4.2 (61.7K)
143.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Ballz

4.25 out of 5
61.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Phone booth
Very Addicting! But some problems I'd like fixed
The game is very fun. But I can't give 5 stars because of some things. First I think that the restart button should have a confirmation added to it so when I leave the game I don't restart by accident. Second when you go into the "how to play" it shows triangle blocks which I have not seen in the game.(I don't know if haven't gotten far enough my current record is only 130) Thirdly their is a button below the how to play button that I don't understand it has a lock and 3 stars under it and can't find anything about it in game and on the internet. I would like something in the game that would explain that please. Lastly with the speed up option. I have read some other reviews and they would like a skip to end of round option as well. While I think it defeats the visual effect it shows with the balls moving and hitting blocks and the numbers going down. But when I think about it when you manage to get to 500 it must take a long time even with speed up to finish a round. I think that you should buy upgrades for only speed up and have to buy a skip option with rings so they have more of a point of getting them then just to buy different balls to use. If you could fix these things in the next update or even next few I think that it would definitely make the game better and more fun to play in the long term.
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7 years ago, Hey183719
Fun until you get good...
This game is so fun and I am definitely addicted to it. However, I have two problems. Number one is the restart button which a lot of other people have had concerns about. I was at 2500 and had been playing that single game for about 2 months when I accidentally pressed the restart button. My life was over and it had no meaning anymore. So please get rid of this button, it is completely useless and only messes me up. Number two is a concern about the speed up button. Although it is very helpful, when you get up to the thousands like me, it really does nothing. It speeds it up a little but waiting for the balls to finish still takes a very long time. So I suggest you either put a super sonic button where it all goes in like 3 seconds or you can press a button when it is all done. This could be an option when you get to the thousands because honestly I love this game but I get so bored just sitting there and watching the balls for forever. This would also help out with when there is one ball left hitting one block until it breaks, because waiting for that kills me too. I always end up having to put my phone down and watch a show for like 10 minutes until it's done. Thank you and really hope these problems will be fixed!
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3 months ago, P. P. Slide
help me
ballz has taken over my life i got addicted to it help me i cant stop playing. Ive bought so many balls. whenever i close me eyes all i can see is balls. I can see the outline of the balls bouncing off of the walls, hitting the blocks, damaging them. Its burned into the back of my eyes, its all i dream about. Im failing school my grades are down i got fired from my job all i can do is think of ballz. i have spent hours getting my ball streak higher and higher. All i talk about are ballz. All my friends are leaving. My girlfriend dumped me, because all i do is play with my ballz instead of talking to her. Please help me i cant stand it anymore too many ballz. Ballz are EVERYWHERE i look, i just see balls. I see the little balls bouncing off of my walls, my chairs, tables, everything. Whenever i see numbers, all i think about is how many blocks that about of balls will break. Whenever i see blocks, all i can think about are my balls hitting it. Whenever i see balls, i can only think about ballz. I cant even make eye contact all i think about are their eyeballs hitting blocks. I cant even see the vague shape of circles. Ive stopped eating fruits due to their sphere shape. I get anxiety whenever im not around my phone, when ballz arent available. Im addicted to this game, and its ruining my life. Great game btw download it
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7 years ago, desertrose0601
Pretty solid app. It’s highly addicting which is what you want in a phone game. Just a few thoughts though. 1) Make the fast forward button always there. It’s really irritating to have to wait to turn that on. 2) What is the point of the score in the upper right? It seems to count how many rings I’ve gotten over the course of owning the app, but I’m not sure why that’s important. I feel like it should reset for each game or at least have some prize for reaching certain milestones. Otherwise it’s just a distracting and useless stat. 3) There should be an “end level” button for times when you’re hitting nothing and simply want the clock to run out. Sitting there waiting for 300 balls to finish hitting nothing is mind-numbing. 4) The pause button doesn’t always seem to work. Maybe make the entire screen a pause button so tapping anywhere brings you to the menu? 5) We need a leaderboard! It’d be fascinating to see all my high scores listed out. This type of stat seems standard for this type of game so it seems odd that it’s not in this one. Might be a good opportunity to incorporate friends as well, if we could have the option of comparing scores to friends. Maybe three leaderboards - individual, friends, and a universal one (all players everywhere).
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7 years ago, johnnyutah30
Strangely gratifying.
I love it. Sometimes simple is better....and simple it is!..and we're talking "simple" as in "pong-simple". However, like pong, it's a simple design...but I didn't say it wasn't challenging. Because it is! Simple in design and graphics but not necessarily so in game-play. However one complaint: If you're online while playing you're able to collect another chance to continue at the number you left off when you last lost by watching an ad and it seems you only get one opportunity to do this. That's all fine and good, however those rings in the game that you collect and can use for what?!--getting your balls to be a different color--needs a makeover. I mean, who cares if you have blue Ballz or red Ballz? 🔵😮🔴 (I know...I know, another balls joke but I couldn't resist!). Why doesn't the developer make it so you can use those rings for extra chances to continue your game as an alternate way from watching boring ads?! At least you can spend them on something worth it! Spending them on changing your Ballz to every color in the 🌈is just... disappointing and lame. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if they change that one tiny--but very important feature! Otherwise, great game!
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2 years ago, Sub2FlamelessBlazeOnYT
This game is absolutely remarkable and I owe it my live. I used to be a hard time working slave that has been sold across three different privileged families. I only get one day to use my device, and I when I stumbled upon this game it changed everything. I realized how good balls are at bouncing, and decided to test how well they’d bounce irl. After a bit of trial and error, I showed my slavemaster how wel I could bounce my balls and the performance was so breathtaking that he died of cringe. My balls became so bouncy that I could swing them around and hit people with them. Using this newly acquired ability, I Dipped my bouncy balls in liquid nitrogen and beat the evil white man to death and his wife and two children too. With my slavemaster now dead, I used my cold hard balls to break the other slaves’ cage lock and we all escaped! Thank you Ballz for enlightening me and helping me turn my life around. I now have 69 children and one of them isn’t the same skin color as me so my wife has some explaining to do. I wish I could write more but I need to teach her a lesson. Again, thank you Ballz for helping me end racism and free my siblings from the hot cruel cotton field!
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5 years ago, MyPickle❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Personally, I love this game. My record is 521, and I plan on trying to break that. Though I find this game really fun, there is some changes I would like to see in the future. I think that every time you get through a hundred, the balls should change to a different color you have in your inventory. Ex; I get to 100 my ball goes from gray to blue, I get to 200 my ball goes from blue to yellow etc.. I’ve also noticed the higher you get it, the more glitchy the app gets. As well as that, I’d like to see different shapes other than squares to make the game more appealing. Same for the balls, I think you should be able to change their shape in addition. Lastly, for some reason i find it harder in the beginning.. when your starting off the game and you have about 2 balls and there’s already multiple blocks in a row adding up to like 10. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I find it personally challenging. I think it should be easy until you get to at least 20 and then it gradually gets harder as you go higher into the game. Thank you for your time and I hope you take this into consideration! From, your average ballz player (:
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7 years ago, John and christi
Fun but...
This game is really fun and addicting, but the restart button is really getting on my nerves. I constantly pause the game and I accidentally press the restart button probably a million times. Pressing the restart ruined my high score of 630. I haven't lost a game in forever, but I had to restart at the very least 25 times because of that button. I don't understand who needs the button, if you wanted to have a new start couldn't you purposely lose. I have also seen other people that have concerns about the restart button. To be honest I really, really have been annoyed by the restart button, but I keep playing the game because it is really fun and addicting. Another thing I would like to add is the block colors, it seem that they only change colors when the reach 80 or below and I constantly get higher than that but then I accidentally restart. On this matter I have also seen other comments concerning the block colors. I have literally been playing this game every time I get a chance, because I like it. These are some things that I hope the creators take into consideration. I really like the game but the restart button gets on my nerves a lot. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope you can fix my problems.
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6 years ago, flower_crown548
I’d give it more if it weren’t for some issues...
M’kay, why is it that there isn’t a reverse button to restart my turn for shooting the balls? In order to re-aim I have to go all the way back to the start menu and go back into the game. While going back, I risk hitting the “restart” button every time. I was up to like 450 and accidentally hit restart. I’m not mad, but c’mon game! If I’m going to be addicted to a mobile app we need some optimization in the gameplay! Also, it’s fun watching the balls bounce around on screen. I get it, it’s part of the appeal. But maybe give me like one more lightning option (where with each tap the balls bounce faster and the game progresses more quickly), just in case I get a little tired of it after the 400’th time. Other than that, it’s a nice time waister, and it’s generally pretty consistent (apart from a couple minor glitches; like if you exit the game too many time the starting ball automatically re-centers instead of giving you the angle that you started out with). The physics are fun to watch, and trick shots are fun to pull off.
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7 years ago, C2mc4ever
With Great Games Comes Problems..
It really is just one of the best mobile games I have ever played. And that's is saying a lot since I have played so many mobile games in my life. But with ever great game comes problems none the least. It's just one problem that restart button..... Sometimes I'm doing great but it comes to an end I like to watch an ad so I could keep going but right after the ad ends and right before you can start playing again you see the home screen. I am so used to seeing ads after a game and just instantly pressing restart so all I'm asking is to try and make those few seconds of the home screen after the ads, go away. And the pause button too same issue same irritation. Thank you for reading all the way to the end of my prolonged review and keep making the game better. It's just so addicting and so fun to play, but please keep my request in mind if your a developer reading this. And if your a consumer you should try bring attention to this issue because it might happen to you sometime and I'll tell you it is very irritating.💙💙💙💙
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6 years ago, homeboyangst
I've been playing for over a year
UPDATE JULY 24 It seems like the problem is had with this game has been fixed! When you got to higher levels, it used to take so long for all the balls to be returned to you, that is, if it didn't end up crashing first. Now gameplay is really smooth and much quicker. I still wish there was a button to auto-finish, and it would be nice if there were something to do with the in-game currency once you've bought all the colors, but still this is a really fun game. I've been consistently playing for well over a year now. ------------------------------------------------ I have been playing this game for months, but now that I'm on level 4573 it gets to the very end and crashes every single time, so I'm not able to advance anymore. It's disappointing because I have been playing for so long and I love this game. Other than that I have the same complaint as other reviewers, once you get into the 1000s it takes forever for the level to complete and I wish there was a button to make it finish immediately.
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3 years ago, kmsrnpls help
Game is absolute garbage do not download unless you want crippling depression
I was living my best life at a grand score of 1595 and the happiest in my entire life, I had noticed a rough patch of blocks approaching on the horizon. Much to my dismay I had realized I was in a tuff situation. I tried as hard as I could for hours on end trying to beat the level. Then I realized there is a feature you can use after losing called continue playing. I decided that was my best bet, so naturally I attempted to use said feature and take my chances. I let myself lose and and the next screen the option came up to continue playing. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I click the option and I only had to watch a simple ad. How easy I thought I’ll be playing in no time. Then the x and the top of the add was not working no matter how hard I tried,It wouldn’t close. I decided to exit the app and try opening it again. I click the play button and it was gone. At the simple number of 1. All my hard work, gone, joy and happiness, gone. As tears streaked down my heartbroken face I realized no one else shall have to go through this heartbreaking pain. I am now severely depressed and I have no hope. To spare yourself from this pain please I beg you do not download this app.
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6 years ago, amerikanculture
This is your life
Ballz, it's more than s game, it's your life. Think of it. It's all strategy, start off slow, use the angles to your favor, the more balls, the "easier" it gets, develope strategy or it's easy to get overwhelmed, you collect rings to buy more balls, then you buy all the balls, yet Continue to collect nothing more than these worthless rings you can't spend anyway. If you play the game continuously without break you will fail, 200 is good, but if you slow down you can reach the thousands, collecting more and more hoping to avoid the reset button which will take it all away and cause utter devastation. In life, The rings are money. The balls are the things we acquire in life through money or talent,,, strategy is key... even after we have everything, bought all the balls we just keep playing, often times we don't even use those other colors we buy.... How much stuff do you have that you don't use... no, once we have it all the goal is to continue to use strategy and avoid messing up and losing it all (Corrine Brown) Ballz is life
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7 years ago, Manic1059
What's the actual last level.
Okay this is better than bubble pop. I've been playing Ballz for about six months. I have gotten to over 2000 numerous times but then that dredded restart button gets a glancing touch and I have the sheer horror of falling from a tight rope over Niagra Falls. I don't know of any other games that have this option of deleting progress and starting over. Who wants to do that. Please take it off. But I have one other problem. I had a plan to reach 5000 just to see how the numbers in the squares where going to fit 5 digits. I got to level 4531. I have beaten this level numerous times over the last month. Then it just quits and when I open it back up it is back at the start of level 4531. Why can I not get past this level? I'm in the prosses of reaching my goal on my iPad pro now but again with the dang restart button. Maybe just move it over or make it smaller. Make it harder to accidentally hit. I want to give you 0 stars because of this. But as you can see you received 5. Quid pro quo. Okay back to Ballz.
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7 years ago, Wįll
Immensely fun. Kinda mesmerizing.
Easily a 5⭐️ app. Very simple and very fun. Ads are non-invasive. I bought the no ad upgrade anyway—just to support. Would really reallllllllly love for a faster mode. Preferably something where the speed of the balls scaled with the number of balls you have. Or, more simply 1) show the speed up button immediately and possibly 2) have more than one level of 'faster'. Once you get to 30 or so, it's starts to be a wait. If you get up to 100 it's almost painful. At 200+, you spend way way more time watching than playing. At 500+... totally brutal. I wind up taking a shot now and then while I work. Along those lines, as soon as more than a few balls go from launch back down to the baseline without hitting anything, just reset them all. Waiting for 200 balls to do nothing isn't wonderful. Same for when the board is cleared entirely. Just reset! Would be cool to see some real time stats after each round like how many points were up vs how many you cleared (with a percentage). Non invasive—along the top or bottom or a semi-transparent overlay, either of which would fade after a few seconds or on launch. Would gladly pay for features like this. Would also pay to start at higher level (20? 40?). I love how Ketchapp keeps their games super streamlined and simple. Still, if any of them, this game sorta screams for power ups. Bombs, longer sites, move a single block, undo... Yes, I have a few wants but only because it's a great little game!
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4 years ago, The Anoki Ultimatum
Yes, but...
I really like this game. I can’t give it 2-stars due to how ANNOYING it is. The classic Ballz is not geared toward today’s mobile gamers. Most are looking for a game you can relax to and de-stress with. I think that this game should be expanded on so it has multiple gamemodes, each with varying levels of difficulty. Classic mode, which will be what Ballz is right now. Arcade mode, which would have a kind of level system and each level gets harder and harder. Challenge mode, which would be a once per week/day/month level where you have significantly fewer Ballz to be able to complete the level. And finally, Zen, which would be endless, but you always have more than enough Ballz to break the block with the highest hp on-screen, and even if a block makes it to the end and you’d normally restart, that block disappears and you keep going like nothing happened. Low stakes, very relaxing. I’d appreciate it if my thoughts were taken into consideration. I will most likely re-install the game if an update like this is implemented. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, donald-t
Once upon a time
What’s upon a time this game was very good and very addictive, That is until I decided to pay for The game and take it out of free mode. it once I paid for it suddenly the game became more difficult I suppose once you got used to the game in the free mode decide to pay for it they made it more difficult so you would have to pay in game fee to continue a game that you don’t want to lose. I’ve read several other reviews were people complain about the reset button those ones reset and continue are one of the methods the company is using to get you to watch a commercial for another app then you can continue if memory serves this is how it worked at in the free version. Anyway I suppose it’s time to just put this game away because it won’t let me get any further than 250 or so ever since it’s paid for before paying I got higher scores and knew I could do much better but like I said I paid for it and blew it
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5 years ago, Frysauce
The worst game ever
This is an app I do not like can you change it to make it better and give me a one star right now but I can think about giving it a five star if you change it to a better day and I am playing Toy Blast in this well and it will not let me go past level 94 and this is less but better like it is so bad I can’t even play it anymore like there’s an app that it’s Tara mail so can you and make it a little better please this is short and simple but please make it a better game so everyone can give it a five star rate this is the end of it now said bye for now. Oh and can you make sure there’s not that much apps like I hate apps there’s too much and then I keep restarting and all that I don’t know how it just it just makes me feel like I’m not hitting the wrong buttons it makes me feel like I’m about to block lose I don’t even know what the last level is what is it tell us tell us tell ask please can you make sure there’s not that much apps but in that one that says I’m about to block lose I meant to say that I’m about to lose but this game is him LOL I like this game now just can you change it about everything I just said about there then it will be perfect I have for now I may be back more bye.
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4 years ago, MixedFam
Critical bugs
I have been playing this for years. I have released over 60,000 balls. The early version of the game was bug free other than an interesting visual mistake with the lightning bolt. Then the game play was changed to add a bit of randomness to eliminate the issue where you could release a ball horizontally and it would never reach a block due to the gravity logic. Personally that was expected and the change unwanted. Now high scores do not mean the same. It was this change that then began a continuous stream of bugs including things like balls disappearing forever. This last update is clearly a large one. But once again a critical bug. Play for a while and you will start to lose balls. If you alway get every white circle, you should always have one fewer balls than the number appearing on new blocks. Now you occasionally lose one. As soon as that happens the game is no longer the same. This bug has caused me to stop playing. I am ready now to just build my own app. The most important thing is to fix all bugs before new features.
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5 years ago, Michaeltk100
I love this game. It’s super addicting and fun but the RESTAR BUTTON drives me CRAZY. It’s useful that there is a restart button, but PLEASE put a failsafe or confirmation button or something! PLEASE. So often I pause my game or leave the app to do something and when I come back I accidentally hit restart. I’ve lost games with so much progress due to this button. I know other people have complained about it, for well over a year it seems. I’m saying this as a true fan of this game...please do something to stop this feature. This game deserves five stars. I highly recommend it to anyone out there. It’s kind of calming and satisfying when you get a good hit with the ballz. I play this on my commute while I listen to a podcast, I play it while watching TV, I play it all the time. It would just be so much better if i didn’t lose what is sometimes WEEKS of progress because i accidentally hit the restart button. Lovingly, please do something about this, and my rating will instantly be 5 stars, which is what you 100% deserve.
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7 years ago, Michael S. Fisher, CFP®
Awesome Game! Important request...Fixed!
While I have downloaded literally thousands of apps, I have never actually written a review before. Absolutely LOVE this game! Simple concept and amazingly addicting. After the most recent update, the "2nd chance" option (after watching advertisement) is not being offered which is a major step backwards. Also, the in-app-purchase is currently pointless! (Only difference is color of ball). Obviously, app developers want to make $ (you do realize you are leaving soo much money on the table by not offering the ability to purchase additional balls and/or chances!). People (myself included) would constantly purchase more which would provide reoccurring revenue! Something I hope you consider in the near future. Thank you! Update as of 4/17: recent update has now fixed the issue with adding back the second chance! So happy!!!! Thanks again!
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4 years ago, cklyd
What Happened to my game?
Apple put in a new software update yesterday, which may or may not be the problem. The problem is that Ballz will not open. It will go only to a gray looking page for about 10 seconds or so, then it directs me back to my Home Screen. I have tried over and again, to no avail. I have been playing this game for about 5 years now, and I play with no adds. I’m still not good at it, but I have ever sooo much fun trying. Please help me solve this before I throw a tantrum and flip my iPad into the fire place...please! Just joking about killing my iPad...that would be just silly now wouldn’t it? Thank you for your help..JT....oh dear...how will I know if and when you answered my query? I guess it doesn’t matter. I hate like the dickens to have to find a new game to play...year after year...but I am confident it can and will be done if I can’t get this game to work again...sob sob.
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7 years ago, Ronnie radikes bro
Very Addictive But...
The game in so addictive. But in the 24ish hours that I've played I have seemed to notice a few bugs and possible things that could be added that would make the game more fun. First, I'm not sure if it's just me but I can't tap on the continue button. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what I'm doing wrong but if that is a bug it has got to be fixed ASAP. One thing that could help is making the speed up button always there for the people who are impatient about waiting for it. Also some suggestions to make the game more fun would be to add more game modes, such as a time trial or a unlimited mode where you have unlimited balls and you have a lot of the little blocks. Another mode that could make it fun is having a mode where you can move the shooter while it's shooting. Those are just some of my opinions though. Overall 9.5/10 game and really addictive :)
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7 years ago, Proud Outlook User
Some possible features to add
First off, I LOVE THIS APP!! I can’t stop playing it! Secondly, I would like to address some features that I believe should be added and should be required! From the previous review, they mention a permanent speed up button and/or pulsating button...I love this idea, I can’t tell you how many times I just wait for the speed up button. Also, I notice that you can shorten the line of where the ball will go and the balls get smaller, if you shorten the line and the balls go smaller, I think when you deploy it, they come out smaller balls and yet they release the same amount. The cool thing is with this idea, with smaller balls, you can get into different area, tighter angles, etc. Of course all of this can be bought in the in-game store via the rings, instead of colored balls which don’t really help. Thanks for the awesome game, and hopefully you’ll take all this into consideration.
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5 years ago, Pabholio
Love playing with my Balz!
Hi, my name is Mike, and I am constantly playing with my Balz. I play with them in bed, on the couch, and sometimes at the dinner table. That usually bothers the rest of my family, especially when we have guests. When I am out somewhere in a long line and I get bored I reach into my pocket and they are always there. I will take them out and play with them everywhere I go, but never when someone is talking to me, that would be rude! Anyway,,, what I’m really trying to say here is THIS GAME IS VERY ADDICTING!!! I’m a 52y/o man and I play it ALL the time! I have anxiety issues and it does help me with that too. Very fun game, but those dang corners get on my nerves sometimes! And if the game was all about your balls repeating the same exact path back to where you shot them from, no matter how difficult the shot is, I would be the KING OF ALL WHO PLAYETH THE GAME!!! So yeah guys,,, what’s up with that anyway?
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7 years ago, amy324
5 Stars, Until It's 0 Stars
The game kept closing right before it reset a new board, and when I reopened it, I was looking at the board I just completed. I looked for an update (there isn't one) and rebooted the device (it didn't help). I tried hitting the RESTART button and it killed my game with a score of 2366 that I'd been playing for weeks. At least I can delete the app now and get on with my life. Why is that button even there, looking so helpful? For those wondering about the rings: for every 200 rings earned you can buy a new color shooter. As you move through the colors, the shooters have different physical properties. They have more "float" and more bounce or reactivity, so it changes up the game play. It maxes out with the gold color. You can go back and choose an old color to play with if there was one where you particularly liked the action.
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4 years ago, 😃😄😊😌😏😁
Great app, but issues with the latest update
I’ve loved this app for years, it is the perfect app to play while I listen to podcasts or videos. However, I have noticed a few problems since the latest update. For one, after however many levels I start to notice that the number of balls I have doesn’t match up with the level, even when I have collected all of the balls. They just seem to disappear from my ball bank. I’ve also noticed a similar problem with the coins/circle things. I collect them all and then when I go to the main menu, they disappear and I am left with zero. I also personally think that the levels have been easier- sometimes levels pop up with no blocks at all. I don’t know if this is just a glitch or intentional. Still 5 stars because I love the app, but I wanted to get my concerns across.
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7 years ago, AgentEggMan
AMAZING! Except...
VERY addicting. Unfortunately, as you get higher it becomes way too easy and boring, especially when you get to the point of having to wait 5 minutes for it to clear the screen, even with the speed boost. Which takes way too long by the way, and should be there the whole time. And should get even faster, especially the higher you get. Also, I had over a thousand and accidentally hit restart. WHY IS THIS IN THE GAME!?!? And if it is, at least have a confirmation (i.e. Are you sure you want to restart?), because 99.9% of people don't want to throw away their 1,000+ points for no reason. Also, ads are annoying. Even if you manage to hit the X, and say "I'm not interested" "I've seen this before", etc, the same ad pops up! I am a guy getting ads for feminine health products. Why? I don't know! I say "I don't like this" and get it again. Come on guys.
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4 years ago, qftery
This game is super fun and addicting. It is one of the best games I own! I have only one thing for advice. Sometimes when playing the ball may start to slow down and get stuck on a block and never fall all the way down. This is just a small glitch but causes inconvenience in the game. Also with the new update the minute you release the balls a fast forward button pops up, this is very annoying that it pops up ever time, if the button came up after a certain amount of time the game would be much better. I know if you got to a level such as 200 it would take a very long time to get back down, but that is when a skip to bottom button should pop up as an option to. Overall, this game is wonderful, I would just recommend these fixes! I suggest this game to all my friends and they live it too!
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5 years ago, Datboi_Doge128
Very addicting and fun
For a ketch app game this is really good there aren’t even like any adds but sure the occasional pop up adds every time you log on, but that’s not that bad, right? Usually Ketchapp apps are the ones where the add pops up in the middle of your game but that’s not this game it very fun indeed and you can tell the developers put at least the tiniest deal of thought into this game because the speed up button and also it is very balanced so you can get far and also well...lose but one thing I don’t get is the different colors of Ballz it doesn’t effect anything really and it’s such a simple game your just focusing on like playing the game and not changing your ballz but also the rings too like when I play the game I don’t even think about the green rings so really I think there useless but great game however
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7 years ago, Sam321321sam
Everybody Who Has Concerns About The "Cash" Read This
Before I actually thought about getting this game I decided to read the reviews. They were all mostly about the Cash and how you could only change the color of your bald with it and about the restart button. I however have problems with none of those. There is a legend going around that once you buy every ball and get the 2 balls you get rewarded, you will be given a ball that can fit in between 2 blocks right next to each other. Of course things I think the cash could be useful for too is when you lose a level u could use 25 cash to continue instead of watching a vid. Don't get me wrong, I think Ballz is one of the best games on the App Store but maybe you should start listening to your players and less to yourselves.
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7 years ago, I like to support
More colored boxes past 100!!!!
I absolutely love this game but once you get past the 100 mark the boxes no longer have different colors which makes waiting for the Ballz even more boring, the speed button should go faster the higher levels you get. I also find that when I press the speed button it does speed up but the button is still there and when I press it a second time it goes away but does not affect the speed. While it does not affect the gameplay it does bother me lol. Perhaps having the speed button show up multiple times over the course of time making the speed faster each time it shows up with solve the problem of the singular speed taking so long. Adding more colored boxes would also help because watching the numbers count down from a thousand is honestly like watching paint dry
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6 years ago, Isaluciano
Game wise?👌🏽. Especially the thought of the physics engine?!
But the ads. the dang ads. I’ve had the app for only half a week now, and given ~30min of play time a day.. I just recently decided to turn off the cellular data for the game. This wasn’t necessarily due to me finding ads unbearable, because that’s all mobile games, they come hand in hand. But strictly because...(if you’re skimming through this)❗️I FOUND OUT THAT THE ADS PLAY IN FULL HD❗️; thus after only ~4days; 30min each; the game has accumulated ⚡️880mb⚡️ worth of data.(1,000mb=1gb) And that’s a passive aggressive 30min. a day, for FOUR DAYS. ⚠️I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU LOOK OUT FOR GAMES THAT ROB YOU OF YOUR DATA; PAID FOR BY THE GIG.⚠️ And use my method; Settings / Cellular / (and scroll down the list to determine what’s stealing your data). Updates can be maintained so long as you’re not switching the switch for your AppStore. Personally don’t believe these type of games should have internet access BY DEFAULT, especially since it’s not mandatory for this arcade game. And especially since there’s no pre installation warning, and there’s very minuscule reward for watching such a hi-def 30sec clip?! lol, like seriously❗️a measly 20 units of ingame currency for this?! Atleast reward us for such a loss! 😂 Lastly on that note, I can’t help but feel this act is nothing short of intentional & malicious. ~Awfully Conflicted, IN.
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7 years ago, Hestersaurus
Don't hate the game, hate the glitch
Completed level 3670. App shut down right when it was supposed to level up. Restarted the App. Restarted level 3670. App shut down right when it was supposed to level up. Restarted the App, etc, etc, etc. I have completed level 3670 AT LEAST (30) times! Even turned off my phone hoping to reset the App without losing my score. Tried it both with and without using the lightning turbo. Makes no difference, since... you guessed it! App shut down right when it was supposed to level up. Any suggestions? I have already "accidentally" hit the restart button once before, at 2,136 and suffered the same demoralizing "kick to the stomach" fate that others have mentioned. I really don't want to experience that again at 3,670. Designers: Please help get me over the hump and EARN that 5th star rating.
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6 years ago, JMostFam
Seems to have changed
This game used to be my go-to time killer app, but despite the most recent change being listed as 10 months ago, it seems as though there have been changes to the block-generating algorithm that add a level of frustration (unless the game somehow behaves differently on different model phones since I’m playing on a new phone). Although I welcome a good challenge, having waves of solid walls sent down, repeatedly (as opposed to the reasonably-placed few additional blocks) with each row advancement leaves me wondering why it was changed. I’ve read on board about others questioning the algorithm, too, as far as trying to understand how it decides how many new blocks will be generated. I understand adjusting difficulty if too many are reaching the maximum score, but maybe add a user-adjustable difficulty setting and split the high score table, or make a different version of the game...(?)
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5 years ago, Scooterbug+TEDWARDO
great game but...
Okay, so this game is very fun to play except for a few things. One is the pop up ad in the very beginning. I get that this is a free app, and you need to get money somehow, but come on. Putting a pop up at the very beginning RIGHT when you start is very annoying. When I close out the app in the middle of a game and go back, the add doesn't pop up until AFTER I pulled back to release the balls. It makes it to where I can't see where i'm aiming. Please get this fixed. Next, this doesn't annoy me, but it is sort of annoying. Whenever I reach a high level it takes awhile for all the balls to come back even after I hit the little lightning bolt. If you could put another little one up there after a little while longer that would be amazing. Thank you. Have a good week!
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4 years ago, TDC87
Bug in latest version !!
Since the latest version downloaded there is a bug where the shooting position will not appear along the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it seems like the shot position is starting just off the bottom of the screen because the balls will come up from below and stop at the bottom of the screen. But sometimes the shot position is somewhere where the balls don’t show up at all. But they are still being shot because the speed up button will come on. Have lost several good games to this and lost my high score to trying to reinstall the app. No apparent pattern on when the bug shows up. I’m on an iphonex but have now seen same bug on a 7. I’ve played this game a lot but won’t play anymore with this bug.
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3 years ago, JopeyP
Well Designed Game
While this game has pretty much lived passed it’s prime, I would still like to leave a review. I have been playing this game pretty regularly for almost 3 years now, and it’s a staple of mobile gaming. It has great replay ability, few bugs, and is a great time killer. It has well designed sound board that may be repetitive, but also satisfying and well made. Three problems I have with a lot mobile games lately are 1, they try to be something they are not (aka try to implement complicated pc/console gaming experiences), or 2, they have too many in app purchases and ads that make it practically unplayable, or 3, they have limited replay ability in lazy and fake multiplayer games (aka Voodoo games). Yes, this game is small, but I really works well and I have really enjoyed it.
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7 years ago, hotglue123
AWESOME.... but
This is an awesome game, but I'm having the same problems as all the other reviewers, I'd just like to support it, my biggest problem is the reset button. I've hit it multiple times and once when I was at 480 so I think you should get rid of it completely. The speed button should have an option to make it all go in a few seconds. Also for the rings, I think there should be a type of option (in addition to changing the color of the ball) where each single ball will be 2x as power full so if there is a 200 box and you have 100 balls the balls would get the whole box, this is all I have to say. I'm so sorry that the way I explain everything was hard to understand I'm only 11... I hope you take these suggestions in consideration🙂
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4 years ago, JonNie216
So much fun!
I love this game! I play it all day. It’s really relaxing and addictive. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could because it could use just a few improvements. I’ve unlocked all the different skins that you can get, but I’m still collecting coins, so now I have nothing to use my coins on. Maybe add some more balls or some other things to buy with the coins? Also once you get very far in the game the fast-forward button doesn’t do much to speed up the balls. And just like a lot of other people said, the restart button should have a “confirm” pop-up after you press it so you don’t accidentally restart a game that you’ve worked really hard on. But other than those small things this game is amazing and I highly recommend it!
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7 years ago, Jmg1021
Just as advertised!!!
Ok look, your bored and on a car, plane, bus ride. This is exactly what it says it is. It’s perfect for killing time. It can be easy and super hard at the same time. There’s nothing special about it but it is really challenging the more balls you collect as the higher numbers on the blocks. The pop up ads are not that bad and really only happen after you die or when you first load up. Only thing I wish they would do is maybe have Ballz that you can buy with the rings, instead of just dif colors maybe different sizes and cool things the different ones do. Explode on contact, kill times 2 numbers, go straight threw a block, stuff like that. Besides that it’s like I said. It’s exactly what it says it is! Enjoy and good job guys! Now how bout some updates!
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6 years ago, gwenm122
Fun and addictive, but could use some slight improvements
im actually addicted to this game. i have some suggestions to make the experience more convenient. first, i think the blocks should change colors more. once you get up into the hundreds, its hard to tell which blocks you should focus on more. also, i think the speed-up button should be constant, and it should speed up more. last, the reset button and the main menu button are right next to each other and ive pressed reset by accident on multiple occasions. theres nothing more frustrating than losing your high score because you tapped a centimeter above where you were supposed to. i think these changes would enhance the game and make it a more fun experience.
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4 years ago, A very mad Instagram user
Too easy from April 2020 update
I’ve played Ballz for years. I loved how it had a balance of being just difficult enough to keep me entertained. I have a high score of 477. Now with the recent “major bug fix” it has become so easy it’s pointless. I can just aim with no thought and it clears a lot of the screen. What’s the point of playing a game that isn’t difficult? I’m at 176 with hardly trying. Most levels are now just 2 or 3 boxes rather than having a whole row. There are times it gives you 0 new boxes on a level. I have even had balls hit one block once and break the whole thing. It’s far too simple and super boring now. I’m extremely disappointed with the most recent update. It was the only game keeping me sane in this quarantine. I’m going to have to delete this once fun game... please fix the game to go back to it’s original difficulty.
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7 years ago, OK Leh
From Amazing to Awful
I hope someone with influence sees this note.... This game is addictive, fun and mindless. All great things for an iOS app. I have been playing for several months and the game is very reliable when it comes to opening the app and picking-up where I left off previously. Well done. The game play is simple and it doesn't take long for someone to understand the physics and game play. The awful.. I have been playing the same game for 3-4 months and seem to have reached the end of the line. I'm using a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus and my score is over 4,000. After each round, while trying to load the next turn, the app closes and sends me to the home screen. While this doesn't happen 100% of the time, I have not been able to increase my score for over a week and it's increased by (maybe) five rounds in the last month. Please fix this bug so your fans can continue loving this game.
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6 years ago, ATREES2015
Infinite Lives Glitch!
So I love this and I play it a lot and compete for highest score with friends. However, there is a glitch that just kills the competition factor for me and it is having infinite lives. The glitch is that every time you start a round and think that you’re about to lose, simply close the app mid round and open it again to see that the round is reset and you can play it again. How would a game be fun with such glitch?! Please do something about it. Also many people mentioned this thing which should be added to the game. When you reach 1000+ points, the speed button isn’t enough especially when you have only a couple of blocks and know exactly how the round is going to end. We need the ability to skip the round completely after playing.
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7 years ago, ebog39
Needs some work
I absolutely love this game but I have run into some problems that need to be addressed immediately. 1. I have lost my record of 1446 because of glitches in the game. I am so frustrated with this because it has taken me over 5 days for me to get this record and lose it to a glitch. 2. There are very useless things to the app like the restart button and the different colored balls. First off who would want to restart their game? So that is pointless. And why change the color of the balls when I would rather like to see a variety in the block colors. After you get over 100 the blocks stay the same color. And if you do have the option of having colored balls make more than one color in a set of balls. 3. If someone clears the board the balls should come right back instead of letting them finish out. 4. There should be another featured where you can speed up the balls every 200 balls so that the game moves faster. I love playing this game. And I love beating all my friends but I am very frustrated that I have lost my high score due to a glitch. I have contacted ketchapp directly and I would like this to be addressed. Other than this problems I would highly recommend this game.
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7 years ago, Abigirl0326
Love/hate relationship
When I first downloaded the app I loved it. I started to get better at it and it started to not become a challenge which made it kinda boring. I've also gotten really frustrated by the app because it's restarted me randomly and I hate how in the app when you click the "restart" button, there is no "are you sure" button placed. I know I've accidentally clicked this button many times while pausing the game. Another thing that annoys me is that in the game you can watch an ad for 20 coins/rings. I never get my coins from watching the ads and that irritates me a lot because I waste my time watching the ads.(I'm already wasting my time playing the game😂) I only play this game when I have no service to go on other apps or I have absolutely nothing else to do. If you are going on a long trip and you know you will not have service most the way, I'd recommend downloading the game.
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7 years ago, Astral Dust
Really needs an update
Quality of life for the game could use an update. Getting different coloured balls is unsatisfying. The game is too one dimensional. The ratios on the blocks VS the ball count makes it difficult (I often find that blocks will spawn in mass with large number counts making it impossible to bank shots and clear the whole row. I.E. when an entire row of high numbered blocks spawns all at the same time). The game could use some speed adjustments. When you get into the ~150 ball count it just takes a VERY long time to even play because you've got to wait so long, even with the current speed up. The aiming is also buggy. The game is fun but not rewarding. And with how simple it is, it could definitely use some updates to improve the quality of life and the gaming aspect of it rather than it being a point, release, and wait game.
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2 months ago, NiCkNaMeS1203838
Hello my name is Ashley I am a hard working person that heats what’s needed done but I would just like to say that I really have enjoyed this game over the last few years it is calming and helps me get through some down times in between shifts so I just wanted to speak a little on how great this game is it a an great problem solving game and really challenging at times I love the fact that it is free and no cost is needed to play this lovely game. In conclusion this game is great and I fully can concurr that I fully believe that everyone should play this game and they would fully enjoy it with no problem even though it frustrates me at times I still play it everyday and will continue to play it everyday.
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7 years ago, Mhuff-2
Sad day.
So I really like this game, i think it's great. But, the adds are frustrating. I don't mind the ads at all and even games with overly frequent ads have never really bothered me. It's the timing that is annoying. I constantly have adds showing up at the start of my game, not before hand, literally in the middle of my game to mess up my first shot and also make me click the ad. Also, I don't like whatever company or whoever that supplies the ads because they put the X in a place that makes you accidentally click the ad instead of closing. It feels really cheesy and it's like a scam. I don't know why it bothers me so much but I just find it really shady and annoying. The last thing I don't really care for is that I feel like some of the set ups are kind of hard. It does take skill but I feel like a lot of the time they set you up for failure. I'm glad it's not super easy but it shouldn't be impossible.
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