BancFirst Mobile

4.8 (21.7K)
44.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
BancFirst Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BancFirst Mobile

4.83 out of 5
21.7K Ratings
2 years ago, okcredhead
Best bank ever!
My husband and I switched to BancFirst a couple of years ago. My only regret-that we didn’t do so sooner. We bank at the May/Hefner location; I can’t begin to tell you how great they all are-all top notch professionals-everyone has been kind and friendly. We have our checking and savings at BancFirst, and recently refinanced an auto loan. Never had an issue of any sort. And I’d like to give big kudos to Jeni McCalip-she’s has gone above and beyond!
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2 years ago, nickname 30 characters
Sorry about the low rating, but for good reason so far I have enjoyed the app on my iPhone but one exception a very important one, I’m having trouble with transferring from my phone app to my accountant a copy of my statements. Everybody that needs to send their accountant their statements needs to be able to do so. not have to bother calling every single time A Baker due to having to explain everything in detail every time and work around the banks schedule when you don’t have time I need to do banking if this gets addressed I would really appreciate it a lot I have brought it to the attention of several people the responses I have received was if we can’t fix this you could call us and we can email it to you when we are available, the other response was if we can’t fix this then I could go somewhere else.😡
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3 years ago, Jrg20120
Bill Pay crashing & other bugs after iOS 14.3 update!
App worked fine until I updated both my iPhone 11 Pro Max and my iPad Pro to iOS 14.3. Running your current version, the app crashes as soon as I click on the Bill Pay tab! All other tabs work fine; it’s just the Bill Pay tab that crashes the app. Now I am unable to view or pay my bills—most of which are set up for paying through your app—so this is a true crisis. Sent a message, but no reply from CS. Then tried the Chat option. Was able to bring up the Chat screen, but the app kept kicking me out because CS would never respond after several minutes of waiting, and the app kept timing out! This needs to be addressed as it renders the Chat option useless. That was yesterday. Today, out of desperation, I tried AGAIN to start a Chat to get some immediate help, but am now repeatedly getting a blank Chat screen! BancFirst, when are you going to fix these major 14.3 incompatibility problems? My family members own BancFirst; this is NOT the typical BancFirst quality standard!
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2 years ago, IR8 longtime customer
My money isn’t always available?!
We’ve been BancFirst customers for 18 years and I’ve always loved it. Customer service has always been top notch and mobile banking made things even more convenient; however, in the last few years it’s been getting buggier and having more and more trouble. Specifically I’ve noticed that if a transfer is made from one account to another the money isn’t available for several hours, sometimes the next day; whereas most of the time, it’s available immediately. It’s hard to know when money is going to be there to make a purchase when it’s not consistent. And I can’t rely on the app because according to it, the money is there and available. It’s getting to the point that I’m considering looking for another bank. I’d hate to start over elsewhere when I already have such a good standing here, but I can’t keep gambling with whether I’m going to be able to access my money!
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4 years ago, ~J.D.~
Most recent update made it glitchy
I haven’t had any issue with the app until recently. A few days ago my entire checking account just DISAPPEARED from the app. After 24 hours of it still not being there I frantically called the bank because I thought someone closed the account or I had fraudulent behavior on my account. But nothing had happened. All of my money was still there and the lady didn’t know why it just went away (especially weird because my savings accounts were still visible) I also have seen a huge delay in seeing my deposits. I used to see them posted within 5-10 minutes. It’s now been 12 hours since I deposited money and it’s still not showing in my account. Please fix these bugs!
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2 years ago, Whyuneed
Mobile deposit, auto deposits
You have no way of knowing where your deposits are from unless you keep track in another way, you can’t just look at it and know what it is. Other banks show the check and give you a place to make a note. This is disappointing and as a business it does not work for me.
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6 years ago, MoomyBot
Great app easy to use
I've had no issues with this app and I've been using it for a long time. There are a few scheduling features in the bill pay area that you don't have access to, but easy to use for a quick payment or just checking your balance and transaction history.
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6 years ago, Newyork 09
Horrible app 10 times worse bank
The app is horrible but the bank is 10 times worse. If anyone opens a bank account with this bank you need to look for another option. First off they are always rebooting there systems and when that happens you don’t have access to your funds, even if you transfer your money to spend. It’s has happened to me so many times and it’s really embarrassing when you can’t pay for your own food or drinks knowing you have the funds to do so. I wold never record this bank to anyone.
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1 year ago, Docin8tr
Since moving to Oklahoma 40 years ago I have had banking relationships with 12 banks. By far BancFirst has the best customer service, widest array of banking products, competitive finance options, multitude of locations with in the city and state wide. Their employees have great attitudes and are very friendly as they treat customers with courtesy and respect.
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6 years ago, Dodger605
My bank is the best
The people at the bank are the friendliest around always helpful and always understanding my parents bank there I’ve been through my siblings bank they’re my children back there and so to my grandchildren. Thank you for the great service and as always, thanks for being there for our families.
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5 years ago, McAlvain
BancFirst App
This is the best Bank App I have ever used. It lets me transfer money at anytime of day or night. It gets my balance to me very quickly and of course closely guarded by a password which they have you change occasionally, which is a good thing. I have my savings account on it, I wouldn’t live without it, my banking is just a finger tip away!
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2 years ago, Krosby Jay
Customer service
Whenever I need to call and I have a question about a charge on my debit card the customer service at Banc First is the best! Not only do they do their job, they do with friendly, smiling faces! I’ve been with Banc First for 7 years and haven’t had 1 bad experience!!
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3 years ago, randaok
The best consumer bank around…
Being over 50 years old I’ve had several different accounts for business and personal use. Banc1st is absolutely been an enjoyable experience with some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.
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5 years ago, BlurryCreator
The app is very good!
The UI is very smooth and the support for iPhone X screens is a huge plus. The app opens quickly and the Touch ID/Face ID support works great. My biggest complaint is BancFirst does not support Apple Pay or any other mobile payments. Many credit card apps such as discover even allow you to add your card through the app. Any Apple Pay support at all would be great.
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9 months ago, jfbig
Stops working at the worst times!!!
If you use the debit card controls, the app will stop working at the worst times!! You can't get into it to turn your card function back on. It locks your card after 8:00 pm. There is no way to get in touch with anyone about the app, no customer service knows anything about the app. And you're left standing there unable to use your card and pay for anything!!!
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7 months ago, Spoonbillers
Best bank in Oklahoma
I g it ave had nothing but professional service from Bancfirst from my days in Del City with Lincoln National before Bancfirst bought them. They took over my small town bank and didn’t miss a beat. Thank you for being so helpful to me over the years
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2 years ago, Scotchear
The mobile deposit feature really makes it more convenient, now that I have moved 50 miles away from where I did my banking for the past 35+ years
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4 years ago, Mikie R.
Gotta have it
You gotta have this app. It makes life way easier. Only problem is on rare occasions the app goes down for “maintenance “ problem is they don’t always tell you. This causes problems but that’s only happened to me twice in 3 years so its not to bad. Customer service is easy to reach and they are very friendly.
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2 years ago, Gypsy Deb
Boutique Partner
Never in my life have I enjoyed banking, but I do now! BancFirst in Chandler, Oklahoma has the most amazing and helpful group of people I have ever dealt with. Regardless if it is my personal or business account, I am always pleased with the service and assistance I receive!
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1 year ago, 1972chacha
The Entrance ( noth’n but smiles)
As I walked through the doors nervously, nothing but beautiful smiles. I knew I was in the right place. They were very kind explaining and opening up a checking account. They have many options of checking accounts.
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5 years ago, Nitrapj
Deposit pic?
This app works great... however, I would really like to see a copy of the deposits (similar to the checks) that I can access. I have several rental properties that I get rent from but with not being able to see the deposit slips, I have to call the bank to see who made the deposit. Please add this feature!!!!
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6 years ago, Pumpkerdicker
Good app, but I wish it had more features
‘More features’ specially meaning ‘I wish I could edit my scheduled transfers in the app rather than having to get on the website.’ Being able to skip a transfer one week or change what days they happen would be extremely helpful.
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2 years ago, amanbrother
Mr brown
Bancfirst gave me a start when chase bank would not let me borrow any money when I had $50,000 in an account to secure the loan. so I thank you Bancfirst for allowing me to restart my businesses after I suffered a loss.. And become successful again
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1 year ago, Kailee D Photo
The most secure and helpful bank!
Jay Emory and the rest of the BancFirst team do an amazing job of keeping finances secure and safe, and always have the best loan options available. Friendly and reliable service every time!
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3 years ago, -HTH-
Scary bug on app
Great Bank to use. The app is good as well up until recently when it says I have no accounts valid and can’t see my account or transaction history on the app...
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5 years ago, GimmeBlood
Awesome App!
I love being able to check my balances and transfer money from anywhere in the world! I just returned to Oklahoma from China and Russia. This app kept me in control of my finances from the other side of the world. 👍🏽👍🏽
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3 years ago, cast your burdens
Great for financial use!
Love the ease of use and as a student I love how easy it is for me to budget and see where my money is at. After the recent facelift it has been super easy to navigate and add accounts.
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5 years ago, JMcGu256
I really dislike how I have my notifications set up or text messages set up to get notified if there has been a deposit into my account and it’s generally not until 2 days later I get the text. It’s annoying.
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5 years ago, kat III
The most friendly bank I’ve ever dealt with in the last 23 years of my life, I came to this back this year the rates is awesome customer service treats a stranger like family and very straightforward with customers
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6 years ago, CariBashaw
Easy to use
I like how easy it is to see, hate apps with tiny letters. Simple to transfer between multiple accounts. Convenient to check balance without logging in.
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7 months ago, Ktucy
Invalid authorization token - app bugged
Cannot log in due to an apparent bug. No matter which factor authentication is used (sms, phone, Authenticator) all result in “invalid authorization token”. Tried multiple attempts at calling CS and online support but none could offer solution. There must be something wrong with the app authentication process. I can login to website fine. Still have this problem on a completely new phone in Sept 2023
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1 year ago, Prinzessv11
All is well
When the app is down and you are unable to transfer or access your accounts it can be very frustrating. Overall good app besides the app issues
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5 years ago, LDPhelps
Problem with Check Deposit
. I deposited a check late on Friday night. I understand it was after hours and going in to the weekend, but every other banking app I have used will show up immediately as available funds. Is there anyway that you can do this with your app?
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5 years ago, ahidige tsanisini
The app should be more easily accessible with password memory or thumb print accessibility and the banking activity is sketchy when I try to access my bank statements to see recent activity.
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1 year ago, Okie Brett
Nice App
Easy to use, easy to maneuver and navigate within the app. Would like a search option if possible?
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3 years ago, Black bird 58
Refresh daily?
Over the weekend periods it seems like it takes a few days for the ledger and current balances to equal out. I know some transactions take a few days to actually go through but can this be fixed?
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6 months ago, UbEtchY
Why provide empty service
Today when depositing my check at the ATM in the sulphur ok. branch it crashed keeping my check without a receipt or showing a deposit on my account. After rebooting i checked. Using the app to contact customer service i was told to come back tomorrow. This isn’t an option. Why provide an impotent service that provides no solutions in real time?
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1 year ago, KadeCorbett
Good, functional app
This is the only app that doesn’t make me want to throw my phone. I wish whoever made this, would make the apps for all my bills bc rn I just wanna FIGHT the gas, water and electric ppl.
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2 years ago, Cutest bunny ever
CT & Bill pay.
A comment spot should be available when doing a transfer. Bill pay should be free.
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2 years ago, MrPerfectica
Great app
The only thing I wish was different was the ability to scan in checks.
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6 years ago, TZ63
This is the easiest bank app I have ever used. If I need to call I have always spoken with a real person. And the bank itself is just as friendly.
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6 years ago, app 5 stars
I love the app myself
I have 3 accounts and it stays up to date. Five stars for me. Plus the people at my bank are nice people to work with even if you don’t have a deposit slip.
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6 years ago, Poopooface🐀🐀🐀
Too secure
Yes it's a BANK app, so I understand the precautions, but I get locked out all the time. Recently I got locked out because I added a fingerprint to my Touch ID on my iPhone. Getting locked out means I have to call the 1-800 number, sometimes more than once. This is inconvenient and I think there should be a way to reset the password via email.
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6 years ago, Rubadub1966
I opened my business account !! The only back that don’t charge to cash checks and the app is fast and reliable !! I would recommend to anyone :).
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7 years ago, Kimbo1999
Love this app!
I love how I can use my fingerprint to access my accounts without having to login using my password I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone as well love this app
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12 months ago, Dealmaker76
I love this app
I love this app, I can keep track of what’s in my account and when money has been taken out of my account.
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5 years ago, Dragonkiller77
We love the app!!
BancFirst App is the best banking app ever!! Love how we can transfer money out of savings to checking with the push of a button for When Our family has a emergency..
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6 years ago, nancayy
I love this app I have access to my bank account and it shows me what I’ve spent my money on. Highly recommend the app and the bank really great all together.
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2 years ago, NicholasEstep39
Thank you
I love this app. It is just as helpful as the excellent staff at the Kingfisher location. They have been so great to me. Thank you all for being there for me.
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6 years ago, Jaythebanker
This is a great app!
The app has always worked well. We can transfer money easily and this apps minimal down time is key for our family..
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