Bad Eggs Online 2

4.2 (385)
67.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bad Viking Ltd
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bad Eggs Online 2

4.22 out of 5
385 Ratings
5 years ago, ReviewDanny559
Great game two problems
I am addicted to this game but I hate when we can’t kick people who are afk in the lobby and we have to wait like 80 seconds. What if u wanted a rematch but can’t wait. Second is it freezes at points like the game pauses the time and everything works such as talking but u can’t play so ur forced to exit
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1 year ago, jggyjgrtuijjioi
Where y’all at?!?!?!
I’ve been playing this game pretty much since y’all came out. Where did y’all go? This game has not been updated in over four years yet. You still have mini players getting on and enjoying this game. Why did y’all leave? Y’all need to come back and give this game some love!! It’s a great game, but some updates would be nice. Give us some more weapons fix these little annoying bugs that this game has every once in a while don’t just leave it behind. I understand y’all jumped in new projects but come on it’s been four years come back! Don’t come back because of y’all come back because of us.
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4 years ago, PuffDracular
Really enjoy the game but...
I used to play this kongregate and absolutely love it. Recently picked it back up on mobile but I can’t get my account linked/access to it. I went through my old emails, got access back to my old account, and linked it up to Facebook so I could login. But it’s says I’m level 1 and I don’t have access to any of the weapon packs I’ve bought in the past. I’d really like to pick up where I left off and keep enjoying this game. But if all the time and money I sunk into it already is gone then I really don’t know if I can.
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2 years ago, Lenwoodjr
One Star!
I used to love this game playing this game everyday on my free time but now I can’t play anymore because they screwed all the Facebook users over. Facebook was my only way to play this game with a prestige 4 level 50 account and now it’s all gun thanks to the developer access thing that pops up when I try to play this game now. 6 years of my account gone. Please, do something about this game I know you don’t support this game anymore bad Viking but please do something. I’m updating this review and saying that Facebook token is invalid.
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6 years ago, Abc Alex
Please update🙏🏻and great game😀
Honestly I wanted todo this for so long but now is the time im doing this so the game isn’t really getting updated a lot even though it has people playing and I hope u update or you know give the people playing at least 50 credits maybe but anyways I still love it it sure is for me and I hope people like it too!
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2 weeks ago, RayKYLay
What happen
Where did u guys go? I been playing this game ever since and it’s been years without an update, there are still a lot of active players waiting for the creator to come back with updates for this game
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6 years ago, AlabamaPro971
Great game but...
The game is great but the game keeps stopping after a turn, a lot of the time after I take a turn the timer stops and everything freezes the animations are going on, I can still scroll up etc. but u can’t do anything else the timer stops and the game just freezes
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2 years ago, SmithUsu
The Game Graphics Is Great & All And It Works Stably But Problem Is Within A Few Mintues/Hours Playing In The Game It Starts To Freeze & Lags The Player Out The Game … Please Fix This One Of My Favorite Games To Play.
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6 years ago, Jetblender29
Fix This!
Hey! On your game Bad Eggs 2 Online I made a purchase for 200 credits with a 20 credit extra and I paid $9.99 for it and the credits should have gone through to my account and instead I hop on the game super excited and it still says I have 15 credits! Fix this! Or your not only going to lose a donator but a player who quite enjoys your game! So stop ignoring your fans and the people who enjoy your game and fix what you screwed up! My account is Jetblender29! Fix This!
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7 years ago, Fehrigjtngshsh
I don't even know
Kicks me out n iPad mini not on phone once I'm playing for a while...screen turns black or freezes then Sends me to my home's annoying please fix
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7 years ago, Stubs gush
Great Game But A Little Pay 2 Win
Great and fun game but it is a little hard to win because you normally vs people that are lots of levels past you and you just get rekt but it is still a fun game to play.
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3 years ago, J.G E-Rez
Fun & Addictive
It’s a good game overall, just wish the developer/s would update it. Needs more weapons and skins and maybe events or tournaments?
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2 years ago, 172738384$36
Please update again
This game is a super old classic with so much potential if it was revamped… please update again!
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4 years ago, lsz-v3b
Bad game
The game is usually unfair, it’s all about luck. If you don’t have the right weapons you loss, even if you pay for premium weapons, the game lets you to use only a few ones. It doesn’t matter if you are good with the aim, if the game doesn’t dive the right weapons, you are lost, because the rival would have the correct weapons to defeat you. It’s just unfair.
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2 years ago, Tick ah
They need to add new weapons and maps etc start adding stuff to the game more
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5 years ago, melody_anfe
It's a really great game and all, but whenever I'm playing in a team against another team, I always lose my turn! I rarely get a chance to um..shoot? It's really unfair, but it's a very good game!
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5 years ago, Hunter17391
Good game but can’t see
I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but if a map gets destroyed down to the bottom where you can’t destroy anything more below you, I can’t see because the HUD is covering the bottom. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Me sent
Doesn’t fit screen
I have iPhone X and it doesn’t fit the screen well please fix
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5 years ago, NotoriousBAG
Where are the credits for the new year?
I updated the game saying we get 20 free credits but I haven’t received them. What’s the problem?
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6 years ago, Corazónes Roman's
Its not fair how the rc sworm works on the mobiel but not in pc hope u fix that snd the shells with wepons are too much money can u put s discount to buy them.
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6 years ago, •Gianky•
Bad Eggs 2
Need a UPDATE The game have potential but we use the same weapons and maps always! They need to update sequently
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5 years ago, Bubus300
Please update
I’ve been playing this game since the launch on pc please add more weapons pack or unlockables
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5 years ago, @/3x!$
Fun but needs improvements
Can’t invite my friends. Envelope doesn’t appear. Add an option to block people
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6 years ago, Zanaoriax
Your New Game
I want to play Broken Ground on mobile. Please make it on mobile and available on App Store soon. Thanks. Great Bad Eggs 2 Game 👍🏾
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4 years ago, Dan Bunting
You should give more credits out
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4 years ago, Msaboria
Please update
Please update this game it’s so good but you guys just quit on us players... please update Atleast once or twice a year... 🥺✊
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2 years ago, Cloudypoff
Pay to win
It’s fun but people can pay to win and since the admins are the worst admins I have ever met no one gets banned even though they call each other slurs
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3 years ago, uhidkany
Fix this bug
I like this game but this one bug in the game is annoying, if you have -1 or lower rep you cannot join another game.. It says in order to gain rep is by playing a round and by getting online.. but that is impossible😐😐
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6 years ago, Lilpumpsucks
Good, but has some flaws
In the game on mobile, I play the game, and the map will get destroyed, then you can’t see your egg or the enemies egg
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6 years ago, Reklawlah
The original
The original Bad Eggs Online was so good, you have no idea. It was a genius game, enthralling and balanced perfectly. I wish they would revisit their roots.
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2 years ago, SneezySaturn031
The Perfect Game
My only complaint is that there isn’t a 3rd Bad Eggs
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5 years ago, jayden1124
I love this game
I only wish there was a way to sign in offline and play bots or something
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2 years ago, nando20008
Scammed out of credits
I love this game the problem is when I bought 10$ of credits on my old acc I don’t have anymore it did not register never got them
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11 months ago, sig srry u gg
Come back
We love this game y’all need to come back
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4 years ago, finnawinit
Great game.. just needs way to get credits without buying them
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4 years ago, Jake the pooper toy
Amazing game
Hi Bad Viking! I love your game so much, please don’t remove it off the App Store ever. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Emilio 15294602704703
Needs support for IPhone X and higher
Great game I just wish there support for iPhone X and above
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6 years ago, QxZu
What is the logic of this game when it comes to throwing healing pots and it just goes through an big obese fat egg. This game is trash and honestly it should be shut down like club penguin. I do not recommend this game at all
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6 years ago, Sweggy sweeggy sweeggy
Startup crash
everytime i launch the game it crashes I already try reinstalling many time but it doesnt work.. but it works fine with me before the update please fix this issue.
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9 months ago, PharmDB
Please Update
There are still so many people who play why has it not been updated?? It’s been FOUR years, you are loosing out on so much money.
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7 years ago, Trxpz
Size update
Need to support iPhone X screen
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6 years ago, OofMeme218
Add Change Name tag??
Plz add it i wanna change my name tag soo bad
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3 years ago, foxfox2271
Toxic players
There players are toxic and bully you this app should be taken down there support is horrible this should not even be a game or app they really should take it down
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6 years ago, 23Kobe23
Best game ever!!
But I’m still waiting for more shells/Packs ✌🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, OG booty hunter
Great game but...
This game is fun and addicting but is pay to win
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5 years ago, Recalledsoup
Please add new stuff and update it to the new iphones (x,xs,xr. Ect)
Pls update the game 😫
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7 years ago, Savage_Dude17
Bad Eggs Online 2
This is the best game i ever played
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6 years ago, -_- Bs
Purchase error
I naught 9.99$ worth for credits in the game and it didn’t give me anything after waiting for hours worst thing ever to happen to me in a game
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8 months ago, Turtleman #1
Glad I paid a bunch of money to very rarely get any of them and when I do it’s 1-2 uses and 1-3 good weapons.
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3 years ago, mompuyss
bad game
this game is terrible in my humble opinion. i was forced to download this game and i was told that it was fun but in actuality it was the worst game i’ve ever downloaded. it made me sick to the core. just thinking about this game makes me want to commit arson. pls take this game out of my purchased. thank u have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow. xoxo.
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