Bambino: Babysitting made easy

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Bambino Technologies, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Bambino: Babysitting made easy

4.88 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
1 year ago, ET2286
Lifesaver app and amazing sitters!
We don’t have a ton of family nearby and we’re fairly new to town. We found Bambino when we had exhausted all the Facebook mom group recommendations and no one was available or they never texted back. We have since used Bambino numerous times and it has been such a lifesaver and weight off of our shoulders every time we have a date night, parent event at school, family wedding, etc. because we always know we can find a reliable sitter on Bambino. I love reading the descriptions, the recommendations, and seeing their rate up front for transparency. Every sitter we have booked has incredible ratings from trusted neighbors and our kids ended up LOVING them, begging for them to come back again. The best part is that we can pay right through the app, and even add reimbursements or a tip. I never have cash on me and this takes the headache out of driving around to find an ATM at the end of every date night.
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2 years ago, morganschne
Missing Payments
I joined this app as a means of making some money on the side, I’ve always loved to babysit and figured this app was a good way to connect with families in the city looking for fill-in child care. The connection aspect of the app is wonderful, as are the families I have met through Bambino, however receiving payment from Bambino has been more than a challenge. To put it lightly. A 2-3 business day window is given to sitters to expect payment after the job is completed and confirmed on the families end - of the times I have sat through the app my payment has only been received in that window on one occasion. They are plagued with delays and excuses for non-payment. I’m currently awaiting payment for a job completed NINE days ago, and I have reached out every day after that initial 3 day window and they have been less than helpful. I will submit a inquiry as to the status of my funds, be told I will receive payment by that evening or at least a message back within 24 hours - neither has come. At the very least they should be responsive and keep sitters up to date on the status of the payments, especially if they are going to be late. The responsibility should not be on me, the sitter, to track down my payment as I have already completely the work required of me. So disappointed in this service as it has the potential all to be amazing. Beware if you’re trying to make quick cash on the side, you will not be paid in any sort of timely fashion.
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2 years ago, missanonymousgirl
App has great potential just 1 main problem
The app has great potential for babysitting jobs , BUT the main problem i have is that they allow parents to request multiple people at the same time and once you accept they all of a sudden always “choose another sitter” it’s quite annoying to think you have a gig coming just to see they canceled right after.. I think the app should give the sitter a certain amount of time to accept the request based off the parents needs and then proceed to give them other options to request other people if the time is not for filled. If you’re lucky you might find a family who wants to use regularly which is the goal for most people but it can be impossible with this issue..another issue is not being able to communicate off hand with parents.. you shouldn’t have to pay for something like that in this situation, they also don’t allow sitters to chose a rate for multiple children which is another big issue because obviously 2+ children is not going to be a basic flat rate! Most people don’t actually read your bio to even see and since you can’t communicate on the app without paying that can be a huge misunderstanding when it comes to getting paid!
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5 years ago, LitTea21
Biased 🚫🚫🚫 Beware
I am 16 years old and have been using the Bambino app for over a year. It is a good way to connect with parents in your area. Unfortunately it is a bit biased and parents tend to be favored. Payment is through the app so when a babysitter is done with their job and the parents have come home they hit the button that says end job and they are given the option to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down about the parents. Parents can then confirm the payment and give a recommendation. But in order for that to happen the babysitter must ask for it when they confirm the sit is over. They have no idea what the parent will say about them (which is public and permanently on the sitter’s profile)and that’s when a parent can say very negative things about a babysitter and not worry about it because they won’t have to see them if they choose not to hire them again. Unfortunately a babysitter cannot defend themselves and state the facts on why the parents negative views may be incorrect or unfair. Also, a babysitter can’t rate a parent which seems logical but actually is frustrating because some parents have standards that are way too high to begin with. Watch out future sitters! I recommend this app but it will most likely be a bit of a rough experience.
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1 year ago, ritz joe
Like I said , I will be back to call her again , this was so unexpected and Taylor picked up this shift so last minute , as I was texting her I wasn’t sure if it would work as it was so last minute for me and her and I loved how optimistic she was she replied saying we will make it work and I felt so relieved to see that , and she came she was so so good following all my instructions about bed time etc , she even took notes in her phone. I feel very safe with her and to leave my babies with her , she would respond immediately when I messaged how things were , knowing the boys were all good and tucked in helped me relax and have such a lovely night with my husband. We will definitely be calling her again in need. She even sent a update of how the night went and I love those things. The house was so clean and I’m happy to find a good sitter Thank you so much Taylor , your a blessing 💓
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2 years ago, m2mm
I have used Bambino the app for over four years and I loved how it was a great way to get in touch with your community and the people around you. When it comes to payment through the app it is never consistent and if you have any questions in regarding to anything about Bambino, it’s always someone from their support team who has some type of remark or comment to say about your character for even questioning the app. This all just recently happened to me and I was in absolute shock how this women (who I will not disclose which was their director) degrade me and my character and who I am. I have been in the childcare field for more than eight years and I have never in my life experienced threats and brutality like I have through this company nor from any company. The app has horrible management and the way they treat the sitters is unfathomable… And is honestly very concerning especially when it comes to the sitters feeling safe. I recently had to contact then again unfortunately and tell them that I wanted every bit of information from this app without me wiped clean and want nothing to do with it anymore. Do your research and be smart!! Always protect yourself no matter what.
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10 months ago, tay tya12345678910
Be safe!!
i have babysat for a few family’s and it went great, except for this one bad interaction. she sounded like she was drunk on the phone, which is not my business by any means. before i agreed to babysit i asked if i could have my older sister come with me for safety and she denied my request, which usually i would not have went but i did need the money. So i got to their house at about 11pm and she was just completely out of it, was not paying attention to the kids, her eyes were bloodshot red, and would ask me very personal questions. it was not a safe environment for the children so i was a little concerned. Then she got on the phone with a man i would guess in about his mid 20s, and she started talking to the man about my age and if my age would work for him or not. Then invited him over, and by that point i was freaked out. So if you are going to use this app please be very careful because who would’ve known what would have happend if i stayed until he arrived. I also did not get payed at all.
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3 years ago, jennhav
Life changing app
We started using this app last summer when we moved to a new area and had to start over from scratch with finding reliable and trustworthy sitters. I had some negative experiences with care. Com, etc and I hated paying a monthly fee on top of the subpar experience finding and booking a good sitter. I liked that it was free but I was still skeptical to try Bambino. Once I downloaded the app and made a profile, I was able to see sitters in our immediate area who had been rated and reviewed by Mom’s in my neighborhood on (that I verified on the neighborhood fb page). Seeing that real Moms, that were acquaintances, use the sitters near me made me feel so much better about using it. I’m so glad that we did. Our first sitter (whom we now use regularly) is AMAZING. The times she hasn’t been available we have been able to use 3 other equally amazing sitters that we love and, more importantly, our kids love. We never have an issue finding a sitter now. If those 4 aren’t available, I can see my friends’ favorite sitters that live nearby and request them instead. I can go to doctor’s appointments now, meetings, run errands, have date nights with my husband, we can go to weddings, etc. It’s truly changed our lives for the better. I can’t gush enough about it.
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6 years ago, embow16
Great, but needs some improvements
I think it for the most part it is very well designed, it is very easy to accept or deny jobs, you can update your profile easily, and I love the rewards system. However, I think an improvement that would be really helpful on the sitters’ end would be to have an availability feature. Currently you can only switch your profile on and off, but I would love to be able to set time availabilities so that parents can’t request me during a time I’m not available, and maybe even a calendar where you can mark off days that you are unavailable for vacation purposes or prior commitments. Many parents request far in advance or for during the day, and I always feel bad denying parents because I have prior commitments, or because I am at my full time job during the times they are requesting. Some sort of calendar/time availability feature would be extremely helpful and a great addition to an already great app!
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5 years ago, ktanastasia
Amazing App for Babysitting!
I am a sitter and have been using the app regularly for about 8 months. I have built a steady clientele of parents in my area that I babysit for regularly. It has proved to be a lucrative side job for me! There is always local support readily available for parents and sitters alike. The process is incredibly simple - I receive requests from parents, I let them know that I am available and then they confirm! I get to set my own rates and don’t have to worry about haggling my services. I show up (with a babysitting bag full of fun and parent-approved toys and activities) and have a blast with the kids! When the parents return I don’t have to worry about collecting payment - the app takes care of it for me. Parents can even leave a tip through the app! I then get my payment from Venmo about 2 business days later. This is definitely my favorite childcare app!
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3 years ago, Snap_Chats989
Great app
This app is wonderful! It crowdsources from Facebook and so far, no complaints whatsoever! After installing I was able to setup my profile and see a list of local sitters. I did not have to link facebook, that was a relief. I was able to select which sitters I wanted to request based upon varying criteria like pay rate, and based upon my date and time requirements. If you request for more than one day, the app generates each day as an individual request. I really like that feature as I wasn’t sure if a sitter would be available for my selected days. The app allows the sitter to either accept the request or deny it. They get sorted into available, unavailable, and no response categories. You do have only 24 hours from your initial request to accept a sitter of your choice, or the request closes out. Luckily I was able to select the same sitter for my requirements. But in the event I couldn’t, I was still given the option to book different sitters for my request, which is really beneficial. I chose for the monthly payment plan to get rid of the booking fee, makes sense. They need to make money, and I’ll indefinitely be a bambino patron if all my experiences are this great! 🤞🏼 Great so far! Lovely idea and fantastic implementation!
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4 years ago, DJacenya
Great families/Poor management
I have been babysitting for about 8 years now and have yet had any problems with families. This app is convenient and really helps you connect with families in your area. However, seems as tho the parents are always more favored than the babysitter in most cases which honestly isn’t fair at all. I have had 30 recommendations and a 4.9 review on the app and mind you that was only within 8 months of time yet was “in trouble” so to speak when a few parents made some complaints. Life happens, not every family is going to be a fit but keep in mind that if even if a claim was made about you that wasn’t true it won’t matter. Parents always have the say and the company doesn’t care if you have a perfect performance with a bunch of other families. Go ahead and use the app, just if anything happens don’t take it personal. I’d also recommend getting the parents real contacts so that in a case something does happen the ones that did really like you are still able to contact you when they need a babysitter.
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2 years ago, jennyxxxo
The only babysitting app i’ll recommend
I’ve been a sitter on bambino for over 4 years now. As a sitter, you never have to have the awkward conversation of “how much do I owe you” with parents because you get to choose your own hourly rate and are paid exactly down to the minute. It makes it simple to find babysitters or babysitting jobs wherever you may be. If you have a bad experience with a family you can put that you would not like to sit for them again and you will no longer get their requests. For parents: you can see reviews for each sitter along with what they may or may not be comfortable with when it comes to infants, cooking, pets, driving, etc. I think this is a fantastic platform and if I were to have kids I would 100% use bambino.
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5 years ago, Layladelsy
Good concept, poorly executed
I was really excited to get this app because as parents, things come up where we need a babysitter. This was going to be my last case scenario if I couldn’t find anyone that I knew. Especially since almost everyone has only one review. So the day finally came where my regular nanny couldn’t watch my daughter due to being sick and I requested a few sitters on the bambino app. I picked out a girl. She seemed just as good as any other person that accepted my request. 10 minutes passed and no one showed up. I called the sitter and she answered. I explained who I was and if she needed help with directions. She then hung up on me. And I had to stay home from work. You can’t give a review if they don’t show up to warn other parents that this sitter isn’t reliable so I contacted the app. They just apologized and DID NOTHING! I still see that girl available to be requested. How do I know if any of these girls are reliable if the app won’t let you review a no show or delete an account if they don’t show up? Like I said, it’s a great concept but pointless if it doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, Kurlieq84
Best babysitting app ever!!!
Other babysitting apps just don’t compare! We don’t have family to babysit nearby and it’s just difficult asking friends and everything. So we rarely go out. With this app I can see reviews from other parents and they respond quickly saying they are available etc. I LOVE that you can pay via the app and not worry about how you will pay them. Do they require cash? Do you need to make sure you calculated everything correctly etc? The booking fees are expected as the app is free. I would literally have to be booking at least once a week to decide to get a premium membership, only $10 monthly. This app is just everything. If you need a sitter, you need Bambino!
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2 years ago, ayn2002
Some changed for sitters please
I’ve been working on bambino and obviously haven’t had enough issues with it to stop using it. However, there are some changes I would love to see for it to be more babysitter friendly. 1. Sitters should be able to leave review on parents/children that can only be seen by sitters. There have been a few times I wasn’t fully comfortable/prepared for a situation (kids with behavioral issues, parents who gave me the creeps, etc) 2. Sitters should be able to see other sitters costs, not just a bell curve. I have a lot more experience than most on the app, and I want to know what other sitters of similar level are charging. Overall, I definitely recommend it. I can only vouch for myself, but I have had many great experiences with the app, and have become the regular babysitter for many families I met through the app.
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4 years ago, JanaBoddy
Poor Sitter Support
I am a sitter on the app and have completed over 85 sits earning the status of Elite Sitter. In the beginning Elite sitters received a 15% bonus which was reduced to 10%. Last year the bonus was reduced to 5% and two days ago Bambino eliminated our cash bonuses all together. Instead they are now giving parents a 10% discount. They gave our bonus to the parents. Many elite sitters have stayed loyal and dedicated to Bambino well before and through out the pandemic. Bambino has done the exact opposite showing where their values and loyalty stands which is not with the sitters who drive their business. Child care providers have lacked the recognition we deserve for so many years. For once we valued a company who gave back and put us on top and to have it taken away is disheartening . I do hope they reevaluate their business strategies and show the loyalty and support to their top talent sitters.
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2 years ago, EnNOLA
Great service, wish app had better features
Like that I can read reviews and the decide on the sitter. However, the app needs to be improved: 1) allow to filter sitters based on whether they sit for infants (or some of the other features)- it’s listed under their name, but easy to miss. I think the system even allows me to send a request to a sitter that does not take care of infants even though I have one listed in my profile. 2) filter based on rate. When I send the request without selecting sitters individually, I end up with sitters with a rate outside my budget. 3) for some reason when I do go to select sitters for a job all of my favorites or not listed. I’m not sure why. This is frustrating when I’ve already spent a lot of time going through a large group of sitters to make them my favorites only to see a few listed for a job and then I need to go back and go through sitters again to select favorites. 4) this is the final thing and not a fault of the app but I have used Bambino twice - one with a successful wonderful sitter. And the second with a sitter that canceled just two hours before the job which left me canceling my plans. So there is a risk to using the app for a sitter vs someone you know.
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6 years ago, keve kemper
Great but could be greater
I think the user experience as a sitter is very easy. You are in complete control of what your profile details. Accepting and denying jobs is super easy and convenient because the app texts you for sittings(I believe your have control to turn on and off notifications over text). As a sitter you have a wide variety of price ranges to choose from, but you have a fixed price no matter how many kids you sit for. I think an increase in number of kids should somehow increase the price of the sitter. And there should be a tip option for the parent so that they have the option to reward there sitters for a great job(not sure if one already exists or not because I’ve only been a sitter). The app is very well designed because you can clearly see your stats and standings.
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5 years ago, jade plante
Very rude.
I’ve been using this app for a couple months now and I’ve had a couple successful sittings. Well today I had to cancel as I had a family emergency and I alerted the parent as soon as I possible could. I got a message from the owner of the app saying they were suspending my account for being untruthful about family emergencies and cancelled 3 times in the last few months. I cancelled once today and the only other time I can remember cancelling was when someone booked me but did not respond to any of my messages and I DID NOT feel comfortable just driving to someone’s house without any response back. Apparently I was in the wrong there, anyway I feel disrespected when all I did was cancel because of something happening in my personal life that I can not control. This is not a good app and the people running it are very disrespectful and very invasive of your privacy. I have since deleted my account and want nothing to do with this app or it’s owners.
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2 years ago, psryr
POOR customer service and missing payments
I’m writing this as a sitter with over 10 years of experience and having used different sites to connect with parents while using this app for about 9 months now, it’s clear it’s platform that lacks true respect or value to the job we do being completely biased. I completed a sitting over 10 DAYS ago and I’m still waiting to receive a payment. I attempted to reach out to customer support via phone and email and I keep getting the same automated response of “ Our records show your funds were released and should be available” and they just keep extending the date. Clients can have as many last minute cancelations (I’m talking even less than 1hr before) as they want without penalty fee or record to know they are not reliable, while we lose our time and another posible job.
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7 years ago, Jessica Rumery
A blessing from God.
So I moved from Oklahoma to Florida in March 2017. I've never lived further than 20 miles from my hometown so this was a HUGE step for me. I'm a elementary teacher and planned to get a job for the next school year. I didn't end up getting a job so I was kind of at loss what to do. I had nannied for a family in the area that we live and she was starting to be the manager for this new app for parents to find sitters through other parents recommendations. I thought sure why not. Most of my income for the past month has been solely Bambino sits which this last month was about part-time hours. I love this app it's easy to use for many different reasons. If you're a sitter, I definitely think you should check this app out! Thank you Bambino for making sitting easy! 🙂💜
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4 years ago, whisbr Bi u
My favorite babysitting app!
I’ve been using Bambino for a year and 3 months now and it’s hands down better then the other sitter apps. The families I sit for are all sweet, I love all the little ones I’ve met. This app is simple to use and it’s free, unlike the other apps that make the sitters pay just so their profile will be seen more by parents. (Tip for sitters: STOP overcharging, & don’t use a childcare app if you’re just trying to make “easy” cash, I’ve read way to many reviews by parents saying how the sitters they meet are so unreliable & other things. If you’re going to watch someones kid you better have passion for children & be responsible).
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2 years ago, ATXMomofTwo
Canceled with Little Notice
My very first babysitter that I booked through the app canceled with less than 24 hours notice and I wasn’t able to find another one. Now my concert tickets will likely go to waste because it’s hard to sell them that fast. I liked the concept of the app, but the babysitters are expensive (some over $30/hr), nearly all of them decline your requests (because there is no way for them to show their availability), and many (if not most) are not background checked. If I’m going to pay that much, I’d like to at least know that I’m not hiring someone with a record and it would be nice if the app would assist when someone cancels on you last minute (like putting out an all-call to the top babysitters in your area asking for help). Also, you can’t communicate with the babysitters until after you’ve already booked which makes me uncomfortable.
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4 years ago, jeb678
Sketchy for parents and sitters!
My main issue as a sitter is that they will not activate your profile without a recommendation, which is totally fine, except that the family would have to register with the app in order to do this which seems unfair to ask any parent you’ve sat for or employer to go through that process. As a parent, I would not want to use a site that is so unreliable and lets children as young as 13,14,15 sign up to babysit other children. Literally children watching children. I’ve seen a lot of issues with sitters canceling last minute or not showing up at all, which is inevitably when you have children signing up as sitters. The customer service appears to be horrible across the board. It’s seems to me that a lot of the positive reviews are fake or have been paid for. This app is sketchy and probably the worst babysitting app I’ve ever used.
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4 months ago, pelonetillo
First impression: app is a disaster.
I was using the app on my iPhone for the first time, set up an account, did everything I was prompted to in the app. Setup free trial I was offered. Tried to send requests to multiple sitters for same-day, and it made me do some Safety check. OK, I did it, provided photos of IDs and selfie, then it said I was done and I could close the page. But the only option was to click Back, which reset everything and made me start over with selecting dates, times, sitters, providing IDs, selfie... Did this 3 times and got stuck in a loop. Messaged support chat, they said I needed a Stripe account and a credit card on file... None of this was mentioned by the app. And why would I need this when I already have a card on file with App Store and an active trial through that? And a separate Stripe account too? What? Ridiculous. I missed the event I needed a sitter for.
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3 years ago, K13B7
Unfortunately not a good experience
I was very excited to try this app and hopefully find some families to care for but unfortunately I have had a bad experience with them. They lack communication in many ways, including being unable to communicate with a parent/potential job until after you have already booked, which means no communicating needs or if you are a good fit, in addition once you cancel the booking your rating goes down. You also are unable to negotiate prices or add to the price depending on extra care or extra kids, which is incredibly off-putting. I also don’t like that there are no options for in home care or any more variety for sitters and parents to choose from. As well as the support team being short with me and overall slow to respond and unhelpful, I do not recommend.
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6 years ago, Carbarrrr
This is the worst babysitting app I have ever tried. In order to start using it you have to have recommendations from other parents which is fine but they make the parents register with the app to give the review which isn’t fair to them and limits the number of recs you get. You also have to have Facebook to use it. Once you’re on you can’t apply to jobs yourself you have to wait for jobs to come to you. They only let you note your availability for weekend nights. On top of all of that their customer service is horrible. I had a parent start messaging me on the app about babysitting dates and they blocked my account due to “trying to book Bambino sitting jobs outside of the app by texting parents directly.” This is clearly wrong and when I tried to contact customer service to reinstate my account they were completely non understanding and unhelpful
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8 months ago, Equanimity21
Thank you for making date nights possible
As busy working parents, the Bambino App has been an absolute game-changer for us! It's given us our sanity back, allowing us to savor those precious date nights. Plus, it's our trusty superhero when our usual backup care plans crumble last minute. With that said, here’s a pro tip: consider having cameras installed at home to keep a watchful eye on our wonderful babysitters. Thanks to these cameras, we can peek into their world even when we step out, ensuring our kids are in good hands. While we provide crystal-clear instructions, some sitters might need a little reminder to follow them closely. For all you parents out there, it's ideal to start using Bambino when your kids are a bit older and can share their experiences. They can spill the beans on just how awesome their babysitter is! But hey, all said and done, we feel incredibly lucky to have this app in our lives. It's a total game-changer! 🚀💃🎉
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2 years ago, AlleySinkwinky
It’s fine. Could use improvements.
Pros of this app… It’s fine. People book me for babysitting. It does what it needs to do. The interface is not my favorite. Things I really wish would be added: Setting a work area. I live in NJ but am right next to NYC. I do not want to go to NYC. But I keep getting requests from NYC parents, so then I have to deny them because I’m not paying a $16 toll for a 20/hr job. And then it hurts my own rating. Which brings me to my next thing: you can’t talk to the parents before you accept??? How does that make sense. I have questions I’d like to ask prior to accepting a job but I cannot. That’s super frustrating to me. Next thing: the calendar. Totally backwards. The app makes it so I just have to set what days I CAN’T work, but I’d much rather set what days I Can. Other gig job apps have it set like this and it makes way more sense. I’d also like the option to set different rates for different days. On a Monday night sure, keep me at $20 an hour. But for Valentine’s Day? New Years? No. It’s a fine app. A lot of the interface annoys me but it’s fine.
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5 years ago, jlmarck
Don’t love it
The app works well and is convenient. However, after completing a few bookings (as a parent), I have to say that it does not encourage honest reviews. I’m pretty desperate for affordable childcare and so I’ve been using a sitter I don’t love. She’s fine, my kids are safe, but she’s not worth what she charges (currently over $16 per hour) and she’s one of the cheapest who’s is 18+. BUT, since I don’t have a better option, I have to keep using her and therefore my review is dishonest because I don’t want her to see a critical review from me when I still have to use her. The app is also more suitable for one time bookings, whereas I’m looking for regular care with the same person. I’ll keep using it until I find a regular sitter who I like and then I will move on.
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6 years ago, KellyL2182
Impressed and Pleased
My husband and I both work busy schedules. We have three young children and often need a last minute sitter. Our families live out of state and we don’t have many sitter options. I looked into other childcare services but wasn’t satisfied with having to prepay a fee before committing to book an actual sitter. I looked into Bambino and read their philosophy. It makes sense! I love being able to select sitters who are in my network of friends and community. Using the app is easy and I am always able to book at least one of my sitter choices, even last minute.
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2 years ago, Mocoxilla
Needs improvement now!
Why the app keeps sending me families with three or five kids even though I have stated in my profile that I only feel confortable taking care of one child? Why the sitter is unable to rate a family? The sitter should be offered to rate a family regarding punctuality, ability to communicate effectively, etc. in order to warn the sitters about “certain families” Sitters should be allowed to rate families, the same way parents rate the sitters. Some parents believe they’re rating the sitter when they’re actually rating the app. Bambino show some respect and delete these reviews, do not take advantage of a comment that should have been for the sitter in first place.
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2 years ago, hahwjak
The user experience is top tier!
I have told so many of my friends about bambino and everyone loves it. I decided to be a sitter a year ago using Bambino and I can say no other app compare. It’s super user friendly, you can do everything from start to finish right on the app. The ability to set your own hours and pay makes it so worthwhile. As an added bonus, I get parent’s request rather than seeking those opportunities and it’s super easy to accept or decline! Whether you’re a parent or want to be a sitter, I’m confident you will love this app too!
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2 years ago, 💯spellernow!
Love the app!
Bambino has been such a lifesaver as a babysitter! It truly is the easiest way to connect to families in your area who need sitters. It takes the hassle out of finding people online, messaging back and forth, having to advocate for your rate, and worrying about safety - Bambino does all of that for you. It is also the first babysitting app I found that is completely free for sitters to use, which is a huge benefit! I have been using Bambino for over 3 years now, and I can confidently say it’s the best way to find babysitting jobs!
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6 years ago, Kristadwn
Great opportunity for saving money!
Been using the app for about 2 months now. I have a full time job and I was able to make about $1200 just doing a few nights and weekends. It would be great to be able to see your areas average rate so one could gauge their competitors. Also a rate for 3 or more children would be grand or holiday rates. I also wish one could stop notifications at night there are a few that come in after midnight and it keeps ringing as text notification every couple of hours reminding you have not responded. Lack of response for requests after midnight also effects a sitters response and reliability score.
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3 years ago, tyntyntynisfgfme
Unrealistic for sitters (especially teens)
It’s been about 2 months since I’ve had an active profile in this app. And not a single message. How long am I supposed to wait. I feel as if this app is incredibly dry and I’d be better off going door to door asking if people need help with their kids. I was looking for a babysitting job by this summer but this app is so useless that there hasn’t been a single ripple in the still activity of this app. Basically as a sitter, you’re supposed to wait around in hopes that one of these days a parent decides to message you needing a sitter. I think by now I’m just going to delete the app. If you’re a teen sitter this app is pretty much just a waste of storage for you. So frustrating.
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2 weeks ago, wizards mind bomb
Good concept but,Babysitters left in the dust
This app is great in concept, it connects babysitters and parents, allows for networking, centralizes it to reduce dishonesty and scams. It’s great and allows for flexible work. But the main issue is that babysitters are secondary and often get totally screwed over. For example, someone could schedule you two weeks out, cancel the night before with no notice and you get paid nothing. They really need penalties or something to protect babysitters. It makes it very difficult to make money. Babysitters should not be punished because of schedule changes. Babysitters cancel and get penalties, why can the parents do this then?
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5 years ago, Kiki Zach
Love it!! Would love to see update with availability calendar
I LOVE this app! The steady stream of parents searching for sitters is great, and it’s easy to find jobs (and the process of tracking time is super easy too). My only complaint is that there are weeks when my availability is really limited. It’s difficult to continually turn down jobs and I wish there was a way to block out days or times (instead of just turning my whole profile inactive) I am unavailable so I wouldn’t even get the requests from parents for that time. That’s my only complaint, I will continue to use this app, it’s one of my favorites!!
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6 years ago, devilishdetales
New fee
This app WAS great—I could connect with families in the area while at college. It has a very usable interface and getting paid through Venmo is really easy, though I agree that some flexibility about rates would be useful and I wouldn’t mind if there was a way for parents to add a tip. But the new system that will soon be employed, wherein ten to fifteen percent of the babysitter’s earnings is taken by the app: I hate it. It essentially punishes babysitters for using the app. I understand that this way makes it possible for a slogan-type “no surcharge or fee for parents!” But that just means there’s a fee for babysitters! Hoping this will be reconsidered soon and there will be another way this great app can earn monetary support.
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6 years ago, scoutdog254
Game changer
I wish I had created this app because it’s a freaking game changer for all parents. Amazing opportunities for sitter and an AMAZING, convenient way for parents to connect with caregivers. I do wish there was a way to background check both sitters and parents... just to keep everyone safe. I love the feature that shows what sitters friends have used and recommended, but I’m sure parents of the SITTERS would feel more comfortable with something similar on the sitter end. Seriously, dude that made this app, well done. Making date nights possible. {SLOW CLAP.}
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2 years ago, Mercedes Brauchle
Annoying bc it sets your rate for you
After downloading this app and taking the time to make a profile, I figured out that the app sets a rate for you based off of your “age and experience.” It set my rate at $13/hour in Austin, TX. That is a very low rate for this area. I get paid $22/hr as a nanny (and I have 3 years of professional nanny experience and countless years of childcare experience) and that’s low compared to others. Immediately deleted the app once I figured out that you cannot change the rate. It may be a great app but fair warning to childcare providers who are thinking about downloading- you may not be given a fair rate.
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5 years ago, bkburg
Great Resource for Parents!
This is by far the best resource we’ve found for booking babysitters. We can send our request to multiple (trusted!) sitters at a time without needing to text and call and ask our friends for recommendations (which they never really wanted to share...) and get responses quickly. It also eliminates writing checks or paying in cash since they get paid directly through the app. We know how much they charge beforehand, too, so there’s no guesswork. Definitely recommend it for all parents!
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5 years ago, tides9
Safety concerns
Parents be very wary, especially with infants and small children. I have used this app many many times with a large variety of sitters and it gives you an illusion of safety and accountability that is not real. The level of flakiness and incompetence the sitters have demonstrated truly shocked me, and I have worked in a variety of childcare settings. I’ve been unhappy with how sitters represent themselves versus their actual skills and experience. Young adults who want to babysit need some standardized measures of what it means to be able to care for young children and infants before they indicate they can actually do that. There’s no accountability and no back up for you if the sitter cancels. Also, be aware the app doesn’t do anything to comply with tax laws, just a big gaping hole in their strategy.
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4 years ago, SamanthaEspitia
Great app for college students!
I am currently a third year college student and this app has been a great way to find new families to babysit for and earn great money while doing it! The app is so easy to use and the best thing about it is that you can adjust your location! Being an out of state college student, this feature was extremely beneficial considering I had breaks where I would go back and forth. I have had the privilege to work with five families throughout the one year that I have been using the app!
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5 years ago, Kaili315
Sitter’s Perspective
I’ve been sitting with Bambino since October, and it has been life changing! As a college student, this app has been SO convenient. It’s made it so easy to work around my very busy schedule. I love the community of parents I’ve met, and the community leaders are always attentive and helpful! Furthermore, Bambino’s team is very proactive and always improving the app for both parents and sitters. This is an app you can 100% trust - I’ve never had any privacy or payment issues. I love it, and so do all of the parents I have met!
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3 years ago, Burgess Family 1
Theresa was absolutely amazing. Had an emergency situation and needed a late night babysitter immediately to take my wife to the hospital. Not only did she accept in record time she offered to come right away, stayed longer then I originally booked so I could stay at the hospital to support my wife. Already tried to hire her again for Saturday but someone else got lucky before me. Look no further this is the babysitter for your family guaranteed… thanks again.
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4 years ago, hwills8
The Pay...
As a sitter, I really enjoy the app and the convenience of finding gigs. But I don’t like have a flat rate for all families. As someone who has babysit for 10 years, I set my rates depending on the amount of kids I’m babysitting and the time of day. If it’s later in the evening where the kids are basically just going straight to bed, I won’t charge as much as I would if I were up with them doing activities all day. If I’m babysitting one child, my rate is going to be muuuuch lower than when I’m babysitting for 3+ kids. I wish we could get asked the gig, then set our rate once seeing the hours and how many kids.
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6 years ago, ClearAsABell
Incredibly Unreliable
This app makes money off of teenage girls working, first of all, why is that legal. Second, teens are generally unreliable, that’s just to be expected. However, bambino refuses to step in or compensate when you have an urgent appointment, and your babysitter doesn’t show up. This has happened to us multiple times. Babysitters have canceled at the last minute, called in the middle of our date or appointment to say they have to leave and simply not shown up. The “management “ says, “That’s terrible!” and does nothing. We’ve had to miss doctors’ appointments, leave movies and theaters, and have had girls knock on the door on totally random days without being scheduled (& then of course not come when they are scheduled). This app was started by a man, so he must have no idea what it means when your babysitter doesn’t show up, because he can always count on his wife. Take a class in customer service, bambino. It’s easy. Think of how it is when you walk away from a bad company experience and yet you’re still happy to go back because they made it right.
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2 years ago, HeliVero
Caution: verifications are self reported!
Hello, This app is my last resort, but most of the time people either don’t show up, or can’t make it. One thing I want to alert parents, is that their COVID19 vaccination status is SELF REPORTED! Which is very very misleading and I only found out the hard way! My sitter said she never uploaded a vaccination card to the app but was marked as Vaccinated. Just sharing my two cents so that other parents set their expectations and also voice concerns with the misleading features of the app. Also, app can’t filter results which is not ideal because you have to scan all sitters in order to find the ones that fit the criteria you want.
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