’t even have that much money on my itunes, and so the rest of the charge went to my mothers card. i understand this is a risk with having finger id enabled, but it’s outrageous that it got to that point in the first place. the pop up came up over and over again, seriously, like a virus, and it looked terrible on your apps part. as i also previously mentioned, as upset as i was i decided to look on the bright side, that i now wouldn’t have to watch any ads on this app, and yet, i still get full ads every time i use it.
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2 years ago, KimmiB&AsherG
Easy as pie!
Easily cut out the favorite part of a photo or delete something you don’t want. If this is been at five or 10 years ago, my life would’ve been so much easier as a graphic designer. Images are easily opened in the application. It gives you the option to adjust color, temp, exposure…. And when he select the erase option you have the ability to go into the image and erase the background for elements he do not want if you make an error in your choice you can go back and adjust. NOTE: I suggest that you save all images edits prior trying any other of the apps functions, this will save you some time. Should you change your mind on an edit that you did. This is an awesome application for simplifying work, personal collages creating means and much more . Thanks!!
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9 years ago, MsReyes!
Easy to use plus free option!
UPDATE: so my one con after realizing I can smooth edges was sometimes it randomly erases parts of the original photo and you can't go back to the erase area and restore it. Once entering the background area anything u did prior in the erase part is permanent. It would be helpful if you could go back and forth without any issues. This makes me want to try competitor juxtaposer smh. But out of the other ones that offer free options this is the best. I was so ready to buy it to remove the watermark but this one issue has me ready not too smh. I really try not to spend money on apps if I can avoid it. Because there is usually a free option out there that can do the same job. I wanted to try a similar app but didn't want to shell out $2-3 only to be disappointed. This app is easy to use and does what it says. Plus it's cheap if u want to spend the money to remove the watermark, which I'll probably do eventually. The best part is being able to add your own background in too.
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1 year ago, Ucf guy 1267890
This app is like it’s name, simple and to the point, it is an eraser. there’s no thrills or flares, filters or other ways to distract you. This app is normally my first stop on my artistic projects, I use it to bring forward main subjects and erase the backgrounds (duh) it’s solid app that knows it’s value (price wise) and does it job However no app is perfect, to the developers I wish you would add a feathering or refining touch feature, sometimes when erasing by hand the edges are left pixelated and I’m not happy with the end result so I don’t use the image, and end I wasting my time. Secondly, and I know this may bea reach but I think some kind of smart snapping feature added onto the eraser or restore tool would help in making straight and precise cuts instead of going by hand 8/10
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4 years ago, Amazing I love it BUT
Best app ever while it worked! 😀
This app is amazing! I use it all the time for parts of my editing, and videos that I make! It’s the first thing I look towards for transparent backgrounds. This app was great until this day. I mean it’s still great but... today when I used it to quickly erase a background and then save it. I went to straight to my photos. And when I tap the screen and the background is black, then that means it worked! But today it wasn’t. Witch made me upset 😢 because I needed my hanging stars for an intro! I didn’t realize it until I put it in KineMaster, But then I saw it! I got really upset. But I gave it five stars because it has helped me since a while in 2019 and I really hope this year it’s fixed and that I can use it for more then I mentioned! Thank you so much for helping me! 😀❤️
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5 years ago, mysteriouscatyt
I was busy editing pictures all to go to kinemaster for my new intro so it was pretty good but today was not the day for the app I was busy as I told u b4 I spent almost four hours and that was editing I didn’t finish kinemaster I loved this app but then it made me watch full length ads which was Annoying but we are not here for that I went into kinemaster and it was a in a white rectangle I’m like ok I messed something up but I did it again and I WATCHED MORE ADS and got the same results remember one day this app will give u a hard time and I’m also seeing reviews about the so called scam premium and I’m happy for not ever buying that trash any ways I put 5 stars so people would see this 😔 and not get stressed bcs of this app I advise u to buy another app 😔 -by the girl who got really stressed about this
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5 years ago, Furthering377389
Works well!
Very good! Does the trick and has plenty of features to fix things up as far the the picture you’re superimposing (erase, target, modify coloring/saturation to match) The only the I’d change is you can’t mii I Dufy the background image at all. I wanted to move the pic around to see where it would look best, but the background picture remains the same size so I have to go manually into photos to crop the background picture and try again Also I little pricey. To save photos without a watermark is $10. It’s probably a great deal if you’re a regular user, but for me I literally only wanted this for one picture. Wish there was an option to pay a few bucks on a per photo basis rather than just unlimited
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6 months ago, JD Real
For Tami Marie & all other oafs using this
My reply providing a bit of true to refute the landfill of liareviews & that’ll also apply as helpful advice to the misguided and ignorant too, is coming soon. First a quick note to “Tami Marie at BtRC” & all of you quote abusers: the “quotation marks” are actually real “punctuation” that we “use” for a specific, fixed purpose. It’s “just” like adding !, ?, or any other punctuation, “they” convey a particular meaning. They’re not just a “decoration,” that you can “apply” to any word “or phrase” you want to highlight. See how stupid that looks? As for this app: iOS made background removal a standard function of the basic included photo app a long time ago. Unless you haven’t updated your iOS for years somehow (in which case you’re an idiot), your phone does all this app does better and without charge or ads. Learn a little about your expensive device and stop rewarding apps that charge you to use functions you paid for when you bought the iPhone!!!
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3 years ago, 👛🍓✨RHIME✨🍓🎀
Ok I see you…..👀
Overall love this app but there is a few things that could basically improve. So the idea I love of like so you can erase backgrounds and have your own backgrounds! But there is only a few options of what backgrounds you can choose from, colors…. But there not that many colors, I don’t think there is a white….. but I would want to do mint but they don’t have that and I know that you can just look up a pictures of mint and have it because you can have pictures as your background but….. There is also stats of space but I mean some people mite want it but I don’t really care for it nor use it that much, so I wish there was some more options. Also you erase it, ❤️❤️❤️, and if you erase something that you didn’t mean to erase like if your cutting out a face and you get it on the face, you don’t have to restart you can restore it so love that. But it can be really hard to erase it so It can be annoying to have to keep restoring so maybe ad something so you don’t have to cut it out like maybe just have an image and can just have the background go bye bye, or like a marker and just color it and can have it erase and will get rid of the background…. Over all love but….
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2 years ago, High Elf of Huge Meat
The ONLY app I’ve ever trusted for erasing!
I was devastated when I suddenly couldn’t redoenload this app a few weeks ago, because at the time it had been removed from the App Store. I’m so glad it’s back and has been updated. No other app does what this one does for free/with ads. This is the only app I’ve been able to use that properly can auto-detect backgrounds, even for line art or signatures instead of just a person. It also has a dropper tool to erase by color, and you can set the eraser at a distance from your finger for hard-to-see places. I’ve been using this app since August of 2017, and will continue to be a user of it for years to come.
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9 years ago, AkkadianAngel
So Far So Good...
I plan on doing a significant amount of "cutting and superimposing" in the near future; but for the time being, I have a very specific project in mind that I'm currently working on for a friend of mine, so I probably haven't really had a thorough enough experience to adequately rate this app, thus far. I will say, that for anyone who has any experience in photo editing, this seems to be a beautiful, incredibly simplistic (with little to no learning curve), and effective mobile alternative for quick, easy, successful results that you'll more than likely be very happy with -all things, considered. I'd have initially rated it 4 Stars had it given me the opportunity to at least see a preview of what my work will look like with a background added ...before forcing me to give a review; but due to this crippling limitation, I'm docking it a star and rating it at 3 Stars for now.
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9 months ago, Why won’t it save!?
Why won’t it save!?
So, I’ve been using this app for a bit now and everything used to work normally. But then I stop using it for a bit and after a little while I download it, so I was doing my usual stuff and then when I was done I went out to click save, but when I clicked it nothing happened, so I clicked off, but it wouldn’t let me, it was like is was frozen or something. So I refreshed the app and had to do my stuff all over again, I thought it was a normal bug since I haven’t used it in a while, then I did my stuff and clicked save, and the same thing happened again, I tested it out again to see if it would freeze again, and it did. But the thing is all of the other buttons work other than the save button. So please fix it!
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6 years ago, Diamond_Dark AJ
Okay, so I’m putting five stars because I want people to look at this and I’ll probably be at the top of the rating list. Anyways, the only problem I have with this is that once I’m done erasing my background, it shows a white line around the picture. So, I bought the “Upgrade Pro Version” and it says, “No Ad + No watermark!!” When I bought it, I still had the water-mark! If this is a glitch then, this is a big deal for the customers. Customers are wasting there over a glitch. And it’s 1.99! For me, tahts a lot of money to spend on two little things. Wasting over 1.99 dollars (U.S.A) on a add-free pass! I recommend not buying the “Upgrade Pro Version.” Fin~ Rating made on, 2018 Friday June 8th
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5 years ago, Morgan Effrain
Ok so I needed to edit some photos and at first I found it hard to get rid of the background and not get rid of some pieces of the person but then I found the target eraser and it was really easy! You can even choose your own backgrounds! This is how I did it. I was trying to edit something from GachaLife and I wanted the OC in a different room but gacha life didn’t have a room I liked so I went on Google and searched up images and took a screenshot of it! This app let me choose the background and then I uploaded the person and erased the person’s background then I sized her and put her in the background I liked! It works perfectly.
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5 years ago, XxerdocxX
Needs fix
To adjust “width”, one taps and scrolls left/right. Most of the time, the program assumes I’m still trying to erase where I’m tapping and thus erases right under the “width” adjustment bar. I hit undo and try again. It starts to work (scrolls a little to the right or left) and then suddenly again erases the picture below the scroll bar. I hit undo again. I try again. Frustrated reading this? Imagine how it feels to have paid $10 and have to deal with this amateur oversight. Also, no idea how to start a new project except to close the program. If there is a way, all I can say is that for ten dollars, such a very basic function should be intuitively placed on the screen as a “tap here to start a new project” option. I give the program credit for the ability to do photo overlays on the iPad. But until those two problems get fixed, can’t recommend.
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3 years ago, ur gurl Janelle
I like it but sometimes it doesn’t work.
So I love this app it helps me with my edits but sometimes it doesn’t erase the background. I feel like it’s a glitch or something but it happens with most background erasers that I have used in the past but this one is so much better out of them all. It’s easy to use. But too many ads, I saw lost of reviews saying this whole premium thing is a scam. So I don’t recommend getting it and wasting your 9 dollar on something that doesn’t work. I like the app but this has no reason to scam people. If your planning to buy the premium please don’t and just use the app regularly because you would get scammed. 😐 but on the other hand it’s a good app and works well I rate it a 3 star because of the issues.
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4 years ago, nczuko
Background issue
I love this app it’s amazing, and not to mention pretty easy to use! But there’s this one problem that recently happened, sometimes the background works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example instead of giving me a background png, it gives me a white background jpg which I’m pretty sure isn’t suppose to have since the whole purpose of this app, is to give you a transplant background. I’ll give it a two star right now since it basically happens all the time! And this is a problem because this one rarely shows ads and it’s amazing unlike the other ones that are hard to understand or have many ads. I hope this issue gets fixed soon or either telling us in the settings clear instructions if this ever happens like if it’s a setting error.
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8 years ago, Nilla5105
I really like this app for many reasons. The smooth feature helps me clean up the messy edges and I've made quite amazing edits using it. A few suggestions: 1. You should be able to zoom in more. That would allow for more detailed erasing. 2. Adding a double exposure feature or at least having an opacity feature would make this the ultimate app. I use this and another app to make double exposure edits and levitation edits but if you added this, I would just use this app. Overall this is one of the greatest apps I've eve downloaded and it still works well even though m phone can't get over IOS 7.2 which is often a problem.
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2 years ago, E4pres
Help Needed.
I downloaded this app in hopes to create stickers for future editing projects. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone past the “PRO: Unlimited access to all the premium content” pop-up ad when I open the app. I’m not sure if it’s coming from my end or yours, but it’s as if the “X” to click out of the ad is completely frozen. I haven’t been able to leave the pop-up ad, and I’m just stuck on that screen (unless I choose to pay, which I’m not going to do if I haven’t even tried any of the free content). I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app as well as shutting off my phone entirely. Nothing so far as worked, and I’m pretty disappointed. I hope this is just a little glitch or a bug that can be fixed, because I’m certainly not paying for an app that won’t even grant me access to the free features.
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3 years ago, Review~writer
NO down side!
There is literally no down side to this, when I do my animation this is perfect so I can erase out the background. I have never had a problem with this, except.. sometimes when I import the pictures I erased into KineMaster, some still don’t take away the background and it just comes out plain white! I don’t know which app is broken with that but if it’s this app, please fix it. Anyways, I definitely do recommend getting this app if you need to delete backgrounds for any photo, indeed! If you are a youtuber that does Gacha videos or even animation this is perfect for you!
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2 years ago, Monstercatlover
Colors and ocd
Ok ngl most png editing app or editing apps in general r skeptical looking but this is not. This is great ngl my old editing app was similar but didn’t have best tools and was so tedious this apps makes me excited to just edit without the 3 hr long tracing and stuff this takes less than 3 mins and I’m relieved… my only problem is that when u cut out the background it doesn’t get the whole background and leaves bits behind this is a problem for those who r detailed orientated like me and can see every slightest touch the other using same tool it’s not color oriented so it deletes the wrong thing or color. If these where fixed the app would be the best.
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6 years ago, DiamondYTLover
So, I’ve been using Background Eraser for a long time, along with some other editing apps. The first time I used this app, the TargetArea was REALLY confusing. I really thought I could fill in holes with the TargetColor, but it didn’t work.. the TargetColor and TargetArea aren’t confusing anymore, and I use this for all my edits! I even sponsored it to my friend, and SHE downloaded it! I recommend you download this, and developers, please add a tutorial for when you start using Background Eraser, and a gallery where you can store all of your Background Eraser Masterpieces! That’s all, keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, :Snowfall_Studios:
Many pros, serious con.
First off, I love this app. It’s great for gacha because of how precise it is. One con though, I don’t know if anyone else has this problem. But after your done erasing, and you are about to upload it to your photos, you get an advertisement. Which is perfectly fine, but I can never close the ad. I’d clean the screen, clean my fingers, and wait for it to close. But it never would, so I have to delete the app, re-download it, erase, upload to photos, and delete and re install the app for the next thing I have to erase. If can fix this, please do! If you cannot, it’s ok I’ll try to fix my phone instead. Anyways, great app! Will use again if I can get that problem fixed.
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4 years ago, 𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒😘😜😝😛😋🥳
αмαzιиg, вυт иєє∂ѕ ѕσмє ¢нαиєgєѕ
I got this app to get better at editing, and I kinda did. Anyways the app is amazing, way better than then the other apps I’ve tried. But, sometimes if my background is similar to the picture I’m editing and I want to erase it using the Target Area tool, it gets rid of it. Or sometimes, it won’t let me erase with the Target Area tool. Other than those two things everything else is amazing! Great job, keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully the next time this app is updated those problems will be fixed, and I can give you guys a five star review ~Sincerely A Satisfied Customer
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4 years ago, maingirl0502
It would be five stars but....
I love this app, most of the time it does it’s job and I am left with a transparent background. Yet there are some instances where I will erase my background, but it won’t work, it will have a white background. I always make sure that I have transparent background on, but for some reason it will show up with a background. Developers please fix this bug! It would really help so that other users and I don’t have to deal with this stupid bug. Sadly until this bug is fixed I won’t be able to update my star count. Great app overall, but there is one bug that ruins the easy use for me.
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6 years ago, DogLover123123
Bomb af
Really cool app and totes believable when I edit something. I’m always the one people ask if they want something edited because I am just so good at editing as long as I have this amazing holy app. This app has changed my life for the better and I would kill my family for the chance to unlock the solid colors pack because that would be even better. I will burn my house down as well just for the tiny chance that I may unlock the background star pack. Editing is everything to me. This app has made it possible. Thank you, Eraser. I’m forever thankful.
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5 years ago, GachaPSFB
Amazing work!
I think this app is cool. A little more backgrounds is something I would love! I like this app; mostly when I animate I can easily edit a green screen. But instead if I want to use a photo, I come to this app and edit out the background. It’s easy! For the people who want to use this for photo editing, I really recommend it! You can also get a lot of likes, and make it look like you are in something that is not possible to do on Instagram, or other apps to share your photos with. I think I’ll rap it up here! Just remember this is most recommended!
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9 years ago, Gfvyy fuze
It's okay
For everyone that is scrolling to review this please read this comment... Maybe there is not enough apps that have good quality or put to good use. But you're the one that is listening to my own opinion so hear it goes.. "I terribly hate this app!" That's what some would say. I would say "This app is a miracle." Well it is, this app has helped get random photobombers out of my pic.I start to hesitate on some apps to even buy or download them. Some of them ask you just for your money! This erase app doesn't it just wants your own advice to follow on Instagram(Easy) Write a Review (EASIER)
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6 years ago, Galaxy Happiness
Two problems tho...
So this is great, I use it to edit it my videos and it’s quite amazing despite the fact it’s free. But when I’m working I listen to music, but sometimes it will stop my music so then I have to click out of the app and turn back on my music deleting my progress. So if could may you please try to fix it? If so thanks. There’s also this one ad that’s like a slot machine, when the ad is over it won’t let me x off the ad. Even when 30 seconds is up it still won’t let me log out of it, so if can please fix that as well, thanks.
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2 years ago, Tead this please 🙏
Used to love it, now I hate it
At first I loved this app. I used it very regularly and found it convenient, fast and reliable. However, one thing ruined this app for me once released: the pro subscription. Let me start by saying I hate subscriptions. I’d rather make a one time purchase for pro. Anyways, when pro came out I didn’t buy it because I didn’t mind watching ads to use this app. Then, they started advertising pro to me every time I opened the app. I usually had no problem pressing the unnecessarily small “X” in the top left corner. Recently when I try and use the app, I go to press the “X” but it doesn’t work, rendering this app unusable without their subscription service. I would’ve recommended this app before, but now I wouldn’t.
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3 years ago, Changbins Bunny Slippers
highly recommend
I was trying to find a cut and crop app for so long. i wanted to simply crop out something in a picture, and add it onto another. I either had to pay or it didnt work. This app is so simple that it works perfectly! i just erase what i want, and save it, then using another app i can edit my cropped photo onto it. Don’t waste your time on the “magic fade” stuff that says it will get rid of the background for you. those are scams that just want your money, they dont want to help you. This ones a keeper!!
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2 years ago, KellieBlueEyes
Great app small adjustment
Only added option that would be handy would be the drawing ability. Some lines on images are rough and it would be helpful to add that without needing another app. Overall though amazing! Does easily remove background and allow for enhancements. Wish it had the ability to easily smooth pixels to create a sharper graphic. The wand is amazing but the brush is a little difficult. Glad it has the undo option since tapping on the wrong spot is an easy fix! Good simple app for removing unwanted portions of an image. I use this for Cricut projects.
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7 years ago, Beelin
I'd give this 5stars if it would stop eating my almost finished work. The app itself works well & has some nice features. BUT if you need to open another app or answer the phone, when you go back your work may be gone. If you save it as a precaution, then you can't restore anything you might have missed. Which is the other problem I have with it. If you want to adjust the size of the cursor, it often jumps to where the adjustment button is. So if you are erasing you can end up with a hole in your pic without knowing it.
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6 years ago, Reysapples
They made me do it!
...they made me write a review in order to get something. That does take the app down for me because it is a good app. As with all apps like this you tend to get what you pay for. I say they are higher than many, however, it isn’t the perfect app just yet. It is worth getting. I just wish the alps would just simplify things and charge to get the app instead of making us write reviews and pay to remove ads. Paying to remove ads is no big deal for me when the app is good. However, I should have to do both. And being told your only option to get a pack is to write a review can terribly back fire. It cost them a star from me.
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4 years ago, Hatrick 13
Good.. but help!
I would get this game if your reading this.. but! I would only when they fix a problem I’m having.. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or it’s just stored.. When ever I try to erase the background it does succeed.. but when I save it my photos.. it doesn’t!??? it’s like nothing happened!!!!! It’s getting annoying! (Edited) I do have dark mode... I’m wondering if it’s that? Because the picture has a background that’s black and then you click it big.. It’s white!? I can’t put it in Cute cut or anything! It still has a backGround.
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8 years ago, ᗩᖇieᒪ
I love this app!
This app works really well, it's fun just to play around with. It also is good editor when it comes to erasing backgrounds, but it only offers a few choices when it comes to backgrounds. For example, stars, gradient, colours, and photos. This app would be 5 stars if they could add another option. This option would be to google or "search" a picture as a background instead of having to go back and forth from apps when you want a certain background. Other than that I do recommend this app if you're looking for a good quality background eraser.
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3 years ago, SpacingGames
Good, but not too good.
This app definitely gets the work done, and I've been using it for a short while now. Everything controls really smoothly and it makes it easy to edit any image you want. However, sometimes when I save my edited photos, the photos will work as intended being cloned out and whatnot. But other times the image will appear with a white background, and it changes back and forth between the two. Hopefully, this will change, but if you want an app that works MOST of the time, this is your app.
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5 years ago, Jameows
Awesome for starters
I’ve been dating a boy online for a year now and we haven’t met yet due to us both being in high school ( we’re meeting this december over Christmas break ) but we always have artists draw us together lol so i decided i’d learn to digitally draw, I’m doing this with my hands on my iphone 8 plus no 2k$ art pad with a expensive stylist or anything and it’s going very well. I’m not bashing the pads or stylists it’s just for someone just starting you most likely aren’t going to invest that much money yet so 5 stars all the way 💛💛💛💛💛
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5 years ago, pic coco
This app is great! The reason I left two stars empty is because, it is very hard to control. The eraser for the background. It was hard for me to edit the photos, but you guys might be better of trying yourself and seeing if it is hard for you. Maybe it just isn’t the app for me. Although, I love to edit photos! Meanwhile, let’s talk about the bright side of this app... it really helped with my high school project and I got an A+!!! I guess that tells you a lot about the good part. This app was wonderful and I think everyone should get it to try it out and also rate it so other people can know new opinions! Thank you for reading! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗(shoclats!🍫)
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8 years ago, The photo group
I love this app!! It's absolutely amazing I really was exited when I found out there was an app like it. Me and my team have been looking for apps like this for a while and finally found you guys, I would definitely recommend it to people who want there backgrounds beautiful. I do want to recommend a on thing though, I would like to talk about different backgrounds. What I think should happen is you map the lake amusement parks and anything public, so anyone who wanted to could trace themselves jumping and with a background of any lake, for example the blue pool in Oregon , and have it looking like there jumping in!
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3 months ago, 👍🏾👌🏾🙌🏾🤙🏾
took a turn for the worst
I’ve been using the app for literal years with no problem until recently. Now it’s like the app basically forces you to get premium or you can’t use it at all. Upon opening the app I’m met with a page that advertises the pro version of Eraser which is fine except this page does not go away. Nor does it give you the option to exit out for over 5 MINUTES. 5 minutes worth of ad … and when the X button finally came up nothing happened with I clicked it. Leaving me to exit the app and go through another 5 minute ad. I get wanting to promote your service but doing so in a way that makes it hard to use said service AT ALL is bogus and frustrating
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6 months ago, Tami Marie @ BtRC
Works amazing, most of the time
I’ve used this app in my tshirt business for about 4yrs now. I use it to make “mock ups” for my tee designs. Recently, it’s been “glitching.” Which it has never done before. I’ve updated my phone, run diagnostics, I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, you name it. It’s still glitching. Not sure if it’s a phone issue or the app. Either way, it’s made the past 2 months difficult. And there are no other background eraser apps out there that work as well as this one does, for my business anyway.
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5 years ago, HiThisDude
Really great! I use it all the time!
Whenever I need a png image, I just come here and erase the background it’s easy! The only time it’s hard, is when it erases everything, because it’s either connected, or has similar colors or something when I use the target area or target color thing. Other than that, I love it! I use it all the time! And the best part is, it’s completely free! But there are ads, sometimes, and you can pay to remove them, but I don’t really mind the ads, because it’s not too much.
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2 years ago, fFzgFFYzzgGhZhx
It’s good
I was trying to look for an app where I can cut out the background and none of them would let me do it for free except this one. this app lets you cut out the background yourself for free and it has A feature that can do it automatically (you have to pay for that feature specifically which i totally understand cause you know, gotta earn money somehow) but i really enjoy the fact that they have a free feature unlike other stupid apps that make you pay to cut out the background yourself.
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5 years ago, Two6e4u
This app helped me save lots of money. I was able to create my business logo and marketing flyers with the help of this app. I have the free version so it has the ads right before the image is saved and added to my photos so that required patience since the ads are 10-30 seconds but it was work it. I suppose I’d be able to do a lot more with the paid version but i haven’t looked into it yet. I’d definitely consider it. This is by far one of the best free apps available!!!! Very happy with it
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6 years ago, mily183
I loaded this app to erase the background in some pics, and it doesn’t work!!!!! I am giving 5 stars to make sure people read this review before buying this cr.p. It asked me to pay $8.99 to delete watermark and adds and all the features so i paid the fee, but still i am not able to even get the background erase, so I called Apple and they told me i will be reimbursed in 30 days!!! And next time I should contact the developer, really??? Where??? Can anyone show me where is the contact info for this people???
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5 years ago, i love this app and want more
Ok so I’m a Gacha Tuber and when I do into‘ story my YT video’s, it was very difficult. I was browsing YT one day to try and find out how to fix this because the editing app I used doesn’t support the green screen effect (AKA Korma Key). Most of the time, my intro’s we’re bland and boring because it was just pictures if anime teenagers with up-beat music put to them. When I found this app, Now they are flying in with cool backgrounds and other fancy things. If you are a Gacha Tuber then this is a MUST GET App. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!
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8 years ago, Tokyo bound
Cool, but needs a back button
Cool app, but it really needs a back button. Once you hit "done," you can't go back and undo anything. You can erase more, but you can't reveal anything that you may have accidentally erased before. You have to start over completely by importing the photo again. Also, I lost all the work I did on a photo because I went to the photo album to load another photo, thinking I was loading a background. Being able to go back to the previous photo I was working on would've saved me a lot of frustration.
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