Badminton League

4.2 (2.7K)
144.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
RedFish Game Studio
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Badminton League

4.2 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, FLOTUF1325
I love this game...BUT the notifications are weird
This game is fun and stupidly addicting to play but the ads seem a little weird...i don't wanna be mean in any way cause this game is seriously so fun...but i get notifications such as “you will never know how handsome you are when u smash” and another weird one as “ah~ the way you smashed really fascinated me” those types of notifications creep me i don’t know WHAT THATS SUPPOSED TO ME!!!! I also saved those notifications by please do tell me what those are even supposed to mean..cause it sounds sexual...and one more notification i got another one that just blew my mind but by far the weirdest notification was in all caps i repeat “WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU” so please make the notifications better...overall everything else is good
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6 years ago, Rage84
Good game, could be better
This is a very good game that could be great. I have two issues: 1. You need to upgrade your equipment and skill set in order to keep advancing. However, the cost of upgrading equipment and skills is very disproportionate to the amount you win for each match. Unless you use IAP’s, it’s a very slow process to upgrade. 2. MAIN ISSUE: you have an endurance meter that depletes the longer a single volley goes on. If your endurance runs out during a volley, you’ll hit a bad shot by default. That’s fair, but without a doubt the biggest problem with this feature is that the AI endurance meter is waaaaaay slower to deplete than the user’s meter. Also, when you lose a match, you lose XP, which can knock you down levels. I can’t make it past level 1500 because once you get there, the AI almost never miss a shot, and you will just wear yourself out during a volley until your endurance is gone and you hit a bad shot automatically. It’s very frustrating to keep losing because of an arbitrary factor like losing endurance quicker than your opponent.
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6 years ago, Hanoo19
Great but..
I’m still newbie in the game but I’m so experienced in the Games in general so i can tell if this game great or not, and here I’m dropping down my opinion. When you start the game it feels great and fun, you buy stuff to increase your stats so you get more chances of winning, and the tournament is good. But! But the thing that bother me and make me disappointed is there is no “Real Multiplayer” you face other people cpus, and you keep winning cause as known cpus aren’t smart, it’s such a disappointment for a great game to have no “Real Multiplayer” while the main thing of the game is the “Real Multiplayer”, i can’t have when facing cpus all the time and win against them what victory means if you are facing a cpu? Where is the taste of winning when you know you will win? And so goes for tournament, i thought at the first tournament is “Real Multiplayer” but i was all wrong, i was just facing cpus.. again.. You can’t ignore the main thing of a game and expect from the people that will continue playing and paying to keep the game alive. From my opinion i see this game won’t stand for a long time unless if you made the game a “Real Multiplayer” game or else I’d uninstall the game better than facing cpus all the time. Overall, i do love the game but i hoped it was a “Real Multiplayer” not facing cpus all the time.. What i can say is Keep Fighting!
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5 years ago, 王啸秋
Great and bad update
I played this game when it first came out. It felt great after I beaten the game, which took me about half yearlong. On the old version, there was a chest at the far right, it cost 15,000 coins to get all the equipments you can’t buy in shop. Since I thought I had beaten the game, so I deleted it few months after I bought it. On the last few weeks before I deleted it, it got upgraded where you can hit drives. I was beaten by the 6000-level- AI badly, and lost about 200 trophies, which was one of the reason I don’t like this game. But after a year or so I reinstall it, I found out the chest cost 180 gems to exchange one random item, the worse part is that every 20 level item cost 6000 coins right now, which was 3 times more than before. If they lower the price by 2000, it would be a brilliant choice. Despite those trash talks, there are some good things, such as the world tournament and different ways of hitting the shuttle.
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5 years ago, MorganAppStore
This game is great, but please fix multiplayer!
I got this game because my friend has it and we wanted to go against each other. You can get really good in a matter of a few games, and it’s really fun and addicting. We tried playing Bluetooth local multiplayer, but when we click that, you can’t tap anything in the next menu other then exit. We then tried WiFi multiplayer, and it worked, but it was so laggy to a point where we both won, and were kicked from the game. And there is also a lot of latency. Another problem is that there is no online multiplayer. So you can only go against CPU’s and friends nearby, and unless if you have really good internet that doesn’t ever cut out, then it is playable through WiFi multiplayer. The game is really fun, but as soon as this is fixed, I will edit this review and make it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Donald25
Soooo.... I updated the game and now the AI is unstoppable? What gives? Now players with lesser ranked skills (AI matches) returns all my spikes and special hits, so good in fact I cant even make it back to the net to return them. Went from winning the last 40 games in a row (or so) to now losing every match, hadn't won a single match since the update. I understand and appreciate the competition as it should have been advanced some, but now its just frustrating to play. Hope this helps. Great game concept. I would love to be able to do something with all the tickets and extra SP thats been piling up as well since maxing them out.
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6 years ago, Knockout1632
Fun game but!!
I like the game, it is fun, but what bothers me is that you only earn about 11XP per match and about 80 coin per match. This wouldn’t be bad if adding points to your abilities didn’t start costing a 150 points and to buy new stuff didn’t cost you 1,500-3,500+. The worst part for me is that you get these chest and inside the chest you may get a new shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, racquet or headband. Which is GREAT!!! Except when you go to equip the item you realize you have to pay a ton of coin for the item you just got out of a chest that took you 2 hours to open. So it will take me close to 35 matches just to get the new socks that add 8 stamina to my person, and did I mention that the stats of the opposing player get higher as you go for the most part? Please stop making me pay for the items I just earned!!!!
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6 years ago, Random guy in the appstore
Recommend it but just some nit picks
The game is great don’t get me wrong, but i feel like there’s less focus on skill and more towards just pay and you’ll get everything you need to win. And i also feel like when you earn coins it just feels too sluggish and slow. I hope earning coins in the future could be faster And also I’m not a scrub at the game and I’m just complaining i just downloaded the game yesterday and I'm already at level 3 (that may not be much tho), but still i still think this game is great and i would totally recommend it because there isn’t alot of badminton games in the AppStore and the ones that are there is just not that interesting unlike this one so yeah this is a great game and I recommend it. (And please add online multiplayer with actual people) ok peace.
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7 years ago, MaybeKen
Excellent game. -Glitch encountered- -Recommendations-
Now I don’t write reviews much, but when I do, that means that the game is very well done. Amazing. Really nothing much to say about it. How the gameplay is, is exactly how it should be as shown. **Glitch encounter I was just playing and encountered a glitch with the CPU. Not sure what started it, but the CPU was moving rapidly back and forth in a single spot when it stands still after moving, or before serve. I mean, that’s good for me, free points. The skill, slow down, is okay, but sometimes it glitches my game for a split second. -Recommendations/Questions- When is this going to become an online game with players around the world? I understand it’s local play already, but online would be an interesting take. I think a good thing is to make the hit box more reasonable. When you hit back or receive. The hits shouldn’t be like 3 inches away from the racket, it makes it easy to just stand in the perfect spot to hit everything.
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7 years ago, TheDirtyPriest
Great game! Small tweaks needed!
This is a super fun and addictive game and you can still progress quickly as a free to play player (very nice)! The small tweaks referenced would be regarding the differences in width between the left (movement) and right (close/far hit) buttons. It seems odd these are different widths and causes me to miss quite a few shots. Same with the smash and special buttons. Those are different heights and different widths also. It may just be me but having buttons in different areas makes it so muscle memory is harder to obtain. But this is still an awesome game and I am loving it!
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6 years ago, TerminatorT
Great game, but playing with someone is rough
The solo aspect of this game is outstanding: coal trophy system, coins to buy outfits that make you better, and great mechanics. What this game really lacks in is the ability to play over WiFi/Bluetooth flawlessly. I’ve tried multiple times to play with my friend over Bluetooth and WiFi and we have never been able to complete a game without it going out of sync and have enormous lag. I’ve played plenty of mobile games where they’ve been able to execute online gameplay well and feel like it’s the only thing this game needs. Please fix it because I need to show my friend I’m better than him.
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7 years ago, smundi51
Fun game, a bit glitchy
I enjoy this game a lot, it’s really fun to play. However, with the recent update, all of my in game purchases have been deleted. All of the equipment that I had to earn and then purchase with in game coins has been reset as if I have never played this game before. I’m extremely frustrated with this so called “update” because all it’s done for me is take away all of my stuff. I really hope the creators take a look at this cause I’m not the only one. Both of my kids are having the same issue. Also the 1 vs 1 feature is super glitchy. It lags really bad and usually kicks us off before we can finish a game.
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7 years ago, BadmintonLeagueSuperFan
Stupidly Fun Game
This has to be one of if not the best free to play game I ever downloaded. Easy 5 stars!!! There are some things that I think need to be added... like FB/Google logins, Career Mode or some sort of story, a 2v2 Playlist, and last but definitely not least being able to host Private Matches not of the same WIFI. I don’t know about a lot of people but I would love to see these minor things added to this wonderful game. Congrats... to the devs that work hard to make this game this good. Now just focus on making it Great!!!!
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6 years ago, Freeform Fiend
Let me just say that as a former badminton player, this game is so great. It’s so realistic and the defense is so realistic. Absolutely love the game BUT it would be even better with live, online playing. And possibly a friend option that way we don’t have to play through the same WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Regardless of the friend option, an online playing game mode would be absolutely fantastic and add extra incentive and motivation to play!
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6 years ago, iCritique Music
Yeah...not a chance
Bad buyers choice. You win next to nothing if you play against the computer. When and if that happens, then you only unlock items that you can THEN purchase. Plus, when you lose against the computer, it takes your money and points away. So another beautiful option for them to them offer selling you more. Finally, when playing against friends on WiFi or Bluetooth, the action is so erratic and flat out sketchy, that the game freezes and you have coins taken from you as the game just dies and takes you back to your phone home screen. It’s a purchase machine for the developers who want your cash and aren’t in the habit of giving you your money’s worth. Greed. Greed. Greed. Caveat Emptor
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6 years ago, Kickkid13
Good game but some minor issues
This is probably one of the easiest mobile games to get into and it’s pretty good. As usual most games now days push in app purchases for coins and this game has it but doesn’t push it to hard. My main issue with the games is the walk buttons are to small so often I’ll give up silly points because I can’t walk backward or forward far enough, I suggest having a slider in the settings so you can make the walk buttons slightly bigger or smaller. I might just have big fingers. Other than that it’s a good game with great simple graphics for mobile.
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6 years ago, nauticalmonk
Love this game
I’ve had it for awhile now. Great as a random time killer...I’ve not spent any serious money on the game at all...controls are fluid and easy to use! Once you get so far there isn’t really any challenge though, but I still play. Just updated and was super excited, however it doesn’t seem like there was any update at all. Maybe it didn’t update correctly. I’m not sure, but updating the game would be wonderful!
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7 years ago, Dumbidea
Glitch monster
Would be a blast except the long-short buttons AND the shuttlecock have timing issues/glitches. Update after update. Why continue glitches only against the user player?? Fix the dumb stuff. 31 oct. Updated review after updated the app The shuttlecock continues to glitch right before racket impact making wins very difficult. Fix please Update 10 dec 17. They don't seem to be even trying to fix glitches. Just collecting money. Do not give them money until they make it fair/playable. Can't compete when shuttlecock glitches right before impact.
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6 years ago, yogesh.yagnik
Too many glitches. Very buggy. Extremely frustrating!!
When playing, even though I’m pressing the button to move the player gets frozen for like a second which is enough for me to lose the point (sometimes the set or match). At the end of a match if the player is moving right before it ends the player keeps moving even if it reaches the end and glitches out. Overall this game has small bugs and glitches that take away from the quality. Also add multiplayer with real players around the world. Do this and it’s a 4-5 star game but 1 is all I can give right now.
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5 years ago, M22.xo
Online Gaming
It’s a very great game, with really good graphics. Although it would be better with an online gaming feature where you can play with friends and family by simply sending an invitation or link to the other person . i hope you would consider putting that feature in the game in the future and that definitely would make it better and i would definitely play it more!!
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5 years ago, Casjr1989
Allow players to run music apps in the background.
First off top notch game! Would be even better if I could play my music in the background. Let’s say I have Apple Music or Pandora app playing a song then I go to open the badminton game app, the game will stop my song from playing. I would love to be able to play my own songs and serve up a shuttlecock with plenty of heat🔥💥☄️at the same time!!
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7 years ago, PLC69
Nearly Perfect
Amazing game. Little to no flaws from a technical view. Very fun, very addictive, and very easy to pick up and play. An online multiplayer would make this game perfect. A Question: How do you unlock the Champion Items? I️ have played this game for at least a week and have done pretty much everything there is to do, but yet have not encountered one. Are they microtransactions, or just rare?
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7 years ago, 10epicman
Great game but needs an online mode!!
Love the game, not a thing I would change gameplay wise (except the move buttons can be a little tough to activate sometimes). I would really like to see an online 1v1 globally where I can play other players. Within this maybe have like tiers or levels I can get promoted/demoted through depending on win/loss. Keep the update coming!!
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4 years ago, Craw0621
Solid Game
Generally speaking I don’t like ‘freemium’ content. That said this game is well balanced and fun without the need to buy your way through the experience. The graphics are pleasant, the controls are simple, and the mechanisms of the game are straightforward and easy to pick up, but still offer a challenge and a reason to come back after a few weeks.
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6 years ago, DSSkull107
This game is fun to play but very unfair! So, I was battling and when me and the other got to 8 we battled again and when I lost the game was over! And basically I had to keep winning against him so basically it was an unfair game! If the player got a point higher past 5 and I didn’t, then I would lose. But if I got a point higher than the player and past 5 I would have to win again to win the whole game! So this game is fun but really unfair which makes it very hard to win.
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6 years ago, Boshkin bob
Great Game, Suggestion
This game is great! It’s a really good to kill time without using data when you’re out and about. However I hope they’ll add a multiplayer in the near future. Yes, playing against CPUs are fun but they can get boring after a while; especially for me who has a 95% win rate (I really do, you can check your win rate lol). Other than that, highly recommend!!!
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7 years ago, Alex591951045
Great Game So Far
I’ve really enjoyed this game after downloading it pretty recently. My only complaint is that after upgrading all abilities to 100%, I still receive “tickets” from chests (which are useless to me at this point). I am not sure if this is a bug, as I’ve never received duplicate equipment. Also, this is not an issue if new attributes are created. The only suggestions I have would be to add an alternative to the movement buttons (I would prefer a joystick so I don’t have to take my thumb off my screen). Also, the SFX sneaker noise can be a little annoying after playing for awhile. Either way, I’m looking forward to future updates! Thanks for a great game.
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7 years ago, 25blue
Multiplayer=5 Stars
Okay so first of all this is a great game, graphics are great not many glitches. But, I have a recommendation that would add lots of potential to this game. If there was multiplayer, for example a tournament where you could play with other people, or if you could just have a simple 1v1 with another person. 5 stars automatically. Please consider adding these suggestions/recommendations. Thanks!
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1 year ago, idk_nazim
This game is really good but the only issue me and my friends have is a delay when going against each other. I tried it with multiple of my friends and on other phones and we still have the same issue when going against each other. You guys should fix that seriously
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4 years ago, LordGabe
This is such a great game
I love badminton and tennis so much and this game gives me that fun on the go. My only dislike so far is just that I don’t like that I need a facebook account to play with my friends OR make a name. Please do more for the guest login people. I also dislike the amount of constant ads I receive without a no ads purchase being available or that I’m not aware of.
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6 years ago, alitodavid
Did not like the new version
Honestly I use ti enjoy this game for a while now. But having this update has ruined the whole game. For example, the game used to be more simple with just upgrading your character and aiming to get better at the game. With the new update, sometimes they make you pay because at one point it becomes more of a luck based than a skill base depending if the character’s upgrade and having energy bars is just an annoyance. They added a lot of more upgrades which also becomes annoying. I honestly regret updating it.
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6 years ago, Dori loves Oreos
I’m addicted
This game is so much fun— but there’s only one thing I don’t really find amusing. You’re not playing against real people, you’re playing against a computer. I actually like knowing when I win, and not when the game wants me to. This game is really fun though, i’ve been playing it for the past few weeks. I just wish I was playing against real people.
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6 years ago, Qaizi
I Love this game it’s so challenging
This game is so fun and challenging and teaches me the max off fun it’s a little hard but fun right it pisses people off but that’s the point all games are hard but if you work harder it’s better and it’s OK IF IT HAS TO MANY GLITCHES it’s a game fix it yourself and don’t be mean thank you I’m not being mean I’m just saying sorry if I was 🥰
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7 years ago, Zach869
Fix the crashing or I'm done with this game.
I really want to get invested in this game, but the crashing is making it so difficult to do that. Every other game I play, after the match ends, the game will crash. The WORST part is that if I win, the game doesn't count the win when I re open the game, BUT if I lose then when I re-open the app, it affects my win percentage. It is definitely not a phone issue because I've never had my phone crash on any other game except this one. FIX IT!!!
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6 years ago, OtakuBoi54321
Really Fun Game (Bug)
I really enjoy playing this game but I gotta say that there is a bug that I really can’t stand. The Bug is that sometimes I’m not gonna be able to hit or move. I check my stamina and it’s all good but still I’m just frozen for a couple of seconds and get scored on. If you guys can fix this Bug sometimes in the future I would really appreciate it.
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6 years ago, Gfygfffd
Please add a multiplayer mode!
Please add a real multiplayer mode!!! I really do enjoy the game but after a while Of playing cpus I really want to play against some real people rather than just my friends. You guys should really think of adding multiplayer wager modes like the ones in soccer stars or 8 ball pool. That would really make this game great. It’s just disappointing to see a game this good not able to be amazing for everyone if you get what I’m saying. Thanks
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6 years ago, Yes Applepie
Amazing game!
This game is the best sports game I have ever download! It's so fun and addicting. The only problem is... Can you make the coins easier to earn? It would also be wonderful if you add multiplayer mode from all around the countries. Please add some more features and fun modes. This game has no bugs and glitches or whatever. Just a wonderful game!
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5 years ago, Gagezila
Used to be good
I just recently updated my game after 2 years of playing. You used to be able to obtain everything from chests or coins but the gems were just a huge cash grab but that isn’t the only issue. I completed the entire game and when this new update dropped I lost all my items and stats and received little payment for this loss. You completely redid the system of the game and it would have been better to have made a Badminton league 2 instead of spitting on all of your loyal players.
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6 years ago, theanimal88
The World Series better be 1v1 with a human or a super bot! Tired of killin it on this game need some competition! Love the game a small glitch I found in the game some times I’ll be 3-0 or 3-1 an the AI it won’t move but swings it’s racket not a clue! Love your game but if you don’t make it against others this game will drown sorry! Last I would say a TOURNAMENT WITH HUMANS! That would killer!!!
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6 years ago, spartans4life
Tournament Change
Great, but what I think should be changed in the game is the tournament. The reason I want the tournament to be changed is because, when I want to win a tournament and see who I go up against I get mad because they are all in the thousand trophies earned and I’m in the 500’s. I just want to see a tournament change to the tournament is people of the same trophies earned as you. That’s all I want then I’ll be happy.
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6 years ago, jiyongking
Why cant i get the red ones
Im at the highest level (6500+) and beat every single tournament games to unlock every equipment i could get except the best ones(or the red ones). There is nothing more i can do to get it except just playing tournament again and again hoping one of those four equipments will pop out. But it never does. Is buying with real cash the only way to get them??? It says that i can get them from the tournament boxes?? Please do something.
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6 years ago, Firefighter3012
Game is fun but....
This is a very fun game with a very good setup. A little confusing on how to star, due to a lack of instructions, but once you get going it is very simple and easy. The thing is this game is set up very good but the controls are absolutely horrible. One minute they are working fine the next the buttons won’t click and you end up losing games. Should have a constant movement system where you drag similar to a joystick. And the buttons need to be more responsive. Good game, good idea, good setup, horrible controls.
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6 years ago, GQstyle09
Can’t put this down
This game is so addictive, I can’t seem to put it down. When you start to level up and increase your abilities, it becomes even more challenging and I love a good challenge. Out of all the iOS games I have played, I’ve come to enjoy this one most of all.
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7 years ago, TinjaMan
A must download.
One of the most addictive mobile games I’ve played by far. You can play casually or grind it out for coins to customize your player. You can still beat players with higher gear scores as long as you have the skill! Super fun game Great job dev team. Can’t wait to see more
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6 years ago, LMG100
Pros and Cons...
Easy to play and well structured but in order to win, its going to take lots of time to level up and get coins to the point that you constantly have to be watching ads. I kinda feel like some matches are rigged to the point that it wants you to watch an add in order to redo the set basically benefiting the creator for ad views. It’s addicting but doesn’t feel fair at some matches.
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6 years ago, smoothlab
Great game, but the controls need some work
I love this game. I want to love it more but the controls need improving. The left right buttons are too small. There have been so many times that i lost a point or a whole match because I missed the button when trying to move toward the shot. The buttons should be bigger. It’s a frustrating reason to lose a match.
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11 months ago, Isaraelu
Game issue
I love the game but for some reason when I press guest and it loads, it keeps freezing me on the collect daily gifts & I can’t get out of it, I haven’t been able to play because of the issue
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4 years ago, s141634
Good game! However, you should update for more good improvements I have a few ideas
. Add several different level tournaments that require a certain skill for each one . Make your character travel across the globe just by a tap or click on a map to take you to these different torments in the world . Add more details and make it even more interesting, fun, but difficult . Fix bugs when are needed for ALL devices! Congratulations! You got another review...
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7 years ago, rpence31
Last update was AWFUL
The latest update (Nov. 6) has made the game almost no longer fun to play. The hit dynamics are totally screwed up after this. You can’t smash anything near the net, and the timing seems super messed up. You also can’t hardly return anything near the net without it just running into the net. Just really frustrating because the old play mechanics were really great. Very sad, hopefully a patch comes soon.
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5 years ago, Neon 77
Fix the bug in the latest update.
I've lost this game three times. 2 times the ball was stuck in the net and did not fall and the third time after the last update the fatigue scale of my player gradually decreased to zero, and my opponent's scale of fatigue did not even move. Fix the bug in the latest update. Opponents run all over the field without fatigue.
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