Badoo: Dating. Chat. Friends

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Badoo Software Ltd
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Badoo: Dating. Chat. Friends

4.54 out of 5
112.4K Ratings
1 year ago, RadarTheKat
This app would be perfect if it collected height and weight as required fields. Lol. Because inquiring minds want to know. After submitting the above feedback I received sn email from the Badoo development team (see below). I find their argument regarding weight to be, while noble, also to be rather selective. The app collects and presents age, for example, as a required field. They don’t merely confirm that each user is of legal adult age. This is ageism; shouldn’t a 48 year old man be considered just as worthy to date a woman of any legal age as a man half his age? I’m a 48 year old American man and I am often mistaken for 30 by females here in SE Asia where I’m living my early retirement years. Why should I have to reveal my actual age, which might cause a young woman to filter me out of her consideration? There seems some selective prejudice going on here. Thanks for your feedback 🙌 We believe all of our members are beautiful inside and out. We do not, would never, and are very opposed to the idea of having an algorithm to filter users based on weight. We believe love and connections are better unfiltered and come in all shapes and sizes 💜"
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3 years ago, PROJECTZACKO
Great app, overall. Definitely a growing user-base. What I’ve stated continually when being promoted for reviews is that “it’s still growing on me— if Badoo turns out NOT to cripple functionality in favor of becoming ‘pay-to-play’ then I’ll consider it ideal.” Unfortunately, I’m being met with very inconsistent in-app messaging. “Swipe 50 times for your perfect match” — then, some arbitrary number of swipes later (as little as 3 to as many as 20), I’m told “That’s all your swipes [BUY] Premium!” Um, no thanks. I consistently rated this app high because they afford communication via advertisements & viewing them. Furthermore, the purchase of credits isn’t terribly expensive. I will not, however, commit to a monthly statement over a sub-par dating app. I simply won’t. If anyone at Badoo cares to listen, here it is: You’re making the PRECISE mistake every other app/platform makes— you’re banking on the notion that you can “hook” everyone; when you realize you cannot, you simply disable our ability to use your app. It’s unacceptable. I reside in one of the single largest metropolitan areas of the USA. There are some 9,000,000 residents. I see countless “new members” DAILY. YET, here I am— “out of swipes.” And that’s a wrap, I suppose. Folks, it’s good for precisely 4 weeks— UNLESS you ACTUALLY use it a significant amount. In that case, you’ll likely be shut down even faster. It was nice while it lasted; I had hope. ✌🏼
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4 years ago, tezacoda
Badoo blocked my account without valid proof and wouldn’t tell me what I did
Blocked my account because I had made too many accounts but when I tried to explain that I had made a new account because I would constantly get logged out because someone was changing my pw they said they’re decision can not be changed even though it’s not my fault...I never posted an inappropriate picture, I was always kind and was never rude. I was a verified user and had never had this problem before. It’s just getting to me lol because I didn’t do anything get blocked and when I would ask over and over what was the reason for blocking me entirely from making another account they said they cannnot provide me with that information ? It didn’t make sense to me, if I violated guidelines why not tell me what guidelines I violated ? I reread the guidelines -0 times and checked off each one. I only ever talked to 1 person daily on the app the other people would ask me for sexual favors which I would decline and I told them that I thought that I was being falsely accused of doing something I did not do but they basically refused to hear me out or check more into it. I have been told on my account that I would be reported and blocked for not giving someone sexual favors so that wasn’t new to me but it’s just really frustrating that they didn’t look deeper into it or go through my messages to see if I had actually did something wrong. It’s been 3 days and I’m still trying to fight to get my account back
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2 years ago, slumdoggg
To Whom It May Concern
I think badoo is a great way for people to meet and connect and I know that no one who created this platform will read this or even care but I do believe if you give people the opportunity to see there likes without having to pay for a premium account will have a chance at meeting and connecting with someone special I believe truly that badoo needs to set it self apart from other dating apps enough with the fees and the premium accounts but make way for people to actually build a connection with someone and which could possibly form into a relationship that’s what people want they don’t want to pay for love and also there’s nothing on badoo for Transwomen or Transmen who also need a platform where they can find love and honest connections and at the same time feel safe seen and heard they need a dating app that doesn’t just cater to heterosexual men and women Transgender women and men need a place where they can also make honest and true commitments I just believe badoo can be better but first they need to be better not just ask people to rate there app but also read the Reviews that written by the people who subsequently using this app and also paying for its features I know I’ve said a mouth full but truly hope that someone at badoo reads this and considers making some much needed changes we need inclusivity
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5 years ago, wmootrz.
Okay place
I feel that people that are writing other people and they’re not responding back yet looking at a photo first should have their accounts froze until they respond back to the messages that they’re receiving. And I would like to also add that if a person is not active for more than a week their account should be deleted by the site and this way it will ensure that people are being proper with keeping up their account. I also feel that they should have a comment remark sheet on each and every person‘s profile from people that have dealt with the individual that way you’ll know if you’re dealing with a standup person or not by reviewing their comment sheet from open comments on people And how they treat others. In order for this dating site to be successful and not end up like Plenty Of Fish or plenty of people play plenty of games they need to take it more serious from the perspective of men and women that are being deliberately targeted.
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2 years ago, AlmightyEye
Total Scam
After submitting a honest/negative review the other day, the developers have flooded the review section with fake reviews. One such review the user stated he met the love of his life 3 minutes after downloading the app and "lived happily ever after". 😂 This review was posted on Friday. DO NOT pay for premium services. After paying for the services you will no longer receive matches and you'll be prompted to upgrade yet again to a Premium+ service. Total joke. I went from getting 4-5 likes a day to ZERO once I upgraded to premium. Now, they want me to pay for Premium+ to get more likes. The app is filled with fake profiles, about 80% of all profiles are promoting porn sites, another 10-15% are profiles from men in Santo Domingo pretending to be women trying to get money out of desperate men, then maybe another 10% are real profiles. If you're serious about meeting REAL people, try Tinder or Bumble, wayyyy less fake profiles and ZERO porn promotions. Also to the developer, before you respond with your carbon copy response, try addressing the issues here instead of hiding behind a copy and paste reply that u use for all negative reviews. Also, stop it with the fake reviews, you're not fooling anyone. I will be contacting Apple in regards to a refund for being swindled, and I'll also mention the sleuth of fake reviews on this page.
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4 years ago, Fitness gram pacer test
Swindled me out of $17 and bad customer support
I decided to give badoo premium a chance since it was advertised as a 7 day free trial, so I figured that I would try it out and either cancel it or keep it for a month or two if it was worth it. But immediately after confirming for the 7 day trial, I was charged $17 and given a monthly subscription. No I wasn’t charged after the “free trial” expired, it happened immediately when I confirmed for a free trial and I was given a month of premium since the app charged me for a month of premium instead of the free week of premium. I contacted the customer support, but the conversation would go back and forth for around a week since they take over a day to respond to one message and by then the “free week trial” should have expired. And each time I tried explaining it, they would simply reply that I have a monthly subscription and that it was cancelled and wont be charged afterwards, BUT each time they never mention anything about the free trial that I thought I was getting. The customer support was of no use and basically avoided the questions that I was asking them. TLDR: Signed up for a free trial of premium, got charged $17 and given a month of premium instead, and customer support took several days to respond only to completely ignore my questions and change the subject. Stick to Tinder 😒
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1 month ago, KingOfApps1
Scam of a dating app
Reason I say it’s a scam. Here goes. First off there is so many paywalls to talk to someone. Meanwhile they allow fake profiles so you don’t feel like there’s not enough people on the app. Second and worst thing is scammers stealing photos and posing as other people from foreign countries. I don’t know why I have so many likes from foreign that say they live in my area then they tell you they live in the phillipines. Like come on badoo. This is unacceptable made me pay for a chat conversation that went no where. People like you but guess what you can’t find out because there’s a pay wall. If this thing is about finding a match why is this app so corporate and greedy. Then they will have an automatic response as to why I left a bad feedback. Badoo your thieves In disguise. And not only that I sent a message to certain people to leave me alone for asking me money and I get a warning for telling these people off. Badoo called me 5 years old in email saying only people that are immature say rude things. I’m like being asked for Money isn’t rude ??? The world we live in now a days this company doesn’t want you to find anyone they want you to find them And pay them MONEY !!! Give me money. Well provide fake hope but give me MONEY!!
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1 week ago, Hiatuse
Needs work
Sharp decline in the past year and a half. Nearby is bugged showing the same profiles, Encounter stack incidentally shows profiles that aren’t under Nearby and conveniently removes them from the latter after right swiping. Its upper hand over other dating apps is its ability to view and message profiles in a limited capacity. Between the surge in AI profiles and a cohort of Philippine-based profiles suspiciously looking for relationships predominantly in USA, its compromised the organic flow of the app as your local stack is inundated by users from the Philippines. I would suggest they start locking foreign locations behind any of the several subscription models available — ideally a win for its user base by fostering more domestic users while capitalizing on an additional source of revenue. That said, for a rather lowkey app, I’ve found the most success over the years with this surpassingly so. Perhaps adding likable blurbs to profiles might just be the next big move as it seems to have lead the top 2 dating apps to success. Weed out the fake AI Asian profiles especially, revamp the UI/UX to be more simplistic … maybe more of a base can be established.
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10 months ago, Sillywillyphil
Anyone who creates an account on my wifi gets banned immediately after selfie verification
Anyone who creates an account on my wifi gets banned immediately after selfie verification. Then once you’re speaking to support through the only way possible,Facebook which tells me how professional this company is. They do no investigation and just say they confirmed the user violated the TOS when they never had the opportunity to violate the TOS. They sign up, enter in their name, set password, upload their two photos, enter in birthdate, then once presented with the screen that says Take Quiz, they hit take quiz and immediately get brought to a selfie verification screen, they take their selfie and then that selfie fails to upload and then they’re forced logged out. Once they log back in they’re presented with a screen that says there account has reports of violating the terms of service when their profile was never presented to other users for them to be able to report it. I’ll making a video of the issue and share it on YT and TikTok. It’s one thing to have a bug in your app BRITs another one here and sit there call me and everyone else a liar. Because the support staff is incompetent, I can troubleshoot their way out of a wet paper bag.
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2 years ago, 699)1!/$
Horribly Bad
When you see someone you like and swipe right the app won’t allow you to always swipe right to like somebody you see. The app will make you to purchase a premium version to continue swiping right on the person you like. It really makes you miss out on an opportunity for somebody you like. Only option then is to swipe left and miss out on the person you found attractive. Either pay the premium when it pops up or miss out on swiping right to a person you are trying to like. Only option then is to swipe left because you don’t wanna pay to get the premium version just to swipe right on a person you like. Then it goes back to working after you swipe left , it goes back to normal then can swipe right for about 4-6 times then it does the same thing when you see someone you like it pops up to buy the premium version or you can’t swipe right anymore you have to swipe left on a person you find attractive and you really miss out on opportunities they pop up get the premium version or you can even swipe right on a person you like and find attractive you can’t send a like either you purchase premium or swipe left and miss out on the person. It’s so stupid.
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4 years ago, Gdidbdidbx
Terrible app for men
You are constantly blocked from messaging anyone unless it’s a match, and the active user base is pathetically small. Most users that are on the site are inactive so they would argue that the number is high, but it’s not. Apps like POF and OK Cupid are better for conversation and have about the same amount of users, but you might as well choose Tinder over this app since matching is the only way to message the popular users. You’ll find you can message users who are not popular and certain users can’t be messaged unless you pay for a premium account. Ironically I tried the premium and the moment I bought it many of the users pulling up in the search suddenly disappeared. There are algorithms in place to keep you spending money instead of focusing on actually being a dating app. If you are focused on actually finding a girlfriend or boyfriend take my advice and don’t use this app. Last note, remember that the response to this message from the application maker’s is to try and discredit everything written here in yet another attempt to draw you in and make money. I’m honestly trying to help everyone else not waist their time. Do yourself a favor and try literally any other choice before you try this.
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1 month ago, AngryMars7
Terrible App
The ease of use of this app was great. Trying to contact customer service is futile. My account was frozen and I banned from use altogether apparently because according to the site I was using it for solicitation purposes, which wasn’t the case in any way. I requested more information and was ignored each time. Apparently, if someone reports your profile with errant claims, the site itself can and will end your account and not allow you to use it. Further, they verify accounts by not only email and phone numbers, but facial recognition. Even if you try and start another account under different info, once they match your face to their records (even if said records are incorrect) they will then end that account and ban you from using their app altogether. Outrageous! Perhaps this protects people yo some degree but without being able to speak to any live people regarding your case, and subsequently provide info and evidence that you are innocent of things like solicitation ie selling illegal substances, or asking for money for sex, or whatever else falls under their terminology and policy, you’re simply barred from using the site. This is censorship and discrimination and it’s very uncool.
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4 years ago, THALIAXCVI
Never thought I would of met my..
I was starting to get tired of having this app because I would end up having guys already inviting me over to their house or just dtf. But that was until I met someone different, during our first conversation I had went out of my way and called him. We had a good long conversation. So the next day he had asked if I would like to hang out and I said yes. So after meeting up and hanging out on a weekend.. I would say our first date was a success! Initially I downloaded this to make new connections. But after having a third date with the guy, he had asked me out. Of course I said because I really was into his personality! So thanks to Badoo, I got to meet my boyfriend. Oh p.s. Before our first conversation, I had replied to him a week after he had first messaged me. Just because of being busy with work. So if you think of giving up.. don’t! You might end up getting to meet your true love. ❤️
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2 years ago, BbyLeila
I was absolutely in love with this app until I submitted a form for my phone number to be fixed because it had not been sending me my verification number bc it had the incorrect number, and all of a sudden I get an email saying I was banned even though I’ve had the account for less than a day? I had not done anything wrong, and I’m not sure if they are associated with Bumble, but I got banned off there for a joke that was in my bio for TWO SECONDS because of a dare, and I submitted THAT into a QA and they have not even bothered to respond to me and it’s been a few days since then. This is absolutely ridiculous. Their response to me in the email was “This cannot be changed/there was a violation of the terms…/this is a permanent decision.” I’m extremely annoyed because I have not done absolutely anything wrong on that and app, and even if it is associated with Bumble, that is so wrong to cross-ban people for different apps even though they did nothing wrong on the other app and their response to me came over very petty even though all I asked was for my number to be changed.. So all my good opinions on this app are gone. Smh..
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4 years ago, Silence_2012
Good app, rude women.
First of all I will have to add that I have a friend who has the badoo app and he says he has actually gone to a few dates with women in person, so I can’t say it doesn’t work. But in my experience the women I was able to chat with just ghosted me in the middle of the conversation and it wasn’t because I was rude or disrespectful, they just didn’t respond. In the real world the chances of woman just leaving in the middle of the conversation is very rare which is why I find it weird and odd that some these women think it’s ok to that just because we’re not talking in person. There’s definitely a problem with that, I don’t think these women really understand that we might see each other in person and they might have to own up to their actions. The only reason I downloaded it was because of the quarantine, otherwise I’d be at the bars or elsewhere approaching like I’m used to. So to the guys out there if your not used to online dating I definitely recommend not trying it, go out and approach in person you’ll have a better chance and if you get rejected just improve your self.
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4 months ago, Teatealaree
one year and 3 months ago
I met my (hopefully soon enough) future hubby on Badoo, and we’ve officially been together one year and a month now! However we pretty much knew from our first video calls that we were meant to meet and when we texted and called a few more times, we met up and went to in and out burger; and indoor mini golfing for our first date! We were nervous and both of us assumed we were together before making the official talk of “are we official” so we had that convo about a week after meeting, and that was that. Since then we’ve been inseparable every chance we can get together. We’ve celebrated new jobs, gone through tough times of mental health together, and spent holidays and vacations together, And most importantly become family with eachothers families. Thank you Badoo for connecting us! I wouldn’t have found my love without you guys.
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3 years ago, Reliable Services
Best App Ever!
I have tried other dating apps and they all charge for various things and then you pay but they need to see the same people from other apps and so it’s almost like a big circle between all the apps. Other apps also have tons of fake profiles, some are good and some are horrible. This dating app is truly a hidden gem that I almost want to keep a secret. Their profiles are legit and I have yet to find a scammer or fake profile. They also offer a ton of communication choices for free just for trying the app and then even after the free trial there’s still plenty of opportunity to communicate with someone you like. There is a huge range of variety in profiles and I have not found a duplicate yet. The profiles have lots of ethnic choices, location choices etc. This app is definitely worth the time it takes to fill out the short profile!
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6 years ago, SinaMT
Just stay with Tinder ...
First that I downloaded, I was happy that it did let me change location and overall it looked way better than tinder ... first day I started messaging some users and looked alright (getting response and that), day two I couldn’t message anyone getting pop up saying “skip the queue and chat for 10 credits” first off WHAT does skip the queue mean? Like everyone is messaging her/him so im in the queue? ... then I saw Encounter where you swipe right or left to find your match BUT how can I match someone when he/she is 1000km away 😐 and no theres no way to filter your distance. Today I wanted to delete my account but badoo wanted to give me 3 days of premium so I backed out to try premium AND boy what is this?! They say chat with popular users with premium but no i cannot do that ... then I said let me spent 2 dollars to get 100 credits so I can get that “Get to the top” option and GUESS WHAT nothing happened 😃 ... overall Badoo looks good BUT they not clear with their information. Badoo if you reading this give me my 2$ back or give me the service that I paid for 🙏🏽
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6 years ago, yukimi z
The go to site “in my opinion atleast”
So all I can really say is this app has really changed my mind about online dating. I use to be against it feeling uncomfortable and everything but it’s shown me a world that not many ppl get to experience because of their lifestyles and just being busy in everyday life, we often don’t have time to go out and meet new ppl. So the few seconds we are able to spare can be used to idk... look for that special someone, or experience new relationships, whether its friends or even just to feel more social with the outside world. I think it helps... and I guess for me it’s always a good experience to be able to chat with someone and get a feel of who they are and what their looking for before actually meeting them. More of Interactional level rather then physical.
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5 years ago, Dajourantonio
App is cool it’s just the people on the app
As far as the app itself there is only one issue there are plenty of fake profiles that are not photo verified and a lot of them just have pictures and no information. And sometimes the app shows me people that are nowhere near my location. The real issue is the people that use the app. I noticed a lot of reviews saying that men are the ones that are playing and doing dumb things on this app. BUT. There are a lot of women who are as well. There are that like me and when there is one that I match with and I engage in a conversation with them, they either never respond, or they’ll respond, they talk for a bit and then they stop. Why are you liking my profile if your just gonna ghost me? But then they’ll say that they’re looking for something serious (interesting). There are also a lot of thirst traps on here that just post sexy photos of themselves to get men to follow them on Instagram and boost their already extremely high egos. The reason why I downloaded this app is because I got a lot going on right now and it’s hard to meet women with my current situation. I assumed downloading this app would make things easier but it didn’t. I’m gonna try a few more times and if it still doesn’t work then I’m uninstalling. This is nothing against the developers of the app or the app itself, you guys are awesome. There are a lot of cool features on here. But likeI said before the app itself is cool. It’s just the people.
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6 years ago, EMoni_93
I am an new user and there are a couple of things that I dislike about the app. Firstly it looks like you can't change the area or location in which you want to see people. You can only add your location. I guess the app wants you to expand your horizons? For example, I see people from places that are 13 hours away from my state and I want to see people who are only in my state lol. I understand that there is a "go live" section but I would rather not utilize that. Secondly, when someone is interested in you, you receive a notification. If you are uninterested and "X" them out they are still allowed to message you, or favorite you, or visit your page. Basically you still receive notifications for someone you are uninterested in. It's quit annoying and makes it difficult to get to the people you do like. The only thing I do like is that while swiping through people you like and dislike, you can arrow back to the last person if you a accidently swiped left.
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1 year ago, teeewill
30 day review
I just completed a 30 day membership on the site after which I cancelled my membership and deleted the app. I see why people have grown so frustrated with dating apps. First of all technically there is nothing wrong with the app, its very similar to others with what it offers. People expecting all this free communication and interaction to meet someone will be disappointed. The major problem with this dating app is the quality control of the profiles. In the 30 days on the site I met people that are lying about their geographical location, age, sex and work status. Many people are not even in the US and claim to be in your local area and beware there are underage users on the app looking for money. Please beware and read the profiles carefully as there are transgender and cross dressers on the app and they are all mixed in so you can’t just swipe profiles without reading. Terrible experience and I would not recommend a subscription to this app but from my experience it’s pretty close to what Ive seen across the board in other dating apps as well.
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3 months ago, Kellylynns
I like the site except for a lot of scammers on here from Nigeria who steal identity from innocent white men usually military men. It’s really sad that there are so many romance scammers on dating sites. There are many on here and you need to find a way to identify them and make sure they’re real. I’ve been on a few different dating sites and I’ve seen the same pictures of different nice looking men who are actually Nigerians that have stole identity from. No wonder women are getting taken advantage of. Please figure out a way to screen these people because I could give you a long list of guys that are stealing identity from innocent men and I do report them but sometimes you guys do not do anything about it. A lot of women are losing money because they think they’re talking to the person in the picture when you’re actually talking to a scammer. Giving them iTunes cards to the bank account. PayPal account. This needs to be stopped
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3 years ago, gaizndk
False Advertisement
When you are first getting the app in the App Store it says that it’s for people who are 17+ but when u go on the app it’s apparently actually 18+ and I’m 17 and I got the app and said I was 18 because it had originally said 17 and up so I didn’t think it’d be a big deal. Then I chatted someone telling them that I was actually 17 and the next day I couldn’t get into my account because it said I was too young. I only saw some of the chat because I hadn’t opened it yet but she said something like “yea I always tell everyone I just graduated...” so i don’t think she reported me but maybe she could’ve but if not the app probably stalked me and can see all of my messages. Anyways they gave false advertisement then said that I was in the wrong and I tried to make a new account but all of the premium advertisements were popping up and I couldn’t even see people who had liked me. I had made some real connections with people who I will never be able to talk to again. I liked this app until this happened.
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2 years ago, _bevyy
Badoo banned my account 2x & banned my DEVICE over false reports
This was pretty much my favorite dating app, used it consistently and really liked the bump feature for events. Without warning, my account was deleted /banned /blocked due to reports of using the platform to sell or market the sale of any products or services. I'd never used my profile for that activity. I believe these were false reports. The ban email advised to reach out in case this might be in error. I do that but they are completely unhelpful. They advise me that all decisions are final. They stated that all reports are investigated before user is banned. I asked what on my profile was breaking their rules. No information was provided illustrating what activity broke their rules. I advised that I had nothing on my profile selling or marketing anything and that it must be a mistake. I'm not sure why the ban email invites you to email their "support" team if they won't change anything even if it was done in error. Made a new account then was banned bc my last account was banned from the same device. Reached out via Twitter. Same unhelpful responses. If I'd at least gotten a heads up I could've gathered contact info from matches /convos. No warning. No proof. No second chance. No help. No more Badoo. I hope they banned people that I reported for predatory behavior (with proof in screenshots) just as swiftly and stand firm on their decision with them as they erroneously did with mine. Shame.
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2 years ago, Sassy z the anime freak:3
False reports=banned account
I just got this app. I only talked to about 4 people. And in a matter of 4 hours of having the account I was apparently reported for something I know I didn’t do. I read the guidelines and followed them all. I was banned for “commercial use.” But I never advertised or offered to sell anyone anything. I was looking for dates. Nothing I said could even be interrupted as me offering to sell something. And based on other reviews this is a common problem. I enjoyed the app for the little time I had it. Sad to know I wasted all that time creating a profile and uploading photos and fully answers the questions in my bio. All that work just to be banned for something I know I didn’t do. Apparently you can report anyone for anything at anytime and instead of Badoo looking into it to see if this is true they just assume it is true and terminate your account without a second thought. Just don’t even download in the first place it’s a waste of your time. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Stanzaboi
My account always getting blocked
I would like to contact badoo support. My account was blocked for no reason, I can’t get back. When an account is reported you guys should review it and be sure the report is real, someone can come and accuse you for what you didn’t do and report you then the next thing is badoo will get you blocked without proper verification or any investigation. In the past they hacked my account through my email, which I told some badoo friends I was in touch with to report so they block the scammer with my account and badoo did the needful and my account was blocked, since then till now when ever I open a badoo account they get me blocked that they have gotten reports that I’ve been breaking their rules. I don’t understand because I know I chat decently, I do my face verification and I abide by the rules, I’ve gotten blocked more than 5 times within a month or two. Please you guys should look into this and stop getting me blocked for no reason. Investigate properly before any blocking.
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4 years ago, Robneckflordia
Needs Work
Swipe left or right is slippery, you barely touch it and it swipes left or right on someone. It needs a new motion or something. Next up, the monthly service is to expensive way to expensive, yah I have the money for it but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart investment. 20 bucks a month is a bit much I could maybe do 2 to 5 a month. Like most apps out there today you can’t see if someone likes you unless you either have the love Gods put them back in your matches or if you pay to take a chance to see who it was. Money is short right now cause of the Corona Virus what is this app doing to help. Overall it works well bug wise. There’s not a lot to it depth wise, meaning compared to other apps you put a couple photos of yourself on here, say a few things about yourself, use a few hashtags about what you like and that’s about it. I would like their to be a little more info about my potential partner.
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4 years ago, newtothis2717
Please fix these problems
So I like this app more than an other dating app but man it still has the same main problems. For example, can you please make it mandatory for girls to right something on there profile because when girls are so cute and so close and I spend 200 coins on them but it turns out they aren’t compatible with me it truly pisses me off. Also, why is it I paid the 20 dollars for the membership in still can’t message 95% of the girls in my area free. That just makes me mad and I know I can’t get my money back but this app should know that the only people making moves on this app are guys just like in the real world because no girls actually swipe so there isn’t any hardly.m any matching to make free conversations and I don’t know about other guys but when something is a waste of money I get rid of it and that’s where this app is heading so could you please fix some of these main problems 🙏
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4 years ago, FauxRatZ
App serves its purpose, albeit not very well.
The app is flooded with bots and inactive people. They give you an option to watch videos for credits but even when you use credits to boost your profile it goes to any age range and any gender regardless of settings. Not to mention, they spam you constantly if you say yes to push notifications. I don’t want to see “we promised we wouldn’t do this, but please come back” or some other things along those lines that have absolutely nothing to do with someone liking you or favoriting you or even visiting your profile. That’s what the notifications should be for. The app is annoying but it gets the job done for somebody out there. I would like it better if I could really narrow it down to a specific type. We all have types. So being able to specify it down without paying should have been a thing already
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3 years ago, ltlpnkvxn
I’m not sure how it is for the guys, but for the ladies at least, it is a refreshing change from most dating apps I’ve used (faaaar too many 😝). First of all, there is an option to upgrade to premium, but it isn’t forced on you. There are no ads, or at least so few that they don’t stand out in my mind. Completing a profile isn’t arduous or tedious- I found that I was able to add things that were relevant without having so much fluff. To top it off, I was given a three day premium upgrade for free, without ever having to add any card info like some apps that are out to charge to do practically anything useful within the app itself. I have already recommended this app to my friends because I’m super impressed by my experience.
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6 years ago, Triot777
Good app but definitely can be far better
Out of all the dating apps this is probably one of the best! Far better than POF. The problems I have with this app are, being linked with someone that is actually in your area! I understand you have 7 million plus members but flipping through the pictures I have not seen atleast 1 person that is within range. Every girl is in other states so that being said It almost makes this app pointless!! The other problem I have is the amount of transgenders on here, some dudes are into that so maybe make a button like male/female/TS and seperate them from being sprinkled in the mix. This app is awesome but it is very limited. Please make it so that you can use your location and be linked with local singles instead of being linked with someone you will never waste time meeting on the complete opposite side of the country!
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5 years ago, Summerlov
There’s just too many fake profiles . Someone I met over a year ago on here had deleted this app . He & I have kept in contact ever since we met on here . He contacted me last wk & we talked . This past wknd I was in the LOCAL search and came upon his profile . I messaged him asking what he was doing in HOBART since he lives in Palatine . He asked me what was I talking about , that he’s been home all wknd & hadn’t left his area . Someone hacked / stole his profile . Not very happy with that .!! It happened to me on another paying site . They had changed my users name & password , I wasn’t able to get into my account til I realized the site had sent an email about some changes . They had replaced all my photo with another women in a bikini on a yacht & auto charged $73 to my credit card . It happens !! There has to be something about these catfish , fakes & scammers
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4 weeks ago, Athony Volpe
you have thirst buckets who explode a females inbox as soon as they log in so they only allow the ugly thirst buckets to reach out to attractive women If they’re too attractive you have to pay to talk to them Then Badoo says they don’t want to overwhelm a female with her inbox messages but they don’t mind allowing the thirst buckets who are linking their bank account to this site to explode their inbox Oh and now they don’t even allow you to like females near you unless you pay lol I also notice when I write an attractive girl and she response the message suddenly disappears. It’s almost like they’re running a brothel and allow you to talk to the pretty women if you pay. Update if you talk to a girl and she starts getting lots of messages they just remove them from your conversations probably in search of more money Basically getting money for women on this site… do you share any of the money you make from the “popular girls” with the “popular girls”? Or do ya just profit off of them?
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5 years ago, Ivaniviene
I think it all depends on the person and what they make out of the app. This app seems popular and has many people to get to know if you want to make friends. I think its a good app to meet people. Intention plays a big role. There are many beautiful females in the app. Its not what i look for but sure is fun when there is interaction. Since im all over the place because of my job i think its a great app form me, because its fun when i bump into girls and i never reveal it, i am still waiting for that one girl who will mention bumping into me. I enjoy making friends, we all have a story that enriches our souls, ill try to let it be known. Its the first app where i can express how females can be a mans friend without expectations. I recommend it and also to those looking for a fling. Lots of that too.
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2 years ago, MacsRule45
Waiting on replies
Well let me first start off saying I live the app. Except for the notifications about users “waiting for my message” and when I check, I’m waiting for them to reply. So messaging them multiple times before getting a response is good? Or did the app not send thru my reply and see that I messaged the other person and I’m the one waiting for a response? Numerous times has this app said “be the first one to send a message” or “so and so is waiting for your response” when it’s me that’s waiting. This has been going on since I started using the app 8 or so years ago. You’d think by now it would have been fixed. And how many countless other messages haven’t gone thru? I’ve matched with 100s of users and less than half respond. Have they all changed their minds? Have they all found someone at the time we matched? What happens with that? Or did they all not get my message?
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3 years ago, Jared Marl
I signed up for a 1 month trial and canceled the next day. Not even 30 days later, they charged my bank account almost $64 dollars and claimed that I never cancelled. The worst part is that they REFUSE TO REFUND YOUR MONEY! If you go to any rating websites and research them, you will see that they have a VERY low rating, and are notorious for doing the same thing to others. It’s not worth the risk anyways, because half of the “members” on that site are spammers aka cam girls. The rest are packed full of issues lol. Update: To Badoos response - that’s a bunch of crap. Your “support” did nothing but tell me that they wouldn’t refund me for the money you stole and to kick rocks. Clearly from other peoples reviews, I can see that I’m not alone in this. The only positive reviews are clearly fake accounts. I am not letting this go. I am currently getting as many people as I can together that you’ve burned, so we can put our heads together as a team and figure out what to do about this. You have truly burned the wrong guy.
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7 months ago, MACSIDE
Too Many Fake Spam Phishing Profiles
I don't understand how this app gets such high ratings? Fake ratings/reviews as well? Based on the demographical region "I" chose, nearly 80% plus profiles are obviously fake. Somehow spam generated -random profile names that obviously don't match the photo (race/ethnicity) or profile names with random letters such as "asdflkjh". The remaining 20% are users trying to promote their social media, a phishing scam, or inactive profiles. Just a handful of profiles are actually real (of whom, good luck with responses as I'm sure they've caught on and deleted this app). Also beware: Even when chatting with some of these "real" profiles, take note of their unusual responses and behavior (completely random questions, answers thrown off topic, or neglecting to answer simple basic questions). I report and block more profiles then swipes on this app. Yet, the developers have either done nothing or possibly employ people to generate fake profiles as some reviewers have noted.
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4 years ago, Jay3Bay
A Real Review
This most recent account I decided to make sure I followed the rules and then more. I even subscribed for premium which I had never done before. Every single profile that messaged me instantly asked me for my private access. And the only pics in that section were African American cartoon art. When these people released that they didn’t get access to see naked photos of me they then would constantly ask me for them. I reported it to Badoo but their profiles still remained. I’ve had multiple profiles messaging me for sex and money and the screenshots to prove it and days after I file multiple reports to Badoo, the profiles are still online. So I took a break for opening the app but when I came back to do so I found my account was blocked. What for? I’m starting to believe this app is prejudice because when multiple white men ask me for sex and offer me money Badoo doesn’t delete their profiles. But I just log off for a day and come back and now I’m banned. What sense does this make!?
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4 years ago, Mone't B
I actually really enjoyed this app. There were some pretty decent guys and of course there were some that weren’t to nice. One guy I had to report him he sent an inappropriate photo. He created another account messaged me saying” I had to creat another account someone reported mine.” I told him you sent me an inappropriate picture then deleted his message from me. Few days later I have logged in and out of my account. I go back in a little later my account is blocked. I asked why, they had be do a survey, after it seemed they didn’t like my answer so they blocked my account without explanation and said nothing can be done about it. I truly liked this website probably the best out of all the dating ones, but I won’t set back up an account for something else like this to happen. Thank you guys for creating the site.
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2 years ago, cg36()nk?
Surprised me
This is actually a really great app. I got plenty of matches and I’m able to see who views my profile. It gives you the option to only be messaged by your matches or everyone. The matches are actually really close in my area so it’s legit for me. I would go as far to say it’s better than tinder. Bios don’t have a short character limit so you can get a good just of a person’s from their profile. It’s everything you need from a dating app without paying. Of course premium is offered but honestly you don’t need it. You get so many features free and you can message any of your matches. There’s no swipe limit unlike other apps. This really surprised me I suggested it to my friends
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2 years ago, Daisy_Doodles42
Great but only for money
Would give three and a half stars but it won’t let me. So it’s an amazing app! Absolutely love it! Easily catches creepy pictures before they get to you, monitors and asks about questionable texts- “This text seems inappropriate. Would you like to block and report this person?” Met lots of cool people. wish more people would fill out their profiles though lol. The biggest problem I have with it though— after a week’s free trial is up, you can no longer see people who’ve liked you or have crushes on you. It won’t let you see their profiles at all. They just stay in your box as blurred accounts you can’t accept or decline. Matching gets a lot harder. I realize this app needs to make money somehow, but couldn’t it be possible to let everyone see their likes for at least a few days a month? It could be a different few days for everybody, and if you’d still have to pay for premium if you didn’t want to wait for your freebie days, but it would give everyone equal opportunity. I’ve seen way too many people just remake accounts and put them back up to get the free trial again. Have to re-swipe on them all the time. Give people a few free days a month, I wish even a week, would cut down on this so much!
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4 months ago, Dacic
verified photo does not means safe
Verified photo doesn’t do anything with safety, you just giving license to sexual predators so people believe this is legit profile . You actually helping sexual predators to get on here verify their photo , because some naive people will trust and believe verified profile is safe. I found many unverified profiles are more safe then verified. Anyone can verify photo , that doesn’t means he is safe to talk to , it is your cover that you are doing something to help people feel safe .The App is pretty full of sexual predators, thief, robbers , scammers, in fact all of these profiles photos are verified, if you do not respond to these predators they usually very aggressive , they are insulting and also they keep reporting you to a app support trying to remove you from the app. I RATHER TALK WITH PROFILE THAT HAS NO PHOTO VERIFIED BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE HONEST AND IF I NEED TO VERIFY I GO FACETIME, so no need for Badoo to verify any profile for me does not help safety, Plus Badoo monitor every conversation
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6 years ago, QueenShayy21
Unfair treatment by Badoo
I’ve been asking the same question and getting NO ANSWERS! My account was blocked for no reason! There are perverted users on Badoo who’ll request on live to do certain things and when i don’t engage or oblige they report me. This is unfair! I haven’t violated ANY community guidelines! I literally talk to the friends i made on Badoo and ignore perverted users. You guys haven’t told me what rule or guidelines I’ve broken! You literally go by reports and not the proof of what’s being reported. I’ve had Badoo for over 7 years and never had a problem. All of a sudden when people report my profile for not fulfilling sexual requests and making BOGUS and UNTRUE claims I’m blocked?? Please tell me how that’s fair and WHAT I HAVE DONE?? I really would like my account to be reinstated because I am always respectful and do nothing but respect the rules. I’ve never broken one at all. I’ve already reached out to support and I’m getting the same automated answer and not a human being. This is unfair and I HAVEN’T BROKEN NOT ONE SINGLE RULE!!!!!
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10 months ago, El Sommelier
Add a TS Category
I get exhausted and frustrated as a straight man with all the TS, mis categorized, un category type things. I do t want to be offensive to anyone but when I select my options as “straight” “male” “seeking female” I should see o ly that, not all the other gayshion confusion/transgender that I absolutely do not want. I’m sure they are wonderful people, and they need their own tab. Please and thank you. I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this. Make it happen ASAP, I want to see only straight girls that want straight men, that’s what I hoped for after all the time I applied to my profile. I have 3 stars because I do sometimes see the women that I want to connect with, but it’s only about 5%, the rest are duds or the category I asked you to create for them. I have had a few matches, yet they match and have not replied. Doesn’t really feel like a match.
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2 years ago, Carrrrrottttt
Not great
No option to talk to multiple genders, everything is behind a paywall, and if you want to delete your account you pretty much can't. You can "hide" it, and if you go to FAQ they claim you can delete the app in settings, even though the option isn't there. I contacted CS twice, and the first time they closed my ticket without even addressing the issue. I called them out in my second ticket and proceeded the next week to try to prove who I was to get the account deleted. Even after giving them my authenticity the account is still not deleted and no one will contact me back. Get a better response team and fix your bugs. Terrible app and CS. UPDATE; your reply is the same one I've gotten 3 times now, do you guys even read your feedback? Seriously. Delete my account like I've been asking for over a week now because there's literally NO option to do it myself like I've stated plenty of times by now. It's a bug.
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1 year ago, ajeeeezy
First impression was great the rest was bad
I spent hours on Badoo matching with girls. At first I was happy because it felt like I was actually meeting people but every girl that I met that I spent time talking to was thousands and thousands of miles away even though they were supposed to be in my area I feel like Badoo pays women to text to make the site seem real: it’s like a carrot and a stick. It gives you just enough to make you keep spending money and keep spending time, but finally realize you will never catch the carrot that you’re looking for. My conclusion is that this site is a scam just like all of the others if you find luck. you. Seriously if you find luck even thousands of thousands of miles away, I’m happy for you. But I don’t think that any of this is real and I won’t be able to let you know for a few more months as I will have to go across the country to meet post to meet in my area. To all of you. Good luck.
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2 years ago, Fappy________
Poor quality app
Useless app with crap support team. Have bad people on there app and they have zero clue on how to remove them. Every function like LIKES, SWIPING, Messages Cost too much like $9 a month definitely not worth it. The credits also never stay accurate like you can watch ads but youll never have enough to actually do anything just a waste of time. They change your search settings without your permission meaning the only likes you. An get are crazy people or out of state users. Which is pointless. I can get many women elsewhere and the ones I do find are pretty much on this app for money or selfish gain. 🤰I wouldn’t download there’s also no privacy they see every message and make assumptions about you by using key words like s3x to say thats sexual harassment just using the word gets you wrongfully blocked. Also contacting them is hard to do and that is done purposely because we have tons to say to support.
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2 months ago, Xero the Cat
Lots of ads and poor graphic design
I have been on this app for a couple of years and it has really only gotten worse. In the past few months the number of ads we are forced to wait for, dismiss or watch have gone up markedly. This is the business model though: make users so frustrated that they will just give up. When swiping through the profiles there will be at ad every five swipes. Usually, one must wait for the ad to run and then there will be a popup screen to take you to the App Store to download it. The popup screen covers the first ad and it is hard to find the TINY “x” to dismiss the ad and continue browsing. Also, the fonts are incredibly small and hard to read. They cannot be adjusted in the app or in the browser settings. It’s a frustrating app and I have basically stopped using it because it only gets worse.
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