Baldi's Basics Classic

4.2 (15.1K)
281.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Basically Games, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baldi's Basics Classic

4.18 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Hang she
This game is weird
OK listen about this game a lot of years ago I did that now they took away the character that you want to be in the game and add a new character let me tell you all about the characters number one there’s another teacher that is a girl and her name is Miss Prom anyway whatever you do do not do you mind trying to get to school anyway Bobby is also with the new characters that they added whatever you do do not be late she will go nuts by being mad so just trying to make sure you are on time before she goes nuts on you I don’t know his name but I think in the game I think I did right now OK OK this is awfulAll right OK I don’t think I have enough space in my game review all about the rest of the characters in this game I will not write another review this is the only person is real I can write anyway if you want to see the new campers maybe they are in the game just put it out for you
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2 months ago, idiotpatric
This is the best game!!!
Ok so I was playing it and I got the first notebook and then answered the questions and I got a shiny quarter. I was like what’s this for?? Then realized it was for Bsoda. I saw this jump rope girl and I was like whatttttt then Baldi got me. But then I played for like another year and I got really good. Here are some beginners tips: Get as many Bsodas as possible Make sure the principal doesn’t see you do anything bad If you need to run in front of the principal then click the run/shift button over and over but never leave it on Play with sound so you know your surroundings Always keep safety scissors If you can, If you see the bully try to see if the principal is coming cuz he will put him in detention Know your surroundings If you use principles keys then wait for the principle to leave the room and for him to go away. What items do: Big ol’ boots:make you immune to first prize Bsoda: shoot anyone down the hallyway Safety scissors: Cut playtime’s jump rope Window no squee:Use on a door and doesn’t make a sound Zesty bar:Run for a longer time Principals keys: Gets you out of detention Shiny quarter:Buy a zesty bar or Bsoda Yellow door lock:lock a yellow door so no one can go through Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, YSer04
I love it!!!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕
So when I was playing this game I saw Baldi he looked happy so I went in a room and saw a notebook so I went to it and then I had to take the notebook and answer the questions❤️So then after I answered all of them I went in a another room and I had to answer them but then I got one wrong I was scared 😱 but I had to go to a different room but then Baldi wasn’t there…🧡So then I heard something it scared me but then I went to a different room but then I heard (no running in the halls) I was so so scared but I I ran quickly so then I got trapped in this room💛So then I was in there for like 1 hour until…BALDI CAME!!!!!! I try to get out of the room but then he was behind me so I ran so fast and then I got out of the room💚So I went in I different room so then I got the notebook and answer all of them right 🤗so then I found BALDI!!!💙So he killed me but I was pretty fun and funny but then I played a another level it was pretty fun so ya and guys do your answer right in the game or else I will lose💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜By: Charlotte meek
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1 year ago, ReaFlower
Amazing horror game!
This is a great horror game! Your objective seems easy but is challenging in a way since Baldi's speed increases as you progress through the game, making it a bit harder to do for each notebook. A lot of people are complaining because they're annoyed by the characters such as Playtime, Sweeping Time, 1st Prize, and the Principal… but this is only normal to be in a horror game!! Games are fun when they're challenging and distractions are added to this to make it more directly harder to complete! I understand why it could be annoying but it's only part of the game that makes it more arduous. Plus, these can be preventable since there is actually items given to you to stop them. Like the scissors can stop Playtime, and the B-Soda you can buy or find just lets you push people away in your path. The Principal isn't really preventable..but besides that everyone else is. This game is fun and you can try and find yourself escaping from strategies or just pure luck! I'm glad I played it!
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3 years ago, MMA girl!
So great!
I L-O-V-E, Love this game! I’ve heard a lot of my friends talk about this game and recently I finally downloaded it and I really liked it! The sound on my phone doesn’t work so it’s a bit harder, so I kinda get jump-scared whenever Baldi comes around, but for me that’s a fun thing about it. Math is also my favorite subject in school so that’s another part that I like and it kinda helps because we don’t do negative numbers when subtracting so I can still do it. I’m also glad that there is a secret room in the game but I can’t pause or get out of the game in the room, and I don’t really understand what to do in there. I also got my brother to download this game and we’ve had a lot of fun, and since I like math he makes me do the math when he’s playing heh heh. So far I’ve gotten to 4 books and I’ve had lots of fun with it (sorry I’m saying that too much, I can’t really think how to write this). I would definitely recommend this to people that like math and suspense. Welp that’s all I can really think of so, Sincerely PrincessTia (nickname)
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5 months ago, Liam mi nikneym
It’s sorta cool
The impossible question is supposed to be there because otherwise Baldi would not get mad and there would not be a challenge. And there is a secret ending for if you answer all the questions wrong. Although I have never been able to complete the game, ever, I know there’s a hint for that secret ending in the normal ending. When you complete the game, a character whose name is Null or FileName2 says “wow great job, please try to do worse though I need to-“ and it’s like glitching. But it hints at the fact that you need to answer all questions wrong. Once you do that it says “There is room for improvement, go see Baldi in his office for some tips!” And then you can go to his office and something happens. If you are the developer you already know all of this because, well You Made It but if you are just some random person reading this, I actually don’t know what I’m going to say
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3 years ago, Filirty
Good game but...
Ok baldis basics is a great game,but a few glitches. I had six notebooks and I went to a classroom, but I couldn't open the door, then the sweeper came and sweeped me into playtime, then the principle got me and I got detention. I was confused because I didn't do anything wrong, so I escaped from detention unseen and went to collect the final notebook, I clicked the hand thingy and tried to go into the door, it didn’t work the first time so I tried again, this time it worked so I went in the door, but I was stuck and couldn't get in, somehow baldi got in the room even though I was stuck in the doorway, and then jumpscared me. I would rate five but it had alot of glitches, but thanks for this game overall it is pretty good hope you have a good day ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ
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2 years ago, absbabanjagssbbwnahaysbe
Glitch Reporting 😀
So the game is really good and all but there are some glitches and updates that I think there should be added. First of all, there is this glitch where if you get 1 problem wrong on the first notebook, Baldi for some reason goes really fast that it’s hard to see him and when you get the second notebook, it goes back to normal. Another glitch is that if you stay in a corner after getting 2 notebooks, Baldi will see you and try to get you but he would not be able to. I think there should be a difficulty chart like beginner, easy, normal, hard, and EXTREME. Another one is the more notebooks you have you get points and the points could be used to get power ups or outfits for the characters like a witch hat. Or extra speed or you can carry more items, OR Baldi can not see you good. That’s all.
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4 months ago, ggvgffttygff
read this pls all of it
ok, so, this game is amazing. The reason I’m putting one star is cus why not mostly everyone checks the one star page. There are a lot of trolls putting one star and just spam nonsense in the description, so ignore those. some people even say that the last question is impossible, so maybe that’s a glitch? nah how’s that a glitch that’s what gets the game going. There are tons of glitches in this game, but that’s every game. They all have glitches one way or another. All that said, this game isn’t educational. OF COURSE IT ISNT IT SAYS SO IN THE FREKING DESCRIPTION LOL!!1!11!1 so now u know that this game is amazing, but maybe u can add more updates to it, since I haven’t seen this game updated in years. Other than that, amazing game. I highly recommend this game if u want something hard and fun and sorta creepy.
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2 years ago, the B-E-S-T
really good!
this game is fun, entertaining, etc. I can’t stand people commenting about the last question of the second note book tho :/ It’s supposed to be that way??? This isn’t a kids learning app, it never was supposed to be. The questions are easy, even the negative ones. I like the whole style of the game. But, still, no need to rate it one star because the jump scares scared the living crap out of you, it’s supposed to be that way? In other words, you’re just complaining about what the game is supposed to do. There are no glitches.. And yes, “omg the principal put me in detention for no reason, blah, blah, blah” :| maybe not for no reason cause it seems to me that you were sprinting. BTW, you can be put into detention if you just have stamina left for some reason but it’s not major..
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4 months ago, Drawing Ig user
i̴ ̴l̷o̷v̵e̴ ̵t̸h̶i̸s̴ ̴g̷a̸m̵e̴ ̵s̵o̶ ̴m̸u̸c̶h̴!̷ ̶i̴t̴s̵ ̵s̴o̴ ̵f̸u̴n̴ ̶b̵u̵t̷ ̴a̴l̸s̶o̸ ̵c̵r̷e̶e̴p̸y̶ ̸a̶t̴ ̸t̸h̵e̵ ̴s̶a̸m̶e̸ ̴t̴i̴m̸e̵!̴ ̴I̴ ̶l̸o̴v̷e̴ ̵h̶o̵w̸ ̷i̴t̸ ̷s̸e̸e̴m̵s̴ ̵n̷o̴r̶m̶a̴l̸ ̶u̷n̵t̶i̶l̶ ̵t̶h̸e̶ ̵w̶e̷i̸r̷d̸ ̵c̶o̷r̸r̷u̶p̸t̴e̷d̷ ̶m̷a̵t̷h̵ ̴e̵q̵u̷a̷t̵i̵o̷n̴!̵ ̴L̶i̸t̸e̷r̷a̵l̷l̶y̶ ̷s̴o̵ ̸c̸o̷o̵l̷!̸!̶ ̶I̷ ̶a̴m̸ ̶s̵o̶ ̷g̷l̶a̸d̸ ̷I̵ ̷d̵o̶w̵n̷l̴o̵a̷d̴e̵d̷ ̸t̴h̵i̶s̸ ̵g̷a̸m̵e̸!̵ ̷S̴o̷m̷e̴t̵h̴i̵n̷g̵ ̴c̸o̵n̸c̶e̷r̴n̵s̷ ̶m̸e̶ ̷t̵h̸o̸u̶g̸h̷.̷.̴ ̸I̴ ̴p̷l̴a̸y̷e̴d̸ ̴t̵h̸i̶s̶ ̶g̸a̵m̷e̴ ̷o̵n̷ ̴m̸y̸ ̶P̸C̷ ̷a̸n̷d̷ ̸w̷o̵n̷ ̷s̴e̶v̷e̷r̴a̶l̸ ̵t̵i̸m̸e̴s̴,̸ ̷b̵u̴t̴ ̸f̶o̸u̶n̵d̴ ̵t̶h̷i̸s̸ ̵c̵h̶a̶r̶a̶c̶t̴e̷r̴ ̸"̵N̷u̴l̶l̸"̸ ̵w̷h̷o̴ ̶k̸e̵p̷t̷ ̷t̴r̷y̴i̷n̷g̴ ̴t̸o̵ ̵s̵t̸o̴p̴ ̶m̶e̸ ̷f̷r̵o̸m̷ ̸c̸o̴n̷t̶i̷n̴u̵i̸n̴g̸!̴ ̵I̶t̷ ̶s̵c̶a̷r̵e̷d̶ ̴m̶e̵ ̶a̵ ̷l̶i̶t̶t̸l̵e̵,̶ ̷b̴u̷t̴ ̵I̷ ̴k̶e̷p̸t̷ ̶p̵l̴a̶y̵i̸n̴g̴,̴ ̶a̷n̶d̸ ̶h̵e̸ ̴w̴e̴n̷t̵ ̸s̴o̴ ̸f̴a̴r̸!̵ ̴H̴e̶ ̷e̸n̸d̵e̵d̶ ̷u̷p̴ ̷b̵a̴t̷t̷l̵i̸n̸g̴ ̴m̵e̸ ̶a̵n̴d̸ ̶I̴ ̷c̴o̶u̷l̵d̶n̷'̴t̵ ̶b̵e̶a̷t̸ ̷h̴i̶m̷!̶ ̵I̸ ̴h̸a̸d̴ ̸t̸o̶ ̸r̴e̸d̸o̵ ̴t̴h̵e̵ ̴e̷n̶d̷i̵n̸g̸s̵ ̴I̵ ̶g̶o̵t̶ ̶j̴u̶s̷t̴ ̷t̵o̸ ̶g̷e̶t̷ ̸b̸a̷c̴k̶.̵.̶ ̸I̵ ̶f̶i̷n̴a̷l̶l̴y̵ ̸b̶e̸a̶t̵ ̶h̸i̶m̵.̸.̷ ̴b̶u̵t̸ ̵w̴a̵s̴ ̷i̸t̶ ̵w̷o̵r̶t̸h̸ ̶i̴t̸?̶
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4 years ago, ~Elle102~
Swinging Door Glitch
I’m giving this five stars because I know it’s good just hasn’t had the other experience! Ok So I was terrified when I opened the game, So I went straight for the yellow door to the right ( This part doesn’t matter to the glitch ) it wouldn’t open so I went to the left. Then I thought oh I must need 25 cents so I got the first notebook then I chickened out xd I went back to the game and I was still terrified! So I got the notebook farthest away from him ( this is how you get it ) I accidentally got the first question wrong ( Don’t judge me I thought it was 6+3 ) I left the Game open expecting to see the load screen but I was there? After I gained the confidence to walk out of the door I say Baldi on the other side of the yellow door. ( Which scared me! ) then I saw I was stuck and baldi couldn’t get me..
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4 years ago, jordan got ban from roblox
Good game😍
This game is so fun there math Question first notebook its normal the secon one the last Question is inposible not a silnge person did it fine all seven notebook andBaldy friends are here to help principal of the thing if u do something that u cant do princeipal of the thing with put u in. Detention first prices he pushes u but he just want a hug): got to sweep sweep sweep he just like first price but he just cleans the school he dose not come that munch play time she makes u play jump rope u need to jump five time if u mess up u need to start over its a bully he dose not go to u give him something and every good school needs a bullyand thr last one baldy he the teacher but he has a ruller he hears ever foot steps ever door opening and he know who did so if u fart he know u did it
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3 years ago, cortney petersen
Idk it’s pretty good
This game is so much fun but ever since I got it there was one problem, I never knew how to get the “shiny quarter” from Baldi. Story: I downloaded the game and went up to my room to play the game. (I thought that it would be peaceful and quiet at first) I opened the game and chickened out a bit. I found the first notebook and got all of the answers correct. Baldi then gave me a “shiny quarter” and I pressed everything I could only to get that quarter because I watch too many Baldi videos and know that the quarter actually does something. (Somehow I forgot about what it does) the game is amazing except for a few glitches that I’m not sure have to do with anything or if anyone else is experiencing this too. :)
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2 years ago, Butterfly20681
It’s a interesting but weird..sorta game..🤨
First of all, any one that is mad about the question on the second one (the last one) you know it is supposed to be like that they can’t make it so easy for you then you will always win and then you will get bored quick and the it’s self is alright but there is a secret….(Y’all can thank oodjodjd for this info to) so apparently Biald ( Idk how to spell his name lol 😅) has a secret basement…I guess and you can also check kindly keins (YouTuber) and he posted it on..I think November 25th so go check that out and developer…. You made not a bad of a game but thanks..and to all the people who don’t like the teacher hitting the called being 😂✨Dramatic✨😂 over Math work so thanks you for who ever is reading this and have a wonderful day :)
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4 years ago, cool fazbear 379
Baldis basics is fantastic
It was a very fun experience when I was trying to complete the game normally but when it comes to completing the secret ending it kind of felt unfair Baldi is everywhere and I can’t lose him it’s RNG and it requires luck,skill and strategy but it feels like no matter where you go he will catch up to you eventually I can’t ever chill down and get a few notebooks because baldi is on my tail and I can barely get any notebooks and there were a couple of times where I got super close into beating Baldi’s basics secret ending but I would fail because of how fast baldi is during the endgame and no I am not saying that the game is bad because it is far from bad but I am just mentioning a little bit of my complaints about Baldi’s basics secret ending
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4 years ago, ok sooo amkng us idea
Awesome game! Get it it is fun!
Hi I just got the game and know how to play it because I have seen vids, now if you don’t like horror games then don’t get it but I do remmoned that you get this app if you do. I like this game for two resoans one, that you know we’re Baldi is by slapping his ruler two I like it becuase I helps you learn math. That was my review so I really hope you get it bye!!! Oh wait! I have something to ask the delveper to respond to. Can you please make us beable to make Baldi happy when you get it right even if you get some wrong? Please make that update that wloud be so helpful to me, other players and you if you want too ok play your own game so please make that update! That it bye have fun playing!!!
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3 years ago, Bigcm99
Amazing Game! But………
This game is amazing! I finished the game 4 times, but never completed the game with the secret ending, but that is okay. I have 4 of the greatest ideas ever! Bring Baldi’s Basics Classic on all Apple Computer’s App Store so people who don’t have a Microsoft computer can play Baldi’s Basics and don’t have to download it on a random website. Another idea is to bring Baldi’s Basics Plus on Apple Computer’s App Store as well and make it $10 like on Steam and other websites, create Baldi’s Basics Classic and Plus PS4 Edition, and finally, the greatest idea in the history of ideas, work on Baldi’s Basics Plus Mobile! But this game is awesome and I hope that more updates come out.
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3 years ago, DangItDagi
Love this game & #support1stprize
So this game IS not as what It seems... It is IMPOSSIBLE! So hard! Only can get 4 notebooks for me and before I know it, I was caught or I closed the game for jumpscare’s sake. I love this game and watched it a kajillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) times! I know all about it, but my problem is playing it. I can’t get 5-6 noteboos! It’s not a glitch, it’s gust that the game is too hard for me! Please make it easier and my favorite character if Baldi himself and 1st Prize! I was upset too as well he was only in Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning and Baldi’s Basics Full Game Early Demo! Until 2.0 of Baldi’s Basics ➕, when he was added! Sincerely, DagiDaNoob.
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10 months ago, A27587Aa1
I rlly lie the game I’m not saying OMG THIS GAME IS BADD DONT DOWNLOAD IT. I’m not ganna say that but I do have a report so 1 time I was playing it on my laptop that was years ago Isk what year but it was creepy so when I kept dam losing so Yk when it shows a scissors is when u lose so it showed me and then is showed me i don’t remember but it was a Badi basic with a black screen and baldi was red and the sound was like Yk when u get a blue screen on ur laptop ? Yeah it was rlly pound and then it kicked me out of the game and I was like uhh- but then I joined and it let me play so idrk what happened I wish y’all understand what I said and if it happened to u I’m sry I’m not saying for y’all to believe me but It did happened
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2 years ago, SuperGuyIsCool75
Baldi’s basics wall glitch.
So, yes I love this game with a doubt! :D and I found this glitch and it is real. I’m not joking it actually happened. So, when I was playing I notice I was stuck then I notice that I was glitched. To go threw a wall. :o I think what you have to do to make that happen is slowly get closer to the wall. (There has to be a room on the other side.) Then like slide on it as your walking. And that hopefully it works. It happened to me multiple times. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but if you do get it to happen nice. Who knows it may help you win the game. :) so, I R8 5 even tho I want to R8 it 100
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2 years ago, BaldiGuy777
Great Game! 😀but this one thing…
This is a really nice game and a lot of fun, but for some reason at the beginning of the game when I was doing the first notebook I accidentally did the answer wrong, then when I finished the notebook I tried to use one of the yellow doors but it wouldn’t work. it just said “You need two notebooks before you can use these doors!” Like when you try to use the yellow doors without two notebooks, so I had to run to the other door and do it quickly before baldi got closer. So please try to make the doors accessible when something like this happens. otherwise this game is awesome! 😁
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3 years ago, Galaxy girl Rey
I like it but...
So I really like Baldy‘s basics because it is a really good game it’s where you have to find his notebooks and answer his questions but if you answer anyWrong he will get really mad and you start smacking his ruler and if he gets you it will show a jump scare it’s not really that scary it’s just a picture of his face and it’s really good game and there’s different mods but there is a secret ending that I haven’t really got to yet but it’s a very very good game and I hope you guys like it too I really like it too because it allows you to do a math while you’re playing a game so the answer is math problems sometimes I get hard sometimes It take away but in this one it only does plus and minus!!
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2 years ago, Galaxy_Cat24
My friend was playing this game and told me to download it, so I did and I found it so entertaining that we challenged ALL of our friends to play, and whoever won first would get 5 bucks when we came back to school. I absolutely adore this game and the creator is even better. It’s a completely original game and puts a twist on the standard horror game, where instead of it being something completely impossible happening (like FNAF) or something COMEPLETELY possible happening (like Fears to Fathom) it’s right in the middle. The villain is also one of the most ✨iconic✨ characters in game history. THANKS FOR THE AMAZING GAME!
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2 years ago, player123,765,098
Subtraction problems are mostly wrong (or are they?)
This game is really fun, but most of the subtraction problems are wrong. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be that way or not. For example, 3-6 is 3, but the You Can Think Pad counts 3 wrong. Again, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but it’s really weird. Okay, I literally just got back on the game and noticed that there’s a - button on the You Can Think Pad, and it turns out that 3-6 is actually -3! I probably sounded dumb in the first part of this review! Sorry!!! I changed my rating to five stars after this mathematical discovery.
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3 months ago, Hamodygaming
Add the remastered but also the best game in the universe!
Game is really cool and smart! Your mind is full of ideas because to win you need to get all of the seven note books but not collect solve then collect really nice for kids that need education and love horror Also we need the remastered and plus version we never had a update or new game about baldi in years! We need something new something to revive the baldi in iOS something really cool so can you add it plus and remastered please? If you did thanks and I love your game also I forgot to mention is ñůľľ a character or it you alright bye now - Hamodygaming
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3 weeks ago, ItsaGood_BaconRoblox
Nice but….
So uh this is my first review on any game i played and i’m giving this a 4 star because of this. For some odd reason whenever you get a question wrong on the first notebook *it was 7-4 and i answer 2 on accident* i heard baldi slapping so hard that it scared me and i jumped out of the game just because of that and i don’t like how baldi just speeds up like that though like what if the doors were opened and heck you would get instantly jumpscared like bro take a chill pill i’m tryna play a game here and your over here just slapping around the schoolhouse without me noticing, and i don’t like games that just jumpscares you instantly.
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1 year ago, Asheeeeeeeeen
As I said this is a really great game in my opinion the math problems are easy so it doesn’t seem like a math game it’s also really fun to play when you’re bored and I know that the game says this literally at the beginning of the game but please don’t download this thinking it would be a good learning experience for your kids it’s a horror game and Baldi sometimes gives u jump scares that could possibly scare you’re kids I would recommend for maybe a kid 9+? Idk but.. If u want to download this for ur kid go right ahead I guess Anyway thank you for reading this have a great day!!
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3 years ago, noidontwantyoutoknowmename
I've seen a lot of lets play youtubers play this, but sadly, I didn't have a computer to try it myself. But when I found out there was a mobile version, I couldn't wait to try it out. And overall, it's pretty great. The only thing I wish I could have is a regular arrow controller (like in minecraft) instead of a joystick. I know a log of people like using a joystick so you should make that the default, but you should also make an option for an arrow controller cuz to me, its a little less frustrating. Other than that, I have nothing to say. Great job!
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2 years ago, dragonlover💕
Very good game recommend this
Okay I’ll explain why I gave it four out of five. So mainly I got this game because I was bored and I always wanted to play this and it is really fun but the main reason why is because it was way too whatever the word is I’m guessing different or something, cause I mostly play I don’t know I guess way different games than this. The only game a little like this that I played was slendrina the cellar. Only this was more difficult because it had more characters and rooms than the cellar. But this really is amazing I do recommend this game to anyone thank you for your time😌
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10 months ago, the dingus of dingi
great game very much classic
if you read the first few reviews that were probably written by 5 or 6 year olds who thought they were gonna get some education outta this, but obviously they didnt. literally the first screen of the game says that this is not an edutainment game and that it’s a horror game and pretty spoopy. so if you see any review that goes something like “I had a super scawy nightmawe cuz I have the fear tolerance of a 3 month old baby with PTSD. don’t play this game or you will not get what you expected!!” then just ignore the review cuz they have the wrong view of the game.
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6 months ago, Baldy but not my name
You have been warned again
I don,t understand the math because it drew on so…. And do not like the ruler so I am warning you pls download the baby in yellow . And once I tried the endless mode heis just chasing me and I’ll make no sense and if he fast, why does he literally don’t let you grabbed the notebook without chasing you, so please do not try the endless mode or if you’re a fan of horror, games, horror, movies, or horror anything like me, you have been warned if you do not understand I am only nine years old a.k.a., if you’re not a fan of horror, games or movie or horror, everything do not download the baby and yellow Bali basics or any horror game-again you have been warned. I’m just trying to be helpful a.k.a. I’m only nine years old. Do not judge me.
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2 years ago, jaseisj
This is great, but something is missing…
Ok so Playtime did not spawn where I wanted her to be. Second of all I won the game but I didn’t win the secret ending because baldi has become WAY TO FAST. 1st prize is similar to Gotta Sweep but he pushes you and he spawned by Arts and Crafters. Arts and crafts gets jealous at people that got more notebooks than him and if you look at him WHILE he’s jealous, he will dash towards the player teleporting them a the start. Third of all Playtime was behind me saying “Let’s play”. But I didn’t jump rope because she was laggy. Why the heck would the game close if filename2 is done talking. Anyways That’s what I had to say.
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4 years ago, Gearsfan159
Great game!
I absolutely love this game! It works exactly like the pc version did, except I think I encountered two bugs with two of the items you use in the game. First, the WD-NoSquee doesn’t work sometimes. I know you use it on any blue door and it keeps the door from making any noise for a short period of time. However, when I use it against Baldi even when he isn’t in sight, he still enters the room as if there were sound when I opened it. Second, when Playtime tries to jump rope with me, I try to cut her rope and very rarely it doesn’t cut it. Other than this, I don’t believe there’s anything else that is wrong.
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4 months ago, hawk123456711
Rating on Baldi’s basics
Baldi’s basics is frankly the best mobile game ever created. For starters, it has very intelligent, fascinating, and unique Non Player Characters. For example Bully, Principal, Playtime, Gotta Sweep, 1st prize, and Arts and Crafters. Along with the creativity made map including multiple classrooms, lunchrooms, offices, and closets. It has a very good mix of curiosity, horror, creativity, and Easter Eggs. And one last thing is that if your looking for a game that raises and creates expense, joy, thinking, and even anger at times this is the game for you. In conclusion, this is what and why this is the best mobile game ever created.
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3 years ago, parrrs
This is not what it seems
Ok now Baldi’s basics so I’m givin a warning to grown ups this game you think your kid can learn all about math your wrong this is a horror game when you do a problem wrong Baldi’s will jump scare you so if you see a bully he will take your quarters from Baldi if you run in the hallways the priceabel will come to you and you stay in the office for 15 seconds if you see a sweap or hear somebody say sweap sweap sweap your in a dead end and if you see a weird thing with a heart he will bring you to baldi ok that’s it give it to your 6 year old only 😱it’s jumpscare game It’s a good game
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10 months ago, Lia_me06
I just read someone review
This game is literally the baldi’s basic its amazing and another person wrote some good bad review I forgot their name but if you are reading this ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU DON’T LIKE ABOUT THE GAME THAT IS WHAT THE GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE I’m not being rude but you don’t have to like it that much but all the things that the review said are all in the game I just wanted to say that bc it just got me a little annoyed bc all of what the review said they didn’t like is supposed to be part of the game but that aside the game is amazing Thanks for reading this.
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4 years ago, FANPJ
Thank you for making a mobile port of this game! If anyone didn't know, you can use a controller to play! Or, at least a PS4 controller. Haven't tried xbox yet. But this game is fun and i love to play it! I also think you guys should make a console port, too! Though, you don't have to now, because i know that you are making a Baldi's Basics Plus game, at least for now. Another thing is the touch controls are easy to use, unlike some mobile game ports (hello neighbour's controls aren't easy to use...). Anyway, Thanks, Basically Games!
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2 years ago, Ava maria williamson
I like it but not the best game
I like it but not the best! But it is a really good game! :) PLUS FOR THE ONES SAYING 1 STAR CUZ THE LAST QUESTION ITS CUZ YOU CAN GET THE REST OF THEM RIGHT WITHOUT BALDIE CHASEING U PLUS THE ONES SAYING ITS FOR KIDS LEARNING NO IT IS NOT! ITS A FUN GAME FOR PEOPLE. also I gave it 4 stars cuz it won’t download even tho it still loading like- HURRY THE F UP GAME! gOsH. I HAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR UUUU SO HURRY THE F UP! >:( also the people sayin the yellow door won’t open its cuz you need to COLLECT 2 notebooks but if u did already ITS A GLITCH (sorry if it’s SOOOOOOOOOO long) also this is a horror Game! Oops sorry for saying the Dow loud thing it’s a glitch for every app! LOL. I gave it 5 stars now
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4 years ago, Noob🛹Master
Please read. I know it’s just another review.
Mystman12, your my favorite creator ever. And I love this game soooo much. From the characters to the school. I have a Chromebook and Baldis Basics isn’t available on Chromebook. If you could make it available on Chromebook I would buy it. Also if your ever thinking of adding a character to the game and don’t have any ideas. Add a class pet. It would be a fun antagonist. Can you update the mobile version because I would love to get to play a game with Ms Pomp and Beans! :D ❤️✌️Love your app, and keep up the good work!
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6 months ago, UNICORN NOVA
Okay good but you can get so mad playing
So this is a fun game but this gets me really mad when I die because I have had this game for 1 year and I have only only got to 4 notebooks. But can not get to 5 note books the fact is play time is the worst thing in the game because I am about to get to 5 notebooks and she comes and I have to do 5 jumps and then Baldi’s is right back there I die. Pls okay not going to complain at all no more now game things about game so I love the that sweeping time can push you away from Baldi and I love that the story about this game it so funny love it but baldi is really creepy but how do you do the 3 question
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4 months ago, ncnjfnehfrjfken
Love this game 🩵🩵🤩
I love how this game is challenging yet simple. I have my review at 4 stars because I only have one criticism. I would like the mobile version to be more like the PC. Like I want to be able to play Baldi’s camping trip and Baldi’s farm adventure. I would also like if the mobile version had the same items and characters that PC does like Cloudy copter, Chalkels, Beans, Mrs. Pomp, and The test. And I would also like when new updates come to PC, they also come to mobile Thank you for reading my very BORING long review, pls have these changes come in the future.
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4 years ago, Fred Jackets
Fun game!
I’m into pixel and horror games and I just got the game, Butcher Around which is super fun and isn’t too popular. So I looked up for more horror games on Safari. And Baldi was up there. I thought, Well I’m not going to look what it’s about and get surprised! So I got the game. At first I was disappointed that it was just a learning game for 1st graders. But then I got to the next notebook and AHH! I can’t read what it says!!! So I just put something random. And Baldi got mad... But yeah it’s a great game I hope you play it and NO ADS! 😃 For all of you slackers out there 😑
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2 years ago, kick the buddy (new update)
Replying to cute Leslie
Honestly, it’s a horror game not a gam to teach kids, people should know that it literally says it in the description of the game and plus if the creator wanted to add a fidget spinner at the end he could of course, honestly nobody really cares about how the game is and you can’t just not recommend downloading it because it won’t teach a Child math and it’s hilarious how you compared it to real school, If you want a child to learn on an app you search learning apps for kids, you can’t randomly just find baldi’s basics, so like yeah.
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2 months ago, Bea the cat lover 🐈🐈‍⬛
Good game but,…
So I love this game a lot and I’ve been playing it for a while. It’s really fun, and I love the spooky atmosphere. It’s also really fun to play with your friends on sleepovers and stuff. But there’s one thing that just leaves me thinking; what is the answer/ explanation of the “ impossible equation? It’s just random stuff and when Baldi reads it it sounds like metal scrape ing. Its cool to run away from him and stuff, but the least you can do is make it really hard but still solvable. Thanks! Also I highly recommend ❤️➕➖✖️➗☑️
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2 years ago, idk im bored i guess
Just how I remember it
Everything’s the same as I remember it and which the game was already very fun and I would sit down and play for an hour and just try to win. Which the second notebook “glitch” it’s supposed to be there to make the game actually fun and make it more challenging and second for the people says “1-9=8 but it’s wrong” y’all must be 5 year olds and must not know subtraction. If the smaller number is first and the larger number comes second it’s alway negative. It’s just simple math.
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4 years ago, it's so scary
I escaped Baldi’s Basics. With 5 of 7 notebooks, I did the right long hallway that there were 2 notebooks, and a school faculty room. Then I took the closest exit, then Arts & Crafters caught me, and Baldi teleported to the starting hallway at the end. I got back and pushed Baldi after i took the second exit. Then I absolutely don’t know where Baldi was, but i could hear his slaps. Then he was on the left side. Then I got back again, then I pushed him. I took the third exit. 1st Prize and The Sweeper showed up, then I got away from The Sweeper, and the exit, was in the left. And I escaped!!! That’s how I escaped.
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4 years ago, thebest fortnite player ever
Good, but baldi is a little to fast
I love this game. It’s everything a game should be! But occasionally I would get a whole notebook wrong, (idk how to do subtraction that good ok!?) and baldi would go chainsaw mode. He would go so fast the sound of his ruler would glitch out! Now this would be ok if it was the first notebook, and baldi just got stuck on the door, like that weird glitch, but at the time I first found this out I was at 5 notebooks. Needless to say, the last thing a heard and saw was a “BBBBZZZZZT!!!” And the scissors of death. Other than that baldi basics is a great game and I highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, KrazedKittyKat
Amazing, but 🙁🙃
So I personally really enjoy playing Baldi’s Basics!!! But it would be awesome if we could play as Baldi, get revenge on him, have mini games, and possibly multiplayer? Also I’ve noticed 3 glitches, #1: is you go to detention and go to first prizes corner he can’t get you. #2: in the classrooms if u go in the bottom left corner in some of the classrooms Baldi can’t get you. #3: if you are in the cafeteria and playtime is after you she will get stuck behind the tables same 4 detention a and some of the classrooms. Other than that, I love this amazing game!!!! -KrazedKittyKat-
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3 months ago, Alexander gramatovicimorales
This game is great but super scary
I loved how when i opened the blue door there was a collectable so i opened it and answered all the questions then i exited and baldi was so nice he gave me a quarter :) so i oppend the other door and answered all of those questions, but one was weird and i got it wrong baldis face got mad and so i left the room and kept hearing slapping sounds this scared me so i used the little run button and i entered the yellow doors and thatn i heard lats play and this little gurl told me to jumprope but baldi was there and i died and it was super scary
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