Bad Piggies

4.2 (5K)
207 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rovio Entertainment Oyj
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bad Piggies

4.17 out of 5
5K Ratings
6 years ago, Tate_Hans
Great game!!!
I just started this game several days ago and it’s fun. The objective of this game is to build the best machine to get you to the end of the level with the least amount of damage. Every level you get scored on a three star basis, you earn these stars buy doing a variation of things throughout the level, if you can’t complete all of these at once the you can go back and get that missing star and it will save with the others. Every fifth level requires a certain amount of stars to unlock it. When each level ends you get a rewards so you can swap out your parts to better parts, you can also earn coins from each level. There is also the sandbox mode where you can use all your parts to build and gather the 20 boxes for each sandbox mode to earn rewards. Overall it’s a great game, the reason I’m rating it 4 stars instead of 5 is because after so long it starts lagging and you have to restart the game for it to work again, I don’t know if it is because of my device (an iPhone 5s). Give it a try it’s a great game. Also give multiplayer mode a try, try your skills out in real time!!! Great game!!!!!
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4 years ago, AidanGamer789
Probably the best game.
Even how literally most animations are broken, there is still a HD version but I really prefer to play this. Remember when this game was removed? I am so happy it was added back. The game is still basically the same but if you’re endgame (which I’m not close to at all), you can still continue playing the “Cake Race” and the sandbox free roam place that you need money to pay for (it’s called sandbox of dreams I think). The “Sandbox of Dreams” is where you can build any possible machine you want as what if, the Cake Race is an online competitive mode. So basically, you have to get as much cakes as you can in a matter of time. The cakes give you points which whoever with the most points wins. Winning gives you crates which crates give you items to customize also. Another way to get crates are to find them in levels daily. If you don’t want to grind a lot for crates then grind for bolts, you can trade 80 each for a randomized customized item. The levels and the other sandboxes can be hard and a pain but sometimes can be fun. If you didn’t know, this is a puzzle game that can give your brain a challenge. Don’t worry because you can use coins for power ups and hints. Why don’t you give this game a try?
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7 years ago, SWestern
Ignoring the massive cracks, maybe good
The road to el porkado is entirely useless since most levels have bridges, and every bridge gets stuck inside a wall and phases in and out of existence so that some levels are impassable, the amount of cake you get to feed the pig king is far too much, reaching 150 without even trying, and you have to slowly feed it one by one for such little tiny reward. The only way to sort of unleash your creativity isn't actually sandbox mode, which feels somewhat mislabeled, but is actually their $3 field of dreams DLC. And the daily crate system constantly puts them in the el porkado levels, and the crates often give you a pitiful amount of reward, even the gold crate only gave 32 bolts/nuts, 2/3 parts were ones I already had, and just a couple of power ups. The ads are incessant and the only way to keep up with their coin currency is to constantly watch ads for gem, but then most of the time if you instead just repeat the same level or progress it still plays an ad for you without reward. It feels entirely arbitrary. After playing the game when it came out, and coming back to it two years later, I feel it's gotten worse. More features don't equate to a better game. Time just flies by while playing this, but instead of leaving you entertained, at a certain point in the game it just drives you crazy. TLDR: Amazing at killing time, and driving you crazy.
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3 days ago, kids named christian are gay
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4 years ago, make it a little easier😾
A little problem for mobile also something that would be nice
It’s not the screen on my phone but when I’m trying to build like I can’t place the block in some places sometimes like sometimes the block won’t come out or it will but I’ll move it to a certain spot and the block just disappear and the bug aside do u think U can make the field of dreams build spot where that when u build something and u push the move whole build to the side can u make it where it won’t just stop if a block is at edge and make it where u can slide the thing out (here’s a small example) say the building space was 5x5 well it would be cool if u can make something five blocks long and u push the move whole build over button and it moves it out of the building area then u can make a 6 block long line or even longer but only on field of dreams oooorrr if u can’t do that can u at least expand field of dreams 6 blocks longer and 5 blocks higher? This may be a lot to ask but it would be really nice 👍
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6 years ago, Mister Darg Blargit
First of all, the devs did a good job fixing the Road to El Porkado levels with the whole glitch with the bridges. However, this had created many more glitches. Let's just say I have played this game religiously for as long as I can remember. There have been few glitches in the game, and fewer I could exploit. Now, we have a buttload of glitches. For example, there are small visual glitches with many of the animations. These animations are mostly harmless though. Next, the loot crates are typically hit or miss when it comes to... Well... Loading. The custom part machine straight up doesn't work anymore, and I can't get my alien parts I have saved up a lot for. The game crashes whenever I try to record with the camera icon. I'm not sure if this a glitch, but all the loot crates for me are wooden, metal, or golden, which I find beneficial. Finally, in the cake race, I have gotten downgraded all the way back to the piggy cup, when I'm supposed to be in the king cup. I understand you guys are trying to fix this game ad much as you can, but this update had done more bad than good. Update: They finally fixed the part machine! It kinda took them long enough, and I'm really glad.
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3 years ago, Awesomebird4
Great base, years of rust
I’ve got good memories of this game. I got it during my childhood, and more recently decided to pick it up again. It’s pretty fun, trying to think of the best way to get to the goal. However, this game has aged, and inconsistent physics combined with bugs in collisions has made a few levels less about strategy, and more about luck. While that can be annoying, it’s not impossible to deal with, unlike what happened about a month ago. They had released their first update in years, and it had broken EVERYTHING. Crates couldn’t be opened, players couldn’t access the levels, and my save data was rendered inaccessible. I had it linked through Facebook, which the game refused to connect to. Fortunately, these issues were fixed today, but they’re forcing me to allow data tracking, and I have no guarantee that it will keep working. The game itself would get 5 stars, but the issues I’ve faced have forced it down a star.
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2 weeks ago, Jason Knight night
To small building area! And problem with cake race race
I Like this game but the building area is so small that I have to do the whole level 90 times to get it right and that’s annoying! So in conclusion developer please make the building area bigger so I don’t have to do the level 90 times . I will be more happy with the game. thank you😀 Cake races are fun but not when the judge gets all the scores wrong when I last played cake race something terrible happened first the judge got the score wrong one time saying that that the opponent got 88,000 points and I got 55,000 points what what!? that’s strange because because the opponent had 10,000 points and I had 55,000 but at the last second I hit the TNT button boom!💥 he gets 88,000 points. What? That’s crazy and this is getting crazy weird I don’t like how this is going on the last time I played it played cake race I got 100,000 points. The other opponent got 108,000 points. I don’t understand. please fix this developer.😢
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2 years ago, SuperSaiyanGodCortez
Pretty fun, albeit a few problems.
I love this game. It bring a back so many memories. But there are quite a few things that are really problematic for me. 1. Sometimes when I get bolts, coins, or EXP (particularly from King Pig) the number increases and then decreases. And sometimes it does not go up at all or even goes down. Why is that? 2. The only way you can use the spinner is to level up, and it takes too long to get EXP. It feels like I’m only getting 5 EXP per level. There should be something where you can do a daily spin or something. 3. The only way you can get coin currency is by watching ads. There’s no other way to get them other than King Pig. Why aren’t there missions or achievements or something? 4. I can’t find some parts in the instructional idea manual. 5. It takes too long to get bolts for ⭐️⭐️⭐️ parts. 6. Sometimes you’ll get parts you already have, and this makes it quite painful to try to get every different part in the game. Despite the fact that this game has quite a few flaws, Bad Piggies is still a very fun game for killing time, and it’s fun to try to do your best on every level. If you like Angry Birds pigs or building transports to beat levels, this is a good game to play!
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3 years ago, Racing lover
Thank you, Rovio! Congratulations! You have returned Bad Piggies to the App Store from! I am so proud! 8D But there are still more Classic Games that should return. They are... - Angry Birds Classic (10th Anniversary / Birthday had come; Add Restore Purchases button) - Angry Birds Seasons (Update Winter Wonderham with Original Purple Background & Theme Song from Seasons version 3.1.0) - Angry Birds Space - Angry Birds Go! (My favorite; & update game to Turbo Edition build) - Angry Birds Epic (Arena Mode gets stuck due to no more Class Upgrades, by the way) Please return the above classic Angry Birds apps back to the App Store soon. Apps discontinued (but I hope they could return some other way, via compromise with Walt Disney Company): Show more
2 years ago, TheGoldenGeorge
What I Think
I love this game! A game that has parts just like angry birds: reds mighty feathers! The only things missing, are The bubble fans, pink balloons, vacuums, Triangular Parts, Clips To Detach parts of the Transportation Device Gears to move parts, Having the clip things move/arrange parts, unbreakable strings, and other parts that never made it in. I also do Like new parts as well! I also found some bugs, like only being able to revive extra bolts for 1 part I already have. If there is more then one, The other parts will not add any bolts. And also, I cannot get the achievement for 6-11 (The treasure. Because I keep touching/landing on the flower. But nothing happens. Other then those notes, This game still gets five stars. Your welcome, and I hope an update will add the other missing parts from reds mighty feathers, and the bugs get fixed. Have a great day. 😉
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12 months ago, Eduardo8742
cured my dog’s depression ❤️
i am so beyond thankful for this game it’s magical. ever since my papi elpesto died my little chihuahua miguel had been down in the dumps. literally. his only source of happiness was eating the leftover tamales from the neighbors trashcan. they kept getting so mad at him they beat him with mommy emeldas sandals. so he would come inside everyday crying so i had to do something. i had been playing this game for a bit but never got into it. one day after he got beat he came in crying and found my phone open on this game from earlier. it was love at first sight. it was the happiest i’ve ever seen him. it went on all day. even when i went to bed i heard him barking in complete joy along with the oinks of the piggies. thankyou so much bad piggies for this blessed game that cured my dogs eternal sadness. -R.I.P. papi elpesto❤️🙏🕊️🪦
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3 years ago, The Young adoogie
There’s a Facebook save-data issue.
As old as this game is, and as fun as it is, I’ve reinstalled it recently, and have been playing it for a while now. At one point, I decided to make a Facebook account so that I could save all of my data, just in case. This is what happens if you ever connect an account with an already data driven game of Bad Piggies: All of your parts are said to be new. All cake race progress is lost until the next season begins. All sandbox levels will unlock at the same time, (if already unlocked prior) making a distorted noise, and will do the same unlock feature every time you look at another part of the screen or reload the game. Levels will also bug, and can’t keep track of how many you’ve completed sometimes, or of how many stars you have. Achievements will reappear whenever you do their specific action again. All level creations will not be saved, including the A to B to C pre-built power up contraptions. (Field of Dreams and all sandboxes also lose their creations, yet save their data.) If you’re wanting to save your data, don’t do it unless you really know that it’ll be deleted.
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2 years ago, Nickbc7
Love it!
It’s so fun and it makes me think. Finally a fun and entertaining gravity, engineering, fun way to think simple machines and science. Kinda hard, which I like. The same way it reuses the thing you already have, getting screws has never been easier. The new game mode is very hard and amazingly satisfying at the crashes. One little problem is that the small crashes is turned to a big one but the extra power ups makes it very fun. One, two, and three stars is always exiting to get, but the celebration will be bigger if you get better stuff one star is a small celebration, two will be a bit bigger, three stars will be a huge celebration on the screen with fireworks friends/pigs celebrating on your screen. Any way, this game is amazing!
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5 years ago, Bad piggy OiNk!
Greatest game ever! But, a deluxe ver. Please.
This game is so much fun. I’ve been playing this game for hours and hours. I had the best time ever. But...I was just curious about making a Bad piggies DELUXE! I’m not saying you have to. But you could if you want... But if you did, I would like to tell you what you should add. •Foreman pig. I know he is in cake race, but I would think having him in one of each levels.. would be pretty cool. •Red soda or any other color of soda. This would be great for making things go faster. Or make a battle between Red vs Green soda! I think personally you should add that. •Cannons. This would be a fabulous idea to add cannons to the game. Maybe the players of the game can put the pig in the cannon and the make it shoot out of the cannon. •Dorkish Porkish levels. I chose that name just so I can be creative... but you can change it if you want. •3 boxes boxing gloves. It will be good for trying to the birds out of your way. •Anvil thrower. This would also be good for the birds or for fun. •And the last one.... Adding corporal pig to a skin roster. Usually corporal pig is just the same as the minion pigs except with an helmet. Also please add the same old models to the deluxe ver. Please? ***** Thank you! *****
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5 years ago, SwannyJocker
Problems With Bad Piggies, oh, AND ALSO GREAT UPDATE IDEA!
Hello, Please make a game called Bad Piggies 2! If you would make a game like that, add a unlimited building mode, 3-D Machines, oh and also, please add more levels in Bad Piggies. Bad Piggies 2, Will be a better game I’m guessing it will come out in a few months. Now for the problems of Bad Piggies, First off, When I press the camera icon, The game crashes. Please fix that! Also, The images on the pigs are clipping in and out on the level titles. Oh also The Cake Race, It matches me with players that are levels 20 or greater than me and I never win. Please fix the clipping in and out bug, the camera bug, also the cake race bug. But, thanks for fixing the glitch in The Road From El Porkado. But, this app is still PRETTY GREAT!!! Oh, Also the update, please add a new mode that is called “Unlimited Building”, More episodes like, Deep In The Pigcific, Muddy, Pigsy Mountains, And King Pig Rivers. And please add another game mode that is called, “Piggy Egg Finder”. I’ll tell you how to play, you build a machine, find all 5 eggs in 1:00, Find the final golden egg and get 50 three-star parts. I Hope You Fix These Bugs and like my ideas, Jan, 2019 Happy New Year Rovio!
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4 years ago, Waterbro 2 YT
Used to be a good game. In 2020 it’s not..
So I decided I wanted to start playing this game again in 2020. So I started playing and the game was fine but I saw a few bugs but that’s not my problem. Right now I’m requesting a refund because I never got my field of dreams in-app purchase and wasted $3 on it. I went to go restore purchases and it said it failed or didn’t even let me do it. Either the developers don’t put time into this app anymore or they are scamming me out of my money. Both are really annoying as this was a good game and I really like this game and I wish they kept going on with it but apparently angry birds 2 is what they are still working on and that game I think is pure crap compared to the original games especially the first angry birds and angry birds Star Wars and rio and stuff like why rovio!!! That’s why you should not purchase anything from this game anymore because it’s literally broken and has lots of bugs. Trust me you’ll get scammed out of your money! 🤬🤬
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3 years ago, TropicDave173
Level Differences In Cake Race.
Cake Race is honestly not a bad gamemode. It gives you free crates (although I have no idea why you can’t discard the lower tier crates in the slots, I can see why but still), quite some XP, and a bit of a challenge. My only complaint is the skill differences between matches sometimes. Now to be fair, that isn’t always a problem. But when it does happen, it’s always with someone several levels above yours. Even if you do try your best, you still lose to them regardless. A way to fix this is to find players either a level above or below yours. I just wanted to go on a rant, since this has happened to me many times as of now.
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2 years ago, TankInsight616
Very fun, would recommend.
I enjoyed bad piggies since I was young, and the nostalgia still comes back when I play now a days. The cake race is a little flawed with it’s matchmaking in that it can pair you up with an extremely high leveled player that can’t be beat due to the fact that their level gives them more points per cake collected. You can then be assigned this player over and over again, which makes cake race almost unbeatable. (I’ve been stuck against a lvl 23 player for about 30 matches now). Other than that, there are very few things for me to complain about and I find bad piggies to be one of the best mobile games of all time.
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5 years ago, tlw0306
Good game but glitchy
The Road to El Porkado fixed the levers but the pictures were clipping in the level titles. Plus, when the camera icon is pressed, the game crashes. Please fix the clipping and the camera icon crashing the game. There was also advertising in the game after I complete a few levels. The developer should add bad piggies without ads. But when I play this game on an iPhone, none of this happens except the advertising. I don’t know why it happens, but I will try not to make it happen. I am trying to see if there is a game called bad piggies 2. If there was a game like that, they will add new modes like, unlimited building mode, and piggy egg finder. I suggest this will come soon. This game is cool, but kinda glitchy.
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5 years ago, Gooftroop1021
Great Creative Game!(kinda hard)
I really don’t think ANYONE should be complaining about this game. Sure, the Field of Dreams cost $3 but if you think about it, in sandbox you could maybe make some kind of flying machine or something like that. And you know what? I feel like the game has gotten BETTER. The crates are pretty good and it’s nice to be able to customize your parts for your piggy. I guess it IS a little hard though, but that’s just how Bad Piggies is. You have to guess and check and get creative about what you build to succeed! Anyways Rovio you did a great job on this game! Could you maybe come back to this game someday and update it to make more people enjoy it please? Good luck on making Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs!👍
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11 months ago, sethbrown321
Love Bad Piggies, but there’s just one issue…
I absolutely LOVE Bad Piggies, but there’s just one issue, I bought the Field of Dreams, which is supposed to remove ads, as the game says that any purchase removes ads. But I’m still seeing ads… I’m guessing it’s a glitch, but I thought it was pretty discouraging seeing that it didn’t remove ads at all. I intentionally bought the Field of Dreams for the sandbox mode, so no issues there… just wish the ads were gone. Other than that, I love the game, and I love how you can attain all 3 stars in each level by repeating the level and doing different things for each run, it’s very convenient. Thanks Rovio for making some of the best games of my childhood!
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4 years ago, AwesomeRobloxGamerYT
Amazing, but one issue
So, I just got this game today and... well, I think I’m going to just go all out. This game is awesome! It’s sooo well made and the pigs squeals are just the best! But, while I was looking through the sandboxs I came across the pack that cost $2.99 (I can’t remember what it’s called) but anyways I could not buy it. I Tapped on it, hit buy, and nothing happened. All it was was a loading screen but no way to complete the purchase. It was just a loading screen and nothing else, just a loading screen. I was on that for about 5 mins when it all of a sudden said “Sorry, your purchase can not be completed.” OMG, you wait 5 mins then tell me that it can’t be complete. (sorry for the caps) but this issue can be easily fixed and I think that It should be fixed.
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6 years ago, Sunnytron3000
Good but Buggy. 🤨
Ok, I’m very happy about the fix just put in place. The road the awl Porkador is fixed, so thanks. BUTTTTT, This update has created problems for me. The pigs on the chapter titles textures are clipping in and out of each other, which is weird and looks very, bad. And this patch also broke the crate system for me, no longer will 3 crates appear each day but it shows no crates at all and just 3 Xs. This MIGHT just be the game getting used to the patch, but if not. Please look into the issue. Thanks for fixing the levers though, I like my games, playable.
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2 years ago, CloserRook
Loved this game… back when it had no ads.
I bought this years ago and I remember it fondly because there were no ads or micro-transactions whatsoever. As time went by, with every “update,” arrived an ever-increasing, obstructive, in-your-face style ads that popped up every step of the way, whether I advanced to the next level or simply paused the game. The micro-transactions that followed became the extra salt in the wound. Ultimately these atrocities ruined my gaming experience, so I deleted it this app from my phone along with all the other games created by Rovio for the exact same reasons. Fast forward to 2022. I was hoping that Rovio would learn from these mistakes and update or remake Bad Piggies like they did for Angry Birds Classic (no ads or micros-transactions). Unfortunately nothing has changed with the former, so I deleted this game from my phone once more.
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8 months ago, Hylian Waffle
Great Game; A Classic! With a few issues.
For one I want to say that this is a great game (I just wish it didn’t have so many ads.) I also think the addition of customizable parts is great! However, the process takes so long that by the time you even begin to unlock the 3 star and secret 4 star parts (that have special abilities) you’ve likely already fully completed the game, meaning you have no motivation to continue. Also, a new bug causes objects you pick up in the item bar to appear above your finger rather than under it, which can make it very difficult to build things.
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3 years ago, zBen Ctarik
My review is not about the gameplay, since I barely got to play any of the game. I got it a few days ago, and when I opened it recently to play, it was greyed out and the only thing I could click is the new game mode, cake race. I hate when games do that, but fine, figured ill just click it, back out and play the game. But, you can only play cake race after you play the first five levels of the real game. But, it wont stop being greyed out so I can play the real game until I play cake race, which I cant. So I'm stuck in an infinite loop between the greyed out main menu, where the only thing I can click is the cake race cupcake icon, and the menu that comes up afterwards, where I can choose between "ok" and the x, both of which just take me back to the menu. So it's pretty much broken, and I can't play either game mode.
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4 years ago, Wapo Laguti
Looks great; unplayable
Too much set up that never ends. Then adds mixed in. Once the game starts, interaction stops. All great at communicating to people more than familiar with it already, but immediately meaningless to newbies, and figuring out the meaning is, as mentioned (above), endlessly setting up. I think Rovio is just waiting for earlier generations to die off, as their other still existing games (they’ve made the older [much much better] ones, that you could just sit down and play immediately, unavailable) are as bad in this regard as this one. So, as I said, unplayable (sigh). Please do better. You’ve done so in the past, so I know it is possible (did you guys just lose, somehow, all that expertise?). With great regret (honestly, you have no idea) I’ll delete the app. If I hear you’ve improved this (also, get rid of the extra abundant crazy amount of distracting boring meaningless dull-as -F*** flashiness, and return to the rich beauty where you notice something new every time you play but doesn’t block and distract from the gameplay), I may explore again. But its not worth checking in more than once every few years, as I’ve just done so now, and STILL the games are everything in this lament: looking great, but completely unplayable.
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4 years ago, revinatobia
This game was fun back then now it at like it forgotten
I use to play this game when I was like 8, I use to play it all day. Now it like no one notice it. Also the game is to much glitchy bc they have not update it in like 4 years. It completely dead this game. To the people who made this game We want a come back to this game it will bring up my childhood back. I feel like even the people who made this game forgot about it. I know no body ask for this game like no one ask for the movie. for the past 2 weeks I recently played this game just to see what changes they made on last 6 years. They made nothing. I hope in the future they can make it at least a little noticeable bad piggies
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5 months ago, much more memes
Good game & Glitch
When i go in the game i was playing in the i will say first rectangle then i taped the 2nd blue square with no star and then I look at the map of it then i build something and then i taped the play button and then the camera was in the same spot and the thing I made goed away and the camera wasn’t following it then I tapped a button and it respawned the thing I made but the first thing I made was colliding with the second thing I made so when I taped the continue button i taped the play button again then I repeated that for some time then I wrote this.
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12 months ago, shctvcsj dmxjc
Good but ads
I enjoy the game it is good and I don’t have many problems with the gameplay itself but when I re-download it it recently, I realize now it has ads. So many games are like this now that I’m not surprised so what I did is turned off my Wi-Fi so I couldn't get ad. Here’s the bad part. The game developers thought of this, so when you play without Wi-Fi you can’t get experience points so I can’t level up unless I watch ads and on top of that if I beat a level without Wi-Fi I can’t get the XP from that level ever again so overall I enjoy this but even when I try to play without ads, are you still figure out a way so you have to play with ads.
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3 weeks ago, Cool gamer boy
The spring
I found a crazy glitch that the spring Destructively it works and sandboxes except for groundhog Day ones if you want to make the spring go destructive you need to have a TNT a spring and a rope make sure you don’t have a pig. This only works without the pig the pig will not see it but you will if you are on number 12 or three on the same box but make sure it has a rope and no go playable click it a lot of times and the screen will go normal. It’ll go flying this is an actual glitch caution because it might it might kill and crash your game
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6 months ago, sussy chugus
Nostalgic playing it again after 6 years
Bad piggies is a game of my childhood. I always loved the funny sounds they made in action, goofy theme song, endless building possibilities. After a few other games showed up being micro machines/2016/ sadly got discontinued after all the bugs, crash of cars/2017/ which took me to shock. But in 2023, I decided to join back in. There was so many things I didn’t see back then, thank you rovio, for making a legend of a 2D game from 2012, being a game that shall never be forgotten about.
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5 years ago, Annie199998888
Good But…
You know those things that disconnect when you use them? I think they are called Kickers… but I’m not sure! Well, I don’t care about that! About the coloured ones. How do you get those? How? I really like this game but I need to know how! The reason why is because I built this machine, now two “Kickers” need to go off… but three others can’t! And if they do, the catapult that I built will not work. ( The catapult I built was used by how TNT can explode and launch… but only one can fall why the other are used for the robot ( that I made so that it can turn into a plane.) .)
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4 months ago, ily-em
8 years later and this game is still going
This game is no doubt my favorite of all time, and the creativity that people can do with this awesome. I remember playing this in 2014, before the El Porkrado or the Custom Parts updates were around, and I loved it so much. This game also teaches a lot of gravity lessons and…I’m not joking… follows all of Newtons Laws of Physics, like…GENIUS! This game will never get boring, and I have to thank the Cake Racing, the Parts Collecting, and… most of all… the Rovio Game Corporation, for making this awesome and never ending game. P.S, when are we getting Bad Piggies 2?
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5 years ago, Coolgirl176
Good game, but very Glitchy
The game WAS good and I would give it 5 stars IF it worked. My little brother loves this game but it sort of broke. It wouldn't let him on, now it has but it lost all his progress after he put it on the cloud then re-downloaded it. So I tried to restore his data, but it just said 'Error' . I checked the Internet, but that isn't/wasn't it. I don't know what has happened, and it won't let me rebuy it. So to the developers, fix this glitch so my brother can play field of dreams or so I can buy field of dreams for him so he can be happy. Thx if you do! 🙂
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4 years ago, Dimondpro6281
Broken. Animations. But this is a great game
This game is very good. It has brought me nostalgia. But there is one problem though.😕 The problems are the animations for the level buttons for a set of levels(or whatever you want to call them), the sandbox level button animations, and the animations that are on the buttons for buying certain stuff with real money. Those animations are all glitched out and freaky to look at. This caused me to give a four star instead of a five star. I really like this game but, please fix this bug.
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2 years ago, NJ_17
Soo addicting but more items in field of dreams and more updates.
Ok first when I mean updates I mean new features. This game is sooo addictive and good but in field of dreams I want more items like instead of 1 pig 1 king pig and 1 egg like have more of each item in field of dreams and add new updates I mean not bug fixes like more skins for the items,add more items like new items and that’s all I have to say, Oh, and for field of dreams you can probably add infinite items or more of each item it’s your choice.
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3 years ago, ethan bendy Intro
Bad piggies 2
Bad piggies is one of my most favorite experiences when I was really young and seeing this game back on The iOS made me happy. Although there is one thing I am even more hyped to see.. Bad piggies 2...Being able to choose what style you want to have before the game releases is One of the most incredible things that I saw modern Rovio do. I also picked the toons style if you were wondering (probably not) but yeah I am hyped for bad piggies 2 (And also let’s just hope it doesn’t get canceled again)
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3 years ago, WisdomFilledBro
Best game ever!!! Just some problems...
This is one of the best games to get me through the pandemic. It really is. Pigs are better than the birds! Just some issues, fix the glitches. They have been going on for a while. And the ads. You gotta fix those ads. Or add premium to remove ads and give custom parts and boost coins. And more. You should just update the game more often. I am getting so used to everything being the same. Can you add on some updates? That would be great.
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2 weeks ago, Mr.Catster
My most favorite game ever!
I have been playing this game for more than 4 years and I love it! There are a few bugs like the pig phasing through walls but I don’t care. There are so many achievements and things you can build. I really enjoy playing it in my free time and when I’m bored. Like I said I have been playing it for a long time and I still haven’t finished the game because there is so many things to do. If you need a fun and exciting game then you should try bad piggies.
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3 years ago, Piggy Vligs
Used to be better
This game is really good. I highly recommend you get this game. As a long time player, I made the dream pack purchase or whatever to unlock the “creative mode” so to speak, which at the time would remove ads. Normally, for a free game, the ads aren’t terrible. It’s on the high end but it’s reasonable. My problem is that there’s no way to remove ads even after paying money for the dream world pack. Kinda shoddy move there… also, the item bar needs to be moved up for iPhone users it gets kinda annoying. Even a separate purchase to remove ads would be ok
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3 years ago, PRO in can am
Hi I am a player of bad piggies and I feel sad because when I want to open a box in last touch it freeze and it don’t let me open it and when I close the game it don’t give me nothing and it’s just a waste of boxes and when I find boxes it do the same thing and I don’t want to delete bad piggies because I have super good things that I got with luck and I buy 2.99 dollars for field of dreams and that’s why I don’t want to delete the game please fix this bug please
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9 months ago, yue haung
Cake race Glitch
I have a question. Like the cake race has a problem. Because it won’t give me different opponents and tracks. Like when i start cake race, it just gives me a high level opponent. And it won’t give me a new one every time I switch to a new track. Second, it won’t give me a different cake race track. Like when i go to a track and then exit and press find opponent again, it will not give me a nee track. So please can you fix both of these?
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4 years ago, Capitcha
Good game, but, kinda glitchy. Plz also add more stuff plz!
The Forman pig likes to glitch out completely! Level models are glitchy. Also plz add more thing to the game once a new update comes out. Sometimes when your logged in to Game Center, the store gets completely broken! Also the scraper gets broken. can you guys put unlocking levels to. 25 snout coins? Also the 100 to 50 plz. Can you guys keep the game in the App Store and google play to? Plz add more parts to the game.
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3 days ago, Ihatetomatoe1
I love your game very much
I love your game very much but I don’t get I barely get any ads I like about this game and that’s why you’re getting a five star and nobody remembers you. Everyone loves you and me and Justin case you feel down just read this comment I paid money for this game to get the field and dreams, it was very fun but every time I use the plunger gun it crashes my game so you could honestly try updating or fixing the bugs of the plunger gun thank you
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4 months ago, Living chicken lover
Awesome game!
This is my second rovio game(after angry birds 2), the third rovio game I've ever played(the others are angry birds and angry birds 2)! The in app purchases dont work but i probably wouldn't get them anyway. I just got one question: why do all of king pigs subjects have freckles? Only ross is supposed to have freckles! This is my second favorite game( after angry birds 2) and theres no serious problems! Please dont remove this game when and if you make bad piggies 2. -Chickowner
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3 years ago, Detonator studio YT
Best childhood game ever
I got this game 8 years ago when you had to buy the golden key to unlock all levels this is one of my overall favorite games after it left and came back to the App Store I was overjoyed this is one of the only games that has survived through the App Store through all these years and I really love it especially now that everything except for the silver sandbox which I might buy are unlocked for free
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2 years ago, Orginal Super Cracker
I’m talking about pros and cons
Pros: lots of items,field of dreams,power ups,low prices,make your own car,heli,bus,tractor or anything,thousands of stuff and make your own creations,no multiplayer Cons: not being updated as much,field of dream prices too high,car snaps at a random point of the map,not catching the crate,new items not being added as much,wheels breaking off stuff during field of dreams startups,hackers,way too much piggies,springs glitching when they even touch the tnt
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5 years ago, 2CPD
Ads everywhere
I played this a lot about three years ago, when the game has about all the content it has now. As I’m coming back, I realize there’s no new content, except for the explosion of advertisements. I mean, seriously? An ad after several tries on the same level? Why not offer a paid version? Everything just looks so cramped! If you have time for more ads, how about fixing the visual glitches in the level select screen? After all, the game itself isn’t bad, but the relentless ads goes to show how Rovio has changed. Good show.
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