Baldur's Gate

3.8 (606)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Overhaul Games
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baldur's Gate

3.84 out of 5
606 Ratings
9 years ago, BillCarson
Made for the Fingers
Any old school top down RPG or point & click style game feels right at home on iOS! Instead of dragging a cursor around it feels very intuitive to simply point and have your commands met. In lieu of keyboard shortcuts, I actually find this method more enjoyable. The writing here is still the best aspect of the game; funny, engaging, and deep. The entire game has depth, don’t expect to be godlike your first time round - but the fun is deciphering the D&D gameplay mechanics! The only feedback i have preventing BG from getting 5 stars is the lack of iTunes File Sharing. Yes, you are able to export saved games to play on computer & iOS interchangeably. However, on the computer I have several custom portraits I’d like also transferred to iOS. Its not a deal breaker, but sometimes it does pull me out of the story not seeing the characters as I see them in my head. I’ve already purchased the portrait pack, but I like to have NPCs looking unique as well. This was enabled pre 8.3 update, but since it’s been blocked. Enabling the iTunes File sharing for this would be amazing! Overall, thank you Beamdog & Overhaul for giving us the ability to play on the go. Prepared to get hooked, & good luck in Faerûn!
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9 years ago, fiercey13
I played through Baldur's Gate when it was originally released many years ago and played it again five years later and then yet again five years later. Unfortunately, my old computer went toast and I swore off PC gaming forever because of the ridiculous costs and hassles of keeping a computer up to date. I had long thought the iPhone and iPad could make perfect platforms for some old classic games. And here it is-- Baldur's Gate, in full iPad glory. Zooming made easy, click with a finger, and you can see all containers easily. I just finished it tonight and I'm a completionist, which means I look in every container and in every nook and cranny for content. There were zero problems and many old bugs fixed. [I do wish they would've fixed the old character scripting issue for thieves set to "Thief Aggressive" where pathing is interrupted whenever the thief automatically attempts to hide in shadows and/or a failure of shadow hiding, but alas...] A friend bought this game for me... I didn't know of its existence on iPad prior to then. Now I'm downloading BG 2 and then Icewind Dale. I do hope Icewind Dale 2 AND Planescape: Torment are in the works!!
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6 years ago, Van Vorst
Almost 5 stars on the iPhone
I’ve now purchased this game three times! First, upon the original PC release, the updated PC release, and iOS. I really feel like there is so much more opportunity to port old RPG games to iOS... (Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, anyone?) I’m playing this now on the iPhone XS Max. I am LOVING it, but a few interface tweaks could really improve it. Obviously it is not optimized for iPhone X and above, so there is some wasted horizontal screen space. Also, though I know the game was designed for tablets, it is fantastic to bring it around in my pocket, and really the challenge on iPhone for me is just discerning some of the icons, specifically spell icons. Also if the game was programmed to fade the iPhone’s home bar that would be nice - I think there’s some precious vertical space lost there. Anyway, thanks to the developers for realizing the continued value in these classic older games! My opinion is that a pinch of iPhone optimization might get you a whole new batch of players.
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6 years ago, Frank29460
Should be rated higher
This is as much a review as a love letter to Beamdog. Thanks for porting those games. I’ve rolled five characters and played through these games repeatedly. I’ve racked up countless hours in gameplay and many times that much in thinking about ways to explore the game mechanics. I’m sad to see so many bad reviews because it’s “too small for the phone”. I’ve played it on my iPad but honestly prefer playing it on my phone for some reason. I’m glad Beamdog didn’t restrict it to only iPads for fear of getting the occasional bad review from people with sausage fingers. I rarely hit the wrong buttons and don’t know why so many people seem to have a problem with that... Beamdog did a great job correcting issues I had with this port in the past (e.g. collapsing side bars, save importing, etc). My only hope now is that they find a way to port some of the Neverwinter Nights titles someday. Trent said it would be a challenge and presume that means even more than the formidable challenges they faced in getting BG titles out the door, so I’m not holding my breath. Thanks for the memories either way.
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9 years ago, Jnshorty
Nostalgia, Does this generation really have more ADHD than me?
I read a couple of the reviews, and I will preface this one by saying I played ( although didn't finish ) the game when it originally was released on PC. There was not a tutorial at that time, and the game was an awesome experience. Apparently, today it looks as if most the poor reviews are from people that did not play the original ( and likely were not alive when it was released ) as the beginning area in this game provided more guidance than I remember of most games at that time. Ok so I have rambled long enough, if you played games in the mid to late nineties, you will like this game whether you ran across this one or not. If you are accustomed to more recent games with integrated and in depth beginning tutorials, you will find this game difficult to get started with. I recommend buying it, and sticking with it. I find it is much easier to play on my iPhone than it ever was on my PC.
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4 years ago, stscov
Didn’t play the pc version
Looking for a good iphone DND game, I gave this a try. I am still giving this a try, but it is a hard slog. I probably have to change my combat tactics, but for the novice this game appears to highlight all of the worst parts of actual role playing games (yay! Let’s walk across a giant map for 5 minutes! Let’s click though countless menus trying to organize our inventory! Let’s struggle to walk through doorways! Let’s accidentally cast the wrong spell because one rock icon looks just like any other rock icon!). Meanwhile, the part of DND that most folks find enjoyable, combat, happens in a muddled flash. I have tried modifying the scripts, but the characters have yet to behave sensibly. So, we spend 15 minutes traversing a forest landscape, then 15 seconds getting killed during a random encounter. I’m sure I am missing something, but it has not been super enjoyable trying to figure this game out.
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7 years ago, Rebot80
Great game,
The re-makers of this game did a great job bringing back the feel and familiarity that made BG1 popular. A touch-screen port to iPad appears mostly seamless. It's a fun game that preserves the original game quality with a lot of potential for replayability and exploration of development details. The game has a few minor bugs or unintended consequences (what game doesn't, if you spend enough time playing it) but overall they did a good job fixing some of the old bugs that the original was prone to. There are some opportunities to add some labels to the screen to help players with non-intuitive aspects. In the original game you had a mouse and the cursor would change when waving the mouse over dynamic aspects on the screen, thus prompting the player to realize something could be interacted with. However the touchscreen port means there is no cursor and thus some of the on-screen interaction is not clearly identified. (Remember developers: some players may be purchasing for the first time and don't have prior experience playing the original, so don't assume too much that every player will have sufficient knowledge to figure out how the game was intended to be solved) Overall: great game
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7 years ago, MikeH24
Update #5: THANK YOU! It’s sad that it’s so rare nowadays that a developer actually listens to their customers, but Overhaul has done it. Restoring the appropriate rating to this gem of a game. 5 stars, and well worth every cent! Thanks guys! Update #4: While all the other Apps got an update (I already updated my reviews back to 5 stars), this one still hasn’t! What’s the hold up? You updated the sequel, but not the original? I’m still trying to beat IWD before I even begin on this one, and what’s the point of playing the second before the first?? Waiting.... Update #3: Still nothing, yet I added one more star to my rating because, according to the website (as of the 5th of July 2017), an update is "on the way" for BG:EE and BGII: EE (they added in ID:EE as an afterthought, so hopefully there as well), but no ETA. I'll update my rating IF this app gets updated. Update #2: Still nothing. $10 for a game that won't even play correctly on the newest iOS devices (or anything after 2015). Instead of updating this and their other apps (the 2nd BG and Icewind Dale), they just release a NEW game for $10. Sorry Devs, but you won't be receiving any of MY hard earned cash until you start UPDATING your games. Please, for the love of GOD, could you update this game! I paid good money for this!
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2 years ago, Sdhbeyioqw
Great game, hard game
Great game, MAKE SURE you get baulders gate 1 and not the 2 or 3rd as its a continuation of the story scaled to higher lvs, not a better version. in the starting area before you leave theres a shopkeeper in the north of the villige. and for making your character only certain races can use specific classes, try a different race if you want to be something else ( human can be most any class.) reroll stats a few times to get some good stats for your first playthrough. You will die alot, this is an old pc game, and as such its a steep learning curve. And a biggy is to remember that all the xp you get is split between your party so dont just recruit everyone you find, as youll have trouble leveling your main characters. (Get a healer) ~And above all ——REST to recover health/ spells often——
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5 years ago, Iommiage
Still a great game
One of my favorite games from childhood. Beamdog did a great job bringing it back to life and as unbelievable as it seems, the iPad is a fantastic medium to experience this fantastic game. The iPad’s multitouch screen has ruined me for the PC version. Being able to zoom in and out on the iPad is pretty glorious. The first day my wife and I played we had numerous issues such as the game refusing to unpause after resting and constant network drops, but we resolved them by switching out her 2011 iPad for our PC and using the local network/direct connect option. After doing those two things the game has been rock solid. Crossplay between my 6th gen iPad and our PC has been great. Being able to introduce my wife to this game has been awesome. She’s having a blast. Thanks Beamdog.
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4 years ago, pather45
5 stars forever
I’ll never know why this game is rated as low as it is it’s probably the best game on mobile for the fact the phone doesn’t play it for you and you actually have to put physical input and thinking into what you are doing and know how to make a character properly the first couple of runs if you don’t know D&D basics very well will probably be trial and error and the game might be hard but I feel that’s what makes it fun that being said there is a new feature where the mage class auto targets and cast his spells by himself I don’t like it absolutely hate it tryed to turn it off and can’t stop making my games play by themselves please I bought this one specifically because it didn’t then it got changed
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3 years ago, Sean & Daddy
Truly enhanced version of a classic game
A must-play RPG for any fan of D&D. Great updates to the UI, bug fixes, graphical improvements, multiplayer (which works much more reliably now in 2.5) and re-adding missing content and adding expansion content and their own. Can be a bit difficult at times, especially if you stumble upon expansion content too early - just come back later. Only one quibble: When building a character, it says refer to the manuals. But there are no links to download the manuals anywhere I can see on their website. Where are they?
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4 years ago, wxboss
Wonderful Port!
I’m another person who doesn’t understand all the negative reviews here. This game is very well done and a lot of fun to play, but you need to learn how to play these types of games. There is a little bit of a learning curve up front, but it’s not that difficult. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the game, storyline and depth of play. I attempted to play this game 15 years ago, but I didn’t pay much attention to the tutorial which caused me much frustration and eventually I abandoned the game. Now that I have taken some time to learn how the game works, I love it! They really did a fantastic job of getting this game onto a mobile platform. I’m very impressed!
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8 years ago, XanderJayNix
Almost as good as it's sequel. Play this one first.
I originally played BGII as a preteen, and enjoyed it immensely. But never got around to playing the original. Now with the Enhanced Edition, I can take my game with me. On an iPhone 6S Plus, the screen *is* a little small to see occasionally, but over all its still very manageable. The iOS has a small button in the corner that allows you to highlight containers, doors, and NPcs, very useful for the format. My favorite enhanced feature is the ability to long-press on the Quick-Save button to export your save to BGII, Dropbox, or your email. Makes it super easy to play the same save on PC and iOS if you know what you're doing.
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4 years ago, Bronze pantaloons
Love it. Best true D&D
What a treat to play a game I loved way back when. Back in those days, I had to assemble binders with printed walkthroughs and item locations. It required a huge time investment/obsession. Now, if I get stuck, I can just google very specific info, and the gameplay controls/importing characters are easy. I’m going through the game effortlessly, which makes it more enjoyable. I splurged on this set at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown and finally beat Throne of Bhaal. I just purchased Neverwinter Nights and was disappointed that I can’t import my characters, but I’m glad to see yet another Forgotten Realms game on iOS. These games on iPad were my dream come true.
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9 years ago, BDCrowley
First Impressions
After reading all the "rave reviews" on this PC to ISO port, like an idiot I bought into the hype and purchased this title. One review hit the nail on the head. While graphically stunning, the game is harder than it should be to understand what the Tutorial is actually trying to make you do. Without an image of the "icon" we are being instructed to use I found myself clicking on everything to find what they were talking about. But after several failed attempts the NPC was kind enough to explain it a little bit better. But it's just not good enough and really talks away from any enjoyment one might expect to get from such a great game. I highly recommend that no one purchase this title until the Tutorial has been redone so that you can move on and learn as you go. Do you really think telling us to do one thing after another, for God only knows how long, that we would remember all that stuff? Teach the game to it as we go... Show us as we need to know it. Very Disappointed. Oh, and only because I am forced to give it atleast one star, which should be against any thing that resembles a moral, that's all I think it deserves right now. The uninformative tutorial just ruins what should be an awesome beginning to an Epic Quest.
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4 years ago, Tamrielic
Amazing, but slightly annoying.
I’ve spent hours on hours playing this game, trying to get the most out of it as I can, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. If you want a good example of an age defining game with enhanced gameplay, a charming story, and loveable characters, then this game was made for you. My only issue is with The Black Pits actually, where any time I try to beat the necromancer Lyyrk or something, my game crashes and fails, and I can’t continue on with the story. Still, that is only a small DLC, and everything else, besides the save system a bit, is a great work of art.
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6 years ago, Epiphanyx99
Needs commitment
This is a deep and complex old school RPG with a steep learning curve. I strongly suggest you find the manual to this game and study it first. Although it takes some work, the payoff is enjoying one of the greatest classic RPG series ever made. The series will give you back dozens and dozens of hours of enjoyment if you put in a little time at the front end. There is a long story line with much reading involved, many companions to get to know and adventure with, and complex combat with endless ways to play. Take your time and enjoy it the old school way and you wont be disappointed.
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8 years ago, Jc127
A huge mess
I never played this game before. But I was very much anticipating doing do. On iPad Pro it's a disaster. The interface is klutzy, clumsy to navigate, and leaves new places completely in the dark. You have no idea what icons mean and navigating is ungainly and awkward. Clicking on tiny things is near impossible for simple tasks of combat and looting and talking. A shockingly poor version. I really expected more. Clearly the game wasn't tested on ipad by new players for the developers to make it work properly. Even the tutorial is ridiculously and unnecessarily confusing! The tutorial continually messes up, doesn't it actually tutor you on things, and unless you're already deeply familiar with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons v2, you can't learn it while you play.
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3 years ago, Djeiwfjffj
Great game, but please help!!
I love BG, have played through it many times (great offline game when I’m unable to be on WiFi for extended periods of time). However, when I go to play the Black Pits, it ALWAYS crashes when I kill Llyrk. DEVELOPERS, please address this. I haven’t had this happen in the regular BG ever, but it’s happened at least 5 times, with imported characters and the stock group. I would love to see this fixed and be able to enjoy the full content of this incredible game. -Thank you in advance.
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9 years ago, BuccFan
Enable File Sharing With PC Already
This is a great game. I have both the pc and ipad versions of the game. I want to be able to play the ipad version while I am away from my pc and transfer my saved games between the two. Please enable file sharing so I can do this. This is 2015, so this should be a standard feature for a game of this nature and with this much depth. The way is it right now, you have to choose between the two versions instead of embracing both of them at the same time. Come on Overhaul/Beamdog, fix this for us.
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8 years ago, 8-bit Onion Ring
I really want to like this game but the buttons are so small and all of the directions are so unclear, there are no labels for anything just small icons you can't even tell what they are for, no moves list so you kinda just gotta press it and see what happens. And the worst part is they'll be like "in the bottom of your screen press this button" but that where all the buttons are located, and sometimes it won't even be there lol. There was one distinct instant I remember that they said it was on the left and it was on the right. So disappointed i spent 10 fricken dollars on this game and can't get past the tutorial. Also doesn't fill the screen on the 7 plus and that bugs the hell out of me. Too small and awful awful directions/explainations.
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7 years ago, mpfsrmd15910
Better Than Expected
I played this on my PC years ago and LOVED it. As my PC won't support this game, or IWD, or BG2 anymore, I was excited when this hit the app world. I was skeptical at first and waited for the bugs to get fixed. This EE version of BG1 is FANTASTIC!! All the old Easter eggs are present, new features that I love, e.g. the potion and scroll cases (still looking for gem bag). I'm really enjoying this. Easy purchase for the $. If you played the PC version and have an iPad, get this! I haven't tried the phone version, yet. Might be too small, even for the 6+.
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3 years ago, Fiu Ming
Key Character Personalities Destroyed
Great game. Some significant changes were made to several characters to cater to a very small minority that might play this game, and the personalities were stripped from a couple characters, fairly important ones. This is how you ruin a game. Luckily it’s still playable but I’m really disappointed about Jaheira and Safana. It’s just not the same game. Would get 5 stars from me but guess I will just go back to PC. Not cool. With all the other crap that is happening in this world like humans being sold and bought and 10 million people dying from smoking related causes and governments working with cartels to traffic drugs somehow this is offensive and unacceptable? These changes are so out of touch and need to be an option called |_| POLITICALLY CORRECT
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6 years ago, Vanilaredd
I want to love this game, but not scaling on iPad Pro 12.9
Update: if you have zoom turned on for the iPad Pro, the game does not scale. Would really like to be able to turn this back on. 1. I really, really want to love this game. However, the game is not scaling on my iPad Pro 12.9. Trying to build a character to play initially is so painful, because I cannot read the text without holding the screen near my nose. Happy to change the review if there is some way to correct this issue. (Note: I did try changing all of the settings for display without any change.) 2. I purchased the in app purchases while on my iPhone. Those do not appear to have come through on my iPad. Further there is not an option to restore purchases.
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6 years ago, HarborFan
Why do I need to turn off zoomed view mode??
Using an iPad Pro 12.9 - I have it in zoomed view mode because in standard mode the icons are too far apart on the home screen and text is tiny. Please fix Baldur’s Gate so it doesn’t require that, or refund me and remove the purchase. EDIT: Yes, those options do not do anything to the issue. The app still displays as a small box in the center of the IPad Pro’s screen. EDIT2: the developers have acknowledged that their only "fix" is to turn off zoomed view mode, which makes icons on the home screen look and be spaced terribly. Not an acceptable solution considering these apps are the only ones I've seen that have any issue. Not acceptable.
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6 years ago, hominid
Love having this game around
So there’s some bugs (still) but that doesn’t bother me. This really is a game for people that broke their swords on the original. I’m just happy to have it, pick up whenever I want. I know the game might be cumbersome for newer players. The documentation and help could be better. I guess it’s a steep learning curve if you’re used to recent FPS. This is an original RPG. If you know DND it might take a little while to work with the interface. But the rules are the same, the combat is the same, the spells, the quests, and the great NPCs. Anyway, I hope the negative reviewers give it a little more time. It really is an awesome game. I like to play it through every few years with a totally different character to get different results. Also the transition from mouse point and click to touch is astounding. Good job team :)
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2 years ago, Laser777890
Absolute blast of nostalgia, playing on iPhone 10
The smaller screen on IOS takes some getting used to but being able to zoom with your fingers really helps I HIGHLY recommend cranking your phone brightness to max and then the game is as beautiful and easy to see as a game of this generation can be on a phone So far my custom party of 3 has just made their way into Beregost town. Loving the game so far, played the original and its DLC’s and sequels on pc
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6 years ago, KristenNicoleW
I have never reviewed a purchase before, but decided I had to for this one. After reading other reviews I almost didn’t buy this game, but I am so glad I did. I played this game on PC back when it came out, and am very impressed with the game play on the app. I am playing on the IPhone 7 Plus, and it is awesome! If you are already familiar with the game, and are thinking about playing on your phone, I would recommend it. I have been able to get further than I ever did on the PC.
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8 years ago, Aztec crow
So much nerdy goodness
I'm really having a blast with this one. Hours and hours of gameplay for a really good price! Plus the game tells an engaging story. That said, it takes strategy. Pretty much every level is defeatable if the player takes time to think about how to go about it. It isn't. A good idea to just go in and try to grind your way through a level, which is why I suspect some people may be frustrated. Pause, think, and act. It's so good to be back in the Forgotten Realms!
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3 years ago, djordling
No idea how to load a saved game
I’ve played through some of the tutorial and saved my progress. Going back into the app to continue playing, there’s no option to load that saved game and only to start from the beginning by creating yet another character from scratch. Rather frustrating and turns me off from actually wanting to play this game.
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3 years ago, Waswhatwer
3.8 stars? Give me a break
BG is a legendary game, and anyone who isn’t a complete chimp can figure it out. This port is great, and perfect for iPad (I wouldn’t do it on a phone). I don’t know where these low reviews are coming from (probably competitors) but for an old school RPG experience with great writing and storyline, along with excellent tactical D&D rules-based combat, it’s hard to beat. The idea that’s it’s rated 3.8 while I’ve seen complete garbage rated 4.5+ is mind numbing.
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4 years ago, FridayGirl
Terrible Gameplay!
My husband and I played Baldur’s Gate on our original X-Box, and loved the game. When I saw it was available on the iPad, I had to give it a try. The gameplay is absolutely terrible on the iPad. I got stuck in the tutorial, with little guidance on what to do. Moving around isn’t easy, nor is using a spell or attacking someone. The touch screen just doesn’t work well. If you don’t touch in exactly the right place, you can’t do anything. And the graphics make it very hard to know what spells you have available, as they are not described without a hard press and hold, and the images are hard to see. (I have a 9.7” screen, too.)
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3 years ago, Tophera76
Love the game
Love Baldur’s Gate. Love the EE and especially the new characters. Dorn is a beast! I bought the game several years ago with my new iPad before BG II EE came out. iPad has since gone to the kids and come back to me with the game deleted. When I redownloaded from the App Store the in game purchases I bought didn’t come with them even though it’s the same account. Any idea how to get them back? Now that there’s the new bundle I’d like to get it and play it all through.
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8 years ago, justin strong
this is an excellent remark of the original Balder's gate. it has everything the original had but with the addition of more locations, new npcs from the second one and characters polish. i never did play the original when it came out so the power of the greatest pc game to ever live is not portable on my iPhone. its also worth it to pay for the three new characters and new voice additions since this is a 60+ stroyboard.
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7 years ago, Thompson72126
Not for everyone
It's definitely not for everyone. I've played similar games before (PoE, Divinity: OE, Diablo) but none of them really compare to the depth of BG. It took me about a week of fumbling around and getting frustrated before I started to get the hang of it but now I'm absolutely hooked. If you're going to really sink some time into it and you have plenty of patience then I highly doubt you'll be disappointed with this game. The payoff is so worth it.
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8 years ago, DaniCoyne
Oh, the memories...
This is the game that taught me to always clear the map. This is the game that taught me it's best to save every...single...time something happened. Also, it taught me to never let a barrel or cabinet go un-rummaged. I totally agree that the controls are a challenge to decipher if you never played before, but we had to figure it out back in the day, so stick with it! You'll get it. So happy I found this game again! It's perfect!
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7 years ago, Tom Steele
Worth taking the time to learn
This is an epic series at an epic price. I’ve spent several weeks playing through 1 & 2 and Planescape:Torment is awesome too - arguably even better than this - but this is pretty good! It IS a late 1990’s port, so don’t expect the latest and greatest, but this has a rich story line and awesome gameplay. I didn’t buy the add ons and wish that I did... Not sure what it would be like to go back and play them now.
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9 years ago, Bearderrific
Awesome Port! iPhone 4S
Classic RPG in the palm of your hands. Extremely entertaining, and overall good port. Be sure to increase the font size for better experience, and set the pause settings to however you like. One problem is when trying to tap the top character portrait, you may close the hero panel and won't be able to reopen. Save frequently! Otherwise, it's a great game and works well on iPhone.
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6 years ago, Furui
Buggy and almost unplayable on an iPhone X
The experience is probably great on iPad, but the app shouldn’t have even been offered on iPhone. Tapping squares with millimeter precision is just a horrible experience (those of you with phone screens smaller than the iPhone X will fare even worse). Parts of the UI for character sheet creation would appear after the game begins making a large portion of the game surface invisible. The app would also crash when clicking the Continue button loading a saved game. Unless you have an iPad, do yourself a favor and play this on PC.
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8 years ago, A guitar playa
The best D&D game to this day
Don't play this on a phone and don't expect any hand holding. I see too many 1 star reviewers whining because the game doesn't spoon feed them information. The game works better than expected on iPad, coming from someone who has played BG since its release in '99 at the age of 6. My biggest complaint so far is that the selection circles aren't circular for some reason and look hand drawn in a bad way. Cross-platform multiplayer blows me away. While this was clearly meant for fans of the original, I'm disappointed at the reactions of new players who expect it to follow modern gaming trends. This game and the sequel are immensely rewarding if you invest yourself in the story and in learning the 2nd Edition AD&D mechanics.
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5 years ago, Doncarmen
Great For Handhelds! (One One Condition)
Even if you’ve just played on-paper role play games you would be fascinated with this one if you want to get the same level of satisfaction. This game as served me many years on the computer and will now live in my iCloud, devoted fan! Just ran into one game ending bug I get sometimes: whenever I loot something (with the dialogue screen halfway up), the red button below the looting window in the middle is covered by that inventory/dialogue window, forcing me to just close the game and start at the quicksave. Of course it’s never game breaking. Baulder’s Gate taught me to save often despite that but I know how maddening it can be to some people. Love what you guys do, I intend to buy the bundle in the future to support. C:
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8 years ago, Catalyst22
The nostalgia is real
All the glory of the old BG game. Played this game growing up and it is everything I remember. Still super difficult yet fair. Controls took a little bit to get used to but generally very friendly controls and pausing. If you are a fan on these kinds of games, this one one of the originals and one of the best ever made. Best app purchase I have made! Shadowdancer for life!
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7 years ago, ChickyDunwoody
I just spent $10 on an app that hasn't been updated in 2 years. That's my fault. But I would expect an app that hasn't been updated in such a long time would be perfectly bug-free...while the app hasn't outright crashed... I've been stuck in a tutorial with no idea what to do next. I'm a clever person- and it's not likely that I have missed something completely obvious... there's just three characters in a dining room doing nothing. The lack of 64-but support is just icing on the cake. I won't be able to use this app in a few months anyway. What a waste of money.
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5 years ago, alien972
Inventory frustrating!
I really want to like this game. Yes the words are small, but zooming the font helps some places. The icons are still small but you can get used to it. But what’s really frustrating is I can’t figure out the inventory. How to compare items, look at stats? I try but keep grabbing the item and wants to replace existing. A click-hold just brings up a general description. Would be nice to easily look at stats to compare, then decide what to keep/sell/quick slot. It also be nice to have unlimited inventory.
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2 years ago, RandomNicknameHere:P
This is a port from an old PC game I had.
I loved these games so much... and never got to finish them when I was younger. Now I have them on my phone... and all I can say is thank you very much. I finally get to play this game out in all good and evil directions. Never had the chance... til now. <3 Thank you... thank you so much.
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7 years ago, Boredbot199
Love this game!!!
I love this game a lot. It was one of the first games I really ever got into as a kid. And seeing it here on my phone and my tablet makes me extremely happy, there's just one problem... When I open the app it tells me that it won't be supported by upcoming IOS's, and I was just wondering if Baldur's was going to be seeing an update in the near future.?
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5 years ago, Randy W. Sims
Horrible UI
This is the most horrendous tutorial for any app I’ve ever encountered. I can’t get past the flipping tutorial to review anything about the game. The tutorial does not give enough information to accomplish the given tasks without constantly googling for help. The game constantly spams you with messages while trying to figure it out. I have never been so frustrated with any game or app ever. Did anyone test this crap? I should not have to have experience with the game on pc before using it on iPad. I should not have to google for help to get past a flipping tutorial!
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9 years ago, MusicTeacher30
Not as good as they say...
I was busy playing Civilization and SimCity in the late 90s, so I missed out on the Baldurs Gate games. They are always such highly recommended games, so I thought I should play one. Yeah, I think the high acclaim for this game is nostalgia-tinted. This game is not as good as people say. The UI is clunky. Much of the game is cryptic and not self-explanatory. Gameplay is cumbersome. The voice overs (not sure if those are original to the game or not) are so awful I had to turn the voice volume down. Wish I could get my money back!
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2 months ago, Alexjjjj
Game does not appear to function any more
I was unable to get through the tutorial due to various bugs. The most common was that a spell information screen would refuse to go away, thus blocking further interaction with the game until I force-quit the app. There were other issues as well, such as touch targets not registering repeatedly, and their “app support” link leading to an abandoned website. I sought out their support forum but received no reply. I have asked for a refund - the first time I’ve done so for any app.
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