Baird Online

3.6 (64)
57.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Robert W. Baird & Co.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baird Online

3.64 out of 5
64 Ratings
5 months ago, sagar.sangle16
2024 seems to be better for Baird Online
I had been experiencing some issues in the app here and there. Since 2024 January feels like there were a lot of improvements done. Login and overall app experience looks much better. I liked my experience. It was smooth and up to the mark.
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1 year ago, Walt7878
Face ID needs to be fixed
The Face ID works great to open up the app, but when you close it, the app redoes the Face ID and opens the app up again - not able to just log out and have the app open again. Update - January, 2023 - Working great since the Face ID function has now been fixed!
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1 year ago, bglake
Face ID is handy, and overview is easy to see, but trying to go deeper is a problem. Specifically, if I want to see checking account/activity/money (and this is exact what I’d like to check on frequently), I can only see a few transactions. I can refresh and maybe see more, but they literally disappear before my eyes, and before I can read them. Not worth keeping on my phone at present.
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1 year ago, VeryOnline
A big improvement from the last application
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2 years ago, 35USC101
Finally updated! Looks great and works well.
The App finally got the interface/account updates it has needed for a long time. Good job Baird!
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2 months ago, marki_2018
Love the app. Easy to use. Provides all information that I need on my accounts.
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6 months ago, farmerje
App is broken
The app has been broken for some time. It's possible to log in, but the Home tab is blank and the Portfolio tab displays an error message "Something went wrong" over and over. This has been happening for a few months, now, and isn't just intermittent. The website still works fine.
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1 year ago, nelphos
Financial plan zones broken…
There appears to be a problem with the app and financial plan zones. In the screenshots for the app on the App Store, it looks correct. In reality, once you drop below 91% you’re not ‘In Confidence Zone’ anymore, but you’re now ‘Below Confidence Zone’. It feels bad to drop 1% and go from Above, to Below. :(
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1 year ago, Brownbear2222
App Will Not Open
I’ve had the app for quite a while now, but about a month ago the app will not open. I have deleted it and reinstalled several times and that does not solve the problem. Until the bug is fixed, I have to use the web to access my account.
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1 year ago, dannyincolor
Great update but lots of bugs
I get “Unable to load” after login 5 of 10 times with the latest release. The updates are great but only when stability is improved.
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9 months ago, Duke8577
New release is amazing!
The mobile deposit worked great along with redesign. This is a decent app with good support and great security.
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4 months ago, LauriMarie128
Easy to Navigate
Great app, intuitive & easy to navigate!
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1 year ago, does not run on ios11
Broken App
They fixed the glitch with Face ID, but now the app won’t launch at all. I deleted the app I had on my phone, and downloaded the latest version to be sure. Sadly, the problem remains even after restarting my phone. Complete Failure to Launch.
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1 year ago, NChester
Worst App in the store
Quite possibly the worst app available in the store. Extremely buggy, can’t access info, and constantly says “something went wrong”. Hire some engineers to take care of this. Need to become a 21st century company already…
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1 year ago, Gigi-Gillette
Great app
The updated version is fantastic!!
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2 years ago, gggfhvggvbfcc
iPad login
I can no longer log into the app on my iPad Still works on my iPhone. But log in process is more complex and the market data requires too many steps to access now. Not an improvement
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8 months ago, teebol
Awful app and they never improve it
Half the time I can’t log in and once I do it doesn’t display my account info just locks up and says “unavailable”. What a joke for a company that manages literally billions in investments.
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1 year ago, vcb harbor
App no longer works
The App used to work fine but now it no longer opens. I’ve reinstalled it several times. This last update seems to have a glitch.
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2 years ago, Waltdofo
Not an upgrade in my opinion
I’m a Baird client. I used to open this app to get a quick look at the NASDAQ. Now I have to log in to do that. I don’t like that new feature. It’s extra work. Please go back to showing the NASDAQ upon opening app.
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2 years ago, Joons0419
Great update
Tremendous upgrade - well done on this, Team Baird
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5 years ago, slemmons24
Great app, need to have access to weekly notes pdf files via app.
Great app, but limited compared to the online web browser content. I like the weekly Market Notes and other pdf comes they load weekly. Please find a way to be able to write a script for that and tie in to the mobile Baird app.
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2 years ago, fishhead2k
The old one was easier to use.
This one is difficult to navigate. No logical flow.
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2 years ago, favorite book at 34th st.
Liked old app better
Included a lot more easily accessible information. I really hate this app.
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1 year ago, w i l b u r
App won’t open
App won’t even open on my iPhone after downloading a half dozen times.
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1 year ago, Bohonk1
New app
Not working right
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4 years ago, ProgramDirector
pretty lousy app
Other than being a Baird customer. i have no other conflicts of interest, past or present. I have always received excellent support, superb investment advice, and service from the professionals at Baird. However, I wish I could say the same about the App. It is an update. It is totally bland, boring, and unattractive. It has neither curb appeal or functionality. The App does no justice to the first-rate company that is been designed for. I liked the previous version, although it did not have nearly the functionality of the online website accessible theough its website. There is not much one can do with this App other than viewing one’s portfolio. one does not get any idea how one’s portfolio has done over a period of time, or even how individual stocks have done. Perhaps they could offer a downgrade so we can get the old one back. The only good thing I can say is that it is free. I seriously wonder how the millennials would be attracted to this. Fortunately, they have no money to invest.
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10 years ago, Dejfikus
Finally here
Took time to get this out and I'm glad it has been done this way. Simple but precise on what I have and current transactions. All I need for longer term investments. Thank you Baird team!
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9 years ago, kappy26
Basic. Needs more functionality.
Is it still 2005? Baird couldn't have built a more basic app if they tried. Does it work, yes. Is it useful? Barely. I don't know why Baird can't seem to produce a good web experience or mobile app. What is their IT dept doing? Jan 2015 update: They still don't get how to write apps. As an investor with them it just makes me want to look at an alternative firm. Nearly impossible to see any details on your phone or tablet. Trade confirmations show little data. I'm not sure what they intended to do with this app, but it needs a rewrite.
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3 years ago, Jimmy1947
Joining the Chorus
I’m joining the chorus of customers who would like a bit more from this app. Please make signing on to the app less time consuming. Why not enable face recognition? My bank does. My credit cards do. I think it would be helpful if your app developer would take a few minutes and check out other financial apps and see what is possible. I really hope someone who counts is reading these reviews.
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3 years ago, OnlinebankingGuru
Very limited
Bottom line: this app is so limited. I can’t see gains over 3-yr, 5-yr, etc. There’s no cost vs value information. Or contribution details. And why can’t face or fingerprint identification be used to make login easier? Many other users are asking for the same features. Please make some updates to create a more useful, informational app. Mobile app usage is the way of the future - please keep up.
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4 years ago, craigdevwb
A customer
I am a customer that would invest a lot more with Baird. I do not like much of anything Baird offers its online and app users. Its almost painful. You cant even manage to offer your customers fingerprint login? Do you care what customers want? Do you read your reviews? I did. It tells me your customers expect a better online experience and fingerprint id is a universal want apparently, so what is the excuse for non response?
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10 years ago, Jd123xxz
Nice app!
Simple, easy to use and navigate. Good work Baird!
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2 years ago, Life after news
Baird app worse than before
At least the older version had a graph that showed how much your portfolio was making (or losing). This one is impossible to navigate-at least for me. And unless you write down the value for a particular day, there’s nothing to compare the current value against.
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8 years ago, MUfanatic
Really like the new update
Job well done Baird Online. I am really glad to see they've added daily change in value to the accounts screen. And I especially like the new tablet app offering.
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2 years ago, brassmouth
It is unprofessional to have an app this bad
The poor quality of this app makes you look like a bunch of clowns. I can’t even login, always says “ Please be advised that some pages in Baird Online are unavailable while we perform system maintenance.”
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4 years ago, Greg Tids
Baird IPad App
I have an IPad 8 and really not sure if it’s old technology or not. But the Baird App for my iPad is not providing basic information. On the same IPad 8 if I google search the Baird login website and look at my accounts it gives me all the data I could every need. My IPhone app works great also. So there must be something wrong with the iPad version. Hope this helps. Baird is a great company and the people are even better. Best, Greg Tennessee
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3 years ago, YWKHF0
Not much here
The app provides very little data and no access to settings. Just access Baird Online on your browser. Why the two are so different is beyond me. Disappointing...
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5 years ago, Mike-in-Michigan
Please allow for fingerprint authentication in the app (and Face ID for my next phone!). Hate putting in my password each time. Also, help me set up some specific reports and look at history of my investment accounts (returns based on date ranges or YTD) — must be able to create and save reports that I can look at daily. Can I day trade in my IRA account? I’d love to do that, too!!!! Love my advisor. App is lacking. Thanks.
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9 years ago, galaxygirl50
Stil. Behind the time
Rec'd notice of An improved version am EST 3 Nov. down loaded the version from the email. Still the same old One. Nothing new? I am hoping they step it up as they are way behind on their online program features.
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5 years ago, abasicuser10
Needs updates
The app used to show Dow. It does not now. Please also allow use of fingerprint for authentication. The UI is very lacking and should make an effort to keep up with professional apps out there.
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4 years ago, Hotrods fan
Needs updating
Touch ID log in would be great. The app also doesn’t run smoothly.
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4 years ago, Scallawag
Doesn’t even work
Nothing about this company so far impresses me. They take weeks to even get back to you on questions and this app literally doesn’t work.
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10 years ago, Ampicker
New online account system
This new online account system is no were near the old system....what happen!! The old system was much better!!
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5 years ago, mammerm
I am a customer and love everything about Baird except this app. It’s a joke. Compared to any other financial institution they are in last place. Gang get your act together and fix this. Offer Touch ID and Face ID at the minimum. Just pathetic.
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5 years ago, Ftroop416
Not Impressed
We just switched to Baird from another company and I am already missing the old company App. Glad we decided not to do our checking account too!
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4 years ago, nch hh kh
No touch ID login. Delayed quotes. Throw me out after 10 minutes and I have to type login again. I’m paying you guys a lot of money. You can do better than this.
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10 years ago, Basic investor
Good start
Nice first app, Baird. Gives me what I need to check in on my accounts.
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5 years ago, bspurloc
Come on Baird
This has to be the worst financial app in the App Store. Baird is my financial adviser. This app does NOTHING. Pretty pictures of my account. Couldn’t pay a bill if my life depended on it. My local Credit Union has a better app.
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10 years ago, Shaoli33333
Very nice
Works well on my iPhone
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8 years ago, MuDad
Great new App
Great new tablet app! Great job with the design and layout.
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